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“Regular fans need not apply”

By Rob Canone

As I prepared to sit down and finally write my contribution to this blog, I stared at the screen for a long time.  Being a life-long Ranger fan whose life, at some point each day, touches this team and city it was very hard to pick and choose where to begin with my story.  This is what most people do not understand about the “Ranger Fan”.  We are more than fans…the team intertwines with our lives and becomes etched in family memories for generations.

Growing up on the south shores of Long Island during the heyday of that “other” franchise it would have been much more socially acceptable (and safer) to be one of that “other” teams fans.  Thankfully, my family came from Brooklyn and brought with them the passion for the Rangers that was instilled into me at an early age (they also were Brooklyn Dodger fans but that’s another blog).

I recall one time when I was younger (probably late 80’s); my father took me to a Rangers game at that “other” team’s arena.  Not sure why he brought me there but I remember just being surrounded by nonsensical people screaming profanities at my team.  They didn’t know much about the game, all they really knew was how to hate anything that did not go their way, for any reason.  It was the third period in a tie game when, unfortunately, that “other” team scored a goal for the win.  I wouldn’t have been too upset except for the fact that the guy behind us, in his blind excitement for a meaningless win in another losing season, spilled his beer on my head.   Yep, the hatred just grew from there.

The spring of ‘94 conjures up memories for all of us, but for those of us growing up near where that “other” team played, it took on a whole new meaning … going to high school without hearing the chants, wearing a jersey without getting any looks, a new generation of heroes apart from that of our parents.

Fasting forward to current day … I now have kids of my own, although the story is still the same for them.  We live in New Jersey, near where that “other, other” team plays.  Most of the kids here are fans of that “other, other” team so my guys now have to suffer the same pain as their old man.  They have winded through the thrills and heartaches of these more recent seasons and are starting to realize what it means to bleed blue for this team…while I hope they will one day soon get to experience cup glory and the sense of euphoria that I and the entire city had back in ’94.

My grandmother every New Years Eve at midnight would open her screen door and always say “let the old year out and the new year in.”  In a sense, this is very much what the Rangers have done over these past several years.  They have abandoned the old philosophy of “buying from the outside” and have established a “build from within” mindset while adding building blocks and key pieces along the way, culminating with this summer’s acquisition of Rick Nash.

Will Rick Nash be that last piece of the puzzle that puts this team over the edge towards a cup?  Team chemistry will play a big part and with a lockout looming I think the concern will be how much of this season will be lost and how long it could take for this team to gel.  This coupled with a solid performance in the net from the King and Marty B and my thoughts are we should be there in the end.  I hope Nash and Hank are to my kids as Messier and Richter were to me and can bring another cup home to the greatest city in the world.

A camp fit for a King:  My son had the privilege on a recent  weekend of participating in the first ever Henrik Lundqvist pro camp at the Brewster Ice Arena.  Hank has been doing this camp for several years back in Sweden but this was the first turn here in the New York area.  Around 70-80 kids (of which there were about 20 goalies surprise, surprise) spent two days on the ice with Henrik and some of the best coaches in the area.  As expected, it was run orderly, efficiently and with the class you would expect from the Rangers and Hank.  As a hockey parent and former athlete, I cringe at the actions and attitudes of some coaches of youth athletics (of all sports not just hockey).  What some people tend to forget is that these are kids.  It’s not the NHL, the goal should be to have fun and learn.  Pick up your teammate when he is down and build camaraderie.  This camp was a perfect example of how to meld all of these worlds together into a great experience.

Big thanks to Carp for letting me contribute.  Let Go RANGERS!!

Rob Canone


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  1. Great post rob. Great inspiratu for the first day of school. From one south shore pong islander transplant (westchester) to another. Have a great day people.

  2. Great post, Rob!

    I will hate the Fishsticks until either I or that franchise dies – and the same goes for the Debbies, although the fire of hatred burns hotter for the Fishies.

  3. Nice post Rob.

    Just read an interesting Power Rankings article that basically had us at #1 and said “The New York Rangers were probably the best team in the NHL on paper, even before they got Rick Nash”.

    Don’t f*ck it up Bettman and Fehr – get your asses on the negotiating table and throw some dice or Roshambo Eric Cartman style until you’ve struck a deal!

  4. Thanks, Rob. You gotta be tough to grow up in enemy territory and remain steadfast. Just heard that Deon Phaneuf gave Elisha Cuthbert an engagement ring. Wonder if Avery will show up at the wedding. If he does, he’d better wear his helmet and be armed.

  5. Where’s Manny? and Orr? And Marji? Ria? In 3 weeks, when the union and the league come to a resolution, people will be flocking back here.

  6. I wanna go to sleep tonight, and when I wake up tomorrow morning, I want to inhabit Brian Cashman’s body. Is that so much to ask?

  7. Looks like the Yanks are gonna make the playoffs. The team is awful, the managing is awful, and they have too many injuries. Unfortunately, Girardi isnt going anywhere because he has the excuse of injuries. Same with Cashman.

    Priorities for the offseason. Let Swisher walk, let Ichiro walk, try to trade Granderson. Try to resign Kuroda and Pettitte to 1 year deals. Send Cano to a 3rd World Country to see how people and children that arent as fortunate as him have to live without food and shelter. Maybe he’ll learn something from them and stop taking his talent and skill for granted. Offer Hamilton 3 years $120M.

  8. Now, if Im running the team, I do all those things above.

    In addition, I also build a prison under Yankee Stadium. I imprison Cashman 8 years, Girardi for 3 years.

    Then, I put a gag order on the entire organization. Not a word is to be spoken to the media except for Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. And if anyone does so, it’s imprisonment for 1 year.

    Then, I offer the Rays $100M for their organizational practices of how to develop young pitchers.

  9. Hi Marji!

    Cashman and Girardi for the Rays GM and Joe Maddon. I also throw in $100M to the Rays.

    Also, CCCP would be the prison guard and nurse, and his salary would be 500k a year. And if any of the prison detainees has a serious medical condition, ilb would be called upon for a 100k per patient consulting fee.

  10. You drive a hard bargain. $1M a year it is. And for ilb’s consulting fee, it’s $100k per patient for him and $150k per patient to the charity of his choice.

  11. I forgot one important thing. You hire a person to be Josh Hamilton’s shadow, to keep him sober through his entire NY tenure.

  12. A really fine piece of writing Rob, and it brings back memories to me of those older days, when the OTHER team was breaking news stories. Folks who have never attached themselves emotionally to a team, are always a bit put off by those who are solid followers. ( I recall the old days of the Dodgers there and will never forget Billie Loes, who had to be one of the oddest characters in the game. His deathless explanation of why he had failed to pick up a bunt that cost him a win, and his bland statement, he’d “lost the bunt in the sun”)

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Good Job Rob!! Hey CCCP , looks like your taking lessons from ORR. Crying wolf only gets you a meeting with a real wolf. Mind you there really isn’t anything new to talk about.

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!"...says Greg L. on

    Orr is kinda the Voice of reason…well when he grew up!! Orr is alot older now, more mature ( maybe) but he certainly is older. Childish and nieve to the team a few years back. He was always betting his ” body parts” that this would happen or if something would n’t happen. I took him up one year on a bet and I won!! I kinda own a share in ORR , how sweeet is that? Orr maybe a fibber and a carsillyo disturber at times but he really know his team. he says alot of stuff maybe others wouldn’t . Calling Dubinsky ” Dublowsky was priceless and Chris “Piggins” was a beute. That is why he is more certainly , the voice of Reason.

    Lock out on , Season over.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!"...says Greg L. on

    Everyone is upset ,discusted, embarrassed ,hurt, fed up , very angry, fumming, disapointed, choked, appaled, and are all at wits end with this LOCK OUT!!!




    oh btw ilb , hows the baby?

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!"...says Greg L. on

    Yeah man , I did , I did win a bet!!! TY TYTY , Just ask ORR …I own a share in the dude man. No lie.

  17. Mustang, can you include me in girl’s weekend please? Remember, Im just a small town girl, living in a lonely world!

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!"...says Greg L. on

    Growing too fast is a good thing. Nice to hear.

    Nice try Cr9 , haha sure sure.

  19. Adam Rotter posted this … you have to scroll through a few to get to Chris Kreider, but check out his nice new tight haircut … and at the end he tosses away a David Clarkson card.

  20. Nice post Rob. Brooklyn native….Perhaps the most famous non-city city in the world. Brooklyn is in my DNA!

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!"...says Greg L. on

    NYR_FAN , the way Tiki was acting back then I thought it too . But we know better . Ty for agreeing with me earlier.

  22. Good evening all! Rob C, loved your post, even though you mentioned the year that shall not be named :)

    Dear NHL people in charge of all this carcillo,

    Get It Done!


    A fan….(the good kind)


  23. Three work stoppages since 1995?!?! Really?! With a hard cap with juicy loopholes that owners themselves exploit?! My head hurts!!!! What the byfuglien carcillo is that?

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!"...says Greg L. on

    Good evening Momma!!

    CCCP , Yeah I really did NOT want anyone to remember what I won off him…But Im impressed with your memory Mr. coat check boy.

  25. Orr is in Fiji on a well deserved vacation – will be back tomorrow when the school starts FYI.
    As for Greg, I reckon he’d be an imaginary friend to CCCP who was born close enough to Chernobyl to still glow in the dark, bwuahahahah!
    Anyone here into a Sicililian endplay in chess? Capobianco ? Let me challenge you to a cyberfeeling or two, pls….

  26. Fiji is just marvellous…I was there in 1995 and they dont have any idea about hockey..Makes sense when you realize the scenery :)

  27. Exactly where I am coming from, some relief from the drudgery of cyber-tribe abeizances, beautiful vistas, gentle surf lullaby far away from the shrill Sheepshead Bay Cosa Nostra Socialists, Brooklyn neo shamans and all. Poetry in motion….

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