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I’m going back on vacation Monday, and will be officially back right around the time the lockout starts.

But I will be around the whole time, on here with youse on a daily basis.

I still have a couple of guest blogs in the hopper, but if anybody out there has any interest in doing one, now would be a good time for that. If you want to volunteer, just drop me an e-mail at


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  1. Well, what can I say. I really cant stand looking at Dax Sheppard’s face. Not so much because he’s a red sox fan as much as his face looks like its the product of a blender and a toilet.

    I suggested Derek and George to my friend and his wife (theyre not that familiar w sports) to which they responded they werent naming their kids after Yankees. So i told them id heard a name once a long time ago, trying to throw them off. So i suggest Mariano. To which he says theyre not Italian. I say its not Italian, its Panamanian. He says theyre not Panamanian, so no. So I say, you can be Panamanian if u want to be. Everyone laughs at my tomfoolery.

    Then theyre discussing college football. And i say i cant understand people’s allegiance to the school they attended. Of course, knowing me, they laugh and say are u serious. And so i explain. When u go to a school, youre 1 of millions of people that attended that school, an alumni of any one school is not unique. Id much rather worship an inherently good and righteous organization like the Yankees. So he gets kind of upset because he hates when i talk about sports teams as godly and so forth. And i tell him that i was only busting his bickels… and he says i dont bust his bickels, i just make him think im crazy and that he can see me on a sidewalk with a piece of cardboard saying, Repent to the Yankees and you can be saved.

    And of course, this gave me a genius idea. I can go door to door like Jehovah’s witnesses, and try to convert people into Yankees fans. I can only mention all the good they do, leave out any negative press they receive, and attempt to create more Yankees fans in the world.

    Now who thinks this a great idea, and who thinks its not and that im just crazy? :)

  2. the Yankees?

    I’m not buying any. Don’t bother knocking on my door.

    Now if you have some vacum cleaners……………………

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    Let’s hope the report on what they may be offering to Doan is wrong—–>

  4. The owners are pretty shrewd in some areas, it goes without saying. They have their salary cap, whatever it may turn out to be, and in the case of a Doan type player getting max dollars selling his services, he’s thwarted because the NY fans, knowing the Rangers will have to pay large to keep Zotts and pay Stepan, McD, Hagelin, etc. soon, back ownership in not shelling out large for a Doan, especially for more than 2 years. The fans are right, of course, things being what they are (or will be,) but the salary caps have us ironically rooting for ownership frugality.

  5. Whose greed is worse? Owners? Players? Negotiations purpose is to make it equal, right? But it is still GREED! (I’m disgusted either way, because it interferes directly with my interest, which is not taken to any serious consideration by both parties)
    The only generous is a third party and the main one – FANS!

  6. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Garrioch from Ottawa reported the rangers and several other teams had offered doan a 4 year 24 mil deal

  7. LW, i never bothered to ask anyone this and ive never seen anyone with them either…. do networks in the UK air Reserves matches?

  8. Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd have their own (low rent) channels, which probably show their reserve games. Apart from that, no.

  9. Any “Breaking Bad” fans on here? Sick ending to the season! Linda disappointing that they split a single season in two…can’t wait till next summer!

  10. Today, in NY, Norton working in the sewers would not be living with Ralph in that tenement. He’d be making $225,000 with overtime and he’d be retired at 45 and living in Pelham Manor.

  11. Tiki

    I’m so jealous of you right now! Wish I was just starting the show lol

    it is simply the best tv series ever! It’s coming to an end next summer. Have fun watching it…it gets better with each episode ;)

  12. Wow, thats high praise! I look forward to watching it all. Im thru 4 episodes. If u remember the 1st season, he recognizes a piece of the broken plate missing from when he collapsed to the ground, and he realizes the guy is gonna kill him w the broken piece…. so he kills him first. Really awesome!

  13. Since people on here like soccer, i must complain about Manchester United and Sir Alex.

    Some of the players on this team dont belong on a kids team. Michael Carrick is the laziest piece of carcillo. He doesnt do anything positive, he constantly loses possession, he commits a million unforced turnovers with awful passes and awful decisions. And he cant play any defense whatsoever. He has no vision, the only thing Carrick is.. is negative football. He can pass the ball backwards, and thats it. Essentially, United are playing a man down every timethis guy is on the pitch.

    The reason why they lost to Barcelona twice in the final is because Barcelona have more skill primarily, but they also have better work ethic and coaching. Maybe one or 2 players on Man U have reasonable success with first touches. Its like the Rangers, these guys cant take in the simplest of passes and maintain possession. Every god damn ball passed to someone ends up multiple feet away. Even

  14. Rangers Dog Walk With Coach Tortorella

    Sunday, September 9, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 11:55 AM (EDT) New York, NY

    Primary Pair – 1 walking person & 1 walking dog! Sep 8, 2012 $100.00

    Walker without a Dog Sep 9, 2012 $75.00

    Can’t attend, but would like to donate Sep 9, 2012

    well… how about an option “can’t *afford* but would like to attend”? These capitalists! Always gotta pay for things!

  15. Even the simplest 5 yard pass. You could dart a pass to Messi or Xavi or Iniesta or any of their other guys like Alexis or Pedro at 1 thousand miles per hour, and theyd possess the ball with a clean first touch.

    Finally, for whatever reason, the greatest manager in football Sir Alex refuses to teach these guys the value of hard work. Everyone’s always trying to do things the easy way. Constant 30-40 yard over-the-top passes that always result in goal kicks, throw ins or offsides. How about trying work your way up the field rather than trying for the easy and quick score.

    Frustrating carcillo.

  16. saw del zotto and richards at the Isner tennis match tonight at 2 am in the morning. Being young and rich NY aint half bad……..

  17. Tiki, with Barcelona these guys have been taught that way from a very young age so the passing, movement and closing down are 2nd nature. English players are taught differently, it’s more about power, pace and rigid positioning whereas Barca’s players interchange a lot. Carrick is a good player but he can only play as a deep lying midfielder who retains possession and protects the defenders. If he doesn’t have wingers willing to run or fullbacks who overlap and push on or a player like Scholes who is slightly more creative his options are limited. If he were a player in the Barca team he’d be Busquets.

    As for the first touch, the phrase we use is: if you’re 2nd touch is a tackle you are doing something wrong!

  18. Got a chance to see Doan at work against the Black Hawks, and as it was against the Blue Jackets before….eh. He simply did not stand out nor was he especially effective. Particularly for a guy who wants the moon and with a lot more ….absurd.

    Just looking over some old photos, that brought back many memories. I cannot join you folks physically, but I can at least drop some older photos with Ilb, that were events in my younger days,….and I’ll bet there are a number of older heads in the blog who hail from that era, and would have some great stories to tell.

  19. CCCP – Love Breaking Bad. Just watched it and it was an interesting ending. I hate waiting a year for it to come back on. I thought this season was excellent!

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" DOAN'T DO IT!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Fran ;

    Sure Doan didn’t stand out against the Jackets… it could make a case for not signing him , But on a lot of nights the same could be said for Gaborik. Doan is a real quality player but the money does seem wayyy to high for us all Richards and Nashed up. Not to mention the HUGE salary of Hank.

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" DOAN'T DO IT!!!"...says Greg L. on

    The Rangers SCOOP UP Nash for peanuts ,Took the East last year , Dominated first place for awhile , Crowned our goalie #1 in the league , Fought the most , Hit the most , stole the hearts of Filthy Philly in the Winter Classic and now boast the top trio in all of hockey with Nash, Richards and Gaborik!!!

    Why would n’t the league strike? Or lock us out. Why not just lock out the Rangers? It would be fair. All were gonna do is take over the league and win the cup. Why wouldn ‘t they lock us out? It just would seem fair.

  22. Dolan can afford it. But, he’s got a packed Garden and a convenient salary cap to keep the dollars flowing directly into his chubby wallet.

  23. Good afternoon all! I’d hoped to not labor in the sun today, but that plan’s a goner. Just as well, recuperating from a fab Philly visit with Fozzy and Bruce. Next weekend, if you hear lots of noise coming from the Buffalo region, that’s cause Sally, Fozzy and her mini posse and I will be boneheading it up!

    Not for nothing, while the concert was fab, hanging out in the Philly sports nabe and it’s nearby Ed Snider-colored bars is enough to make one boudreau even on a happy night. Fozzy and I wanted to take lots of pictures with our middle finger at things, but decided we didn’t want to get beat up. Though we did chant LGR once or twice. On the plus side, it also seemed more people cheered for the Giants during “Wrecking Ball” than booed, so that was good.

    Hi Greg!!!!!!

  24. ZZZZzzzzzZZZ(?)

    I can only go by what I see, and in two separate games against different teams, he simply was not much of a presence on the ice. And I recall all the instances last season where we all pulled a Richard III bellow… “A shooter, A scorer, A presence around the net….my spot on the bench for a shooter.”

    Never happened…he just doesn’t seem ( to me any how) to be a Ranger Type Player…………….
    and I still say until he does something that makes him look like a Ranger…..I rest my case.

  25. Carp,
    He was huge, bulky guy, very unique and talented actor with wonderful, very low, yet velvet baritone and people say such a nice man. He got an Oscar nomination for the Green Mile (with Tom Hanks). Appeared in _Armageddon, Planet of the Apes, Sin City_ and _The Full Nine Yards_, what I can remember. Read somewhere that he previously worked as a bodyguard to Will Smith and Jamie Foxx.

  26. Gotta love the camera angles they use in these movies. Tom Cruise and Sly Stallone are 5’7 at best, and are reputed to wear lifts to even get to that height. Tom Hanks is a little under 6 foot and in The Green Mile, Duncan looks a good 2 feet taller. Duncan, too, lists himself at 6’5, but in reality, he stands just 3 or 4 inches taller than his girlfriend. The muscles on Stallone and Duncan? Steroid City. Tell the truth, always.

  27. Another slow day, eh? I’m so annoyed with the potential hockey delay! We got ourselves a brand new shiny toy and can’t even play with it on time! AAAAAAA!!!!

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