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  1. The Yankees dont need another post 2001 Joe Torre Joe Torre became complacent after 2001. Every year, he gradually lost his desire to win. Tito Francona would fit the bill, a guy that’s respected across baseball and probably still has the fire to compete.

    That, or they need a John Tortorella. Tortorella is a hard ass that demands and earns the respect of his players.

    Though Torts is strict like Valentine, Valentine is a loser that’s never won anything, and while he tries to demand respect, he does nothing to earn respect. He’s a clown, and he thought because he had success in Japan, he could come over and pull the same crap that he did a decade ago.

    Genius Girardi rests the players constantly throughout the season. I do not have a problem with resting certain guys, like Jeter, Alex, and obviously Chavy isnt an everyday player.

    But early in the year, I remember he had to sit Granderson after an off day to give him *2 days off in a row* because the Yankees had 21 straight games. HELLLLO!!!!! He just had an off day, and he cant play 21 straight games in a row????? He’s 31 years old. Cal Ripken played in God knows how many games in a row at a more physically demanding position, and a 31 year old centerfielder cant play 21 games in a row. Cano too. He’s 29 effing years old. He doesnt need a day off every 15 games.

    All that time he was resting people early in the season and playing the likes of Eduardo Nunez and Jayson Nix, he was hurting our chances at winning more games at that point in the season.

    Now, Alex is hurt, Teixeira is hurt, and all those days off that he gave them to *prevent injuries* didnt do a damn bit of good… all they did was cost us more potential wins early in the season.

    And of course, the constant bunting guys like Ichiro over to 2nd with 0 out. It’s criminal. He ought to have his aasen thrown in prison for 30 days every time he does it.

    You only have 27 outs in a game. Each out is valuable. Especially when your team struggles with RISP and is largely home run or bust. Somehow, this clown Girardi cant seem to pull his head out of his book. I wish that book of his would get thrown the toilet into the septic tank where it belongs, along with him.

    And then every postgame, it’s “We’ve gotta tip our cap to Mr. Pitcher.” No, we don’t have to tip our cap to Miguel Gonzalez who beat us 2 times this year. The guy is a loser. We beat ourselves. Our hitters were asleep for yet another game, and our “best player” Cano is an effing toolbag that has the honor of playing for the greatest organization in world history, and he just gets by on his natural talent and athleticism. If he had half the desire of Mariano or Jeter, he’d be the best player in baseball. He makes me sick, his stupid face and smile.

    And I dont understand why we couldnt give Austin Jackson a chance in CF rather than trading for Granderson. I didnt understand the trade at the time. Ian Kennedy was never going to be anything with us, so I dont care about the loss of him, but Jackson was our top rated prospect, and it’s not like the “win-now” philosophy has precluded Genius Joe from playing Little Leaguer Jayson Nix in every damn game.

    Same thing with Montero. Who knows what Montero will become, but he was traded for a pitcher that will never throw a pitch for us. His swing was made for Yankee Stadium, and his defensive skills behind the plate are no worse than Russell the Muscle. Heck, he’s already caught a no hitter this year.

    I know exactly why Cashman refuses to bring up top prospects and give them the opportunity to succeed with us. Because he operates out of fear. If he brings up X number of top prospects and enough of them fail, he’ll shoulder the blame for it.

    Honestly, I cant blame him for trying to cover his own aasen. Phil Hughes is ok, a 3rd starter at best on most teams, is his crowning achievement.

    Players like Cano, Wang, Nova… nobody expected anything of them. They came up under the radar and succeeded. It was a no lose situation for Cashman. He looks like a genius for their success.

    In this age, you cant waste 1st round picks, so what does Cashmania do.. he drafts a piece of crap loser SS Cito Culver… because he was from the NJ area. Whoop-dee-byfuglien-doo. Culver wasnt even on the draft boards of any other teams in baseball, yet this is what he wasted a 1st round pick on.

    Id like to Jack Bauer both Cashman and Girardi, and both of George Steinbrenner’s sons. Id make George Steinbrenner proud, Id give my life to win. Id treat the Yankees like they deserve to be treated, like a world icon, the Holy Grail, the greatest organization to exist. I wouldnt allow Brian Cashman to run his mouth and make our organization look foolish every time he does.

  2. And now we need the Red Sox to beat some teams to help us out… and they lose 20-2 tonight to one of those teams. Of course they’ll make sure to give their A+ effort against us while laying down for the Rays, A’s, and Orioles. BYFUGLIEN!!!!! BYFUGLIEN!!!!!!

  3. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    I got an email that my fantasy league drafts in 33 days. I joined and named my team “Tentative.” The upcoming season is kind of like a McDonald’s franchise opening in North Korea… not gonna happen.

  4. it’s not a seceret that Buttman has ruined the NHL. I really despise Buttman, what a piece of carcillo.

  5. Is it me, or could Rodent have made his entire argument in one paragraph?

    Players score more against bad teams. Contraction would lead to a drag on player salaries.

  6. But then it wouldn’t be sufficient to justify 20% tickets escrow, LW :-)

    Kidding aside, he should aknowledge that he has no clue as to what it takes to run a hockey franchise.

  7. Good morning all! This whole thing is making me wanna boudreau, I swear.

    On a positive note, Tony from AZ is doing very well, says hello, and just told me to tell you this: refresh, refresh, refresh!!!!!

  8. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I say expand to 32 teams, move three more teams and start the damn season on time!!! ;)

    Morning ILB and all btw!!

  9. Torts, even if he was the Tony LaRussa and Abner Doubleday of baseball knowledge, wouldn’t last ten days as a ML baseball manager. The players would run him out of town so fast, you could balance cocktails on the back flap of his Hickey Freeman suit.

  10. Hello all,

    This is ridiculous! Just when hockey picks up more steam when its bigger market teams start perform well, they shoot themselves in the foot!

  11. You guys want hockey?? One of the Lightning broadcasters just covered the Jankovic/Radwanska match at Arthur Ashe.

  12. We expanded rosters today, brought up Eduardo Nunez. And he’s right in the DH slot. Amazing. At least Jayson Nix isnt playing today….. But of course, Nixy is playing too. Joe has gotta get those RH batters in the lineup against the LHP. And Andruw Strikeout Jones is in the 4 spot. Same carcillo, different day. A

  13. We’ve got 4 hitters in the lineup today against a pretty good pitcher, and we’re already staring in the face of an early deficit.

  14. Yankees just cant catch any breaks…. Jeter gets robbed of a triple to start the game then Swisher gets robbed of a single to bring Jeter in.

  15. Jesus christ can these guys hit anything other than a fastball? Granderson just took a slider right down the middle for strike 3.

  16. I feel bad for Russell Martin. The guy probably walks more than anyone else on the team, he’s got a 10% walk rate. And he hits into the worst luck. It seems like every game, he’s lacing a ball that’s right at someone or a great defensive play is being made against him.

  17. Lev, they’re all guess hitters. They go up there guessing pitches, rather than seeing the ball and hitting the ball. Ive complained about this forever, the Yankees take the most strike 3’s looking of any team in baseball. It’s sickening.

    But that strike 3 to Grandy was high.

  18. If Martin ate a bit more spinach before the game he’d have about 10 more home runs on the year. I dont know how many times he’s hit it towards the porch in the right but just missed it. Great, granderson is hurt..

  19. There isn’t any science to it. It’s simple. You just put your best players in the lineup. Girardi fails to grasp this concept, and our team continues to falter.

    This inning is key. If we fail to do anything here, we’ll have to wait until the 7th inning for another opportunity, and by then, the game might be out of reach.

  20. If we get perfect gamed, will there be some sort of accountability?? Maybe people will start trying??? Maybe Jeter will take a baseball bat and beat some sense into Girardi??

  21. Why is Andruw Jones playing… and in the 4 spot?! This guy is worthless. But Girardi’s book tells him that Andruw isnt.

  22. What did Cashman think he was getting with Steve Pearce.

    The only answer Steve Pearce is… to the question of “Who was the biggest loser obtained via trade this year?”

  23. This is our chance to tie the game, Cano up as the tying run. This team is home run or bust. Please let’s just tie it up.

  24. Girardi is ready to throw in the towel, it’s Joba Dobba Doo time!

    Joba could be so much better…. if they put a trampoline on the mound. And Andruw could be so much better… if they put a hot dog stand out in left field.

  25. What’s the point in worrying about the Yankees in the regular season. They have automatic bid to the playoffs every year…

  26. Which would be more surprising… Andruw Jones in an 0-2 count, or Andruw Jones at the plate eating a hot dog?

  27. I think it’d be more surprising to see him with a hot dog at the plate… because he would’ve already finished the hot dog during his walk from the dugout to the plate.

  28. when in holy hell did this become a Yankees blog? also, how ridiculous is it to even pay attention to the Yankees in the regular season, not to mention worry about any given game.

  29. i’m with you there carp…

    stupid question… carp, for the reporters covering the negotiations, is there any opportunity for them to ask bettman about these contracts that are being signed in the last few weeks that are obviously over the limits his owners “need” to impose???

    i know he won’t give an answer but it would be nice for him to look ridiculous

    i agree with everyone who is saying that it is so hard to take these negotiations seriously with the contracts being handed out even since the negotiations have started and of course the offer sheet the flyers extended to shea weber

  30. YES! Huge win! From drowning in the water to 3 games up. Nixy’s walk won us this game. That’s what happens when youre patient and work at bats. Now we can use the Red Sox to beat the A’s.

    Go Red Sox!!!

  31. Um, Yankees’ $200M+ payroll in playoffs is almost death and taxes, Tiki.

    tf, I haven’t been at the negotiations (thank God!), but I imagine somebody could/should/would ask Bettman about that … and probably somebody has.

  32. I think it’s around $189M. And the $180M payroll hasnt worked for the Red Sox in 2010 and 2011, and (knock on wood) 2012.

  33. _also, how ridiculous is it to even pay attention to the Yankees in the regular season, not to mention worry about any given game._

    Excellent point, Carp. I usually jump on the Yankees bandwagon when and if they advance to ALCS

  34. Phew, sounds like the Yankees* were thisclose to having to tear things down and start the franchise again from scratch.

  35. Tiki reminds me. – My uncle cornered me at a 4th of July cookout some years back and told me he had played one of the Winged Foot courses that morning. “I had a nice drive off the first, pushed a seven iron a little right but caught the edge of the green and almost drained the long putt, but took a four. On the second, I pulled the drive a bit and almost lost it on the left, but it sat up pretty good in the first cut. Couldn’t decide if a six would come in too hot or if I should gamble with the seven again and just play up front and chip…” ‘Whoa, says the nephew (me) – are you going to give me 18 holes of play by play?’ “I thought you liked golf,” he says.

  36. Correct, Carp. But I take nothing for granted.

    LW3H, they likely do have to tear things down. They have a few position prospects (who likely will never get a chance with the Yankees at the ML level), all pitching prospects were injured during the year in the minors, a bunch of old, injury prone players with onerous contracts, and only one dependable pitcher signed on past the 2013 season.

  37. Lol Carp. Dont ya love those fans on here?!

    On my way to a co-ed baby shower of a best friend. Another nephew on the way. Why cant i get any nieces in FL? If i ever have kids, id pray im not stuck with a boy.. that potentially will turn out like me. :)

  38. Carp, how will you even know the difference in where the bunks at camp are located :)
    p.s. I was sadder at the end of the second Meatballs movie when camp closed :)

  39. tf and Carp, if someone has asked that excellent question, I sure would love to know the answer (and who asked it)

    and not for nothing, but when the NBA was approaching its lockout it’s all you heard about here….now, empty airwaves and ink spaces…..

  40. OK

    I had to write an essay for my english class over at BCC and I chose Hockey. ( OK , but Ilb is my go between, so I’ll send it to him,and if he thinks it’s worth the space I leave it up to him. But let,s get going already,…I never did grasp Football.

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