Honestly, it’s like a game of checkers


You move, I move, you move, I move … only the NHLPA didn’t take its collective finger off the checker Thursday. Instead, the players huddled to discuss the latest non-developments and, we think, to come to the table with a counter-proposal or some sort of move today.

Interestingly, and black-humorously, it’s Labor Day weekend.

Here’s Kevin Allen’s USA Today story on Thursday’s non-developments.


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  1. Let’s hope that is a good sign. I haven’t seen anything but PR posturing yet.

    Just about guaranteeing a lockout.

  2. If these proposals are just about moving the money round into different pots – like it seemed the NHL’s last offer was then we will be going nowhere fast. The NHL has to concede some percentage points and also on its definition of HRR, then it will show the players they mean business. The last offer seemed to be a movement from a full rollback to an increase in escrow – which is still too much infavour of the NHL given the apparent results of the last escrow payments (or non-payments).

  3. Morning, ‘heads!

    Actually, UK, the players did get most of their escrow back during the current CBA. And during one of the quarters ( do not recall which year), it was as high as 17%

    What I would like to know, and haven’t been able to find out, is what the owners are trying to exclude from HRR. And their expiation of why.

  4. ilb – see this:


    Apparently its a cost of doing business thing (stadium upgrades etc) – but then that means they are trying to use gross profit rather than revenue as a calculation doesnt it? Apparently the NFL CBA includes some clauses like this but limits it to a certain percentage that can be deducted.

    I can see how this is a woolly area given that the Knicks and Rangers share the arena so Dolan can’t attribute all MSG renovation costs to the Rangers.

  5. Thank you, UK. Hard to argue that some of those demands make sense, no? I believe those are pretty reasonable.

  6. Thank God Keanu wasn’t in Roadhouse because then that would give Point Break a run for it’s money.

  7. Thank god Keanu wasn’t in Dirty Dancing.

    Thank god Patrick wasn’t in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

    Because that would have been weird.

  8. Carp – Do you feel a 50-50 split is fair amounst the owners and players?

    That seems like the number the owners would like to get to.

  9. The problem with the Matrix (which is an awesome movie) is that NEO is an anagram of ONE so it was pretty obvious immediately.

  10. 50/50 would be fair to me, but if you include the HRR recalculation its more like 54/46 in the owners favour.

    Until they agree on which HRR figures to use going forward there will be this ambiguity.

  11. 4generations 4 cups on

    I have 0 excitement for September because there isnt hockey in the air.

    Bring hockey back =[

  12. I always knew Dempsey was destined for Liverpool. Played with the Revolution, and acts like an arrogant dirtbag. I wish there was a way for me to put money on things like that.

  13. btw, that wasnt a shot at LW3H.

    Ive never liked Dumpsey. He and Landon Donovan are 2 reasons Ive never rooted for American mens soccer.

  14. Earlier in this match, the fool commentating, I think a McEnroe, said that Dutra Silva was holding his own against Djokovic. At the time, it was 5-2 Djoko in the 1st set. I thought to myself what a fool this guy this guy is. If Djokovic wanted to hammer this Silva idiot 6-0, 6-0, 6-0, he could do it probably without losing a point in the entire match.

    Now, the line is 6-2, 6-1, 5-1. So much for Dutra Silva holding his own. Idiots.

  15. Boston’s 94.5 is playing Empire State of Mind right now. If I was a bostonian, Id call into the radio station and demand that it be taken off immediately.

  16. NYP_Brooksie In other words, NHL teams this summer have been signing players to contracts the league has no intention of paying in full.

    Disgraceful. I am pretty close to giving up on the NHL altogether. Hockey isn’t dying but the NHL sure seems like it is…

  17. Dont give up on the NHL, NYR fan. It’s not gonna die. Everything will work itself out. Brooksie is a fool.

    Just happened to be flipping through radio stations on IHeart Radio app on phone, if I could remove that station from the listings, I gladly would. :)

  18. I sure hope Mr Snider hasn’t been signing players to contracts in the knowledge that he would be leading the charge to renege on them.

  19. They were going to hit a wall at some point. The players want 57% back at some point, looks like 3 years in. The owners do not think it’s going to happen. Next stop- September 15.

  20. Brooks has a serious point that we have making here for quite a while already…

    It all started with WWEber and Mr. Snider and Ca$hville…

    How can anyone take these negotiations seriously?

  21. Olga Folkyerself on

    Why don’t they just freeze the Salary Cap where it is, and let the increased revenues catch up until the split is 50-50. Then let the Cap float with revenues at 50%. Players lose nothing. Owners gain revenue. Fans get games to watch.

    Everybody wins.

  22. Inevitable that talks are tabled at noon Friday on a long weekend. One percenters on both sides fly off to the islands while broke fans argue one side or the other while swallowing rubber hot dogs off a rusted grill.

  23. Tiki,
    Demsey goes to Tottenham.
    Ramires is rented to Southampton, Sturrige goes to Liverpool and Essien to Real (Madrid)

  24. Atletico (Madrid) just handed devastating loss to Chelsea 4:1 in the SuperCup. Really embarrassing

  25. NHLPA’s offer was similar to what you suggest, Olga. Except the players want it to revert back to 57% after 3 years. They are not getting it. The owners want an immediate rollback, whether it’s a direct cut or escrow. I doubt they will get much of that either. Not after 2005. If they keep insisting on either, we have a better chance to compete for the Cup as a “NY Boneheads” than any other current NHL team. Who plays goalie, ‘heads?

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    And concerning contract length, use a formula like 40 – age divide by 2, for maximum contract length.

    For a 30 year old player max length would be five years
    For a 20 year old it would be ten years.
    Fro a 40 year old it would year by year.

    Or massage the figures to a reasonable compromise.

  27. Olga Folkyerself on

    Also eliminate the cap averaging of contracts. What you are paid that year is what goes against the cap. That would stop all the owners foolishness with long-term contracts that tail off to $1 million per for the final years.

    You have to protect the owners from themselves.

  28. __… Who plays goalie, ‘heads?_
    Whoever could size wise cover all 24 sq.ft. of net and has enough hands to take care of additional 2 in. in width and height, if or when NHL decide to go with it.

  29. Olga Folkyerself on

    ilb- I’m just seeking a middle ground. I can’t account for stubbornness or unreasonable demands.

  30. anonymous question on

    If a person was going to start a foundation to save animals from kill shelters, how would the person prove the legitimacy of the foundation to stores like PetsMart for the purposes of the stores advertising the foundation?

  31. Oh, Sean… I miss his unique statements already. If only it’s possible, he is even more of an arrogant prick than coosmeintuchas character. …and what a pretty face, indeed on this picture. LOL.

  32. It’s just awful. Girardi manages by the book, a book that was used in the 1950s. Im sick of his crap. The only good decision that tool ever made was pitching CC/AJ/Andy in a 3 man postseason rotation in 2009.

    So many injuries, but as usual, the offense has gone into operation shutdown mode. Flailing at pitches, not working counts, hacking at first pitches. They always have among the best offenses in baseball, yet they always have the extraordinary ability for all the hitters to go into slumps together and give away at bats and games.

    Phil is ok. Freddy is 5 innings, 4 runs each time on the hill or worse, Phelps is a kid with a positive future, but he cant be relied upon in the present.

    Kuroda is the only guy that can be relied on. I love CC, I think the world of him because of his 2009 regular season and postseason, and I hate to bash the guy… but Manny’s right. When the going gets tough, CC goes… to the refrigerator. Im sick of his crap. He’s a workhorse, eats innings, will put the welfare of the team above his own welfare, and he is an ace, but he aint worth what he’s being paid. He cant be relied upon, he has great starts, mediocre starts, and piss poor starts.

    Our only hope for this season is for Teixeira to get healthy, and for Alex to -shoot up- come back strong.

  33. CC is a horse and im glad we have him but over the past 12-24 months he looks like he is slowing down. He’s still obviously the #1 but i dont know if it’s his weight catching up to him or if his arm is getting worn out or just typical decline as age increases. My biggest beef is with Teixeira. The defense is great but hitting .250 is ridiculous. And he too has been getting hurt way to frequently past 12-24 months.

  34. In my humble opinion, all Yankee left-handed batters have their eye on that short porch in right instead of producing thoughtful, quality at-bats. Hockey may be the only team sport left where big earners actually listen to the manager/coach.

  35. Granderson is dreadful. He’s Adum Dunn lite.

    We’ve got Jayson Nix playing nearly every day…. because Genius Joe has gotta match up the rightys against the leftys. This guy would be warming the bench of a Little League World Series team.

    Ichiro has hit well with us, but what does Genius Joe do… he sticks him 8th in the lineup in between offensive black holes like Russell and Nix. Why??? To break up the rightys and leftys in the batting order.

    What happens when Ichiro gets on base? Joe tells him to not steal and has our guys bunt him over. HELLO!!! What’s the point of having a speedy guy like Ichiro or Brett Gardner if youre not gonna let them take the base, and waste 1 of 27 outs in a game. Every out is valuable, Joe. You dont just give away outs for the hell of it.

  36. You’re right about that. Ichiro and Gardner don’t need bunts to get them over unless it’s the pitcher batting where you’re almost guaranteed either a strikeout or worse, a double play.

  37. Lev, you are 100% right on CC. Youre also 100% right on Teixeira. Batting average generally doesnt mean much, but when we signed Teix, he hit the ball to all fields. As soon as he comes to the Yankees, like cooscoos said, he’s got his sights on the short porch and is nothing but a pull machine. So they shift on him, and Teixeira has no desire or brains to try to hit to the opposite field. That’s why his average is so low, and why I agree with you. He still produces for us though. And his defense isn’t as spectacular as everyone makes it out to be. He has made so many boneheaded plays that dont show up in the box score and even the ones that do show in the box score via errors. And he’s breaking down too.

    If we win the World Series this year, it will be a travesty to baseball. And here’s hoping there’s a travesty to baseball in another couple months.

  38. I hope Girardi -has a heart attack tomorrow morning and drops dead- sees the error in his ways. Unlikely.

  39. Boston was loaded with talent a couple few years ago and then took advantage of Francona’s leniency and became a lethargic laughing stock. Then, Valentine comes in and tries to exert some discipline and they play even worse and do everything they can to get him fired. Maybe Girardi sees the handwriting on the wall and is confused in demands and decision making. He needs a young team to be effective. The mature Yanks with quality personalities as compared with Boston, maybe needs another Joe Torre.

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