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  1. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

    I bet ilb is dreaming of pink unicorns at this very moment.

  2. missed the all the other bloggers, but I will conclude this thread right now – for I am sure there is no one to say anything about the ice hockey, so tiki wicki, cccp, manny and other peripheral “contributors” please shut up and go to sleep. I won’t, because you have to be watched to be obeying orders.
    Regards newbear

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    At least they’re talking, Carp. Even though each side seems to be making no more than just some baby steps, no side declared:” We are not talking until they agree to ( insert a request).” Not yet.

  4. Back and forth is a good thing as long as sides are making concessions or changes with each offer, its only baby steps but it seems that they are least inching towards some sort of middle-ground. Its also a good sign that meetings are scheduled for the next 2 days too – gives time for a few more back-and-forths before the end of the week. Although, given the timescales, NHL & NHLPA weekends off should not be an option right now, it should be a 7-days-a-week process.

    (is that enough hyphenation?)

  5. Newbear – its 12:11pm on this side of the Atlantic – i’ll contribute when i’m awake, not subject to the Eastern timezone!!

  6. Good morning all,

    Boy, talk about the dog dog dog days of summer……..I am predicting October 15th as the day the deal gets done!

  7. You know what for every game which is cancelled because of the lockout they have to play for free and every fan is qualified for a free drink the amount of missed games….

    par example five games missed five games for free…Lets face it crazy millionaires of owners are negotiating with some crazy overpriced individuals the players….

  8. The only good guys in this affair are the journalists bloggers like Carp and his friends..Their job is it to promote the game write nice stories and making clips and interviews but dont get the right amount of money they really earn…They basically work 24 hours a day when they writing blogs and neet to make entrys every day even when nothing is to report otherswise the fans are unsatisfied and frustrated….

    The world is unfair……..

  9. now it must be in the first intermisson i see only two commentators..but it is really CSKA vs. Spartak.. i try to link it for you but is not working. its a russian website they cover all kind of sports..

  10. I would never recommend Directv to anyone because they have a bunch of cheating lying customer service reps. Not all of them, i have found about 20 good ones in my 10 years w them.

    But they carry every CL and Europa league game live, and they carry complete coverage of 5 courts from every tennis grand slam live, including the main courts, like Centre, Arthur Ashe, Phillippe Chatrier and Suzanne Lengden.

  11. And for golf lovers, they carry a few specific holes from each major. If they followed a group of golfers, like one including Tigger, id record that in a heartbeat

  12. Carp, do you know that you have probaby the most sophisticated sport lovers here on this blog !:)

  13. Someone complimented me! Woah! That dont happen every day. :) I could say I misspelled it, but I thought it was Lengden..I feel like an idiot.

  14. Did someone mention me? I thought I heard the word “sophisticated.” (From the Greek, “sophist,” (meaning ‘master of knowledge, lover of wisdom.) Happy to help out.

  15. The NHL and NHLPA will not meet today, instead they will regroup for a session on Friday. No word if the PA’s counter proposal will come tomorrow. [TSN via CP]

  16. No Tiki you are an expert…But unfortunately I was in Person at Court Suzanne Lenglen second biggest court at stade Roland Garros with a capacity of 10,076 during French Open in Billancourt/ in lovey Paris France…

  17. I would really be very dissapointed if they wouldnt start on time because Rangers have a couple of interesting road games including season opener at Staples Center in Los Angeles to spoil the Stanley Cup Winner celebration night :)

  18. Yeah, you need to have some parts of psychologist to find the right words and sentences at the right time….

    Thats not easy, I am sure you dont meant it negative when you talk about different adjectives but people intent to mean it negativ which is not good…but times have changed….

    But truth to be told I made very often the same mistake, I am not different…

    Is that philosophical ?:)

  19. ilb, *DO NOT* be mad at me for always bothering you! I text people constantly, it’s not just you! And if you’re mad, *DO* tell me.

  20. I will, Tiki, I promise…In Russian too…

    So, no talks today? I guess they need an extra day to figure out whether they want to concede another 0.1 or 0.2% in their share of revenue.

  21. coos-habitually arrogant “know it all” Cassandra-coos:
    “_..I thought I heard the word “sophisticated.” (From the Greek, “sophist,” (meaning ‘master of knowledge, lover of wisdom.) Happy to help out.”_
    In RR language it is pseudo-linguistic bullcarsillo.
    In Greek it is _sophist?s_ – sophistic rhetoric or sophistic subtleties, plausible but fallacious sophistic reasoning; also a teacher of rhetoric and one who argues by the use of sophisms – (formal logic of words without substance), have nothing to do with knowledge per se. Greeks still use it sometimes for wisdomin a context. But there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom in intelligible for you language: knowledge is to know a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
    Happy to help *you* out.

  22. When you go into court you are putting yourself in the hands of 12 people that weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.

    P.S. I got out of jury duty!

  23. Golly, do I detect some seriously disgruntled girl scouts in the tent? Forever – try using your noodle instead of google. At least I got you riled up enough to actually do some work. :-)

  24. And 3C, I offer you this: Two hockey fans (I say hockey fans instead of “guys” to keep you interested, knowing that your mind tends to wander) – Two hockey fans are standing on a corner watching a dog lick his balls. One says to the other, “Man, I wish I could do that!” The other hockey fan says: “You probably could. That dog doesn’t look like he bites.”

  25. Short pause while Forever and 3C consult various computer sites to find something sufficiently acerbic with which to respond………………………

  26. Suggested response: “I don’t need any gdamned computer to know that you are a x7x6xx5x7 azzwipe.” Was I close?

  27. Solicited response:
    Target determines a caliber.
    You are not worth a shot, – just slightly annoying fly, pigmy even among flies, which took off from some pile of carsillo and try to fly, full of it, showing your inflated ego to the world, before it blows.
    Final answer!

  28. If anyone is bored, I have a great activity that always takes care of boredom… and stokes a little fire inside you.

  29. V.I. Pokhryshkin axioma = The amount of intelligence is fixed while the population is growing.
    Be afraid…

  30. Tiki will be hired by the fan association of the NHL to arbitrate during labor talks…
    making sure that the season starts on time….

    First session is on Tuesday at 10.30 am somewhere in Florida :)

  31. Reason #1: I am a writer. Have you not noticed? I make my own hours. You, on the other hand, are condemned to be a reader. Know your capacities and you will avoid disappointment. Thank you, however, for following me into the deep, dark night.

  32. Well, the Red Sox getting swept for the 2nd time in a couple weeks by the Angels will make it extremely difficult for them to get into the playoffs.

  33. Just like the Phillies and the Marlins, the Sox have proved themselves to be embarrassingly dysfunctional teams. Thus, the purges.

  34. _Two adverbs to end a sentence, and one of them modifying the other. Work on that._

    see… i have no idea what you just said…

  35. Not to be confused. I’m a surrealist fiction writer. It can sometimes bleed through the fictional fabric to the blog (and other) prose. True.

  36. (words that end in ‘ly’ are usually adverbs) BTW, adverbs are the bane of creative (and other) writing. Good idea for anyone is to get rid of as many as you can.

  37. He’s actually going to be an RN (I think). And we all know that RNs do all the work, and the doctors take all the credit. haha ilb!

  38. “Swung on and hit (in the air) to deep right. That ball is high. It is far. It is gone! In the second deck! Ichiro, the Yankees Rising Sun says Sayonara!… And the ball is caught. Wow that sure looked like it was loooong gone. Wind must have brought it back.”

  39. Medics were the bravest guys in the service by far. Does anyone know that or give them the credit they’re due? Not often.

  40. Just saw Manny Pacquiao on a promo. I really dislike that guy. His face makes me sick, his voice makes me sick, his Celtics fandom makes me sick. Everything about that guy makes me wanna step into the ring with him and pound his aasen.

  41. Medics often put themselves in the line of fire, unarmed. They’re the ones who truly deserved the big medals, but rarely were awarded them. Why, I could never figure. Still can’t.

  42. I cant even put into words how thrilled I was and still am that he got cheated back in June. For delaying the fight to watch the end of the Celtics playoff game in the locker room, he deserved it. Yeah!

  43. Sweeeeeeeeet Caroooline. Ooooh oooooh ooooh. I used to like Neil Diamond as a kid. How foolish of me.

  44. Just a small town girl!!! Livin in a lonely world!! She took the midnight train goin anywhere!!

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