CBA progress? We’ll see


Gary Bettman called the NHL’s latest offer “a significant, meaningful step.”

But that’s before we heard what the PA thinks about it. Because the PA could come back today, or soon, and say it’s not close. Or they could counter.

Here’s the thing. Don’t get too excited until we hear what the players think of the “significant, meaningful step.” Because, until the players say it is significant or meaningful, it isn’t.

If they do, then maybe there’s a chance the Sept. 15 locking of the doors won’t happen. I’ll believe that when I see it. Or don’t see it. I still think, based on previous sports/labor negotiations, that Sept. 15 will have to arrive, and the lockout will have to begin, before anything actually gets done.

Meanwhile, here’s Kevin Allen’s story on the latest proposal, from USA Today.


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  1. I’ve only read a brief recap but it sounds like any concession they made they’ve tried to claw it back via escrow and the cap will still be £61m which is still a significant cut. It’s going to take a few more back and forths to get anything close. If I’m a player I would be saying we gave you what you wanted 7 years ago and your GM’s spent those 7years finding ways to circumvent it. The only place changes need making is in the owners heads signing off on these ridiculous contracts.

  2. JimboWoodside on

    Come on, Guys – *get a deal done!* We can’t stand not having hockey coming back – look how boring this off-season has been, for God’s sake!

  3. Just wanted to repost this from yesterday:

    Hey boneheads! It’s been a long time. Things have been crazy with me. Baby Puck and Gavel is still not yet born, but could be born very soon. Details on where I’ve been can be found at my blog, which I just updated for the first time in over a month.

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    Relaunch of Puck and Gavel should be coming around Labor Day (the holiday, not my child’s birth).

    Hope everyone has been doing great!

  4. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boneheads!!!

    Just get a deal done. I don’t care how. Start getting closer to middle ground. Everyone loses if the season doesn’t start on time. And nobody loses more than RANGER fans THIS year.

    Back to work!!!

  5. Good morning, boneheads!

    LMGO, Miami!

    After finally seeing the numbers of that new NHL proposal, I do believe it’s a significant step forward. Two points being the main reason:

    1. Incremental decrease in players’ share over 3 years as opposed to sharp drop from 57% to 46% (what players actually think is 43%). Even though there is a reported immediate drop to 51.6% leading to 50% in 3 years, it’s a much better starting point.

    2. No rollback required by the league. Even though the description of proposed adjustment of current contracts is nebulous at best (for example, if they increase escrow, it is essentially a rollback; ), it still gives us some hope that the league understands the players will not agree to play if they have to cut their salaries again, as the did in 2005.

    What is still not clear is whether they are close to agreeing on a definition of HRR.

    In any event, while I doubt they’ll be able to iron it out until 9/15, this indicates that we will see some hockey this season. Being an optimist in general, I want to say we will see most of the season. What mr Fehr comes back with today is crucial. Let’s hope.

  6. Good morning all! Puck, I forgot to say congrats yesterday…so congrats! Baby boneheads are sprouting all over lately!!!

  7. still predicting a jan 1st start date winter classic red wings leafs.
    48-54 game season.

    def will be a lockout on sept 15th. until the players start losing game checks i dont see this getting done and bettman wont be in a rush

  8. P&G congrats! I checked out that blog and your legal dictionary… Im taking a law course right now (just for personal interest) and everything Ive learned so far (not much) was there. Thanks! Good Luck with the baby.

  9. McDonagh played 53 grueling and successful minutes in the triple OT win over the Washerwomen. Surprised the union didn’t call him in for a hearing. Anyone ever see the old chestnut, “I’m All Right, Jack” with Peter Sellers?

  10. Obviously a pipe dream but I think it’d be a rousing PR move if the players said that they are willing to accept an X% reduction in the Cap in Year 1 and 2 in exchange for a concurrent commitment that ticket prices are cut X% across the board league-wide for fans.

    That way all additional revenue that is flowing to the owners pockets is made from avenues other than bilking fans additional ticket revenue.

    As I said at the top…obviously a pipe dream

  11. The Yankees are hosting the Ugandan LLWS team today. The Ugandan team never played with cleats or proper baseball equipment until they arrived in the US for the LLWS. Also, Chris Drury once won the LLWS. :)

  12. Manny, ha! Nobody will ever understand this.. but there’s nothing tougher as a sports fan than being a fan of the Yankees (or New York).

    “And the worst part of it all is that Boston fans have somehow managed to colonize the media industry. EVERYONE at Football Outsiders is a Pats fan (which explains that site’s reluctance to give the Giants ANY credit for winning two Super Bowls against them). Everyone at ESPN is a Red Sox fan. And everyone in the f***** comedy writing industry is a Boston fan. It’s insane. It’s like a goddamn cabal.”

    All true.

  13. What annoys me most about Michael Kay is… his entire career is based on the ability to speak to an audience. Yet, he has absolutely no diction. He has no desire to speak clearly.

    In contrast, I’ve heard Carp on the radio a few times in the past, and his spoken words are clear and easily understood. And his career is in print media.

    This is something different, but last night, Kay pronounced the name of some Blue Jays guy, Hechavarria, 10 different ways. Each time, he sounded like a fool. I wanted to jump through the TV and throttle him.

  14. Yup. Same folks that declared Jeter was done last year. Same folks that used to debate whether Jeter was a Hall of Famer. Same people who now must suck it and realize they are currently watching *the* best Short Stop of all-time in our Captain, Derek Jeter. Who has a legit shot to overtake Pete Rose for the most hits of all time.

  15. “The 24-year-old has a 4.79 ERA with 8.9 K/9 and 3.8 BB/9 in 127 2/3 innings over the course of 23 starts for the Red Sox. He won’t be arbitration eligible before the end of the 2013 season (he’s a possible super two player) and will remain under team control through 2017.

    Doubront was reportedly on waivers as early as August 16th. Either he’s on waivers for the second time (in which case the waivers are no longer revocable) or there’s been an erroneous report. Rosenthal has suggested the Red Sox could send Doubront to the Twins in a possible trade for Joe Mauer, who was recently placed on waivers.”

    MLB Trade Rumors

    LOL! Rosenthal, Red Sox fan, suggests Doubront for Mauer. I liken Doubront to the dirt between my toes.

    I knew this was going to happen when they dumped those contracts. I even suggested Mauer as an offseason target of theirs earlier this week. It’s time to get gifted players like Mauer, Felix, Josh Johnson in exchange for trash.

  16. And idiot Yankees fans thought the Red Sox would be rebuilding this offseason and likely miss the playoffs next year. Fools. The Red Sox will be gifted whatever is necessary this offseason to make them immediate contenders again.

    Maybe the Rangers can get Pavel Datsyuk for Martin Biron. Doubront is a 7th starter, Biron is a backup goalie. I think it’s a fair deal.

  17. Manny, would you take $270 million of debt from me, and in return for me doing you that favor, I also want your bachelor’s degree and your hair. I’m the Red Sox, so you should jump at the chance!

  18. ilb, I’ll do the same favor for you. I’ll give you $270M of debt, and Ill take your newborn baby and your 2 dogs. Who could pass up that deal?!

  19. Manny, nope. It’s the norm nowadays. They brought in Pearce to hit against lefties, because Jones is a joke. With Teixeira and Alex out, rather than playing your most professional hitters like Chavez, Binder Joe Girardi would rather play his stupid matchups and play Jayson Nix, a righty, against LHP Happ.

  20. Carp: I heard you on the radio once. You were god-awful. Just kidding. I was surprised that your voice was so scary in a mafia style.

  21. You’re welcome, Carp.

    Carp’s voice is soothing and relaxing. I like Sally and Fozzy’s voice, they have sweet voices. Mama has a really cute voice. And ilb’s voice, as Ive discussed with his wife, is sexy. It’s sophisticated and of course, he’s got that Russian accent to-die-for.

    Carp, I just wanna ask something… are you a Patriots fan? Please say no, please say no, please say no… Nvm, just tell the truth, I can handle it. I think.

  22. Didn’t score with 2nd and 3rd nobody out, all because Binder Joe and his constant giving days off and playing matchups. All the days off Joe gave everyone earlier in the season didnt do anything to prevent all the injuries we’ve suffered, all the days off did was prevent us from winning more games earlier in the season. I wish I could manage the Yankees. I wouldnt try to involve myself in every damn game and situation like Girardi. These managers dont get it, youre going to lose more games for your team than youre going to win for them.

    Whew! Thank God, Carp!

  23. Most of them are *awful*

    And it’s only going to get worse. Back in the early 2000s, I became worried about the health of GMS III and if something ever happened to him, how it would affect the Yankees. Now, with him gone and his 2 idiot sons in control, theyre intent on lowering payroll.

  24. Who cares about Payroll? It never won us anything! We were pretty terrible when we were paying absurd amounts of money. The team that won in 2009 have some overpaid idiots but also many homegrown youngsters.


  25. Manny, payroll has kept us in the playoffs 15 of the past 16 seasons. Payroll is the only advantage the Yankees have. Once you get to the playoffs, it’s all a crapshoot… more about luck and streaks.

    They have no ability to develop young players. If they had any ability, payroll wouldn’t matter as much.

    Cano, Wang, Hughes, Nova are the only young players to have any real success over the past several years. And nobody expected anything of Cano, Wang and Nova, so they were able to stay under the radar and not be screwed by the Yankees. Hughes has had minimal success, and is already a FA after next year. Cano is a FA after next year, and the Yankees are likely to overpay to keep him. He’s not a $20 million a year player, but he’ll surely get that.

  26. Once Wang got injured, the Yankees screwed up his road back, and he never succeeded again. Same thing will likely happen to Nova, I dont expect him to ever be successful with the Yankees again.

    Swisher is a FA after this year, and Granderson after next year. If I’m the Yankees, with their self-imposed payroll restrictions, I seriously look into trading Granderson in the offseason and try keeping Swisher on a short term $12-$15 million per year contract.

  27. Cashman is fond of saying that if payroll could really win championships, the Yankees would have a lot more than 27.

  28. It’s true. Payroll won a championship for the Marlins in 1997. Because they signed a load of players to 1-Year deals.

  29. It’s just frustrating.

    Prior to this season, the Yankees could spend on IFA and the salaries and posting fees would be exempt from luxury tax. We could have signed Cespedes and his salary would have been exempt. But nope, and now that’s no longer the scenario.

    Prior to this season, the Yankees could have overpaid players in the draft. Some players with high-upside usually fall in the draft each year due to sign-ability, so we could have drafted those players and overpaid, using our financial advantage. But nope, and now that is no longer the scenario, there are restrictions on how much draftees can be paid.

    At the very least, you’d think the Yankees would invest more money on development. Such as pitching coaches in the minors. But nope.

    The Rays have 7 young starting pitchers. They dont suffer injuries, because the Rays organization invested in creating a system and program that detects when their pitchers are susceptible to injuries, and when that time comes, the Rays shut them down. You’d think the Yankees, an organization worth $2 billion could invest in something like that over an organization that barely gets 10 thousand fans a game.

  30. And Tiki, no Yankee Farm System!?

    Just a few from these five Championship teams: Bernie, Jeter, Posada, Mariano Rivera, Soriano.

  31. Cashman is an idiot, and also classless, but he’s right. Payroll doesnt win championships, contrary to the beliefs of Yankees haters. BUT…. payroll gives you a better chance of succeeding in the regular season and getting you into the playoffs.

  32. The Rays have won *ZERO* World Series. Just like Mr. Beane and his “Money Ball” system.

  33. Bwahaha. Cashman is an idiot? Tiki, come on. Think before you press enter. The guy is going straight to the Hall of Fame as a General Manager. Entire organizations (White Sox, ahem) copy him.

    Classless? Was it classless when he slept in Central Park for Charity? Or the time he scaled a building in Stamford Connecticut for Charity? What was classless was the crap with his affair.

  34. Manny, youre talking about pre-2000s. And Soriano never won anything, and was awful, despite his near 40/40 homers/stolen bases season. No plate discipline whatsoever.

    Cespedes would be better than anything we’ve stuck out in LF, and it would get Jones off the field. Also, he’d make a nice replacement for Swisher if he leaves following this year. I spoke of injures to pitching, not position players.

  35. Tiki – you have very odd notions about winning. George M. Steinbrenner is not someone that should be emulated or revered in this way. He built one heck of a successful business. A great one. He was an Indians fan, remember. He also owned a massive shipping company (huge major polluter to the area around lake Michigan). He was *TWICE* banned from baseball. He was having an affair with Barbara Walters. He was indicted in Watergate. The Yankees also, despite all their money, took taxpayer funds to rebuild a stadium which was totally unnecessary and cost NYC over $1B.

  36. Manny, those 1990s championship teams were largely the credit of Gene Michael, not Cashman (though Cashman had the designation of GM).

    His 2009 World Series was largely the responsibility of committing over $200 million to Sabathia, Teixeira, and Burnett.

    Cashman runs his mouth constantly, stabs people in the back constantly, sounds like a fool, and of course, the affair. He is classless.

  37. Like the other day when you said that steroids were totally acceptable if they helped you win.

  38. Your description of Cashman pretty much sounds like a toned down version of “The Boss”

  39. Manny, youre wrong on all those things. His first ban was due to illegal campaign contributionns. A joke. His second ban from baseball was a crime, everyone knows that, and the commisioner was later ousted by the owners for banning GMS III in the first place.

    He never had an affair with Walters. He was good friends with her. Quit making carcillo up.

    He never took any money from the NY taxpayers. He got interest-free bonds. He was using all of his own money to build the stadium, and all that debt to NY will be paid back in full.

    He builit a $2 billion franchise from a $10 million investment, a universal brand, and had the Yankees making the playoffs 15 of 16 years. I would consider that success.

    He did not treat the Yankees like a business. He wanted to win more than anything, and first and foremost, he wanted to give the *fans of New York* a winner. That’s why he spent the money.

  40. Carp, please dont get involved. Im right, and Manny’s wrong. Please let me dispute this with him. Ive got the facts.

  41. Also, in the 80s, the Yankees had the best record in all of baseball, despite never making the playoffs. Bad luck. If there had been a wild card, or two, they likely would have made the playoffs during those years.

  42. HAHA. Right. Steinbrenner was good friends with Barb. She traveled with him and was hanging out in his box. You don’t have a fox like Barb with you unless you are having an affair with her.

    Steinbrenner, Mr. B-12 shot in the butt. He was banned for legit reasons. He was indicted on Watergate. Remember when Nixon was forced to resign over Watergate. Steinbrenner was involved. Bummer. Also, he was horrible to Yogi, Billy Martin, Dave Winfield and a whole host of other people that removed themselves from the organization due to his insanity and rash behavior. Also his politics don’t really jive with anything that resembles acceptable in my opinion.

  43. Who’s the one owner that voted *against* the Wild Card? Steinbrenner’s best friend, George W. Bush!

  44. HAHA. Right. I wouldn’t. You would? Is he your dad? Grandpa? I bet you just read some books about him. Just like me!

    I can’t believe I don’t respect the guy that was banging Barbara Walters and was using notorious characters to sabotage Winfield, probably because he was a virulent racist.

  45. You’re a lawyer. “You can indict a ham sandwich.” Illegal campaign contributions and obstruction of justice. Whew! Awful stuff! ;)

    His bans were illegitimate.

    I dont care what his politics were. I care that he did whatever he could to build a winner for the fans of New York.

  46. There were plenty of winners built before him. He bought a struggling franchise that CBS didn’t care about anymore.

    His bans were not illegitimate because he was, in fact, banned and he was never exhonerated or pardoned from those bans.

    Are you in love with him?

  47. So you’ve called him a racist and a wife-cheater. You have no credibility on the subject. Hey, Im really good friends with Mama and hang out with her all the time. Am I “banging” her?

    That PI came to him with information on Winfield.

    I dont care if he was friends with Bush, despite my distaste for Bush. I leave politics out of it.

    I dont wanna fight with you, Manny. I shouldnt have called you names, if i did. I honestly dont remember if I have or not. Right now, Im angry. I wont stand for any Yankees fan or anybody insulting George Steinbrenner III. Tomorow, Ill forget this conversation ever took place.

  48. This is just why I like the Red Sox. They have a real ownership that is a bunch of great people.

  49. OK, I’ll be the first (and probably last, because none of the rest of you have the nerve) to say it: Two interminable, indefatigable bores.

  50. Owners today aren’t being banned from a sport for illegal campaign contributions or obstruction of justice.

    And the other MLB owners ousted the commissioner that banned him for the Winfield stuff. They ousted him because the whole ban of GMS III was preposterous and based on false information of a criminal gambler.

    Yes, I am in love with him.

  51. Tiki: I am just bored and since you’re around, and so easy to rile up, I am just getting you going. Calm down. Take a breath and think about my undying love for SARCASM.

  52. Manny, I will. I figured you were trying to rile me up in a friendly manner. Im trying to breathe right now.

    If I could switch places with George Steinbrenner III right now, I would without hesitation. He did more good for people in one day of his life than I ever will in my entire life.

  53. I highly doubt that, Tiki. He really loved horse racing so he probably is responsible for the death of lots of horses. But you could blame the horses because they are so weak if they get a scratch you have to shoot them in the head. I bet you have been nicer to Dave Winfield than George.

  54. Larry Bird = Hero

    Great basketball player. Great basketball coach. Great basketball GM. Great dad. Great man.

  55. I think we established today that The Steinbrenner family is a bunch of idiots and GMSIII is a worthless bastard.

    Second, Boston is the best and all horses should be shot in the head.

  56. Tiki, you’re acting like George Steinbrenner is a regular Mother Theresa!

    (Which he probably is because she was an anti-choice, money embezzling poverty monger.)

  57. Can’t forget Bird leading the puny Indiana State Sycamores (any other college teams named after trees? The Elms, The Ashes, The Maples, The Willows?) against mighty Michigan State in the ’79 NCAA championship game.

  58. Sally, he’s joking. George Steinbrenner was great and charitable to animals. And Id never be happy about anything happening to a Boston Terrier (the animal, not the alumni)

    NYR, I actually laughed at your 4:05 comment.

    Nobody is Mother Theresa or Princess Diana, but he was damn close.

  59. Damnit, NYR.

    Thank God nobody is Mother Theresa. The world doesn’t need another Scourge like that. She’s like a real life Vego the Carpathian.

  60. NYR, its okay to disagree on Cashman. A lot of Yankees fans like him. And I think the guy has done some good for the Yankees, I just dont like that he carries himself with little class. And he’s the GM of the team. It’s not like a player getting a DUI or getting arrested for assault or battery. He’s the GM.

  61. Manny the Mauler takes on Saintly Mother Teresa. Wednesday night, August 29. Be there! (Or be square.)

  62. We can agree that there is *never* an excuse for hitting a woman. Ever. Unless you are another woman.

  63. Cooscoos – I am just pushing the buttons on what is the switchboard to Tiki’s emotional explosions.

  64. I actually chuckled at the quote I heard today.

    Cashman was asked what he thought about the Colon and Melky drug test results.

    His response: “Not surprising.”

  65. Tiki – Let’s play Marry, Byfuglien, Kill.

    George M. Steinbrenner
    Mother Teresa
    Bruce Springsteen


  66. I personally know three women in Brooklyn who would thoroughly kick your assonance. And you wouldn’t have to worry about hitting them because you’d be too busy ducking and weaving.

  67. Exactly my point, NYR. He’s an idiot. Colon was just with us last year, and in a way, he’s giving credence to the idea that Colon used with us last year.

  68. Kidd just has to give me 15 points, six rebounds and eight assists and what he does with his trash is between him and the NYPD.

  69. I like Drunk and Nasty!

    Tiki – if you aren’t going to take the bait here I am just going to end up getting beaten up for trashing people to annoy you!

  70. Ted Williams, frozen in an ice block the size of Lake Erie would still outhit Derek Jeter. And Jeter, being an honest gentleman, knows it.

  71. It’s officially time to board the panic train. Lead in the AL East is down to 2 games after tonight.

  72. I’ll say one thing for Jeter – He’d NEVER pull a Jose Reyes and take himself out of a season ending game in order to sneak in to the batting title.

  73. My brother just got off work, is on the phone with me now, and without prompting, mentioned the Cashman quote, cursing him out and saying he just gave people more reason to think Colon used with us. Seriously. I swear on my dogs.

  74. Guys, how about you open your own, little YR (Yanks or Yupping Report) somewere else, please, finger get tired to scroll all those…

  75. This team is awful. Just lose a series to the Blue Jays, who havent won a series in August until today.

    Honestly, Id be okay if we missed the playoffs this year, it it meant someone axing Joe Girardi.

    And I dont mean firing Girardi. I mean literally taking an axe to Girardi. :)

  76. And then there are the athletes who don’t look like or act like their names. Dick Butkiss (Butkus) comes to mind. Only a matter of time before some defensive back named Socrates Plato comes along and gets a 2 on his Wonderlic.

  77. Just scrolling through today’s posts and it’s getting livelier, and better humored, if nothing else.

  78. Almost Dinner time on the east coast. That means that all the know it alls from NY to Florida can take a break and all he know it alls from the west coast can take over. (This has been a public service announcement to rile up absolutely everyone.)

  79. Sorry, Tiki, but I can’t help you on Steinbrenner. The guy was a gas bag and a cretin and treated people like dog carcillo. Did he give loads opf money to loads of people and charities? Yes. What he did with Winfield was criminal. What he did to so many littler people behind the scenes was worse. Read Bill Madden’s biography on Steinbrenner and you’ll see the guy was an absolute egotistical nutjob and quite detestable. And also ruined the team for many, many years.

  80. Are mine and Bruce’s names being bandied about in byfuglien banter? Mama no like!

    Sally, let’s go find find drunk Nasty!

  81. We’ll just have to disagree.

    With great power comes great responsibility. And I identify with him. When you want to win bad enough, you’ll make rash decisions, you’ll sometimes carcillo on the little guy, and sometimes you’ll treat people like dog carcillo. You can’t please everyone in life. To some, he probably was detestable. To some, I’m detestable.

    It’s his giant heart that matters to me. He didnt just give loads of money to charity (including 500k to Boston’s Jimmy Fund each year), he changed people’s lives behind the scenes while not making his acts of goodness publicized… because he believed that to truly do something for someone else, the act must remain between the donor and the donee. In addition, he so badly wanted the people of New York to have a winner, he didnt treat his team as a business, as most other owners do. Finally, he may have been a bit of a nut job (like me), but he always tried to fix relationships that had been severed, and also gave people multiple chances, when nobody else would. He has done more for players and their families who have fallen on hard times more than ANY owner in the history of the game.

    I have read Bill Madden’s biography, and nearly everything else ever written about him. And this is not my bias speaking, he was completely screwed on the Dave Winfield thing by a criminal gambler who Steinbrenner was trying to help because the guy asked him for money. Later, he was extorted by the guy.

    He also made his share of mistakes along the way. The team may have sufffered for a time because of him. From 1983 until his second ban, he was the worst owner in professional sports. He was on his way to ruining this franchise, rejecting the advice of almost every person in the organization. Gene Michael and Buck Showalter, with George out of the picture, rebuilt the Yankees. Utimately though, he left the organization as the most valuable in sports, the winningest in America, and a global product. Overall , there hasn’t been an owner in ANY sport who has had the on and off field success George has had in the nearly 40 years he has owned the Yankees.

    In terms of baseball, George grew the game. When he took over, MLB annual revenues were around 200 million. Its now over 8 billionannually. The whole sport has grown, along with the Yankees.George started the first regional sports network. Other owners have since created their own networks to grow their brand and bottom line. He was a trailblazer. The Yankees percentage of payroll against revenues is still in the middle of the pack in the game. As it had been during most of Steinbrenner’s reign. In other words, his spending was never out of control against the revenues the team generated. And its more than just money and always has been. The overall health of baseball has grown because of the Steinbrenner influence

    “NEW YORK GIANTS OWNER JOHN MARA: “The passing of George Steinbrenner leaves a significant void in the fabric of the sports world and New York City. The thoughts and prayers of our organization are with the Steinbrenner and Yankees families. George’s energy and his commitment and devotion to the Yankees were unmatched, and he was as generous and charitable a person as has ever been in sports. His was a unique, special and unforgettable presence.” Yankees Lohud

  82. Wow Tiki…with the amount of knowledge you posses on Mr. Steinbrenner* you can write his autobiography of your own.

  83. Wow I forgot I came here for hockey. the Tiki & Manny show with an occaisional
    cooscoos wore me out.

  84. Condoleezza Rice and Ann Romney are the stars of this RNC. Huckabee and Christie did very well too. Ryan has been ehh.

  85. God, the conventions have just become so dumb, such colossal wastes of money. Just a bunch of singing to both choirs.

    So I watched Big Bang Theory instead.

  86. there is absolutely no need for the DNC… we know exactly what we’re getting with Obama. RNC could be a one day thing where they have Ann Romney speak about his family life which apparently America hasnt seen, Christie about why we need Romney, and then maybe Rice…. Ryan and Romney with their acceptance speeches to close it out.

  87. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    Big Bang Theory is AWESOME

    I’m guessing the Doan thing has come down to us, the nucks, and the yotes right??


  88. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jon Stewart is making the republicans look just like the Byfuglien morons they are.


  89. What happened to Doan signing in PHX as soon as their ownership got resolved? Is it not resolved or does he not necessarily want to stay there that much and is looking for the most $$ available?

  90. Love this quote: “They built everything themselves. Say two rich white guys from the most connected families in their states. Christ Ryan is a tool” – Bill Maher via Facebook just now

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    I can’t help it, these tools built their whole convention on a misquoted phrase, and continue to use it like it’s God’s honest gospel.

    “I built it!”

  92. I was reading up on the RNC earlier in the week, and apparently law enforcement is all over this thing to… wait for it…. wait for it….. *crack down on prostitution*

    Aren’t there more important crimes that law enforcement could be trying to prevent??

  93. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you are talking about prostitution, shouldn’t the phrase be “crack up” not crack down?

  94. Rich Republicans feel entitled to everything they have stolen. Rich Democrats think they are entitled to steal everything you have stolen plus to keep everything they have inherited. Then, they feel unworthy of all the money they made and inherited and goose the government to tax Joe Lunchbox and rich Republicans to death to hand it all out to the terminally lethargic until everyone goes bankrupt and we start all over again, searching for another planet with indians to conquer.

  95. I care about politics and about political issues…. BUT….. I vote Democrat because ……

    the Yankees havent won the World Series with a Republican in office in forever!

  96. Olga Folkyerself on

    cooscoos- what a load of carp. (Oops, misspelled) Are you just making this up as you go along, or are you getting some help with this?

  97. Reporter to Babe Ruth, circa 1930: Do you realize that you make more money than the President of the United States?” Ruth: “I had a better year than he did.”

  98. “A philosopher is a blind man who goes into a dark cellar at midnight to find a black cat which isn’t there. A theologian is a man who finds the cat. – H.L. Mencken

  99. He dreamed a dream that made him sad. Concerning himself and the first few friends he had. – Bobby Zimmerman

  100. If the Yankees ever play on Friday the 13th, would the game be 2:30 long with no errors and no Yankees getting hit by pitches?

  101. “Susan, are my eyes deceiving me, or did I just see a black cat run across center field?” “Yes, that was Curtis Granderson, John.” “Oh, looked like a black cat from up here.”

  102. Actually, coos, it’s Suzyn! :)

    “That ball is high, it is far, IT IIIS a ground ball to the 3rd baseman and there’s 1 away. Suzyn, it’s really difficult to see what is going on from up this high. I thought that ground ball was blasted to the moon.”

  103. “Susan, I never knew your name was spelled Suzyn! You have a Z in there.” “Yes I do, John. It’s been in there since I was a little girl.” “Whoa! That’s a long time. How old are you now?” “I’d rather not say, John.” “What are you, 21, 22? Ha ha. You can’t be more than 25. Ho ho.” “Did you just call me a ho, John?” “If I’m not mistaken, I just called you two of them. Ha ha. Derek Jeter now approaching the plate. El Capitan!”

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