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Just thought you might get a kick out of this photo. I did.

You know, since there isn’t much else to discuss today … except that Chris Kreider will be among the NHL rookies meeting the media and the paparazzi outside of Toronto today at an event for their respective rookie hockey cards. So maybe there will be some photos and interviews on the web and twitter later on.

The rooks who will participate:

Tyson Barrie (Avalanche), Nathan Beaulieu (Canadiens), Beau Bennett (Penguins), Jack Campbell (Stars), Charlie Coyle (Wild), Emerson Etem (Ducks), Alex Galchenyuk (Canadiens), Dougie Hamilton (Bruins), Quinton Howden (Panthers), Tomas Jurco (Red Wings), Jared Knight (Bruins), Chris Kreider (Rangers), Scott Laughton (Flyers), Joe Morrow (Penguins), Ryan Murphy (Hurricanes), Ryan Murray (Blue Jackets), Brock Nelson (Islanders), Jamie Oleksiak (Stars), Griffin Reinhart (Islanders), Morgan Rielly (Maple Leafs), Justin Schultz (Oilers), Jaden Schwartz (Blues), Reilly Smith (Stars), Ryan Spooner (Bruins), Jarred Tinordi (Canadiens), Tyler Toffoli (Kings), Mark Visentin (Coyotes), Austin Watson (Predators) and Nail Yakupov (Oilers).

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    Lol, Carp…Which reminds me, we haven’t seen a good, sophisticated troll all summer either. They are all hiding behind different names and their “wit”. Oh, well…

    Let’s hope there is something to talk about today. And let’s hope it’s hockey, and it’s something positive. If not, we can always find to talk some gibberish instead. Or jibberish.

  2. Hi guys,

    It’s going ok. Not sure about the treatment … effects seem to have dwindled, but I’ll know for sure this week. But I’ve got my head up.

    Can’t stand this potnpential stoppage! Now how is Redden ever going to make his way back up?!

  3. Pimp

    Forgive me but I’ve been away for a bit ( Gall Bladder surgery) and haven’t been able to keepup with the goings on there… except by papers but they didn’t give me the NY stuff.have you had some trouble?

  4. Would anyone care to visit me for a couple days?? There’s a free beach condo available from Sept 1-8 if anyone is interested. Ive already been squeezed due to a newborn baby and the fake boss Bruce Springsteen. A Pimp, perhaps?

  5. Just a little explanation of my situation to the Bonesters, and I know that you really don;t know me like you do one another. You are all together a lot, know each other, know what you all look like, where you like to eat etc. I’.m just some scribbling on the postings now and then, and you don’t know what I look like and what I,ve tried to do here is join the crowd, but it’s cumbersome when you live this far away, and had trouble getting the NY papers.

    You keep mentioning my “stories”, and I always find this a bit of a smiler, because to me they are
    simply situations that i,ve run into thru no real fault of my own other than trying to make a living.

    Adventures? yeah, I’ve had them, but they just happened. I’ve done a lot of different things, and
    I’ve always made friends who do likewise. I still communicate with many of my old Squadron mates from the Corps, and we all get together every Nov 10 ( Marine Corps Birthday) and that’s a sacred date for all the old Jarheads when they hold big blowouts in one of the American Legion stations, and the beer and chatter goes on and on..this is true. Marine Corps was born in Tun’s Tavern in Philadelphia around 1812 or so ( It;s no longer in existence ..oldest armed branch of the USA) I’ve been collecting a few photos from my past, and have settled them into periods, and will send a few of them to Ilb, for his discretion on how to use them. I call them the USMC days, the
    Chicago days, the Trucking days ( you’ve all seen them except the lst one), the Duluth Air Force days, and all. (I’ve omitted the Panama days because I had no camera down there, and that was where tbw loved to go to the pool with my baby son and hang out there. There’s a few adventures that just happened while we were there, and I’ll try and explain as I go. (Ever hear of a guy named Noriega?) I’ve a few post cards that detail Panama which are probably better than any photos I could take.

  6. The battery of lawyers and sprawling negotiating committees are being relegated to the sidelines.

    As the NHL’s collective bargaining talks resume in New York on Tuesday, they’ll do so with only four men at the table: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and his deputy, Bill Daly, on one side; NHL Players’ Association executive director Donald Fehr and his top assistant, Steve Fehr, on the other.

    “Both sides agree that this, at this point in time, might be a productive way for us to try and get some traction,” Bettman said when negotiations broke last week.

    There’s been very little evidence of traction over the last two months.

    While the parties have met face-to-face every week since the end of June, they’ve made very little headway on the framework that will shape the next agreement. That prompted the first small session with just Bettman, Daly and the Fehrs in Toronto last week, and led to the scheduling of another one with the talks shifting back to New York.

    The sides are in need of anything that might encourage progress with a Sept. 15 deadline looming for a lockout.

    “When you get into discussions like this sometimes things can become more or less cumbersome depending on the nature of the group and what you’re talking about,” said Donald Fehr. “And, you find a way to satisfy everybody’s comfort level and go on. If you try it one way and that doesn’t really work you go try it another way.

    “If that doesn’t work you try it a third way.”

    The biggest issue holding up talks is finding agreement on how the league’s revenues should be split up. Players received 57 per cent under the expiring CBA and the league wants to see that number reduced considerably.

    The NHL’s initial offer involved cutting the amount to 43 per cent, although it has indicated a willingness to negotiate off that number.

    Based on last season’s revenues, every percentage point lost would cost the players $33 million. After capitulating in the last round of negotiations and hiring Fehr to lead them in this one, that group appears ready to fight against significant givebacks.

    In fact, Fehr declared last week that “the players aren’t afraid of a lockout.”

    For an agreement to be made, something will have to give. Bettman has made it clear that he believes the owners are paying out too much money.

    “The players have done very well under this deal,” said Bettman. “The average salary has gone from $1.45 million (in 2005-06) to $2.45 million, and I think if given their druthers — and they’ve said publicly — they’d be happy to keep playing under this deal even while we negotiate. …

    “My sense is that they prefer to keep things the way they are, and so that slows up the process.”

    The sides have looked like competing hockey teams at the conclusion of previous negotiating sessions, with the number of well-dressed attendees often unable to fit together in one elevator.

    The gathering will be decidedly smaller on Tuesday as the leaders of the NHL and NHLPA try to push talks in a positive direction.

    “Hopefully we’ll be productive when we get to it,” said Fehr. “We have a lot to do. I have always believed that there is enough time.

    “If there is a mutual will to do that, I still believe there is enough time to do that before the expiration of the contract.”

  7. big mac, attribution, please … if you didn’t write that, we need to know where you got it.

    Good morning, Sally!

  8. I am sorry Carp, its from the TSN Web site…my apologies…. I want to contribute something positiv and try to link the article but it didnt work because i have even fewer knowledge for technical things like you :)

    You dont go to Flushing Meadows for the tennis as spectator or interviewer ?

  9. no problem, mac. i try to avoid the tennis. not a big fan, don’t understand it, don’t like the traffic or the long days.

  10. Manny, he was and is a genius !!!!!!!! I was in Wimbledon on the Centre Court sitting direct of the open window from a TV studio when he commentates but not even for this even for his whole carreer !!!

  11. They always smile at me because I like Tennis, Hockey and Soccer because they are different kind of sports… I like traveling and the best schedule would be for me

    Tuesday whole day at SW 17 at wimbledon
    Wednesday night Madison Square Garden Rangers vs. Devils
    Friday night Camp Nou Barcelona FC Barcelona-Real Madrid …:)

    Thursday is off beause you wont be able to make it in time from Wednesday night in New York to Thursday night in Barcelona :)

    But unfortunately that will never happen because one is a summer event (:

  12. but I know he is a huge Rangers fan as his brother Patrick when I talked to him personally during a tennis tournament :)

  13. Both egotistical, annoying, incessant yappers personally disliked by spectators, opponents and officials alike. Difference is, Mc’s talent took him to the top.

  14. Come on guys, mc was an icon, and Avery was a decent player at his best , similar was only their big mouth but only Mc deserved to have it :)

  15. Doesnt anyone wanna visit me? For some reason, im not being included in ladies weekend. I mean, i could be a woman. Its sexism, i tell ya!

  16. rangers prepared to match sabres offer of 4 yrs 30 mil 7.5 per for doan says rotter at snyrangersblog. god if sather does that hes a moron

  17. Tiki, I would really like but I am not allowed to travel by doctors right now…
    Is it far away from Flushing Meadows as the time frame would be perfect ?:)

  18. I would visit you, tiki, but I’m 1300 miles away and I’m allergic to hurricanes and orange juice. With you in spirit.

  19. okay tiki, lets talk again in mid March when they have the Key Biscayne event. one of those few i ve never been to. I hope you have that interesting offer again :)

  20. (My other car is a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.) Can get from NYC to Miami in 2 and a half hours so long as those pesky State Troopers mind their own business.

  21. “Special agent Utah! This is not some job, flipping burgers at the local drive-in! Yes! – your surf board bothers me! Yes! – your approach to this whole damn case bothers me! And yes! – YOU BOTHER ME! And Pappas! Oh, for the love of Christ. How the hell did I even let you talk me into this whole bone-headed idea to begin with.”

  22. serena and fedex good choice but with a ferrari from NYC to Miami in Bermuda shorts and sandals, and this is a hockey board hihi how boring are the NEW YORK RANGERS;)

  23. i already love pink, love shopping, love moisturizer, love tanning, interested in makeup. i can make an ideal woman.

  24. stupid pet peeve I have -football numbers on hockey jerseys. Call me a traditionalist. Yay on the Rupp move to 17.

    rangers could go more traditional by moving:
    Eminger to 6
    Sauer to 8
    Hagelin to 12
    Nash to 16
    Stralman flip to 23
    Bickel to 25

    then they would have no players above hank and marty.

  25. And make a rule that says players cannot have their mouthpieces hanging out, disgustingly chewing on them like bovine cattle cud.

  26. If a skate counts as a cloven hoof then Hockey players would be considered Kosher, cooscoos.

  27. Elderly Jewish grandmother at beach sees grandson wade out into deep water, start thrashing. Moments later, three Coast Guard Boats and two helicopters arrive on scene, rescue tot. Frogman carries him in, deposits him back to beach, next to grandma, who says: “He had a hat!”

  28. Carp, i dont know what it is but i cant link the story again from tsn its an update on the labour talks and the whole page is interesting as some players want to play overseas in case of a lockout on September 15…

    I post the whole story for information purposes…

    Decrease Text SizeIncrease Text Size
    Text Size

    NEW YORK — The NHL’s collective bargaining talks have paused so the NHL Players’ Association can consult with its members.

    NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr and his top assistant Steve Fehr left meetings with commissioner Gary Bettman and his deputy Bill Daly to consult with players Tuesday morning.

    “I think the appropriate thing to do under the circumstances is go back (to our office) — we’ve got constituents and so on,” said Donald Fehr as he left the NHL’s head office in New York. “And so we’ll see you later on I’m sure.”

    When asked, Fehr believed that talks would resume later in the day.

    “It’s as likely as not,” he said to assembled reporters. “I don’t know for sure, but it’s as likely as not.”

    Fehr refused to comment when asked if the league had presented a proposal during the morning session.

    “I’m not going to say anything about it,” said Fehr.

    The sides are hoping the smaller group might help them bridge a considerable gap in talks.

    Bettman, Daly and the Fehr brothers also sat down together last week in Toronto, but they’ve been unable to agree on the general framework that will shape the next agreement.

    Concerns about another NHL lockout are beginning to spread throughout the hockey world.

    Bettman has said the players will be locked out when the current collective agreement expires Sept. 15.

  29. Okay guys, one of the hottest woman is set for Court No. 17 in a couple of minutes in Flushing … there is live after hockey :)

  30. “Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin is talking to KHL teams in Moscow and Magnitogorsk about playing on a week-by-week agreement in the event of a lockout on Sept. 15. ” TSN

    Looking forward to watching Zucc and Malkin tear it up in Magnitogorsk :)

    Right, CCCP?

  31. When you play in Sweden or Norway, the taxes are so high that you owe THEM money after each game.

  32. NYR_FAN

    of course! that is if you can find KHL games to watch

    i, on the other hand, have a KHL season subscription :P

  33. Dont worry, NYR. You will be able to watch highlights of all your favorite players being mauled by KHL goons on YouTube.

  34. 2 things…

    CCCP, where do you get that subscription? and might it be possible for me to borrow at some point?

    If anyone is interested in watching AHL games of the Rangers or any team, a guy that works for the IT department that deals with the AHL Live website gave me the code for the html for any game on their website. Otherwise, the AHL subscrip costs $400 a season I think. Outrageous.

    I can only give it to 2 or 3 people. He said if he saw abnormal amounts of traffic on the website, he’d be pissed at me. I dont think ilb has the time for it, otherwise he’d be first on my list.

  35. In the face of this impending lockout we can be helped bu Thucydides who never in his life imagined Ice Hockey to exist:

    “But, the bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.”

  36. Tiki

    KHL subscription is part of the online Russian TV package that i share with my sister…not sure how i can share that with you

    this is the site http://etvnet.com/

    if you’re using google chrome browser then you can translate the page to English. It’s only $40 a month and you get endless amount of Russian entertainment! Plus, all Euro soccer and all hockey (minus NHL games)

  37. I understand. There’s no way you could share that with me. One more question, do they have an archive of games, like from a couple years ago, so I could go back and get Jaromir games?

    Would you be interested in the AHL games, especially if there’s not NHL hockey on time?

  38. Right now they have 59807 different sporting events for instant viewing (not Live) in archive! There are many live shows and events that you can watch Live by Moscow time…pretty cool

  39. yup almost 2 thousand KHL and other hockey games in the archive….i would also recommend Windows Media recorder bundle… i use this program to download online streams… awesome product…. i use WM Capture mostly since sometimes WM recorder gets blocked by the stream but with capture you just set the screen size and record :)


  40. Thank you very much, CCCP. Youre awesome. I will definitely get the WM Bundle.

    Since you know all this stuff…. I have been trying to get the 2 Andy Murray matches at the Olympics that were not aired on TV so I can have his complete Olympics Gold run. Im trying to use Replay Media Capture, which is likely similar to WM capture.. But the video is horrible. Like constantly freezing. Im using Google Chrome because Ive been told that produces the best video. Maybe I need a specific type of computer, like a Mac?

    Im using a Windows 7 HP.

  41. tiki, I’d give you my mac and report it stolen … but you can’t do anything with it and you’d probably just get mad at me and turn me in to my employer. :)

  42. Hey boneheads! It’s been a long time. Things have been crazy with me. Baby Puck and Gavel is still not yet born, but could be born very soon. Details on where I’ve been can be found at my blog, which I just updated for the first time in over a month.

    Also there is my request to find some legal interns. So if you’re a law student and are interested in helping out Puck and Gavel, go to puckandgavel.blogspot.com for details or e-mail me at puckandgavel@gmail.com.

    Relaunch of Puck and Gavel should be coming around Labor Day (the holiday, not my child’s birth).

    Hope everyone has been doing great!

  43. I am blushing at all the love here today.

    fran, the day you stop telling about your “situations” is the day I will boycott the boneheads!!!! Keep them coming!!!

  44. That’s a classic Carp line! LOL! I think I’ll confiscate Mama’s Mac as part of an ongoing investigation into Vandelay Industries.

  45. Tiki

    i think the quality of your recorded videos got to do with the way your PC is set up. WM program helps you adjust your PC’s performance level…or something like that

    and no thank you, NYR_FAN

  46. I’m down for ladies weekend!

    Deets about the new proposal sound promising at the start…Well see what happens tomorrow.

    People who stay behind during a hurricane warning are crazycakes, imo.

  47. Riveting TV AnnRomney its like watching a slow-motion car crash,disturbing but yet compelling. “He made me laugh” neither party should put wives on TV painful.

  48. Izzy! As always he thinks he’s better than us!

    Btw, Carp… I forgot to tell you that I love the tip a troll photo!

    H O C K E Y !

  49. Hedberg August 28th, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Riveting TV AnnRomney its like watching a slow-motion car crash,disturbing but yet compelling. “He made me laugh” neither party should put wives on TV painful.

    ye ye i know *politics* alert….Ann Romney and Chris Christie were incredible tonight. I dont know how you can possibly critique Ann’s speech. She delivered exactly what she and the GOP wanted to deliver.

  50. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    No politicking, please!

    No matter how misguided you become listening to the Republican Party.

  51. during this period of absolutely nothing positive happening in the hockey world politics talk may not be that bad… of course that changes once you bring up 4 more years of carcillo.

  52. Always remember fans, you’re rooting lustily for an entire team of one- percenters in a league of one-percenters. Personally, I have no problem with that.

  53. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Always remember fans, you’re rooting lustily for an entire team of one- percenters in a league of one-percenters. Personally, I have no problem with that.

    cooscoos are you talking NHL hockey or politics?

  54. To wrap it up tonite : big mac tried but failed to awaken reason here, but the frivolity prevailed. Main culprits ? Too many to mention, big mac is right, pay more attention to tennis. And stop the NHLPA from becoming the teachers Union look alike. The players look to me as a bit more greedier than the owners. Mr Bettman should quit his job in self-defense, please turn it over to Barney Frank already!!!

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