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We take a break from the guest bloggers today, because, supposedly, the NHL owners and players are ready to talk again. Gee, maybe they’ll make progress toward avoiding a lockout. And then maybe I’ll make four holes-in-one in a row and hit the lottery twice.

Here’s Kevin Allen’s story from USA Today.

And here’s’s story on where the labor talks stand.

Also, today, the NHL will hold a standard of rule enforcement meeting in Toronto.

Um, maybe we can sum up some of the enforcement discussion right here.

If one of Steve Yzerman’s players leaves the bench to join an on-ice altercation, he doesn’t even get a minor penalty. If somebody says something bad about Sidney Crosby, it’s a $30,000 fine. If Chris Neil does anything he wants to anybody, it’s not a penalty. If any player takes a shot at another player’s head, the league will jump through hoops to find a way to not discipline him … unless that player taking the shot is Carl Hagelin.

But don’t  you dare shoot the puck over the glass, dammit.


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  1. Sioux-per-man on

    Both sides sit down have some breakfast. They laugh a little over how rediculas the first offer was. Knowing both sides were NOT going to agree to that number but the half way number feels about right. Players settle for 54% Bettman settles at 53%. They decide to take the lucky coin out and flip for it…..and the deal is done. Bettman picks up the phone wishes me a Happy Birthday-Today, and let’s me know the season will start on time!!!

  2. Sioux-per-man on

    Not to worry Carp gets his 4 holes in one playing mini golf and did in fact hit the lottery twice when he threw his 10 in the office pool. They had two winning numbers for a total of $4. Not only did Bettman call me, he sent me the lucky coin at the end of this wonderful day.

    Have a Siouxper Day!!!

  3. Morning peeps,

    Happy Bday Sioux!

    I would love to have a tape recorder in that discipline meeting. What a barrell of laughs that must be.

  4. Rules, rules, rules. Here is what I would like to see, but I’m sure will never happen.

    Call a hooking penalty if the offender does actually hook the opposing player. This ticky-tack, stick level with the ice baloney is not hockey.

    Call a delay of game penalty if the goalie freezes the puck outside the crease. Isn’t that what the original rule was? Now a goalie can go anywhere and freeze the puck.

    Get rid of the stupid trapezoid. It has done nothing to enhance the game.

    Here’s a drastic one. Make icing only from shots from inside your own blue line. (This one will never happen) Too many icing calls slow down the game.

    Regulate the size of goalie pads. I’ve been wanting this one for years and this is another one that will never happen.

  5. Haha… I love the enforcement meetings summary, Carp.

    The only thing you forgot to add is that after each incident of NHL discipline, there will be a cute video to accompany it on the NHL’s website.

  6. Lock em all in a room with no food just a table, chairs, water and portaloo – although that could backfire if the fatcat owners start using up their fat reserves they may outlast the players…..unless Maaaaaarty is on the team?

  7. The Doan saga is likely to run until both the CBA and Yotes sale is sorted, it is however, untrue that Gary Bettman is angling for a “Doan decision” to be televised as part of the new CBA

  8. czechthemout!!! on

    I predict no season this year. Fehr is a hard ass unlike Goodenow,who was not. So enjoy the WJC. It will be the only real good hockey we see this year.

  9. How about this one?

    Players who make mean comments about their Ex have to go to Rehab.

    Nah… that would never happen – this is America, after all…

  10. i predict that there will be a season but it wont be televised and you there will be no tickets for sale since all of the games will be played behind the closed doors. And to find out who the new cup champion is, once the season is over, the fans will have to fight each other to death with frozen foot long hot dogs.

  11. I return from exile to inform everyone that USA Hockey is having a sale on Nike apparel today. 15% off, and the items appear to be high quality. Free shipping with a purchase of $65 or more!

    Gotta support the team!


  12. Thanks Fella’s.

    It’s actually 44. But is truly the 26th year as a Ranger Die Hard Hockey Fan.

    Not sure you want to hear the story in a guest post. But it goes all the way back to when I was a kid in high school watching hockey on the old Curtis Mathis Satellite dish, back in the mid 80’s when the Gretzky/Messier ruled the ice.

    Perhaps I’ll write the post. It’s a good story. You can always flush it IF you don’t like it.

  13. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Happy 26th sioux!


    screw contraction, move 3 teams to better markets and add 2 more to make 32 and *FIRE BETTMAN*

    I can’t take this, I’m going to work!

  14. Nothing important to add, other than it looks like a lot if Whalerpack and college games this winter. Also, happy bday Sioux- per- man!

  15. i want iPhone 5! my current iPhone has a cracked screen :(

    i hope ill be able to exchange it for the new iPhone 5 through insurance.

  16. Sioux-per-man on

    Dude – I think it is going to be a Sioux-Per year for Fighting Sioux Hockey! Lots of top end talent returning, Grimaldi healthy from last year, a couple of 1st Round picks coming in, a couple of seniors turned down a pro contract (they are happy they stayed now that a lockout is possible).

    Puck Drops Oct 6th. Let me know if you guys want to see a game :)

  17. Actually, a lock out should help da boys because they looked a bit fatigued at last sight. :-)

  18. It sounds like most of BB players are testosterone deficient. In Torts’ words- *no balls!*

  19. Im actually concerned about Jeter doping. The cheap, lazy, and dumb players will use testosterone and other drugs that are detectable. My hope is that the sophisticated and super rich guys like Jeter invest their money wisely in drugs that stay ahead of the testing.

  20. I wonder of Bartolo bought the steroids on Melky’s web site. Or from A-Roid’s cousin Yuri. Or if he only used once or twice like Pettitte (cough, cough, carcillo). Or if he thought he was getting a B12 shot like Clemens.

  21. and I guess that dirty UPS guy didn’t mishandle and purposely unseal, perfectly contaminate, re-seal his sample like Ryan Braun’s (cough, cough, bull-cooke).

  22. Bartolo Colon is a former everything. Guy has been around. He’s like Sidney Ponson but lasted longer.

  23. Carp – Big Difference. Ryan Braun is a Jew. We get away with stuff like that. Not the Hispanics. They get caught every time.

  24. Del Z hasn’t tweeted since dinner last night. Somebody send the police to his hotel room.

  25. Even if Jeter isn’t using roids, people on his own team used to and probably still use it which makes him a crappy captain if he knows and does not about it.

  26. I know sometimes it seems like Im joking, but I honestly dont care if any of my players use drugs to enhance performance, and Id actually prefer them to enhance their performance to help the team. “Winning is second only to breathing” is the motto I grew up with.

    Now, I know Carp and ilb are dead against drug use in sports. I greatly respect Carp and I greatly revere ilb.

    The only 2 things I care about regarding drug use in sports is the children that look up to pro athletes as role models and the long-term health of the offending pro-athletes.

  27. Anyone who condones cheating is usually the loudest to complain when he, himself, is cheated.

  28. Walter, I only speak of cheating in sports. And you’re correct. That’s the reason I condone and hope my players will gain do anything to gain a competitive advantage…

    Umpires can cheat NY because of bias, the media can cheat on their coverage and/or spin of stories because of pro-boston, anti-NY bias, league owners and commissioners can cheat to permit salary caps, revenue sharing, and luxury tax to put NY at a disadvantage.

    More relevant, if everyone else in baseball is cheating, then we too must cheat to avoid being at a larger disadvantage than we already are.

  29. That’s called ‘Defining Deviancy Down’ and leads us on the road back to the Stone Ages.

  30. It’s ok to cheat in sports as long as you win? What an iron logic.

    Someone please give me couple ped shots I want to score a multi- millon deal by becoming a pro-baseball player. I’m sick of honest work

  31. “Defining Deviancy Down” was originally coined with regards to the culture, media coverage, and frequency of violent crime. Poor comparison.

  32. I didnt say it was “ok” or “morally acceptable” to cheat as long as you win.

    I said *my* motto regarding sports growing up was “Winning is second only to breathing”….

    …and if everyone else is going to cheat, I’d prefer my teams to minimize their already significant disadvantage by fighting fire with fire.

  33. I was always astounded by business associates who cheated on their wives and families and who expected me to trust them to be honest with me. Always seemed to me that if their mentality justified cheating on those closest to them, I would be burned toast if they could personally gain by my charring.

  34. The thing is….if you cheat, you are a loser…doesn’t matter what the scoreboard says or what you choose to write on your scorecard….

    I learned that growing up…

  35. NYR, you were taught incorrectly. The 1996, 1998-2000 Yankees, 2004, 2007 Red Sox, 2001, 2003-2004 Patriots went down in history as winners, and that’s all they’ll ever be remembered as.

  36. I don’t see any asterisks next to the Patriots 3 Super Bowls. Or the Yankees 27 World Championships. Or the Red Sox 7 titles.


  37. I also don’t see any asterisks next to the $$$ Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, Roger Clemens pulled in throughout their careers, the $$$ paid out in federal and state taxes, and the $$$ used to create and support charities for those less fortunate.

    Nor do I see asterisks next to Bill Belichick’s career coaching record.

  38. Remembrances? Ever hear of the Chicago Black Sox? Ever hear of Pete Rose? Ever hear of Bernie Madoff? Ever hear of Rosie Ruiz? Ever hear of Danny Almonte? Every time I see a major league outfielder, after having knowingly trapped a ball, hold it up to try to hoodwink the umpire, I cringe. Dale Murphy of the Braves is maybe the only one in my memory who refused to play this shabby game.

  39. You’re right. And, you never will.

    It’s a simple concept. That being difference between what is the right way and what is the loser’s way….

  40. There’s too many flaws with your 4:55 pm comment, Walter, for me to respond to at length. I could be here all day :)

    This isn’t a big deal guys. We just hold differing beliefs and philosophies. We can agree to disagree.

  41. NYR, I know what you’re saying, pal :)

    I ask any of you to answer this question with complete honesty.

    I’m going to use the same percentage…

    If 40% of NHLers and 40% of each NHL team was found to be using drugs in the 2012-2013 season , would you think any less of the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup in 2013??

    My answer: NO!

  42. I just wanna make clear, 3 things I dont believe in or practice in my personal life. Lie, cheat steal. And of course Im not perfect, Im sure Ive lied during my life, and I remember a couple times Ive cheated, but Ive never stolen.

  43. If every team cheated to such a significant degree, it would make the whole thing a sham, not provide justification for the winner.

    There have been 100m World/Olympic finals and Tour de France top tens with several doping offenders in them. Basically a farce to look back on now.

  44. I disagree. As it was in the 90s in baseball, many of the players on every team used, according to claims. If that’s the case, then there was more of a level playing field than if…..

    IMO, it would be a sham if only two entire teams juiced and the rest of the teams didnt and those 2 juicing team faced off in the World Series.

    Just at those Top 10s of the Tour de France in which only some of the participants engaged in drug use while the rest of them didnt.

  45. Anyone offended or upset about drug use in sports should take more issue with salary caps and revenue sharing in sports. They create a disproportionate playing field and actually make the leagues a sham.

  46. _I think we should always write Yankees* from now on to make sure, CCCP._

    If that is what it takes then that is what we shall do!

  47. No, LW. There is a problem because a majority of the Top 10 did and the rest of the large field didnt.

  48. Conversely, when each team has a reasonably similar percentage of dopers, it’s not a problem because it’s still a level playing field for all teams.

  49. WOW! What timing. 100% serious, I was going to point out earlier how the Red Sox record* for most consecutive home sellouts was just a matter of bullcarcillo cheating….

    And Carp’s buddy, Pete Abe (who just like Carp, tells things like it is from his POV and doesnt pull punches) wrote this just earlier today.

    All they do is distribute a large percentage of tickets to 3rd party sellers, and then act as if it’s a sellout. And what does the mainstream ESPN media do, they discuss said record* with reverence and awe.

  50. See, this is what Im talking about LW. You know what I said, “when each MLB team has a *reasonably similar percentage*.

  51. Lichtenstein is the most industrious place left on earth where everyone values education, gets up early, puts in a productive day, has the world’s highest per capita gross domestic product and the world’s lowest external debt, and 1.5% unemployment. The maximum tax rate is 17%. Americans would be advised to not go there because there is not a level playing field for slackers.

  52. Outrageous to hypothesise that a team with more success than most over the last 15 years, the means to attract the most successful players in that era and a not insignificant list of high-profile list of admitted dopers as former and current members of that team, might be one of the teams with an *unreasonably dissimilar percentage* of dopers compared to others?

  53. BREAKING NEWS: TIKI himself will appear in person tonight at the Downtown YMCA to deliver a paper and speak and answer questions on the topic: “Paradox: Doping Is Actually Good For Sports.”

  54. I dont know how familiar you are with MLB, LW3H. But you’re wrong and Ill explain why.

    The most successful franchise has nothing to do with doping. That’s payroll.

    The means to attract high profile players means nothing as well.

    You said admitted dopers. There are only 3 admitted drug users as members of the Yankees. And Roger Clemens is a 4th, though never admitted.

    Now, there was a list of 104 names of drug users put out by the NYT, and the team with the most accused on that list was the Red Sox with 7.

    Finally, you may think this is a conspiracy, but the Mitchell Report was perpetrated by George Mitchell. At the time of the Mitchell Report, George Mitchell was the VP of Operations of the Red Sox, so hardly objective. In addition, during the Mitchell investigation, he was seen on the field fraternizing with his players and his grandchildren. Again, hardly objective. Only 1 Red Sox was connected to the Mitchell Report, and it was a guy who was a Red Sox for 2 months and failed miserably with them (punishment for failing?). And last point, much of the Mitchell Report was centered around the word of Brian McNamee (a convicted criminal) who was largely associated with the Yankees and Mets.

    And one more finally, Lou Merloni, a former Red Sox for a number of years, spoke of how Red Sox management hired professionals to come in and instruct Red Sox players how to inject themselves properly.

    In conclusion, there isnt much actual evidence of who or who did not use drugs prior to the instituted drug testing program.

    Since its institution, no Yankees have been caught and suspended, while all players get tested randomly upwards of 10 times throughout the year.

  55. Oops, with my sincerest apologies to the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez admitted to drug use in the years 2001-2003 with the Texas Rangers. So that makes 2 admitted drug users as members of the Yankees.

  56. _The most successful franchise has nothing to do with doping._

    Unless you’re talking about any success of the Red Sox. Or maybe doping improves individual performance, which improves team performance…

    _That’s payroll._

    …which earns players bigger contracts…

    _The means to attract high profile players means nothing as well._

    …which are more likely to get paid by the teams with the most money.

    _There are only 3 admitted drug users as members of the Yankees._

    Oh good. _Only_ 3. And not an All-Star or MVP among them, right? And at least there won’t be any who just haven’t admitted it.

  57. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    Just because the Yankees -have- spend more money on players than other teams do and a portion of their players make a large amount of money does not indicate proof, suspicion, or reason that “x” percentage of them are dopers.

    In addition, for every Alex Rodriguez on drugs, there’s also a bum player on steroids. PED use does not necessarily show up via improved statistics.

    Now that I’ve corrected myself, there’s only 2 admitted users. And admitted users does not indicate how many actual users there are.

    For example, the Red Sox have 0 admitted users, and likely will have 0 from now until the end of time. Why? Because none of them will have ever have the fortitude or integrity to admit their wrong doing.

  58. Never suggested it indicated proof. To think there could be even a slight correlation is hardly a ridiculous notion though. My admittedly limited knowledge also tells me that the Red Sox and their much higher number of non-admitted dopers have also had some success in the same period and a lot of money.

    And in cycling, a significant proportion of the most successful riders doped but “the rest of the large field didn’t”, but in baseball there is a bum doper for every good one, so doping has no impact on success?

  59. I guess it’s not a ridiculous notion, there could be a slight correlation. But I dont agree with it. “And in cycling, a significant proportion of the most successful riders doped but “the rest of the large field didn’t”, but in baseball there is a bum doper for every good one, so doping has no impact on success?”

    I know you think I’ve contradicted myself here.. but I haven’t.

    What I meant was, for every great baseball player that uses, there is also bum player that uses…and the bum player’s drug use is not going to be evident in improved statistics, meaning the increase in their statistics would not be noticeable or given media attention, as was the case with Melky Cabrera. With Melky Cabrera, his use turned him from a bum with the Yankees into a star with the Royals and Giants. The increase in his statistics was noteworthy and his substantially improved play garnered much media attention.

    I would expect the same to be true of cyclists, but I was going off your comment and link provided that Top 10s of Tour de France competitions was filled with dopers, and since you only indicated Top 10s, I took that to mean that the rest of the Tour fields did not have accused, admitted, or found guilty dopers.

  60. I have played hockey enough that I don’t believe PED’S will help.

    Baseball where you walk everywhere? Probably.

    I don’t give a darn about the Yankees or the Sox.

    I have rooted for both of them.


  61. Excuse me, how would PEDs not help a player develop stronger legs and thus, better skating…harder shots like Zdeno Chara (the guy Ive long been convinced is on PEDs), heal injuries faster or allow injured players to play through injuries?? Im not being rude, tomb.

  62. As per Carp’s opening message, someone had better do something fast to get that thug Carl Hagelin out of the league before he hurts someone bad.

  63. So, when was the last legit, non-drug aided championship by the *Yankees? 1978?

    Relax, Tiki, I’m just breaking your bickels.

  64. Olga Folkyerself on

    Tiki, if you condone cheating in order to combat cheating, they you are a hypocrite if you ever complain about cheating again. You not only condone it you seem to encourage it. With that logic, if referees are persuaded to make calls against the Rangers, then that kind of cheating must be accepted too. Your only recourse is to pay referees more to cheat for you.

    And you are definitely the biggest whiner out there about cheating. Incredible.

  65. I know youre just teasing me, Carp. Do u think less of me because i feel the way i do about drug use? I hope not.

    Olga, come on man. Gimme a break. As i said, the reason i encourage it is to combat my perception of cheating of the umpires/referees, other teams, the salary caps/revenue sharing/luxury tax, the disciplinarians such as Shanahan, and the commissioners.

  66. Olga Folkyerself on

    CCCP! I came out of retirement, and went back to work again. It appears to be a MAJOR impairment on my leisure time. If there was going to be a hockey season, I would really be angry!

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    Tiki, your argument against anybody cheating is reduced to “No fair! They cheated better than we did.”

  68. Retirement? I didn’t think you were that old, Olga :P

    I have at least 30 more years to go before I blow out my retirement cake candles

    I hope the season starts on time! I cannot take this offseason anymore!

  69. I dont know where you got that from, Olga. Thats not my argument at all. My stance is, there are a number of factors that conspire against the success of NY, so I feel it’d be appropriate for NY to fight fire with fire and try to find a new competitive advantage or reduce other teams’ advantage over us. Nowhere did I ever even say I believe my players cheat.

  70. For me, throughout my life, I’ve always been about fairness and equality. And there just is no fairness for NY. I’ll treat a homeless man on the street with the same respect Ill treat ilb. I’ll treat Bostonians (not their athletes or media members) with the same respect as Ill treat my friends and family.

    Just taking my one “non-conspiracy”, salary caps and revenue sharing…. people think those are fair because they “create parity.”

    But that’s the point, the creation of parity is unfair. $100 million in Florida and Texas is not the same as $100 million in NY. The cost of living in Florida is not the same as in NY. The media scrutiny is not the same in Florida as it is in NY and Boston.

    I guess it’s the same story as in real life….. Life aint fair.

  71. Olga Folkyerself on

    C3P, 60 isn’t old, is it? It’s the new 40, or so I’ve heard. I was given the chance to retire early, and I took it and loved it. Then I was given the opportunity to rejoin the workforce. so I took that. It wasn’t economically driven, but it certainly helps the bottom line. I do have a much more relaxed attitude towards working. It is now because I want to. If conditions become intolerable, I can just say “Sayonara”. It’s a whole new perspective.

  72. Olga Folkyerself on

    Tiki, I was just busting your chops, philosophically. But it’s not just against NYC. Every fan feels like “they” conspire against their team. Imagine being a fan in Buffalo. Four failures in Championships for the Bills. Two failures in Championships for the Sabres. Don’t you think that their fans feel that “someone” is conspiring against them?

  73. Hi Tiki,

    pooh bear here, how are you, hon? Baseball too fast for you ? Pls stick to hockey, we have a lockout on our hands, that should slow the game some. Unless of course they hire Torts as an ombudsman, oh wait, a conflict of interest maybe….

  74. LOL Olga. Ive always thought that Buffalo was conspired against. They are a New York team!! The Brett Hull goal?

    Bostonian Mike Milbury goes to the Islanders and runs their franchise into the ground.

    The Mets… Oy vey. Id bet if a private investigator looked into Bernie Madoff’s background, he has some connection to the Red Sox that made him want to seek revenge for 1986.

  75. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, take Chicago then… Cubs? Hopeless. White Sox? Not much better. Black Hawks? Two Championships since 1938. The Bulls have been the only success story for the Second City. 6 Champions ships in the 90’s, nothing since. Da Bears? 1985.

    I would go over Philadelphia’s ineptitude but I don’t really care about them.

    All in All, New York City has had more than their fair share of Championships over the years. Rangers? Not so much…

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