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I was going to skip posting today, you know, just leave yesterday’s here for your discussion, since there’s nothing happening, nothing about to happen, and because the traffic was pretty low yesterday.

And also because most of the evening discussion surrounded my piece of cooke laptop.

But, then I remembered that we’ve got a pretty long streak going here … it’s been a really long time since we went a day without a new post, no matter how lame.

And this one is pretty lame. But it’s new.


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  1. whew! good thing you created a new post. i like samaire armstrong. i also like blogmama and marisa tomei and diane lane.

  2. JimboWoodside on

    Marisa Tomei and Diane Lane – two good ones!

    Glad you made this post, Carp – in this period of hockey doldrums, it’s important not to give in to the mediocrity all around us! ;-)

  3. This is a test. Had this been a real post it would be full of insight, informative and entertaining. This is only a test. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

  4. >>And also because most of the evening discussion surrounded my piece of cooke laptop.

    Hah, I had to go back and read those posts. I always think you’re joking when you complain about your MacBook. It sounds more like you’re just not the Mac OS type. My professional advice: get your tech guys to create a Bootcamp partition and install your favourite version of Windows on it for you. Windows is what you’re used to and comfortable with; that’s what you ought to be using when working.

  5. JBytes,
    Good advice there.

    But I also fear that CARP is using a macbook that is getting long in the tooth and not able to quite handle the new version of OS X.

    If he can afford it, he should grab a new MacBook Air and his experience will be completely different (aka a thousand times faster.).

    But, yes, he should also partition the HD and have Windows there if that makes him more comfortable.

  6. Why can’t you guys believe that my Mac is a piece of crap. I’m not impugning all Macs, just mine. You sound like my tech guy at work. It’s fine, he insists after upgrading a few things … then I go to do my next assignment and an application is gone, or a folder, or my word count, or the Text-edit thing I use to create simple text documents, or the toolbar on top, or whatever device that allows me to pick up wireless signals like optimum wifi when I’m on the road, which I’ve always used before, or my capability to upload Rangers audio. Just gone. poof.

  7. John TortorellaVerified
    Go walk a dog, play w/a cat, help with daily chores, raise money, and/or foster an animal! There are so many things we all can be doing!

    I love Tortles!!

  8. I must apologize to ilb. Im sorry for texting the mrs. to check on you guys. I was concerned because you normally post early in the morning on these new posts.

    Carp, you got any cats or dogs?

  9. ThisYearsModel on

    Hola Boneheads! Visit every day but don’t always post. I hope CARP gets credit for hits as well as posts.

  10. Got a big black dog, his name is Dan.
    Lives in my back yard in Birmingham.
    Meanest dog in Alabam’
    Get ’em, Dan! (Randy Newman)

  11. Good morning, ‘heads!

    Thanks, Tiki. We are good. Busy day. Promised to my parents we’d bring our baby to their place every Sunday. Then we have people coming over later.

    That’s pretty lame of LB. Enen though I’m sure he was kidding. That little event organized by JT and his family helps a lot of animals in shelters up in Westchester. He does it every year. Every dollar helps, boneheads, btw. Even if you can’t walk your dog with them you can still buy a ticket.

  12. August……ugh. And september October and november seem like they are going to be like august.

  13. carp…in the event of a lockout,do you think the garden (or even the pebble) will host a few ahl games? i’m sure it would be welcomed and probably get decent crowds…

  14. Someone posted a question to Adam “I Apparently Don’t Need A Brain To Do My Job” Proteau on The Hockey News (don’t know why I bothered to capitalize that) website about whether he thought Quick got robbed of the Vezina. He stated that Quick started off the season slow and Lundqvist was more consistent throughout. However a fan was quick to point out what a bonehead Proteau (again with the nonsensical capitalization) is because Quick had 3 consecutive shutouts in his first 6 games. He then goes on to spout stats and so I had to crunch numbers and support The King! lol Some of what goes on there just makes me want to weep when I think of the state of what should be the premier journalistic outlet for hockey. The Hockey News…. what a joke.

  15. I wish i’d known Torts was a pets person when I had my blog…..good for him…..Do not lock out!!!!!

  16. Just read LB’s article from this morning. Maybe next time I should read an original source fully before making my comments. He was actually praising Torts’ work to support the animals. My apologies.

  17. I take back my apology. The guy makes me sick. He has no desire. Id give my life to wear the pinstripes, and this piece of carcillo takes it for granted.

  18. THN has become way too Canada-centric. Hockey may be huge up there but in terms of raw numbers, there are much more hockey fans in the US. I want to unsubscribe but I got it so cheap and I need a backup to my backup read in the bathroom. hehe

  19. 4generations 4 cups on

    i love the new posts regardless of the severe dog day status.

    Thanks for still caring, Carp!

  20. Im still seeking acceptance into ilb-country. The country of belly bands, yapping doggies, newborn babies, and poopy diapers.

  21. As the proclaimed gate-keeper of ilb-country, I grant Sally, Mama, and Carp immediate and full access, while hereby denying access to CCCP because of his 10:12 pm comment for two years, upon which his situation will be revisited.

  22. i like suzyn waldman, though i believe she’s from newton, assachusetts. i find her irritating, but shes ok in my book.

  23. newbear! im not sure what to make of you. i kind of like you, because your name rhymes with pooh bear.

  24. i took 3 benadryls and am waiting for them to kick in. i want to dream tonight about the 98 Yankees and the memories ill carry from that team forever.

  25. the best thing about ilb is that he has every right to act like he’s better than everyone, because he is, but he doesnt.

  26. similarly with the yankees, they have every right to act like theyre better than everyone, because they are, but they dont because theyre not elitist. they welcome everyone back to Old Timer’s Day, the Aaron Smalls of the world, the Homer Bushes of the world, that former Yankee that was on death row for years until new evidence exonerated him. I love how they include everyone. and they always believe in giving people 2nd chances, and 3rd chances and so on.

  27. his cameo studios is unbelievable. the place is like a million square acres. every room is decked out in sports memorabilia, largely rangers stuff, a lot of yankees and giants stuff too. i played on the computer that he normally posts from, and the one his beautiful wife posts from.

  28. the place is like a mansion. he really did a marvelous job from when he started cameo until today. his kids had hired a bunch of high schoolers to work for the summer, which reminds me….

  29. i had a great idea… girls under the age of 18 should really have to put a fake tattoo on their foreheads “under 18.” nowadays, young chicks look older, dress like theyre older. its almost impossible to tell if theyre over or under 18, and if they lie to a guy, that guy’s screwed, pun intended. i dont really have this issue, because i prefer ladies that are older than myself. Women in their mid-30s and 40s have more class and elegance, and usually have much less drama, especially if they have no kids.

  30. i wonder how people found their way around before mapquest and gps navigators. did people actually use maps?

  31. i really cant stand my dentist. the guy is senile and delusional. he started giving me a history lesson after one of my recent appointments, telling me that the rich get taxed too much. and i was wondering the whole time… hey buddy, do you realize i cant afford a pot to piss in, why are you whining to me about how the rich shouldnt get taxed. then another time, he starts telling me about the weather and what the next few weeks are going to look like, so I ask him if he moonlights as a meteorologist. he didnt like that too much.

  32. Morning, ‘heads!

    Your dentist was a lawyer, Tomb? :-) That’s what they call a law that bites.

    Stay away from Benadryl, Tiki…:-)

    Tony told me he was back to work twice a week.

  33. they pulled his license, I probably used the wrong term.

    my sister did his books and told me to find a new dentist before the first “revocation”.

    she pulled all my records and gave them to me.

    He was a good man too.

    Drugs did it.

    apparently he was doing his hygienist too.

    Great to hear about Tony. Hopefully that will be me soon.

  34. Yankee Stadium, was a magic land for me when I was a really little kid and my father brought me there from New Haven to see the great Joe Dimaggio….I’d heard of him ( my Pop was a deep Yankee fan), and I remember asking him why Joe batted with his legs so far apart when the other players don’t.. Pop told me that it was his hitting style, that he got more power from it, and others have their own hitting style….it wasn’t much longer when Joe smashed one beyond where I could see, and he leaned over and said something to me to the effect of…”see? that’s his style.” I was truly impressed.

  35. Oy vey. I thought there’d be a new post, so nobody would read the ramblings of a madman (me).

    Great story, Fran! When is Peter part 3 blog post coming where he goes to the Rangers locker room?

  36. I know I dont get along w him, but I hope Orr is ok. His vacations usually last about 2-3 weeks. Anyone else concerned?

    I was reminded of him when I just looked at a bra-less Elizabeth Hurley swimsuit shoot. Ive always found Hurley to be astonishing.

  37. Yes, im a bit concerned for him too. But im sure he’s fine. He’s young after all. Probably enjoying his summer. As for Elizabeth Hurley…..Hurley just reminded me of Hurley from LOST, and a bra-less Hurley….yuck.

  38. JimboWoodside on

    >>>wtf happened here last night? someone needs to lock up Tiki’s PC after midnight.

    Hahaha!! +++++++!

  39. I’m presently driving my Eldorado down Utopia Boulevard, headed for Valhalla, bringing my Eureka vac in for servicing. Just passed Pleasantville. Listening to Nirvana and the Shangri-Las with a fuzzy Paradise hanging from my rear view mirror.

  40. Thanks, Tiki…have you heard about a new plane they’re designing? Supposedly you’ll be able to get from NY-London in an hour and NY-Israel in 2…..

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©"Don't stepan the logo,Nash!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Last time they locked the doors the Rangers were the CURRENT champions. How brutal is that?
    Then we lose Keenan and Tikkanen. OUR heart was ripped out right after the cup we won…we got Robitaille , and BOOM we sucked again. Going from Champs to Chumps is NOT COOL. The lock out really was the problem here. How can you award a dumbazz Devils team he cup when the saeson was only like 30 games!!!??? We got robbed. This time we are ALL NASHED UP and they all wanna play hard ball again!!?? Sucks , lockouts always hurt the Rangers.It just isn’t fair.

  42. Lev – only problem with that new hi-speed plane they’re working on is that it blew up in mid air about a week ago. Sounded too good to be true.

  43. No wonder why DZ makes so many mistakes with the puck, im fairly certain the kid’s braindead.

    Lev, never heard of that super-plane. I thought you were joking at first, it doesnt seem real… and it’d cost a fortune.

  44. And if Halle Berry married and divorced Chuck Berry and then married Johathan Quick, she’d probably be Berry Berry Quick.

  45. tomb: If I were Stefan, I would have left by a side entrance with my skates on, taken a cab to the airport and wouldn’t have changed or taken a shower until I reached the Czeck Republic, if they would let him in.

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