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  1. It seems the first argument will be about who’s initial proposal will form the basis of the new CBA. Buttman wants blanket givebacks and the players want to keep what they have but earn less f rom revenue growth.

    If this does go the distance and beyond Bettman will officially be the worst commissioner in any sport ever.

  2. Someone asked the question, about how good this Quick guy might be. They might also have asked how good this Mike smith guy is also. The answer, after a fashion might well be, …54 saves in a winning effort…….not too shabby, not = too ….shabby.

  3. I saw Joe Torre at Starbucks yesterday. All I could think about was Joe DiMaggio dunking his Dinky Donuts. I also didn’t notice if Torre was getting a coffee or a green tea.

  4. Hey, she’s a good girl. I think the NHL/NHLPA negotiations are much closer to a description of poopy pants than my daughter’s daily activities. Dammit, we are so lucky to hear that mr. Fehr plans to, maybe, talk to mr. Bettman this weekend. Yay!

  5. they should just stop wasting everybody’s time and money until Sept. 15, because nobody’s going to capitulate or compromise until the deadline passes.

  6. The League is broken. There are problems that go beyond the labor strife. Respect between players, size of goalie equipment, concussions…etc..

    Over-expansion with debt in the face of a muddling economy is bad for the NHL’s bottom line. Add that to the fact that there is parity between the teams that spend the most (i.e. Toronto) and the teams that spend the least (i.e.Phoenix). There is no reason to keep the NHL in tact as is, unless we want this to happen every 5 years or so….

  7. They will not contract, NYR_FAN. They will have to find some middle ground. 57% share of revenue isn’t going to continue in players’ favor. They know it. They knew it all along. That’s why every single significant contract signed over the last 2-3 years had substantial upfront bonuses front-loaded just before the old CBA was set to expire. The owners, on the other hand, will not get similar rollback from players as they did in 2005. They know it. They have to settle on what HRR means. Somewhere in the middle. Ditto other minor (relatively) issues. Because if they both insist on what they’ve proposed, there will be no NHL.

  8. I know, contraction=not happening….too many TV markets, merchandise deals, sponsors, etc…

    but, when you think about it…it might be the best thing for the strength and health of the League…and we would be watching a higher quality of competition….

    What you said makes sense, ilb….Being that simple, it should all be figured out before October….

  9. The very last thing the union wants is contraction. Matter of fact, if they could, they’d love to add three players per team as designated overtime shootout skaters who don’t count against the roster. Imagine the awesome nightly talent show if we had only the six original teams?

  10. Just thinking out loud here:

    20 teams would be cool…

    2 conferences…2 divisions…

    There’s the realignment the owners want so desperately right there…

    Why not expand the AHL with the players from the 10 now defunct NHL teams? Maybe allow NHL teams to have more than 1 farm affiliate in the AHL. Bigger pool of developmental teams might be better for the players…Don’t put caps on AHL salaries….get rid off 2 way contracts…

  11. Danw

    It occurred in a final game between the Coyotes and name the of the opposing team I
    \cannot recall, but the goal tenders name was Smith….but what a performance. Mioke I believe ( not too upon the
    westerns teams, but I was awestruck at some of the saves he made, but I do recall possibly the Columbus team’s…….. Rick Nash blasting one by him…..and quite possibly that was the last one, for he made save after save after save in an incredible demonstration of goalmanship. This was the game that I also chose to examine the capacity of Mr Doan, of the heartstring jerker of many Rangers fans. I have to admit that I really expected something spectacular from him, but he was just a face in the crowd, by my recollection. Tough to judge on a single performance, but I tried to picture his ice time actions with the way Rangers play, and so help me, I couldn’t do it. and when I finally learned what his cost in salary would be I almost felt weak in the knees.

  12. Just got back from Bethpage Black. Shot a 67. Did not count couple of dozen shots that got caught in the scrub, which shouldn’t have been there.

  13. as long as it was man-made scrub, you’re entitled to a free drop …. unlimited club lengths in any direction, with no penalty.

    i actually played with a guy in Cape Cod last year. He hit hit his ball into a water hazard, claimed it was man-made and hit a mulligan. Then he hit one into a big thorny bush in front of a tee box, claimed that was decorative, hit a mulligan.

  14. Mr. Carp: After each shot, I also placed my ball up a couple dozen yards where I thought it should have landed had it not hit the scrub. And the greens were too wavy, not properly cut and with unfair pin placements, so I gave myself one putt on each. Probably would have had a problem breaking par had I not made the course honest. :-)

  15. Carp August 18th, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    Contraction=fatigue=offer sheets=momentum from game to game.

    so you’re saying there’s a chance?

  16. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    Just a question for everyone here, but would you trade MDZ for PK slewfoot straight up (or at least as the 2 main components of a trade)?

    I’m not saying it would/will/or ever has even been thought about, just a question for a day that moves us closer to hockey at some point!!

  17. I like the new screen name, Wick. Did I really? Because I think you jinxed mine. It does a new trick every day. Two yesterday.

  18. Let the Touring Pros play like we do, on an ill-maintained public course at 10 AM with a nasty hangover, after no breakfast and a screaming match with the wife, driving a ’92 Torino that won’t start and that belches carbon monoxide into the cabin from the floorboards, changing shoes in the parking lot while perching on a rusted bumper, dragging a pull cart, one worn-out imitation leather glove stiff as a week-old corpse, three large caffeinated coffees and eight cigarettes while waiting for a tee time, on half-bare fairways, concrete sand traps, greens a 2 on the stimpmeter with newly dug cups slanted at a 30 degree angle, Target irons that haven’t been cleaned since last season, a $14.95 putter from ‘Greenmaster Industries,’ Top Flites that lost all compression two years ago, with the water fountain on 12 that hasn’t worked since Sputnick went up, and four guys in front of you shooting 120 each, lining up their putts like it was Masters Sunday at Augusta. See if they could break 90. :-)

  19. i like iPods, and I’m really starting to love my iPhone (though I hate the keyboard). But my mac laptop is a piece of cooke.

  20. something different every day, Miami. It does tricks. Stuff disappears. Stuff stops working. Stuff works differently out of nowhere.

  21. CARP,

    Weird. Not gonna say that OS X is perfect, but it typically beats the heck out of Windows in stability, simplicity, etc.

  22. I know this sounds cheesy, but you should go to Apple.com and find out when your local Apple Store is having a free class on using the latest version of OS X. The classes are actually quite useful and you’ll be much more comfortable using the computer (vs figuring it all out on your own). It’d be particularly useful nowadays because the iPhone and the new OS share many features.

  23. thanks, Miami. But, seriously, I’ve been using this thing since 2007 and it’s been terrible. Lately it started doing these tricks and stuff started disappearing. It’s this particular piece of carcillo, I’m sure.

  24. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    couscos – shot a 67 at St. Andrews today…3 bogeys on the backside…..31 on the front…

  25. CCCP, you get $5 million or you see hockey for the next 30 years and the Rangers win 3 Stanley Cups in that time frame… which one do you choose?

  26. all you jokers could get Carp was 60 comments today. ill start listing people i dont like.. with a passion.

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