Four weeks until the lockout!


Yup. Four weeks from tomorrow. Can’t wait. Yee-freakin-hah! I’m sure you saw last night that the Traverse City prospects tournament was canceled because of the impending, unavoidable work stoppage.

Me? After putting up three posts yesterday, I’ve got nothing today.

Been really busy with the “other job” this week. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I worked a five-day week in which I had to get up early in the morning, drive in rush hour traffic both ways, and had to go to bed early. (Of course, I’ve also had some work to do in the evenings, and I’m sure I won’t be completely off this weekend, before you get the idea I’m some sort of 9-to-5er this week). Last time I did this kind of consistent daytime work was probably around 1984-85 when I did the Jets beat for a while (I covered the Dan Marino-Ken O’Brien shootout at the Meadowlands, that 51-45 OT thriller … remember Al Toon?).

Still looking for some guest bloggers for the following two weeks, when I will be here a lot, but officially on vacation. So if you’re interested in volunteering, email me at


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  1. Czechthemout!!! August 16th, 2012 at 8:38 pm


    Go and try ” The Last Refuge” . Great fish and seafood. It is located near thecaquarian in Eilat. It was so good, my wife and kids ate their half the time we spent in Eilat.

    Been going to The Last Refuge for years. Had several big family occasions there. Their grilled Denis is outofthisworld good. Another great restaurant is in the port in Tel Aviv called Benny Hadayag.

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    My little princess is going to be 1 month tomorrow. I think my wife is *tired*

    *Fatigue* :-)

  3. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Don’t you people ever sleep?

    Your optimism towards the lockout is killing me!! ;)

  4. I’m sure i said this back during the last lockout but there is only one solution: lock all parties in a room until they come out with a CBA. I mean if it works for the Catholic Church, surely it can work for a bunch of businessmen, lawyers and hockey players?

  5. Well, looks like I’m going to need to buy one of those online packages and start watching the Whale. Screw you, NHL.

  6. Carp, what happened to Part III of Peter’s post? He was just about to interview the Rangers players!

  7. It’s coming, Marji. I hope.

    Good morning, Sally!

    UK, that sounds good in theory, but right now, with no income being lost by either side, there’s no such urgency to go in and negotiate/compromise.

  8. If Bettman leads the owners to another lockout of the players, he is toast. You are talking about a potential $1 billion in lost revenues…I’m sure the owners will not appreciate that…

    This guy (Buttplug) is great at making a lot of money (for about 20 out of 30 teams) and also very good at losing a lot of money…

    But, what he has failed to do is provide a steady growth and choose profitable markets…


  9. Breaking….from TSN:

    “…Contrary to reports, both Rick Nash and agent Joe Resnick tell TSN that Nash has *no plans* to play for HC Davos (Swiss League) if there’s a lockout. “

  10. Maybe the NHL can hire that guy “Brownie” that ran Arabic Horse Racing Club into the ground and then took over FEMA? He is probably free. Replace Bettman!

  11. Leetchhalloffame on

    Too bad on the Traverse City Tourney. Great chance for the youngsters to get some needed experience against good competition. Fire Buttman.

  12. NYR Fan, Bettmen is not leading the owners anywhere they don’t want to go. He’s doing exactly what his bosses tell him to do. Even if he wanted to (and I’m by no means saying he does) he has no power to do otherwise. He’s the tail, not the nose.

  13. Lev, I know a great hummus place in the market in Hebron’s Old City. Settlers may throw bricks and rotten eggs at you on your way in, but it’s *totally* worth it.

  14. LMAO @ *Settlers may throw bricks and rotten eggs at you*


    Unreal. I think I ate there once! It’s in Gush Katif right? Or is that on Kfar Chabad?

  15. GCBlue,

    He is leading them blind. Losing them money by choosing bad markets and on the way to the third work stoppage in 20 years….

    They will fire him…

  16. Oh then I don’t think I ate there, Sally. The place I went to involved a tunnel and then some buildings with lots of Zionist writing on the walls. Then I was beaten mercilessly for shaving the corners of my head and making contact with an unmarried (and possibly unclean) woman! All I did was hand her something she dropped. And then the Jews with Beards beat me mercilessly while singing a song “Moshiach, Moshiach, Moshiach…oy oy oy oy oy oy….”

  17. My favorite was when my friend (who had just finished Birthright) came out to visit me for a day. We were just standing on the corner and some settler lady yelled at us all to “Go back to Auschwitz” and made my friend cry.

  18. Getting to sleep is difficult for me, but once im asleep, my dreams are totally awesome. Last night, i was in a German brothel.

  19. I wonder if this conversation is going to get a better or worse reaction than the time i said that even Officer Steve Paralyzed could score on this Rangers defense.

  20. I also had some great falafel near Ma’ale Adumim, after I saw a 70-year-old man watch his orchard bulldozed so they could build a “security fence” (even though it was in a valley which is a terrible place for a “security fence”). But my point is that the falafel was *deeeeeelicious!*

  21. Except for the times theyre not awesome, like a week after this recent super bowl, i had a drream that Roger Goodell allowed his Patriots another shot at the super bowl the following week agaianst the lions, and the patriots won 73-70. What a nightmare that was. I remember waking uphaving totally sweat thru the bed (and i keep the AC at 60)

  22. Tiki, we are talking about annoying experiences in Israel here. Get with the program.

    *No* Politics

  23. My dream last night was NOT so awesome- So I’m watching a Rangers-Blue Jackets game. McDonough puts Dubi on his butt with an offensive zone open ice check…. But, Dubi then goes coast to coast and scores a wrap-around. A brawl ensues… Hank is flipping out and in the process gets his aasen handed to him by Steve Mason.

  24. They serve those on the side. But I like it when they slice up pickles and put it in with the falafel sangwich. And spicy garlic sauce too. And tahini from Nablus, which you can buy for super cheap in recycled 2-liter bottles near the only -checkpoint- “friendship stop” into town.

  25. LMAO @ “Friendship Stop”


    I make all my friends go through a pressurized “explosion room” before they come into my house.

  26. One time, earlier this year, i was sleeping next to my GF, and i had a dream where i was arguing about AJ Burnett and Josh Beckett to……CARP…… and i woke up yelling “AJ burnett is better” and also punched my GF in the head.

  27. Josh Beckett is much better than AJ Burnett. Have you ever seen his postseason numbers? They are insanity.

    Why do you abuse your girlfriend, Tiki? Had she not gone to the Mikveh that day? Did she improperly Toivel your silverware? Did she forget to tape the fridge light on Shabbos? Those are all hittable offenses.

  28. I know what it was, Tiki. She uncovered her hair while you were davening Mincha! That gets me everytime. It’s like, COVER YOUR HAIR. I AM CONVERSING WITH GOD HERE. Don’t make this place all unclean and womany.

  29. lol, Manny. There’s no excuse for me abusing women, even if Im asleep when I do it. I oughtta be locked up!!! It was just a dream, but if you look solely at their career regular season numbers, theyre both comparable. That was the topic being discussed on RAB previous to the dream.

  30. Why say Chuck Knoblauch?!?! Just say Manny Ramirez. Randy Moss. Youre a Yankees fan! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! :)

  31. “At least now I can begin the season by dedicating my days to what I once did with dread: Gleefully, waiting for RvP’s next ankle injury.”

    This is an ESPN writer, hoping for injury to a player, a player that just left his team and went to his rival’s team.

  32. Yeah, the van Persie move is disappointing, but I’d never wish injury on the guy. I’ll be cheering against him though.

  33. Oh, youre an Arsenal supporter, Jbytes? Cool, best of luck to Arsenal this campaign, I think theyll be good despite RVP departure. I always liked Lukas.

    I have no problem with hoping for an injury of a player, ill be honest, I do it all the time. But this guy works for ESPN and is *supposed* to be a professional.

  34. life without hockey is going to suck. politics religion and a whole lot of nothing going on here will be the theme.

    for those foootball fans cablevision has now picked up the nfl network and red zone channel.

    only time warner cable is only provider not carrying

  35. Manny/Sally,
    Please stop it. You can seriously irritate Walter/Walther again and it is not healthy.
    Wait till Israeli/catholic united hockey team will win Prince Abdulla Cup.

  36. I think we’re all getting a little too sensitive. I mean somebody asks me which way is Israel, I don’t fly off the handle.

  37. Ill share one of the better stories of the last 5 years for me….

    I was taking an H&R Block course to become a CTP. The course started Monday, the morning after the 2008 NFL opener which Tom Brady got injured against the Chiefs. I was really really nervous and sick to my stomach that Monday morning, because news of whether Brady would be out for the season had not yet come out.

    The funny part, the teacher was really out of sorts. I detect a slight boston accent. At one point, he went to take an instructional DVD out of a packet, and all the DVDs went flying all over the place. He was huffing and puffing and seemed completely distraught. Then he informed the class he was having a bad day.

    Well, it couldve been he was going through a divorce, or maybe he lost a pet, or one of a million other things. But I assumed that only one type of person would be that unprofessional to display to a group of students how distraught he was, a bostonian concerned about Brady. Well, end of class rolls around, I go to him and ask him if he’s a Patriots fan, and sure enough, HE IS!!!!! I say to him, I hope Brady’s not gone for the season, that’d be a tough loss for the NFL. HAHAHAHA!!!

  38. Moshe Dayan was asked by a reporter how Israel managed to win the ’67 War in only six days. Easy, he said. We just sent two battalions of doctors and lawyers to the front line. And can those bastards charge! :-)

  39. Robinson Crusoe was the only man ever to have everything done by Friday. Perhaps only readers of Defoe will enjoy this reference.

  40. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – I’m following up on who can play for the Whale this year.

    The veteren rule for the AHL states that they must have 12 skater with no more than 260 games, and one with no more than 320 games.

    With the Rangers having such a young team. They could play McD, Del Zotto, Stralman, Sauer, Bickel, McIlrath (if ready) on Defense. That would be a sick D for an AHL team. With Redden as the 7th man at $6.5M this year.

    Kreider, Hagelin, Stepan, Newbury, Miller, Thomas, Yogan, Willson, & McNaught. With Fast & Lindberg eligible, even though they are going to play in Sweden.

    This could be a fun year for the WHALE!!! Lots of Blueshirts mixed in with the upcoming Greenshirts.

    Is my research correct????

  41. Stralman wont be playing for the AHL, he will play in Sweden, Sauer is more likely to be elected president in November than he is to be ready to play for CT, and Mcilrath’s knee is messed up. Wouldnt be surprised if Bickel and MDZ are the only ones playing for them.

  42. Sioux-per-man on

    All of these players are under the 260 in games played.

    The rest can be AHL veterens, with more games.

    What happens to Redden if he doesn’t make the AHL team? Can they cut him totally, and not have to pay him his $6.5M ?

  43. Sioux-per-man on

    But Stralman has a one way contract, and is under the 260 games. He would be eligible to play.

    I’m just stating that Sauer & McIlrath could play if healthy. No one knows anything about where they are with their injuries.

    McD & Del Zotto should play for them. They way under in games played.

    Kreider, Stepan, Hags would easily be a top line for them. Plus they all need more games, and the chance to play together.

    And Miller, Thomas, Yogan, Newburry, Hrivik, Wilson, McNaught are all playing to be “THE GUY” that gets the call to play in the big leagues.

    It could be worth watching, and interesting to see WHO plays for them.

  44. Don’t see why the players would want to ride a bus in CT when they could play in Switzerland or Sweden or Finland….for more money, too….

  45. It’s really not that big of a deal. I think their hotel staffs are very “accomodating” in other ways.

  46. Well with the lockout looming…I’m canceling cable, figured I’d save some money!

  47. i think the bucky dent game is on YES network right now, ha! btw, none of the games that i have are yankees classics or espn classics, theyre all complete games and original broadcasts.

  48. HAHA. Good one -Walther- Walter. I will now take the “h” out of your name. That was a great joke.

    Hospitality Sweets.

  49. :-) I thought it was funny. There were only a couple, I think, who actually wanted me drawn and quartered.

  50. When one eats one’s self, are there just teeth left, like the Cheshire Cat? (rhetorical question)

  51. No Walter, not only teeth…I don’t think they can reach their tonsills either :-). Did you read “The Storm”?

  52. Sioux-per-man on

    ilb – your the expert on the contracts, and AHL.

    Who do you think will play for the Whale, off the Rangers roster if there is a lockout?

  53. NYR_FAN August 17th, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    Don’t see why the players would want to ride a bus in CT when they could play in Switzerland or Sweden or Finland….for more money, too….

    that’s basically the point i was trying to make. just because we want these guys to be close to home and get valuable playing time together doesnt mean it’s what they want to do personally. Stralman is Swedish, im sure he’d much rather play in Sweden in a competitive league than in AHL with a bunch of 5th-8th line NHL players.

  54. Sioux-per-man on

    I wouldn’t blame him if he played in Sweden.

    I was thinking if he had only a 1 way contract, and if he played for the Whale, he would get his full salary.

    You know Kreider will play for the whale. With no regular season NHL games under his belt, he will start the season there. Hagalin, Stepan, McD, & Del Zotto are all there in there 1st three years, and DZ needs the power play time on the blue line if he is going to grow into a Power Play Quarterback.

    Bickel is still a work in progress, so you know he will be there for sure. Working with Beuk for a couple of months could do him some wonders.

    Every team will have there top young talent playing this year to start the season off.

    I’m thinking the Whale my have one of the better teams playing this year.

  55. Never read “The Storm,” ilb. Read “The Perfect Storm,” by Junger, and Moody’s “The Ice Storm.” Never read Patrick White. Can’t think of other “Storms” off the top of my head.

  56. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    For those of you with sleep issue there is a product out there called mission ready that some guys in my team swore by, never used it myself though!

  57. 3CP, trust me. There will be a season this year. It may be shortened, but there absolutely will be a season. I dont need Rod’s sources to know that. Ill stake my manhood on it.

  58. I wouldn’t stake the old manhood, but I agree, tiki. I think there will eventually be hockey because the salary cap isn’t going anywhere and that’s what cost the whole season last time.

  59. Carp makes an excellent point on the salary cap. I wasnt even aware of that issue being the reason for the last lockout.

    I’m speaking from the POV that the entire NHL, owners, commissioner, and players union, would have to be incredibly stupid, carcillo-headed, and any other negative adjective to allow a second canceled season to occur in the span of 8 years. The NHL quite possibly might never recover from that.

  60. I will say this, though. The owners are dumb enough to cancel the season if they don’t get what they want. Or almost everything they want.

  61. “they had fought til sunset, both armies unwillingly separated by the night and Pyrrhus hesitantly declared victory over the Romans. Pyrrhus, himself severely wounded, rejoiced in the victory that he knew would utterly undo him, as he had lost most of the forces he had brought with him, all his friends and principal commanders and he had no replacements.” Thus what we call today, a pyrrhic victory. Bettman surely is familiar with the word, but is probably condemned to repeat it.

  62. Just got back from St. Andrew’s. A slick 57 for the 18, lightweight flashlight duct taped to my hat. Couldn’t find the ball most of the time, but I placed it where I thought it should be.

  63. Incidentally

    Just out of mild curiosity, is the movie film “Net Value” still being passed around to the newer
    blogsters. It was really a masterpiece of Canadian filming with all Canadian players, and the debt that is owed to Ted Lindsay for breaking the icy claws that owners had over the players years ago.

    I believe that it was cropped a bit, for in the original on air film I a few of the more incisive moments, like the big meeting in the players dressing rooom where Lindsay challenged them all to stand up to the owners.

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