ESPN New York radio re-ups with MSG for Rangers broadcasts


I think the best news is that now that it’s moved to 98.7 FM,  ESPN New York radio should have much, much better reception than in the past. That’s great for fans, because other than the reception, ESPN radio has done a fabulous job of broadcasting games, start to finish.


From ESPN radio and MSG Networks:


Multi-Year Deal Will Keep the Broadcaster as the Radio Home of the New York Knicks and New York Rangers

New York, NY (August 15, 2012) – MSG Networks and ESPN New York 98.7FM have agreed to a multi-year extension that ensures 98.7FM will continue as the radio broadcast home of the New York Knicks and New York Rangers.

The agreement includes full pre- and post-game coverage for both teams, and a continuation of a multi-tiered cross-promotional effort between The Madison Square Garden Company, including the Knicks, Rangers and MSG Networks and ESPN New York 98.7FM.

“We’re excited to continue our partnership with ESPN New York 98.7FM, and all the unique marketing and promotional opportunities that accompany the association with such a world-renowned brand,” said Daniel Ronayne, executive vice president and general manager, MSG Networks. “It allows two of the strongest brands in sports, MSG and ESPN, to continue their successful partnership and to bring the highest quality radiocasts in the country to the most knowledgeable sports fans in America…New Yorkers.”

“The ESPN New York 98.7FM mission statement is to serve New York sports fans. By extending our partnership with MSG Networks we feel we are in a great position to live up to our mission for the foreseeable future,” said Dave Roberts, VP/General Manager, ESPN New York 98.7FM. “We look forward to elevating both the ESPN and MSG brands through this partnership.”

“ESPN Radio has been a great partner for more than eight years, bringing MSG’s radio play-by-play coverage of the Knicks and Rangers to our passionate New York area fans,” said Scott O’Neil, president, MSG Sports. “The continuation of this partnership is part of our overall commitment to providing Knicks and Rangers fans the best options to consume content on their favorite teams across every media platform.”

As the exclusive local television home of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, Buffalo Sabres, New York Liberty and New York Red Bulls, and the official regional sports networks of the New York Giants, MSG Networks telecasts over 400 live professional games per year. MSG Networks also telecasts 150 live college basketball games and 50 live college football games from top national conferences (SEC, Big 12, Big East, Pac 12, Conference USA), as well as horse racing, boxing and award-winning original programming. In 2012, MSG Networks earned 16 New York Emmy Awards, including 14 for MSG – tops in the New York region for the third year in a row – and two for MSG+. Over the past five years, MSG Networks has totaled 77 New York Emmy Awards, including 69 for MSG – also the most of any New York station or network in that time – and eight for MSG+.

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  1. self-carped …


    hip bone, it’s pretty basic. the CBA expires Sept. 15. Both sides know they are going to be miles apart. There is no possible way to get anything done, therefore, until there is a deadline … and in most cases in sports/labor history, until after the deadline passes. The players won’t start bending until they start losing paychecks. The owners won’t start bending until they start losing game revenue. So, in short, no, there is no way to get this done ahead of time.

    Atta Boy, Tony!!!!

  2. I did, Carp. Please don’t fire me. I did put the *new post* thing up. Just after you. You never give me a chance to prove my worth.

  3. thanks Carp. Regrettably understandable.

    I see a business opportunity for you…I think you ought to work out a deal for creating/producing a one year long radio show (approx 82 episodes), to be broadcast on ESPN NY Radio, starting September 15. See ranger schedule for air dates.

    Bonehead radio.

  4. I am putting in my order for my rangers #72 jersey now. How do you say DEPTH in Russian?

    That’d be for a lot less rubles than Doan.

  5. and no, it’s not Tyler Arnason. What’s up with that? Carp, can you get the techie to remove that wart?

  6. HEY Stat geeks. Is there any stat in baseball to determine how good someone is at running the bases?

  7. Carp, thanks for posting some good news. It’s been quite a drought since Nash’s acquisition.

    Manny, I can attest that you’ve been faithfully at your post and fulfilling your duties. Fear not, you’re in no danger of losing your status or position here.

    Fran, I love your posts. I can think of nothing better than to get together w/ you and share some brews. I’d be very happy to sit back and do nothing but sip and listen to your stories. What a great way to pass a couple of days!

  8. 1050AM was a much better station for me, Carp. I can actually get reception on that station (with a lot of background humming) at my house in Chelmsford, MA – no chance the FM station makes it that far.

  9. Pretty amazing, though, that Rangers radio games could be heard in Mass., but not in central Westchester, most of NJ or CT.

  10. Heave Ho!, I’d love to join you on that get together with Fran.

    Did I read a few Tony posts in a row?

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    Good news, if you want to listen to a Knicks game.

    I’m thinking the Rangers don’t play this year, Unless the NHLPA “folds” to the Owners.

    I was impressed with Felix Hernandez perfect game yesterday. Just imagine if you could say you were there when such a thing happened. Kind of like the Rangers winning the Cup, it just doesn’t happen often enough :)

  12. ilb, the more the merrier! Imagine a Bonehead picnic… hamburgers shaped like pucks, perhaps a pickup game of field hockey and we can end the day sitting around Fran as he regales us with tales from his past. Bliss…

  13. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    SLATS – offer Doan 8 years at 8M per to be a ranger…

  14. If Gov. Chris Christie could figure out a way to put on another 50 lbs., sign him as a back-up goalie.

  15. It doesn’t really matter that ESPN Radio moved to FM, as that station would only be available locally while AM stations (not really the case with 1050) can be heard far away, especially at night (660 I’ve heard in Ohio and Vermont). The better news would be changing the back-up station from The Apple, which is fuzzy even in Long Island. Horrible station. It’s better when they are on Bloomberg.

  16. Seems like Bettman wants a lockout.

    Maybe he wants to contract (get rid off bad ownership/markets) and that’s the only way he could justify it: blame the union…

  17. My brother says he sees Torts volunteering and taking dogs for walks at a local humane society all the time. That’s one of his passions.

    Spider! I think the best way to listen to Rangers games is on the team web site. There’s always a “listen” button.

  18. to explain, Cano’s on first, two out, Yankees down by three in the eighth. Next batter bloops one to right center. Cano runs half speed around second, the ball drops, and he doesn’t score. They blame the third-base coach on YES, though Kay notes that Cano didn’t bust it. Bottom line, if Cano runs hard when the ball is hit, as he should with two out, he scores. Ibanez then strikes out, Yankees get nothing.

  19. One thing Carp intentionally (haha) leaves out is that Cano rounds third before the ball is thrown in to 2B by the CF. He easily would have scored had he been given any indication by his 3B coach. However, there was no indication, so he safely stopped because the following batter was the potential tying run.

  20. Well Cano is hurt in his neck. So to defend him, and I was one person saying he doesn’t bust it out of the box and does style after his home runs, maybe he couldn’t look in that direction because of his stiff neck so he didn’t know what was going on?

  21. Manny, I shouldve come up with this comparison yesterday. If Cano styles after his home runs, he also styles after his ground ball outs to 2B. Same reaction, he looks at where the ball is going, and proceeds to not give 100% effort. (in the case of a home run, he should hustle in case it ends up not being a HR).

  22. Robbie Thomson is an awful 3B coach. He has no knowledge or understanding of situations. Very frustrating when a billion dollar organization with a universal following cant bother to hire anyone better than him. They probably could find a grocery store bagger (or me!) that’d be better than him.

  23. I know what you mean, Tiki. He hits off his back leg (like Ruben Sierra) and therefore just watches where the ball goes. He does, however, flip his bat and stare at his home runs. Sometimes he even blows a bubble. He’s a bit cocky.

  24. I mean to say, hitting off his back leg he has to transfer his weight before he can run towards first. Therefore, it _looks_ like he’s watching stuff but probably isn’t.

    Home Runs are a different issue.

  25. doesn’t matter whether it was caught or dropped or if he could see it or not, Manny. There were two out. He should have been busting it. But he rarely does.

    “Ad the difference between me and you LW …”

  26. Also, Tiki, I don’t think Robbie Thompson is even close to under average 3B coach. Yankees runners almost never get thrown out at home and almost never end up in plays at the plate. He has a job that is much more difficult than people think. He’s relaying signs and remembering where the ball is hit and how powerful the arm fielding the ball is. It’s tough. Also, he helps with infield coaching and works with people like Cano on their range, footwork and throws.

  27. I like when I said “under average”

    I meant he isn’t even “below average.” He’s quite good at his job.

  28. Back in eretz Israel!! Petra is nice…. but i wouldnt take a trip to the Middle East to only go and see Petra. A cool 46 celsius in Eilat today btw.

  29. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – ? – Do all the young Rangers with two contracts qualify to play for the Whale if the season has a late start?

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