The NHLPA takes a different route


Interesting stuff from the NHLPA and Don Fehr yesterday. Not sure if the league’s owners and commissioner think it’s a good idea, or something worth pursuing in bargaining, or if they crumple it and toss it in the bucket.

I think if they decide it’s something they can discuss, tweak, whatever, then there’s hope. If they crumple, it’s going to be a long lockout.

Here’s Kevin Allen’s story on the day’s events from USA Today.


Here is my story about Ankie Spitzer from and The Journal News today.

Since I had to stick to the local angle of how JCC Rockland brought such great attention to Spitzer’s 40-year-old fight to have a minute of silence to commemorate the 11 Israelies murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, I couldn’t include some other things Spitzer discussed with me.

What made the biggest impression is her career as a TV journalist in the Middle East. She spent months on the aircraft carrier Harry Truman during the gulf war, a ship from which attacks on Iraq took place. She told me of how she was flown onto the carrier via fighter jet, with helmet and mask and strapped in, and how the jet was stopped by the big “elastic band” that slows down jets touching down at high speed on the short landing strip. And how she had to climb over live bombs and rockets in the belly of the ship.

Also, she interviewed Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat — the man she, and many others, believe was responsible for the murders in Munich. In other words, the man responsible for the murder of her husband. She didn’t identify herself as the widow of one of the victims at any time during the interview, but she said the microphone in her hand shook the entire time.

Amazing woman.


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  1. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Morning ILB, manny, carp, and all!

    Sounds amazing indeed.

    How goes it bro? I say collect unemployment and go fishing…a lot!

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    What in holy hell happened on the blog last night? Politics? Seriously?

  3. I wasn’t here last night, but it sounds like a bunch of bush-league to me … no pun intended.

  4. How would you characterize the offer from the NHLPA according to Kevin Allen’s report?

    We want to keep what we’ve got but we’ll let you take a bigger share of the increases if the league revenue continues to grow?

    I’d imagine lots of geeks with calculator staying up late in Toronto last night trying to make sense out of that offer so the owners can understand what they are going on about!

  5. I have to tell you, I’m very impressed with what NHLPA did yesterday. And not necessarily from a point of view of all the financial details, even though I think that part is very well thought through too. We will be able to judge that part better when more details surface. But I think the way their proposal is structured it is going to take a good amount of imagination and creativity on NHL part to entirely reject that proposal. They still may, but if because of that they reach an impasse and it goes through legal channels, it will not look good for the NHL.

    First of all, the players agreed to cut their share again. And they did it in a manner that doesn’t drastically change current salaries. No rollbacks. Secondly, their revenue sharing system is very creative. They basically sided with low income teams and their owners, smart move strategically. Lastly, they didn’t not ask to change what was the main reason for the last lock out- salary cap remains in place. Except they proposed that teams can go over or below it by $4M in the way of trading (money, players, picks?) for it. Again, it will help the low income teams. And, rightfully, their proposal is only for 3-year “trial’ period to fix existing problems.

    What isn’t clear is how they approached the main sticking point- changes in how HRR is calculated. And if they talked about it at all isn’t clear yet.

  6. UK- I don’t want to go through all the numbers, but basically they want to keep the same amount of money they have now ( around $1.86B) for the next three years with only 2%-4%-6% raises respectively each year. Anything else is kept by the league. If, however, the league revenue grows for more than 10%, anything above that is split 57%-43% again. The extra money made by the league at players expense goes to low revenue teams. The number may be between $465M and $800M over the 3 year period, depending on revenues.

  7. It’s not about looking good or bad, CCCP. If this one goes into a stalemate, the outside legal channelsd will have to get involved. The players made concessions. The league, at the moment, did not.

  8. Channels, not channelsd…..dammit. Can’t blame the iphone either, I’m using my desktop.

  9. LW3H- what’s your take on that proposal? You are probably better at numbers than any of us.

  10. Carp, I am sure you are fine with numbers like 3, 4, 5, 34, 35, 70, 71, 72 and whatever your handicap and thus average golf score is.

  11. nice to see a little activity!

    i was excited about the nhlpa approach as well… definitely a smart move by them and a gracious one (if gracious moves are possible in a negotiation trying to split up $3.3 billion).

    it definitely makes them seem open to creative approaches to fixing the gap that exists between the big market and small market teams. i think it also shows that the players ‘get it’ — that they can’t have another long lockout because it may kill the sport. i was really pumped up to see this because with donald fehr involved, you just didn’t know which way this was going to go.

    now it’s really up to the owners to prove that they too ‘get it’ and realize that the players want to play ball and really figure this thing out and get things moving. if the owners don’t react well to this proposal, it will be really disappointing.

    have a good day everyone!

  12. As my Europånsy brain has been corrupted by decades of failed @socialism@ I abhor the very concept of numbers, as they fundamentally are used to rank things. I only recognise the zero.

  13. Manny, I am not familiar with the numbers 70, 71 or 72 (or anything close) in terms of golf scores.

    tf, and all, I’d be careful about getting excited about the players’ proposal. It’s creative, but let’s see how the actual numbers are accepted (or rejected) by the owners. The bottom line will be the bottom line, and sometimes a move like this is intended to create good will and to get the fans to take a side. Very common in collective bargaining in sports.

  14. I honestly don’t have a feel for the numbers, but I’m pleased the proposal was not antagonistic. The players are definitely winning the PR battle so far, if nothing else.

    A bit uneasy about the concept of trading cap space, if only because Brian Burke has been desperate for it. I’d prefer for the cap to be the cap, unless there was an exemption for re-signing players you drafted.

  15. Agree, Carp. It’s far from over. And before we side with players, let’s not forget they are getting paid at the highest numbers ever, the length of their contracts is sometimes ridiculous, and what they get upfront is maddening.
    One thing is for sure: they have a very strong leadership this time around. And their proposal seems to be much better thought through than what NHL proposed.

    LW- if the concept of cap trading is limited to a certain number ( they proposed $4M), and it helps some struggling teams financially, I’d be all for it.

  16. Presidential politics. Let’s not take that wrong turn again shall we? Not unless this election has something to do with whether hockey is going to be played this fall.

    Nice that the players are playing nice with the owners. Launching the ball back in their court was the best thing they could do. Now it’s up to the owners to determine whether they want to jam an ice pick in the heart of hockey. If they don’t drop the puck for the first game, this sport will be knocked back into the dark ages.

  17. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I was so bored on break at work I went back and read the political thread last night and I am even more confused lol. I have never been a party aligned person and have a strong disdain for religion, drugs, and big “L” liberals…I guess I should just stay out of politics because I don’t seem to “fit” with either party.

    I will say this, like most of the 26 year olds on here, I am too young to remember most of the presidents when they were in office, but between my bachelors and masters degrees I did a lot of (unfortunately) in depth political and historical studies and Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt seem to be my two faves!!

  18. iWicky

    if your two heroes are Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt, keep in mind that they are eons apart in their philosophy. Teddy may well be PaPa to the vast left wing movement now afoot.

  19. The 2,4,6% proposal was based on the average increase in revenue of 7%. I wonder what happens if revenue is flat or less.

    Just from the outside looking in I would say that the players proposal was more realistic than asking for players to give back salary that they bargained for.

    I don’t know if somewhere in there they addressed free agency, entry level contracts, etc., but if the owners reject this proposal outright then ….. GO WHALE (because the Rangers won’t be playing).

  20. Teddy Roosevelt was shot while giving a speech. He didn’t stop the speech. He just covered his bullet wound with his handkerchief and went on speaking.

    He has Jam and Balls.

  21. I’d still like to see a franchise tag. Won’t exactly work the same way as in the NFL but this is where you can sign one player at market rate but have his cap hit be reduced. However that reduction is removed if the player is traded. It allows teams to retain their stars by offering them competitive salaries and gives them incentives to retain those players. You can choose which player is tagged every year but only at the beginning of the season.

  22. The PA was wise to make some concessions about the buggiest hot button topic of HRR however they conceded nothing over the timelines to the various stages of free agency, contract lengths and the associated pay distributions.

  23. Nash would’ve been a perfect example for a franchise tag in Columbus as would signing Lundqvist to a market rate extension when he’s due a new deal.

  24. Exactly. In fact Fehr said they clearly do not want any changes to FA length, contracts, arbitration etc. I think there will be some changes to that, though. The hottest topic was totally omitted, it seems. And that is how they define HRR.

  25. Would still prefer “franchising” to be limited to players (maybe more than one per team) drafted by the team only.

    Don’t see why big market vultures (with all due respect to Mr Snider) should be afforded cap discounts on UFA signings, particularly if they are going to benefit from the cap-trading proposals.

  26. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Sorry, I wasn’t trying to bring politics back up in a debate sense, just saying those two guys seemed to be the best regardless of their party affiliation!

    *no parties*

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  28. LW mentioned Europansy socialism. That’s what much of my dislike for salary caps/revenue sharing is inspired by.

    England = Socialist Football in England = Capitalist
    USA= Capitalist Sports in USA = Socialist

    It makes absolutely no sense.

  29. That should read

    Europe = socialist
    Football in Europe = capitalist

    USA = capitalist
    Sports in USA = socialist

  30. Can we please get Carp more than 60 comments?

    That sounds like an amazing woman, to have that type of courage. Wow.

  31. Just realized there was a link already. Great story, Carp. I hope it does happen in her lifetime. But she should be proud of what has already been done by “Change 4 Change” project and other similar ones.

  32. ilb, at this point, IMO it’s almost better if it doesn’t happen and the IOC will have to face the shame it deserves every four years.

  33. Stupid Melky. Then again, although saddened by that, because I really like the guy, I am never, ever surprised when an athlete is found out to be ‘Roiding.

  34. Lol at the melkster and all the Yankees fans that wanted that previously overweight, lack of desire turd. Props to him for his admission, at least he didnt go the route of David Ortiz (i dont know what i tested positive for) or Braun (the mailman did it)

  35. or Rocket (it was B12) or Pettitte (it was for my elbow and I only did it twice) or Giambi (I’m apologizing, but not telling you what I’m apologizing for). Not to mention the other obvious guys on the current team who haven’t been caught yet. Or caught again yet.

  36. Im not really laughing at him, i liked him too. But i couldnt understand why Yankees fans wanted him back with a large contract. He wouldve come back to NY and reverted back to his overeating lazy ways

  37. Carp – I think it’s important to realize that basically EVERY Baseball player is on something. Except Jeter.

  38. I wonder how much grey matter those guys really have. With all this loud cases of PED use in baseball and how they eventually get caught. What’s the thinking process, if any?

  39. I have no problem with Giambi…

    at least he didn’t try to lie and say it “was just a couple of guys fooling around” or that it was “Amateur hour, at best”

  40. “I think it’s important to realize that basically EVERY Baseball player is on something. ”

    Mariano isn’t human, so, I guess he doesn’t count…

  41. Pettitte did only use twice. Clemens has never been found to use anything, the only evidence is the word of a criminal.

    Its unfair and unprofessional to link Cano to any of this, despite being BFFs w both.

    My fave was Manny Ramirez, he’d been using fertility drugs to get pregnant LMAO. And PGammo tried to say he only used with the Dodgers. Well, Manny, why were u throwing down and abusing elderly men with the Red Sox organization?

  42. “Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants was suspended for 50 games after failing a test for testosterone, Major League Baseball said in a statement.

    Cabrera, 28, is batting .346, the second-highest in the majors, with 60 runs batted in. ”

    What a joke…

  43. People in glass houses ought not throw stones… Itd be naive to think that hockey players and Rangers arent using also.

  44. OK, Tiki, sure….let’s play that ridiculous game…

    Who is cheating on the Rangers? Where is your proof?

  45. Although, i must admit, as a fan, i became immediately concerned about Cano.

    I also dont like Cano.

  46. Well last years NL MVP was caught doing ‘Roids. Why wouldn’t a candidate for this years also be caught?

  47. How could you not like Cano? Guy is like the best all around hitter in the game and possibly the best 2B of all time and we get to watch him play?

  48. I wasnt directing that at you, NYR. It was a generality for any Rangers fan, including ilb, that may think the Rangers or any hockey team is better than any of these PED guys.

  49. Maybe it’s due to his love affair with himself, but I think Joe Morgan could probably say something about being the greatest 2B of all time.

  50. Joe Morgan was terrific (on the field). Alomar was no joke. But Cano’s career isn’t close to over and man-oh-man is he great. Don’t forget about Billy Ripken either!

  51. Shame Rod never came through with his inside scoop on how the Washington Capitals were all roided to the eyeballs.

  52. “I don’t have a son. But if I ever do. I’m either going take him to the cabin in the woods or I’m going to promise to take him and then not take him. But the one thing that I will never do is not tell him that I’m taking him to a cabin in the woods and then not take him.”

  53. Can’t ever forget byfuglienface Ripken.

    Cano’s got corner IF power at a middle IF position. With the exception of this current season stats nerds aren’t too in love with his defense but he can get away with that as long as his bat makes up for it. For how long, who knows. He’s not a traditional 2B. His best modern day comparable is probably Utley and look what’s happened to him as he’s aged past 30.

  54. Lets face it – the average (or un-average) Joe who could find an illegal boost and make 10 million a year wearing a cup and a cap, or drag shopping carts from the lot to the front door of the Stop@Shop, is going to try to job the system. And, speaking of Clemens, anyone who saw him throw that broken bat at Piazza, then claim he “thought it was the ball,” … well…

  55. Cano is far above average defensively. He makes a few too many errors, or he used to, but it’s an absolute pleasure watching him play 2B as a righty.

  56. Cano is great, probably the best all around player in the game today. Excellent power to all fields,excellent defense, hits for average, has some patience.

    My problem is, he never hustles out of the box, and he never busts his aasen down the line. Ever. I cant stand it. Jeter would run down the line if he had pneumonia.

    Weight is not indicative of steroids or PED use. My friend that got suspended for 50 games in the minors weighs 125 lbs tops, he’s a beanpole.

  57. Hmm, never heard that about Cano’s defense. All ive ever read is that his UZR is excellent. If i had to guess, id think this year has been his worst defensively.

    Gold gloves dont mean anything despite him winning the gold glove.

  58. I only have my eyes to judge him but I think the guy has very good range, very good hands and one hell of an arm.

  59. Gold gloves haven’t meant much since Palmeiro won it at 1B despite being primarily a DH.

    At least one, if not both of David Wright’s GGs were in a pretty average season defensively.

  60. Well, Giambi owned up after he was busted. It’s ridiculous to believe Pettitte only used twice, or that Clemens never used (yeah, I’ll have this unreliable trainer character shoot HGH into my wife’s navel, and also inject all sorts of “legal” stuff into my butt instead of a real doctor or team trainer) or that A-Roid hit 600+ homers, but that only a few of them were tainted.

    Also, if Rocket never used, why did his attorney go for the “technicality” route in the original trial? Kind of like MVP Braun.

  61. are these stats by Jim Corsi? or by the same geeks who came to the computer-generated conclusion that Derek Jeter was finished three years ago?

  62. Thats really funny CTB. I have long said on River Ave Blues that Cano isnt that good defensively in spite of his often sparkling defensive plays. Ive said he takes improper routes to ground balls among other things, and I got laughed off the board with UZR, etc.

    I want to make clear one thing, i was not saying Carp is unprofessional earlier. What I meant was, in his position, being a media member, it wouldnt be right to link Cano to PEDs because of his friendship with the other 2 roid users. I shouldnt have thrown the word unprofessional out there. If fans want to suggest that, fine. But Carp has influence over people because of his position, so itd be unfair.

    In conclusion, I was not being a jackwagon or an aasen to him.

  63. Palmiero Gold Glove is a joke.

    What Carp said. These guys use ‘Roids. Just like Cyclists use them. Either get them out of the game or make them legal. Baseball is stuck. They need a non-racist version of Judge K. Mountain-Landis.

  64. Well, Palmeiro won the gold glove solely to cheat Yankees Tino Martinez, the same way Angel Berroa won ROY solely to cheat Yankees Hideki Matsui

  65. Matsui was never a “rookie”. Or at least he shouldn’t be considered a Rookie in my opinion. He was like 45.

    But most of those awards don’t matter. I guess Tiki remembers them but most people I know forget who won those things within a few months.

  66. OK, but tell me which teams in either league wouldn’t be better with Jeter than the shortstop they currently have.

  67. From what I watch of Cano he gets by with a lot of natural athleticism and a strong arm. Anecdotally I hear less about him being a bit lazy in the field as when he was younger. I guess the big issue is that going forward you would expect him to lose a little bit of that athleticism as he ages. Either way, if he’s still the power threat and high contact guy over the next few years none of it really matters.

  68. Manny, Ichiro won the ROY. Then the media chose to say Matsui wasnt a rookie. Because he was a Yankee. Thats lesson 1 of my course. Ill have a $25 check to u in the mail.

    I dont know much about other teams, Carp, so i couldnt tell u. In my old age, i only watch and follow NY/boston

  69. It would be nice if once every couple of months he, you know, ran to first base. and also if, when he’s in a 0-0 game and at bat with nobody on after two quick outs, he wouldn’t swing at the first pitch. or if he’d do a little less posing after his home runs. but, yeah, the kid’s got the goods to be the best ever at the position.

    and I’m not suggesting that his friendship with Cabrera or his idolization of A-Roid make him guilty. I’m saying, his fans should hope and pray he didn’t follow those two clowns into the bathroom laboratory.

  70. Again CTB, right. He is lazy in the field, and he still is. I was afraid of saying that on here because i was afraid of being ripped like i get ripped on RAB. Yankees fans say he is the best defensively but its clear to me that he does get by on athleticism and strong arm.

    This is why i dont like him. He refuses to give 100% effort. On defense and running down the 1st base line and hustling out of the box.

  71. You would think that, playing on a team with guys who bust it out of the box every time — Jeter, Granderson, Teixeira, now Ichiro — Cano would get that. On the other hand, he played with Posada, A-Roid, Andruw Jones, Russell Martin, who never run/ran to first ever.

  72. The Rockies would be better off having a pitching staff where all their starters had ERAs under 5. Tulo could be having an ARod in his prime (enhanced or not) type year and not really change their record that much.

  73. He doesnt pose after home runs. You can look at David Ortz and Cody Ross for that. No Yankee styles after home runs. And if they did, id take issue with it.

    The closest thing to styling was when Teixeira styled after his game tying homer off Padilla, because the guy has a vendetta against Teixeira.

  74. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    the real problem with roids is that you have to shave your back twice a day….byfuglien jungle growth

  75. Cano has always been characterized and criticized for being Lazy which I don’t think he is at all.

  76. Arod always hustles.

    Andruw Jones has never hustled.

    Martin and Posada are catchers, so they sustain more bodily injuries, are slower, and must conserve energy running the bases.

    Martin is a true professional, despite being very poor. Hes playing with 50 thousand injuries and still tried to help the team.

  77. Padilla has a vendetta against the Texas Rangers. Because they released him. He also loves to hit opposing players in the head.

  78. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    no ranger game today but the consumer price index flat for 3rd straight month

  79. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    CTB – aggregate flat…core up .1%….nationwide oil prices down slightly

  80. The Rockies are another small market team.

    They can’t afford a pitching staff. Tulo is a great ss. changing him won’t help the Rockies.

    I get the point though, Carp likes Jeter. I am not a Yankees fan. I think that Tulo is better over the next two years, if he stays healthy.

    I can’t wait for hockey season.

  81. Even Swisher likes to watch his home runs.

    One guy doesn’t: Granderson. (I guess Jeter doesn’t either but he so rarely hits HR’s)

  82. tomb, I’m not arguing that Jeter is better than Tulo. My point was, despite his range issues and that a lot of people thought he was done two years ago, there aren’t many teams in MLB (especially contenders) that wouldn’t be better off right now, for this year, with Jeter instead of their current shortstop.

  83. Manny, do you make good comments during the game? Maybe you could be an announcer, you know, like a color man.

  84. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    money cant buy everything its true
    but what it doesnt buy, i cant use..

    gimmie money (that’s what I want)

  85. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    horace clarke – greatest 2B to wear the pinstripes….well maybe Bobby richardson…tony lazarri was good too…

  86. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Jeter has major character and he is a winner…the baseball equivalent of Sean Avery

  87. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    CTB – i am not an economist though my wife has a Phd in Econ (econometrics) and a MS in applied mathematics….she tells me what to type…she is really smart

  88. She sounds like it.

    The CPI that is commonly reported is the month on month change. Year on year smooths out some of the possible volatility.

  89. No, Cano and Swisher do not flip their bats after home runs and style. Absolutely not. None of them do. Otherwise, Id take issue with it, just as I take issue with Andruw Jones and Cano’s lack of hustle. If you want to see styling after home runs to taunt the opposition, just watch Ortiz and Cody Ross.

    Im actually not interested in arguing over any of this. I watch every single Yankees game in full. I have them all on DVD also. So if I miss a game, I go back and watch it.

  90. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    though i have done some work in stochastic differential equations…

  91. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    yeah…just ordinary ole differential equations with random coefficients…

  92. Im going to pose a question, and id prefer to not be ripped for it. Im not suggesting he is using, but hypothetically, lets say Dan Girardi uses HGH or PEDs. The purpose of HGH and PEDs is to improve the body and performance in the short term (with no regard for long term health). The guy is one of the most physical players in the game, he gets beat around like a rag doll with each shot he blocks. The question is, are we going to fault or frown upon a guy that uses drugs to help himself heal faster so he can be on the ice more to help his team, which is also our team? I certainly wouldnt, and if there are no rules that disallow a player from using drugs, then who am I to judge that person (as long as he’s not a boston athlete)…

  93. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    …and you aint talking about BBQ and grilling either, are you…?

  94. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    CTB – do you do any optimization? hamiltonian dynamical systems stuff? linear/non linear programming?

  95. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    stochastic processing was all the rage on wall street for awhile…a lot of mathematicians and physicists were flocking into financial sectors back in the day…as they knew the math best…

  96. Um. Swisher definitely watches his home runs. Then flips the bat and then jogs around while smiling at everyone and fist pumping.

    Cano definitely, and I mean definitely, could learn to run and keep his head down rather than posing and laughing.

  97. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    …it does beat throwing a dart a wall and saying buy this stock as i have a hunch…but maybe not by much…

  98. Uh, yes that has been the case for year.

    Most of the research desks I followed had a lot of grads from Indian Institute of Tech.

  99. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    tike – have you seen barry bonds’ head lately?….like a friggin goodyear blimp

  100. “Itd be naive to think that hockey players and Rangers arent using also.”

    I think we all know it was Mats Zuccarello.

  101. It really helped when they were able to throw a pool of loans backed by financially constrained borrowers into a correlation model and have them spit out a AAA rating as long as you ignored systematic risk.

  102. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    all of the numbers were at a party….they were all there…and over in the corner 3 is acting like a complete jackwagon…..12 turns to 18 and says “what’s up with him” 18 says “pay no mind – he is a little odd”

  103. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    but taylor series expansion and euler’s identity is also how i derive all of my trig functions as i cannot remember anything anymore…

  104. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    CTB – you have to put your pinkie finger to your lips when you type that

  105. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    LW – i didnt know you studied math…..were you a Cambridge man?….I think Andrew Wiles is back from the Institute for Advanced Study sitting in Newton’s chair these days….

  106. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    CTB – but its the identities like cos^2(x) that mess me up whenever i teach 2nd semester calculus and i cant remember how to linearize the argument…so i have to derive everything…i swear i have early onset dementia sometimes…

  107. Kay just ripped Cano 3 days ago. He ripped Cano a new aasenhole for his lack of hustle. And for the 2nd time ever, i agreed w Kay.

  108. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    …certainly one possibility….the real problem is my hard drive in my head is full and i need to download and zip……free some space to remember things i knew when i was 12

  109. Seriously, youre using a single picture of a single frame in time to determine that someone is styling and watching his home run?

    That is beyond the absurd. Find a video of a non walk off home run…

  110. Actuary not a mathematician, e3. Can remember virtually nothing technical from my studying days now though.

    PEDs have ravaged my memory. Either that or @socialism@

  111. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    socialism some say…others marxism……but to be honest, your wit is far from ravaged…..but I heard yesterday that your continent is in the toilet….GO SWEDEN….

  112. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Paul Erdos’ favorite joke – there was a guy with a personality so negative, that whenever he walked into a room, someone would ask “who just left?”….but socialism and an amphetamine addiction ravaged his mind…..he could barely write brilliant proofs into his 80’s

  113. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    LW – isnt the actuary exam something like 4,000 parts?

  114. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    ahhh good the lil lady just walked in…..time to sound intelligent again…..bring it on….

  115. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    LW – ahhh socialism is the way to go it seems……i want to be a barrister and a medical DR. – what line do i stand in?

  116. What kind of sport is discussed here? …And what a political systems everybody talking about? Going back to the future? I’m lost in this three pines forest.

  117. Sorry, e3, but I’m now between quasi-socialist France and quasi-capitalist US, riding private jet to my commune property, spitting _left_ and _right_. Soon I’ll be all at your service…

  118. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    thx 4-ever…side note – USA population now 314.159 Million…how is that for a piece of cake errrrr pie?

  119. yeah, it is really strange, how among so many people, we can’t find at least couple reasonably build brains.

  120. Whole lee mole lee. Politics abound day two! The bait has been snatched! My whole point in doing this is we need hockey! I love every single one of you. You are my ranger uni besides the boy my old man and diego and the new Rochelle mites. The political drivel is just that. And if ye be a right wing fascist loonie (note spelling). Or a utilitarian left wing socialist freedom fighter I love yes. every single one of you. Except the ones that chanted “hOmo Larry” Or hated anson Carter for the color of his skin not the suckitutde of his play’.

  121. I like your baseball conversation better than politics. Even though I barely know the names of those players…

  122. Hockeyman, it’s called hard-line negotiating, which is what we should absolutely expect after the previous two lockouts. it would be naive to not expect it.

  123. It’s been on the widget for some time—-> Nothing unexpected. Now they’ll start negotiating for real. Unless they decide to keep posturing for a few more days.

  124. Ilb, does it make any sense to you that owners give out $100 million contracts to Ryan Suters and Shea WWEbers and then fight for rollbacks of salary, a bigger piece of the the revenue pie?

  125. just read this:

    “Cabrera could still win the NL batting title. He has 501 plate appearances, one less than the minimum required to win a batting championship for a player on a team playing 162 games. However, under 10.22(a) of the Official Baseball Rules, he would win the batting title if an extra hitless at-bat is added to his average and it remains higher than that of any other qualifying player.”

  126. HockeymanRangers on

    OK Carp I understand that, but what in the heck is Bettman talking about ” are economics are in different worlds”

  127. Bettman and Fehr aren’t supposed to meet again for another week. Is there a reason that this enormously important topic is only being discussed by the “heads of the families” once every 7 days? Does it take that long to come up with things to say? What the….?!

  128. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    NYR fan – and peace will guide the planets and love will fill the stars / this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius

  129. And why did my comment come out looking like I only use one space between sentences?!! lmao

  130. If we will agree not to talk about “intangibles”, what I really find interesting is, how statistically (last season numbers wise) close are team’s replacements this season:
    *Asham* 64 5 11 16
    Prust 82 5(1) 12(1) 17

    *Pyatt* 73 9(4) 10(2) 19(6)
    Fedotenko 73 9(2) 11(5) 20(7)

    *Halpern* 69 4 12 16
    Mitchel 63 5 11(1) 16

    * In ( )- PO points.
    **Incoming players are slightly bigger physically in comparison.

  131. Hockeyman, I think that means, in English, “You are asking for way, way, way more than you’re going to end up getting, come hell or high water, even if we have to cancel another season.”

  132. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    My brutha -Tessio “michael, I want to set up a meeting on my turf between you and Barzini – I will handle security”

    Michael – “Tessio was always smarter.”

  133. Math talk- ewwwww.

    Baseball talk- meh. All the players are doing something, imo.

    What Bettman said- not shocked. I kinda hope someone steps on his head though. The league will be a 1,0000 percent better once that weasal is gone.

  134. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Mickey – bite your tongue

    Fran – Jerry Coleman was also a good announcer with the scooter..

  135. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Coucouse – I shot a 64 last night at St. Andrews….the par 4 10th is automatic birdie – as are the par 5’s. Couple of weeks ago i shot a 62 with a 29 on the front 9…. I thought for sure I was in 59 territory but I started falling apart on the backside. The key is to stay away from the sand.

  136. Sounds like you have a video game. I play on the links. In Hastings-on-Hudson. With a flashlight.

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