Rich Nash means better Cup odds for the Rangers


Just like that, with the addition of Rick Nash, the Rangers went from 12/1 to 9/1 odds to win the Stanley Cup (assuming there is a season) and are now 5/1 to win the Eastern Conference (behind only Pittsburgh at 7/2), according t0 Bovada (,  Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Here are the opening odds and the current odds:
Odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup (Current Odds as of 8/2/12)

Pittsburgh Penguins                   8/1
New York Rangers                     9/1
Vancouver Canucks                   11/1
Los Angeles Kings                     12/1
Philadelphia Flyers                     13/1
Chicago Blackhawks                  14/1
Detroit Red Wings                      15/1
Boston Bruins                            16/1
St. Louis Blues                          16/1
Minnesota Wild                          18/1
San Jose Sharks                       20/1
Buffalo Sabres                           22/1
Carolina Hurricanes                    22/1
Nashville Predators                    25/1
Tampa Bay Lightning                  25/1
Washington Capitals                  25/1
New Jersey Devils                      28/1
Edmonton Oilers                        30/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                   35/1
Florida Panthers                        40/1
Anaheim Ducks                         40/1
Colorado Avalanche                    40/1
Montreal Canadiens                   40/1
Ottawa Senators                        40/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       40/1
Calgary Flames                         50/1
Dallas Stars                              50/1
Winnipeg Jets                            50/1
New York Islanders                    75/1
Columbus Blue Jackets              100/1

Opening Odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup (6/12/2012)

Pittsburgh Penguins                   7/1
Los Angeles Kings                     11/1
St. Louis Blues                          12/1
Vancouver Canucks                   12/1
Chicago Blackhawks                  12/1
Detroit Red Wings                      12/1
New York Rangers                     12/1
Philadelphia Flyers                     14/1
Boston Bruins                            14/1
Nashville Predators                    18/1
San Jose Sharks                       22/1
Tampa Bay Lightning                  25/1
Washington Capitals                  25/1
Anaheim Ducks                         25/1
Buffalo Sabres                           25/1
New Jersey Devils                      30/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                   35/1
Florida Panthers                        35/1
Colorado Avalanche                    40/1
Dallas Stars                              40/1
Ottawa Senators                        40/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       40/1
Winnipeg Jets                            40/1
Calgary Flames                         50/1
Carolina Hurricanes                    50/1
Edmonton Oilers                        60/1
Montreal Canadiens                   60/1
Columbus Blue Jackets              75/1
Minnesota Wild                          75/1
New York Islanders                    75/1

Odds to win the 2013 NHL Eastern Conference         

Pittsburgh Penguins                   7/2
New York Rangers                     5/1
Philadelphia Flyers                     11/2
Boston Bruins                            7/1
Buffalo Sabres                           10/1
New Jersey Devils                      12/1
Tampa Bay Lightning                  12/1
Washington Capitals                  12/1
Carolina Hurricanes                    15/1
Florida Panthers                        20/1
Montreal Canadiens                   20/1
Ottawa Senators                        20/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                   20/1
Winnipeg Jets                            30/1
New York Islanders                    50/1

Odds to win the 2013 NHL Western Conference          

Los Angeles Kings                     9/2
Vancouver Canucks                   5/1
Chicago Blackhawks                  5/1
Detroit Red Wings                      6/1
St. Louis Blues                          7/1
Nashville Predators                    10/1
Minnesota Wild                          12/1
Anaheim Ducks                         15/1
Dallas Stars                              20/1
Edmonton Oilers                        20/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       20/1
San Jose Sharks                       20/1
Colorado Avalanche                    30/1
Calgary Flames                         33/1
Columbus Blue Jackets              50/1



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  1. I’d still put LA as the overall favorite, being they haven’t lost anyone. Their defense overall is still better than the Rangers as they have more offensive ability. They also have a better 3rd line as of now, unless Doan comes to NY or they add another C.

  2. Gift of GAB-orik on

    The Islanders will never have a better record than the one they have right now. :)

  3. Morning folks,

    How about an over under game…based on a 60 game lockout short season

    Richards points 55
    Nash goals 27
    Kreider goals 20
    Hank shutouts 5

    I got under, under, over, over

  4. Czechthemout!!! on


    How about an over under on Mike Rupp individual lockeroom player pep talks.

    I got 1 ( himself ) .

    Odds to win Stanley Cup without Mike Rupp 100/1.

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  42. Not Bad for Rick Nash…He went from a team dead last in odds to 2nd best odd to win the Cup.

  43. The British are done on PKs again! It never ends well for the Brits in PKs! Thank goodness it wasnt Cleverley or Giggsy that cost ’em!

  44. Yes, as a matter of fact I do know two people with Tourette’s. One of them I play golf with occasionally which can be mildly disconcerting. I got used to him and do not avoid him when we meet at the course and he invites me to join him. Newcomers, assigned sometimes to fill out a foresome, are forewarned by him in a friendly way, and most oblige.

    Another Tourette’s sufferer whom I know better, and not through golf, recommended a novel to me which has a main (first-person) character with Tourette’s impulses, “Motherless Brooklyn,” by Jonathan Lethem. And it IS very funny, in addition to having won the National Book Critics Award for Fiction.

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  47. Not mocking poor people with afflictions not of their own making, or anyone at all so long as they are somewhat polite. As I said before, Tourette’s does not affect intelligence. And that IS a worthwhile book.

  48. The nature of this flowing blog can sometimes make it look like the blogger is responding to an intervening blog. Know that my last comment was directed to the Ruskie.

  49. half of the people i know? how do you know who i know? and if i know half of the people you think i know – do they know who they are?

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    a-hole… you seem to be the only one who has any sort of problem with this blog… you have been rejected by every single poster on here. deal with it, Rod… say thanks that you even get any responses…speaking of which… i am going to go ahead and start ignoring you from now on…

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    or maybe i should just flush you if you can’t play nice.

  52. Not going to get into peeing contest. Your posts are self explanatory. And it started to sound awfully familiar. Lastly, for someone who’s constantly complaining about absence of cogent hockey discussion, I’m yet to see anything hockey related from you. Even once. Of any substance.

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  55. Watching other people’s infinitive stupidity is very inspirational sometimes…as well as to see a pathetic brain’s work more reminiscent of bowel movement.

  56. Rangers West on

    What are the odds that Doan is a Ranger come camp?

    I wanted them to trade for Ryan over Nash, but am glad we have Nash.

    Doan would help the team, however, I still hope they don’t sign him and give Miller, Yogan, Thomas, etc. get a chance.

  57. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….’’…\………. _.•´

  58. Just home from the annual family reunion. Lots of e3 vibing excited about the Nash and the kreider. A little bit of pimping too with the clown show bush league nonsense. Kept it together though.

  59. Yeah, E3, thing is on, just barely (no pun), but Carp killed it with the incomprehensible bookie stuff from the outset, of course he will respond that I hate everybody. that’s easier than any real response, but he is the blogfather and I must defer.
    I have my favorites here, like ilb, NYR, tiki, sally, misterD, manny and others to numerous to mention, who are inviting each other to a remote area of the US where they live in a NYR monasteries, to meet and eat. Other things that Jonathan Swift would have noticed here is Manny’s non-sequitur cry : Politics alert !! Why, Manny, oh, why? After all this stuff about Mr Betman and Mr Fehr, it seems we are in it up to our necks and it will set the sport back a decade.
    Just saying…

  60. Cant sleep again.

    Was just thinking about Super Bowl XLVI again. What an enormous game with enormous ramifications. I just remember being sick for the 2 weeks leading up to the game. Was even sick during the Giants/49ers game because I knew it just had to be New York and Boston again. And in the end, all the sickness, the worry, stress, it was all worth it.

    I just sat and stood in the same spot all game, never said a word. Had one brother to my left sitting in a chair with his legs kicked up on the desk, another brother sitting to my right on a reclining chair. Barely a word was spoken for the entire 4 hours. Nearly complete silence. We all knew what was at stake. I dont remember which brother did, but one started cursing out Ahmad Bradshaw for going into the endzone.

    Memories that will last a lifetime.

    And then, when that final throw from Tom Brady was in the air, it felt like a lifetime. And then it hits the ground, and I just start crying, and my 2 brothers get up yelling like maniacs, walk over to me, and embrace me.

  61. Guest bloggers stink on

    Odds that a guest blogger will write something worth reading: 100/1

    Odds that one of you boneheads tells them “great read” : 5/1

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