NHL.com’s 30 in 30 begins … well, now it’s 28 in 28


I should have mentioned this earlier, that NHL.com has begun its annual 30 in 30, in which it examines the off-season moves and previews the upcoming season for each team within the span of a month.

So far, they’ve done the Eastern Conference champion Devils (that hurts, huh?), and Brandon Prust’s Montreal Canadiens, now led by new GM Marc Bergevin.

Ya boys, the Eastern regular-season champs, have their day Friday, Aug. 10.

You can see the schedule here, and can click on the logos to see previous entries.


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  1. LW3H : Let’s be mercifull and give the “boneheads” another chance, this is a brand new experience for the most of them – the freedom of speech !!! And it is not a pleasant discovery for most of them, is it?
    Even I, in my recent post, substituted “assen’ for “ass” in deferrence to a catholic, irrational cencsorship , courtesy of Carp. How “carcillo” childish this is? And they all go for it without a slighthest protest, you get it? This is the country with a Constitution but nothhing to regulate the “carcillo” blogmasters, yes, I mean you Carp, let it all hang out, don’t be shy, we are all adults and the enforced childishnes will only empowered the Bloombergs of this world,
    So please get rid of the “ad hominem” pejorative substitutes, and your blog will become a gem of the kind.
    I also noticed the recent attempts to dehumanize Mr Redden, all in the context of the “CAP” without regard to his recent injuries. You’all have fail to wish him a Happy birthday while you slobber all over your own BS landmarks, such as B-days of contributing teenagers, hooray!!!

    Can you really talk sense to me other than some idiot sideswipes, like Cooscos demonstrated.
    And Tiki, of course, he’s against the fights, but he thinks sometimes they are necessary, what a joke… More to follow early afternoon, I am no longer nocturnal with my new federal job.
    Hail Obama

  2. Not sure what the above is all aboot? No doubt i’ll miss more exchanges thanks to the wonders of Websense and British Summer Time!

    Random thought for the day: I cannot wait to read the Glen Sather Biography/Autobiography if one is ever written and I hope in includes transcripts from some of these trade negotiations!

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    …. _with my new federal job_ …

    Oy, vey…Heaven help us all

  4. does newbear=Newman, a federal employee? does he not work in the rain?

    “Neither rain, nor sleet … IT’S THE FIRST ONE!”

    and don’t let him scare you. He apparently hates everybody.

    Good morning, Sally!

  5. I feel sorry for somebody that has nothing better to do at 4am than go on a blog and bitch about the blog.

    Here’s a tip for him – there are a gazillion other blogs on the internet. Go to one of them or start your own.

  6. I agree, there are a gazillion other blogs on the Internet but there is only one that is the worst one on ALL the internets – this one!

  7. Scare? We should be scared of anyone who applies “catholic, irrational censorship” (while adding an extra “c” to it) to a hockey blog, *AND* claims to have a new federal job.

  8. It sounds like the players, while asking for more info, also seem to be in no rush to start real negotiations. Fehr has been saying for months that he hopes NHL allows the season to start without the new CBA in place. Bettman doesn’t sound like he is in favor of that. Does the NHLPA think that getting closer to September will instill some anxiety into owners, or could that be a mistake?


  9. He still is holding Goldilocks? I thought she broke out. Guess she’s a bit more like Elizabeth Smart than I hoped. Should we go rescue her?

  10. Feds is in a long third and decisive set with del Potro. Del Potro looks so similar to Dave Annable.

  11. “It’s been a long time since I last empowered a Bloomberg.”

    When was the last time, LW?

  12. Did you guys hear about Jeter’s sex change operation? I wonder what that does for players who test positive for ‘Roids? Is it better if you’re “female” for the testosterone levels?

  13. Love this quote Zippy extracted from Doug Mclean recently (Howson’s predecessor)

    “Where do you find a 6’4″, 235-pound guy with hands, who can skate, is entering his prime with limited miles on him, although every night he was the No. 1 focus, tightly checked, man-on-man, because teams knew if you shut down Rick Nash, you beat Columbus? Now people are telling me he’s overrated. Are you serious?”

    Nash, Gaborik, Kreider, Richards, Callahan, Stepan, Hagelin – who you gonna choose to shut down?

  14. Haha, that was funny. Stupid Red Sox fan, instead of accusing Jeter of using PEDs, they went with sex change operation. :)

  15. I got my Botox appointment moved up to today at 3pm. I’ll feel like a new man again at around 4pm!

  16. Oh I meant to tell you guys….

    Urban Outfitters has, on their sale rack, a rangers shirt made by some vintage company. The shirt itself is pretty nice and it’s on sale for about $14. Thought you all might want to know and run out and buy a few.

  17. *4 the Record* – this is no relation between myself and the angrybear. Newbear is his first or last name – Papa is my first, Bear is my last….*4 the Record*

  18. reminds me of a joke about a bear squatting next to a rabbit.

    asked him if he he a problem with it sticking to his fur….

    the rabbit said no.

    so he he grabbed him and wiped

  19. hahaha! I always wondered how dogs clean themselves after… They said when a dog kisses you, youre basically kissing dirty toilet paper. But Ive never seen either of my animals lick their MZAs.

  20. No CCCP!

    Id literally kill myself if by doing so, I could prevent news like that of getting out and prevent his name from being sullied.

  21. Jeter and Mo will never test positive for anything. Those two guys are the guys I believe are 100% clean.

  22. If what you say is true, save yourself some money and do it before the 3Pm botox appointment. Hurry!

  23. By Derek Jeter, you mean Minnie Mantlez right? Since that’s apparantly what he’s going to go by next season.

  24. Yeah if Jeter tested positive for ‘roids i would lose the last ounce of respect i have left for that sport.

  25. cooscoos

    so whats the latest scoop? who’s getting traded or signed? do your cooscoos tarat reading and share with us.

  26. Who’s Jeter? My daughter has a onesie with that name on it’s back. How does she know him?

  27. what was the name of the Jeter the Giants used to have, long ago?

    ilb, don’t believe anything bad about Jeter. He’s almost the Adam Graves of baseball.

  28. Yes. That’s actually on his Wikipedia page! (where I found the other info that I pretended to just “know”)

  29. I am not old enough to have seen him play. So I win. I am young and beautiful. I will never age. I will be forever ME.

  30. But, do you know who you are? Dorian Gray? Hint: Not a defensive end nor a linebacker.

  31. The King’s latest text from vacation: “2 days in the Hamptons with the family Bbq, pool time, and a lot of grass tennis on the schedule.” I think he forgot to put a comma after grass.

  32. Capitalization is the difference between “helping your Uncle Jack off the horse” and helping your Uncle Jack…..well…you get it.

  33. @AdamRotter@ Note: Mike Rupp Is Planning To Switch To Number 17


    Now we know why Dubinsky had to be moved. Tension over sweater numbers with the superior player in Mike Rupp. *Tension*

  34. That’s a much better way to put it.

    The team had *no chemistry* which must mean that they ended up completely *fatigued* because of the *tension*.

  35. Ilb, *lots of pain* how women get it in their foreheads i have no idea.

    Lmgo Carp, see, i like when people poke fun at me in a fun manner. :)

  36. I still maintain the possibility that the Rangers were fatigued moreso than their opponents.

    “Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, or lack of energy. You may feel mildly fatigued because of overwork.” The Rangers played a more physically demanding style of hockey (overwork) than most teams in the NHL this past year, IMO.

  37. @PeteAbe
    Curt Schilling was inducted in to the #RedSox Hall of Fame today. No word on the Rhode Island Business Hall of Fame


    My favorite part is this guy always wants people to take responsibility, but he cant take responsibility for the failure of his company, and has tried to blame everyone else with lies.

  38. I take back my “HAHAHA!!!” It is hereby negated.

    I am not laughing at Schilling, I refuse to laugh at the demise of any bostonians.

  39. I see Messier managed to eke another $6m out of the Canucks. I think that makes him their third highest player after the Sedins.

  40. fran, what part of Florida are you in? Id love to meet you and possibly the one and only bush-league Miami Pimp.

  41. Ufggghhh. Shot 92 today. One quadruple bogey, two triples and there doubles. And I see some politics got “discussed on the blog.” watch out for the defenders of the republic Who rip apart members of the republics views they disagree with. The republic theyre defending ain’t the one they think it is.

  42. Sarasota. About 4 hours away from Miami. Not that big a deal. Maybe one day Blogmama comes to visit me, we both can drive down there, stay in a hotel by the beach and get together with you for a couple days. Sound like a decent plan?

  43. Sure thing. Maybe CARP will join us as well. I’ve heard that he loves the 3-0-5. We’ll take him down Calle Ocho, perhaps to the infamous “Cuban Walk of Fame” at the McDonald’s. Then off to Sobe for a night at “Mynt” to celebrate another NYRangers victory over the Puddy Tats.

  44. CARP, deal.

    I’ll even wear the pimp hat and the Cookie Monster belt buckle when we do-it-up.

  45. LOL, too bad this one is difficult to translate…

    This is the story LW was referring to about Messier. Interestingly, even though Canucks’ attendance went down during his tenure there, because of sale transactions team’s value went up. Hence, he was awarded $6M.


  46. How do I get a job like Rupp’s where I fight short non-boxers for a total of fifteen minutes a year at almost 2 mil?

  47. I dont think Rupp is delusional enough to think that changing numbers, or anything for that matter, is going to help him get better. Though, he’s the perfect guy to try PEDs with. A big oaf near the end of his career. Maybe they help him, maybe they dont. If he gets caught and suspended, its no loss to the team.

  48. I should note that Im really just joking in the above comment. I know how most of you feel about that subject.

  49. czechthemout!!! on


    PED’s wouldn’t help him. There isn’t a drug in the world that can help stupidity.

  50. i see cooscoos is trying really hard to blend in…what’s wrong, cooscoos? other kids at the playground don’t want to play with you no more? Grow up and use your real moniker, Rod-meister.

  51. blend-in? BLEND-IN? Blend-Out is more like it. I’m on here only for the interesting NYR hockey insights which come around every third day.

  52. I blend-out when I read sophomoric nonsense like you repeatedly offer. I await the occasional cogent comment from some (few) others.

  53. I think it’s rather silly the importance that some players and fans give to what number a player wears.

    In Rupp’s case, he ought to be glad they give him a sweater instead of telling him to wear his suit and sit in the stands.

  54. Best post ever?

    rod lurks September 23rd, 2010 at 3:32 pm
    Mitchell wouldn’t turn over his medical reports, whiich I told you guys already.

  55. ill repost this tomorrow. im laying in bed, and thinking of what its like to have a child, to bring a life into the world, and how special it must be. A couple boneheads I consider like family have done just that this year, and a couple of my FL friends are due before the end of 2012. And I was thinking that having your team win the championship is very very different yet a little similar to having a child. Each one is unique, each one is special for different reasons, they all mean so much, and the memories last forever. One day, perhaps within the next 365 days, Henrik Lundqvist will raise the Stanley Cup with the Rangers, and it will be one of the most special days of all of our lives.

  56. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “by subtraction and addition resulting”

  57. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “any expenditure damaged bear the elbow isn’t unique”

  58. You know, I’m just sitting here perusing this entire series of postings, and now and then someone mentions Bloomberg…..just the name, nothing of substance ..just the name. And I cannot help think of the mayor of NY city, and the odd things that go on under his term(s) in office, and my mind wanders to the idea of New Yorkers…( even Noo Yawkhus) ..y’all know who those are. The hippest, the least gullible, the most with it people in the entire eastern hemisphere, who handle sports ( especially their own teams), better than any other city in this country ( yeah that includes the Red Sawx), and the fans who turn out no matter what. And I wonder to myself, how did such a people allow themselves to put into office such a flaming liberal, with such big government ideas, and the audacity to try advising NYKers, how to live their lives, drink their drinks, handle their lives, and the re election beat goes on again,, and it has the ominous appearance that they will place “Ol Bloomy” back in charge of their lives their futures and possibly their sacred honor …..again.Wood that it were not so….but we shall see all too soon. NOw the Bonesters may or may not fall into that category, but it is quite apparent that the movers and shakers of this blog are among the most proficient people in the city, from law, medicine, intellect, and other stolid areas of business activity.

    I don’t know my way around NYC any longer…it has been many years since I delivered furniture to the big stores, Macy’s Gimbles, etc, most parlor sets, when I had to drive a tractor trailer full of overstuffed Sofas, chairs etc. by myself and run into the side street entries with a cushionless sofa on my head, then run back out, get into the tractor and drive around the block, double park, grab another, and continue this pattern till my truck was emptied, and then the long drive back home to
    CT, and wait for the truck to fill up for the following night’s run again. And there was no Interstate hi ways then…Boston Post Rd all the way, and the the reward when Norm Mclean would get me into the Garden with the gallery gods and see the Ranger games back then. Those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end….etc.

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