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  1. That’s funny Mama. The way his jersey sits it looks like his head is buried in the ice…

  2. So, I had an idea, let me know if anyone is interested. Every weekday, because weekends are for partying (and/or raising young children), we pick a different team and debate/discuss the one player who would best fit the Rangers. So a hypothetical “if this team were contracted and the Rangers had the 1st pick, age and contract and position all factored in, who would you take”. Thoughts? Worth doing to kill time?

  3. I’ll even volunteer to track in a google doc so we can look back next offseason and laugh at the ridiculous players various people (Manny) would have chosen.

  4. Maybe we can start with the Winnipeg Jets……there is a guy up there that would be a pretty darn good fit!

  5. Its funny because I was thinking alphabetical just so I didn’t have to actively run this.

  6. That’s a great idea. I love to look at my idiocy.

    Although, *one* person on this blog picked the Rangers to win the Eastern Conference during our preseason predictions. Only one! Can you guess who that would be?

  7. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Eric predicted an 8th place finish I think and a first round exit against the Penguins.

  8. I don’t think eric would pick the Rangers to win the East if there was 10 seconds left in the clinching game and the Rangers were up 7-0.

  9. This is good, I really thought about who the perfect cynic to respond with would be. Way to go, Eric!

  10. Here is the “eric” prediction:

    *eric* October 7th, 2011 at 9:18 am

    4 hrs to go.

    must get a split in europe. please no 0-2.

    my predictions

    wash over rangers conf finals

    chicago over kings

    chicago over caps in 7

  11. I was in Day 9 of fatherhood so I didn’t get mind in, but I swear I would have had everything right except for flipping NJ and Philadelphia. So close!

  12. So I skipped around to some of the posts during that time, the Avery debate was raging like a gas fire.

  13. See if you can find the day where I flipped sides. It would have been when he stopped getting benched for Newbury/Deveaux and started getting benched for Hagelin/Mitchell.

  14. Opening day was a good day for me. My friends and I went to play open hockey at Aviator, then we watched the game on DVR delay and then we went to Peter Luger’s.

  15. I am mesmerized by Ryan Gosling, so…


    Ryan Gosling for a lifetime or Rangers win the Cup in 2013?

  16. I highly recommend the Game In Review post from the loss to the Fishsticks in game three of the year. Home of firetorts’ “potential Ranger disaster” epic.

  17. I really thought Avery would get a serious look on the first line. Instead he decided to just give up and *retire*

    He was probably * fatigued*

  18. LOL:

    LW3H October 6th, 2011 at 11:51 am
    Just walking around town a bit wearing a Rangers cap and someone asked whether I was playing tomorrow. I hope the depth on D hasn’t quite become that bad.

  19. _I really thought Avery would get a serious look on the first line. Instead he decided to just give up and retire_

    I was 100% behind giving Wolski atleast a quarter of the season to prove he did or didn’t belong w/ Gaborik and Richards.

  20. One of pet peeves regarding other fans…. A concept most people fail to understand… a game in October counts the same as a game in April.

  21. This is going to be a long year. Rangers won’t make the playoffs. There is just no electric players, and even less chemistry. Trade Dubinksky while he still has value.

  22. _One of pet peeves regarding other fans…. A concept most people fail to understand… a game in October counts the same as a game in April._

    100% correct and always annoys me too. That “eh, its just a November game” crowd ignores that the “eh” game is the one that makes an April game so important. The difference between tied and 2 points behind is that “eh” game.

  23. I guess some of us just aren’t capable of maintaining that intensity throughout an entire season. Have to build up to the intensity or else become *fatigued* early.

  24. Avery gave up? sure… was it before or after his coach told him that he isn’t invited on the team bonding Euro trip? Not because there was no room but just because… and was it before or after he was benched for 85% of the season so Rupp can play? Rupp’s speed and forechecking ability REALLY stood out last season! Or was it before or after he was told to not to come to work at all cuz they don’t really need him anymore? :)

    yeah… maybe Torts was *fatigued* from wearing his ugly ties too tight when he decided to @ruin@ Avery’s career! :-D

  25. @CCCP@ I know you love him and all but you know, he *retired* from the game. At a young age, proving that he *gave up* on his hockey career.

  26. Avery retired because there were NONE nhl teams interested in his services. That shows allot about what the league thinks about avery.

  27. He retired at such a young age so he could have more years ahead of him as a fashion critic and Vogue writer.

  28. He even admitted in interviews that he wasn’t as interested in hockey as he was in fashion and most of the reason he played hockey was just to annoy guys on the other team. He even said that he only played pro hockey because he was good at it and going into the fashion industry at the time wasn’t really socially accepted by his friends. He loves NY and now he can do what he really wants to do. He wasn’t helping the team last year anyway. Good luck to him in his future endeavors.

  29. Eff Sean Avery, honestly. Warren77 told me that they no longer care about the Rangers because Sean no longer cares about the Rangers. That was enough for me.

    Peace out, bean sprout.

  30. Why are we not looking to bring back Redden? He’s the missing piece on defense. It’s totally unacceptable that this isn’t an option being investigated. Like I say … every day … this two-bit squad is bush-league.

  31. the second the puck is dropped during the first home game of next season, the entire Garden crowd should immediately stand up and chant “We Want the Cup, We want the Cup, …”

  32. Imagine, in a serious moment here, that Redden is allowed to come to camp and has a great camp, and if the Rangers are still so far under the cap … why not?

  33. Their food was flipping delicious though. I really, really liked that spots bar. Probably because I am a self-proclaimed-hip-older-man.

  34. I am fine with anyone joining this team if the cap space is there and it doesn’t hamstring us for the rest of the season. If Redden wants to contribute to 3rd D-Pair then great! Miami will be happy.

  35. I honestly think Redden will be given a chance…..to retire or not show up for the Whale assignment and void the remainder of his contract.

  36. Yeah, I’m sure the only thing keeping Redden out of the lineup is that he is a L shooting D-man….

  37. I was kind of kidding, because last year they didn’t even let him come to camp … so I doubt he’d get that opportunity this year. Though you never know.

  38. The Redden risk is that him making the opening day roster pretty much locks him in through the end of 2013-14, right? Sent down again, we eat half the salary when he inevitably gets claimed. Or am I wrong on that?

  39. Yeah, I forgot to add a tongue-in-cheek icon too. Redden would have to win the AHL scoring title in order to be considered for 6/7th spot. It wasn’t only his cap hit and poor play that got him demoted. Torts, without mentioning his name, pretty much implied that he wanted him off the roster after Redden’s last NHL season.

  40. There’s no downside to giving Redden a shot in training camp. He can at any point be sent down to the minors with his salary taken off the cap. So if we have the cap room to start the year, then he should get a shot.

  41. Not really, MisterD. He is already on their summer roster, so is his full cap hit. He can be sent down after the training camp starts. If claimed- the claiming team eats up his whole cap hit. It’s only on re-entry waivers both teams get charged 1/2 of the hit.

  42. _He can at any point be sent down to the minors with his salary taken off the cap._

    I got my initial question backwards, but it still stands. Would Redden *coming back up* subject him to re-entry waivers and a half price claim?

  43. Why hasn’t Sather offered PK Subban an offer sheet? The NYR need a Right D…with a shot…and some snarl.

    Am I crazy?

  44. Crazy in the sense you’re calling it a “need” rather than something that would be nice to have.

  45. cw- because they do not have 1st round pick next year. And because it wouldn’t work anyway.

  46. You are not crazy, CW. I think we have seen, however, that off offer sheets have to be gigantic and the market for D-men is pretty inflated right now.

    I for one would enjoy seeing PK Slewfoot on this team.

  47. cw, probably because the offer would have to be far too ridiculous for a player of his ability if it were designed for Montreal to not match. plus, the Rangers don’t have their first-rounder anymore, so they couldn’t do an offer sheet anyway. plus offer sheets=not happening.

  48. Honestly, Redden could be rejuvenated. He’s basically had a few years off in the minors while also keeping in game shape. -Give him some PEDs in training camp, see what he can do.-

  49. That 1st rd pick to CBJ is the only thing that hurts in the Nash trade. I really think PK Subban would be a HUGE pickup for the NYR.

    oh well…

  50. that’s also why nobody has offered to Del Zotto. You’d have to give him, what, $6-8M per, and probably double-digits millions the first year or two, for the Rangers to not match.

  51. It would kind of make sense if one day in the future we got PK Subban. We need a black player on our team, and since his brother?? is on the Bruins, it’d be New York v Boston again.

  52. Unnamed source reporting that the following note was sent from the players rep. to owners:

    “Let’s bury the hatchet, we smokum peace pipe.”

  53. bob October 7th, 2011 at 11:48 pm
    Anybody hear about Sullivan not being at the bench? Did he and Tort have a falling out? Did Tort can him?

    Pretty funny how egotistical and arrogant Tort is having only 1 assistant coach(or maybe 0 now) when all other coaches have 2 or 3 assistant coaches.

  54. Newbear is here somewhere, Carp. He won’t show up though until everyone’s gone for the day….ummm…the thread.

  55. firetorts after Game 3:

    this is the most thrown together pile of garbage in Ranger uniforms in years.

    the first line looked ok last night, but with noone to carry the puck, its “get the puck to richards, who makes the pass to gaborik.” and that it.

    the second line was fair at best, dubinsky is invisible for some reason.

    the third and fourth lines are a joke. nice mixing and matching totalretard.

    i love the excuses, the european trip, blah blah blah.

    the f&^%$in coach is a JOKE and an embarrassment and clueless beyond clueless.

    and you torts-shills will have plenty to say about that, but the players arent playing for him and thats a FACT CLEAR ON THE ICE.

  56. Oh, those medical mysteries…Is it the white matter or grey responsible for human stupidity?

  57. TheRealMikeyNJ on

    So the owner of Barclays said in the fail news today he’s “trying like hell” to get the islanders to come to Brooklyn.

    1. I think it’s a great idea and the most logical

    And 2. Would the “Gotham knights” be a great new name for them?

    And yes I just saw the new batman but still what a great name, and no new York in it either

    Be a great new rivalry

    Wow it reallyuat be August, since I’m reading fish stick news!!!

  58. Id like to share a controversial opinion, it could stir up some great conversation… any takers? ilb?

  59. The most controversial thing I’m capable of discussing at the moment is whether to change the diaper before or after burping the baby, Tiki :-)

  60. ilb

    i need HELP. my son came down with coksocky on tuesday afternoon. yesterday it was really bad and my he was up all night and isnt eating from the soars in his throat. our ped said to mix benadryl and mylanta however the benadryl made him wired so this morning she said to cut out the benadryl because its making him wired. we are giving tylenol and advil to reduce fever around clock,

    anything else we could do.

  61. If the Isles move to Brooklyn, the team will change its name to the “whaddyalookinats”, with a phat fat pinky ring on their jerseys, circled by dolla dolla billz y’all

  62. Either that or the emblem will be the silhouette of two hookers robbing a drunk Williamsburg yuppie in the back of a taxi

  63. ILB – certainly didnlt mean to joke around and ignore what you’re going through with your son. Good luck.

  64. It’s OK, Fat Guy, no problem. I have a 2-week old daughter actually. It’s Eric’s son who caught Coxsackie virus.

  65. Eric: My daughter just had it 2 months ago but, weirdly was unaffected. So, short of that, I’d just pass along the “remember, its only a week and they’ll never get it again” advice we were given up front.

  66. Umm, MisterD, they can get it again, and again, and then some. There are around 30 different serotypes of Coxsackievirus with very little cross immunity between them.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo, Nash!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Did somebody say bet!!!????

  68. Carp – I could be wrong on Redden, but weren’t the Rangers maxed out on their cap last year? I didn’t think they had the space to bring him into camp. Of course the few times I saw him skate with Hartford last year, he didn’t exactly strike me as a guy who looked out of place down there. He didn’t really stand out from the other AHL defensemen.

    Along those lines, anyone pining for Avery or lamenting about him not being back here should really take a look at how well Redden has accepted his role in Hartford and embraced it. Granted, he’s still raking MSG over the coals for cash. But AHL guys live pretty far from the lap of luxury and for all the money he is making, he’s having to travel New England in a tour bus with the rest of the pluggers and prospects. Still, the guy seems to take it in stride and has been instrumental in helping young defenders on their way to New York.

    I would have punched myself for saying this three years ago, but I really hope the Rangers do give him a chance. He deserves camp at least. MSG loses nothing by getting him back in blue for a few weeks to see if he still has it.

  69. I’m stupid. You’re smart. I was wrong. You were right. You’re the best. I’m the worst. You’re very good-looking. I’m not attractive.

  70. During high school, I played junior hockey and still hold two league records: most time spent in the penalty box; and I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody.

  71. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    “If you can’t beat the clown, how you gonna beat Shooter McGavin?!”

  72. Who was it on here that was saying that Sun Kil Moon recorded “Ghosts of the Great Highway” in their recording studio?

  73. _Umm, MisterD, they can get it again, and again, and then some. There are around 30 different serotypes of Coxsackievirus with very little cross immunity between them._

    This is easily the stupidest news I’ve received today. Thanks a ton.

  74. Factoid Many mates were unhappy with Avery, not necessarily with his performance, but with his big mouth. Torts knew that a good number of his players were disgusted with having to defend him on ice when, if they were on the other team, they would have gladly pummeled him for saying similar vulgar things to them. Also, he would make his outrageous comments and then either turtle or duck behind someone who had no interest in defending him, but knew they had to. Carp could probably tell you, but he doesn’t see a need to go there.

  75. Takes a special kind of masochist to not only read but contribute to a conversation about nothing that clearly disgusts you.

  76. eric, According to Medicine.net you’re doing all you can… here’s what that site says about the Coxsackie Virus…

    How do people get infected with Coxsackie virus, and what are the risk factors?

    Infection usually is spread by fecal-oral contamination, although occasionally the virus is spread by droplets expelled by infected individuals. Items like utensils, diaper-changing tables, and toys that come in contact with body fluids that contain the virus may also transmit them to other individuals. Although people of any age can get infected, the majority of patients identified with Coxsackie infection are children. Pregnant women can pass Coxsackie virus to their newborns, which may cause serious problems for the newborn, so pregnant women need to notify their obstetrician if they exhibit symptoms of the infection, especially if they are near their delivery date.

    Risk factors for Coxsackie virus infection include physical contact with any patient with individuals with HFMD symptoms. Infectious virus can be found in feces, saliva, fluid in blisters, and nasal secretions. Even patients who have recovered and have no symptoms may still shed infectious virus for weeks.

    How are Coxsackie virus infections diagnosed?

    Patients are usually diagnosed by their clinical appearance. Clinically, blisters that are painful usually on the hands, feet, and mouth in a child with fever are considered diagnostic of Coxsackie virus infection. However, in rare instances, viral tests can be done to identify the virus, but the tests are expensive, usually need to be sent to a specialized viral diagnostic laboratory and often take about two weeks to get a result. This testing is almost never done since most infections are self-limited and typically mild.

    Is there any treatment for Coxsackie virus infection?

    There is no specific treatment for this typically self-limited disease (the symptoms resolve without specific antiviral treatment in about two to 10 days). However, symptomatic treatment (acetaminophen [Tylenol]) that reduces fever and discomfort is currently recommended. Mouthwashes and sprays may lessen the oral discomfort. Fluids are also suggested to prevent dehydration, however, acidic juices may irritate the mouth ulcers. Cold milk may sooth the oral discomfort. Some physicians use topical diphenhydramine (Benadryl) containing gel or liquids to treat the hand and foot discomfort.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your son!

  77. thanks for the heads up. been a long two days so far and i will be taking off from work tom as well. wife cant do this alone all day. fortunately she doesnt go back to school for two weeks.

  78. What the hell is this big oaf talking about? Anyone notice this tweet?

    Rupper17 “@NYRMSG1994: BIG move by Shane tonight!! #bb14 what are your thoughts @Rupper17 ??”-Ya it was! I wlda taken Joe off, for potential loyalty

  79. Like I said, I know who I am:

    A week, meak, meagre, zero-credibility, always-wrong, dirtbaggopunky keyboard warrior.

  80. Michael Maggi on


    Rupper is referring to Big Brother. Shane is a contestant. Looks like you were hoping for a little inside Shane Doan news. Sorry to disappoint.

  81. Czechthemout!!! on


    You are wasting your time with regards to Avery. There were people on this blog who over the course of the season were trashing on Messier,who of course as we all know did nothing in his time here. And know I am not comparing Avery’s contribution to this team with Messier’s.

    Kovalev has also been trashed on here numerous times while perrenial Hart trophy candidate Brandon ” it’s just pain” Prust was and is still being pined for.

  82. Czechthemout!!! on

    By the way, does anyone know when the Mike Rupp lockeroom hockey instructional camp starts?

    I think some of the kids would benefit greatly from it.

    Perhaps even Rick Nash may learn a thing or two as well?

  83. Wow, Johnny with the Honeymooners line! I found a channel that shows Honeymooners twice a week. Love it.

    People are still crying over Avery?

  84. Czechthemout!!! on


    You seem to have a particular disdain towards Avery. Did he ever do or say anything nasty to you?

  85. Johnny LaRue on

    Mixin’ it up in the dog days of summer. Now open the window so I can tell what time it is.

  86. Carp has the same disdain that almost everyone in hockey has. He *retired* and was picked up by *zero* teams at a Tiny, tiny cap hit.

  87. I don’t have any disdain for Avery. (I even said multiple times last season that I thought he was better than some of the players who were playing) But I think there’s a fair amount of buffoonery among his fans.

    FYI, Winter Classic on NHL Network now, and again later.

    Johnny, Woah, it certainly looks like rain tonight!

  88. OK, you tech-wizards, I need some help. My desktop computer (an HP, running Vista) had a blue screen when I came home today. I tried to restart it, force it shut down, restart it, unplug it, plug it back in, restart it, etc. All I get is a black screen now, with the cursor flashing in the uppermost left corner, and nothing else.

    Any ideas (besides taking it to a geek)?

  89. Czechthemout!!! on


    Just curious. Thanks for the reply.

    But the real question is Avery core a apple? And does he own a string of poloponies?

  90. one of the great lines in the history of television: A string of poloponies!

    Watching Winter Classic. Man, Boyle and Dubinsky were good in that game.

  91. Carp – did you notice what the error message was at the top third of the blue screen?

  92. Carp….that’s called the “Blue Screen of Death”….

    I’d recommend a new hard drive and a reinstall of windows….

  93. Also….check that you don’t have a cd or dvd in the disk drive….sometimes, when a PC has errors, it tries boot from the cd and you get a black screen with a flashing cursor….

  94. I didn’t write down the message, thinking I would remember what it said, and of course I forgot. Something about re-starting and seeing if you get this message again … I forget.
    And no, no CD/DVD in the computer disk drive.

    I’ve had blue screens of death before and had to take it to the geek for repair a few times. dammit.

    NBC is really ticking me off all over again with its quick cuts to closeups while stuff is happening on the ice, and with their three sets of eyes all missing stuff behind the play.

  95. Giroux from Talbot. 2-0 Mr. Sniders. Light up the Empire State Building in Orange! Trade Del Zaster!

    Wait a minute, Rupp scores and salutes! don’t trade everybody yet.

  96. Favorite parts of the game: huuuge save on Jagr’s breakaway….and of course, Rupper’s Jagr salute!!!

    My least favorite? Hartnell swinging his stick at McDonagh at the end of the game….moron should have been suspended…

  97. How did Olczyk, McGuire, Pang and Emrick all avoid talking about the Jagr Salute and how ticked off Jagr was on the bench?

    ps, assist by Prust.

  98. Extremely credible source, Carp. Saw it in the alphabet soup I was eating just now. The message just appeared. You’re welcome, punks. You know who you are.

  99. Carp, if you have the reboot CDs for the computer, you can put the first Disc in the machine and then turn computer on and hope that you can recover the computer back to its original factory settings by following the on screen directions.

    Unfortunately, if that works, the downside is that you will lose everything on your computer, so if you have important files on there, they’ll be gone.

    Papa John’s has half price regular price menu items for online orders thru 8/12 with coupon code SUMMER50

  100. There’s this new show, Sullivan & Son, on TBS. The show is set in Pittsburgh, its an average show in which every episode mainly takes place inside the bar Sullivan & Son and the funny part of the show is in the bar there’s a guy who’s always wearing a Rupp Penguins jersey.

  101. for some reason, NHL Network is now showing a full intermission worth of canned stuff, even though the game was recorded eight months ago. Oy vey.

  102. Rupp again! Best outdoor player in hockey! 2-2. Game not over. Maybe we can have a Breakaway Contest After The Hockey Game Ends (BCATHGE). Those are always exciting.

  103. This group, win, lose, or draw, plays hard night after night after night, which can’t be said for some NHL clubs. Kudos to them and to Torts.

  104. except there are no more draws, thanks to that stupid, gimmicky, jackwagon-brained, pile of carcillo BCATHGE (breakway contest after the hockey game ends).

  105. If the Isles move to Brooklyn
    They should just bow to reality and be known as
    Dem Bums

    Of Course without all the positive connotations


    On your PC, you should be seeing the bios messages as you start up, this would tell you where it’s hanging. If not, you’re probably starting up in quiet mode. You need to get into the bios as it starts up, this is different on different machines but is usually one of the function keys. For HP I would try F10 or Esc.

    You can navigate the menu using the cursor keys, look for a selection that asks if you want to either disable quiet mode or enable the POST (Power on Self Test) to appear on screen. You might also check to make sure the hard drive is still showing up on the boot devices screen cause I would say this is the most likely problem. The suggestion to put the original cd/dvd in and boot from that will also show that the machine is still viable as it will boot from the cd. If you have enough drive space and the drive is still good but the operating system is Byfuglien, you don’t have to do a writeover re-install, you can install a new instance of Vista which will preserve all of your data but will still require all programs to be reinstalled. The exact step by step on this, I’m not familiar with on Vista but you could look it up.

    Or you could just bring it to the geek and let him worry about all of it.

  106. Can’t disagree. It’s like having a foul shooting contest after a basketball game or a spelling bee after an even prizefight. Which reminds me of a bar I was in by mistake one night at 4AM when no one would leave. The bartender said to my associate, “How do I get rid of all these people?” My companion said “Throw as spelling bee.”

  107. ilb, another reason I cant have kids… I cant allow the responsibility to interfere with important games. And I only get around 3 days off a year in mid-July! :)

  108. thanks, aneiran. i was able to get to the start up messages and fooled around with the f10 and esc buttons, but didn’t see any of those options you mentioned … maybe i shouldn’t mess around too much in there since I barely understand any of the options or actions, and obviously didn’t solve anything. Appreciate the help, though.

    Tiki, jumping to a conclusion there?

  109. Time to reboot this candy-assen blog, no more the stream-of-consciousness levity.. The latest rumour : Sully resigns (if there is a season) to be replaced by Ted Nolan who as a coach of the Khrasnoyarskh Autocrats (KHL) resigned over his inappropriate use of Russian language. He will be in charge of the fourth line advising Torts how to unleash it at an opponent’s weakest moments. The NYR organization recognizes that their fourth-liners are paid $650,000 per a minute of TOI. This ROI is highly unsatisfactory, given the talent and unpredictability that the excessive rest on the bench could bring to the game. Mr Nolan said that, if there is a season, ther is no need for anyone to resign to make room [for him].

  110. I swear, these Associated Press writers (also known as an extension of red sox nation) that write game recaps really need an editor to fix all of their factual errors. Every day, they screw something up. It’s like they employ 3 year olds to write for them… no offense to 3 year olds.

  111. tiki August 3rd, 2012 at 12:17 am

    So youre a bear? Cool! So what do u have against this blog?


    Not enough honey on here for the poo bear.

  112. CCCP , Tiki, I did in fact salute the blog, you’ve just missed it because you don’t know my birthday or my cubs’ cuteness and I am not telling, LOL.

  113. cooscoos,
    I know my radius is 10 miles and once I find your garbage, I’ll sort it out for you – and don’t you try to put a padlock on it, I’ll remember , and I’ll be back and you will learn not to feed me again with your junk.

  114. Cooscoos, I’ve bear-ly known you before, now i know the mirthless kind you represent in this merry blog. I am sorry to observe this.

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