Happy August: CBA stuff just getting started


The players say they want to see the financials. The commissioner says the league provided 76,000 pages worth.

I’m telling you, this thing is going to take a while, and I certainly appreciate that, this time, I haven’t had to cover this. It’s going to be tedious and lengthy.

Kind of makes my little problems seem like nothing, like my laptop woes which were mostly — I think — solved by our great tech guy Mike yesterday.

Hopefully the audio will be working the next time there’s a hockey interview to be done, and hopefully we might add a video component once in a while this season. If there is a “this season.”


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  1. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    If there is no season, the rangers will be well rested come 2013-14. No other team can say the same.

    JR – “the automation is truth returned externally”

  2. Good morning, ‘heads!

    Apparently 76,000 pages of financial reports is only the “first batch”. More is on the way. I suggest you do what I did this summer- get yourself a brand new baby, she/he will keep you occupied. :-)

  3. Can anyone confirm whether all 76,000 pages of financial reports were printed on orange paper as a tribute to the frugal, loss-making Mr. Snider of the small-market Broad Street Bullies?

  4. I’m very skeptical about a group of people who want to bring in limits in everything to benefit themselves while lowering salaries and putting limits on front-loading contracts and limiting their length which they will then try to bypass or bend to their own favour when it comes to signing big name free agents.

    Surely Buttman knew those 76,000 pages of data would require stringent checking and analysis? Not to mention the re-modelling work to demonstrate to their membership the impact of any changes to them?

  5. Saw this in the Transaction section of this morning’s paper:

    Detroit Red Wings – Signed F Martin Frk to a three year, entry-level contract.

    Now that he has money, Martin needs to buy a vowel.

  6. Btw crosscheck
    (From yesterday)
    Completely agree w/ your view of pens announcers being the absolute worst in hockey.

  7. Avery didn’t want to play for Torts that’s why Avery asked Torts to give him no more than 7 minutes a night and scratch him for most of the season. That Avery guy! Never happy!

  8. CCCP, Avery seemed pretty disinterested in hockey, no? I mean, the guy retired, for crying out loud….

    Not sure he cared, really…

  9. I can see now Carcillo and Tostitos, both bespectacled, poring through the finer details of the NHL’s financial reports, each armed with a red crayon and a Fisher Price toy calculator.

  10. From the Dan Cleary story in USA Today:
    “The one thing for us is, we’re waiting on audits from each team so we can go over the numbers,” Cleary said Tuesday. “They started to come in last night, and once we get those in — that’s the biggest thing so far. We can’t really look at revenue sharing till then.”

    By revenue sharing, are they talking about the percentage that the players get or team sharing revenues with each other. I think they’re talking about the owner’s proposal to reduce the players’ share to 46%, but I’m not sure.

    The audits are important because even thought the owners gave them 76000 pages of numbers, the audits tell you whether you can rely on those numbers to be a truthful depiction of their income.

  11. I dont know the specific categories but the owners were looking to change what was and wasnt classed as hockey-related revenue also, not just to reduce the %age based on the original calculations for the CBA.

    Why the 2 sides cant find an independent auditor to do this i dont know?

  12. NYR_FAN

    yeah those 15 games Avery played last season really showed how disinterested he was. I mean, really…15 games is more than enough to get bored with if you’re a hickey player.

  13. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Avery needs first line minutes – after signing Doan and resigning The Avery – we have the NAD line with gnasher, doaner, and The Aves…with Aves playing center.

  14. No, CCC, they are talking about the revenue sharing between the teams. Apparently the NHL proposed a new, more streamlined revenue sharing. As of now, the NHL has the worst RS among all major sports. It is currently impossible to predict for any team when, and if they will get money from RS. The number at which the team gets help is calculated in an awkward way (somewhere between mid-cap and salary floor, if their revenue is insufficient). And some of the teams can never get help from RS no matter how little money they generate (NY Islanders is one example)

  15. I know you won’t @CCCP@ I know, buddy. It’s OK. Someone has to defense Sean since he won’t.

  16. I had the weirdest dream last night.

    Liverpool was playing the Los Angeles Dodgers in a soccer match, and Didier Drogba was on one of the teams and Messi was on the other. Some whacked out carcillo.

  17. Guys, don’t fight over me. I won’t be playing this year but I will help all of the Rangers players dress for their photo shoots and will be doing fashion tip spots on MSG for all of the fans. LGR!…and High Fashion.

  18. If the Caps trade Ovechkin, it would be interesting to see where he goes. What team has the cap space and the assets to move on a deal like this? Columbus? What are the odds he gets moved?

  19. Carp, out of curiosity, what makes you *so* very positive there will be a delayed season, or no season altogether? There’s no chance they resolve it, at all? The talks will go that poorly that you’re assured of it?

  20. Wyshinski’s relentless tweeting is getting annoying. Couldn’t they have sent him over there with someone to talk to so he didn’t have to annoy everyone?

  21. Joekuh - Nothing to fear but Fehr himself... on

    Well, considering how many Russians live outin Fishstick land, it couldnt hurt…

  22. M Buzzi, no, I’m not positive … but I’ve been through a few of these, and I’m quite certain that the players didn’t hire Don Fehr because of his sense of humor. I believe they will begin negotiating at polar ends of the spectrum, and it will take a long while to get to the middle. Plus these things never get resolved before some sort of deadline is reached or passed. The first is Sept. 15. Then the start of camp. The start of preseason. The postponing of the first regular-season games, and so on.

  23. So Carp, you never responded the other day. What do you think of going to dinner with me, Mama, and the ilbs sometime in September… Would that be at all possible?

  24. Ari Margolin on

    Carp- Do you honestly think there wont be “a season.” I cant see NHL passing on the cash cow that is the Winter Classic this year.

  25. The better year for the lockout would be 2014 allowing all players to compete in the Olympics.

  26. How about opening day, Winter Classic?

    and the right to play in the Olympics will be a bargaining chip for the owners.

  27. As long as they do not have JR read through those 76,000 pages, there is always a chance for a season.

  28. The players are in the driver’s seat, and they know it. A lockout hurts the owners and league more than the players. The players still get paid. The NHL already has a comparatively small fanbase, another lockout would be miserable for the NHL and the owners.

  29. been saying for weeks

    the nhl will open the season on jan 1st winter classic.

    82 games down to 50-52 games. much like 95 the devils 1st cup with asterisk

  30. Eric: maybe we can have our own dinner in another restaurant but at the same time as the Tiki/Mama/Carp/Ilb’s dinner. I already invited Gaustad to join us.


  31. Oy vey. I was just asking Carp because he’s always busy with work, I wont get much opportunity to see him, and I had a good time with him outside of MSG, and I figure he’d probably want to see baby ilb, given that ilb is tied with Sally as best RR’er! :)

  32. tiki

    how do we get in the special club.

    it would be comical to see who would kill guastad butt more during dinner you or I since we are the only ones in the paul guastad official fan club

  33. We can kiss his butt the same amount, eric. Then we can be co-presidents of the Gaustad fan club.

  34. Tiki, players are NOT in the driver’s seat. They don’t get paid during a lockout. Only a select few who had those big bonuses put into their UFA contracts will get any money at all. That’s why the players always fold.

  35. ec you made mention of the signing of Doan as if it had already happened. Say it ain’t so. Did they really? Ah well, perhaps it will work out but I wouldn’t like to bet on it.

  36. Hmm, I dont where I conjured up that idea. Youre right, theyre not in the drivers seat, but the NHL and owners still cant afford to have a shortened/canceled season.

  37. The players can always bolt to the KHL or SEL…that’s about their only leverage…

  38. I love the Goose! Can I come to dinner?

    Thanks to BANJ for getting Henrik to twit something about Zetterburger or something. Woot!

  39. After Cherapanov and Lokomotiv, I wouldnt risk my life over there.

    ilb, so there is revenue sharing in addition to the salary cap?

  40. *PHL* : Player’s Hockey League a/k/a @Proletariat@ Hockey League.

    AHL will now be the LPHL: @Lumpen-Proletariat@ Hockey League.

  41. *Evander Kane* update from Gary Lawless: he’s stalling for some reason. “GM Kevin Cheveldayoff has put a six-year contract worth close to $29 million on the table and Kane’s people have had it sitting in a desk drawer for a number of weeks now. [Winnipeg Free Press]


    Offer Sheet!

  42. Shouldn’t we – the fans – get some sort of a cut from all this bargaining crap, too? Afte all, it’s out money they are splitting!

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  50. Pray for Manny’s forlorn hope of a Rangers offer sheet for Kane when they haven’t got their first round pick any longer to make it feasible.

    And offer sheets=not happening.

  51. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    i completely forgot to mention that i got a hockey card of avery scoring over uncle daddy at a garage sale. i love garage sales.

  52. He couldn’t find a partner for synchronized diving, Manny. Apparently Crosby was busy this summer.

  53. Got the round in gents and ladies and dinner daters. 43-40 for an 83! Ready for Friday’s father in law, father, me and this guy named Eddie who isn’t e3 barnburner. Old guys hit off tge whites, we hit off the blues. No
    Playing up in the rough and nO mulligans!

  54. Fehr said that September 15th wasn’t a hard date, it was just a goal. It could well go on passed that. A topic brought up not too long ago was extending the current CBA a year to further discuss the issues, but I doubt that happens.

  55. nice going, PBR. You’re out of my handicap division.

    Remember, during bargaining, anybody will say anything, all designed to get people to take sides, none designed to get anything accomplished.

    LMGO, ilb.

    Joekuh, Avery scored on Brodeur in a garage sale?

    Newest Boneheads=Sugar Hill Gang?

  56. Ricck DiPi just set a new record for being of the IR for few consecutive hours! But as usual, nobody noticed or gave a damn.

  57. Glen Sather on Being GM Of The Rangers and Why Some Moves Are Made

    In the book “Behind The Moves,” Jason Farris spoke with NHL General Managers past and present about how they conduct business and to tell stories about their lives in hockey.

    Here, Glen Sather talks about what it is like to be GM of the Ranges:

    “I thought the challenge [coming to the Rangers] was going to be terrific, as it has been. I wouldn’t say that it has been even close to successful; it has been competitive but it takes a long time to change things. Guys get into a position and it takes you three or four or five years just to clean out the bad contracts and change the environment….Owners don’t want to hear it. But do they want reality or bull(carcillo)? When I went to New York, [Dave] Checketts told me that we have to have stars in New York or we are not going to sell tickets. Bottom line is that every team wants to sell every ticket and create as much revenue as possible…Only one team is going to win. Does every owner in the league know that? Do they honestly think they have a legitimate shot at winning? We bull(carcillo) each other and we tell our players that our goal is to win the Stanley Cup. Well, that is the goal, but do you really believe it?”


  58. Cooscoos…thanks for being so insightful today. This blog really needs people like you. Thanks so much. Thank you.

    Please enlighten us more often…thanks.

    Thanks again.

  59. DiPi is off the IR? The NYR fans should feel better now. Because if the revenue sharing goes Bettman’s way they won’t have to partially pay for a player who doesn’t play hockey. Paying for a part of Alexei Yashin’s salary through 2015 is a totally different story.

  60. My guess is that Evander Kane wants out of Winnipeg….at 20 years old, why in hell would he reject a 6-year deal that pays him nearly $30m?

    That would be like Tavares rejecting his contract that he signed last year…

    Don’t think he is going to get much more than that…

    And, what is his trade value? Nash cleaned us out…don’t think we have much available to offer…unless we want to trade our 2014 1st rounder and more prospects…

  61. Most likely, like all RFAs, (Del Z included) this probably won’t get sorted out until some actual hockey starts…whenever that is…

    Winter Classic?

  62. Chris Botta ?@ChrisBottaNHL
    If Rick DiPietro was on IR when a lockout began, Islanders would have to pay him. Hence today’s very official announcement.

  63. stranger nation on

    diPietro was hurt today in a freak wake boarding accident and will miss the next 2 years.

    “smoking cigarettes and watching Capt Kangaroo,

    don’t tell me I have nothing to do”

  64. Cooscoos, if you so talented why don’t you ‘Humm-us’ a showtune?? BWHAHAHAHA!!?/

    Take my ex-wife, please…no really…take her…es una bruja!!

  65. Still here , Carp, and watching – @ ella correo – spanglish don’t cut it any more, recuse yourself before I take your ex-wife out of circulation, thank you very much.

  66. Oh, I forgot… besides to conclude the proceedings and to make sure that all the boneheads are safe and tucked in, I will also analyze the “boys in the band”, you know who you are, blogmama, manny, tiki, fran, CCCR, e3, ilb2001, NYR_FAN, just a few examples. I am thinking about a brunch of your choice and my expense, so I can really put some faces and characters behind these effusions a little better. Watdya think?

  67. Newbear- Funny, I don’t have an urge to put your face behind your character. I think I’ll take a rain check on that brunch, thanks. Until, perhaps, you realize that if your only way to proof your own worth is to “analyze” and denigrate people, there is a professional help for that. And until you say a single word about hockey. I’m yet to be convinced you realize it’s a hockey blog.

  68. Paul in Sunrise

    Hi Paul

    I know that possibly you and some others think than I’m a Johnny One Note, when I keep bringing up
    Doan, and you probably have good cause, but I cannot help it when I stop to think of the
    Ranger possibilities, and this very ordinary player keeps surfacing with the implication that he is the one. Well, I’ve watched him quite closely for a while and he just doesn’t impress me as a player who can come in and play Ranger type hockey, game after game. Sure I may be jumping at shadows, but it’s there and it does irritate me to a degree, but not enough now to continue my crusade. If he comes he comes, and if Rangers can grow on him like it does for the true believers, then I’ll eat the crow. But I have to see it happen.

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