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Good morning!   I figured I’d start by introducing myself for those who don’t know me.  I comment from time to time when work and life permit but I visit all of you as a reader at least seven times a day during the season and once or twice a day during the off-season.

As for my Ranger fandom, when I was born 31+ years ago, my folks had four season tickets in the old green seats.  By 1994, when I was 13, we were in Section 132 directly behind the 7th Avenue net. Today, my wife and I sit in new Section 114 near the 8th Avenue goal for about 30 games a year plus the playoffs.

So with the background out of the way, here are some random thoughts and potential discussion topics on the coming season, my personal Rangers-related pet peeves and the overall experience of being a Ranger fan (in no particular order).

–          I think, assuming no major injuries this season, that anything less than a return trip to the Conference Finals and likely a place in the Cup Final is the expectation for the season. Sather has addressed the glaring need for scoring with the Nash acquisition; if Sauer can stay healthy, we are gaining a top four D man without giving anything up; perhaps Stralman can continue the growth on the PP that we saw in the playoffs; Kreider will continue to provide speed and scoring and I think our fourth line has gotten more dangerous and effective through the various acquisitions;  all that said, In Hank We Trust

–          I can’t stand Joe Micheletti.  Not only is he a big homer, but I feel like he’s turned Sam Rosen into more of a homer since he replaced JD.  Just one small example, when Marty Biron was really struggling late last season, Joe went out of his way to turn standard, must-make saves into heroic, epic feats of goaltending and then Sam just agrees with him.  I know perhaps that I am not the norm but I always loved New York’s local broadcasts (not just hockey) for being more objective and more professional than so many of the clowns who call local broadcasts across the country (see Beninati, Joe and the Caps and Harrelson, Hawk and the White Sox) and I feel like Joe M diminishes the Rangers telecasts by being such a homer.

–          I hope everyone has realistic expectations for Chris Kreider this season.  He was inarguably an offensive spark during the playoffs, perhaps even our most dangerous forward at times.  In addition, given that he’s become our untouchable No. 1 in trade negotiations it is only natural for expectations to go through the roof.   On a cautionary note though, playing 82 games, going through the ups and downs of a season, battling bumps and bruises, taking 82 games worth of contact, the travel, etc. can be grueling on everyone; even Hank has a slump at least once a year.  So to expect Kreids to come into the lineup and produce a 60-70 point season is crazy IMHO.   If he scores 20 goals and 50 points this year but makes strides in the defensive game, can become a tenacious PK’er, and matures as the year goes on, I think it would be a more than successful season for him.

–          I hate people who sit in front of me and stand up in excited anticipation every time the rangers carry the puck across the red line. MSG is spending almost $1 billion to completely re-do the Garden including new sightlines that are far superior to the old configuration.  One of the benefits of these improved sightlines is that one can see the whole ice perfectly from one’s seat without getting up every 10 seconds and blocking the view of folks sitting behind them.  Look, I’m not saying one should never stand up spontaneously during an odd-man rush (for or against) but every time a D-man makes one move at the red-line, the crowd buzzes, people immediately jump out of their seats only for the D-man to inevitably go off-side or turn the puck over.  Perhaps this isn’t as big a problem upstairs where there are fewer non-season ticket holders, but it’s ridiculous and annoying.

–          I love John Amirante and his anthem. He is the only one who is accompanied by the organ during his anthem(s), the pace of his anthem has slowed dramatically over the past several years and the power in the voice has noticeably waned. Still, no one else gets the crowd going the way he does.

–          Speaking of anthems, I get goose bumps every time I watch a Canadian crowd sing along to O Canada.  Why don’t we do that?

–          I’ll be fascinated to see if any kids can make the roster this year.  With Gaborik out until November (assuming the season starts on time), there should be a spot for at least one of the forwards to start the season with the big club (either JT, Bourque or Thomas).  I always feel like when a kid makes an impact, like Hags did last season, it gives the whole team a boost.

–          Once we have a full roster though, it will be interesting to see what Torts does with the line combos…because with Gabby, Richie, Nash, Hags, Kreider, Stepan and Cally, we have seven “top six” forwards (assuming no other moves are made)

–          Finally, thank you to Carp for giving me this opportunity to write for one of my favorite blogs and can’t wait for a new season to start and spend a part of it with all of you.



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  1. Thanks, Evan. Some of your points are well-taken. And to Carp: Good comment late on yesterday’s blog re: the hands. Many fans are so used to seeing movie fistfights (and without helmets) that they fail to grasp the deterioration over time of the hands of the serious rink pugilists. Joey Kocur had hands and fingers bent out of shape and as raw as hamburger meat when he was well under 30, and his fights went way down after that. Part of the reason is that he eventually had few takers, but Prust actuallu fights way more. Hard to score goals when you can’t even grip the stick for half the season.

  2. Well done, Evan! But Joe Micheletti a homer? To compare him to Hawk Harrelson, huh? Maybe you meant “homer” in the sense that he is biased in favor of the Rangers’ opposition each night, in that case, wouldnt he be an “awayer”? :) i do agree he diminshes the broadcast, mainly due to his irritating voice and the fact he’s braindead. He makes the broadcast unlistenable, he’s the reason some genius created the mute button!

  3. Nicely done Evan. Looks like you’ve made your bones here. You have touched on a few of the normal gripes that Ranger fans who actually go to the games, quietly stew about to themselves. I recall those complaints in the old…er Garden, when the sight lines were so sloped and there was no way to follow the actiion without standing up for most of the game.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo, Nash!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Goooodmorning ilb!!!

    Nice job Evan , Canadian crouds like in Edmonton and Calgary arn’t too bad, good crowd singing . Some can sing loud like the re-habs. Toronto is useless and Vancouver sings like idiots.

  5. bull dog line on

    Hags is not top 6. Joe is not a homer. the expectations for Kreider are right where they should be.

  6. Morning everyone,

    Nice post Evan. Its tough to follow in JD’s footsteps. Him and Sam were too good of a team.

  7. Morning all (although its afternoon now here in Dublin). Good post Evan, luckily i am not subjected to a regular commentary team as i have to watch whatever i can online and sometimes through the NHL Gamecenter live i can choose home or away commentary.

    I think the key to Kreider’s year is how he adjusts to the pro game and Torts system – moreso defensively. If he gets it quickly he’ll be given the minutes and we’ve all seen how fast he is and how good of a shot he has. Dont want to tempt fate but Calder favourite?

  8. Interesting post; thank you. I can only imagine the emotional impact of the Cup on a 13 year old fan!

    Question: In today’s vernacular, what is a “homer?”

    Is it someone who so roots for the home team that he disregards the other team and aspects of play? I find this to be a trait of NESN announcers where they sound like sophomoric juveniles practicing in front of a mirror as to who can event the ‘coolest’ phrases.

    If this is a “homer”, Joe Mich isn’t.

    I do note that he constantly makes references to young players physical attributes, to the point where it sounds sexualized, especially since he does not focus upon older players’ attributes. He goes off describing leg size, etc, but only of the young. It creeps me out. Is this what a “homer” is?

    I apologize for the question, but wanted clarification.


  9. _Is it someone who so roots for the home team that he disregards the other team and aspects of play?_

    Thats how I define a homer. Not a bandwagon fan in that s/he follows no matter what, but the sport is followed with complete tunnel vision. Its the Red Sox / Yankees / Rangers fan who *knows* Pedroia / Cano / Kinsler is *without a doubt* the best 2B in the American League. Often because, in the dumbest justification any fan ever gives, s/he “sees that guy play every day”.

  10. _BRichards_1991 Nothing like coming home to Mom’s cooking! 3 plates full and 12 hours of sleep ahead…_

    Anyone else picturing piles and piles of poutine? That’s all Canadians eat, right?

  11. Sam had already starting waving the pom poms back in the final years with JD. It’s nothing new. You have to do this under the Dolan regime or you are out the door with Marv Albert after 30+ years of service.

  12. If you want to hear homer announcers try listening to the Penguins. Holy moly.

    Traits of a homer – Screams at the top of his lungs when his team scores. Barely whispers “goal” when the other team scores.

    Constantly crying about penalties not called on the opponent or penalties called on their team. This is especially true if the other team scores on the power play or because of the “non-call.”

    Nobody on their team makes a bad play or has a bad game. Either the other team got away with something or some outside force kept their player from doing what he was supposed to.

    They talk up even the 23rd player on the roster like he should be in the all-star game.

    Probably the most common trait is that they make routine plays sound like the guy just made the play of the year.

    There are probably more, but I have to get back to work.

  13. Great discussion!

    A homer is a broadcaster that cheers for the team. Harrellson of the White Sox cheers for his team, Orsillo/Remy for the Red Sox. Sam Rosen is a homer for our Rangers. Sterling is a homer for the Yankees on radio broadcasts. Joe M is not a homer. Joe M is so not a homer, his family probably doesnt even want him home, they cant wait to be rid of him!! :)

  14. The Pens guys take homer to a whole new level. Not only do they pump up whatever the Pens do but they make an effort to denigrate the opposition. LW is however one of their biggest fans.

  15. Tom – yup. That’s why they kicked Jaffe out from Islanders broadcasts (and then brought him back just for studio work). Micheletti does take his shots to point out when players are struggling, but isn’t too critical anymore because he knows if he is, he’s getting the boot (which is unfortunate).

    And the NESN guys are homers (Edwards much more than Brick), but that’s all by design. I hated it at first until I heard Edwards talk about it and how he calls NESN games much differently than he does for National Games just because he knows his audience is 95% Bruins fans. Makes sense, and he says some things that are just absolutely hilarious.

  16. CTB – yes, the Pens guys are by far the worst. At least if you are going to be a homer, be funny about it like the NESN guys. And when something serious happens, be objective. But nope, they can’t do either for some reason.

  17. Other notable homers in hockey: Chico with the Devils, Jack Edwards with the Bruins and the insufferable Rick Jeanneret.

  18. CTB is spot on. But I dont know who Rick Jeanneret is?? And the Penguins guys. I havent watched a Bruins broadcast with the volume on in a long time, because every time I hear Jack Edwards’ screeeching voice, I wanna jump thru the TV screen and strangle him!

  19. One thing I like about MSG is that the PA announcer says both the Rangers and opposition’s names in the same manner when they announce goal scorers/assists. Caps, Devils, Pens and Isles all have a carnival act when the home team scores.

  20. Oh yeah, that guy! I remember back in 2001-2002, the Sabres had a guy named Stu Barnes. He scored, and that Sabres guy went nuts.. “Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu BARNES!!!!!!” and the longer the “u’s” in Stu went the higher pitch in his voice before he ripped out a quick and deafening Barnes.

  21. They’re different guys for the Knicks and Rangers?

    Last time I was at a Knicks game the only thing I heard was “Fire Isiah!”

  22. If youre gonna talk PA announcers, how can anyone not mention the greatest of all time, Mr. Bob Sheppard. RIP

  23. Do you folks recall the one that was hands down the most total “Homer” in ny history?
    No doubt about it. Mel Allen. But he was a great great play by play and color commentator of all time..some may say Red Barber,, eh, not bad, but Allen could come up with the details about every single player who was current with him and historically on any team, , and sideline incidentals. I never cared for Harry Carey, but he was popular out west. Who was the worst Islander homer? How about Sterling? HOw many of you recall the year the Yanks won 104 games, but the Indians won the pennant?

    They did it with the big 4 …..Feller
    Garcia,Early Wynn, and Bob Lemon. And a precocious rookie named Herb Score who was beaned by Gil McDougal and never the same after that.

  24. Yeah Howie can’t be that much of a homer when he rips on his own team during a commercial break.

  25. Good morning, Carp!

    I used to hate Rick Jeanneret, but he’s grown on me a lot. He’s basically a god here. Also, he dressed up like *Dolly Parton* for Miller’s charity party last season and I will probably always love him for that.

  26. _I hated it at first until I heard Edwards talk about it and how he calls NESN games much differently than he does for National Games just because he knows his audience is 95% Bruins fans._

    Even that doesn’t make sense unless he’s convinced 90% of that 95% are complete and total morons.

  27. Howie is a Rangers fan, I dont know why we dont get him to pair with Rosen. Offer him $3-5 million a year. Worth ever dollar to get a professional and a fan of our team.

  28. The Knicks guy sings and hollers, STE-PHON MAR-BUR-EEE!!!!!!! complete small-town NBA carnival barker.

    Bob Sheppard=best ever. But a close second=the elegant and professional John F.X. Condon at MSG (Rangers and Knicks).

  29. We could just trade Joe M for Howie Rose and Rick DiPietro’s contract….. Then have Rick D killed off like on a TV show so his contract comes off our books. ;)

  30. yeah, I don’t think anybody’s offering a play-by-play guy $3-5 mill a year, Tiki. But Howie would come back for the same money he’s making now … which is a lot less than $3-5 mill a year.

  31. Who’s the best paid PxP/color guy? I imagine Madden was making a decent buck when he retired, inflation adjusted. Maybe Vin Scully because he does a 1 man booth and both TV and radio?

  32. I’m sure guys like Buck and Michaels, and Aikman and Simms, make big money. but that’s network money, not regional network money.

  33. Right, I think we’d have to get separate categories. Does Buck do Cards games during the week?

    Kenny/Howie, either way Howie should be brought back to the Rangers when there’s an opening.

    Quick poll, would you rather they keep Joe M or replace him with Pierre?

  34. I wouldnt care how much money it takes, when youre James Dolan and you waste money like it grows on trees, you might as well spend the $$ to allow the fans at home the opportunity to have a great viewing/listening experience. $3 million annually seems like a pittance when Wade Redden sits in Hartford for 4+ years. I

    Yeah, Vin Scully is excellent.

  35. Buck doesnt do anything besides Saturday Fox baseball and NFL.

    And I really despise Saturday and Sunday Yankees/Red Sox games. Im so sick of them, I literally wanna stab myself in the chest while watching them. Buck/McCarver and Shulman/Hershiser are disgusting human beings for the way they bathe the last place Red Sox continuously, whine about the Red Sox injuries, make excuses for them. It’s disgusting.

    It really says something when the only guy that acts like a semi-professional during the FOX/ESPN broadcasts is Tito Francona. And even then, after the way the Red Sox sullied his name and dragged him through the mud with their revealing of his marital issues and drug problems, he should hate on them. But he knows if he does, he’ll be blackballed by them.

  36. Recently, during a Yankees/Red Sox FOX game, McCarver insulted and mocked a charity “Locks for Love” or something similar… Its a charity for cancer patients, and he had to make a quarter-hearted apology later in the game.

  37. CTB – Rangers PA Announcer (Joe Tolleson) is definitely one of the best, but he does annouce Rangers goals with more enthusiasm than he does with the away team (as he should, it’s an arena mostly filled with Rangers fans). Either way, he’s better than the guy who does Knicks games. When they have the double headers and the Knicks guy calls Rangers games (very rarely happens), it’s so annoying.

  38. Yeah I’d expect there to be a little more enthusiasm for the home team. But it’s nowhere near the contrast that a bunch of the other arenas have.

    I can remember the guy in Pitt back in the day: Penguins goal scored by number 66, Mario Lemieuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  39. I’ll take everyone’s word about the Knicks guy. I don’t follow basketball enough or at all. Except if during NCAA time and only if I entered a pool. I funded a few Rangers playoffs tickets from this year’s NCAA.

  40. IMHO, the best example of an entertaining, easy to listen to, professionally sound ‘homer’ is none other thatn our own Dave maloney. Here’s a guy who wears his Ranger crest on his sleeve and bleeds Ranger blue every night, every shift. When i listen on redio I can almost feel his body gyrations and emotions swaying back and forth on every missed opportunites and, excuse the expression, ‘bonehead’ play by his Rangers boys. But yet he has the ability to use his vast hockey experience to produce fairly honest and objective comments pro and con which give you a feeling that two teams are playing. In the MSG round table he uses what I think is a refined, even-handed approach with a fairly extensive multi-syllabic vocabulary, but we all know underneath the desk he’s wearing red-white and blue underwear.

    I can tune out Joe M. pretty easily by now. My issue with him is that almiost everything he says, whther it is for a home or ‘away’ player sounds like a ‘suck up’. He also tries to hard to manufacture excitement or drama when it’s not necessary.

  41. Im sorry, I wasnt trying to be a jerk. Got a little carried away, and Im being 100 percent factual about the McCarver/charity thing.

    I loved Jaromir, and I liked Avery in his first Rangers stint, but I think the loss of John Davidson stings more than either of Jaromir or 1st stint Avery.

  42. Would it help to have a John Davidson in the building? Let’s start a petition to get him to sing the Canadien National Anthem as part of a pop song revival and MSG-backed concert tour.

  43. Tiki, if you want to blame someone for making Red Sox – Yankee games unwatchable, start with the umpires, not the broadcasters. If they actually tried to manage the flow of the game maybe the announcers wouldn’t have to fill the airwaves with nonsense as much.

  44. well, if Cano and Ortiz didn’t have to step out of the box and do the Macarena after every single pitch …

  45. Living in NC I get a lot of Chuck Kaiten on radio and John Forsland/Tripp Tracy on TV for Hurricanes games. Kaiten and Forsland are good. I’d like to strangle Tracy. I can’t stand listening to the guy. He’s such a homer……arrrgh!

  46. Carp, speaking of 26, i played golf a couple of years back with Josh up at Grossingers GC in Liberty. He was on his way up to cover something upstate. We had a great time. If you, or Josh and Mr Titleist are ever headed up this way, let me know.

  47. Ulfie, JD was very much a homer and took it upon himself to credit the NHL and its refs for everything short of curing Polio. Trust me, his schtic had gotten stale by the end of 05-06

  48. Theyre supposed to be professionals, and filling airwaves doesnt have to mean just praising every Red Sox player. You know, the team they played this weekend is in 1st place, they couldve talked about that team a bit. And there’s no excuse for making stupid comments like McCarver does frequently. Last year, he made some comment (Id have to look it up) comparing the Yankees to Hitler. I strongly disagree with the 4 hour game whiners. Its the way the 2 teams play, and when they play each other, it makes the game longer. Beckett takes among the longest time between pitches in baseball, the umpires never stopped it before, no reason to start now. And there’s plenty of reasons for the long games, none of which the umpires control.

  49. Morning folks!

    Interesting discussion on my contention of Joe M as a homer. I agree he is no where near as bad as Chico, Beninati or Jack Edwards… all of those guys, even though they play different roles, who go out of their way to sympathize and actively root on their home team while also taking shots or not even acknowledging anything the other team does right.

    As a kid, I think I just grew spoiled listening to great telecasts that were pretty, if not completely, unbiased. I loved listening to Sam and JD, Marv on the radio and on TV with the Knicks (though John Andraise was never a favorite). I loved listening to Ralph Kiner and Tim McCarver (I know, don’t hate me) call the Mets, Doc Emerick and Peter McNabb call the devils, etc. These were all at the top of the industry and that’s why so many also were the national voices of their respective sports.

    Joe M just diminishes the telecast. I feel like not only does he go out of his way to praise our players, even when not justified but I feel like I often ask myself what in the world is he watching given that what we’re watching on TV…alas.

    If JD retired from his management duties, do you think there is any chance he could come back?
    I just think Joe M

  50. Sioux-per-man on

    Sam is the best voice in the NHL. Joe doesn’t bother me as much as listening to the “other” team, when it’s on “versus”. Everytime they get the game the feed is from the visiting team. Has to be one my biggest pet peeves. I like the Canadian guys Jim Hughson and Craig Simson, they call a pretty good game.

    Vin Scully is the best in baseball, hands down. Jack Buck and Harry Carey would be your favorite if you are from those cites.

    Football – I think Al Michaels – Monday Night football days were the best, (1980’s Miracle Hockey game was pretty good). There are alot of great football guys, I also liked Dick Emberg on NBC, Pat Summeral on CBS.

    One of the best radio voices for hockey, you’ve never heard him out east, but Tim Hennessy calls the college game as good as Sam calls the Rangers, or Scully on the radio.

    One of lifes simple pleasures, is listening to your favorite voice call a game on the radio, while driving in your car. Fist pumping when your team scores the game winner!!!

  51. Its worth repeating, you did an awesome job, Evan!! And dont hate me, Im one of those fans that stands up every 2 seconds (because I have terrible eyesight) :)

  52. Sioux…I love Jim Hughson. I’d take him over every other announcer out there. I’ll watch a HNIC telecast just to listen to him call a game.

    Same with Vin Scully in baseball…no one better. He and Joe Garagiola defined my saturday afternoons and many world series as a kid.

    Tiki…GRRRRRR!!!!! :)

  53. Bull Dog, – I don’t disagree that Hags may not be a top six scorer but he surely was the cog that made the First line go last year with Richie and Gabby…

  54. I’m sorry, but was being a little tongue and cheek with the speeding up of the game. I love baseball and I’ll watch it whether it’s a 2 hour pitching duel or a 4 hour home fest, bean ball, pitching conga line carnival. I love hockey as much. I enjoy the differences in the length of time it takes to play the two sports. The consistency (without the drawn out shanahanigans, lets say, of a Rangers -Devils game) in the winter against the unknown duration of the summer game.

    Maybe I’m lucky that I can tune some announcers out. I think it helps to have played both games (still playing on the ice at age 60). If you love the game hopefully you can do the same because you’re not getting rid of homers, the shills and the foot-in-mouth blabberers.

    I will also add I am a Red Sox fan. It’s interesting what people will pick up when they listen to FOX, ESPN, etc. I heard about the injuries (some of whom are actually a blessing, i.e. Crawford) but I also heard that it don’t mean squat when your starting pitching sucks.

    Maybe I’m also lucky that i really don’t care whether my teams (Rangers and Red Sox . . . . is that allowed????) is overly praised or lambasted by generic announcers or others in short sound bites. I have cultivated some real (non-blog) relationships over the years where opinions are respected and personalities are known, trusted. It’s a little more difficult over the internet but you can get a feeling as to where posters are at . . . like this one. Certainly a continual one and a half-dimensional work in progress

  55. Well? I’m sitting there with a beer in one hand, my cell phone in the other. I’m balancing a hot dog on one leg and nachos on the other. Then, this guy stands up!!!!! How am I supposed to see the game?

  56. Too bad, Charlie! I’ll do it again next time, too!! There’s no law against me standing up. Deal with it! ;)

  57. I suspect Brian Leetch would be an excellent color analyst judging his occasional studio work. Quiet and insightful, he still knows the game much better than a lot of those clowns. But then again, Brian would an excellent anything if he wanted to get involved with the team in any capacity.

  58. Wait…you seriously think that New York has unbiased sports broadcasts? What? REALLY? Let’s be honest for a second here.

    Okay, I’m basically only talking about the Yankees but seriously? Come on.

  59. Sioux-per-man on

    Ulfie – We are one of the same. Huge Ranger fan – and a Red Sox fan as well.

    Been to Fenway Park, MSG, Lambaugh field, and the Ralph Englestad Arena. All the historic venues in sports.

  60. No doubt Leetch knows what he’s talking about, is fair, and sees the whole ice, as he did as a top world class rushing defenseman. Problem is, as an in-game color analyst, as when he played, he brilliantly slowed down the game in his mind while being athletically electric; live in the booth, he’d verbally slow a 45 rpm record down to 33 and a third.

  61. Sioux,
    Good for you, brutha from the same rooting muthah –
    After Game 6 (the Red Sox game 6 . . .1986, as opposed to the Rangers Game 6 circa 1994) I bolted my upper deck box seats and sped off as quick as I could for the Flushing IRT station. I was overjoyed to see a 7 train in the station. I boarded thankful that I would not have to experience the bevy of boisterous Mets Fans . . .but the doors didn’t close. i pleaded with the conductor “please, close the doors” but she could not relate to my situation. The train stayed there for what seemed forever until pack to the rafters with raw orange and blue the doors closed and the train chugged off to Manhattan. One of the more jovial spritis shouted above the din a rhetorical question, “Are there any Red Sox fans on this train??”. Before I could raise my hand he put his hands to his throat and started making gutteral sounds. Before the end of the 45 minute ride back to Manhattan the guy was feeling bad for me (he actually said “Sorry bro, considering all you’ve been through” . . Why di he say that? I came up to him and told him not only am I a Red Sox fan but i am also a Rangers fans. The combined futility at that time was something like 108 years”

    Lambaugh??? do you mean Lambeau????
    Been to a bunch of interesting sporting venues over the years . . . among them Fenway (most memorable a 4-homer 1st inning off of Catfish), Forum (an infrequent Ranger win), the old Toronto and Boston Gahdens, Comiskey (but no Wrigley), Memorial Stadium (old Baltimore Colt fan, don’t get me started) and 27 year season MSG ticket holder (until 2000) section 427, which became 421 which is now ????.

  62. The Knicks PA announcer (Mike Wolsefski or something like that) was not a screamer when he first started back in the early 90’s I think. He gradually got worse and worse. I rarely watch the Knicks these days, but now he is unbearable. Total 3rd rate carnival barker as Carp would say .But that is par for the course in the NBA.
    I think the Ranger announcer (Joe Tolleson) has the perfect amount of excitement and professionalism. The worst PA guys in the NHL have to be either NJ or Florida. The Philly guy used to annoy me but he’s grown on me. And he’s been there forever.

  63. If you don’t like people getting out of their seats then don’t bother going to games…why are you allowed to to blog if you’re going to make negative statements about ranger fans?

  64. what about Rick Jeanerette in Buffalo? His voice and his WAY over the top commentary is by far the worst!

  65. Great job Evan!

    Carp, thanks for letting folks guest blog in the summer when we’re all stir crazy for some type of hockey thought/news. It’s pretty fun to read what’s on other fans’ minds.

  66. If over the next 3 to 4 years Miller, Yogan, Jean and Boo Nevins can all make it to the big club, Rangers will have some good young and big players.

  67. Chris says to Evan ‘Why are you allowed to blog?’ Welcome to his own private Gulag.

  68. _The Pens guys take homer to a whole new level. Not only do they pump up whatever the Pens do but they make an effort to denigrate the opposition. LW is however one of their biggest fans._

    Don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned my opinion on them…

    Never seen much of Tripp Tracy, but I remember watching the Game 82 the Canes blew to let the Rangers into the playoffs in 2011. Within two minutes of the game ending, he was whining about the Canes being unlucky with injuries. Despite the numbers showing that they had had the fewest injuries in the whole league by an absolute mile that year.

  69. So Daniel Alfredsson is coming back for his 17th season. Does this 39 year old legend end up with more or less points than Nash this season? (NOTE: He tied him last year in 7 less games)

  70. Tiki – You should hear all my Boston friends who also can’t stand Buck and McCarver. The same thing you say about how much they love the Sox, they say about how much they love the Yankees. As I said, it’s the one thing that Sox and Yanks fans can agree on, how much they hate both of those guys.

  71. Good baseball fans hate Buck and McCarver, it doesn’t matter your rooting interest. And I’d rather listen to a play-by-play of Vin Scully describing the night of my conception than any other announcer anywhere announce a sporting event. Scully is a treasure.

  72. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Worst Homer I ever witnessed: Jean Potvin, who was radio announcer for the New York Icelanders. I was watching the opening game of the 1990 playoffs between Rangers and Fishsticks, and there was a HUGE goon-a-thon at the end of the game, the score was decidedly in the Rangers’ favor. Potvin was on the radio shouting, yes shouting about the Rangers’ dirty play, yelling “it’s another dirty Ranger trick!”.

    If that’s not a homer (not to mention a MORON as well) I don’t know what is!

  73. Sioux-per-man on

    Lambeau Field. stupid auto correct.

    Ulfie I remember that day. I can’t imagine your pain, and to be stuck on a train for a full 45 minutes.

    Crazy. How some sport events control our emotions.

    I walked home from a Restaurant / Bar last year after the Rangers lost to the Devils. I just didn’t want to be in the place with the other team’s fans cheering. I didn’t want to eat my food, drink my beer, nothing. Gave the keys to the wife, and walked home. (It was only a couple of miles).

  74. Rick Jeanneret is easily the worst in the NHL. Easily. I would watch the Sabres when they black-out the Rangers upstate because I love hockey. But his voice and his style of announcing always keeps me flipping the channel. You should hear the guy’s call on the Chara hit on Miller. Egads.

  75. I have to say that Jeanneret’s “May Day” call is one of my favorite home calls ever…would have Matteau/Rose status if they’d won the cup.

  76. At least with Edwards and Jeanneret, they are more like caricatures of over-the-top homers. Steigerwald is just insultingly one-sided without a trace of humour.

  77. Well said NYR!!!

    Jonny, Red Sox fans are delusional. :) Not ulfie, though. Youre a good dude, ulfie :)

  78. How did you guys like listening to Al Trautwig covering Gymnastics at the Olympics?

  79. Manny, almost as good as Doc “True Professional” Emrick doing water polo.


  80. Trautwig has been doing Gymnastics commentating for years. Anybody know why? Not that I have an issue with it, I just find it random for someone who is a big studio host for NY sports.

  81. Yea I really have no idea what his obsession with mens gymnastics is but he seems to know his stuff. His voice is just ……… I wish it was hockey time.

  82. He does women’s gymanstics too. He’s pretty much the gymnastics head announcer for all major events. He also did the Tour de France a few years ago too.

  83. Great job Evan – you seem knowledgeable and I look forward to your future posts.

    I do have to take great exception however to your comments about Joe Micheletti. He certainly is a homer but no more so than virtually every other local NY sports broadcaster (all the baseball commentators, all the hockey commentators, etc.) and nothing like the legendary homers found in most other markets. Also, he is an honest commentator so he doesn’t just gloss the negative stuff even if he does sugar coat it a bit, and he is a tremendous hockey analyst whose insight has increased my appreciation of hockey. While JD was entertaining he really was just a caricature of himself at the end of his span here and was ready to do something else. Micheletti has been a welcome addition. And Sam Rosen is not the play by play man he used to be. He just misses too much of what is happening on the ice. The quality of the broadcasts would be far worse if we didn’t have Micheletti.

  84. Points:

    Alfredsson > Nash


    Nash < Alfredsson

    I'm going with the 1st one, just to stay consistent.

  85. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Nice job, Evan!

    1. Biggest homer — Chico and the Devils crew. OMG. “Marty with the great save…again” (on a fluttering, soft, mild shot)

    2. THE KREIDER — yes, we need to keep expectations in line. He may have been our best forward for periods of time during the playoffs. But, yes, we need to be real. He is just a kid.

    3. During the playoffs, the people the row in front of my seats kept standing for no reason. Ultimately, the big guy to my left tapped on one shoulder and threatened the folks in front of us. Try that!! It worked like a charm!!

  86. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    CR…….”Man, oh man, that Marty is something. Never been anything like him, I’ll tell ya!”

  87. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    CR….”That puck just found it’s way through the glove of Brodeur. How’d that happen?”

  88. fivefootzero on

    He did say Ginormous the other night referring to the height Jocelyn achieved during her vault…LOL.

  89. LOL CCCP…wrath of tiki. I dont know, I cant understand some people. I knew a NY Giants/Red Sox fan that lived next to me a few years ago. Ive met Yankees/Patriots fans. Now there are Rangers/Red Sox fans. Its best in these situations to keep my mouth shut!

  90. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    CR….”Marty is so great….I think I’ll ask him to make me a new hair piece”

  91. Good afternoon all! First and foremost, indeed an happy 26th to my favorite 26!!

    Great job Evan….though I have to say, I stand up when I get excited, too, but it does tend to flow like a wave with each row…..

    C3, awesome video! Who knew Torts’ ties were even uglier before he came to NY!! Avery!!

    This is a really fun chat today….

  92. Charlie: “How much glue did you Huff?”

    Dee: “As much as you.”

    Charlie: “Well Dee, that’s way too much. I huff a lot of glue. Now you know. That’s too much for you.”

  93. Rabid Ranger fans won’t be happy unless Kreider gets 160 fighting minutes along with his 60 goals.

  94. I cannot stand Chico (Gomez Addams). He’s such a Marty-lover that he has no objectivity at all. When Marty gives up a goal, it is NEVER his fault. The ref screened him. There was an earthquake… a terrible flood… LOCUSTS!

    I know some folks like the home announcer to be a homer, but I think it is horrible and insulting. Hey, if Henrik does something stupid and gets beat, call it like it is! Don’t make excuses. Also, the other team is paid to score – give them credit when it’s a great shot.

    I remember in the late 80’s/early 90’s Sam and JD getting on a Rangers player for a dirty play. They both called it what it was – a selfish and dangerous play that intended to injure another player and ultimately hurt his own team by getting tossed. That’s what I’d like to hear.

  95. even if THE Krieder gets 160 fighting minutes he will not be better than Prust anyway (according to some)

  96. bull dog line on

    if the Kreider were to score 60 goals, and 110 points, wouldn’t that just equal what Avery would score in a month?

  97. First off, agree wholeheartedly that Chico is the single worst announcer in any booth league wide today. What a joke that guy is!

    Second, perhaps I just have higher expectations for what a rangers booth should sound like vis a vis the rest of the league. I think Joe M was a downgrade from JD and I agree with the comment above that I think Sam has regressed and misses a lot on the ice.

    Blogmama, I agree that I stand from time to time and as I wrote in the post, there are times when it is completely appropriate but there is definitely a contingent who stand up literally every time one of our players crosses the red line as if it means anything and it drives me bananas!

  98. bull dog line on

    in his last 4 or 5 seasons there was no bigger homer in the booth than JD. if you just turned on a Ranger game for the first time, during that period, you would think the Rangers were 5 time defending champions.

  99. Bull dog line, I would think that 60 goals and 110 points is what everyone expected from Casey Wellman before they traded him away

  100. Chuck Kaiten is in my opinion the best play by play announcer in the game. he’s been with Whalers since their arrival from the old WHA. He handles both PbP and color details because he knows every single player in the entire league and details about soon to be newcomers…and never a homer.

    I recall the time when Whalers were taking their draft pick, and I can’t recall whether if :Leetch was in that group, but I do know that number one went to I believe the North Stars, and it was a college kid, and his name escapes me, But Whalers chose third and took Sylvain Turgeon, and ol Stevie Yzerman went last to Detroit. Who could have ever guessed. And I will never forget the game where Bruins came into Hartford, and Mike Milbury strutted out and immediately ran into a scuffle with Kevin Dineen
    and you know the size of Milbury and the size of Dineen. Kevin threw one single straight right hander and Milbury dropped to the deck..out of it. Team mates helped him off the ice.

    There were some great days in Hartford.

  101. ALL SUMMER on the WORLD’S Greatest Rangers’ BLOG EVER!!! The Decameron and Canterbury Tales being run for your reading pleasure!!!! And featuring the brand new ‘The JT Miller’s Tale’….stick that in your Funk ‘N Wagnall!!!! …..take my ex-wife, please…no, really take her! BWHAHAHAH!!

  102. Ok just finished up at Pelham bay . E3 Plays tomorrow. In any case ran into boomer and carton and crew having lunch on shore road. Realized it was the entire carton clan including their very benign yet huge mastiff when I called out the “hockey sucks” motiff as bs. Craigs kids did have knick shorts on by the way. Boomer said it was to piss off hockey fans like us and part of the shtick of the show. Great dudes. Had lunch right next to us. Could have been anyone. Anyone on their way to a celebrity softball game in new Rochelle. Shot 82 by the way.

  103. Francs normal speaking voice and normal personality is not what you hear on the radio. Boomer’s is for sure. Craig shook hands with us as we left. Both really good dudes although I don’t get their love for governor fatty of the jersey. He does like the rangers. Maybe that’s it

  104. Nice job Evan.

    My pet peeve: How about Sam gratuitiously calling every play “a good play by ……” .Sometimes wonder we’re watching the same game!!! For example, A defenseman will get to a loose puck in the corner ( yes that is good) and then blindly reverse the puck up the boards where it is easily kept in by the uncovered point ( a blind turnover) and he will describe it as a good play by Del Zotto.

    Nowadays, most announcers talk too much.

    Bring back Jim Gordon and the Big Whistle. Those were the days my friends, those were the days!

  105. How do you shoot 68 at St Andrews (slope 143) and 82 at Pelham Bay (slope 117) ? Some people cheat so much that if they ever had a hole in one, they’d write down zero on their scorecard.

  106. Agreed, Percifal. That’s a great statement. My father always forced me to count everything and never, ever take a gimmie. Another great lesson from Pops.

  107. Some fans don’t realize that Avery was almost as much disliked by his teammates as he was by the opposition. He provided a shot of adrenaline for sure, but he was disliked personally. Who could like this loudmouthed nut shot artist wise ass fruitcake personally?

  108. A good golfer will always tell you he’s having trouble playing to his handicap; A bad player will tell you he’s 10 strokes better than his handicap.

  109. Never played st Andrews. Shot 81 on bethpage black during my long island days.. Best round of my life. My handicap these days is Anyones guess

  110. E3 pimp's angel on

    Joe M praises the opposition an awful lot to be a homer. Sam rarely talks about anything going on in front of him.

    Marv and red light messina were excellent.

    Jim Gordon and the whistle were great but huge homers as well..

    In the studio, JR is king.

    The sky was yellow and the sun was blue, Nash pitches a shutout and henrik nets 2.

  111. E3 pimp's angel on

    Avery belongs on the top line.

    My last 3 rounds at St. Andrews : 64-62-62-67

  112. If you’re playing Split Rock, bring extra ammunition, or visit the pro shop after 9 (holes, not time)

  113. Wow, Walter. First, do you have any firsthand knowledge that any of his teammates disliked him? Fruitcake… is there something wrong with the guy liking fashion?

  114. I couldn’t agree more, Papa Bear at 5:22.

    Good evening, Sally!

    at my city tournament this week, guy with a 16 handicap shot an 80 in the first round … that’s putting out everything, no free drops or mulligans, back to the tee if you hit one OB, everything. What a freakin’ cheater.

  115. Anybody catch the Senior Open at Turnberry this weeekend? Freddy Couples won it in style: 72-68-64-67

    Very impressive performance on probably the most challenging Open course…

  116. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    PBR – I think tomorrow I will be at St Andrews. Shot a byfuglien 29 on the front 9….. But only 35 on the back for my 64. My putter is on fire.

  117. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Evan – you must visit the shark tank. An usher will scold you if you lean forward in your seat….

    Shark fans are softer than the ranger team believe it or not.

  118. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    My Brutha – I am only watching bob costas and Ryan seacrest these days. Two of the most knowledgable dudes in all of sports….

  119. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Carp – talk about cheaters / at one of my old companies we had weekly tournaments and one time I was in a 4some with a dude high up the corporate ladder and I was just a junior engineer…well, this guy us losing balls left and right, 3 and 4 putting every hole… So, after 9…he tallies up his score card / and he only “2 over” he looks at me and says “byfuglien 38 after 9 – I am shooting lights out” I started laughing hysterically …. He said “what’s so funny?” – and I thought right there and then I was gonna get fired..

  120. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    My Brutha – I have some serious chronic – I ain’t ironic nor laconic and nearly supersonic nursing not gin and tonic but sweet bloody Mary.

  121. Pimp’s scoring better than Freddy Couples these days. Better than Michelson, too. Better than Woods. With his minus handicap, I wouldn’t want him as MY partner.

  122. Old acquaintance of mine, a good golfer in his own right, caddied numerous times for The Donald at Winged Foot. Tells me he has a very “creative” way of scoring his card. And there’s large bucks involved. Surprised he hasn’t caught an errant 7 iron in the nose. My uncle was a number of times a partner of Bobby Riggs. When helping an opponent look for a nasty hooked drive in the trees, Riggs whispered to him “If he finds that ball, he’s cheating.” Riggs then lifted the sole of his she and the guy’s golf ball was under it.

  123. Firsthand, Tiki. I know it sounds lame, but I can’t publish who related it. And maybe he made it up, but no reason to think so. But – I CAN tell you it had nothing to do with fashion.

  124. E3 pimp's angel on

    Think I’ll go shoot a quick 18 at st andrews – not sure why, but I shoot a lot higher on the iPad than I do the iPhone – much longer off the tee with iphone perhaps…

  125. Walter, not sure I have ever had an exchange with you, but throwing around terms like fruitcake aren’t really cool in my book. Kind of narrow minded if you ask me. As you were.

  126. E3 pimp's angel on

    Percifal – If you mean me and not the pimp – totally agree

    I am playing tiger woods EA golf on my iPhone….if I were to play there for reals, I would shoot 200.

  127. Not really sure how else I was supposed to interpret that in the context you used it. But if you say so, I will trust you. The people on this blog, while they can get carried away from time to time because of their passion of the team, are good people. Sorry if I misunderstood you.

  128. Love when people share their “firsthand” knowledge covered with “can’t tell who said it, sorry” middle school phrase. Dustin Brown had a lot of negative things to say about Avery. Artem Anisimov said quite opposite. In Russian. I read it firsthand.

  129. As far as hockey ability and 4th line is concerned, I’d rather have Avery over Asham or Haley….but the fact is, Avery didn’t want to play for Torts, he didn’t want to be a Ranger….he doesn’t care about hockey…he will tell you that himself…

    If he cared about team…if he just cared about something other than himself….that would have been cool…

    He lost, and it’s his own fault…given 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances!!!

  130. NYR_FAN, I liked Avery here, but he doesn’t fit into the new persona of the team. If he was so disliked why was he taking part in Prustie’s charity event? im sure he wouldn’t have been extended an invite…walter, you cant reveal source because your sources are as good as Rod Urks…that is all!™

  131. Stil hard to believe Nasher for Dubi and AA..roflmaoa…legit top three now. That is all!™


    …but I dislike his own stupidity and decisions (on +and+ off the ice)….IMO, he played himself off the team….and as a fan, I care about the team before an individual name or player…even Sean Avery

  133. Dustin Brown? The Kings’ Dustin Brown? You pick one guy out of the air? NO ONE had anything good to say about Avery publicly, leaving out his teammates. Teammates NEVER go public with in-team personal criticisms. Anisimov said something nice in Russian? Good for him.

  134. stranger nation on

    Joe M is a homer? Hmmm…was thinking of different word starting with hom…

    Kenny and Dave are the best option going. please no Howie Rose, the guy has become utterly painful on the Mets, sort of like the team. and the floppy footed clown paired up with him has to be Jeff Wilpon’s cousin or something.

  135. Missing the point here, Walter. What both Dustin Brown and AA said was published. I do not have the same luxury of an “inside knowledge” as you seem to have. Nor I have an intention to make up stories.

  136. Talking homers, Mike Shannon is pretty much a classic case of one. Then again, he was born and raised in STL, played for the Cards and has been part of their announcing team for decades. He does these awful ads with the owner of a local restaurant, Big Eddies Bon Aire over in Illinois. He has a really nice steakhouse like a block from Busch, though. And Joe Buck doesn’t do the games, a John something or other does them with Shannon on KMOX.

    Darren Pang is a really good color guy for the Blues. And so is the pxp guy, whose names escapes me right now.

  137. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    S.nation, my Brutha

    Micky – Saratoga having some good races.

  138. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Dave Maloney is EXCELLENT !!!!

    Loved him as a player – love him on radio

  139. SufferingSince79 on

    Took me a while to get through everything. Good calls on Gordon & Chadwick. Great memories from my early years. Loved JD at first then he started reading his own press. Thought he was awful the last few years. Sam has just kind of been Sam. Would prefer Howie Rose now. Any better call than the Mathieu goal? Sam got it wrong. Howie called history. Micheletti seems like he goes out of his way to complement the other team. Duguay is horrible. Why is Keenan involved? And since when did the MSG network become the home of the Devils & Islanders? Got to admit I sometimes listen to Chico to see if he can top his prior stupid comments.

  140. SufferingSince79 on

    While I know there’s some support for at least two of these guys, I would basically take anyone over Devil Doc Emerick, Heave hoe 2 in a row Olcyck, Roenick the retard and the absolute most intolerable “hockey” analyst from a Ranger perspective…Mike one shoe Milbury. The worst part of making the playoffs was having these guys call the games.

  141. E3 pimp's angel on

    Milbury is brilliant too. While a better GM than studio host, he oozes a lot of charm on tv

  142. Trautwig twice made the statement as the US women’s gymnastics team won gold: “Like all champion teams do, they will walk together forever.”


  143. I disagree about the statement about JD in regard to being a homer the last 4-5 years as the MSG / ny rangers color commentator . If my good memory serves me correctly, it was the complete opposite…..almost like JD was being extremely partial. In fact, many rangers fans thought JD was talking up the opponent a lot more than most in same position….and the rationale was because JD was jockeying for an upper management job somewhere in the NHL .

  144. ilb, you will no longer be burdened by any further stories from me. Sorry to have dismayed you. See ya.

  145. SufferingSince79 on

    E3 – JR=Wile E. Coyote=Super Genius. And I find the use of the word oozes & Milbury very appropriate. Well played sir.

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