Some Monday hockey reading


OK, call me lazy.

Instead of writing something for youse to read, I’m going to link to a couple of hockey stories. Actually they’re from yesterday, but I found them pretty interesting. Way, way, way more interesting than the Olympics.

On the other hand, I found the LPGA’s Evian Masters more interesting than the Olympics.

First, from the Columbus Dispatch, there’s Aaron Portzline’s 61 memories of Rick Nash in Columbus, which you can read right here.

Next is USA Today’s Kevin Allen’s story about how off-season issues are keeping NHL GMs off the golf courses and behind their desks.


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  1. what first?

    Hello from Alaska.

    I made the move. At least I can watch hockey for less than $100 a game again.

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Hang in there, Tomb. Stay positive, you’ll find your job.

    Happy 26th, 4ever!

  3. Good morning! Hey, Tomb, my sister and I always talk about moving to Alaska. Maybe some day…..good for you!

  4. Got my Rangers dvd prize in the mail the other day Carp. You’re the best! I’ve had that program on my dvr for a loooong time now and finally can erase it. lol On another note, I showed some Nash highlights to my mom this weekend and she got so excited that she made me show her hockey (mostly Ranger related) videos for over an hour. She became less of a hockey fan when we moved to Florida and her interest steadily declined every year since. She occasionally pays attention to the Panthers but mostly because we have season tickets and they were successful this year. Hopefully my father and I can get that to change this season (assuming there is one). The only negative is that we only have 2 season seats and they’re basically reserved for me and my dad. Not so sure I want to open up the possibility that she wants in on that. lol

  5. Carp: That Portzline dude is a solid writer. One of the best columns I think I’ve ever read…lots of insight and lots of information (meaning he thought deeply about what he was writing and spent time doing some statistical research).

    Very impressive…

  6. BTW, I agree that Nash should be paired with Stepan, leaving Gabbie with Richards.

    I don’t concur with some who are talking about a Nash/Richards/Gabbie line – to me that’s too many guys on a single line who like the puck.

    Split them up so you have the makings of 2 offensive lines. What 2 players are used to complete those lines is what Tortorella can experiment with. He’s got some interesting choices, too – Kreider, Callahan, Hagelin, maybe Shane Doan, maybe even Christian Thomas or Milan Hvirik!!

  7. Cross Check Charlie,

    I tried the recliner back, stare at the ceiling fan routine…..unfortunately, I noticed that my ceiling is in need of painting, so I went back to the lying on the couch, channel surfing routine. I am adverse to house work, so I will attempt to avoid any activity which leeds me to discover where I need to perform manual labor.

  8. Ugh. Gotta unload one of those pods we packed before we moved. Today should be filled with carcillo.

  9. Papa Bear, that has happened to me. As a backup plan I sit on the back porch drinking coffee or soda (or whatever) and watch the grass grow. Much more interesting than the Olympics.

  10. Actually, last evening I went and played Dek hockey. Scored a goal with a slapper from the blue line. That is unusual for me because I’m more of a stay-at-home defenseman.

    Definition of stay-at-home defenseman: When it’s game day my team wishes I would stay at home.

  11. Cross check – LOL.

    Can’t watch the grass grow… It needs to be cut and my son is away for the next two weeks. My wife might ask me to push the lawn mower! Havin’t done that in 10 years and don’t want to start now.

  12. I’m only at bulletpoint 20 or so of Portzline’s (really, really good) piece on Nash and I’m already not loving the things about him asking out of the rough areas and occasionally deciding good effort is good enough.

  13. Thanks for those links, Carp. Good insight into the newest Ranger. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t thrive here, perhaps not right out of the gate but I believe he will quickly adapt and be a fan favorite in short order. He has something to prove and probably can’t wait for the season to start.

    Any word on the NHLPA contract negotiations?

  14. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Wednesday begins the one month of the year we have to pull each other through….August. Boring baseball rues the day. No hockey, just labor talks.

    We make it through August, then we have the excitement of knowing the next month is training camp and pre-season start….we are on our way!!!!

  15. Yergs, I am a day late, but your blog yesterday was Hilarious!!! Thanks for the funny read :) I was half laughing with you and half at myself for having the same underwear debate in my head. Surely, it helps to wear the lucky ones, right? If not, well, it can’t hurt, right? Or could it…maybe my doubt is going to jinx them now!?

  16. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    that portz article is really good, but i think the biggest thing to get out of it is that nash was never pushed to do better. federov got cut off at the knees when he tried, and hitchcock didnt stay long enough to. tort reform is coming for you, 61. i hope you’re ready for it. on another note, i think i may watch a couple blue jackets games when the rangers arent on now.

  17. Whered u get that picture of me, Carp?

    Happy Birthday my 2nd favorite RRussian 4ever!!!!

  18. I think Torts will push Nash to be the best he can be – its going to be a sight to behold!

  19. … and I think Nash, because he’s friends with some of Torts’ favorites — Richards, Prospal, Rupp — embraces that.

  20. This is the fourth season in a row Torts has added a former player of his to the locker room. Prospal, then Fedotenko, then Richards, and now Halpern.

    Do a barrel roll!

  21. Good morning all!

    – Belated kudos to Yergs from yesterday, fun read.
    – Happy 26th 4ever! Hope you have a great day!
    – Carp, I am duly honored and humbled that you’d post that for me, but I’ve already seen it! Happy Monday to me!
    – Giroux and Crosby can both kiss my aasen…In fact no, ew, they can’t.

  22. Sitting at laguardia about to board flight to Columbus for work. There for only one night back in NYC tues night. Any chance I see dubi arty or howser if I do any words I should express.

  23. Torts is gonna eat Nash for breakfast and then make Sather regret he made the trade (even though Torts begged for more offense).

  24. Mickey

    Nash’s here to stay so might as well start getting over Dubinsky now while we’re in the offseason still.

  25. and trust me, nobody defended Dubi more on this blog than me! I love the kid but i’d trade him for Nash all day everyday!

  26. Mickey – apparently you haven’t read this Nash quote regarding playing for Tortorella:

    “From what I understand he’s a very demanding and tough guy to play for and he really preaches hard work. That’s what you expect from a coach, that’s what you want.”

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  28. You can delete that. It was supposed to be a picture of a puppy’s face. Didnt work out too well. :)

  29. Finally was able to read Aaron Portzline’s article. Well written, I think we will end up liking this guy. I especially like what he described in #52. Of, course he needs to be productive first.

  30. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Yea, I just read it, too, Ilb2001. Really well done. Not as good as Carpy. But really well done.

    Look, the guy’s been in an awful environment with a losing franchise FOREVER. He is a top 10 or so. We can worry all we want. He will find his way with the good leadership this team has. When he does, I look forward to watching him.

    Eagerly awaiting training camp, I am :)))

  31. So Giroux is whining about Sid the Skid slashing his wrists on faceoffs. So? why didn’t he slash him back on the next faceoff? Oh wait, if he did retaliate he would be suspended for life.

  32. RICK BYFUGLIEN NASH FOR DUBI and Anisimov??? WHAT??? BWHAHAHAHAHA!! I still can’t believe it!! ROFLMAO SATHER did the 3:10 to Yuma again!!! REHIRE SATHER AGAIN AND AGAIN!!

  33. If the Italian plural of you is “youse,” I think if you have three or more, it’s “yiz,” and if you have a roomful of people, it’s “yizzes.” Guess that’s why they call it a Romance Language. :-)

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo Nash!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Great article…still reading. Awsome.

    Happybirthday 4everanger!!!

    ARIGHT CARP , Nowwwwww do we have enough talent!!??

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo Nash!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Tiki puking on the blog. Priceless.

  36. just got back from blue jacket team store in columbus. no dubi or arty merchandise yet. had conversation with team store manager who said for weeks prior to trade people close to the team said it was only the rangers he was going to. not as much nash stuff on the shelves as i thought they stopped ordering after christmas because of him being traded.

    i was asked what to expect from arty. i said get ready for ups and downs hes a bumpy ride.

    i walked out of there with a fedor tyutin t shirt. can we bring him back to be in our top 6

  37. I’ve been puking all day. Note to all: watch what you eat on Flatbush Avenue, no matter how hungry you are….Doan do it!

  38. Is this thing on? Want to talk about Olympics? That water polo match was exciting! Dammit.

  39. I just got back from Vacation and someone in my elevator said, “Hey cool hat. The Rangers were talking about signing someone today. Some guy that played only 40 games over the last two seasons.”

    I responded, “Didn’t Sean Avery retire?”

    Him, “Not him. But someone else that would be a great fit”


    Who was he talking about? I am sure he was right, I just need to know who!

  40. Manny – The only guy I could find from the UFA list that fits that criteria is Kristian Huselius. He’s got 41 games under his belt in two years. Jed Ortmeyer is close if we’re just looking at just the NHL. But I don’t see how he helps this team. My guess is it was Huselius. He might have even been on a line with Nash in Columbus. The guy’s been dogged by injuries the last couple years, but he’s a solid 60-point player when healthy.

  41. SufferingSince79 on

    Good read on Nash but #36 is a problem for me. 1/21/10…piece of Carcillo pounds Gabby while Dubi & Prospol tied up (kinda) and Girardi & MDZ watch. Avery gets back at him a little later. Rangers lose 2-0. Embarrassed to be a fan back then but team dynamic changed with current former squad. Gotta hope that loss of Prust, Feds, Dubi and yes Avery doesn’t leave us like that again. Don’tget me wrong. I understand circumstances that have those guys somewhere else but the first chance Nash gets will tell the tale. I’d like to think he does the right thing. Would love to see him get Nashty.

  42. That sounds spot on, phil. Thanks! That’s actually not a terrible idea until Gaborik gets back. Good stop gap and someone Nash is familiar with having around.

  43. Suffering: What do you think Pyatt, Asham, Haley and Rupp are there for? Forty goals piece? Not to mention Bickel.

  44. Manny, fwiw…i used a reference to the Decameron yesterday about yesterday’s lost scrolls of the sahara blog post…INNIT!!

    Ella Correo (No TS/TV/CD)

  45. I’ve been saying it all along, Suffering. I think this team is a lot better now … but it won’t be the same, and it won’t win the same way, and when the fourth liners aren’t on the ice — which will be most of the time — I don’t think there’s a lot of team toughness.

  46. also, if they’re counting on Pyatt and Haley for toughness, forget about it … Pyatt doesn’t play that way, and Haley is going to be in Hartford.

  47. SufferingSince79 on

    Agree V8 that Rupp may be there on any given night to drop em. Not so much on Pyatt. Bickel and Asham depending on opponent. My point is the 2011-12 squad took no crap and all stood up for one another. Not looking for a bunch of no talents to just fight. Flyers & Devils proved that didn’t work most nights against us. You get pushed, you push back. MDZ goes from standing around in 2010 to clocking Neil after the Boyle hit. If that’s the team’s attitude, Nash can’t be a bystander.

  48. bull dog line on

    was watching a replay of games 6 and 7, and it hit me. the Rangers have traded or lost to FA 5 of there top 12 forwards from last years team. they have only replaced, at best, 3 of them. there is still more work to do for Sather.

  49. Fighting majors and instigator minors don’t win championships. Entertaining, surely, but ultimately futile.

  50. SufferingSince79 on

    Carp – I’m honored to get the reply. Been posting here & there since end of season. My wife & I love the blog. The wife loves the King. Agree the team is different and lost the snarl. Just hope the extra crap we take doesn’t lose us too many games or any players.

  51. I’d day they replaced four, bull dog … Nash, Pyatt, Asham, Halpern replace Dubinsky, Anisimov, Prust, Fedotenko and Mitchell. Though of those nine players, I’d say Asham is by far the worst; and Nash is by far the best.

  52. The 2012-13 Rangers will surely have less snarl than the 2011-12 Rangers. For instance, the total PIMs will not be as high, without Prust and Dubinsky around…

    But, you’d think the Rangers will be drawing a hell of a lot more penalties with Kreider and Nash (and even Hagelin) and rely a lot more on their speed, rather than their fists to win battles…just sayin’….

  53. bull dog line on

    ok 4. still need 1 more top 9 player I think. maybe it is Miller, but more likely someone not currently on the Rangers roster.

  54. I understand everyone liked Prust and Dubie, but face it – in two FULL seasons, Prusty gave you 320 penalty minutes and TOTAL of 18 goals, 30 assists. Last year, Dubie gave you a grand total of 10 goals and 24 assists. They can both snarl all they want. They didn’t produce numbers and no one was afraid of either one of them.

  55. Vickers, they made life on the ice miserable for the opposition. They fought for every inch of ice and made other teams work for everything….it isn’t about “fear” and “being afraid”….

  56. bull dog line on

    I had no problem with the Rangers letting Prust walk. but to put Prust’s value to the Rangers in just Stats is wrong.

  57. it’s just silly to boil some players’ value down to stats. if you think those guys won’t be missed at all, I believe you are mistaken.

  58. SufferingSince79 on

    Liked the guys that are gone. Like some of the guys they brought in. Like this team and our chances better this year (half-year?). Although our expectations are much higher this year than last.

  59. As a fan, I miss them myself – but the moves were made and they were the correct moves. That’s why Slats and Torts make the big bucks and we order a beer and chime in.

  60. SufferingSince79 on

    What’s the skinny on Huselius? has him listed as 2nd best FA left after Doan. He’s 33, 6’1 , 180 lbs. Swedish and had some pretty good stats before he was injured. Agree with Phil that he’s serviceable. Thoughts? Bueler, Bueler?

  61. SufferingSince79 on

    Bull dog, you could have left it as is. Thought you were doing the pirate thing. Higher expectations with Ricards, yes. 1st in the East & 2nd overall? That’s way past where my head/hopes were. Just gotta believe a trip to the finals and the Cup will be the only thing that works now.

  62. Vickers, no doubt they were the right moves, especially letting Prust go for that kind of money … and as much as I respect Prust (as much as anybody here, I imagine) … I wonder if it was his hand injury, or if he just slipped last year. Because at the end of the year and in a lot of the playoff games, he was on the fourth line. And I definitely wonder how long he can last in the NHL fighting all the time against bigger guys, as he is willing to do.

    I think Tortorella would have loved to have him back, but I don’t know that Tortorella planned on him playing third-line minutes anymore.

  63. Many people on here had no problems bringing Avery’s stats up all the time while ignoring everything else he did for the team…He stood up for his teammates, was vocal when needed to to help the team, did everything he was told to do and never complained and gave his all to this franchise…but Prust is somehow different…Prust is somehow golden and untouchable just because he fought more than anyone else…weird bias.

  64. “On the other hand, I found the LPGA’s Evian Masters more interesting than the Olympics.” Carp: Couldn’t agree with you more. Did the same thing and not only are they pleasing to the eyes, but watching them swing is the best golf lesson in the world. Easy, soft poetic swings. No arms, just hands and torso rotation.

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