Are these the 2012-13 New York Rangers?


The Rangers signing Anton Stralman yesterday, and all this cooky talk about Shane Doan wanting four years (I haven’t seen anything substantiating it, but you keep hearing it, and teams like Detroit are dropping out) and Alex “The Invisible Man” Semin landing in Carolina, makes me wonder.

Is this it for the Rangers? Are they done making their summer moves? Maybe there’s something minor coming still? Or maybe they’re working on a trade? I don’t know.

But it got me thinking.

Nash, Richards, Gaborik (when the season starts around Thanksgiving or later), Callahan, Stepan, Kreider, Hagelin, Boyle, Pyatt, Asham, Rupp, Halpern.

Girardi, McDonagh, Staal, Del Zotto, Stralman, Bickel.

Lundqvist, Biron.

That’s 12 forwards, six defensemen, two goalies. That’s a lineup on any given night. Now, add in that one or two kids might make the opening-night roster (especially if it miraculously starts before Gaborik is healthy), or that Micheal Haley might be up and down, especially when the Rangers play the Patrick Division teams.

Am I forgetting somebody?

This could be it. This could be the roster for 2012-13.

Are you OK with that?



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  1. If Sauer comes back, does he push DZ to the third pair with Stralman?

    Girardi McD
    Staal Sauer
    DZ Stralman


    This seems like an interesting D pairing. They are lacking toughness a bit.

  2. Morning ‘heads,

    Thats a pretty good team on paper there Carp. I’d be content to start the season liek that and see how they do. Of course Doan will push them way over the top, but as the summer progresses, I find it more and more realisticthat he will not be here. Gotta figure that the average total of the lines above would:
    Line 1= 85-90 goals
    Line 2 = 70-80 goals
    Line 3 = 30-40 goals
    Line 4 = 10-15 goals

    Forward lines total potential = 195-225 goals….not to shabby from just that bunch. Sprinkle in another 40-50 goals from the D and some up and down players from hartford, and we may have a team that averges close to 4 goals a game….. Assuming my math is correct :-)

  3. They need another D. Doesn’t have to be a big name guy, just a solid defenseman who could be the #5 or #6 guy. Bickel to me, would be a better forward on the 4th line. He’s not very good.

    I’d also love to see another decent two way forward. I think a little more scoring on the 3rd line would help. If it’s Doan at a reasonable price, I’m down with that. If it’s someone else who’s responsible defensively and can chip in 15-20 goals, then that works too. They get those two things, they are ready for battle barring injuries.

  4. I’m OK with that lineup. I don’t see where a guy like Doan takes the team from a contender to a Cup winner. He’s a good player, but he’s not the savior. Torts got a whole lot out of a lesser team last season. I have faith in him pushing the right buttons this season.

  5. Dont forget…we have Wade Redding in hartford!!!

    …ok sorry, just kidding…dont wanna ruin anyones weekend

  6. i still think a whole heck of a lot is going to hinge on the health of michael sauer… if he’s healthy the d goes from shaky to very strong… think about how good the d was this year and the true top 4 never actually played together (mcD, stahl, girardi and sauer). i always said the year before, i thought our best defensive pair was mcdonagh and sauer, not girardi and staal.

    del zotto stepped up a ton, but having sauer healthy really changes everything. he’s so sound defensively and before he got hurt i thought he was maybe the best d-man at knowing when to pinch in and keep a puck in. he definitely adds some grit too.

    it doesn’t look he’d be ready for the beginning of the season, but i really think the nyr need him back healthy if they are going to make a cup run.

  7. Vitaly – The way I see it, the defense is as follows if Sauer makes a return:

    Del Zotto-Sauer

    Makes the most sense to pin the two guys ‘weakest’ defensively with the two guys who are strongest defensively.

  8. hipbone – If Sauer can play, Eminger is gone. I never got the impression that Torts was too comfortable with him anyway.

  9. Geeze Carp you ask, “Are you ok with this?” like one parent says to another when they find marijuana in their child’s bedroom. That’s a pretty good line up, IMO, particularly if a kid can crack the roster and play 3-4th line.

  10. Fine with the defense, especially knowing Sauer and McIlrath are lurking somewhere. Less fine with the forwards. Stronger up top without a doubt, but the depth took a serious hit. Another 2nd/3rd to slide Pyatt down into a really good 10th would make me a lot more comfortable.

  11. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    My two cents is that I don’t see Slather not going out and doing something. He said, when he was in Edmonton, “if I had all that money I, too, could win championships”. Well, he’s got “all” that money. I think he pulls the trigger someway or somehow.

  12. Good morning, boneheads!

    I’m ok with that roster, but like bull dog said, with $13M+ cap space, it’s highly doubtful they’re done.

    I think we are underestimating Stralman signing. He can play 2nd pair R wing behind Girardi, or 3rd pair if Sauer comes back, plus PP minutes. I also expect Bickel to go from a “project who is still learning” to playing more regular shifts and bringing some toughness. Torts likes his presence and his willingness to drop the gloves, as well as his desire to learn the game in general.

  13. Matty, I’m ok if Sather goes up to $70M. It’s $80M payroll I would worry about. May I remind you of 2003-2004 roster? That was what he spent. Results? 69 points. Good for 13th in the East.

  14. That 03-04 squad was so horrendous. I remember going to see them play and MSG was like a mortuary. The best player on ice far and wide was Messier, and that was his final season.

  15. They were a team with Messier, Lindros, Jagr, Leetch, Nedeved, Rucinsky, Holik, Kovalev!, Kasparaitis on the roster at some point in the season. And they just STUNK!

    …oh they even had Tom Poti

  16. And to add insult to injury, they drafted Hugh Jessiman with the 12th overall pick, whereas the Flyers (1st in Atlantic Division with 101 points) get Claude Giroux.

    That had to be the worst season in Sather’s GM career.

  17. Brian Leetch trade at the end of that season was the icing on the cake. Why am I nauseous?

  18. First 2 lines of offence are _really_ good, 3rd is questionable – we just don’t know what to expect in terms of the 2nd scoring contribution, the 4th one will be OK one way or another. Defense looks solid and has a certain reserve (hopefully not repeating last season’s nightmare with injuries, which in a strange way was a blessing in disguise). One of the best in the League combo in the net. What is there not to be excited about this team, which looks like a real contender? Now, it’s only the coaching staff job, a matter of tuning this team, matching players and working out a new concept and strategy, based on achieved and proven team’s qualities with changed personal. *I do believe!*

  19. under NO circumstances can stu bickel be a regular in this lineup night in and night out. the lack of depth on the blueline did them in the postseason. bickel is 6th/7th d man who shouldnt play 82 games barring injury. if sauer is back great if not i would still look to see who is out there if mcilrath is not ready to contribute. eminger and bickel rotation is back to square one. no thanks. with 13.3 mil in cap space we are not done unless we are saving that for deadline day which is too far away to think about.

    you could def tinker with this lineup still and currently they still need some more depth up front as well doan?

  20. Michael Sauer making “tremendous progress” according to Dave Maloney??


  21. The Leetch trade did get us the “tremendously progressing” Michael Sauer, so it wasn’t all bad. Some great news today, really hoping he can make it back. Way to young to have his career end.

  22. Oh, good, I’m glad you corrected it, MisterD. I was thinking, “oh, no. Not him to-too-two” :-)

  23. I have a feeling that Sather is monitoring the Phoenix situation closely. And not because of Doan. He may be waiting to see if his former employee is asked to shed more salary and has to trade Yandle.

  24. a question about Del Zotto…

    since he’s coming off an entry level deal and is now RFA, is there a ceiling in terms of what the Rangers can offer him?

  25. He is also not eligible for arbitration since he signed his ELC when he was 19 and only played 3 years in NHL. Players who sign their first SPC at the age 18-20 require 4 years of NHL experience to become arbitration eligible. In other words, there is also no floor in terms of what they can offer him.

  26. It’s actually just over $1M, which was his last year’s salary. But yes, he was qualified with that number. Which he most likely already rejected. Those are routine steps. Now they are working on a long term deal, which can be for many years, and can be at any number per year.

  27. I think the 4 yr deal is a rumor that has been repeated so much, people are starting to believe it. If someone offered that, Doan would sign it. His last contract? Such a family man? That would set his family for LIFE and then some.

    I bet his agent’s kid tweeted that to a few key tweeters and BOOM it blew up.

    Of course that team coulda been the Seattle Islanders, and in that case I understand Doan not signing.

  28. I put down the total value of his elc rather than what he made last season

    is there any indication that he’s already rejected a qualifying offer?

  29. Again, one of the better moves made by Sather was signing Staal to a multi year deal at less than $4M per year. MDZ will not get that, but it could be close to $3M for 4-5 years. Just a guess.

  30. [b]Am I forgetting somebody?

    This could be it. This could be the roster for 2012-13.

    Are you OK with that?


    They still need a right-handed shot on the Point for the PP

  31. Remember that game against CBJ last year right before the deadline? When MDZ’s goal didnt count because of the “official clock” in Toronto? And ‘We Don’t Want You!” chants at Nash? And a game tying goal with 1:30 to go in the third by Nash? And Stepan scoring a GWG in OT on a beautiful play! Was some game!

  32. I’m too lazy to look it up, but I think the deadline for accepting or rejecting QO is July 15th. If I am correct then by now he’d have his contract already signed had he not rejected it.

  33. Got news for the Bickel haters … unless Sauer makes it back, be prepared to see more of Stu, not less. The coaches think he’s a project and a learner, and they like him (and need his toughness) and are likely to give him more ice and an opportunity to improve rather than less.

    And just because there may be some progress with Sauer, he could still be half a year from being cleared for contact and then being ready to play NHL defense.

  34. I know, Carp. But, any progress on Sauer is great news not just from a hockey perspective, but from a human perspective, as well.

    There was doubt about his well being for a while until Sather came out in early July…

  35. I’m OK with it, but I still ask the question, is this team better in regards to wins as last years team. I’m not so sure about that.

    I really hope Sauer comes back. If he does the D should look like this:

    McDonagh – Girardi
    Staal – Del Zotto
    Sauer – Stralman

    If Sauer isn’t back, I’d love to see Emmy back for another year, even though Bix can be used here and there. Bix isn’t that good of a d-man, but he’s big and can hit.

  36. cw, in fact, I haven’t seen one legit hockey journalist — at least none who really have a clue, like Dreger or McKenzie or even Kypreos — report that Doan rumored offer.

    Good morning, Sally!

  37. phil, you never got the feeling that Torts was too comfortable with Eminger? that’s why they signed him … twice?

  38. Are there Bickel haters? I didn’t really trust him during the playoffs but he was definitely a guy I wanted back. In a perfect world, he’d rotate w/ Stralman based on matchup. Having both in the lineup is a little less ideal.

  39. I think some people think that nobody on the roster can be limited in some fashion. How many 5th – 7th defenseman are solid players with no weaknesses? Yes, Bickel has his problems, but for a 6th d-man he isn’t too bad.

  40. I take that back. In a perfect world, he’s our 7th because Sauer is back healthy and McIlrath has played too well to remove from the lineup.

  41. I don’t know how you can hate a guy with the BEST faceoff percentage in the history of the NHL. The NYR need that.

  42. I am suspicions of the MDZ situation right now. He gets a new deal, but he is the 3rd Left Dman on the depth chart. PK Subban is in the same boat as an RFA. Neither is signed yet. I am not starting a rumor or have any knowledge of anything. Just seems like…unfinished business.

  43. _I am suspicions of the MDZ situation right now. He gets a new deal, but he is the 3rd Left Dman on the depth chart. PK Subban is in the same boat as an RFA. Neither is signed yet. I am not starting a rumor or have any knowledge of anything. Just seems like…unfinished business._

    But then we can’t afford to trade Staal to Carolina to be with his brothers where he obviously wants to play because all of his brothers play there.

  44. Way too much cap space for the Rangers to simply not doing anything. Right now we have the 11th lowest payroll in the entire NHL!!!

    The Rangers current third line looks pretty weak and I imagine someone like Arnott or Holmstrom brought in on a one year deal to add some scoring depth.

  45. i don’t believe there is any “situation” regarding Del Zotto whatsoever. This is called negotiating when one side has all the leverage. It takes a while.

  46. Mister D, why would Marc wanna play with a scumbag that cheap shotted him and nearly ended his career?

  47. _Way too much cap space for the Rangers to simply not doing anything. Right now we have the 11th lowest payroll in the entire NHL!!!_

    And only Doan left as an appealing UFA. You wonder if there are any potential salary dumps among the higher payroll, lower goodness teams. Cammalleri?

  48. _Mister D, why would Marc wanna play with a scumbag that cheap shotted him and nearly ended his career?_

    Or Eric Staal.

    (Semin joke above.)

  49. exactly, cw. it might take right up until the lockout, er, I mean training camp, to get it done.

    oleo, I agree, but that doesn’t mean they have to go out and spend up to the cap especially since … A) they don’t know what the cap will be after the lockout and B) it wouldn’t hurt to have all sorts of space for a big-name rental at the trade deadline. That said, I think they’re still in it for Doan, but IMO they’d better not go beyond two years.

    After Del Zotto signs, they will have about $9M left.

  50. Understood.

    I’m interested to see what the lines are. Hard to imagine one of Kreider or Hagelin on the third line. Kreider because he seems to be the real deal and Hagelin because his game is not suited for that type of role.

  51. ps, Girardi got what, $3.3M per as an RFA, Staal got $3.9M per. I’m guessing Del Zotto comes in somewhere in the middle of that.

  52. Yup, Carp, not more than Staal, and probably closer to Girardi. Maybe even less than Girardi if it’s for 4 or more years.

  53. If I was Del Zotto’s -hairdresser- agent and wanted to squeeze the little leverage he has, I’d say a year or two of cap inflation since OPG and Stauwall settled, the Rangers’ obvious chunk of cap space and the fact that higher points totals probably push him into a slightly more monied group of comparables are reasons he could get more than either of them.

  54. _not sure how it all works, but wouldn’t you try to sign away some of his UFA years, hence more $$ now._

    Yup. Every UFA year you get, you up the total compensation higher. Player wins by getting more money now and longer term security, team wins by getting UFA years at lower than UFA prices.

  55. _If I’m MDZ, I try and get the deal signed before the CBA expires._

    No worry of rollbacks? I can see a guy like Weber, whose contract would exceed any potential years / AAV / total compensation cap, but why MDZ? I’d think the risk is atleast equal to the reward.

  56. bull dog line on

    Haley is the 13th forward. I think that tells you another NHL caliber forward is needed. still think they need a top 5 D man who plays the right side.

  57. Carp

    do u think the Rangers might look to extend guys like Stepan and McDonagh now since they have so much cap space for this season? That way they can save a little cap space in the future by paying them now…

  58. I could live with Rozsival being on the third pair, if his knees are up to it. Not sure he’ll be looking for the large drop in salary that would come with it though.

  59. _Haley is the 13th forward. I think that tells you another NHL caliber forward is needed. still think they need a top 5 D man who plays the right side._

    I’ve really embraced the idea of Dominic Moore. Always have the option of flipping him for a 2nd rounder if things don’t work out.

  60. Risk to the Rangers of signing away UFA years now is that they might not turn out to be UFA years under the new CBA.

  61. another NHL caliber forward is only needed when Haley is the 12th. Plus you probably should project one or two rookies to make the team up front. Making Haley the 14th or 15th forward. And, unless they need a fighter on the roster, Haley might not even be that. He was a minor leaguer for the Islanders, and Newbury is probably higher on the depth chart.

  62. Hugh Jessiman on

    Per DjoosJuly 27th, 2012 at 9:59 am
    And to add insult to injury, they drafted Hugh Jessiman with the 12th overall pick, whereas the Flyers (1st in Atlantic Division with 101 points) get Claude Giroux.

    That had to be the worst season in Sather’s GM career

    they were not in the same year. giroux and sanguinetti were

  63. I think JT Miller and Dylan McIlrath will get a shot to make the roster. If Christian Thomas doesn’t make it this year he probably never will.

  64. Yeah the Rangers passed on Richards , Carter, Getzlaf and a slew of others to take Jessiman but not Giroux. That was Sanguinetti. Whatever knocks there were on Girous at the time I’m sure I would have believed them. hes not particularly big or fast.

    Question is whether Halpern is justa depth guy or an everyday guy. Guess much of that depends on whether we get more kids in there.

  65. the Rangers prospects all struggled during their ATO. The only guy who really shined was Hrivik and he was undrafted. Miller, Thomas, Yogan all were non-existent which leads me to believe they aren’t serious contenders to make the team.

    I don’t see what prospects the Rangers have that can make the 3rd line out of training camp. (Not counting Kreider as a prospect).

  66. If the Rangers miss out on Doan, I would entertain an offer of 1 yr for Arnott…he could certainly play #therightway….good, solid third liner that’s won a Cup

    Not exactly a speed skater, but neither is Rupper…

    Combos assuming the season starts on time?

    Hagelin – Richards – Nash
    Kreider – Stepan – Callahan
    Pyatt – Boyle – Arnott
    Asham – Halpern – Rupper

  67. _Yeah the Rangers passed on Richards …_

    I don’t like thinking about this. Richards would be a really nice fit w/ this roster.

  68. He’s only had 1 year on the Whale. Korpikoski and Anisimov both spent 2 in the AHL and turned into legit NHL players. PA Parenteau spent 6.5 years there.

    I don’t think Bourque does it, but I think it’s too early to make that determination with any certainty.

  69. bull dog line on

    what I read about Miller with the Whale, was that he was very effective. was hard on the puck and played physical. he only had 1 assist, but from what I read, played well.

  70. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    I do think the roster has an addition or two coming. I do think Bickel has room to grow, but I think we get a vet D-man until Sauer is ready as insurance.

    I didn’t weigh in on the Stralman signing previously, but let me do so now. I like it alot. The kid showed me something in the playoffs, is only 25, and had been in the league for a few years now and we know that those D-men sometimes take a little while to hit their stride. I think he was a must re-sign after they traded Erixon, since with the exception of Del Zotto, we don’t really have an offense-minded D-man (although Staal is underrated there, and we all here the same things about McDonagh’s game not developed as yet.)

    I also like the idea of bringing back Dom Moore. But it all depends what they want/see out of Halpern, and whether a kid is ready to step in.

  71. I don’t know if anyone else is with me on this one, but I do not want to see Shane Doan on this team for any amount of time/money. From what I saw during the playoffs last year, the guy has clearly lost a step and takes penalties at the WORST possible times. How does a guy have 48 PIMs in the regular season (79 games) and then rack up 41 PIMs in 16 playoff games? Two suspensions for headshots and one fine (easily could’ve been another suspension) since 2010. And whose minutes does he take away? Hagelin? Kreider? Callahan? This team is built on speed right now, hard to deny that much. I’d rather see Jason Arnott here (for MUCH less money) winning draws and staying out of the box.

  72. That was my question too. Where would Doan actually fit? Are you gonna pay him a load of money to come here to play 3rd line minutes? Plus he winds up taking time from either Krieder of Hagelin.

  73. Cory: I think that was a bit of an anomaly; the entire Phoenix team lost their collective minds in that LA series. (And Doan would have finished one goal back of our playoff leaders.)

  74. Arnott would be a cheaper version of Doan. Not sure what he has left, though.

    The thing with adding a veteran D-man is you’re talking about a 5 or 6 who probably was a 6 or 7 with his last team, unless you want an overpaid guy like Rozsival. Otherwise, how much are you really upgrading over Bickel, who has considerably more upside and future potential? And how many minutes is the new veteran D-man going to really see?

  75. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I would rather have bickel over sauer and sauer over stralman.

    Ideally, I agree with most here and mcilrath in the starting 6 (I know injury and all) would be great and along with sauer (injury also) being healthy would arguably be the best case scenario as far as talent goes. Mcilrath is a righty I believe, correct??

    I think the fans at MSG should stop trying to be creative….the “we don’t need you chants” sure did not work out too well (and I’m glad they didn’t). And the utterly ridiculous “can you hear us” chants when the caps trounced us in the playoffs a couple of years back made the fans look like royal jackwagons….STOP with the stupid chants MSG crowds!!

  76. With Stralman signed, if Sauer comes back, you’ve got Bickel or Stralman as the 7th Dman. Very deep at D. More scoring and hopefully a better PP.

    The only thing that would worry me next season is the addition of #30’s baby to the mix. Who knows how much sleep he’s getting or if his mind will be totally focused on hockey in some games. *This was completely and wholeheartedly a joke intended to arouse laughter*

  77. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    as far as the roster goes, I would be a bit happier if it was konopka at the 4th line centre position (or JT hogwarts, I mean Miller on the roster) and a bit more grit on D (sorry stralman, hopefully mcilrath or sauer), but other than that I’m good.

  78. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    And an ABSOLUTE NO to rozy or moore!

    I still can’t believe sather trade Simon and leetch that season.

    Didn’t he basically trade everyone to Canadian teams that purge?

  79. i believe he traded Kovalev and Nedved during the same purge, didn’t he? … what did he get other than the draft pick that became Sauer?

  80. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Correct me if I am wrong here but aren’t corey perry, Iggy, and ryan clowe UFAs next summer?

    I would take any of them in a heartbeat…maybe a no to doan and get one of those three next summer (if they make it to free agency.

  81. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    simon to calgary, leetch to toronto, barnaby to…ott? or was that a D man who I can’t remember?

  82. checking in on my lunch hour…

    someone mentioned the team needs a two way forward who can score 10 to 20 goals. hmm, didn’t the rangers just trade away 2 guys who would fit that description perfectly…….

  83. Good point about keeping cap space for the trade rental amrket Carp….maybe the ducks will stink this year and possibly unload corey perry…asking price will probably be high though

    Still wouldnt mind seeing Doan on the roster if he is willing to play a 3rd line role if need be, but I think he is not coming here. I think he stays out west if anything.

    Sweet and Sauer Jam!

  84. Nedved: Traded by the New York Rangers, along with Jussi Markkanen, to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Stephen Valiquette, Dwight Helminen, Edmonton’s 2004 2nd round compensatory choice (Dane Byers) and future considerations.

  85. You need bickels fist on this team. Whether he plays 6th D or somewhere on the 4th line, torts will keep him up here just for his toughness and willingness

  86. Barnaby: Traded to Colorado Avalanche by New York Rangers with Rangers’ 3rd round choice (Denis Parshin) in 2004 Entry Draft for Chris McAllister, David Liffiton and Florida Panthers’ 2nd round choice (previously acquired, later traded back to Florida – Florida selected David Shantz) in 2004 Entry Draft, March 8, 2004.

  87. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Petra nedved was a great scorer and could drop the gloves when necessary. Of course, those gloves were made of white silky lace.

  88. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Bickle has tremendous upside. Not sure why there are so many haters….

    Resign Avery….

  89. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I’m pretty sure he sent a d man to ott then, can’t think of who it was though…I think we had got the guy form the avs at some point

  90. Mama, after the day i had yesterday, im at the beach right now, perfect blue skies. You could be here……

  91. The Czech Line was fun to watch…all finesse and no cajones,..but fun to watch nonetheless..

  92. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on


    Rangers traded Greg Devries to Ottawa for Karel Rachunek and Alexandre Giroux

  93. If you’re MDZ, you wait until after the CBA is signed to sign your deal. No sense in signing it now to have it roll back.

    Also, the other day when discussing Nash and my thoughts on why he’s not as good as people think, I brought up Crosby’s numbers early on and how they didn’t reflect who he was playing with. Someone mentioned he had Lemieux (who played 26 games), Recchi, LeClair, Malone, and Palffy. Well just taking the last 4 since Lemieux barely played, they all combined for 194 points.

    Nash’s top 4 teammates since 06-07?

    11-12: 168 points
    10-11: 197 points
    09-10: 233 points (NOTE: Crosby’s last healthy season, 51 goals, 109 points, top 4 teammates only had 221 points, so Crosby had less help than Nash)
    08-09: 175 points (and Nash scored 40 goals)
    07-08: 159 points (terrible year as only Nash and Zherdev had over 20 goals)
    06-07: 184 points (Nash wasn’t the leading scoring, Vyborny was)

    Gaborik’s 3 years in NY:

    11-12: 212 points (41 goals, 76 points, 82 games)
    10-11: 182 points (22 goals, 48 points, 62 games)
    09-10: 189 points (42 goals, 86 points, 76 games)

    Two points to be made here:
    1) Nash has had just as much help (in 09-10 actually more help) as Crosby and Gaborik, yet they put up better numbers than him on a regular basis.
    2) No matter the help or lack their of, he continues to put up the same numbers every year, whether his teammates play well or no.

    Further proving my case that he won’t score 40 this year. But we’ll have to see I guess.

  94. I think he will score 39..assuming torts puts him out late with a one goal lead so he can bang in a couple of empty netters

  95. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JonnyD – please tell me you’re joking regarding Crosby’s team mates and those Nash had…

  96. Steven Delisle is listed at 6’6 234. we need him to blossom and be the stay-at-home-get-the-hellout-of-hanks-crease-before-I-rip-your-head-off-defenseman

  97. I still remember the Tampa game when Poti had the game winner (and an assist on the 2nd goal). It was one of the first games I went to as a season ticket holder. Everyone was booing him and because he kept doing that stupid fake slapshot on the PP. I told my section to shut up since he was going to score to win it. Sure enough he got the GWG to make it 3-2 Rangers and they ended up winning 4-2.

    Funny random fact about that game, the 2 goals the Lightning scored were from Fedotenko (from Richards) and Richards (from Prospal).

  98. If I were more motivated right now, I’d photoshop a goodwill bin up in the MSG rafters.

  99. Sioux-per-man on

    I like Bickel. Remember the Game HE saved for Henrik last year? That goal goes at it is a different story in the playoffs. But may favorite moment last year, was when he knocked “Tostito’s” Teeth out in the Flyer game. He’s the perfect Tort’s prospect, young enough to learn, and he is willing to anything for the team. I think McIlrath will spend the whole year with Beukeboom playing for the Whale. But when he is ready, he will grow into a solid crease clearer. We will have 3 solid guys to rotate the last D spot.

    Carp – didn’t Sauer’s pick come from the Leetch trade?

  100. Whether it’s this year or next year, I’m praying that Sauer’s first game back is against Toronto so he can go right after Phaneuf

  101. _Carp – didn’t Sauer’s pick come from the Leetch trade?_

    According to Kathryn Tappen, yes.

  102. E3 – look at the stats. In 09-10 specifically, Nash’s top 4 teammates (Vermette, Huselius, Umberger, Voracek) all combined for 233 points. Crosby’s top 4 teammates (Malkin, Gonchar, Staal, Guerin) combined for 221, and Crosby didn’t play much with most of those guys except Guerin. Nash scored 33 that year with MORE help and Crosby scored 51.

    My point simply is that no matter the help or lack there of, these guys still get their numbers, hence why I don’t expect a spike in Nash’s play just because he’s surrounded by better players. The year Nash scored 40, it was when he had the least help out of all the years he’s been in the league.

  103. Are we really gonna consider Kidd a Knick? At that point, he was a Knick for 3 seconds. But, if we are, he’s got more titles than Queen #30! :)

  104. Jonny D: I did the same thing a week or two ago. There was little to no correlation between Nash’s GPG and his team’s which is why, like you said, expecting to just add 15% more goals or whatever doesn’t make sense.

  105. Sioux, my favorite Bickel moment was his faceoff win. Plus, didn’t he debut with a point streak?

    Tiki, I don’t consider him a Knick. I consider him a criminal. :)

    Who’s Kathryn Tappen?

    Boo-K, I wouldn’t get my hopes up on Delisle … the new “Answer.”

  106. Sioux-per-man on

    Thomas, Miller, or Newbury will earn the spot, on the 3rd line, out of camp.

    Who knows what Sather is willing to pay Doan, for a year or two, but I would guess the Flyers are willing to pay him more for longer, since they have struck out this summer. The only way I see Doan coming to the Rangers is if he REALLY wants to put his name on the Stanley Cup. And how many million more does it take to play for the money? He would help, but we may not need him if Thomas gets the chance to light the lamp.

    One thing is for certain, the player that lights the lamp for the Whale will be the next forward to play for the Rangers. Now who will that be ….. ?

  107. I know you get that 10% or whatever overage in the offseason and Pronger is going to be LTIR’d, but the Flyers really don’t have that much money left. I think like $3MM right now.

  108. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JonnD – not terribly accurate to just look at the top 4 scorers…. Run your analysis on the entire lineup for both teams….

  109. But, if we are, he’s got more titles than Queen #30! :)

    He’s got more DWI arrests too.

  110. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – How dare I foget about THAT moment, that was the game right after the Flyers.

    I was THERE!!! We sat behind Joba Chamberlain.

    Still Tostito’s teeth, and the refs looking for parts afterward was pretty exciting. I’ll take the 100% faceoff win, as a close 2nd. Bickel was running through the 360 club, right before the game, when they warm up playing 2 touch soccer. He stopped and said hi to us, when I recognised him. I thought that was pretty cool of him. He’s a classy kid from MN, what’s not to like about him?

  111. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Jason Kidd 0
    Utility Pole 1

    Mr. Kidd to serve. Players, play.

  112. I’m saying the Rangers should have gotten Semin. I know, I know. 1 year deal, guy puts up numbers.

  113. Why would you look at the whole lineup when you know he’s not playing with the whole team? Even so, Mister D did that analysis a few days ago and it proved that there was no correlation (it was almost negative actually) to Nash’s scoring vs. the GF by his team…

  114. Sioux-per-man on

    Flyers game was more fun. Ranger put up 5 goals, the place was rocking. Rangers win 5-2. vs the Loss to the Devils 0-1. The only highlight of that game was the faceoff. That and Zach Parise stopping to flip a kid, next to me, a practise puck right before the start of the game. Zach is another class act in hockey. Nice to see him close to home playing with Cullen. Boy are the price of hockey tickets going to be up in MN. Good luck getting into a game there this year.

  115. Sioux-per-man on

    I agree with Chris. I’m thinking Semin is going to be playing with an edge this year. Just a chance to stick it to Washington, and to put all his skills on display for the next contract. I don’t see him laying down to much playing next to the Staal’s. He could very well have a banner year.

  116. You got me w that one Carp. I disturbed the people next to me by LMAO.

    I have no loyalties to Kidd. But Uncle Moe, id rather have 1 DWI and 1 title than neither of each :)

  117. Let’s not confuse Semin with a guy like Christensen. Semin has scored 40 goals in a season. With Torts’ hand up his kiester, he might turn out. Get him out to Coney Island for some pierogies and vodka. He might love playing NY. Enough to play.

  118. I must be in the minority when it comes to Bickel. Yes I know he stands up for teammates and brings the edge torts likes but watching him in his own end is misery. The 4-7 mins a night in the playoffs were a disaster for him. Goals scored penalties hence the reason why be need a number 5-6 guy with more experience. A guy you could play 12 mins a night in pivotal reg season games and throughout the playoffs. Bickel will never be that guy and Mac and girardi will be run into the ground again.

  119. Semin’s going to show you what a dog he is by having a big contract year. … He would have a nice regular season here, then sabotage the playoffs, and you’d all be blasting Sather for wasting the money and a whole year on him. … ask yourself why he was only able to get one year from a bad team when teams are throwing around 10-year contracts like frisbees, and when a 36-year-old 25-goal scorer is looking for four or five years and has teams interested.

    woof, woof.

  120. tiki, I’d rather have a guy with no titles than somebody who endangers innocent people’s lives by driving drunk.

  121. eric, guys who know a lot more about hockey and player evaluation than you and I think he can be turned into a legit NHL defenseman. So what’s the big deal? The fists are a bonus … and something this team now needs.

  122. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Re Jason Kidd: there is driving in the lane and there is driving in a lane…

    Jason Kidd trails in the first set, 1 game to zero as the utility pole held serve. The utility pole is long, lean, and rigid – and a difficult opponent for Mr. Kidd. Favoring Mr. Kidd, however, is the fact that the pole doesn’t move well until hit hard…

  123. NBA is’s all about individual performances now (me me me me me me me me) ….team means nothing…

  124. “tiki, I’d rather have a guy with no titles than somebody who endangers innocent people’s lives by driving drunk.”

    I’d rather have the pole.

  125. Shane Doan, 2 years, $8.25 million (or thereabouts) is the max. Anything more than that, particularly the years, and you’re just throwing money in the Hudson.

  126. damn… i shoulda used Kanye West moniker for my “Carp doesn’t like Europansy players” comment lol

  127. Sioux-per-man on

    Who watches Basketball???

    That’s like watching paint dry in the land of the Sioux.

  128. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – What’s a real number for Doan. $7 for 2 years, $14 total. Just because we have the cap space????

  129. 3 way deal, who wins and who loses …

    Carolina: Staal
    Anaheim: Skinner
    NYR: Ryan

  130. Sioux-per-man on

    @ $100,000 a pt that would be $5M a year, for a 36 year old right wing.

    I’m thinking 2 years @ 5.5 with inflation. Crazy how anyone would offer anything more.

    To bad he doesn’t want to put his name on the Stanley Cup. His best years were 03-09, I don’t think he would score more than 30-40 points as a Ranger.

    I don’t see him signing as a Ranger.

  131. Not that I think he’s nearly worth it, but nobody’s getting Doan for $4M+ … More like $4m x 2 … and I don’t think two years will get it done, either. So I don’t believe he’s coming here.

    that said, if the Rangers could get him for two years at $7M per, I think they would do it.

  132. well you’re definitely not getting him for basically what Montreal paid Brandon Prust

  133. Hah. Just turned on the TV and there’s Jason Kidd’s ex. She looks awful, though it appears the welts from his alleged beatings have healed.

  134. Sioux, you got that I was saying $8.25 million spread out over 2 years and not $8.25 million per year, right

  135. Doan will get overpaid, possibly smartly if its in the short term, because he’s the last good UFA and teams have a ton of space under the cap.

  136. I like ilb. I sort of like you.

    just FYI, because some clown tweeted Zip that Doan wants four years at $60M per TSN and The Globe and Mail … the actual news report says four years, $30M … still way too much for way too long.

  137. I would not spend that much money on Doan. He maybe a good fit and they have cap space, but I’d much rather take it into the season and see who becomes available right after the new CBA is ironed out. Or even later.

  138. bull dog line on

    Mister D,
    I like that one. I think the Rangers and Ducks win, and Carolina loses.

  139. by the way, CCCP, one of my favorite people in all of hockey, and one of my closest friends, is Sarge, Sergei Nemchinov. … who, I believe, is white and a Russian.

  140. bull dog line on

    somebody is going to pay Doan what he is looking for. I like him for the Rangers, but as Carp has said, 2 years max.

  141. That last game before the end, ( was it in 93?) which gave us the king of floaters Anson Carter, who always managed to be just out of reach of any puck, and Tom Poti pretending he was Malik but without the humor, and Matthew Barnaby was like a self generating little dynamo, he was all over the ice never stopping and playing his heart out while the rest of the players simply disgraced themselves. His legs never stopped pumping. I’ll never forget that bunch.

  142. ilb:

    you wouldn’t pay Doan $4 million per for a couple of years? keep in mind that Sioux listed Kris Newbury as a possible candidate for third-line spot a little while ago.

  143. bull dog line on

    I saw that too Lloyd. if Newbury is centering the 3rd line, its going to be a long season.

  144. I’m not a massive Semin fan but he clearly doesn’t deserve a reputation as stained as the one he’s earned from the (mostly Canadian) media and old boys network within the game.

    Semin dogging it is still a better player than any number of good old Canadian boys trying their guts out on the bottom six of most teams.

  145. I know Carp. You have strong morals. Im 100 percent sure ilb feels the same way as you. One step at a time for me…

  146. Still possible that Mats Zuccarello could get a call (either by camp or during the season)?

    Sather left the door open for a return with the qualifying offer….Zucc has an NHL out clause in the Metallurg deal.

  147. $4M? Absolutely! For 2 years. But I wouldn’t go up to $7M just so that he comes here even if they have the space.

  148. I agree with LW. Matt Bradley, who was particularly verbal about Semin, would have to stay in shape and play until he is healthy 85year old in order to produce as many points as Semin already has. It’s just that he wouldn’t fit in NY, not in Torts’ system. And not after they lost Prust, Dubinsky and Co.

  149. LW, I don’t think he’s awful … but I witnessed one of the worst, most indifferent playoff series I’ve ever seen with Semin against the Rangers this year. Made Bernie Nicholls look like a gamer …

    Yes, ask me about Makarov. Ask me about Konstantinov or Fetisov or Fedorov or Larionov. I don’t think those guys were dogs. Some of the best players I’ve ever seen.

  150. The Q.O. for Zuccarello was simply to prevent him from being a UFA … so if another team was interested it would have to trade for him, or (haha) come up with an offer sheet.

  151. You’re right Carp.

    I believe Sather’s exact words on Zucc were: “I understand he has to take the money over there but one day he might want to come back and I want it to be with us.”

  152. I would rather take out a personal loan for $7MM to pay Doan than have Newbury on the 3rd line.

  153. I think this may be it for now. They are not sure where the cap ends up and the following year, they will probably need $10m to sign McD, Stepan, Hags and Sauer – $2.75, $2.5, $1.75 and $1.75 at least.

  154. $7.5 million for Shane Doan is insane enough, but to give that to him for 4 years is worthy of a straight jacket.

  155. In regards to signing Doan to a high salary 2 year deal, what kind of contract does Mcdonagh get next season? Is there any chance that any team signs him to an offer sheet?

  156. hopefully the Rangers stay away from Shane Redden over there. 7.5 mil for 2 years is ridiculous let alone 4…

  157. Riddle me this, why in the g-d good earth would the New York Rangers pay Shane Doan $7 million per year for 2 years to play on the THIRD line?


  158. Shane Doan = cap disaster and terrible contract in the making. And you can’t even waive him since he’s over 35!!!!

    There is no logic in signing him to the contract he is rumored to be receiving. Paying a 36 year old 50 point player 30 mil over 4 years is complete lunacy…

  159. Good evening all! I am so confused today…which year/season/decade are we talking about.

    I am done with Doan. Let’s please move on. Am very psyched for this season.

    Carp, I am so mad at you for not inviting me to Walter’s with Sarge. I’d even spring for the doubles.

  160. Can you, please, stop b_ea_tching and moaning? It is not going to happen, period!
    Find something else worth to complain about and swish yourself for.

  161. so whats going on here? Doan is almost the same as Dolan. -Prust umm, just sayin’!

  162. Wait, a 36 year old Shane for 7 million for 2 years and you people were moaning about Dubinsky and Anisimov’s salaries? C’MON PEOPLE, YOU ARE SMARTER THAN THIS!!

    Ugh, Rangers fans sometimes..

  163. Sorry, I thought it was an open fact that Redden had a drug problem and did rehab. Am I crazy? Was that just wild speculation. In my head it was Ozo public.

  164. Don’t Staal. Take me to the King. And Stepan it! I won’t be Hagelin over the fare. And, Doan make me throw a Pyatt you!

  165. And then there was the optioned Ranger who went to law school to study Defamatory Torts.

  166. Can’t top you guys…LOL!

    For whatever reason, am I the only one not into this year’s Olympics? I love an opening ceremony, but really…Mr. Bean? Oy

  167. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    “It’s an incredible ceremony but what does it have to do with the Olympics?”

  168. Shocking…lots of FB friends saying NBC: i.e No Brain Contest…is ruining/has ruined Olympic coverage already….hahahahahaha! They should be hockey fans…..

    Doan you want me baby?

  169. Mickey, thanks….that song is now my earworm…..

    We Doan want you!

    I’m out of ideas…..niters all!

  170. You guys are on a roll.. Funny stuff.

    We Doan ‘t need no stinkin badges….

  171. CraigWeather on

    In your life you’ll have some trouble…..but when you worry you’ll make it double Doan worry…be happy…. Doan worry, be happy now…

  172. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    They are Ukrainian, cccp just uses the old soviet moniker because it is easier to remember!

    So if I asked you to pick one group of 4 players for your team (no salary involved), which group would you pick?

    Vermette, huselius, umberger, voracek


    Malkin, gonchar, Staal, guerin

    You jackwagon bean counters with waaaaay too much time on your hands need to give it a rest with this teammates production and this linemate and that linemate from before….blah blah blah

    All that matters is what he does from the moment he became a Ranger!

  173. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    It could even be Jared and I would still take that group.

    These jackwagon comparisons are ridiculous

  174. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I hate to ask, but since I’m at work still did I miss some announcement on doan or something?

  175. I use CCCP as a moniker because CCCP is the greatest hockey nation there ever was and ever will be!

    And DOAN even argue with me!

  176. Geez, I’m not participating…

    So now you think you’re better than me, Doan you?

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