Meeting Mr. Nash


Got some stuff to take care of first, but if my “other job” allows I will make my way over to the informal media meeting with Rick Nash, who is going to be involved in some sort of Rangers benefit thing on ice with kids today.

Assuming I get there, I will (fingers crossed) post audio of whatever the newest Ranger has to say.

That will be some time after 1 p.m. or so. So keep it here.


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " The MONSTER NASH!!!"...says Greg L. on

    ummmm , CA Ranger …..I was the first to say MONSTER NASH!!!

  2. I missed most of this weeks happenings due to the time zone difference but what a great week to be a Ranger fan – we got our man without giving up any of the core of the team (although we are a bit thin at center if we get an injury) and the Flyers got hosed after declaring open war on other teams restricted free agents.

    I expect the Flyers will trade for Bobby Ryan now and you can bet Snider will have to dig deep to tie up Giroux, Couturier, Schenn and Simmonds over the next year or so for fear of RFA Offer sheets being fired back their way. SLats will also have to do the same with MDZ, Step, Mack Truck, Hags and possibly Sauer over the next 12 months too.

    The next 2 seasons are key for this team now, after that we may start to lose one or two key guys to free agency if they choose not to give a hometown discount.

  3. stranger nation on

    getting Doan along with Nash will have us bigger, more talented and also more leadership. both were captains with there squads and for all the reasons we admire Cally’s role-model leadership, more experience in that room for players who make plays is a huge plus.

    mr. Knee Hockey and The Rifleman were 2 of the more vexing players to watch. we saw the best of Dubious and for all he gave the club in toughness and uneven production, he seemed immature and was a turnover machine who had brain farts on the defensive side much too often. Artie Party is a good skater with great reach and OK hands that almost never, and I mean never hit anyone with his large frame. in fact he was a human punching bag along the boards who lost almost every 1v1 battle.

    this deal was great for what we gave up No Dubious and No Artie AND for what we got back. if Torts has him playing like he did in International play, everyone will quickly forget about what we gave up. this was a flat out steal of a deal.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Stranger- no matter what we think AA and Dubinsky will end up being by the end of their careers, those are two serviceable, NHL ready young players. Erixon is projected to be a solid 2-nd pair defenseman by most. Add 1st rounder and Coluumbus have enough to continue their rebuild ( granted, they’ve been rebuilding forever). Considering Howson had very little leverage, he did OK. I’d call it a fair deal. Give Sather a credit for doing it his way.

    UK- most of those kids, by the time they need to be resigned, will not be arbitration eligible ( pending the new CBA changes) with very little leverage. Give the management another credit for drafting, signing and trading for some of those kuds. And I don’t think NY is afraid of any offer sheets financially.

  5. I’m calling him Ricky Roast Beef, mostly because I already expect Torts to have a comment during camp about how “he could be in better shape”…haha

  6. Dupont on snyrangersblog who covers bruins thinks rangers may go after Thornton who has chemistry with Nash.

    No Thornton please no move clause. Called us soft.

  7. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Repost from late last night:

    I know it’s late, but i agree with Carp. Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased with Nash, but the complexion of this team is now changed. It is not a grinding, hard hitting team anymore. Who on the top lines will do that? I agree that Callie and, down below, Boyler can hit. They don’t fight. When he’s not hurt, Rupp can. Pyatt can. Who else?

    Seriously, I love Nash and THE KREIDER’S size. Our D is not huge. We could use another guy to defend our players.

    Prust saying.

  8. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    The grinding, shot blocking, Prust-drop your gloves when anyone looks you the wrong way is part of what made our team so good and hard to beat last year.

    I am sure Torts will navigate that. Yet, we had a very good blend last year. And we were tough to play against.

  9. Good morning all! Carp, I hate your “other” job :)

    Is Nash married? Make it known to him I am not.

  10. ilb – thanks for the tip, wasnt sure about arbitration (presuming its not going to change in the new CBA). I suppose the other thing with offer sheets is that the player must be willing to sign it, so if there should be less temptation to leave a top franchise like the Rangers for a smaller market or less attractive place to live and play.

    Nashmeister? Super Nashwan? Mr Nashty? (G)Nasher? Ricky Rocket (Not the Poison drummer)?
    Big Rick?

  11. bull dog line on

    why would 35 goals equal a bad trade. I understand you are upset about trading AA. I personally was a Dubi fan, but I understand he needed to go in this trade. I will not rooting for Nash to fail as some seem to already doing, because they traded Dubi.

  12. Sioux-per-man on

    Why is everyone so concerned about our grit? We had to grind other teams down last year, block shots, play the body, and play a 1 goal game because we lacked scoring. It became our identity to out work you for the win.

    This year will build on that. We have more skill and more speed this year. With Nash and Kreider you will find the puck in the back of the net more often. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers have a top 10 power play this year. Just imagine last year if we had 10 extra power play goals in certain games would have lead to more wins, the ability to put teams away early and often.

    This team will have enough grit, but more speed with Kreider and Hags. They will win more pick races. The D will be stronger with a healthy Staal and McMonster at the beginning of the year.

    Don’t forget the other team still has to get it past Lunqvist.

  13. Eric – I’d be floored if the Rangers went after Thornton. Joe, that is. And I couldn’t see the Bruins trading Shawn to a conference rival. Though if we’re talking about getting Prust-like grit back into the lineup, he’d be a good tonic.

    The only other move I see this team making is to sign Doan when he finally figures out what he wants to do with his life. Possibly trading for a right-shooting defenseman. Nash was the big splash. The haul that finally got him here and the report that the hold-up was Sather not wanting to include Erixon shows his hesitation at trading young players.

  14. Rick Nash = Kevin Nash of the nWo. I expect Nash to PowerBomb 40 goals this year. On another note, the other day I was at work and my buddy called me, his words were: “we got Steve Nash!” I paused for a few seconds and bursted into laughter.

  15. stranger nation on

    lib – looking at the deal thru the eyes of a Ranger fan. dubious is almost the same vein as ‘no gomez’ as his future performance would not align with past performance given shrinking to no PP time and less EN garbage goals to pad his stats. No more knee hockey in the corners and “manos de piedras” in front of the net. we can have Ashram get his face pounded a la Dubious v Carter for team toughness, only thing is he won’t.

    Erixon was softer than a mashed potAto sandwich and Artie could skate around with an egg in his pocket all game and then fry an egg in the locker room afterwards.

    IMO all 3 did not fit Torts system or style of play. dubious was defensively irresponsible, Artie was a non contact player and Erixon, in a limited view, is softer than ice cream on a NYC sidewalk today.

    Doggie Howser was housed, but seemingly had little options, be curious to learn what else was offered. – let’s hope they all don’t come back to the Garden in the form of Ranger killers, at least they are in the other conference…for now.

  16. _Erixon was softer than a mashed potAto sandwich_

    What if its served on ciabatta? They’re pretty crusty, especially if you’re making it into a panini.

  17. Im not sure why people seem to think that Prust and Dubi where any major reason we got to the conference finals. Team toughness got us there, and that is possible again next year. Its not because prust was an enforcer. Gaurantee we will have guys who drop the gloves for there teamates next year. Thats just a Torts mentality more than anything.

    The one issue we had that was pretty obvious is we needed more scoring. We got that and more. You don’t win because of enforcers or fighters. You win because of team toughness.

  18. Mazz: I don’t get what you’re saying. “Team toughness got us to the ECF but two key components of our team’s toughness leaving doesn’t matter.” What am I missing?

  19. Carp, I heard that today all members of the NHL and NHLPA, Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Cuomo, and President Obama will be wearing orange armbands to honor Mr. Snider’s failed attempt at signing Shea Weber. The White House will also be painted orange.

  20. Also, its really goal prevention that got us to the ECF. And Dubinsky, 5th in ice time among forwards and well regarded by every advanced metric, was a key part of that. He matters. Its not as simple as “11 goals out”.

  21. Carp, it also had something to do with the shooter tutors they hung up in the net as opposed to using a real goaltender.

    Actually, I take that back. Shooter tutors would have been an improvement.

  22. there is no doubt the rangers have lost team toughness and grit losing dubi and prust. I don’t know how but I hope the rangers can find replacement type players for grit and toughness.

  23. well fortunately in hockey. the score is not based on gritty players who don’t score.

  24. … and please don’t misunderstand. I think the Rangers are better right now. Just not nearly as tough.

  25. _well fortunately in hockey. the score is not based on gritty players who don’t score._

    Its also not simply based on the number of goals you score as a team.

  26. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Aasen Asham and Taylor Pyatt will provide at least SOME of the grit lost from the Brandons…

  27. Asham will be the worst player in the lineup on any given night, and I don’t think Pyatt plays a tough game at all.

  28. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    A healthy Rupp will should also help with the grittiness and toughness.

  29. Rupp is there too don’t forget. The Rangers lacked more scoring threat and creation. Now thats less of a problem. Skill>Grit.

  30. Pyatt does hit, he would have ranked just above Dubinsky last year (acknowledging hits aren’t well recorded) but he’s not willing to drop them like Dubinsky was. His fight card indicates that he gets mad exactly once per year.

  31. Which team looks better?

    Nash – Richards – Gaborik
    Kreider – Stepan – Callahan
    Hagelin – Boyle – Pyatt
    Asham – Halpern – Rupp


    Semin/Doan – Richards – Gaborik
    Kreider – Stepan – Callahan
    Hagelin – Anisimov – Dubinsky
    Pyatt – Boyle – Prust

    And this isn’t me saying “OMG SHOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN NASH!!!”, I’m just curious what the boneheads think.

  32. And while we added goal scoring, we also lost out on defense/grit, which is how the team won game last year. So this year, they are going to have to score a bunch more in order to make up for that loss on the other end. It’ll be interesting to see if they can do that.

  33. Stats correction!!!: I was looking at 2010-11. Dubinsky hit a ton last year. Pyatt would have been a few below Prust.

  34. czechthemout!!! on

    I know you hate him Carp but Haley is a tough guy who can skate and hit hard. He is also a darn good fighter. Maybe Torts can do for him what he did for Prust. There is a clip on YouTube of a goal he scored last season. There is some raw talent there.

    What? No toughness? I thought Mike Rupp was supposed to provide it. I guess not.

  35. Semin is a great talent too, and wasn’t too bad in the playoffs this year. I would rather have nash though. Better all around talent.

  36. _Not fighting much doesn’t mean a player isn’t tough. Callahan doesn’t fight. You think he is soft? Dustin Brown doesn’t fight. Soft too?_

    I don’t think I implied that. Just saying Pyatt plays tough to a certain point, doesn’t drop them like Dubinsky was willing to do. Compare and contrast.

  37. _Team A has a better first line, team B better third and fourth. I’ll take the team with the better first line 10X out of 10._

    You’re getting the Islanders a lot.

  38. CTO, every player in the NHL is awesome*. It’s being able to consistently think and act at that high skill level that separates the Haleys from the regular players.

    *Except Trevor Gillies.

  39. _Mister D, they also don’t have a second line, defense, or goaltender._

    Then you’d take the team with the better 1st line, 2nd line, defense and goaltender over the team with the better 3rd and 4th lines. No disagreement there.

  40. So because Dubinsky gets roughed up a few extra times a year (except when fighting Richards or Ovechkin), that means the team lost some valuable toughness?

    The team will miss his toughness with his gloves on, not off.

  41. Mister D, no, I’m saying, keeping the 2nd line, defense, and goaltender equal, I would take the team with the better first line over the better 3rd and 4th line.

    Your attempts at sophistry are poor.

  42. Shoot the puck, Barry on

    Jonny D-

    I’ll take the Nash-ville team any day.

    I think Carp has intimated that while we won’t be as tough, we will be better all around, so the team adjusts its play accordingly. The idea here is that 1-2 more goals a game make it easier all around– less taxing and less grit required, although we will pound as needed.

    Also, it’s those 3rd and 4th liners who often make that extra difference, and it is far from over in terms of who those might be (be it JT, Thomas, or another off season pickup– I am assuming Doan’s not coming, by the way…)

    My key to the season, however, is Sauer– if he gets back to health (I’m hoping for a Staal-like recovery as the season progresses) then we may have one of the best D corps in the league, assuming everyone else is healthy. If not, we probably get a vet D-man along the way…

  43. _So because Dubinsky gets roughed up a few extra times a year (except when fighting Richards or Ovechkin), that means the team lost some valuable toughness?_

    Sure, I really do think so. Willingness to fight guys like Rinaldo or Clarkson can be a deterrent against the remaining 85% or whatever of the NHL who either won’t engage Dubinsky or would lose if they did.

  44. As for losing penalty killers, every year, the team sheds a penalty killer or two and everyone says “oh no, the penalty kill!” and every year it comes back just fine. The first to depart after the lockout were Ortmeyer and Moore. Then it was Betts and Sjostrom. Now it’s Dubinsky and Prust.

    We have a good system and the coaches get the most out of the players. PK will be fine.

  45. Mister D, nobody who would ever consider dropping the gloves would be afraid to drop them with Dubinsky. And guys that frequently drop the gloves would be licking their chops for the chance to drop them with him because they would probably kick his butt AND they are probably less valuable on the ice than Dubinsky, so they win that tradeoff as well.

  46. We lost on D just because the 4th line won’t be blocking shots like Feds/Pruster did.


    We should have the puck a lot more, so we won’t give up as many chances. So that’s kind of a wash. If we don’t have the puck more then yeah it could get interesting, but with the offensive weapons the Rangers have now, that shouldn’t be a problem.

    And to be quite honest, I’d much rather have a skilled team than a fighting team. Fighters do little to nothing other than scare some people, but the name of the game is scoring. If you have a more skilled team, you should win more games.

    The only thing that worries me about this years team is that its a total change from what the last 2 seasons have been about. It was always will over skill. Now we have more skill, but I don’t think we have as much will, so we’ll have to see how it all works out.

  47. sauer would without a doubt add toughness and grit. I hope he comes back and is healthy, sauer would be a huge addition to the back line.

  48. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp I think th 6-0 against the Flyers had alot to do with them putting the “Tostito’s” on the ice with no puck skills what so ever, lead to them being out skated, out worked, and out scored.

    That said, my favorite game of the year was watching Bickel knock out Tostito’s front teeth. The Sioux-per-wife bought us seats on the glass and it happened right in front of us. Then he had to walk down the tunnel of shame after his 3rd fight. The refs are in the corner looking for teeth, right after the boys shoveled up the snow in front of the nets.

    Great game Ranger win 5-2, but really it felt like 5-0.

    Carp I brought gifts for everyone in the press box, but you were gone :(

  49. If Dubinsky were dumb enough to fight Rinaldo, I wouldn’t want him on my team. Rinaldo is a liability on the ice. I want him out there as much as possible.

  50. Pyatt can hit. But he’s a third line player. Think of him as a Boyle type player on the wing who scores a bit and hits a bit but costs less.

  51. Barry – Thomas and JT Miller will not be playing 4th line minutes. Torts would rather them grow in the AHL if they aren’t getting at least some regular ice time during the season. That’s why Hags and Zucc weren’t up with the main club for awhile (then Hags found regular top 9 ice time and stayed while there wasn’t room for Zucc). No way is he wasting their talents on a 4th line since it’ll stunt their growth significantly.

  52. “We lost on D just because the 4th line won’t be blocking shots like Feds/Pruster did.”

    Says who? Everyone on the team blocks shots or they don’t play. Remember Torts benching Gaborik in the playoffs for missing a shot block? Everyone blocks.

  53. I know the reason im going to miss Dubi. Is because i saw he kid grow into a pro, but im not going to let that change my opinion about what he is and can offer.

  54. If Sauer comes back, our defensemen are going to be incredible. I love Bix, but he’s nowhere near the talent level of Sauer.

  55. If Sauer were healthy and playing at the level he was at before going down, this team would be fierce. We would have the best 1-6 D in the league, hands down, a top 3 goaltender, and 6 very good forwards.

  56. Sioux-per-man on

    Tommy I think Sauer will be back, even if its mid season like Staal last year. Hopefully it has been a good summer for him, and with Bickel getting a year to grow into the position it will help his development for the 6-7 spot.

    Tort’s will have to find a way to play more than 4 D men in the playoffs if he wants to win the Cup.

  57. He trusts Sauer. Sauer was actually one of his favorite d-men and that’s why he was so pissed when he got hurt (wasn’t a fan of the Phaneuf hit). So he’s be throwing all 6 D out there.

    Bix is a 7th d-man. He can fill in as a 6th when needed, but he’s not going to be a 5 or 6 on a cup winning team.

  58. Sioux-per-man on

    I agree on Bix, but Tort’s wants his “willingness” on the bench when needed.

    He can sure throw them hard, I can’t imagine what one would look like if it landed flush!

  59. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Getting Sauerkraut back would be absolutely humongous for the Rangers..

  60. Joe Thornton is the definition of the “Non-Winning Player”, I doubt we want him.

    Nash knows Richards and will play with him. I think that may even be why he wanted to come here.

    Also there’s no way Richards doesn’t get 70 assists this season.

  61. Now, when we have our Loch Nash Monster locked, it is time to make our team even more intimidating and sign a Slapping Beauty Semin in addition…or somebody else from Doan till Dusk.

  62. Pyatt is not really a tough guy, he’s basically Brian Noonan if that makes sense to you.

  63. Yes, The Doctor. Pretty much exactly like Dubinsky. Except 3 feet taller and a lot heavier.

  64. True Blue Mike on

    Listen we have Asham/Rupp/Haley when we play those philly and Debbie clowns. Plus bickell… IMO we are fine fire the regular season. And we will be a much better playoff team when there is no fighting. We still have enough toughness and we got better. So why all the complaining?

  65. Puck – Do you see Nash, Gaborik, and Kreider laying down to block shots all year? Don’t think so. They don’t want to risk that since they need to score goals. The D will, Callahan will, and a few others, but Dubi/Anisimov/Prust/Feds used to do that all the time. We won’t be blocking as many shots this year, I don’t care what Torts’ rule is.

    Also Sauer’s helmet was loose, but it definitely didn’t help that A) he got hit on the visor and B) smacked his head on the dasher on the way down. I do agree though that these guys need to tighten the helmets a bit.

    DJK – I’d gladly take that bet too. Richie could get 70, but I think he’d get just slightly less than that. Maybe 60, 65 tops.

  66. does this mean that Torts and Slats were sneaking around all summer eating Nash brownies and smoking Nash?

  67. I had to look twice to be sure that I saw Asham’s name in the mix. For sure now he has been a member of everyteam…no? He does fight a lot, and is reasonably adept, but he seems to have a sense of honor in that he doesn’t take advantage of an already subdued foe. I have never seen him score a goal.

    They are going again with 5 hole Biron? Hoo boy. I admit that I cannot make a visual pic in my mind on what this team will appear to be their first sally forth on the ice. Like a surprise birthday present? I Hope. There are entirely too many skilled people on this team now not to make a splash.

    And do they really need the likes of Doan? A bridge too far?

  68. True Blue Mike on

    Johhny – are you telling me Halpern and Pyatt and whoever replaces AA won’t be blocking shots? Hopefully Nash and Kreider won’t need to block shots bc they will always have the puck kind of like LA. We are a much much better team today and will be even better come the end of training camp.

  69. Richards will get either Hagelin or Kreider or Callahan to roll with him and Nash, he’ll get at least 60 assists but i think he’ll get more.

    Stepan I think likes playing with Gaborik.

  70. _And guys that frequently drop the gloves would be licking their chops for the chance to drop them with him because they would probably kick his butt AND they are probably less valuable on the ice than Dubinsky, so they win that tradeoff as well._

    Its not really true. You already mentioned Ovechkin and Richards, and he’s taken Clarkson with him twice in the past two years, Mike Green, Kevin Bieksa. Not to mention these aren’t the goofy staged fights, they’re almost always in retaliation for something that happened on the ice. Not that this even matters; 50 penalty minutes over 2 seasons isn’t really of note. More that, in the comparison to Pyatt and determining what we lost, its a player that will fight for a teammate versus having an even less skilled fighter go, risk an instigator when you have to throw Rupp out there or just letting a cheap hit go unpunished.

  71. does this mean that Torts and Slats were sneaking arouond all summer eating Nash brownies and smoking Nash?

  72. I agree with the need for team toughness and unity. But respectfully, i completely disagree with the idea we need for someone to fight. Getting nasty, getting physical after stoppages in play, physical boards play is necessary, but the only good fighting does is when a guy like Dubinsky fights with a guy like M Richards and takes Richards off the ice for 5 minutes.

  73. True Blue – so we’re going to the Cup finals then?

    Mister D – I’d much rather have my players on the ice rather than in the box. Best way to retaliate against a cheap hit is to score a ton of goals on the 5 minute PP you should be getting.

  74. Verdict from unindifferent, engaged and thrilled passerby:
    You can lick and suck this trade as much as you want from any angle for aftermath pleasure, but bottom line – it happened and it is as perfect as it could be for *both* team.

  75. With these new offensive weapons we will not need to block as many shots because we might actually *possess* the puck in the offensive zone!

  76. How does replace Dubi and Anisimov with Nash and Kreider make us less tough…call me crazy but I think we’ll be a tougher team this year.

  77. _I’d much rather have my players on the ice rather than in the box. Best way to retaliate against a cheap hit is to score a ton of goals on the 5 minute PP you should be getting._

    Certainly ideal. Not how it often works.

  78. How does replacing Dubi and Anisimov with Nash and Kreider make us less tough…call me crazy but I think we’ll be a tougher team this year.

  79. _How does replace Dubi and Anisimov with Nash and Kreider make us less tough…call me crazy but I think we’ll be a tougher team this year._

    Forgetting anyone?

  80. Mark – we are bigger, that doesn’t mean tougher. Nash and Kreider aren’t exactly tough. They are physical on the puck, but off it, they aren’t that “tough”. But we don’t pay them to be “tough”, so that’s fine by me. We pay them to score goals. As long as they are scoring, that’s fine.

  81. I don’t see any way this team is tougher than last year’s team. Again, I think this team is better. Not tougher. That means they will have to win in other ways.

  82. _Prust is replaceable. How much more abuse do you think the guy can take anyway._

    Its just abuse.

  83. good point Carp – and they WILL win in other ways…if Hank matches last season’s dominance, we earn 115 points even if our PK takes a small hit

  84. I am pretty sure that if the team isn’t tough enough, e.g. jam, balls, grit, etc., Tortarella will demand trades or just force players to be tougher.

    There is always Bel Biv Deveaux to call up.

  85. _A team that scores 3 goals a game is tougher to beat than a team that only scores 2._

    A team that allows 3 goals a game has a tougher time winning than a team that only allows 2.

  86. Rangers shouldn’t have to struggle nearly as much to score with guys like Kreider, Nash, and even a guy like Thomas getting regular minutes.

    The Rangers style of play will have to adjust because they aren’t as tough as a team but they have more skill. I don’t think this fact changes the relentless work ethic of the team.

    Less grinding and fore-checking and more puck possession should be the norm…more shots taken and less shots blocked…

    The Rangers most consistent line over the last 2 years?

    That has to change and will.

  87. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I’m going to have to weigh in on this…I agree with Carp btw, better team, not as tough.

    Why do you guys think montreal added Prust for 2.5 mil per? Because Gomez wasn’t making enough??

    Prust was added to Mtl because of Boston. They needed a guy who could fight AND play. All of you “skill is all you need guys”, are ridiculous if you do not think in a division with the bush-league (sorry Miami) KC fishsticks that added carkner and boulton if I am not mistaken, the devils who added barch and have janssens and pain in the aasen kelly clarkson, The flyers have tostitos and whatever oglethorpe clone they can get at ay given moment.

    I guess my point is Prust is going to be missed because he had the playing ability for the 3rd line, the coach trusted him in situations, and it enabled the team to have “toughness” on the ice in a lot of situations to counter other teams tough guys or trouble starters…same with dubinsky (although, not anywhere close to the fighter that Prust was). Not sure we have that now.

  88. This girl is his lover……that girls is poooiiiisoooooonnn…

    Oh right. Sorry Wick! We have to have some other tough guys. Bickel on 4th line RW.

  89. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Captains callahan, Nash, Richards, and Doan – come get the Stanley cup.

    The garden erupts

  90. True Blue Mike on

    Johnny if were healthy and nobody underachieves to much I don’t see why we shouldn’t get to the cup finals. I think we are the best team in the East. Top to bottom

  91. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    before you starting railing Rupp again, I believe this convo is more geared towards tough guys who can play more than just 4th line minutes (that is the way I am interpreting it anyhow). Rupp is fine as a 4th line guy getting the minutes he does (personally if he was 100% healthy, I would be giving him about 10 minutes a game). Rupp does provide toughness when he is on the ice, he just isn’t on the ice enough (or as much as Prust was) to give the Rangers more of a toughness presence throughout the lines.

  92. Dubinski was willing not tough…. (so was Dipietro)
    Asham is a way better fighter than Prust, and actually does “enforcing”…the team is just as “tough” as last year.

  93. Rupp provides nothing when he is on the ice. If he didn’t get the two goals in the winter classic, I wouldn’t have noticed he was on the team this past season.

  94. Rupp provides plenty, even Torts has said his leadership is good for the team. Or is the coach wrong and P&G is right ?

  95. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    so apparently Nash really did want to come here…

    Aaron Portzline@Aportzline
    Told Rick Nash was asked to expand his list over the weekend, not for a specific deal, but to ease the process for #CBJ. He declined.

    I’d love to see mcilrath and his toughness and grit on the blueline (if healthy).

  96. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    that is only true IF he plays Prust minutes, which I don’t think he will!

  97. *Puck and Gavel* July 25th, 2012 at 11:42 am

    all your captain are belong to us


    This is genius. Make a T-Shirt with the Capt.’s faces please.

  98. I wouldn’t say that its a given, JJK. The last two teams to win the cup were pretty tough. The Bruins had a tremendous mix of toughness and skill. Toughness is a really important piece of the Cup in these days.

  99. Rupper is pretty irrelevant on the ice. His 3-4 minutes per game really don’t matter much…not sure his toughness is really the crux of the team’s toughness, like Prust’s was.

    He is a GREAT GUY to have in the locker room, however. @intangibles@

  100. If players like each other, they’ll stick up for each other. That’s toughness. If they don’t have a good locker room – the limited fighting will be by guys sticking up for themselves when outraged, or Torts sending out Frankenstein (and be assured he’ll have one if needed,) to exact revenge. Though the fans love TKOs , grit is not determined by winning fights, but rather by never being intimidated. Even goons (once retired) will tell you that they were less fearful of other goons than they were of the scrapper who refused to learn his “lesson” and carries a high stick and keeps banging and irritating the sh-t out of him.

  101. McIlrath wont see NHL regular season games until next year at the earliest. He’s still got a lot to work on (not to mention get healthy).

    And Thomas isn’t making the team either. Maybe next year, but he needs a least a year in the AHL. Personally, I think he’s a career AHLer like Krog/Locke just based on his size. But I thought that about Parenteau and he proved me wrong these last two years.

  102. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    And, Manny, I agree with you. Chicago also had team toughness. On the blue line and with a monster on steroids like Byfuglien.

    We have more size up front. More talent. I agree with that. We will score more. No, not 70 for Richards (who, is pretty small and I hope he doesn’t get hurt).

    But, we are not drop your gloves team tough. Or, retaliate tough. Or, put out 3 fighters for the first shift of the game and drop’em after the puck is dropped tough.

    It’s too bad we couldn’t have held on to our heart and soul guy, Prust. But that was too much $$$. I am just not too sure who replaces that attitude.

  103. I think people need to come down a little bit with there expectations. Last year I had the rangers finishing in 7th place and I’m sure most ranger fans did also. It helped allot that the pens had allot of injuries to there key players like letang, crosby and malkin and so did the bruins. It appeared that everything went right last year for the rangers. I’m not going to get to high or to low but I don’t expect the rangers to have the best record in the east this year and like carp said, it’s a crap shoot in the playoffs, LA proved that by barely making the playoffs and than going on a unbelievable run and also the Devils. I will wait and see the rangers play before I have a oponion on how good I think the rangers will be this year.

  104. carp…where is the kids benefit at 1pm today that Nash is attending?

    also my longshot choice to make the team out of camp

  105. Sioux-per-man on

    Less grit – ok I’ll agree with that. I still think we out work other teams this year with Tort’s system.

    I also see this team going into the offensive zone with the puck in control, than the dump and chase team of last year. Nash is an elite player everyone know that, Kreider has the size and skill of a young Nash, and with a little more speed.

    This team will be North and South, tic – tac- toe, shoot, crash the net and score.

    I think last year the teams that gave us the most problems were Pittsburg with their skill, and the Baby Buffaloes with their speed. We won’t have that problem this year.

    Adding Nash could make our Power Play lethal. Richards-DZ, with Cally-Nash-Gaborik. (Kreider-Step-Hags) Boom-Boom. Very tough team to play against short handed.

    This is going to be one of the best years EVER to watch Ranger Hockey!!!

  106. I found the PG line hilarious. But I have to ask, with the move for Nash, does anyone still think that the *Rangers organization* is blue collar?

  107. Sioux-per-man on

    But I say that every year……. at the beginning!!!

    Win-Lose-Draw I watch every game – every year. This year is just going to be more FUN, if that’s possible after last year. I had ALOT of fun last year, and made it to NY on Super Bowl Sunday. That will be tough to beat for this guy.

  108. Kreider has A LOT more speed than Nash. Nash isn’t that fast. For his size he is. Kreider is the fastest skater in the league.

    And as I said, the PP could be more lethal, or it could suck like usual. The issue isn’t the personnel, it’s the strategy.

    Tiki – no I don’t. Which as I said is fine if they score goals. If they don’t, then they are in big trouble.

  109. Working off whatever the hell we call the twitter feed now, I’d absolutely be in for Dominic Moore. Good faceoff and PK guy, still solid enough that you wouldn’t immediately throw up if he played 16:00 in a game. Exactly the type of 4th liner you want.

  110. Sioux-per-man on

    P&G don’t forget Gaborik he retired from MN with the C on his chest. And Halphern wore the C for the Capitals in 05.

    I think the t-shirt should say ” Do you have a little Captain in you ” !!!

    With Hank in a “Captain” game winning “fist pump” pose on the back!!!

  111. Can we not have Halpern on the t-shirt? Or make two versions, one with good captains and one with good captains plus Halpern?

  112. Sioux-per-man on

    Or we could wipe out a little of Walt Witman ….

    Oh Captain, my Captain, send me a beer.
    This is the start of a very good year.

    Just enough Irish in me to find a good toast, just haven’t created the perfect on yet…..

  113. Speaking of skating speed, some of us forget the Gaborik is probably their speediest. Even Hagelin commented on that. With Gaborik, Hagelin, and Kreider, zoom!

  114. Is Blocking Shots overrated???

    Guess who the two teams were witht the least blocked shots in the NHL last year?

    Maybe if you have a good goaltender, solid defense, and can ALSO put the puck in the net, than you don’t need to block as many shots?

    Just sayin :)

    By the way it was LA and NJ and they did ok last year huh?

  115. Sioux-per-man on

    Kreider says Hags is faster than him.

    Now the race between a healthy Gaborik and Hags….. I’m not sure there???

    Gabby always smiles ….. when asked…… but you never really know.

  116. Kreider is out of his mind if he thinks Hags is faster than him. Gaborik is fast too, but he’s not as fast as either guy. Hags isn’t fast with the puck though. That’s something Gaborik and Kreider are. Hence why they are top 6 forwards and Hags is a 3rd liner.

    Mister D – they were, but in the playoffs they scored a ton of goals. That had more to do with injuries, the coaching change, and finally getting things together after the Carter trade. They were a much better team than they showed in the regular season.

  117. Since we won’t have a season this year though, we should have a race between Hags, Gaborik, and Kreider to end this. Have them race with the puck and without and see who has the fastest time.

  118. Players with 70-assist seasons since the lockout:

    Crosby (x2)
    H. Sedin (x3)
    Thornton (x2)

  119. Sioux-per-man on

    Richard had 67 in 2010, and 68 in ’06, so it could happen, but not if its a short year.

    My question is – How many player will be over 50 pts this year?

  120. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Hags is the fastest IMHO.

    Nash is not slow by any means, he is pretty fast for his size I think

  121. Players with 70-assist seasons after the age of 32 (all-time):

    Gretzky (x3)


  122. Puck – Kreider kind of proved he was the fastest in the playoffs, especially with the puck (he had the best control at top speed, just look at that breakaway he had against the Caps). Hagelin is fast, but his stride has a lot of moving parts. Gaborik is all straight ahead (which is actually the way they should teach kids to skate). Kreider has the smoothest stride and turns on a dime even at top speed.

    They really need to race though because I think everyone has a different answer when you ask who is the fastest. Time to prove it so there is no argument.

    Papa – Yes McD is the best skater. An awkward stride, but he’s fast and can get around the ice very smoothly.

  123. wicky – I never said Nash was slow. I just said he’s not that fast, although for his size he is a great skater. But he’s not blowing past people with his speed like Kreider does.

  124. And for the record, Pierre said Kreider was faster than Hagelin. PIERRE SAID IT SO IT MUST BE TRUE!!!

  125. Sioux-per-man on

    Gabby has the fastest 3 strides in hockey. Nobody gets to top speed faster.

    Hags might be the faster in a speed drill, but not by much.

  126. Jonny D,

    Hags is extremely quick and shifty. He also has tremendous acceleration from a starting point and can turn on a dime.

    Kreider is a powerful locamotive type skater, very strong on his skates, hard to knock off course for opposing players. When he gains confidence in his ability to hit and be hit – he will become a proto-typical power forward with speed.

    McDonough is the best pure skater of the group, tremendous balance, stride and technical attributes to his skating (reminiscent of Ray Bourque, but perhaps slightly faster.) Backwards, forwards and lateral – he has it all!

  127. Sioux-per-man on

    Big Game Theory all the way!!!

    Nash will be a Big Time Star in New York. Lundqvist is King. But Nash is going to get the News!!!

    I don’t live there to read the back page, but MSG will be all hockey this year!!! Lin who……

  128. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    It was just an observation on my part, wasn’t directed at you or anyone else specifically ;)

  129. Carp – Totally agree on the toughness assessment. No way you can lose a pair of nails like Dubinsky and Prust without seeing your ability to grind dialed down. Also agree on Asham, who is the most perplexing signing of them all. Do you think he’ll really stay with the team for a full year?

  130. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Opposing goalies will experience the nick rash

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