Nashville matches, keeps Shea WWEber (keeps him from Flyers)


Just because I thought you’d enjoy the hell out of this:

Nashville matched the offer sheet to Shea WWEber.

So I guess the Empire State Building will be lit up in Flyers Orange crud to honor the efforts of Mr. Snider, Comcast, NBC, the Broad Street Bullies, Paul Holmgren, Bobby Clarke, Ilya Bryzgalov, the arena that changes names every five minutes and that guy Tostitos.


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  1. So, what’s your opinion? Were the Flyers smart to give it a shot and not give up players on their roster or were they stupid for not orchestrating a trade so that Nashville wouldn’t match?

  2. 4generations 4 cups on


    Absolutely amazing. No Parise in NJ, No Weber in Philly, No superstar winger for Crosby (hopefully its not Ryan, if it is, thats going to be trouble)

    This kind of solidifies us as a really awesome paper team compared to our counterparts. Wont believe it until i see it because last year was just a hallucination that I seemed to be living.

    I kind of feel like New York skepticism helps this team from enduring a ridiculous burden of having to do well. We’re all just hoping for the best and DEFINITELY expecting the worst. The way we all react to goals against at bad times or the way we feel about a player on the schneid is all about that skepticism.

    Hoping for a great 12′-13′ with Nash, abridged season or not. Should be some fun.

  3. hahaha awesome

    wondering if sather and poille had any conversations regarding the timing of nashville’s matching, knowing what we know now (let rangers sign nash while philly is out of the running for him). not that i have any reason to think why poille would care what sather would have to request/say on the situation.

  4. ThisYearsModel on

    Shane Doan will now get a 6 year, $7.5 MM per year contract from the Flyers.

  5. This doesn’t mean that Philly won’t still be trading for him. Nashville could’ve matched knowing that they can deal him to Philly for players AND picks instead of just picks. So we’ll see.

    Also REPOST:

    Will Rick Nash score over or under 35.5 goals this season?

    I say under.

  6. C3, now they won’t trade him because they will have paid him $28M in salary and bonuses by the time they can trade him. Now he’s a Pred for life.

  7. ThisYearsModel on

    Sure hope Weber liked Nashville as much as he said he did. He will be spending a lot of time there…………..or Quebec City.

  8. Epic failure for all parties involved. Poor Nashville footing the bill an poor Phlyers losing out and looking like Colorado.

    But on the other hand….Yay Us!

  9. Any of you fellow attorneys in Court? (60 Centre St.) and want to have a celebratory hi-five in the atrium under George Washington?

  10. Sioux-per-man on

    Jonny D – I will take the over on a 82 game season for a pint at Stouts :)

    Mind you I have to fly there for the game :)

  11. Czechthemout!!! on

    Great Moday followed up by a good Tuesday!

    Weber stays put.

    Penguins are weaker.

    Rangers most improved team in the conference. Have to hand it to Slither. I may have to address him properly as Mr. Sather if he keeps this up.

  12. I just hope the Flyers won’t sign an offer sheet with MDZ just to spite us. Everyone says that it’s impossible, but the same people were saying that Preds would never match.

  13. Carp, any truth to Rangers offering Doan 2 years 6.5 mil per? No secret sources like Rod, just something I saw on True Blue on facebook

  14. Defenceman Lubomir Visnovsky has filed a grievance through the NHL Players’ Association to void his trade to New York Islanders, according to Newsday. Arthur Staple of Newsday reports that Visnovsky claims his no-trade clause – put in place for his contract with the Edmonton Oilers – is still valid because he did not invoke it when he was dealt to the Anaheim Ducks in 2010.”This isn’t an issue with the (Islanders),” Visnovsky’s agent Neil Sheehy told Newsday. “It’s a matter for the NHLPA/NHL to decide. He has a no-trade clause.”
    No one wants to play for the Isles.

  15. Philly comes out of this looking BAAAAD! They forced Nashville to throw the bank at Weber, but still are coming up short. Sather takes advantage of Weber Week to complete a trade for Nash, and looks like a cool dude right now. Should be an interesting season, if it starts this year…

  16. Sioux – I’m in Boston currently, but I’d go back for one if I lost that bet (or won!) haha

    Carp – that’s not necessarily true. The Flyers did say they were working on a deal that would get Nashville some players rather than picks. So Nashville might’ve said “we’ll match, but trade for players and picks after”. It’s essentially the same thing, except they get current value instead of potential value. Holmgren is crazy enough to agree to that too since they were already committed to paying that $28 mil up front anyway.

  17. Shea Weber=Hillbilly for life!!!

    Can’t wait for Poile to target Giroux with an offer sheet!!!

  18. I’m taking my time to relive my favorite Brandon Dubinsky moments. That time he got knocked out in one punch… The nose picking… Demolishing a Gatorade cooler… You will be missed Doobs.

  19. Jonny, I don’t think they can do that.

    Vibz, don’t believe crap like that.

    MSR, what do you think they’d have to offer Del Zotto to make it difficult for the Rangers to match. Ridiculous. He’s not a franchise type player. Won’t happen. If they went to a number Rangers wouldnt match, the Rangers would let him walk and take the draft picks. Not happening.

  20. bull dog line on

    Flaming Moe,
    those are your only memories of Dubi? I think I will remember his battles with Richards, and Ovechkin more.

  21. Carp, that is why I asked you…i was pretty sure it was crap so I came to you…thank u sir

  22. Those are my favorites. I do remember the 3 or 4 times he tooled up Mike Richards. Those were great. But I’m gonna remember him as a guy who never really hit his potential. Played his heart out. But never became the player he was expected to be.

  23. Oh and that time he called Crosby a big baby or whatever on live television was priceless.

  24. Carp – I corrected myself. They have to wait a year to trade him. I think the only thing that would change that is something in the CBA that would allow it as a loophole just once (i.e. something like an amnesty clause).

  25. Will the new CBA effect current players vis a vis their RFA status? For argument’s sake say a new CBA extends RFA years to 4 instead of 3 or raises the age for UFA status. Would the current players who have hit RFA status be subject to that or would it effect maybe only players under an ELC or nobody currently in the league and just set the timeline for future players?

  26. bull dog line on

    Moe Szyslak,
    I think that is a fair assessment of Dubi’s time with the Rangers. played hard, failed to live up to expectations.

  27. OH Baby!!!! I just got home and of course went to this blog and the first thing I see in big black letters “Nasvhille matches, keeps Shea WWEber (keeps him from Flyers)”. I was on the flyers blog yesterday and the crap they were saying justifys what total morons most of the philadelphia fan base are because they were saying stuff like, “we are a worse team with Nash” “good luck with Nash’s contract in a few years” “they have better dept”, the one about nash’s contract gave me a good laugh. Those dopes were ready to pay Weber 110mil contract for 14 years. I also read how they are going to have the best defense in hockey, blah, blah, blah!!!! I’m sorry for the rant but I truly hate the flyers and there fan base, complete tools.

  28. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Good news.

    Weren’t Scott Mellanby and Rod Brind’Amour 3rd liners near the end of their careers?

  29. You would have hoped The Doobs would have gotten to 20 goals more than once. And for that contract… Still, as much as I like the deal, I’m surprised I’m as sad as I am to see him go.

  30. bull dog line on

    thats because Dubi and Cally were the first 2 to break in with the big club, and start the whole building from within theme the Rangers have used to get better.

  31. yea, dubi was my favorite home grown player and I didn’t like some of the fans dislike for him but now I will have to find a new player to like. It could be Kreider, time will tell.

  32. CTB – I think if they are currently RFAs, it might not effect them, but at the same time I don’t think they grandfather it in like they would with guys that are almost out of the league. That’s probably why a lot of RFAs are waiting, because they want to see when they would be eligible for UFA status when they sign their new contract.

  33. Anybody think that this move by Philly is not only the reason we don’t submit offer sheets? I doubt *any* GM in the league is going to appreciate what the Phlyers and Holmgren have done here.

  34. Is Giroux gonna be an RFA? Because if he is and someone tries to poach him the Flyers have no one to blame but themselves.

  35. Czechthemout!!! on

    I wold gladly take three first round picks from Philly for MDZ, because that’s what it’s going to take to stop us from matching an offer sheet. I would than turn two of those three into a top notch defenseman most likely better than MDZ at or near the deadline.

    I say come on Philthy, bring it on!

    Oh yeah, Rick Nash= monster 40 goals 35 assists + 25

  36. Correct LW. He was a player one year removed from 54 points with an *absolute ceiling* of 45.

    And I probably wonder if Dubinsky was a victim of unrealistic expectations, atleast on the scoresheet. He played pretty much a full year at Hartford and scorer 21, never more than 30 in the WHL. That kind of guy doesn’t usually go to the NHL and consistently put up 25+. So its really probably more of him not playing at the level of his contract rather than up to his potential.

    (Callahan, by comparison, put up 35 in 60 games at Hartford. They got linked at some point as similar types with similar ceilings, but it was probably unfair.)

  37. in two years not only Giroux but other young core players on Philthy will be RFA’s. I plead to all GM’s, sign offer sheets to these players when the time comes and give Holmgren a taste of his own medicine.

  38. there is a picture of Artem Anisimov on skype talking to one of the columbus bluejackets management, Anisimov looks like he wants to cry.

  39. Ha! Just saw the news. All I can say- LMBGO!

    Honestly, not surprised. Never thought the money was that much of an issue. Nashville was talking about trying to keep both Suter and Weber, they obviously knew it would take more than $14M. They also committed to Rinne through 2019 at $7M. So losing both Suter and Weber would definitely make their fans, who fill their building well, upset about it. On the other hand, Weber knew there was a chance of him being stuck in Nashville when he signed the OS. If it wasn’t for the new CBA uncertainty, my guess is he would sign a 1-year deal with them and hit the UFA market next year. But because of possible rollback, he decided to go for it now.

    Forget about trading him, Carp is right. Nashville can not trade him for one year, according to CBA. By that time they will have paid 25% of his 14 year deal. In one year! Enjoy the country music, Shea.

  40. Beinvenida a la blog Chat Chileno! Nos encanta hablar en español sobre de nuestro deporte favorito (hockey sobre hielo)!!!

  41. Belayed comment about what Carp said in previous thread. Yes, I worry a bit about this:

    But I do have a little bit of a concern that this Rangers team lost some of its one-for-all, difficult-to-play-against identity in the two Brandons, who could both play tough and play defensively and kill penalties and stick up for teammates while playing top-nine minutes. I don’t think the Rangers have many forwards among their top nine who can do all those things now.

    Miami Pimp, in answer to what you asked on chat, and Carp couldn’t answer, I already did yesterday. The answer is not Wellman, but yes.

    Great chat…..

  42. btw, I don’t the chat reference to me @mama……I wasn’t on chat…wtb? Is there another one????? Nooooo!!!!!

  43. The $110 million dollar offer to Weber is 30 million more than former owner Craig Leipold paid in 1977 to start the franchise. The new owner couldn’t be faulted for going all Bob Probert on Snider at the upcoming League meetings.

  44. Hey All – Haven’t posted in awhile but…. this rocks.

    I wasn’t overly enthused with the idea of Nash until I saw what Uncle S. stole him for. Now, having done my due diligence (lots of highlight reels on youtube and a little data), I’m stoked. Largely uninformed still, but stoked.

    The fact that said signing in some way shafted the Flyers? Icing on the cake and isnt that the best part?

    Sorry to see Prust go and agree with a previous poster that I hope that no Brandons doesnt equal a loss of heart, feistyness, etc. Trust it wont with this group…


  45. We won’t lose our feistiness. Torts is coach, and Cally, not either Brandon, was and is captain for a reason.

  46. to me, that’s a lot easier said than done … I don’t expect Kreider, Richards, Gaborik, Nash, Hagelin, Stepan.Pyatt, Halpern, to all of a sudden be dropping gloves or getting in people’s faces. Callahan and Boyle and the two fourth-liners will play tough, but Callahan and Boyle don’t fight.

  47. they should do away with restricted free agency all together. i mean, what is that anyway? you’re “sort of, but mostly not” a free agent?

    still, good news that Weber is still in Rick Nash-ville. (in more ways than one…enjoy those rebuilds Shea Stadium)

  48. You know what’s funny is that my impression of Dubi real early on was not that he was slotted as a top six forward but was expected to become a terrific third line center or wing who could scrap, pot some goals and do it all. Then when he got here the team was completely starved for centers and he ended up centering Jagr for awhile and had enough poise to pull it off and so everyone started penciling him in as a top six forward. And he probably is on a lesser team, but Dubi in many ways overacheived until last year which was an obvious step back. But he was never thought to have superstar potential until the last few years.

  49. don’t see the flyers making any trades, why, there farm system is ranked 29th out of 30 teams which means they have no dept in there farm system, all there prospects are on the flyers. That means the flyers would have to trade some of them on there roster for Bobby Ryan. The flyers don’t need offense, they need defence. The main reason the flyers couldn’t work out a trade with the Preds before offer sheet was because they would have to trade players on there roster.

  50. for those reminiscing about Dubi memories…it was Luke Richardson who one punched him.

  51. the same Luke Richardson that Dino Cicciarelli lumberjacked back in the day. Luke played forever.

  52. Great chat, indeed! Just finished reading it.

    Nice to see you back, JamesG!

    Someone mentioned Boneheads BBQ. Well, exactly one year ago today we had one at my upstate place and everyone was invited. So, where were you? :-)

  53. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – With Nash and 40 more goals this year, we will have have the games in hand and put away sooner than later. Not nearly as many 1 goal games for Hank to steal.

    Tort’s will be able to laugh at the refs, enjoy the game, live an extra 10 years. With Nash, Gabby, Richards, Cally, Kreider, & Hags it will start to look like a game of tic – tac – toe. Before long he will be able to put it in auto pilot!

    It’s all about the LOVE of the GAME . . . . . . Rupper & Bickel will be bored on the bench this year, no need for the bloody knuckle business.

    ….. it could happen :)

  54. LOL ilb!!!! But really, so selfish of you not to repeat this summer. I mean, what else have you got going on? Yeesh!

    fyi: “We’re a tight team, so this is tough in that respect…but (Nash) is an elite player in this league”-@BriBrows22 #Boyler

    I heart him.

  55. You don’t HAVE to instigate fights if you play tough hockey. As with Bobby Clarke, you play like a tiger and let management hire the minimum wage goons. They’re a dime a dozen. I don’t need my goal scorers with broken knuckles.

  56. Peter – same here. That’s why im worried about Hagelin. Fans think he’s a top 6 forward because he happened to fill the role decently well at the end of the year, but the reality is that he’s a 3rd line guy.

    Also funny that you guys wanted Sather to put an offer sheet in for Evander Kane and Weber, but now that Holmgren did it you guys want GMs to ostracize him.

  57. AA from Russia, to NY, to Columbus…..oy vey. At least he’ll have pals….Be nice Dubi.

  58. During the skills competition, Hagelin attained the best speed time ever recorded.v He’s a kid, a bit light in the azz, but a battler, a former Big Ten DEFENSIVE forward of the year, which should tell you he plays both ways. To denigrate him is not only offensive, but ignorant.

  59. Walter – that is based on the new system, but he’s he’s fast. Nobody is saying anything bad about him. Just saying he’s a 3rd liner. You mention he was a defensive player of the year in college, which is better suited for the 3rd line instead of the top 2.

  60. Jonny – Even if he’s on the third line, he’d be skating against third line players. Maybe even better for his production, no?

  61. while being defensive player of the year in the CCHA, Hagelin also led Michigan in scoring.

  62. Nashville won’t trade him after paying out $28M the first 12 months. The cap hit isn’t terrible. He’s still young and their captain. He’s there for life. Barring contraction.

  63. Tiki, my French boyfriend would never be on the chat. He loves my kitties……(only wicky and Francophiles will get that :)

  64. Blogmama, I didnt mean your boyfriend was on the chat. I meant someone on the chat revealed that you have a boyfriend. I didnt know Sean Avery was French. This French dude loves your kitties, but does he love your -kitty- puppies? LOL!!!!! :)

  65. Some people forget that Nashville is a viable contender. Weber’s next problem, aside from cashing some nuclear checks, is that he made a lot of statements about taking Philly to the next level, while insinuating that Nashville’s talent base didn’t give him the opportunity to do that. He might have lost a few friends in the showers.

  66. Mr. Snider needs his orange crud ESB spire stuck up his…..oh, never mind….

    Tiki, a bunch of papers already recycled, but you are gonna need a nose job after this Sunday…..

    Oy, mama’s had a long day, needs chow…TA! Good day!

  67. Now, Mr Snider can go back to -pretending- er…taking the position that he wants to roll back salaries and cut the cap in half…

  68. Nash is a game changer. Can’t remember last time I was this excited about a Ranger team.

    LW you still like the under?

    Have to say great job by Sather pulling this off without Stepan.

  69. NYR_FAN,
    you know why snider wants to do that right? That’s because in two years from now Giroux and a couple of other flyer young core players will be RFA’s.

  70. Walter – if he’s with Boyle he’ll get some time against the 1st line of other teams. But I dont really get what your point is.

    We’ve all said Hagelin’s trade value will never be higher, but nobody is actually suggesting trading him unless you get a piece you need. It’d have to be for a #3 or 4 d-man. Otherwise there is no point in moving him just to move him.

  71. Hah, you guys (and I) didn’t even notice that I misspelled Nashville twice up top … or maybe you’re so used to me misspelling things it didn’t register?

  72. Tommy, I was saying it jest. Mr Snider is a hypocrite. You should read LB’s Slapshots column from Sunday. He nails the issue.

    Of course, Mr Snider will match any offer for Giroux…that’s not the point…The point is that he is a hypocrite…

    He wants to build his empire and prevent other teams from following his model…..He wants to prevent any team (but Philly of course) from giving out 15 year $100m deals to RFAs…when he just OK’d the check for WWEber last week….

  73. leetchhalloffame on






    The Nashville Predators announced that they have matched the Flyers offer sheet on defenseman Shea Weber. The following is a statement released by general manager Paul Holmgren:

    “In tendering an offer sheet to Shea Weber, we were trying to add a top defenseman entering the prime of his career. With Nashville matching our offer, we wish Shea and the Predators all the best.”

  74. Carp, between the Summer of You, the blog and awesome stories on other subjects (great job Sunday, FYI) I didn’t want to say…..

  75. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    lol, luke rocked him. That is my most lasting memory of dubi along with the gatorade cooler.

  76. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    saw this (again, not sure of validity)

    NYR_SourceCentral™ ?@NYRSourceCentrl
    Doan & NYR in very close contact. Doan wants talk it over with family will give Sather answer within next 48 hrs

  77. Rob Mixer ?@RobMixer
    Dubinsky on Prospal: “He’s the little kid in street hockey who just scored the Cup-winning goal. I’m so excited to be his teammate again.”

  78. wicky, I got it through a link, but just type in Tim Erixon…he was first to come up when I checked for you….:) or try,

    sigh…must go. mama needs cold shower after hot day and sleep….and I mean that work-wise, don’t all get icky…..TA!

  79. is that this guy, wicky?:

    NYR_SourceCentral™ ?@NYRSourceCentrl

    Getting the sense that Weber’s Offer sheet will not be matched by #preds #nhl #flyers

  80. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    yep looks like him, clearly my “not sure about the validity” was just validated by you!!!



  81. or this one?

    NYR_SourceCentral™ ?@NYRSourceCentrl

    Great possibilty Shane Doan will stay in the West, #Sjsharks have shown some great interest. #nhl

  82. or this one?

    NYR_SourceCentral™ ?@NYRSourceCentrl

    #Canucks have sent their offer to Terry Bross (Shane Doan’s Agent) Very good chances he ends up in Van #nhl

  83. or this one?

    NYR_SourceCentral™ ?@NYRSourceCentrl

    Parise is down to two teams but like I reported last night heard he is signing with Pens #nhl #pens #njd

  84. or this one?

    NYR_SourceCentral™ ?@NYRSourceCentrl

    Hearing Panthers Traded for Luongo per @NHLBeat #canucks #nhl #Fla #luongo

  85. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    sheesh, I get the point…I put a disclaimer up…I’ll just keep my fat typing mouth shut!! ;)

  86. HAHA!! This twitter guy is gold!

    NYR_SourceCentral™ ?@NYRSourceCentrl
    Gaborik may return to this coming season sooner than thought, possibility he could play at season opener #nhl #nyr

  87. just having some fun at somebody’s expense … (somebody who sounds like Rod and jbeck). Not at you, wickster.

  88. the only guys to listen to are dregger, lebrun or Mckenzie, anybody else is shooting at a dart board with there eyes closed.

  89. Yup, you can trust those guys…

    I do wonder though how some of these clowns get so many followers….like incarceratedbob and this guy….LOL, lots of gullible people, I guess….

  90. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    anyone on here play NHL12 and play the fantasy draft season or GM?

  91. Columbus is in a great position to acquire another 1st pick next year. RJ Umberger is their highest paid forward. His salary next year is $5M, his contract has a NTC. James Lollypop Wisniewski is their highest paid defens(c)eman. He will be pocketing $7M and has a NMC. I’d be very reluctant to allow Scott Howson walk my dogs.

  92. ilb, what do you mean by another 1st pick? Edmonton has the first overall selection this year.

  93. I actually forgot Edmonton got the 1st pick this year, lol. I knew Columbus finished last. Hey, my wife just had a baby. What’s your excuse? :-)

  94. Hey, ilb, how much are you paying Tiki per post? I need somebody to defend me so passionately!

  95. Latona is a (.)(.) ;-)

    Oops, guess I was wrong on my interpretation of his comment. Thought he meant acquire another 1st rounder via trade.

  96. What? I never defend him. He needs no defense, and he’s capable of defending himself if necessary.

  97. But Tiki, if he doesn’t have a defense, the path to the net is wide open! And he seems like he’s traded the waffleboard for a baby bottle – who’s gonna stop the puck?

  98. Well then, I guess it seems like ilb is more of a (.)(.) than I now. Doesn’t it Tiki?

  99. I was just kidding, Latona. I learned this from Tony’s from AZ’s son. (.)(.) are breasts.

  100. AA is not going to get lost in his new team, and the icing on this sadness cake is that he will feel, like he is in the Rangers 2-3 years ago: Prospal, Duby + 2 fellow Russians – Tyutin and Nikitin + sad as well,Erixon. Besides, he will instantly become the tallest guy in the team.

  101. does anyone know if preds Poile faxed over to holmgren
    a picture of a middle finger salute?

  102. The entire Empire State Building, lit up in Flyers Orange crud, must look like a huge middle finger if they can see it all the way from Philadelphia, jpg

  103. JimboWoodside on

    >>> I learned this from Tony’s from AZ’s son. (.)(.) are breasts.

    And very cute ones, I might add! ;-D

  104. Jonny – the guy is an 175 pounder who is an olympic sprinter on skates with 40 points in his baby year, and you want to find him a checking line?

  105. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    I know it’s late, but i agree with Carp. Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased with Nash, but the complexion of this team is now changed. It is not a grinding, hard hitting team anymore. Who on the top lines will do that? I agree that Callie and, down below, Boyler can hit. The don’t fight. When he’s not hurt, Rupp can. Pyatt can. Who else?

    Seriously, I love Nash and THE KREIDER’S size. Our D is not huge. We could use another guy to defend our players.

    Prust saying.

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