Live Chat today at noon … talk Rick Nash, Shane Doan, whatever


Been waiting 23 days to do this Live Chat about the Rangers’ summer moves … but since nothing really happened between July 1 and yesterday, well …

So be there at noon today when we do the Live Chat following the first significant acquisition the Rangers have made. We can talk about Rick Nash and/or Shane Doan, Alex Semin, Brandon Dubinsky, Brandon Prust, Artem Anisimov … or anything you want to discuss.

Bring your questions, comments, snarky remarks — live at noon. Be there. Or else.

Meanwhile, here’s Kevin Allen’s analysis of the Rangers-Blue Jackets trade from USA Today.

As you know, I was saying all along that the Rangers sure could use a guy like Nash (or former future Ranger J.P. Parise Jr.). And now that he’s here, and maybe more is coming (Doan?), there’s little doubt the Rangers are a better team personnel-wise. And I think that some of their fourth-line moves (Jeff Halpern and Taylor Pyatt, but not Arron Asham or Micheal Haley) could be upgrades over John Mitchell and Ruslan Fedotenko.

But I do have a little bit of a concern that this Rangers team lost some of its one-for-all, difficult-to-play-against identity in the two Brandons, who could both play tough and play defensively and kill penalties and stick up for teammates while playing top-nine minutes. I don’t think the Rangers have many forwards among their top nine who can do all those things now.

Do you think that’s a worry?

Also, do you think the Rangers, with all their remaining cap space, will add a No. 4-5-6 defenseman (preferably a right-handed shot)?


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  1. I think the toughness starts at the bench and will be ok.

    I liked Dubi and thought he was great against the boards – but he was trade bait that we all knew.

    Prust a top 9? Same as Aaron Ashram – more of a #10 who will be put where he needs to be.

    By moving Dubi and AA there is a hole in the top 9 that will be filled?

    Go Blue !

  2. quite a day for the Rangers.

    I think I read a hundred articles today.

    going to miss Dubi.

  3. I’d almost rather have Yandle than Doan but they don’t really have the trade pieces after the Nash deal. Maybe you give up Staal/Thomas/2nd for him if that would even be enough. That would give the defensive corps more offensive pop, and Staal isn’t irreplacable with McD/Girardi.
    If not they’ll probably add a Jurcina/Coliacovo type who can shoot and give them 6th/7th minutes.

  4. the rangers look good on paper. ,but so did the islanders last year and look how they did. moves like this make me nervous but lets see how it plays out…

  5. Loving this move by Slats – yet again another masterstroke. Nash is going to be a monster in NY – we gave up 2 guys who showed great promise but never kicked on to the next level (they might still do that who knows), a kid who we thought was going to be the next Leetch when we signed him and turned out he was probably just a Bobby Sanguinetti upgrade and we gave up what will hopefully be a very low 1st round pick next year.

    I wish Dubi, Artie and Erixon all the best and i’m off to the bookies to put some money on us winning the big one next year!

  6. This was a steal. For those who think we gave up too much, think about this….

    If Dubi and AA put up some points this year, big deal. This OPENS up spots for cheaper players like Christian Thomas and other prospects, new guys use the ice time and produce.

    So we get Nash, we get more ice time for guys like Hagelin, Kreider and some prospects.

    We got the stud in the deal and a great salary tradeoff. Let’s all crack open a beer for this one. I will be doing so in Copenhagen!

  7. I guess, I’m in a small minority – I’m not too happy about this deal. Giving up 2 1/2 NHL ready players and a 1st rounder is a heavy price to pay for an aging player. Time will tell but Howson might have outfoxed Slats.

  8. Light at the bottom on

    I think this makes the team top heavy. Lots of star power, but little depth. It could be a disaster in the playoffs if one gets hurt, or one plays poorly. I am sad to say, that if Henrik doesnt play out of his mind, we cant win the cup. Same old story.

  9. bull dog line on

    Nash is 28. he is in his prime. the 2 biggest pieces were Dubi, and the 1st round pick. they will not miss Artem (Casper the friendly Ghost) Anisimov. they have other young Dmen to replace Erixon.

  10. Light at the bottom on

    And Jeff Halpern was awful in Washington. Healthy scratch for a ton of games and aging.

  11. Light at the bottom on

    I will say having Nash should make ZsaZsa Gaborik a better player. He is more of a Floater, and will enjoy less pressure to light the lamp.

  12. Kreider and JT Miller will fill-in nicely for Dubi and AA. And in my mind Kreider is the second coming of Mark Messier.

    Teams need to make the next step. I certainly appreciated the effort night in and night out last year, but this is the NHL and Tort’s team, if you’re not putting in the effort, you’re not going to play.

    This team is now stacked with offensive talent and perhaps can start putting pucks in the net instead of playing defense first.

  13. there’s no doubt that Slats has pulled off another steal (Mcd from canadians is the other reciently) and having to give up some young core people is not the end of the world. someone mentioned we’re weak defensivley now because the loss of both brandons, feds and artie. i beleive we got stronger in the center positon with the addition of Halpren. as great face off guy. win the face off and the defensive zone coverage is that much better. Pyatt, a big bodied checker who can score some goals and play the penalty kill. that replaces Feds and artie, well i don’t beleive Artie will get any better than he is now, IMO. NYR got bigger, Faster, and more defensivley responsible this offseason. something we all wanted. I’m so stoked for, HOPEFULLY,the up coming season to see more than 2.5 goals per game, oh it wasnt that many goals per game? sorry! LGR!!!!

  14. Good morning, boneheads!

    Lots of star power? Top heavy? That would be a 180 change from last year. Doubt they changed that much.

    Yes, Carp, I’m a bit concerned they’ve lost some of their identity. But the core of that identity is still here. You have Torts and you have your captain. Same defense and goaltender. Adding Doan would help in that department too.

  15. Holy Carcillo. If 28 is “aging” I better go out and buy my headstone. Today.

    And this trade is the kinda move that opens up legit spots for the likes of JT Miller, C Thomas, et al. Unlike Haglin & Stepan who had to come right in and take 1st and 2nd line responsibilities, JT Miller, Thomas (and even guys like that kid that hurt McIllrath), can come in on the bottom lines and develop properly. How anyone can say out of one side of their mouths that Gordie Clark is a genius stockpiling talent, and that losing two 3rd liners for Nash drives me crazy.

    We just got a top ten talent for peanuts. And this trade opens the door for the true talent the NYR have been stockpiling.

  16. Its relative, cw, like how 22 is “aging” for a woman.


    (Also, in case its not obvious, I’m kidding. My wife is more than a year older than me.)

    (We are both older than Nash.)

  17. I’m ok with this move, but I do have some concerns down the road. Power forwards of the Nash type are usually done early, like by 32-33 they are usually finished. So the back end of that contract is going to look bad. But if the idea is to go for it over the next 3-4 years (as it should be), then it’s a good move. I think Dubi was an enigma. I liked his style, and he was part of the identity of the team, but he a piece that can be replaced. AA, well he played smaller than he should have and he has a bad shot Of the three, I think he might be the guy who surprises in Columbus with the pressure off and a coach that lets him play. Erixon? Who knows. Still young, but you have to give up to get.

    So, IMO we’ve got two of the three pieces we need to win the cup now. A big scoring forward in Nash, a guy who could win a key face off in Halperin, and now we just need that big body clearing defenseman. Not sure who that can be, but there’s certainly cap space.

    My lines would be (once Gabby gets healthy)

    Richards, Gabby, Hagelin
    Stepan, Nash, Krieder
    Boyle, Cally, (kid? Doan?, Semin?)
    Halperin, Rupp, Pyatt

    Looks pretty good. I’d still look at Semin if his demands aren’t unreasonable. In a scenario where he’s not counted on too heavily, perhaps he can flourish.

    What D is out there for the third pair after Mcd, Girardi, Staal and DelZ?

  18. We already made up the lines yesterday!


    As CT pointed out, the 4th line is kind of a joke so let’s hope JT Miller comes up and dominates 4th Line RW.

  19. Steveknj- Nash will be turn 34 in June 2018. So even if you are right about him being finished at 33, I don’t see that as an issue.

  20. Smart thinking, Pimp. That’s like batting a leadoff guy 9th. Smooth turn on the order.

  21. I got a lot of help from, CT, bull dog. That’s why I said *we* did this yesterday.

    Where is ORR?

  22. If 28 is ageing i better go and get sized up for a coffin!
    The guy is in his prime, will take the heat off Gaborik, will allow Kreider to develop in his shadow (and hopefully give Kreider a lesson in how to use his physical attributes).

    We kept Hagelin, Stepan, Mack Truck, DZ and possibly opened up a space for JT Miller to start on the 3rd line. Forget the names and any emotional attachements, we ONLY gave up 2 2nd/3rd liners a prospect and a pick. Darth Slats was obviously exercising his Sith mind powers on this deal!

    p.s. if you’ve any doubt look at the general consensus of the national press – Sather 1 – Howson 0

  23. Miami- I like your expanded vocabulary. You will need it next year, it seems :-)
    How’s everything otherwise?

  24. Yeah Halpern was benched in the playoffs by the same coach who was hammered for giving Jay Beagle as much (and even more) ice time than Alexander Ovechkin.

    Could Slats reach back to the Tampa Bay pipeline and sign Pavel Kubina? Torts knows him and he is a righty d-man.

  25. HugeRangersfanfromTx on

    Kubina cannot move at all these days. Torts likes his d-men to have the ability to skate and move the puck…all Kubina has is a decent shot and some size on the back, he’s slowed down way too much.

  26. I haven’t seen anybody comment on this quote from Tortorella on Erixon:

    “Erixon has potential, I haven’t seen it yet, to be a really good player. ”

    Apparently, Torts doesn’t think much of Erixon.

  27. czech – watch the video (and check out the highlights of those two game). TJ Oshie destroyed Nash in both games and he started to shy away from contact after that. Mind you Oshie is a complete beast, but Nash isn’t as physical as everyone here thinks he is. He definitely protects the puck in the corners and tries to use his size to get to the slot, but he’s not throwing monster hits and he’s not going to the front of the net. As long as he gets his shots off and scores, I’m ok with that, otherwise it’s going to be an issue, especially with Torts.

  28. I for one will not miss Dubinsky . It was very frustrating to see him have very good ur his contract yr and then have the stinker he did last yr. it was like waiting for a less talented but tougher Kovalev to light it up.
    I am excited about this trade and even more excited about a lineup that includes a healthy Gaborik , , Rick Nash , Krieder , And the core we all knew and loved last yr

  29. Where do you want him, The Doctor? It seems like if Hagelin isn’t on a 3rd line then he’s on the 4th line because you can’t put Cally on the 3rd line.

    Hagelin is at least great at protecting the puck and digging it out of the corners and passing it to those two bohemoths he’s on a line with. No?

  30. Any one know Nash’s shoot-out statistics? I suspect that they are a lot better than Dubi’s or Artem’s, who were rarely used.

    As far as Semin is concerned, his defensive weakness is a bigger issue for Wash. with their weak defense and goaltending. Not so much for the Rangers. Just sayin’.

  31. And that’s just one example.

    Also touching on someone’s response to my comment about Kovalchuk. I was just saying that he was on a bad team with 1 or 2 other top line offensive players (somewhat similar to Nash, although Hossa/Heatley and Savard were better than any of Nash’s linemates outside of maybe Zherdev), but he still put up his numbers (50 goals, 100 points). He went to the Devils and his numbers dipped a bit and he was playing with more talented forwards than what he had in Atlanta.

    The team definitely had more overall success, so Nash’s numbers could dip or stay about the same and the team is better, but I wouldn’t expect 40+ goals again from him. At the end of the day he’s not worth his salary to the Rangers, but if he provides key goals and more of an offensive game for the team, then I’m happy with the trade. I’m reserving judgement until I see what he does as a Blueshirt.

  32. Mister D – Hags is a 3rd line player anyway. He’s a fast energy guy who can chip in offensively, but he’s not a top 6 forward. He filled that role pretty well last year until the playoffs, when teams knew what to expect from him. He’ll probably pan out to be a 30-40 point 3rd line winger, which isn’t bad at all.

    Bob – I didn’t add them all up, but he’s about 5-11 or 5-12 every year in the shootout. Usually tops on Columbus’ list.

  33. Yea…Skills Competition numbers. Super important. Remember Christensen and Wolski!?

  34. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I dont look at being a defensive third line Mister D. All these lines, should be playing the same type of style of hockey. Thats why Torts can switch the lines up; they all know theyre role.

  35. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Players I think are better than Rick Nash — Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Giroux, D. Sedin, H. Sedin, Toewes, Kane, Stamkos, Kovalchuk, Eric Staal, Datsyuk — Nash. So he is in my top 20 or so because I didn’t include defensemen. I would like to see other peoples lists

  36. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I think Nash puts in 40 his first year with Gaborik not around to start the season. You also have to believe this will improve our PP, right? Gaborik, Nash, Richards, Stepan, Del Zotto/Kreider

  37. Boyle and Pyatt have the potential to score 20 goals each. Add Hagelin and the Third line could actually contribute pretty heavily to the offense.

  38. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    You know what would be a sick line and I am sure we will see it eventually because Torts loves line changing.

  39. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    PA Parenteau had 8 more points than Nash last season! Anyway I think Nash will automatically get 15-20 more assist playing with the Rangers. Plus 5-10 more goals than last year.

  40. True Blue – PP won’t necessarily improve. Doesn’t matter what the personnel is, they need to fix the strategy.

  41. Yeah, I like Cally on the third line. He’s excellent defensively (as you saw he was up for the Selke and he can add some scoring punch to that line. It’s why I’d like to get another forward who can score with him…a Doan or someone like that.

    I like Hagelin’s speed playing with Richards and Gabby. Forgetting the playoffs, they were great together a lot of the season, and Gabby as it turned out was hurt anyway. A Nash, Stepan, Krieder line would be 1A, not a send line. Stepan passing to Nash (or Krieder) could be deatly against a lot of teams.

    For Nash, yeah, the last year or two of that contract might hurt. Perhaps, they get smart and flip him toward the end when he still has some value for something else they need (the hope is that Krider, Haglin, Thomas or whoever are, by that time 35 goal scorers :) ).

  42. the problem I’ve had with getting Nash from day 1 was who the rangers were going to give up for him, it turns out the rangers didn’t give up much but the main problem I had with Nash is his salary. The cap will go down, probably considerably from where it is today and you can bet your Buttman on it. Nash’s salary hit does not warrant his play and is over paid and will bite the rangers in the Buttman in two years when players like Gaborik, Lundqvist, Girardi, callahan will be ufa’s. I guess the rangers are built to win now.

  43. Cally wasn’t nominated for the Selke.

    With the way that Torts deploys Boyle line (starting nearly 70% of his shifts in the defensive zone) you’d be essentially taking the stick out of Cally’s hands if you drop him down to the 3rd line.

  44. tommyG- if cap goes down considerably (it probably will), they will have to either adjust the existing salaries accordingly ( read – rollback ), or allow them to be grandfathered.

  45. I guess I don’t really look at it as 2nd/3rd line because we didn’t seem to really structure the lines in a hierarchy last year, they were more roll based. So I’d stay more concerned with logical pairings (avoiding putting skill guys like Anisimov with 4th liners) and maintaining a defensive matchup Boyle line. I messed around a little but hated everything I came up with because, no matter how you felt about Dubinsky or Anisimov, you’d never be uncomfortable listing them on a 3rd line. Right now, we’re slotting Pyatt on the 3rd with a pretty terrible 4th of Rupp/Halpern/Asham. If someone, Doan or whoever, comes in and pushes Pyatt to the 4th, one of those three can go to the box. And if a rookie like Miller can break camp, another one goes and suddenly a Pyatt/Miller/Asham 4th line looks a lot more promising. So I guess I just don’t want to do lines yet.

  46. But I will …

    Nash – Richards – Gaborik
    Hagelin – Stepan – Kreider
    Doan – Boyle – Callahan
    Pyatt – Miller – Asham

  47. Cally isn’t going on the 3rd line. He’s like Dustin Brown. 60 points, hard two way player with some offensive creativity. You’d rather put Hagelin (30-40 points with just speed) on the 3rd line since he can chase pucks when you dump and chase. Callahan can actually carry the puck when pressured.

    Players I think are better than Nash (just forwards, not defensemen):

    Crosby, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, Backstrom, Stamkos, Henrik, Daniel, Toews, Kane, Hossa, Gaborik, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Thornton, Heatley, Giroux, Kopitar, Tavares, Eric Staal, Perry, Getzlaf, Spezza, Kessel, St. Louis, and Iginla. There are some like Seguin, Ryan, and Eberle who have the potential to be over him on this list, but they aren’t as proven yet.

    So he’s barely outside my top 25.

  48. Better forwards than Nash?

    St. Louis
    Sedin 1
    Sedin 2

  49. _ So I guess I just don’t want to do lines yet._

    Probably a good idea. Because no matter what we do, our imagination *can not* come up with anything even close to what Torts may eventually produce :-)

  50. Well I think it’s safe to assume that when healthy the top 6 will consist of Gaborik/Nash/Richards/Cally/Kreider/Stepan. I’d split up Gaborik and Nash just because both those guys are heavy shot producers and they’d eat in to each other’s shot totals if placed on the same line.

  51. All these hypothetical lines are making me think that Hagelin is a sell-high candidate.

  52. _by 2pm today, people on here will have Miller centering the first line._

    Did Rod tell you about a secret injury to Richards???????

  53. bull dog – how did he reach? All of those guys have put up better numbers than Nash in the last 3 years.

    Mister D – that’s what I said earlier and people gave me some carcillo for it. I wasn’t even saying we should trade him, but his trade value is probably the highest it will be in awhile. I love watching the kid play, but reality is he’s a 3rd liner who can chip in with offense. If we could move him for a more proven 4-6 d-man, I’d do it. Can probably even get a #3 for him at this point. If we keep him though, he’ll chip in with 30-40 points as a 3rd line winger, might even get some SHGs too with that speed.

  54. bull dog line on

    nope. just find it interesting that I have seen Miller go from maybe playing with the Whale this year, to being the 4th line center, or 3rd line LW.

  55. Jonny D: I remember this and I backed you. Then someone else started yelling at us that if we see Hagelin as a 3rd liner, won’t everyone and I think it devolved into a debate about perceived value and all that. Either way, if we can package him with a CPT-ish prospect for a more established 2nd line type, why not, right?

    Bull Dog: I think the Miller stuff is more necessity than fanboying. I think the prevailing logic was that Pyatt is the upgrade on Fedo, but Pyatt is slotting as our 9th F where Fedo was our 11th. So there’s just a lack of talent at the bottom of the roster that we’re trying to fill and a wildcard like Miller does that better than a healthy Capital scratch like Halpern.

  56. Here we go with trading Hagelin again. He was worth a 2nd rounder last year, according to some. At least his value went up this time around.

  57. bull dog line on

    there are players on that list on the down sides of there careers, and there are some guys who have put 1 season together. people in Ottawa would drive Spezza out of town. Taylor Hall has yet to stay healthy. Jumbo Joe Thornton? really. Bergeron is a little better than Cally. there are others, but I will stop there.

  58. There’s certainly elements of guys on my list where Nash is the better player, such as goal scoring vs Bergeron and Kane. Skinner is a bit of a reach but if you take into account age and upside I’ll go with figure skating boy. Age and upside again is a factor with Couture and Hall but they’ve at least if not more productive than Nash in recent years. Otherwise the rest of the list seems pretty defensible.

  59. Bull dog – Nash is technically in his prime, but he’s not getting better. That’s kind of the point. I mean Ray Whitney is more than 10 years older than Nash, played for a team that was just as bad offensively, and still put up better numbers than him last year. Is he going to be better in the future? No because he’s old. But currently, the stats say he’s better/more productive.

    Plus for the guys that are past their primes, there are guys coming into their primes like Eberle, RNH, Ryan, and a bunch of other kids that are young and putting up just as much if not better production than Nash and will continue to improve. So for the guys coming off the list, there will be more coming onto the list that will be better than him.

  60. The last time Jumbo Joe had less than 70 points in a season was 10 years ago. Nash has only cracked that number once. Is Jumbo Joe on the downside of his career? Probably, but that doesn’t exactly speak highly of Nash if he’s still being outproduced by a guy that’s 5 years older.

    Spezza’s 2 down years prior to this past season are basically a little under an average Nash year.

    Bergeron isn’t quite as productive as Nash but he’s a far superior defensive player.

  61. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Couldn’t agree more about the 2 brandons and I do have the same worry as you do.

    I think doan would offset the dubi loss in that area (dubi was not a very good fighter, though he fights more than doan), but no one close to the prust contribution.

    I would not be adverse to a dorsett/clutterbuck/boll type addition somehow.

    Put me in the camp of wanting to see miller on the big club

  62. Yelling? Unlikely.
    Hagelin’s main value is his speed. And his age. Even if he plays third line minutes, and PK, his speed will be an asset difficult to find. He gets to the puck faster than most in NHL, and he can protect it well. He hasn’t really shown his offensive ability yet as he was used by Torts differently. But what he has you can’t teach. Just ask Detroit why they gave Darren Helm four year contract.

  63. Kubina wasn’t much good to the Flygirls now was he? They gave up a lot for him too at the deadline. Not interested.

  64. Also am I wrong in saying that if the Rangers don’t make the Cup Finals in the next 2-3 years, this trade wasn’t worth it?

    The Rangers were 2 games away from the Cup Finals last year. The whole point of bringing in Nash is to address the scoring issues that many think would’ve gotten them over than hump and into the Finals (where the Kings would’ve steamrolled them anyway, but that’s a different story). So even though we gave up the least possible in the trade that we could’ve, isn’t it fair to say that if the team doesn’t match last year’s performance or surpass it in the next few years, this trade didn’t work out?

  65. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Miller on the bottom two lines though and that along with the dorsett etc thing was if we didn’t add doan

  66. ilb – I agree with that, but speed lasts so long. Geoff Sanderson was the fastest guy in the league for years and eventually over time that slowed down. I mean Hags has at least 7-10 years before that happens, so I’m not saying get rid of him. But I do think his trade potential is at it’s highest it is. So if there is an offer on the table for a guy that can sure up the defense (a guy that is a #3 d-man that we can use as a 4 or 5), then I’d do it.

    That doesn’t mean I’d trade him just for the hell of it though.

  67. At this point the Cup is all that matters. It would be interesting to see if the Rangers win it all but Nash has disappointing season or playoffs. I don’t think people would care about individual performances at that point but they better win it all pretty soon because they’re going to have to pay the piper with a couple of their guys pretty soon whether in rapidly escalating salaries or age.

  68. I’m not worried about a legit top 6 forward, that’s a waste of a trade for us considering we’d be moving Kreider back to the 3rd line where his talents are wasted. I’d be looking for another d-man who is a #3 that we can use as a 4 or 5 since we don’t know when Sauer is coming back. Then if he does come back, we have even more strength back there. If he doesn’t, we’re still strong.

  69. CTB – I definitely wouldn’t. What I’m worried about is that the team regresses and Nash doesn’t have a good year. If that happens, then que up the boo-birds and everyone claiming how this was a terrible trade in another year or two. I don’t want it to happen, but it’s just as likely as them winning it all, if not more likely.

  70. Man, I would love to run the risk of wasting a guy like Kreider on our 3rd line next year. That would mean we have crazy talent up top and depth. And no injuries.

  71. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Bouwmeester isn’t a righty is he? I’m 10 foot pole on him, but it worries me he could be available

    I’m still pissed we could of had chara if it wasn’t for D-bag jagr.

  72. Assuming the 3rd line is Boyle’s line, mostly because Gaborik/Richards/Nash/Cally/Stepan aren’t going to be bottom 6 players nor are Halpern/Asham/Rupp anything more than 4th line guys, I have a feeling Torts will use Boyle as he did in the playoffs with a lot of d-zone responsibility against other team’s top lines. That’s kind of a waste of Kreider’s talents IMO.

  73. CTB: That’s exactly why I don’t think a strict 1st/2nd/3rd line setup works with us, because if you’re matching up Boyle with the other team’s 1st as often as you possibly can, don’t they become your de facto 1st, atleast at home? I’d rather have the super-skilled line, the secondary scoring line and the defensive line and, if that means Kreider or Callahan lists on the 3rd (while still playing their minutes), its not a big deal.

  74. Speaking of J-Bo, remember how highly touted he was and everyone said all he needed to do was get out of Florida and he’d flourish. How did that work out for him? Reminds me a lot of this situation with Nash. Hopefully it doesn’t end up with the same results.

  75. *Mister D* July 24th, 2012 at 10:05 am

    All these hypothetical lines are making me think that Hagelin is a sell-high candidate.


    No surprise that I am thinking the same thing. Why waste him on the third line when we have JT Miller and that incredible 4th line to back him up!

  76. “isn’t it fair to say that if the team doesn’t match last year’s performance or surpass it in the next few years, this trade didn’t work out?”

    Not really. What if Gaborik get injured again (after he comes back in December) or Staal gets another concussion or Hank gets injured?

    What if those players’ just play lousy, is that Nash’s fault? Is that Sather’s fault? It’s just that carcillo happens.

    If they don’t surpass last year it’s not necessarily that the trade didn’t work out because it could be other parts of the team that contribute to the team’s performance.

  77. If we do get Doan, doubt there is room for a Thomas or a Miller…and, I would think both of those guys are primed to be in the NHL sooner rather than later…

    Personally, I think we have enough vet leadership…but, if Doan wants to come here and play hard, he could be a great pickup…

  78. Potential benefit of getting Doan is slotting Pyatt down on the 4th line and then not having to see both of Rupp and Asham on a consistent basis.

  79. Here are Nash’s Shootout Stats:

    05/06 – 3 for 8
    06/07 – 1 for 5
    07/08 – 4 for 10
    08/09 – 4 for 11
    09/10 – 5 for 12
    10/11 – 5 for 12
    11/12 – 4 for 9
    Career – 26 for 67

  80. ilb 2001:

    I’m trying hard to expand my vocabulary … I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve, you guys will see:)

    Everything is going well. Still undergoing treatment, but that’s going fine. Also, just moved in with the fiancee. Trying to pimp-up the pad as we speak … pun intended.

    How are you doing?

  81. bull dog line on

    once the Rangers signed Richards the clock started ticking on the Rangers winning the cup. now that they have traded for Nash, the clock is ticking even faster. I think it is the cup or bust in the next few years for the Rangers.

  82. Sioux-per-man on

    Good Morning Boneheads!!!!

    What does it feel like to have a #1 overall draft pick play for the RANGERS????/

    Carp when was the last time NY had the #1 overall pick play for them???

  83. _Carp when was the last time NY had the #1 overall pick play for them???_

    You don’t want to know.

  84. Rupp has to be better this year. He has to have been injured. Right? Asham and Rupp is going to be tough to swallow but I am sure something will surface. Bickel on RW?

  85. Pimp – did you get a mirror above the bed? Doan’t forget to purchase a bed shaped like a clam that rotates.

  86. Manny, I believe Rupp was injured most of the year. I don’t think he’s much better than what he showed, though.

  87. Ha. Why not, The Doctor? Can’t be worse than Bickel on 4th line RW. Asham is about the size of LeTang.

  88. bull dog line on

    lets see Nash play on a good team before we say he is not going to get better. and the list had only a few power forwards on it that I would take over Nash. Ericcson, Perry, Getzlaf, Ovechkin, Kopitar, and maybe Kovalchuk, I would put in the power forward category. most of the rest are different type players than Nash.

  89. Sioux-per-man on

    The Rangers have 5 Captains playing on the team now. Doan would make it 6?

    How’s that for Leadership????

  90. The big concern now for me is losing Dubi, AA, Feds and prust will effect the penalty killing and defence. The rangers streghthened there goal production but weakend the penalty kill and defence.

  91. Hello from Berlin! Haven’t been around for a while. Not sure if I was missed but you guys were! As you all know I wanted Nash on the team and this really was the best deal that we could have hoped for. What a deal! We kept Stepan over Anisimov MDZ over Ericon and got to keep our stud dman, Kreider, and ahlers. You can’t possibly be unhappy with it. I’m in Berlin right now. Am about to embark on a cycle tour to Prague after 2 days of fishing here.

  92. also that 4th line is not very good with asham and rupp but I guess they are there for there toughness.

  93. Sioux-per-man on

    8 First Round Draft Picks – Kind of makes us feel like the Oilers….. LOL…. well maybe not.

    Carp – do you think Miller gets a shot to make the team out of camp? or do you feel another player has a better opportunity, now that Erixon is gone?

  94. bull dog line on

    there was a time when all here were concerned about losing Blair Betts because he was a penalty killer. they sure missed him eh. there will be guys who step up to do the job. penalty killing will not be a concern.

  95. Betts was also our best faceoff guy! Also, our best “beard growing” guy.

    We have a good PK now. Nash kills penalties.

  96. I’ve admitted this before, but I was really unhappy when we didn’t retain Freddie Sjostrom.

  97. And, quite obviously, we haven’t won a Cup since letting Sjostrom go. Would we have won with him? Under the “we made trades before ’94 thus trades are the way to go” logic, I’m saying its a certain maybe.

  98. I will just go ahead and do my darndest there, Carp(er).

    I think if you review any post you will find a new post by me at the bottom.

  99. Sioux-per-man on

    How about Jason Arnott out of the Blues, he would be a solid Centerman to replace Artie. 1st Rounder pick by Slats. Had 17 goals last year. He could be a nice 1 year add, that wouldn’t cost alot?


  100. I am pretty sure that Anisimov was replaced by Halpern which made Boyle the all-time 3rd line Centre. Where were we going to play Anisimov anyways?

  101. Sioux-per-man on

    Arnott would be a depth pickup for the Center position. 1,000 games, 400 goals, 900 pts. Is a Stanley Cup winner, a solid 30-40 pts guy at the end of his career.

    One can never have to much depth at Center?

  102. *loneranger* July 13th, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Letting Dubinsky go would be a serious mistake

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