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  1. *dusts cobwebs off computer* man you step away from here for a few months to end your engagement move back to new York and change everything bad about your life and the next thing ya know…well scratch that you’re all the same : D

    Real quick- heart/core of the team: Girardi, Callahan, Boyle, Staal, Lundqvist. With that core in tact we continue to move forward. How well they do from here idk. They have a legit top 6 now. They have a legit defense -anyone have a sauer update?- and the goalie is the goalie. Question is whether this was too big a swing in the direction from the black and blue mentality. They’re gonna play the same way. The pk may be weaker tho.

    Losing Prust sucks but for what hE got from Montreal we couldn’t keep him. Gonna need some younger guys to step in and do more- Stepan Hags and Kreider especially. As usual a lot more questions than answers in late July,

  2. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    So everyone still seems down on rupp (I honestly think he was injured for the majority of the season). I want to bring something up here…

    Rupp is every bit the teammate prust was (prust was hands down my favorite ranger btw), he is just a bit older and picked his spots more than prust (as prust gets a few more years on him he will do the same).

    This example has bothered me since it happened, but remember kopecky’s high shot on mdz at the end of the game (it’s on 24/7) that was in Florida?

    2 things stand out to me…
    Prust diving on top but not really doing anything then afterwards being heard on the mics by the bench saying I didn’t want to do anything to get suspended and miss the WC. That has always bothered me.

    The good out of it is rupp, who not only was in the scrum as well, but waited for the pile to get sorted out and then pulled kopecky away from the official and pounded him! Good on rupp for not putting the WC before being a good teammate.

    A healthy rupp is a 10 goal 10 fight guy who gives you 8 good hard minutes a night and is one hell of a teammate IMHO!!

  3. A haiku for 17 …

    I’ll miss you, Brandon.
    You were good and cool and nice.
    That last part? A guess.

  4. He wasn’t introduced yet? His Jersey is for sale at the NHL Shop.

    That old lady that Rupp kissed was just Glen Sather without the cigar.

  5. Rupp has a leash on him. He knows full well that if he takes penalty minutes, he MUST take someone with him. Prustie was guaranteed to take someone with him because tough-nosed as he was, few were afraid of him.

  6. The best news of the day is that they DO make a “Tickle-Me -Cookie Monster” … excellent!

  7. I brought this up at my hockey forum.

    Will Rick Nash score over or under 35.5 goals this season?

    I say under.

  8. True Blue Mike (Will we be seeing Radulov in Avery's bar?) on

    Woooohoooo the flyers suck again! Nashville matched Weber’s qualifying offer!

  9. Sioux-per-man on

    And the Hits KEEP ON coming.

    Preds keep Weber!!!!

    Time to dance a Jig around the office desk!!!!

    Does this week get any better?

  10. Johnny, it’s an expression.

    I guess they will have to light up the Empire State Building in Nashville colors on two sides and Flyers colors on the other two.

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    So does Semin go the Penguins and play with Malkin? or is he a better fit on the Red Wings?

    Boy the Flyers & Penguins really haven’t added much this off season. I would say the Rangers have the edge right now.

    Carp – how bad is Semin. If he is so bad, do we want him on the Flyers or the Penguin team?????

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