Rangers get Rick Nash; deal Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon (updated)


Now it’s official, filed with the league and announced by the teams.

The Rangers get Rick Nash, 28, minor-league defenseman Steve Delisle and a conditional third-round pick (which goes back to Columbus if the Rangers reach the Cup final) for Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Tim Erixon and a first-round pick, believed to be in 2013.

Here is Aaron Portzline’s story from the Columbus Dispatch.

Nash, 28, has six years remaining on an eight-year, $62.4 million contract, so his cap hit annually is $7.8 million, highest on the team. But the Rangers had around $15 million under the cap, and with the subtraction of Dubinsky’s (more than $4M per) and Anisimov’s salaries, they still have $13.3M to spend to the current cap (which is expected to be lower once the new CBA is, ahem, negotiated).

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  1. DarrenDreger Dubinsky, Erixson and 1st believed to be 3 of 4 pieces included in Nash trade.

    sad for dubi :( sad for Sally :(

  2. Sioux-per-man on

    And away we GO!!!

    Finally. Good New to Cheer About!!!!!

    A little worried of the pieces going the other way…….

    But this team has taken a HUGE step forward!!!!

    Now you wonder, if Doan follows Nash’s lead and signs tomorrow :)

  3. no chance mac truck is inculded.

    so far I like what I hear. need to know the rest of the package….

  4. As long as the 4th isn’t Stepan, Kreider, or McDonagh i’m ok with that. I hope it’s AA

  5. wow, 5 pieces, I don’t like this one bit. I think Sather gave in when he saw Holmgren sign weber to a offer sheet. It’s probably going to be 3 roster players and two prospects, I’m feeling nauseous.

  6. Sioux-per-man on

    Dubi, Erixon, and a 1st Rounder……. ok ……

    Who’s next Thomas or Miller ?????

  7. what’s not to like so far? I mean, unless the fourth piece is something important, how do you not like this deal?

  8. I am sad :( to see Dubi go. But realistically he scored 10 goals. As long as we do not give up our core defensemen we’ll be OK. Dubi can score 25 to 30 or 10. Nobody knows.

  9. Sioux-per-man on

    Artie is the 4th piece…… Still better than losing Step in the deal!!!!!

  10. aa, dubi, erixon, and a first. fair deal.. nash is a stud, rangers gave up 2 forward who can play, a 1st and a puck moving d man.

    they can replace dubi/aa with nash and miller or yogan or another forward and it is a distinct upgrade because nash is a stud. nash better play like a big time player.

    too bad for AA curious to see where his career winds up, he is talented….

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    WOW!!!! Is that it?

    No more……. ?????

    Sather pulls off another trade, getting the missing piece without losing the future :)

  12. That’s why they signed Halperin.

    Boyle is the 3rd line center.

    Halperin … 4th line center.

    Loving the NASH TRADE. LOVING IT!!!!

  13. czechthemout!!! on

    Sather wins again! Great trade. Could have and should have happened at the deadline.

  14. It’s only an awesome deal if he produces more goals than Dubi and AA combined, right?

  15. Richards, Stepan, Boyle, Halpern. That is fine with me for Centres.

    I give this trade an A-

  16. As sad as it is to see Dubi go (always hated the vitriol he got on this board), that is HIGHWAY ROBBERY.

    Good job, Slats.

  17. That is not a bad deal. Not happy to lose both Dubi and Artie, but it was worth it for Nash. He will score more goals than both of them combined. That also opens a spot for Miller on the 3rd line, where he can realistically play right now.

  18. Mister D’s take: There’s a good chance we lose this deal (big time buy low by Columbus) but less of a chance we get killed than I expected. I’m not in love, but I’m not in hate.

  19. Sign Shane Doan to 1 yr deal with a boatload of cash and weve got ourselves a team.

  20. I guess, NYR, that some of the euphoria is that we didn’t give up Stepan, Del Zotto or any other pieces that would make me literally stab myself in the stomach right now.

  21. 4generations 4 cups on


  22. Well you have to assume that Erixon may have never made the NHL and the First Round Pick, well picks are gambles. Thus we traded Dubinsky and Anisimov for Nash. Who wouldn’t do that?

  23. I have to admit, when it comes to trading, sather is as shrewd as they come, good deal Darth Sather.

  24. Winston Wolfe on

    Wow! If those four are really who was traded for Nash then it is a fantastic trade on Sather’s part. Give up a little defense, but gain back size and skill.

  25. I personally found Anisimov more useless than Dubinsky throughout their collective tenures here. So, job well done.

    Time for people to guess lines that will get changed 1890275 times throughout the season!

  26. HugeRangersfanfromTx on

    Argued hard against not trading Stepan for Nash but how can you not LOVE LOVE LOVE this trade for NYR? Nash fixes the Rangers biggest problem and they’ve kept a boatload of their top assets and players.

    Sather is a MAGICIAN when it comes to trades.

  27. “It’s only an awesome deal if he produces more goals than Dubi and AA combined, right?”

    No, it’s Nash’s goals plus the replacement forward has to be greater than Dubi and AA.

  28. _Not happy to lose both Dubi and Artie, but it was worth it for Nash. He will score more goals than both of them combined._

    C’mon. They scored like 3 less when both played right around their floors.

  29. The Rangers were getting to that point where they were going to have to move either the guys in CT or players on the roster to make room for guys in CT. This deal makes the team more dangerous while also giving younger guys a chance to come in and play on the bottom lines.

  30. My brother says AA is a role player at best, Erixon is the best of the players but we are deep at defenseman, didnt want to give up Stepan, Kreider, or Del Zotto. The deal is a steal.

    So Im on board with that!

  31. Holy hartnell!! ! ! I mean, holy carcillo! But aw man, Dubi? Sally, I’m so sorry, and sad myself.

  32. _Carry Me, Ohio_ is the absolute perfect song to hit the radio when I’m dealing with a Dubinsky trade to the Blue Jackets. I’m going to crawl under my bed and cry for a bit.

  33. It’s not just about trading the goals of Dubinsky and Artie for Nash. Nash gives us two LEGIT top lines. It’s about depth up and down and how we can put out two monster lines against any defense. The third line gets better when people drop down and our team is just better up and down.

  34. _I would have signed up for this trade … ANY DAY OF THE WEEK._

    well, that day of the week is Monday, July 23rd :)

  35. personall, from what I saw from Erixon, I wasn’t impressed at all. I understand it takes time for defencemen to develop but I wasn’t crazy about erixon. I am happy because Sather didn’t give up anybody on the team that was important. I like Dubi but you have to give something to get something. AA is no big loss and a first won’t be worth much since it will most likely be a late pick.

  36. Sioux-per-man on


    Can’t believe it. Sather gets Nash and doesn’t lose Kreider, Step, McD, Hags, or Boyle. And still has Miller, McIlrath, Thomas, St Croix in the cupboard.

    Dubi & Artie are both solid NHL players, Erixon was going to make this team this year, and a 1st Rounder. I would say that is a win for CB…… because Sather wasn’t going to give up anything more. And who else could match this offer in talent.

  37. Mister D – Nash will have a big year this year. I think he breaks 40 this season… if they have a full season.

  38. given that the organization was bound and determined to get Nash, I think this is the best possible (reasonable) iteration of the deal

    and good riddance to both Dubinsky and Anisimov

  39. Winston Wolfe on

    Dubinsky’s, Anisimov’s and Erixon’s cap hits add up to Nash’s cap hit.

  40. One thing: This deal sucks for Artem. He’s built to be the 3rd best guy on a very good line, not the best guy on a bad line. We’ve seen this over and over with him, he plays to the level of his mates.

  41. I liked DUbi. He played hard but he did not produce last year. if he produced 25 goals they could have won it all and this trade would not have happened. Dubi loved being a Ranger just part of the business. He will be playing a lot of meaningless games in Columbus to bad. Big contract warrants results.

    Nash does not need to score more then aa and dubi together he needs to score 30+, they also get to play an addtl forward, they do not need to play 1 man down..

  42. Erixon is going to be a very good 2nd pairing defenseman. The problem was that as a left defenseman, he was never going to make the big club. And he only cost us two second rounders. Dubi and Anisimov were also second rounders. It’s like we traded a first and 4 seconds.

  43. The Doctor, you just referenced *Sun Kil Moon* on a Hockey Blog. Major, major props.

  44. AA and Dubi had plenty of opportunities to shine in NY but it was time for them to move on. Dubi was my favorite player for a while so it’s sad to slip so much and see him go.

  45. _Mister D – Nash will have a big year this year. I think he breaks 40 this season… if they have a full season._

    This means no more than me saying Dubi and Anisimov will score 20 each.

  46. I don’t know about steal, cw, but it’s a very good deal for the NYR. If Dubinsky ever becomes what he should be, and Anisimov ever figures it out, it isn’t the steal of the century … and God forbid if Nash doesn’t score 30+ every year … but it’s a very good deal right now.

  47. @Aportzline@ #CBJ also sending 3rd pick and minor-league defenseman to #NYR in Nash trade. Told defenseman is not David Savard.

  48. Sioux-per-man on

    and the details are the Rangers getting a pick and an AHL player.

    Crazy, Crazy, Crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy WIN for the RANGERS!!!!

    I’m still laughing :)

  49. Emilio Estevez on

    I definitely like this trade, especially since it could of been a disaster if we gave up more than this.

    I think Dubi will live up to his contract in Columbus just because of the minutes and chances he will get. Anisimov is better off there too.

    Maybe Erixon will demand a trade back to the Rangers like he did in Calgary.

    who needs late 1st round picks anyway?

  50. Dubinsky, yes, even Anisimov, but Erixon and a 1st rounder seems steep for 1 player.

  51. Very well said: @DonLagreca@ Nash deal sounds very fair. *You have to give to get.*

  52. text from my dad:

    “imagine sather told poille to give him the week to tie up nash before he matches just to f— over philly”

    think stuff like that happens?

  53. Mister D – Remmeber, that is 2 guys playing shifts. You are forgetting about the other person that will play in either Dubi or AA’s spot. Even if he gets you 15, you’re ahead.

  54. Apparently, the Rangers are getting a third from the BJs to counteract (a little) the 1st and a minor leaguer.

    Gotta say after all this posturing, what the heck was Sather initially offering???

  55. Are we going to be the only team in the league with the captain playing on the third line?

  56. For those of you who don’t like this deal: name a better (and realistic) proposal that still nets this team Rick Nash. You can’t.

    The core remains intact, we pick up a legitimate offensive weapon and open up a spot for one of the kids to slide into the lineup.

    Sather deserves high marks for the way he has managed this roster over the past 2 years.

  57. Great Deal, assuming the guy doesn’t become a huge anchor after a few years.

    You guys are freaking me out…CARRY ME OHIO was recorded in my recording studio! Great tune. But not hardly jubilant enough for this celebration.

    It should be FIRE ME OHIO, and sung by Scott Howson.

    Dubisinov and Erix#one, wow. Just wow.

  58. Sioux-per-man on

    If Dubi goes back to the year before with 50+ points, Artie with 40+, and Erixon with 30+

    That would be a win for CBJ as well. Nash isn’t going to put up 120pts next year. Three solid young players coming in, no $7.8M going out, and a 1st Rounder added next year.

    That’s a good start for CBJ.

    I would say it is win/win for both parties involved.

    A bigger win for the Rangers, concidering we get to keep Kreider, Stepan, McD, Hags, Miller, Boyle, Thomas, McIlrath. Crazy win by Sather.

  59. Cindy Crosby on

    Unreal. Sather does it again. Ever since he changed his philosophy and rebuilt this team, I have gained so much respect for him. Who’s better at trading than this guy??!!

  60. How do so many people around here have such a connection to Sun Kil Moon!? That album is flipping AMAZING.

  61. great deal. I’ll miss Dubinsky, but I think Anismov really hit his ceiling. We keep McDonAgh, Stepan and Kreider. What’s not to like?

  62. not what he was offering, Jim. … what was Howson demanding. Because originally Stepan, McDonagh and Kreider were all involved in some way. This would have been done in February if Howson would have taken this package. So much for him getting more this summer as some speculated.

  63. Nash goes from Jackets to Shirts! I hope Columbus has plenty of Gatorade jugs ready.

  64. Sather has been very good for at least 2 years. BTW they still ahve prospects in the system that may become NHL players. MCilrath, jt miller, thomas, st croix, yogan, fasth, etc….

    the rangers are ready to compete for the next 5 years……….

  65. This is a great trade IMHO! There was a reason Nash was drafted first, as he was dominant in Juniors! Another ex-London Knight to boot. Makes me proud too, as London is my adopted home :)

  66. like what i’m reading….lets hope those former rangers don’t come back to have 4g games vs NYR but otherwise, I think uncle glenn did good here

  67. Only 2 players off our NHL roster. Both Anisimov and Dubinsky were role players. 2 role players for a (declining) star. Worth the risk. Even with the prospect and pick in there.

  68. Where does this put the Rangers at in regards to the salary cap? Especially if it drops as much as the owners want it…

  69. Nice work by lord sather. Now let’s pray we have a season! Gabbo & BRichards popping the champagne!



  70. I wonder if Nash is pissed off that this was the trade knowing that Sather would have done this last season?

  71. NYR_FAN: Please do me a favor and NEVER use the words Scott Gomez & Rick Nash in the same sentence. Totally different circumstance. TOTALLY different player.


  72. Moe: We have about $15M in cap space so after this signing we will be down to about $7M and we have to re-sign Del Zaster.

  73. If Yogan can learn to play a bit more team oriented, he could be a huge offensive surprise at some point. The guy can score and has decent size. Apparently, he likes to do too much by himself. A minor correction in his game could pay huge dividends.

  74. Just Imagine Nash and Doan for AA and Dubi. Wow! Our team is significantly upgraded right there, then throw in the addition of Kreider.

  75. checking TSN site, some fans feel Columbus got fleeched, some think it’s a good deal and some think Columbus got the better deal. Time will tell who won this trade.

  76. Uncle Moe, it looks to me that they gave up as much salary as they took on. Now they have to replace 1 forward because they gave up 2, but they did have quite a bit to spend didn’t they?

  77. You have to wonder if Nash basically told Howson it is NY or bust? Now does Slats look to add another forward to replace Gaborik or do the Rangers give the kids a shot? You have to think Slats will be active in upgrading the defense by bringing in someone with experience and possibly add more AHL depth on defense as well with Erixon gone and McIlrath’s knee up in the air.

  78. this is a good deal for CBJ also. as stated above they were going no where, paid Nash a ton, and need a lot of bodies to compete. Dubi and AA are good 3rd lines, erixon will be a regualr 2nd or 3rd pair nhl d men and a 1st is a 1st.

    rangers got the stud, if nash scores 30+ a year and uses his size they have a big time playoff player. rangers need nuggets not addtl 3rd liners.

    top tier forwards for the rangers are; nash, gabby, richards, cally, kreider, stepan, and hags…then they have boyle, pyatt, asham, and the young guys/prospects….

    the defense is still very very solid and young……..

  79. True, with the other two going to Ohio I guess it only adds around $2 million.

  80. Carp: For sure, but do you really think Sather basically offered what just went over all along and Howson finally relented?

    Of course it’s possible and if so, wow, not only did Howson blink first, he’s probably still blinking and will need corrective surgery of some kind to rectify the problem.

    It could also be that this was primarily Sather’s offer from the outset and no other teams, despite all the noise about the Flyers, the Wings, the Canes, the Sens and the Sharks bartering, came close and ownership told him to just get it done.

    I’ve said all along having this hanging over the franchise’s head had to be hurting ticket sales. He wasn’t coming back – just move him for the best package and look forward, regardless of what the package actually is.

  81. Carp: Artie made 1.8 M

    Dubi + Artie = 5.8 vs 7.8 for Nash

    Adds 2M in salary. Not terrible.

    Worst comes to worst, we can always send him to Hartford :)

  82. Lines for this season –
    Step – Kreider – Hagelin – threesome on the golf course in October
    Gabby, Richards, Nash – front row at Knicks game in November
    Boyle, Cally, Pyatt – Kickline for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in December
    Halpern, Asham, Rupp – Orchestra seats for Book of Mormon in January

    Maybe we’ll see some hockey in February…. =(

  83. So we have about $12M of cap space. Some will go to Dubinsky and the rest better be reserved for McBust so he never, ever leaves NYR.

  84. According to Zip, this is less than what the Rangers offered at the trade deadline. Howson really howsoned it.

  85. I agree…it seems like Nash didnt not want to go anywhere but NY. Good for us! Good luck to Nose-picker and the Sniper-Artie!

  86. I am telling you right now. JT Miller is gonna be on the team next season. Keeping him was a great non-move by Sather. JT Miller can replace Dubi NOW!!!

  87. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    With Gaborik Out pending a lockout:

    The four offensive lines will be:

    Callahan – Stepan – Kreider
    Pyatt – Boyle – #NAME
    Rupp – Halpern – Asham

  88. So, the Rangers got Nash – any chance of bringing in Scott Hall and Erik Bischoff to complete the NWO? (if you get this reference, kudos!!)

  89. wow, the more I read around and think about it, sather offered more at the deadline which means Columbus did get fleeched, Darth sather strikes again. Jacket fans are going nuts. Howson better get a security team around him.

  90. Sioux-per-man on

    Rangers will still have to win the games.

    Carp – with Nash coming in – does that make the Rangers the most improved team in the EAST this summer?

  91. look up some late 90s history on professional wrestling, CCCP – but you won’t find it amusing if you didn’t watch it

  92. _Mister D – Remmeber, that is 2 guys playing shifts. You are forgetting about the other person that will play in either Dubi or AA’s spot. Even if he gets you 15, you’re ahead._

    Sure, but I was just answering it as stated. And if you do that, you really need to factor in salary and the fact that its Dubinsky, Anisimov and a several million dollar player versus Nash and two minimum wagers like Newbury or Deveaux.

  93. _rangers got the stud, if nash scores 30+ a year and uses his size they have a big time playoff player._

    Man, this better be assumed. If Rick Nash is scoring 27 at $7.8MM, he’s a wreck.

    Manny: KEXP.org streaming. Great station.

  94. is it me, Carp, or does Philly seem to improve every byfuglien year???! And then something happens (e.g Pronger down for the count) and we all breathe a sigh of relief.

    yeah, tommyG!!

  95. Nash has not scored LESS than 30 goals since 2007. In his career he’s only scored less than 30 goals twice (including his rookie campaign where he put up 17). He’s scored 40+ twice. Imagine him with Richards or Stepan (whoever he meshes with better). The guy should be able to put up 40 on this team.

  96. JimboWoodside on

    We got him!? Sorry to see Dubi go – he still may become a top 6 player. Not so sure about Artie, and Erixon? Who knows?

  97. hopefully the preds will match the flyers offer, than I can read the flyer fans crying the blues.

  98. You think the Rangers would actually make Semin an offer, Carp?? I’d love to see him on the PP, but I can’t imagine him playing for Torts…

  99. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – I agree, but they also lost 2 upcoming stars. The Rangers didn’t.

    It will still be a Race between the Rangers vs Penguins, with Philly & Boston not far behind.

  100. Hagelin-Richards-Gaborik
    JT Miller-Halpern-Rupp/Bickel

  101. LW/C/RW


    Have to like that.

    one problem, you forgot Asham

  102. special thanks to manny for texting me about the deal as i was driving home from city to long island. at least 5 times i tried to refresh page only to see car start to swarve. now i could talk.

    how could you not like the fact that sather didnt budge stuck to his guns and got nash for his price. artie is too inconsistent and dubi was always the centerpiece of the deal because of his contract. to me this trade gets valued on what tim erixon becomes and i dont think he will be an nhl all star type player

  103. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    I know Doan wants to stay in Phoenix, but I suspect this will really tempt him to want to come the NYR, especially if he’s leaning that way if he leaves.

  104. Carp July 23rd, 2012 at 3:26 pm
    That’s 13.39M under the cap, not 13 dollars and 39 cents :)

    yea but remember, the new cba cap will be lower and the rangers will have to sign some of there young players in the next several years.

  105. eric, don’t drive with the phone in your hand, please.

    too bad Rod and jbeck and all the other know-it-alls weren’t around to tell us this was coming.

  106. If the Rangers push close to the cap, they should be able to get cap relief with the LTIR status of Garborik and Sauer – providing that is still available under the new CBA.

  107. Doan-Richards-Gaborik

    Del Zaster-Stahl

    Man that looks nice…

  108. I was a big hater on getting Nash unless it included the right pieces. This is by far the best deal we could’ve gotten for Nash. No DZ, no McBust, no Stepan, and no Kreider. I’m ok with this. Still think he’s way overpaid and wouldn’t be surprised if he barely netted 30, but I’m ok with it.

  109. Capgeek:

    Cap hits of Dubinsky, Anisimov and Erixon: $7.825M. Cap hit of Nash: $7.8M. #CBJ #NYRangers #NHL

  110. @Aportzline@Told the minor-league dman headed to #NYR is *Steven Delisle.* #CBJ have not confirmed that, however. Delisle played AHL/ECHL last season.

  111. We actually *shed* cap space?!? $250K? That’s almost half of a league minimum contract.

  112. @BDubi17@

    *I would like to thank all of my fans and the city of New York for everything! My 8 years being part of the NYR have been magical. Thank you!*

  113. Puck and Gavel,
    Ahhhh. Thanks for catching that. I would assume it could be any 1st round pick. But I guess the team on the other end would want it right away.

  114. Hate to lose Dubinsky, he was a heart and soul Ranger and was loved here.

    That said, count me in 100% on this deal. Not sure how great Anisimov will go on to become but I never felt he was the right fit for this team. Can’t be upset about adding Rick Nash.

  115. As far as Nash goes, we are paying him Gaborik $$$. I don’t see the fuss. We have two elite scorers.

  116. IF it is Delisle, he’s a big boy at 6′ 6″ – maybe Hartford could make something of him…

  117. Semin-Richards-Gaborik

    Del Zaster-Stahl


  118. good point … with the first-rounder gone, so are any offer sheets … not that any would have happened anyway.

  119. cw – I think Carp’s point is, you’d have to pay ridiculous money to keep the offer sheet from being matched – it won’t happen whether they have the compensation or not

  120. What a day to start a new job…… Gotta love this trade right now. Getting a talent like Nash and not giving up any of our HUGE upside guys, is almost unbelievable. Had to think at least one of Step, Hags or DelZ would have to be a part of this after hearing for months about Howson “playing hardball.” Great move, lets hope it all goes according to plan.

  121. arty animisiov is an enigma. goes through flashes and then disappears for even longer stretches.

    i want doan now as well

    nash doan to rangers weber back to nashville. flyers are left at the alter haha

  122. The ohio radio stations are going to be playing (by request) a lot of MY CITY WAS GONE, with it’s dripping, sarcastic WAY TO GO OHIO refrain…

    JT Miller is FROM Ohio, if they really passed on him Howson will be shot.

    But really, other than that, this is a decent deal for Columbus. They deal a guy who was miserable and got 3 very servicable NHL players for THIS season.

    Carp, any idea why Torts didn’t like Erixon? Not tough enough?

  123. man, who’d have thought 2 years ago that Boyle would still be on the team today and Dubinsky wouldn’t. Hockey biz sure is funny.

  124. And guys, the pick is conditional. If we make the Cup final we don’t get it. Let’s tank this year so we can get the pick. Then we win the next year.

    “Call in sick for third round pick!”

  125. conditonal 3rd round pick rangers lose back to columbus if we make cup final.

    3rd round pick or cup final i think i will take cup final

  126. then again, i thought there was no way Colorado could match the Rangers’ offer to Sakic way back when – but they did…

  127. dreger will be on wfan with joe and evan at 445

    also nhl home ice at xm radio have live show from 4-7

  128. I’m actually going to laugh hysterically if Dubinsky puts up more points than Nash next year. Chances of that happening?

  129. Shore, I’m going under the assumption that the Flys will add WWEber. And Jagr is no loss.

    also, NHL.com, being a league property, can’t announce a deal that hasn’t been made official by any of the parties or the league.

  130. Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie
    Nash deal now official. It’s Nash, conditional 3rd rder (it goes back to CBJ if NYR make Cup final) and minor leaguer Steve Delisle to NYR.

  131. Probably right on nashville not matching i will concur…..i was just raising the possibilty…if they don’t we be in the drivers seat….

  132. “The Washington Capitals have named Tim Hunter the team’s assistant coach….”


  133. And with Feds & Artie purged, main roster of NYR now is Russian/Uke free, not a very common event since the early 90th.

  134. We have a TON of forwards in the system. JT Miller, Christian Thomas, Andrew Yogan, Jesper Fast… While I like dubi and AA, they are both replaceable. The to lose Tim, but you have to give to get.

    Nash is a power forward who I think will be totally energized by coming to NY.

    Kudos to Sather!!!

    Great deal in my opinion!


  135. According to CapGeek – Rangers cap space is $13,391,666 – $1,250,000 for bonuses (not sure how that works into the cap number)

  136. bull dog line on

    no brainer of a trade. the only player the Rangers gave up worth anything is Dubi. kept all prospects. good trade. reading some line combos, Cally will not be on 3rd line. Nash will play left wing.

  137. Also according to CapGeek – Wade Redden still has 2 years left on his $6.5M a year cap hit contract – still amazes me to think about…

  138. Highway Robbery! Howson looks like he has major egg on his face, but at least he’s not Brent Spiner.

  139. few years back Nash was on the cover of the NHL 2K9 video game and was signing autographs at the NHL store in the city. I was there and when he was signing my game (still have that game) i told him that i will see him in NY in few years and he said “You got it, buddy!” LOL True story!

  140. Callahan-Richards-Gaborik

    Del Zaster-Stahl

    *Better, CT?*

  141. “@bluejacketsnhl: #CBJ acquire Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Tim Erixon, & a 2013 first-round pick from the #NYR. Details to follow.”

    Burying the lead some?

  142. i’d take that $13 mil in cap space and spend it on a depth d-man and use rest to sign some guys ( like dz) to extensions

  143. I think Sather gave up a little too much…surprised he agreed to include Erixon and AA. He must have been drooling over Nash, dangled as a lure in front of his stogie. Perhaps the smoke obscured Nash…definiteliy not a steal, and I liked Dubi and Anisimov. They are young and will rebound, though I have wondered about Dubi’s health the past two seasons. I think Columbus made out ok on this deal, so that means it it probably a good deal. Both teams lost something and gained something they should be happy with. Funny, Erixxon can now learn the game under the tutelage of Tuts! What’s done, is done, and I’m looking forward to what Nash will bring to this team after the season starts…starts…starts?

  144. Rangers seemed to get the better end of the deal. Why would Howson cave in now? He probably had better offers from other teams like San Jose, Philly, and Pittsburgh.

  145. _kept all prospects._

    C’mon. Is there a top 50 list out there that doesn’t include Erixon?

  146. This is an amazing trade for the Blueshirts on several fronts; not giving up any of your elite roster players, not giving up any of your top prospects, & not tearing a hole in your salary cap so other moves are still possible. Like many here have said, you have to give up something to get something & Dubi, Erixon, & AA are all decent upside players… but, none of them are proven NHL stars. Unless Rick Nash has a major problem adjusting to playing under the bright lights of NY, Sather has committed grand larceny.

    Somebody answer this one: When does a team have more leverage? When the battle for the Stanley Cup is a month away & teams have one more day to reconfigure their rosters before the Playoffs begin– or– When players & fans alike are at the beach, the Summer Olympics are about to start & the NHL CBA is up in the air about as high as another ARod pop-out to second base?

    Howson’s resignation should have been part of this trade…a very bad day if you’re a Blue Jackets fan.

  147. On vacation across the pond. Call up LoHud on the web and WHAM BAM NASH is a Ranger.
    Nice job Darth Sather. What a great deal. Elite power forward, room to move up a kid and we didn’t subtract from our strengths. Monday July 23rd is a good day in Rangers history.

  148. Fair trade, if slightly skewed to Columbus. They get 30+ goals in two young forwards essentially matching Nash’s production plus a D prospect and a 1st round pick (which could be worthless – never know).

    Rangers take on more risk having the 30+ goals in one pair of hands, on a longer contract and they lose any potential upside on the traded players which I don’t think is much in the case of Dubinsky and Anisimov – who knows with Erixon and the draft pick.

    Pretty fair.

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