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We’re going to do a Live Rick Nash Chat Tuesday at noon right here (where else?). So bring your lunch back to your desk, and bring me some questions or comments on the Nash trade, or on what else is in store, and if you think the Rangers right now are different or better or worse than they were when the season ended. Or just bring some of the usual (g)jibberish.


Here’s my story from The Journal News and

By Rick Carpiniello
In the end, when the Rangers made the blockbuster trade that had been in the making since February, it was more about the players they didn’t give up than the ones they did.
The Rangers got their sniper Monday when they completed a deal with Columbus for big Rick Nash, who has played at a star level for nine NHL seasons and is still just 28 years old.
The Rangers have up forwards Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov, and defenseman (and Port Chester native) Tim Erixon, plus a first-round draft pick in 2013 in exchange for Nash, minor-league defenseman Steve Delisle and a conditional 2013 third-round pick (which goes back to the Blue Jackets if the Rangers reach the Stanley Cup final).
But the Rangers didn’t give up Chris Kreider or Derek Stepan or Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto — all of whom have been rumored and/or reported to have been demanded/requested by Columbus GM Scott Howson since the talks heated up prior to the February trade deadline.
“It took a long time, I’ll tell you that much,” Rangers GM Glen Sather said Monday, adding that he’d been in touch with Howson very regularly since Nash originally asked to be traded and submitted the list of teams to which he’d waive his no-trade clause — a list that had the Rangers on top.
“We’re always trying to improve the team,” Sather said. “That’s an ongoing struggle. But the opportunity was here before the deadline. We couldn’t make it go. We’ve felt like we’d always like to have a little more offense, especially with (Marian) Gaborik being out until sometime in November (after shoulder surgery). I think that once Gaborik gets together (with Nash) we’ve got some pretty good offensive players now.
“So this changes the complexion of our team. It’s probably not going to change the way we play, but his ability — he’s a world-class player and he’s very excited to be coming to New York. We were one of his chosen few right from the beginning.”
New York was high on the list of Nash, who is big (6-4, 216) enough for the Eastern Conference, and has the skating and hand skills of a sniper. Nash scored 41 goals as a 19-year-old, and is one of only four players (joining Jarome Iginla, Ilya Kovalchuk and Alex Ovechkin) to have scored 30 or more goals in each of the past five seasons. He has played in more all-star games (five) than playoff games (four) with Columbus.
Nash said he went to Howson last season to see which way the Blue Jackets were going, and was told there would be a rebuild coming. “I’ve been here nine years now and I figured I could be the main piece of a rebuild for them,” he said. “In that case, if the circumstance was right, I’d waive my no-trade clause and help them rebuild and help my career carry on.
“In finding a team, I just thought the Rangers were perfect. I think they’ve got an amazing team. Last season they were one of the best teams, and I just think it’s a great fit for my style. … I think they’re already one of the top teams in the league and the players that they have there, it’s pretty impressive from the goaltender to the defense and right on up. I’m happy to be part of the organization and part of the whole city.”
Dubinsky had a nightmarish season after signing a four-year deal worth $4.2 million per last summer, and he and Anisimov both underachieved, calling into question whether either will ever be a top-six forward. Erixon, the son of former Ranger Jan Erixon, was a top prospect, but the Rangers top four are set on defense for a long time.
Nash’s $7.8 million annual salary cap hit (which has six years remaining) was not a concern with Dubinsky’s money going the other way and the Rangers, even after this trade, still have more than $13.39 million left to spend under the current cap, which could change with the new CBA negotiations.
Sather said that adding Nash “doesn’t eliminate the opportunity to try and pursue somebody else at this time.” That means Shane Doan, the 35-year-old Phoenix captain with size, grit and character, most likely. The Rangers could also still have plenty left if they want to fill holes, such as a second or third-pair right-shooting defenseman.


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  1. First time I could post, I got Carped!


    Finally got a second to comment. I see plenty of different opinions, expectedly. Good chance we would be upset no matter who we’d lose because of team’s chemistry.
    FWIW, my take- its a fair deal. Helps both teams the way they’re structured at the moment. We needed scoring, they needed young, solid NHL players who can play right away, prospect and a pick to start rebuilding. And there is no doubt, Howson would have gotten much more in return before the deadline. As well as during the draft.
    I’m ok with who we lost. Either Stepan or MDZ would not make that trade as good as it looks on a paper now.
    Nash will have to prove he was worth it. I think he can be a real monster. And while he may only score 30-30, or 35-35, as predicted, he will add much more points than that to a team total. The opposing teams will now have to deploy two shutdown pairs to deal with two different legit goalscorers. As well as twi solid checkers. Not too many teams have that. I believe he’ll play on the L, and not with Gaborik, at least at ES. I like the move. What’s not to like?

  2. czechthemout!!! on

    There are about 3-4 people on here who hate this trade. They are of course entitled to their opinion,and we are entitled to rebutt it. So here we go.

    One of them likes Dubi because he’s cute! She wants Nash to bust up his knee which of course can only help the Rangers. And as a ” fan” it is always a good thing to want one your top players to be injured.

    The other two are worried about the impact on the salary cap even though this trade is basically a wash with regards to the cap. Of course these same two or three individuals were on here pinning for a fourth line grunt player who got an absurd contract for ” its just pain” .

    My opinion on this trade is this. Nash is a big tough gritty power forward with great speed and a wonderful shot. He goes hard to the net, is a darn good penalty killer who goes down to block shots but is also aware when to get open for a breakaway pass while killing a penalty. He will score between 35-40 goals consistantly during the next 5-6 seasons. As for his passing, it is underrated because his best center all those years in cbj was Manny Malhotra( lol), not exactly known as being an offensive player.

    Someone mentioned Kovalchuck as a way to dump on Nash. Well, let’s see. He played with the likes of Keith Tkachuk,Marion Hossa, Dan Heatly, Brian Little, just to name a few. That compares very favorably to playing with Manny Malhotra, Mike Peca,RJ Umberger, and a plethora of other scrubs doesn’t it?

  3. Carp..i asked and i recieved! Now i gotta change my schedule tommorow to make the chat :)

  4. ok, the next move is if the preds are going to match the flyers offer sheet, hopefully the preds match.

  5. i just don’t see Nashville matching for a guy who sounds like he doesn’t want to be there. I think they could pony up the money if he does.

  6. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I don’t think nash is a total finesse player, I think he has finesse player skills in a power forward body. he’s not lucic or anything as far as nasty goes, but he has grit and plays tough.

  7. Another repost, dammit:

    Rangers’ situation is just fine. I do agree, to an extent, about removing some of the team’s toughness, while adding a finesse player. But wasn’t that what everyone complained about? A top line scorer? This trade, imo, makes 10 ft pole Semin a 20 ft pole Semin. And I agree, Sather should go after Doan. 2 year, give him enough money. Move on if he insists on long term.

  8. czechthemout!!! on

    All I know is the Flyers are going to have to deal with two big time power forwards who can skate like the wind and will score a lot of goals as Rangers. They will also have to deal with two huge fourth line players who play a gritty game on the fourth line in Boyle and Pyatt. JT Miller will make this team and he has alot of grit and skill also. If they also add Doan at a reasonable term and price, they are substantially better and gritier than last year.

  9. You won’t see him throwing his body around like Callahan does, wicky. But he a power forward in terms of how he protects the puck, he is tough to take it away from.

  10. If we get doan….



  11. Who is this imposter saying he is Glen Sather? I remember the Erica Lindros/Brian Trottier/Ron Low/Scott Gomez/Chris Drury Sather. Who is this imposter???????

  12. Czech, I have NEVER. EVER. EVER. Said I like Dubi cause he’s ‘cute’. In fact, I think he’s a goofy looking dude. So don’t go saying things I never said or even insinuated. I was against Nash from a financial/hockey standpoint all along. He’s not worth the money or the length. And I truly do think he will shrink against the divisional opponents.

  13. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    If I’m the preds, i match it and either..

    A) Trade him to the flyers and get roster players that help now and draft picks

    B) Trade him to the fishies or some other cellar dwellar team

    C) Keep him and trade hornqvist to us for cap relief in a deal sending bjork to nashville

    Ok, the last one was just a pipe dream for me, but I would honestly do one of the first two if I was Nashville.

  14. czechthemout!!! on

    By the way, check out some of his fights. He can handle himself well enough if he gas to.

    Be held his own against James Vandemeer a very good fighter and got the better of David Backes who can fight really well.

  15. What a week! Starts with my birthday being spent with the most beautiful woman in the world, next day a baby ilb is brought into the world, 2 days later Tony from AZ goes home, and the week ends with Nash and Ichiro in New York. Wow. I may remember this week as being one of the greatest weeks in my life.

  16. i see nashville moving on however i could see read heading back to nashville. this will end in a trade

  17. Bull, i think doan and cally could flip flop between second and third line. I did forget about pyatt…and also, miller can fill gabbys hole until he comes back…the possibilities are endless, especially if we get doan

  18. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I don’t think he is anywhere close to soft (not that you said that, you didn’t) and I don’t think anyone will confuse him with prust toughness. I honestly think he plays a very similar game in the grit and toughness category as bobby ryan.

  19. Nash has to know that he cant play soft to be on this team, whether its blocking shots or getting into some scraps and tussles here and there. Torts and homie wont play that!

  20. bull dog line on

    I suspect Miller is the better prospect, but, I kind of would like to see Thomas get a look while Gabby is out. if the Rangers get Doan, I do not think either of them will get a chance.

  21. czechthemout!!! on


    Than that should be the argument you should be making. That is at least a fair and reasonable position to take. I don’t agree with it at all but we will see. Calling for Nash to bust up his knee is stupid and childish. Just so you know where I am coming from. There is no bigger defender of Dubi on here than me. Dubi was one of my favorite players. I think he did a lot for this team while here, and not just on the score sheet. In some ways JT will be missed. But he is replacable and let’s at least give Nash a chance before we wish him harm. Don’t forget, root for the front of the uniform, not the back.

  22. Has everyone heard the conference call? Is it me, or during that conference call did Sather -between tugs on the flask- talk about trading for “Steve” Nash? And was that Nash giving the “unh huh’s” in the background?

    Bizarre. I know it’s tough to talk when you got guys high fiving you every 2 seconds, but jeez…

    Take the “L” out of Dolan for the win.

    And, as always, no Gomez.

  23. I can’t say enough about how amazing this trade was for us.

    Erixon is completely expendable since we already have 3 young LH defenseman that are better than him. Anisimov is a 2nd/3rd liner who moved the 4th line in the playoffs and Dubinsky came off a terrible year where he was almost a healthy scratch.

    With a stacked draft coming up the 1st round pick might be the most valuable of the pieces we gave up!!!!

  24. czechthemout!!!,
    didn’t know Nash dropped the gloves, I thought he was soft in that area. I checked him out on youtube, unfortunately the first fight I saw was Nash against Malkestein and Malkenstein pretty much beat the crap out of Nash, the other fights were better but not to impressive but at least he is willing. Let’s face it, dubi wasn’t that good in fighting either and at least Nash drops them when need be, I’ll give him that much.

  25. Czech, that was tinged with sarcasm (although I wouldn;t be broken if it DID happen). I just don;t see ‘JC Rick’ being that good of a player for that contract will he is here. I think he will shrink from the physicalness of the East. And 60 points isn’t good enough for what his contract is and what we gave up. He needs to crack 100.

  26. hipbone, Sather was referring to “Steve” Howson. The person in the background was the one who asked the question.

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " The MONSTER NASH!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Mickey , Mickey does your hatered for Nash come from when he on team Canada ? Nash was a beast for team Canada and me being Canadian …Ive always liked his power. Gaborik can’t really skate through defences but in Nash we have someone who can. He was doomed being drafted by an expansion club that always has sucked . Zherdev was there number one pick one year says alot. Im not predicting any goals but all I can say is Nash is now our best player.

    Dubinsky and AA . Love those guys . Homegrown .

  28. Hopefully we will have a top ten power play next year. Figure nash has to be good for 10-15 ppgs

  29. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    I’ll go on record as saying I like this trade. These guys still have the good young core and the ‘d’ in tact. MacD and THE KREIDER were never a thought, but I am glad Slather held serve on Step and MDZ. Give those youngsters some time.

    We have improved the PP some. I like the fact that Nash is big. I could see him working well with Richards. This team has some good talent and it seems they could score more. Interesting the guys we lost were non-scorers, but responsible defensively…..Prust, Dubie, AA, Feds, Mitchell, Wowytka (a little joke there!).

    I will go on record as saying I will miss those guys, especially Dubie and Prust. Feds had a pretty good playoffs. But they all couldn’t score.

    I do worry about shot blocking, if thats what Torts still wants this team to do. Richie? Gabby? Nash? Kreider? Step? Uh, which of them will be blocking shots?

  30. Not really, Greg. I just never liked him. I can’t really explain why, I just didn’t. Call it a woman’s intuition or whatnot, but I didn’t. And with that deal, I like him even less.

  31. Not only they can’t trade him a year, if they do trade a year after they will have paid him $14M by then. Not the smartest move all around.

  32. For those of us old enough to remember, in 94, fan faorites and some home grown boys like gartner,turcotte, weight and amonte were all traded. I remember really missingall those guys that has been around a few years with the team…..until june 14 , 1994 ….then i didnt miss them that much….good night all! A very good night!

  33. For those who are arguing against Nash based on his Columbus numbers….. Wake-up!!

    Nash’s Columbus numbers were and continue to be meaningless and unrelated to how he well he will perform with our boys. He may have less numbers on the Blueshirts yet contribute more to the success of the team by adding other variables.

    Hockey is not golf…. a players numbers do not determine success or failure on either a personal or team level.

    Hockey = ultimate team sport…

    Success in Team Sports = sum of the aggregate parts

    Our boys are a better team today than they were yesterday.

  34. Czechthemout!!! on


    Great point! And all those guys were ten times the players we have lost so far this season.


    Much better,and a more reasonable argument. I don’t agree with you at all. But at least you gave a reasonable position. The problem with taking such a strong position against someone is that no matter what he does here, you will still hate him. Even if he scores 40 goals and adds 40-50 assists. Even if he gets the game winner in next years Stanley Cup finals ( a place I feel we now have a better chance to reach than before this trade ) you will still hate him. You also claim he is soft. I bet the only games you have ever seen him play is the few he has against us over the last several years.


    Real estate will be at a premium when I’m out there with my new linemate. Maybe take an official off when we’re on the ice together?

  36. We were able to acquire an in-his-prime superstar who wanted to come to this team for two inconsistent enigmatic players and a marginal prospect who seemed to loose favor with our coach. We have no concerns about the cap as the salaries wash. What GM in Sather’s shoes would have turned down this trade?

  37. So how many jackwagons did we have here complaining about his lack of shot blocking and/or hitting ability?

  38. hello all!!!!
    still recovering and trying to catch up
    after working the All Good Music Festival

    jpg’s sister
    being the good sis that she is
    called me on my way home to give me the Nash News

    looked over some of the reactions
    and i gotta say
    MickeyM wtb?!?!?

    you don’t like the financial aspect of it? read what Sather said and what Jess Spector said about the deal………..that the finances are pretty much a wash
    i’m sorry to see Dubi, Artie and Erixon leave but a VERY subpar season from Dubi an inability for Artie to be consistent and improve and Erixon to be closer to the player he was expected to be (remember, he’s going to make the team out of camp?) and our current defensive corps
    made all 3 expendable.

    if Dubi and Artie did play up to expectations then there would not only be a need for Nash but we wouldn’t have been so desperate for scoring numerous times last season.

    those are my points against what you said
    and i’m ESPECIALLY bummed to hear you saying such things as wanting Nash’s knee to get blown out on his first shift.
    sheeeeeeeeeeesh!!!! sarcasm or not, as much as you may not like the deal he’s a Ranger now and our team has enough moments of bad luck than to even consider that.
    as much as i dislike sidney
    if he somehow joined the Rangers i’d want nothing but GOOD HEALTH for him from day one til the day he left the team.

  39. I cant imagine being upset at this trade. On paper it’s almost genius.

    But we have been wrong before! Wouldn’t be the first time I was way off.

  40. Erixon is not “marginal”. You don’t have to understate what we gave up to make the case for the trade. Its a nice trade. Even those of us pretty staunchly against acquiring Nash are pretty accepting of how it went down. Don’t just throw things out there we have to factually object to.

  41. I was against Nash for a money standpoint but we moved the same cap to CBJ. So…. We have to win soon. Hank won’t be young forever. We can’t keep saying, “what about next year”?

  42. jpg's sister on

    this does, but doesn’t have to do with Nash trade,

    does anyone know the answer to this? Dubi was one of Rangers NHLPA reps, do they need to choose another rep especially since in the middle of CBA?

  43. I’m not positive, but I don’t think they do it by team. Weren’t Dubinsky, Fedo and Biron all among the initial 30 in the meetings?

  44. Yea. Erixon is not marginal. There just isn’t room for him on this current defensive squad barring injuries. So he’s not a huge loss. He will get a lot of NHL ice time over in Columbus.

  45. Right, Erixon was the perfect inclusion. Value higher on the market than it was to us given his lefty-ness.

  46. jpg’s sis, yes, they will appoint another one … but I believe that Richards, Lundqvist, Biron, maybe others, are pretty active in the NHLPA.

    Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline

    #NYR paid Brandon Dubinsky a $1 million bonus barely a week ago. Who says nothing could be gained by waiting? #CBJ

  47. Plusher. Erixon will get lots of experience and if we want him back I’m sure he will appreciate it.

    I also loved Dubinsky. Real love. He was a really respectable dude. But you have to give to get. We didn’t get a little piece or minor third line player for him just to clear cap. We got RICK NASH.

    Our depth at forward got almost insane. We have two legit lines. Good ones. It’s not just about Dubisnky goals + Anisimov goals < Nash goals or it's a failure.

  48. Czech, I will be glad for the team success, not his individual success. I just can’t. I will never like him, sorry you and others can;t see that.

  49. jpg, I stand by my words. You may not like them or think they are classless, then so it be. Nash will NOT do good in NYC. And I cannot, nor will I root for him.

  50. Hypothetically, and negatively, if our goals against goes up like 1/3 of a goal per game or something, will people accept that maybe there was more to players like Dubinsky and Prust than just *they can’t score goals*? Can we agree to that? If we’re still top 5 or whatever in GA, I’ll agree to concede I overrated the overall contributions of those two. If we’re outside of the top 10, you all concede maybe there was something to all of those non-goal stats and our anecdotal reasoning.

    (You refers to several people whom I won’t call out by name. Except Lloyd. He’s included in that group. Headlining it, really.)

  51. _It’s not just about Dubisnky goals + Anisimov goals < Nash goals or it's a failure._

    Agreed, that's just a tangible. There are certainly ways that both of those guys can go for 20, Nash can go for 30 and we still win the deal. I think the real risk is that we see the expected increase in top line scoring but an unexpected, by some, decrease in the defensive effectiveness of the team as a whole.

  52. _Nash will NOT do good in NYC. And I cannot, nor will I root for him._

    I’m pretty sure that implies you cannot do “good” either. And you won’t root for him.

  53. And err, that is a a riff on a college prof I had who went by Dr D. Who would crucify me for the egregious error. After scaring the bejesus outta me.

  54. Dave Winfield ?@DaveWinfieldHOF

    Everyone’s asking about my thoughts on @yankees latest #31 Ichiro. I don’t know how many wore it before or after me but I wore it the best.

  55. Czechthemout!!! on


    At this point I don’t care if you like him or not. Truly. You have a right to hate the guy. For what? I don’t know. After 19 years of marriage, I have stopped trying to rationalize why women react to some things the way they do. All I can say to you now Mickey is good night!

  56. Mister D – we disagree on Erixon. So be it. I do not feel I am understating Erixon at all – and I am certainly not trying to justify this trade by understating his value. (Cleary, for anyone who knows Hockey, this trade, from a Rangers standpoint trade requires no need for justification.) In fact, I offered the same assessment of Erixon in the beginning of June, well before I knew he would be included in this trade.

    To repeat what I stated before in this very space, for Erixon to challenge for a NHL position on a contending team, he needs to improve in several areas – his lateral skating, quickness, strength on his skates, toughness in front of the net and in the corners, shooting from the point, reading the play in the offensive and neutral zone. Right now, he is an adequate AHL player, certainly not an NHL Defensman for a contending team.

    To me, he presents as a marginal prospect – especially for the Rangers, a team whose strength lies in it top 4 defenseman.

  57. Haha. Winfield! Love that guy. That was Steinbrenner’s second ban from baseball right?

  58. You not liking a prospect doesn’t make him a “marginal” prospect. It just makes him a highly regarded prospect you don’t particularly like.

  59. Erixon, Dubinsky and Anisimov are the three most expendable young prospect/players we have

    I’m sure all three will do well in Columbus getting the most minutes of their career, but that’s meaningless since neither of them would have that role here.

    Richards, Nash, Gaborik, Stepan, Kreider, Hagelin, Staal, McDonagh, Del Zotto, Girardi, Hank. Now that’s a core! And we some up and coming prospects ready to make their pro debut!

  60. Mamny, I appreciate that. Thanks for understanding

    Czech, you are a smart smart man. A good one to you too.

  61. mickeyM —

    WHY do you dislike Rick Nash so much??

    Because you think he’s overpaid and soft?? Do you also dislike Gaborik for the same reason??

    Please take back the “I hope he blows his knee out” comment… No real hockey fan would even joke about something like that. I strongly dislike Sidney Crosby, but I would never wish an injury on him.

  62. Rock Raines better than Winfield? LOL. Even I know that’s not right and I’m a Mets fan who never saw either player in their prime.

  63. Am I wrong for thinking its weird that Ichiro didn’t want to infringe in Bernie by wearing #51? It’s not like that number will ever be retired and honestly this is a precedent. No one will wear it now. Maybe Bernie hypnotized him with smooth jazz guitar?

  64. Per, I just do. Same reasoning why I always disliked ARod or Bonilla. I just do. He could be the nicest person on the planet and I would still dislike him as a player. Why does everything in the world need a reason beyond a gut reaction? And NO, I will NOT take it back. Sorry for you, but that’s is not happening.

  65. Steinbrenner’s 2nd ban from baseball was a complete farce. It was the reason why the rest of the owners ousted the then commissioner from his commissioner’s post. Because the commissioner was corrupt in his dealings. The guy Spiro went to GMS III asking if he wanted information on Winfield. GMS III said ok. Then after receiving the information, the guy says people are after him for money and he needs to pay them off, so GMS III gives him the money, then the guy comes back and tries extorting and blackmailing him for more money. The guy was convicted of extortion and blackmail. And the commissioner was ousted for his role in suspending GMS III.

    His first ban was legitimate, but largely a joke. For illegal campaign contributions to Nixon’s campaign.

  66. If you ignore SBs, Gwynn and Raines are the same player except one was singling to get to 1B while the other was walking there. There was no effective difference. Except the SBs. Which Raines has over Gwynn by 500.

  67. Ichiro said in the press conference before he had spoken with the Yankees that he didnt wanna wear #51 because of Bernie. Ichiro is a historian of baseball and appreciates the history of the game.

    And I dont find it weird at all. Bernie was a great Yankee. A champion in the truest sense of the word, and a total gentleman and class act.

  68. Tiki, you should read Bill Madden’s book on GMS III.

    Mister, Rock Raines will never get to the HOF. That’s an effective difference.

    Fred Gwynne=Herman Munster.

    Gotta go. See you tomorrow at the Live Chat. We can discuss Raines-Gwynn-Winfield-Gwynne then.

  69. You’re going to ignore the Molitor thing, aren’t you. People always bail when that’s pointed out.

  70. Raines had more power too, I believe. But yep, very similar players. I always considered Raines the Rickey Henderson of the NL.

  71. Whoever said we got Adam Graves back in this deal needs to be punched. Gravy was less skilled than Nash, but had 100x the heart. Two totally different players.

    Nash won’t be seen around the net, he protects on the outside and uses his size to get to the slot with the puck.

    Also, he isn’t a natural fighter (nor should he fight considering he’s being paid $8 mil to be on the ice). He also tends to fold when teams get physical with him (see St. Louis and what TJ Oshie did to him). However as I said, he helps out offensively and will get his 30-35 goals like usual.

  72. Mister D, He was “highly regarded” by Ranger staff when they acquired him. Not so sure at the end of the season he was held in the same high regard. But if you prefer, I will strike the adjective “marginal” from my assessment. Would you be more comfortable if I said that Erixon is a prospect whose game needs to improve before he becomes a regular NHL defenseman??

  73. There is no logical reason for not liking this move. Now hopefully they don’t go crazy and give Doan some wacky deal.

    As much as I dislike Semin, he is tremendously talented and considering all the cap space we have a 1 year 6 mil dollar deal would be a great idea and if he can’t cut it under Tortorella there will always be a team willing to give up something for someone with that kind of talent…

  74. I have, Carp. He takes many shots at GMS III in the book. But he’s largely informative. And he’s extremely informative on the 2nd suspension. Thats where I got all that information.

    I have 5 books from ilb and mrs ilb to read, Im almost finished with one, but the 2nd one Im reading is Messier: Hockey’s Dragon Slayer. Sound familiar?

  75. Bernie was great but his number should not be off limits. Not at all.

    Molitor needed the coke. He was a little guy!

    Yea that Madden book is terrific

  76. MickeyM

    i could understand how you’d have problems supporting
    someone like matt carle if he joined the Rangers after he mugged Boyle
    or i’m sure an Avs fan wouldn’t be very excited to cheer for todd bertuzzi
    if he joined that team
    based on his assault and crippling one of their players
    your hatred of Nash is just mind-boggling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i would have been happier with Bobby Ryan due to price and age
    it didn’t happen
    we didn’t give up a lot to get this done.

    again, if Dubi or Artie, who i’ll miss, had much better seasons there would NOT have been such interest in Nash. period. end of story. Erixon may be the great puck-moving d-man we thought would be an nhl regular last september but he wasn’t with the Rangers.

    i hope Nash does well in a Rangers uniform. he REALLY seems like he wants to be on the team and i hope that he doesn’t try too hard and allow that to mess his abilities up.
    if all goes well
    then i guess you’ll cheer against Rangers each time each time Nash is on the ice for an important power play or if we pull the goalie because it would be better if he “blows out his knee on his first shift” then to actually pile up assists and goals that lead to a Rangers’ win.
    maybe you need to sleep on this a bit and think it through in a day or two….

  77. MickeyM —

    “women’s intuition”?? I suppose I never will understand how you women think…

    But your comment I find unsportsmanlike. ;)

    Give Nash a chance, you may get to like him.

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " The MONSTER NASH!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Nash is too tough to just ” blow out” his knee. He is no euro-pansy. He is finally on a good team and he will come out and play hard and make us better . He will make Gaborik better and will be more valuable then AA and Dubi combined. If we traded for him last year we could have won the cup. Nash has heart , he came to right place.

    Key losses




  79. Hmm, Im not sure on Bernie’s number being retired. He was a great Yankee, a 4 time champion, and a career Yankee. Not a Hall of Famer, but a great player, an All Star x times, a batting champion. I think if Im the Yankees, I retire his number.

    Ive always wanted to point out to people what I love about the Yankees so much, and conversely, I dislike about the red sox so much. Maybe tomorrow I will.

  80. Per: Absolutely on the NL / poor man’s version of Henderson; Raines is painfully under-appreciated because he gets hit on two fronts. Like you said, he played along side the only guy who ever had his skillset but did it better. If he played right now, he’d be “the closest thing to Rickey Henderson since Rickey Henderson” and everyone would appreciate just how amazing that is. Second, as Carp so eloquently pointed out, Raines did cocaine. Like Paul Molitor did cocaine. Which is a “safer” drug than heroin, which American hero Josh Hamilton did. And illegal, like amphetamines, which … every mid 1900s HoFer did? Why Raines gets dinged and Molitor doesn’t and Hamilton gets deified? I’d love to know.

    Papa Bear: Call him what you like, he’s a consensus top prospect. That’s my only point. In NHL terms, he’s a top prospect.

  81. wow MickeyM

    you’ve out-Tiki-ed Tiki
    with your anti-Nash comments.

    sorry Tiki

  82. Tiki: You remember Bernie was like hours from going to Boston before we offered more money, right?

  83. I remember the offseason of which you speak, Mister D. I dont remember it going down like you’ve said. Any links? Ultimately, he was a career Yankee, wasnt he?

    jpg – LOL. Thats why I feel bad for Mickey being attacked. She’s just angry that Dubi, her favorite player, is gone. I understand a thing, or a million things, about anger.

  84. CCCP

    finally got to hear/see Shpongle!!!!!
    liked what i heard
    but only stayed for an hour
    due to back pain/exhaustion.

    if you want any photos let me know

  85. I think it’s a fair trade for both teams. I am not overly excited about this. We gave up value. But, I recognize that it’s a deal you have to make if you are Glen Sather and the Rangers…they sure aren’t going to find another proven goal scorer of his caliber anywhere else right now…

    Dubinsky really has been given every opportunity to succeed in NY. That said, he had his moments but really never met the high (maybe unfair) expectations, IMO. If he gets his head on straight, he could be a great player. It was always between the ears with him. Maybe he could get the “C” in Columbus?

    Artie has upside, for sure. Some of his highlights make him look like Rick Nash. Seriously. He’s another guy who has some maturity issues but, I tend to think if he was to just bulk up more, he could be a beast of a player and gain a lot more confidence.

    The 1st rounder and Erixon are the real prizes for Howser and Patrick….

    That all being said, Rick Nash is a perennial All-Star. You know he can score goals. You know he can beat almost anyone one-on-one. He better score 40 or 50 as a Ranger…that’s why we traded for him

  86. _Consensus TOP Prospect! You’re joking, right??_

    I guess depends on our definition of top. He makes the “top prospect lists”, which are usually like 50 deep.

  87. oh Tiki
    i understand anger, too.
    that’s why i mentioned the idea of
    coming back to this after a day or two
    it seems like MickeyM wouldn’t be having the same reaction if it was Bobby Ryan
    arriving instead of Nash.
    could be wrong on that.
    that’s why it’s so hard to understand.

  88. jpg, its hard to believe, but Im almost positive Mickey loves Dubi more than Sally does. And I say that because Sally developed a crush on Prust this season that sort of moved Dubi to the side, and in a way, she cheated on Dubi :) Mickey has been true to the Dubi forever.

  89. Czechthemout!!! on


    The powerful TJ Oshie really destroyed him. What a crock! Nash has battled against the likes of Weber, Seabrook and others in that division and more than held his own and yet fans continue to trash him and his toughness and grit in order to justify their opinion prior to the trade of not wanting him. Whatever. This a great deal for the Rangers. Check out all the hockey writers and their reactions.

  90. jpg

    Where did you see him? It was a DJ Set, right? You have to see the Live show…mind blowing! Too bad you couldn’t stay longer…he’s worth the pain! lol

    Yeah please send me the photos! Send all you got! Thanks!

  91. Bernie probably did ‘roids. Just like every other athlete in the history of sports. (calm down Tiki. Just joking to get your goat!) and yea Bernie was almost a Red Sawk. His arm would have made him a good LF with that short wall thing they have.

    Hamilton also did crack. Niw he does the Jesus thing only.

  92. Jesus only, plus the occasional drink despite all of the platitudes about being clean.

    (Which isn’t to say I don’t like the Josh Hamilton story, I think its a pretty astounding comeback. I just hate the narrative of Josh Hamilton, which is a lot different than the story. And its dinged a little by the fact that I honestly don’t believe it would be the same narrative, based on examples previously given, if this were B.J. Upton coming back from heroin.)

  93. _Nash replaces Dubi and THE Krieder replaces AA = win for us! Stop crying!_

    Unless the goal allowing outpaces the goal scoring.

  94. Mister D, Thank you for the link. An interesting read. Ultimately, he didnt leave the Yankees, and thats all that matters to me. Similarly, Alex was nearly a Red Sox via trade, he was even willing to restructure his contract for less money to complete the trade to the Red Sox. The MLB Players Union wouldnt allow it. Thats how that deal fell through. I dont have any ill feelings towards him for trying to take less money to go to them.

  95. Yes all, I’m the worst person in the world for hating one player in particular. Now tell me, how should I off myself cause I’m sure a horrible person?

    I love how a person can’t have some strong opinions WITHOUT resorting to name calling.

    Sigh. I love this place, but sometimes it drives me crazy.

  96. He placed 31st in Hockey Future’s Prospect Ranking in October 2011 before he played a game in the AHL. It will be interesting to see if he even makes hockey futures top 50 after a year playing with Hartford ( my feeling is he drops off the top 50 list)

    BTW, he placed higher than Ryan McDonough did in the same Hockey Future Prospect ranking. Must have been some real hockey geniuses with an eye for talent who compiled that list, don’t you think?

    Mister D, you think Erixon climbs or drops ( or drops off completely) on this years Hockey Futures Top 50 Prospect list???

  97. _Mister D, you think Erixon climbs or drops ( or drops off completely) on this years Hockey Futures Top 50 Prospect list???_

    Is it cheating if I answer, knowing the post 2011-12 season rankings are already out and that Erixon is still in the top 50?

  98. If Nash brings the cup next year we party at Mickeys house! ;)

    The goal allowing will not be outpaced by the goal scoring. Guaranteed.

  99. _The goal allowing will not be outpaced by the goal scoring. Guaranteed._

    And now I’ll sleep soundly.

  100. I met Josh Hamilton the Spring Training before his breakout season. He was in Sarasota Square Mall with his wife and children. Lesser known, but since he was a Devil Ray draft pick and a highly touted but failed prospect, I knew who he was. I asked if it was him, and he said yes, and we talked for a couple minutes before I wished him luck in the upcoming season. Even though he was largely responsible for our 2010 ALCS exit, I really like the guy. He’s an underdog IMO. I hope that one day he’s able to beat the drugs and alcohol addiction.

  101. Lol actually it’s the other way around! I knew something wasn’t right in my last post

    Goal *scroring* will not be outpaced by the goal *allowing*!

  102. I think its impossible for the Yankees to commit long term money on Granderson. He strikes out way too much. He’s Adam Dunn without the walks. And with Cano due for FA at the end of next year. I like the guy, very charitable towards children, always smiling and happy, good person, pretty good player, but he just cant be in our long term plans.

  103. Amen, NYR. And thanks for having my back tonight. The rest of y’all can go fly a kite :P

    And now to bed for real, since I have to be up for work in 5 hours. Jesus Christmas

  104. Mister D, that is the end of 2012 list which does not include 2012 draft picks. So I would say when they get factored in 2013 list in Octorber bEfore the start of next year, it’s likely that Erixon falls of the list. In any event, he appears to be regressing and in a downward trend. ;-)

  105. Dubi — if he didn’t have such a sub-par season last year then there would have been NO need for Sather to pursue Nash at trade deadline and after season ended.

    Artie — same thing. inconsistent. had some really good moments but not enough. AND he had a longer chance to redeem himself as far as being a contributor scoring because he played more games at end of season and playoffs than Dubi could.

    Erixon — seemed a bit tentative in nhl games. didn’t dislike him. didn’t want to see him go but i didn’t see a whole lot last year that makes me very bummed about him being a piece of the trade.

    1st round pick — if all goes well and if there is an upcoming season then it will be a high pick. besides, if history repeats the team usually does much better with later picks than first rounders….

  106. MickeyM

    it’s not a matter of having an opinion
    on Nash
    (i.e. i wish we got Ryan instead… an opinion)
    the delusional hatred of Nash
    wanting him to be injured on his first shift
    which would only hurt the Rangers TEAM
    and won’t bring Dubi back
    (trades don’t work that way!)

    THAT’S the MAIN PROBLEM with your posts today

  107. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    carp and ILB
    showoffs and I now agree with you, C is the only option!!

  108. My damn PS3’s in the shop! I wanna play a game with the new team! Waaaahhhh!! lol

  109. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Mickey was grumpy tonight.

    I bet Nash scores 50 next year and if Doan signs, NYR win les cup… French for the cup

  110. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " The MONSTER NASH!!!"...says Greg L. on


    yeah baby!!!

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " The MONSTER NASH!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Dubi is done , out like Prust except Prust was a chump for leaving. Dubi had no choice.

  112. What a line of something or other.

    I just have a word of caution for all the posters here and with this one thought to keep in mind. If you insist on using grammatically correct writing, you are not going to be accepted into this blog with any respect at all. In fact the closer you are to being totally unintelligible, not only will you attain a higher degree of respect, but you will be acclaimed. So remember….make yourself appear stupid, and you will fit right in and become a “brutha”.

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