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First, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Carp for allowing me to write this guest post, and for cultivating a family atmosphere on this blog which has created so many lifetime friendships.

This post concerns both life and hockey. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, a special person will come into your life and change the way you see the world, and yourself. I have been so lucky to have ilb2001 and his wife come into my life. My father was a great man, of the same ilk as ilb2001 and the mrs. Unfortunately, I never really got the opportunity to learn much from him.  So, since these amazing people came into my life, I have been soaking in all I can from them about how to be a better and more complete person. One of the primary lessons I’ve learned is that failures are a part of the road to success. It is not a person’s failures that define them. Rather, it is how the person learns and grows from those failures.

Now hockey: In a salary-capped league, a win-now philosophy can backfire, while patience is of the utmost importance.  I understand that New York generally has a win-now philosophy, but the Rangers have been rebuilding the past few years and have been developing a strong, young nucleus to go with their all-world goalie and marquee free-agent signings. The current collection of talent the Rangers have assembled should be legitimate Stanley Cup contenders for the foreseeable future.

This past season was a vast improvement over 2010-11, and many seasons prior.  However, it was a failure. I understand that the past season signaled significant progress, but ultimately, when a team does not reach its ultimate goal of hoisting the Stanley Cup, then the season ended unsuccessfully. The lesson to be learned here is the same lesson I have learned.  On the road to the Stanley Cup, there will likely be adversity and failures. It will be up to the core of this team to learn from their ECF loss to the Devils and grow from that experience.

The goaltending situation will once again be solid and relatively cheap. Callahan will be in his second season as captain, while Richards will be in his second season on the world’s biggest stage. I believe they both will grow from their experiences this past season. The young defense and forwards will have one more full season, along with the experience of a deep playoffs run, under their belts. With the only losses being Prust and Fedotenko, and the addition of a full season of Kreider, a kid that stepped right out of college into the Stanley Cup playoffs without missing a step, I think the Rangers are poised to once again be among the top teams in the NHL next season.

Also, congratulations to Tony and Rose from AZ for getting the big man back home.  A few more months of hard work and you’ll be back to 100 percent.  Good luck to Puck and Gavel and wife on their imminent arrival.  Lastly, congratulations to my dear friends ilb2001 and wife on the birth of their perfect little girl.  Your little baby is the luckiest girl in the world to have two parents with such strength, courage, humility and inner beauty.

LGR! We want the Cup!


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  1. You don’t win a fight by walking into it with the same weapons you just lost with. So no the rangers as of now are not a better team. Their 41 goal scorer is out until November and you don’t know what he’ll be when he get’s back. Kreider will be a key cog but let’s not forget he’ll need to transition his body to an 82 game season.

    Can you ask Callahan to keep jumping in front of pucks and not get hurt? Can you ask Hank to stand on his head like he did last year? Can you make up for a key loss if another player goes down? The answer to all these questions is no, losing big Mac hurts the defensive depth. It isn’t fair to expect Cally and Hank to give you what they gave last year. And don’t you think it’s a little much to put so much pressure on Kreider’s shoulders.

    I am a ranger fan and for once I’m tired of hearing the words youth. I don’t care about youth, I really wouldn’t care about adding a couple of years to the teams average age by adding Doan and Nash. Your crazy you’d have to give up a few young pieces to get Nash. Then I’m crazy, but at least I know what I’m getting with Nash. Hank and Richards must be crazy as well when they walked into Sather’s office asking for Nash.

    There are only a few names I hear being discussed in all of these trades. And their always the same names, no Yogan or Thomas no Bourque or St Croix no Fasth or Lindberg. I wonder why that is, maybe just maybe our prospects aren’t as good as we are told or we believe. So scoring is a problem, i’m losing my best goal scorer for a month or two. I’m not worried about the future I was two games away from a trip to the stanley cup, my goalie is not sure to sign back with me, Richards is getting older, with the game Cally plays there’s always a chance he can get hurt. The future is now and let’s not forget this tidbit Nash isn’t old.

    With the bigger physical Dmen in the eastern conference, now you need a power forward more then ever. Facing Chara, Pronger, Weber and Orpik as well as others size+ skill is crucial. So if you told me Doan and Nash and they had to give up so youth to get them. I’m losing no sleep over it and going out to get me a red Doan jersey and a blue Nash jersey. I’ll even buy a white DOSH jersey.

    Youth does not always mean better an example, New York Rangers select Manny Malholtra, Huge Jessiman, Jamie Lundmark, Pavel Brendl and my favorite of all tme Al Montoya. All fantastic first round picks that made this team great. Oh wait no they didn’t.

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good post. Thanks, Tiki. I’ll show it to mrs. Another reason for her to have teary eyes these days :-)

    I wouldn’t call this season a failure. It’s a step. Sometimes you have to lose a few tough rounds before you’re ready to win it all.

    Realistic- I think most of us agree they need to add scoring. And Nash is a viable option. If they can add Doan for just $$- even better. But in your post you said you didn’t care about the youth but never mentioned who exactly you’d be willing to give up.

  3. I think this season was a stepping stone to more success next year, but it did a good job of showing this team’s one major weakness – a lack of alternative weaponry.
    The players will be more mature, but being without Gaby until Nov/Dec is a big loss and we need someone to step into those shoes, not hope that someone will grow into them while having to face big, tough no.1 d-men each and every shift.
    I’d be happy with a Nash trade and i think its what this team needs, but as most people will agree, you don’t give up the farm to buy the prize-winning bull. I think Slats is waiting for one of the following to happen:
    1. Howson gets fired
    2. Howson gets real
    3. CBA finalised and more possible free-agents on the market to give either: more options OR to force the drop in the asking price on Nash due to competition and lack of teams with cap space

  4. “Youth does not always mean better an example, New York Rangers select Manny Malholtra, Huge Jessiman, Jamie Lundmark, Pavel Brendl and my favorite of all tme Al Montoya. All fantastic first round picks that made this team great. Oh wait no they didn’t.”

    these prospects were picked by the old regime, Don Maloney. If you’ve been paying attention, the reason why the rangers have gotten better is because there drafting has been allot better, Thanks to Goerdie clark. Ranger fans need to be patient, there is no need to trade for Nash right now. Sather is doing the right thing by waiting, sooner or later Howson will come down with his asking price. I don’t see the rangers getting Doan, he wants to stay out west and he wants a long term deal and to much money.

  5. I wouldnt lay all the praise at Gordie Clark’s feet. Drafting is noticeably better recently and I would say he’s done well to select kids with a good level of talent, but moreso good character and background willing to put in the work. It also helps to have a consistent system and style which is something that comes from Torts and Slats and the AHL coaches.

  6. The Strangers are just a bunch of two-bit court clowns who moonlight as court jesters.

    This team is done. Not even making the playoffs next season. Count on it.

  7. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Doan is about a foot taller than smurf-dom Drury. He weighs about 35 pounds more. Right there is a HUGE difference. Size is needed to combat the other big teams in the league. He could also add to our PP.

    Doan and Nash? Probably the biggest pipe dream ever. But that’s what Brooks wrote yesterday. All I can say is wow. That, with our other guys. Wow.

    Doan would fit our system well. Nash, I am not as sure about.

    Do we get either? Who knows.

  8. Tiki,

    Don’t agree that the season was a failure.

    As Carp stated many times they overacheived.

    A team with this little scoring punch is not going to win the Cup. They still need more depth because they clearly burned out against the Devils. But they did make great strides their were so many great memories including the Winter Classic win and a number of other memorable wins (Boston in OT and LA) and 2 wins in Game 7. At the beginning of the season, if somebody had said the Rangers would be playing in the semifinals Ranger fans would have signed on in a heartbeat.

    For the players, anything less than the Cup is a failure, but the fans can’t see it that way. It will be tough to go further or even duplicate what we did this year with this team as presently constructed. Let’s hope they make the right moves before the season starts.

  9. I had a lot of fun this season. Sure it was heartbreaking to lose and be so close but it was my privilege and absolute pleasure to have that sadness. What an amazing, amazing season.

  10. Manny, vibin’…i totally agree on ur take of this season…exhilirating, amazing, and exciting and only the tip of the iceberg going forward

  11. Chris Drury’s pizza is probably like him. Ok to have around if you didn’t pay much for it, but for that price a severe disappointment. Also the hot oil pie has a full no movement clause.

  12. Good piece, Tiki. I agree the Rangers will come back improved, with another strong year.

    Realistic, re, “grass is always greener on the other side of the hill”, I disagree with your premises and conclusions. Particularly with your line about coming back to fight with different weapons. Sometimes, it is not the hardware, its how you use it. I think the Rangers could rebound on the scoring front if Dubinsky stays healthy and has a good year, same for a couple others on the cusp. Would be nice to have an additional scoring forward, if it does not come at the price of a core player, but it is the chemistry and committment to tortorella’s system that makes this team what it is.

    Contrary to what you assert, I think they have a good cadre of young players either learning the game and a year or two away, and several that might make the jump at some point next year. their draft has improved greatly with the inception of Gordie Clark’s input. Not sure why you hark back to the pre-clark days?

    I think this week could be an interesting week…we will know where Shea Weber will play next year, we may have more news on the CBA front, and we could hear more about Nash’s status and Doan’s intentions.

  13. Tiki,
    Very nice and touching post (you see, you can do it when willing…). Albeit not a Father figure to you, I’m nevertheless really proud of you and particular the human part of Tiki’s Subject. Way to go, buddy. (not a scintilla of regular sarcasm intended).
    Whoever is behind the “Realistic” moniker, I agree with you 100+% (rare case..)

  14. Good morning, Sally!

    Great job, Tiki, even if I disagree with the “Steinbrenerrism” that anything short of a championship is a failure.

    wildplaces, you’re dreaming if you think anything about the CBA is going to be determined this week, or any time soon.

  15. I thought Id been clear. I do not think this season was a failure, but the players will view this season as a failure. Also, I believe the team as currently constructed will be among the top teams in the NHL during the regular season next year. In order to win in the playoffs, I agree we need more scoring, but I didnt want to do another piece on Nash as at least 2 other folks already did pieces on Nash.

  16. Tony!! I love you buddy!! Im getting the Ottawa series together for you, I should have it in the mail by Friday.

  17. Leetchhalloffame July 23rd, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Blog = cliquish. Leave room for other die-hard NYR fans.


    it’s not like this is Manny’s studio flat…there is plenty of room on here for everyone and everything ;)

  18. If Doan signs with NYR, I wonder if the sports networks will show the highlight of Doan elbowing Cally in the head in the last NYR v PHO game.

  19. 4ever! I met you once and you are a really sweet man, awesome name, very handsome, incredibly intelligent as further evidenced by the successes of your children. I just happen to feel the way I do about ilb2001 and wife because Ive spent a lot of time with them and gotten to know them, and texts/emails. Maybe if you answered your damn email once in a while… :)

  20. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Hey, ya know what, cw? I wouldn’t be pissed off if the network did show Doan’s elbow. What is he, 5 inches taller than Cally and 30 pounds heavier? That kind of size and grit (the type The Kreider will probably aspire to) is important in todays game.

    Of course, it doesn’t mean we will get him.

  21. Great morning all! TONY!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

    Nice job Tiki….happy to see your post.

  22. DarrenDreger $4.4 mil x 4 yrs for Versteeg.

    Versteeg has Dubinsky type numbers and is getting paid 200 grand more… for all you Dubi haters… Dubi’s contract is fair (not counting last season, of course)

  23. Good post, as was yesterday’s.

    On The Kreider front: he stepped into the playoffs and excelled, but maybe we should all temper our expectations a lot. A full NHL season, where opposing teams are aware of him, and where the distractions of being a young pro athlete will be a lot greater than they were in the pressure cooker of Torts’ playoff eye, can bring a shooting star of a prospect back to ground.

    I do think he looks great, but let’s not be hating him in November when he’s not Stamkos. Or even Prucha (year one). And let’s pray he’s not Prucha (years after one).

  24. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Make sure when you sneak out you are pant less ;)

    If Wweber does end up in Philly, the Nash domino better fall fast

  25. E3 pimp's angel on

    I see the Kreider scoring 70 goals 80 assists this year – and that is in a shortened season

  26. I read a article that said Poile has only spoke to Holmgren once since the Weber offer sheet. My gut tells me the Preds organization is going through the contract to figure out how to pay for the contract and if they can pay the contract. My guess would be 60/40% that the preds match the offer from the Flyers.

  27. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Keep up the hard work Tony !!!!!!!!!!! Remember Tony “Theres no place like home”. And to make this day better it’s my B-day !!!!! 26 again & again & again LOL. Tiki i’m impressed by your post.

  28. @wyshynski@ New Puck Daddy: Lubomir Visnovsky looking to void trade to Islanders, files grievance through NHLPA

    Every year someone tries to avoid playing for the Islanders.

  29. TONY!!!! There you go, bud, you’re almost back!

    Happy 26th, Ria!

    On the CBA front- don’t expect anything to be more transparent this week. Quite opposite- once the NHLPA submits their proposal, things will look even further apart at the beginning.

    Back to diapers :-)

  30. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Happy birthday ria!!!

    If the preds do keep Wweber, I think we should help them with their payroll by taking hornqvist off their hands.

    He is gold, pure gold around the net!!

  31. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    ilb are you on maternity leave? Also how about some stats on your daughter: name , weight ,& length at birth? And thank you for the B-day wishes!

  32. Hornqvist would be great. We need more players with “qvist” in their name. Also, he’s good.

  33. Although he isn’t that big and I thought we were trying to have a super large team.

  34. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Okay i’m going to “spin to win” for my b-day wish me big bucks well at least $25. 00 thats the most I can win!

  35. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Manny, would you blame anyone for avoiding trade to the Icelanders?

    When you open the locker room door, it creaks. Half the time it comes off!! Ceiling tiles falling left and right.

    No one wants to play there.

  36. kreider is not stamkos and will never be. if he turns into a 30 goal scorer who plays a good 2 way game I will be satisfied..

  37. It’s just evidence that the Islanders need a fresh start. MOVE already. Anywhere. Even Brooklyn would be better for hockey than staying in Nassau and having players hate the team they play for.


    Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger
    Rick Nash trade to New York Rangers in process now. Details to follow.

  39. Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger
    Rick Nash trade to New York Rangers in process now. Details to follow.

    Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger
    Rick Nash trade to New York Rangers in process now. Details to follow.

    Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger
    Rick Nash trade to New York Rangers in process now. Details to follow.

  40. Ibleedrangersblue on

    DarrenDreger Rick Nash trade to New York Rangers in process now. Details to follow.


  41. With a few owners lately throwing around multiple tens of millions like drunk sailors, how do they, with straight faces, justify their hypocrisy in demanding that Bettman lead a charge for fiscal restraint? Sounds like the dual personality Wolfman who says ‘lock me in the basement so I don’t kill again.’

  42. This will be a great exercise in how well / not well Sather understands cap economics and why a 1/9 cost Stepan is far better on your roster than a full cost Nash. I’m going to puke soon …

  43. Nash to the rangers, the question is, did sather break Howson down or the other way around because of the weber signing by the flyers?

  44. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Del Zotto probably thats why we hadnt resigned him being a RFA. Also, i would say Erixon, Thomas and Dubinsky.

  45. Regardless of who is traded, some people will not be happy. The one thing Sather has an excellent track record with is trades. I am going to assume the best, for now.

  46. I’m actually shocked because I figured sather would wait it out right before training camp. The more I think about it the more I think it has to do with the flyers signing weber to a offer sheet. This trade cannot be good for the rangers but will see who went to columbus.

  47. DAmm I hope we aren’t giving away the ranch. I could live with giving up MDZ, AA or Dubinsky, A prospect from the Whale and a #1 pick

  48. _I am going to guess we lost: Dubinsky, Stepan, Del Zotto, JT Miller and Erixon._

    “Here’s the deal. I want to not only cave to your demands, but I want to sweeten those demands a little bit.”

  49. We are going to whine about whoever and whatever we lost and how we have no picks in the draft until 2026. We did just get a lot better though.

  50. Dubi, AA, MDZ, Stepan, Erixon, JT, picks?? wtf r u all smoking?? maybe we should also give Howson Rangers season tickets to sweeten the deal?? i hope you’re all wrong!

  51. The Rangers D is a little thin at the moment. I can’t see both Del Zotto and Erixon in this deal. I still don’t see Stepan in it either.

  52. DarrenDreger News from Nashville: Siarhei Kastsitsyn (NSH) has settled: 2 yrs AAV $3 mil.

    Siarhei ?? who the f is that?

  53. Relax, everyone, take a deep breath, let’s not faint until we know who is involved.

    Dammit, why am I hyperventilating? :-)

  54. You guys can say whatever you want but I am going to expect the worst and then be relieved when we only gave up Dubi, AA, JT Miller and Erixon.

  55. Does anyone think this is a “Hey, Mr. Doan, look at the pieces we have now. Come here and win a cup” kind of move? Trying to figure out what the catalyst for this to go down today was.

  56. Dyadya Vasya on

    hearing its Callahan, Hagelin, Boyle and MDZ for Nash and Tyutin. Still trying to confirm :)

  57. Dyadya Vasya on

    DarrenDreger I’m told Rick Nash trade to NYR is done pending trade call. Stepan not included.

  58. Teams might actually prefer MDZ if he WAS under contract because they would know what they are getting. Him being an RFA just means a headache for someone else.

  59. @DarrenDreger@ I’m told Rick Nash trade to NYR is done pending trade call. Stepan not included.


  60. Mister D July 23rd, 2012 at 2:23 pm
    I am going to guess we lost: Dubinsky, Stepan, Del Zotto, JT Miller and Erixon.

    “Here’s the deal. I want to not only cave to your demands, but I want to sweeten those demands a little bit.”


  61. nevermind, some dope tweeted that crap. According to sources stepan is not in the deal, that’s good but I hope Delzotto isn’t either, that wouldn’t be good.

  62. So MDZ is headlining in terms of toughest roster player to lose, I imagine. Still dumb at worst, unnecessary at best. I can’t imagine why this became “WE NEED NASH” rather than “WE NEED A SCORER”. Find a salary dump and accept the bad deal or a guy on a better part of the age curve and pay accordingly. Market for Nash is just unsmart.

  63. Sioux-per-man on

    They will ask for Hags if we keep Step.
    Dubi, Miller/Erixon, & 1st Rounder, would be my first guess.

    What’s yours Carp?

  64. [Setting: A future conversation in Mister D’s condo, which is larger than Manny’s studio]

    Missus D: “What is that?”

    Mister D: “Its puke. I puked.”

    Missus D: “Why?”

    Mister D: [shows Missus D computer screen, set to TSN]

    Missus D: “Is that guy a Ranger?”

    Mister D: [shakes head yes]

    Missus D: “But you didn’t want him?”

    Mister D: [shakes head no]

    Missus D: “You’re stupid.”

    Mister D: [pukes again]

  65. Mister D’s declaration: If the trade is Hagelin, Thomas, another non-Miller non-McIlrath prospect and a 1st, I’m cool with this. I don’t expect that to be the case.

  66. jpg's sister on

    great post, Tiki. enjoyed it. Good insight.

    ilb and mrs. ilb congats on the baby girl

    July babies, Henrik’s daughter, Ilb’s daughter and my birthday’s July. great women in July :)

  67. Once confirmed, Mr. Nash needs to begin a Malkin-like style of off season training and become a beast for us.

  68. DarrenDreger Columbus will get s pieces in return for Nash. Details to follow.

    s pieces?? what is that mean?

  69. jpg's sister on

    i wonder how players deal with hearing their names in the media for trade rumors for such a long time before they are or are not traded?

  70. Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger
    Dubinsky, Erixson and 1st believed to be 3 of 4 pieces included in Nash trade.

  71. wow, 5 pieces, I don’t like this one bit. I think Sather gave in when he saw Holmgren sign weber to a offer sheet. It’s probably going to be 3 roster players and two prospects, I’m feeling nauseous.

  72. jpg's sister on


    agree. Too Much to give, pens seem to give nothing get a lot, why can’t NYR?

  73. This isn’t as bad as I was fearing, but there’s massive buy low potential here. No chance we consider that package for Nash 12 months ago.

  74. So, to review, as per @DarrenDreger, it’s Anisimov. Dubinsky, Erixon and a 1st rd pick to CBJ for Rick Nash.

  75. True Blue Mike on

    My guess is. Dubisnky or AA, Hagelin, a prospect not named Miller and a 1st round pick. If we are recieving just Nash in return.

  76. jpg's sister on

    just curious, isn’t dubi, nhlpa rep? who replaces him in middle of talks?

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