Glen Sather/Rick Nash conference call LIVE!


Glen Sather:

Doesn’t want to discuss the proposals at deadline. “It took a long time, I’ll tell you that much. …”

“We’re happy to have a 5-time all-star and a 40-goal scorer, one of the better goal scorers in the NHL. 28 years old.

“I’m sure it was difficult for Scott to make the decision to trade him as it was difficult for us to trade the players we traded.”

“It was pretty much continuous. Before the deadline we were pretty active … I didn’t want to make the deal he wanted, and he didn’t accept what I was trying to trade to him. It’s been a continuous process. We talked a lot.”

“I would think (preserved core of team). Brandon and Artie were a piece of that core, but we think we’ve strengthened our club with the deal and there are still people we’re going to be talking to.”
“If you look at the total amount of the money traded we come out on the upside of this one, and you also have to remember Artie has one year left on his contract and he’s going to be looking (for a raise). The money is a wash. It doesn’t affect us as far as the cap is concerned. At this stage we don’t have any idea where (the CBA) is going to go.”

“We’re always trying to improve the team. The opportunity was here at the trade deadline. We couldn’t make it go. We always felt we could use a little more offense, especially with Gaborik (out). This changes the complexion of our team. It won’t change the way we play, but he’s a world class player. and he’s excited to come to NY.”

Doan “is purely speculation at this time.”

“Most of these guys have grown up togehter. They’ve got good chemistry. I think by addng Nash it doesn’t break up our hockey club. He’s basically same age as the rest of our hockey club and we have more young players who will come into the field sooner or later. You don’t get a chance to make a deal (like this) very often. This is a very important deal for our hockey club.”

“I tried to make the deal at the trade deadline. We werent successful at that time. Losing Gaborik is still a big hurt for our team at this point in time. But Gaborik is going to be just fine. That wasn’t the reason we made the deal for Nash.”

“I just think it was a deal we couldn’t turn down.”

Weber offer sheet didn’t have any impact, he said. “Didn’t have anything to do with this.”

On Torts’ style and Nash’s style:

“Absolutely. I haven’t a worry in the world about that.”

“Tortorella has coached against him and knew very well what his style was. Everyone in our organization was after this guy.”


Rick Nash:

“I was very excited. Looking forward to this opportunity and helping what I think is already pretty special what they have going on with the Rangers.”

“It was a tough time, a tough period of five months. The good thing is it’s over and I can look forward to next year.”

“I think they already are one of the top teams in the league and the players they have there is pretty impressive right from the goaltender and the defense and right on up. I’m proud to be part of the organizaiton and the whole city.”

On playing with Richards in the Olympics:

“I think it will be great. When you play in a quick tournament like that, it helps. … Right now I’m not worried about those type things. I’m looking forward to a new chapter.”

Impressed with Callahan as a captain. Said it’s a tough job in NYC.

“We don’t see him much, but I know from watching games and playing against him he’s a heart-and-soul player and he’ll do whatever it takes to get a win.”

On asking for trade and why Rangers:

“Initially I went in with Scott Howson and trying to get a gameplan … was told there was going to be a rebuild. I’ve been here nine years and felt I could be a main piece of a rebuild for them …. i could help them rebuild and help my career … I thought the Rangers were perfect. I think it was a great fit for my style.”

On the pre-deadline game at MSG:

“It was tough. It was definitely mentally draining. I took it as another game. That’s pretty tough to do. … with all that around it and the whole situation I tried to be professional and take it like another game.”


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  1. Sioux-per-man on


    Now that doesn’t happen everyday.

    Setting up to be a very good day!!!!

  2. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Sather says “Still people we will be talking to — Shane Doan.

  3. Slats did a tremendous job here! Erixon and not MDZ makes this deal for the Rangers. Congrats to Sather and team. It is a great day for Blockhead nation!!!!

  4. Sioux-per-man on

    A deal you couldn’t turn down…….. now that makes me laugh.

    So which trade is better Gomez for McD,Pruster, and cap space for Gaborik with no Gomez.


    Nash for Dubi & AA?

  5. Our defense, the strength of the team, remains in-tack. What a day for Sather! Now it is up to Nash to make this deal the coup that it looks to be on paper. Nash and Easy Kreider – WWeber gonna have his hands full of NY Ranger power forwards this year!!!

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " The MONSTER NASH!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Yeah baby!!! No Dubi …sucks, no AA sucks BUT hey , we gots some fire power!!!!

    Sure we lost a few drafted players from our system ….ya can’t not make this trade. You can’t.

  7. Good deal. Team’s better, probably more exciting to watch, too. I hope AA never becomes a real sharpshooter, and I’m not too worried about Dubi being more than a “solid” player for the rest of his career.

    Of course, I felt excited about Dreary and Gomez, too.

  8. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    If you put the deal the on a scale NASH out weighs the players and the what if’s..

  9. I understand the argument that the Rangers have lost some toughness in this offseason, but at the end of the day, it’s still Captain Cally’s team, he will lead by example, and his teammates will follow.
    Now let’s pray there’s no lockout!

  10. It was nice knowing you all. I’m going to go a) run Sather over with a bus. b) kick Nash where it will really hurt, then 3) drown myself in Lake Ontario.

    Think fondly of me.

  11. Sign Doan, let the kids develop in juniors and at Hartford. I also think the got a real bonafide tier 1 prospect In Brady Skjei at this years draft. Skjei is another McDonough.

  12. bull dog line on

    Yankees get Ichiro. Nash won’t even be on the front page of the papers tomorrow.

  13. bull dog line on

    I don’t Papa Bear. just commenting on the lack of coverage Nash will get tomorrow.

  14. Sioux-per-man on

    Just a Grand Day all together!!!!

    I called my son to give him the good news.

    “Dad, get me a NASH Shirsey RIGHT AWAY” …… to funny.

    This team is going to be a force to deal with. I’m still in shock that we still have Stepan, Hags, DZ, and all the 1’st Round Picks that are left. Miller, McIlrath, Skjei. Stunned they didn’t get more prospects.

    Erixon might be a good player, time will tell.

  15. This makes me a bad Rangers fan, but I sincerely hope he blows out his knee on his first shift. I never ever wanted him on the team.

  16. MickeyM ,
    I was against it to when I first heard about it last season but to wish Nash blows his knee out is ridiculous.

  17. Mickey, yes, that makes you a terrible fan.

    Want him or not, he is here now. Would you rather he score 40 goals or blow out his knee? Support the guy. If he sucks, then your hatred will be renewed with increased fervor.

  18. Can’t understand why some have the “new” 3rd and 4th liners already stinking up the joint.

    The deal was a steal….period.

  19. i guess i need a new forum name

    sad farewell to Dubi, I’ve been following him since he was drafted.

  20. Yes, I know I’m a horrible person. I was against the deal from day one. Too much money, for too long for an ok player who occasionally has brilliant moves.

    Pile it on, folks…

  21. Czechthemout!!! on


    You are a moron! What an idiotic thing to say. Are you a Rangers fan?

    I hate Mike Rupp with a passion. But I never once wished on him such a thing. Just total stupidity.

  22. yea, Dubi was my favorite home grown player. I also followed him since I saw him play in the minors. This Nash guy better be worth the hype, that’s all I know.

  23. Puck, I’d rather he sucks AND get hurt.

    And for the record, he would only miss like half a season if he blew out his knee. So you can all cheer for him for the rest of them.

  24. bull dog line on

    MickeyM has been here for a long time. lets not get into the name calling, its not deserved.

  25. 4 time all-star is a ok player LOL. If anything we have not seen half of his true potential. He’s got some mentors now and some skilled youth to play with him. BJ is a dead end organization and he knew it.

  26. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Hey Hey Hey stop piling on Mickey M she’s entitled to her opinion just like everyone else! Thanks for the B day wishes ;))

  27. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Mickey the Mets are bringing up Matt Harvey maybe that will make you smile? Wow what aB-day i’m having.

  28. Czechthemout!!! on

    This deal is an absolute steal! This kid is the real deal! He is a star player who is absolutley thrilled to be here unlike some others who hate the city. This guy, along with Kreider will be an absolute nightmare for Weber and that Swiss cheese goalie in Philly.

    Torts is grilled to have him. He is a tough player who had us at the top of his list because we fit his style of play.

  29. I’m a Dubinsky fan. Have been from Day One.

    But I’m MORE upset about acquiring Nash. his contract and his lack of ability to rise above the situation in Ohio. If he was as good as everyone says he is, he should have led that team to a Cup by now.

  30. Czechthemout!!! on


    That can’t be MickeyM . I don’t ever recall her being classless even if I didn’t always agree with her. Can you confirm.

  31. mazz- Yes, I am a WOMAN. And no, I’m am not upset cause I’m a fangirl. Far from it, in fact. So stop stereotyping. I don’t like the deal on a business/hockey level.

  32. Right Mickey, because 1 player can do that in a pile of garbage. Columbus has no idea whats going on. They put too much pressure on Nash like he was going to carry the team. Now he has virtually all that weight off his back and can flourish.

    The management in Columbus is terrible, as you can see by this trade. Im convinced Nash really wanted to come here. Thats why we made out pretty good.

  33. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Anyone is better than Batista. At the rate this pitching staff is going who knows maybe we will see Wheeler soon.

  34. And mickey sorry if I offended you. Its just that most girls who i know that watch hockey think he’s “cute”.

  35. Czech, it’s me. And yes, that was over the line, I know. But I truly dislike this deal. And hey, it’s not like I wished something worse on the guy.

    Jeez, y’all need to take a chill pill. Everyone else can express their opinions and wish bad things on people, but not me? Damn.

  36. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Well Mazz we do have some of the best looking players in the nhl on the Rangers. ;))

  37. Witth that contract and how everyone is praising him, he should be able to walk on water, mazz.

  38. Mickey, that is totally unfair to expect Nash to single handedly lead Columbus to the Cup. Their goalie is Steve Mason! and look at the team around him.

  39. Mickey, you have every right to be skeptical…

    The fact that he wanted to come here is a good thing, IMO. He still has to produce, though. 25-27 goals won’t cut it…


    And, please let’s stop with the name calling…

    So, she disagrees with you…deal with it and come up with a counter point

  40. Adam, then he should have cured cancer with how everything thinks he is the savior.

    I just have never liked him as a player. I can’t explain it other than a gut feeling, and no, I haven’t seen him play too much. But everyone has always seemed to think he’s amazing and he’s not that special, if you ask me.

  41. NYR, THANK YOU. he would need to score 100 goals in 20 games for me to even like him a little bit.

  42. Nash’s actually performance will be between everyone here’s expectations and MickeyM’s.

    Somewhere around 30-30-60.

    I’d even put money on that.

  43. After years of pining for him and mentioning earlier in the week that playing for a winning team might do Ichiro some good and that the Mariners GM owed us for Pineda, we’ve done it!!!!!! ICHIRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RICK NASH AND ICHIRO on the same day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And for nothing!!!!

    Does it get any better than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  44. Sioux-per-man on

    Nash could easily have a 40 goal season playing with Richards.

    It will be interesting to see how the Process is going to work itself out. Does Doan jump on the Ranger Express? Will Miller get a chance at taking Dubi minutes on the 3rd line. His body is already a power forward size, maybe not at the beginning of the year – but I could see him stepping up and getting a chance to keep a spot if he is strong in the corners.

    And we get to release “THE KREIDER” for a full season. Oh the line combo’s are endless. One thing is for sure with Nash and Kreider in – Dubi & AA out there will be ALOT more ofense this year.

    What a story if Sather lands Doan next……. a few people might have to eat some “Brooks” pie.

  45. Now it seems like trolling because not one person said he was a savior…not even close. Lots of good deal comments though, and excitement for his talent.

    he’s got a lot to prove of course. I have a little more optimism because of our core, captain, and others.

    Confidence is a bigger than most will admit thing in hockey. How would you feel if you were Nash going into a #1 placed team with a goalie that just won vezina, with one of the best youth cores in the league. A #4 scoring leader.

    I would feel pretty good.

  46. MickeyM,
    Dubi was my favorite homegrown player and I to was against bringing nash in also but now that he is here and playing for my favorite hockey team I hope he performs because I have my doubts about this player also, time will tell.

  47. ThisYearsModel on

    Nash will not score 50 because we don’t play that way. He will help with scoring though. Overpaid? Sure but not to the degree that Shea Weber or Alex Ovechkin are. Canadian kid moving to an original 6 and final four team? I think he will do well.

  48. That was pretty impressive how he basically outsprinted ovechkin on the 3rd highlight.

  49. Sure seems like everyone thinks that way, even if they aren’t saying so, mazz.

    Anything short of 300 plus goals and a championship every year will make the deal a dud, if you ask me.

  50. Sioux-per-man on

    MickeyM they have Center ice for you. YOU can still watch Dubi play in a Blue Jacket.

    To be honest I liked Dubi as a Ranger, and I wish him the best. But Dubi will NEVER be a Nash, not in his best year. I wish him well.

    But Nash is a human highlight real, a true power forward, with skills this team NEEDED last year to get to the next step.

    This will be a FUN team to watch. Nash, Gabby, Richards, Kreider & Hags speed, Hank with another 10 shutouts.

    It’s going to be a very good year!!!!

  51. tommy, guarantee he will fall flat on his face. Another Ed Whitson. Mark my words.

  52. well they say the team that gets the best player wins the trade. this one is pretty obvious.

    And yeah, the door is open now for JT. I hope he steps up, i think he can.

  53. Sioux, you gonna pay for that Center Ice for me? Hahaha.

    I think it’s not gonna work.

  54. Sioux-per-man on

    CT that’s funny.

    I’m Guilty of watching the Zherdev highlights as well :)

  55. YorktownRanger on

    Ok Mickey, your scaring me. I’ve been married long enough to be fearful of “women’s” intuition.

    No offense, but I hope you are totally wrong in your gut. I like to look at the addition of new players as a clean slate, with new combinations bringing a lot of new potential.

    Hopefully, for the team’s sake, Nash will redeem himself in your eyes.

  56. Sioux-per-man on

    Time to call it a night. Take Care Boys.

    It was a GREAT DAY!!!

    Never have I’ve been more excited to be a Ranger fan, and I owned a 40-1 ticket on the Rangers last year. They were a cup favorite before todays news!!!

    Now what …… it’s the Rangers vs the field???? Hahahahahaha

  57. Yorktown, I can appreciate that. I don’t believe that will happen though. And even though it goes against my ‘being a fan” code, I can’t root or cheer for him personally. The team yes, but him as a person, absolutely not.

  58. I’ll take 30 goals, 60 points. Nash is a legit scoring threat – something that is scarce in the Rangers’ lineup.

    Today, Glen Darth Sather made the Rangers a better team.

    People may not be happy with the trade – that’s cool and appropriate, but to wish for a player on ANY team to “blow his knee out” is classless, (very Philthy Flyer fan-like). To wish a serious injury on a player on the team you actually root for is unconscionable.

    A true and honorable hockey fan would never wish serious injury on any player, no matter how much the player is despised.

  59. Mickey and Sally are very upset about the loss of Dubi. I can appreciate the anger they might be feeling right now.

  60. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    this post is for you!

    RE your sentiments on Nash..
    But I’m MORE upset about acquiring Nash. his contract and his lack of ability to rise above the situation in Ohio. If he was as good as everyone says he is, he should have led that team to a Cup by now.

    Sounds like jagr to me…

  61. CT – Zherdev had a good year here. He was paid 3.25 mil and put up 60 points, yet fans hated him. Nash is going to put up 60 points and get paid more than double, but fans will love him…

    And Nash is going to break all of a sudden go from 3 years at 30g and jump back up to 40 again out of nowhere? He could just as easily not get used to living in NY and end up being another “bust”, which in NY terms means putting up your career averages, except you get paid more and your expectations are higher and unrealistic.

  62. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    And I am totally stoked about this deal…Great Great trade for us!!!!

    If Nash continues to score his career average in goals every season, I’ll be happy.

    Room left to add a player or two (Doan perhaps) if need be.

    Well done slats, well done!!!!

    still love you!!

  63. 59 points playing with nobody. Put that same guy with just about a complete team and see what happens.

  64. Jonny D —

    Fans root for a player’s work ethic, willingness to do the dirty work, as much as the numbers put up. Zherdev was a poor man’s Semin. that’s why he was disliked by the Ranger fans. A player like Callahan can put up the same numbers, but is revered by fans for his work ethic and willingness to get dirty…

    That said, Nash does have some pressure on him here. Dubi was a fan favorite, despite this past terrible season for him personally. Nash absolutely must score, must get dirty. We will see what he is made out of.

  65. Mazz – if he is an “elite” talent, it wouldn’t matter who was around him. Kovalchuk was on a bad team, yet he put up better number than he has with the Devils. Crosby played on some bad Pittsburgh teams early, yet he put up 100+ points centering the likes of Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen.

    Just sayin’

  66. 60 points for 7.8 million? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. Talk about overpaying for nothing.

  67. Wonder what the lineup will look like tonight?? Does Ichiro get the leadoff spot or does Derek stay in the top spot? This gives our offense a whole host of options. I think Id place Ichiro in the 2 spot behind Derek, and move Granderson and his power and strikeouts into the middle of the order. He is gonna be sick!

  68. Nash will have 100x more pressure on him here than in Ohio. More people care about the Buckeyes than the Bluejackets….NYC is a pressure cooker

  69. Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline
    Nash confirmed again that Columbus will continue to be his off-season home.

    Haha! Loser!!! ;)

  70. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I feel bad for Dubi who grew up a Ranger fan, for erixon who wanted to come here and didn’t go to calgary, and for AA who liked NY and fit well here

    And with that, Dubi had to know the writing on the wall with his salary and numbers (whether they were on par or not with other players), money had to go back to the BJ’s.

  71. So its up to Glen to go get Doan and Semin on 1 year deals and take the backpages back!

  72. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Tiki you can add my sister to the sad group shes very upset about dubi being traded also. Well it looks like the Mets are going to ruin my day their already losing & its only the first inning BUT my Baby called me from Paris to wish me a happy b-day unfortunately it was after midnight in Paris so I didn’t get to speak to my granddaughters.

  73. Per – I understand that and I’m fine with that. But everyone was so excited for Zherdev then couldn’t wait until he left. I’m just reminding everyone of that because I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens with Nash when people find out he becomes soft when physically challenged, especially since he’s playing in a very physical division.

  74. No chance that the Rangers get Semin. He would last approximately 3 seconds with Torts! He is the antithesis of JAM, BITE, BALLS!

  75. Sorry, Ria about the granddaughters being asleep. But its cool that your daughter is in Paris. And the Mets are building for a bright future. Happy Birthday again!

  76. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I think Doan is the fit and target now, IMHO.

    Doan is a complimentary player, not an offencive solution

  77. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp will you be attending Wed. media frenzy when they introduce Ricky?

  78. MickeyM

    _RE your sentiments on Nash..
    But I’m MORE upset about acquiring Nash. his contract and his lack of ability to rise above the situation in Ohio. If he was as good as everyone says he is, he should have led that team to a Cup by now._

    Led them to a Cup?! Pass those peyotes ova here! That’s some good carcillo right there! sorry Mickey but you couldn’t be more wrong!

  79. leetchhalloffame on

    This deal is a no brainer. While I’m sorry to lose Dubi both he and AA were classic underachievers. Dubi way overpaid for a 10 goal scorer. Erixon easily replaceable with the other promising young d-men we have in the system now. If we had Nash this past season the Cup would be making the rounds with NYR players this summer. Way to get off your arse Slats. Does anyone know much about Delisle or was he purely a throw-in?

  80. For the “Nash never had talent around him in Columbus , so he’ll be great in NY” crowd:

    In that case, how much of a jump in points do you expect? How do we determine that? Not much of a science support to that argument…

    70 points? 35-35?

    I can’t imagine much more than that, if that….hope I’m underestimating him…

  81. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Thanks again Tiki can’t wait to see them next week when they come home.

  82. So the introduction of Nash as a Ranger is definitely Wednesday?

    I need to set up the DVD recorder.

  83. Is there something about Rick Nash that I don’t know about, that has stimulated so many negative comments about the guy?

    I mean holy smokes….!

  84. Because Messier all by himself won 6 cups. Of course Nash shoulda brought the cup to Columbus long time ago! Hockey isn’t a team sport and it only takes one guy to win it all! YES!

  85. I just think the presence of Nash is going to be critical in the playoffs. When you are in those tight, low scoring games having a guy that has his talent is very important. They just need that one opportunity to make an impact. His presence also takes some of the pressure off of the other guys which can only make them better.

  86. So we are splitting into Nash lovers and Nash haters already? AWESOME!

    I’m with the Nash lovers! Wooohooo!! I love me some Nash!

  87. E3 pimp's angel on

    Thank god it didn’t cost us Avery. AA and Dubi and erixon are ok….but Avery must stay

  88. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    no, absolutely not. 2 years would be the max for doan. I think Doan would be a good 2nd liner for us with his style of play and his size, but would not go more than 2 years and try to stay around 5 mil or so max

  89. Wow, Juan Pierre has the 5th most hits in baseball since 2001 with 2,100, behind Jeter, Ichiro, Pujols and Michael Young. How did that happen?!

  90. 3C, Or walked on water. Either that or a Cup, is what I would expect from how everyone thinks he’s the second coming.

  91. MickeyM… You are a clueless “Ranger fan”. Your lack of knowledge and stupid comments are just proving the stereotype is correct when it comes to woman and sports. Get a clue!!!!! You are embarassing yourself with your ignorant comments.

  92. Nash is gonna get hit twice, hard, by someone. And then shy away from any and all contacts. I can see it now.

  93. Hopefully Erixon can force a trade back to New York, Howser managing to squeeze a conditional 7th round pick in 2019 in return.

  94. Oy vey! We get the best hitter of our generation and we bat him 8th in the lineup between Russ .290 OBP Martin and Andruw strikeout king Jones. Oy vey!

  95. Wick, the more I’ve thought about it the last few days, the less it matters how much they give Doan … as long as it’s for two years max. They have plenty of cap space and as long as he comes off the books after 2013-14, it should only matter to Jim Dolan how much Doan makes.

  96. JimboWoodside on

    Stop picking on my pal *MickeyM*!

    I personally don’t agree with her on the knee-blowing-out comment, but she has a right not to like the deal. Dubi is one of her favorite players.

  97. JBeck's brother on

    Hey guys jBeck just told me that he has it on good authority that the Rangers are out of the Nash sweeptstakes. Howser is asking too much in return

    You heard it here first!

  98. PEOPLE! It’s not like I wish for him to choke on a chicken bone. SHEESH. People come back in no time from injuries. God, you’d think I wanted to run him over with a train..

  99. JimboWoodside on

    WHY are the Yankees being mentioned here? Especially on the day when Glen “got his man”!

    Looks like Nash had only *one* team on his negotiating list – and that team was the NY Rangers – he obviously did *not* want to go anywhere else!

  100. I have a feeling Doan may want to come here now…. Could be his best shot at a ring.

  101. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    You are right about the dollars, I think the term is important. i wonder if the trading for nash ends up being extra incentive for Doan to sign?

  102. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on


    You are entitled to whatever opinion you may feel about the Rick Nash trade, or even Rick Nash as a player and human being – whatever your motivation may be…

    But, you still wished injury on Rick Nash — and a potentially serious, career-threatening one.

    That is dishonorable, and not very sportsmanlike.

  103. doan definitely looks at rangers diifferently with nash in fold. will that be enough for him to sign should he leave phoenix. if flyers lose weber then flyers may ante up for doan

  104. Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline

    Anisimov is on his honeymoon in Fiji and may or may not have any idea he’s been traded. Erixon is back home in Sweden, was informed of deal.

  105. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Good on Nash for not being impatient and opening up his list to more teams/any team to get out of Ohio, he clearly wanted to be here.

  106. Wow, i dont even know where to begin. What a nice pleasant surprise! Although i will miss dubi, it was a good deal by sather. Now, can he pull off the doaner too??? I have so many thoughts, but cant seem to gather them right now.


    Carp, we may need a live chat soon!

  107. DO we really want Doan? I know i do but if he is demanding a term. Chances are he’s in it for the money more than the Cup. If he signs a 1-2 year deal. Then he wants the cup.

  108. Losing Prust and Dubi, we could sure use that grit that Doan brings, not to mention, the offense…

    I just don’t think anything more than a year is wise…

  109. NYR, you get a hug for that

    Per, whatever dude. I wish he got horrible allergies to rats then. *eye roll*

  110. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    I know everyone is happy about nash but i for don’t think that it is as lopsided as everyone seems to think. We did in fact give up a lot for him. Dubi is a strong player who works hard in the corners and was good a faceoffs. Offense was down this year but is a 20 goal guy. AA is a very solid two way player that will find consistency and become a 25g 30 a guy. Erixon will be a solid blue liner no worse than ohlund and a late 1 in a heavy draft. That is a lot for one guy that fails to make those round him better

  111. In essense. We didn’t lose anything. We have new players that can plug in the same numbers aas Dubi and Anisimov and probably better. Especially Dubi’s week performance last year, but we did gain a Talent that doesn’t always come around.

  112. Who the heck wouldn’t try to get more years and money? This is what Doan does for a living. He wants to keep getting paid while he can make exorbitant money and to play as long as he can and to win the Cup. That’s fair of him to want. Slats is the one who needs to be wise.

  113. The only way Doan isn’t in Phoenix is because the financial situation ends up being really bad. Otherwise he’s staying there since his family loves it.

  114. Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline
    No question, threat of #Flyers getting D Shea Weber led #NYR to becoming more urgent in talks w #CBJ. Told Erixon included late last week.

  115. Yea Chris exactly. Thats basically what i was saying. Not blaming Doan at all, but It would be crippling to take on another huge deal that would probably prevent the Rangers from signing all there talented youth.

  116. I think columbus made out good in the deal too. Its just that the nash piece for us is much bigger and important piece of our puzzle. Columbus has a long ways to go.

  117. unless Erixon puts on 50 pounds of muscle he won’t make it. torts obviously has his doubts too with what he said this afternoon. Artie and constistency? Consistently inconsistent maybe.

    as for Doan, someone is going to give him 4 years and 28 million. he won’t be here. we have an open spot at 3rd line RW. if we’re going to overpay for 3rd line RW, we’d have kept Prust.

  118. Corned Beef Nash on

    Whoooop!!!!!! Love the deal all around. And will be even sweeter week when NASHville matches the deal for weber…..

  119. Yes, our first Nash-related screen name. Nice.

    Guys, again, dollars are meaningless for Doan as long as it’s two years. Doesn’t matter if it’s $10M per (it won’t be). And yes, he fits.

    Boo-K, working on that.

    Dubiii, maybe not 50 pounds. Just 15-20.

  120. don’t get me wrong, i’d love to add Doan. he’s like a Ranger and he plays for the Rangers West already.

  121. Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline
    No question, threat of #Flyers getting D Shea Weber led #NYR to becoming more urgent in talks w #CBJ. Told Erixon included late last week.


    Did Sather say that ofer sheet to WWeber had nothing to do with trading for Nash? It’s in this thread above… They were after Nash since last season.

  122. Maybe Doan may come for a year and go for the cup. If he misses his family or phoneix too much, he can go back. Sather should give him 24 hr access to the gardens private jet

  123. Its not bad logic. If Doan is getting 2Y/$10MM offers, try 1Y/$7MM and see if he’ll trust he can earn $3MM+ hitting free agency again. Can’t take that cap space with you, right?

  124. _How the Rangers’ cap looks now:_

    The guys signed for the longest aren’t the guys I want signed for the longest.

  125. Finally got a second to comment. I see plenty of different opinions, expectedly. Good chance we would be upset no matter who we’d lose because of team’s chemistry.
    FWIW, my take- its a fair deal. Helps both teams the way they’re structured at the moment. We needed scoring, they needed young, solid NHL players who can play right away, prospect and a pick to start rebuilding. And there is no doubt, Howson would have gotten much more in return before the deadline. As well as during the draft.
    I’m ok with who we lost. Either Stepan or MDZ would not make that trade as good as it looks on a paper now.
    Nash will have to prove he was worth it. I think he can be a real monster. And while he may only score 30-30, or 35-35, as predicted, he will add much more points than that to a team total. The opposing teams will now have to deploy two shutdown pairs to deal with two different legit goalscorers. As well as twi solid checkers. Not too many teams have that. I believe he’ll play on the L, and not with Gaborik, at least at ES. I like the move. What’s not to like?

  126. czechthemout!!! on


    There are about 3-4 people on here who hate this trade. They are of course entitled to their opinion,and we are entitled to rebutt it. So here we go.

    One of them likes Dubi because he’s cute! She wants Nash to bust up his knee which of course can only help the Rangers. And as a ” fan” it is always a good thing to want one your top players to be injured.

    The other two are worried about the impact on the salary cap even though this trade is basically a wash with regards to the cap. Of course these same two or three individuals were on here pinning for a fourth line grunt player who got an absurd contract for ” its just pain” .

    My opinion on this trade is this. Nash is a big tough gritty power forward with great speed and a wonderful shot. He goes hard to the net, is a darn good penalty killer who goes down to block shots but is also aware when to get open for a breakaway pass while killing a penalty. He will score between 35-40 goals consistantly during the next 5-6 seasons. As for his passing, it is underrated because his best center all those years in cbj was Manny Malhotra( lol), not exactly known as being an offensive player.

    Someone mentioned Kovalchuck as a way to dump on Nash. Well, let’s see. He played with the likes of Keith Tkachuk,Marion Hossa, Dan Heatly, Brian Little, just to name a few. That compares very favorably to playing with Manny Malhotra, Mike Peca,RJ Umberger, and a plethora of other scrubs doesn’t it?

  127. Their cap situation is just fine. I do agree, to an extent, about removing some of the team’s toughness, while adding a finesse player. But wasn’t that what everyone complained? A top line scorer? This trade, imo, makes 10 ft pole Semin a 20 ft pole Semin. And I agree, Sather should go after Doan. 2 year, give him enough money. Move on if he insists on long term.

  128. I am penciling Nash in for 75 points if we play an 82 game schedule. Remember he will not always draw the #1 checking line and defensive pairing now. If the Rangers split their assets across the 2 first lines. You have Richards, Gabby, Cally, Kreider, Nash and Stepan. Sorry Hags bumping you to the 3rd line now.

    I’m loving

    Richards, Gabby, Callahan
    Kreider, Nash, Stepan

  129. Far too much importance is placed on numbers and point totals. Nash’s Columbus numbers were meaningless. He may have less numbers on the Blueshirts yet contribute more to the success of the team by adding other variables. It’s not golf, a players numbers do not determine success or failure.

    Hockey = ultimate team sport…

    Success in Team Sports = sum of the aggregate parts

    Our boys are a better team today than they were yesterday.

  130. me parecio buenisimo tu articulo …. yo pienso que cuando se presentan ofertas para emigrar es parte de la vida y mas bien dicho oportunidades para poder lograr un triunfo en la vida

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