Shea WWEber the Flyer?


Not sure what to make of this whole Shea WWEber signing by the Flyers. The Nashville Predators have made a lot of noise about matching the 14-year, $110 million offer sheet — they have a week to do so — but there are many reports, including one by Larry Brooks, that the Preds won’t match the ridiculous offer.

Brooks also wrote that the Predators are already in discussions with Flyers GM Paul Holmgren trying to work out a trade of some of the compensation picks they would receive back to Philly for players.

Of course, if Nashville matched, they’d be on the hook for ridiculous sums of money, especially at the start of the contract, and they wouldn’t be able to trade WWEber until next summer, by which time they will have paid him a bundle of his signing bonuses (as much as $28 million, including $26 million worth of bonuses to be paid within the first 11 months).

There were also multiple reports that the Rangers were in on the WWEber negotiations, Glen Sather either working on an offer sheet or a trade for the restricted free agent, but that WWEber didn’t want to live in New York City. So that says to me that A) he didn’t want to be a Ranger or B) he went for more money, as just about every athlete always does.

I honestly didn’t think anybody would make such a bold move, and if somebody did, that Nashville would match. WWEber’s agent reportedly said that he doesn’t want to be part of the Preds’ rebuild. So that makes it more unlikely Nashville would match.

But I can just see Don Fehr laughing all the way to the negotiating table as NHL owners continue to fling crazy money at free agents, continue to toss around those nine-figure contracts. Yep, there’s going to be a lockout and a long delay to the 2012-13 season.


Before I forget again … The Rangers, to the best of my knowledge, haven’t announced a preseason schedule (in the unlikely event there is a preseason). We do know that they won’t play any home games because of the renovation at the Garden, but we’ve seen the schedules of the Flyers, Devils and Islanders, and we know that the Rangers will play four games against those teams:

Sept. 26 vs. Devils at Albany.
Sept. 28 at Devils.
Sept. 29 at Philly.
Oct. 4 at Islanders.


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  1. Second!

    Well this free agent period has been pretty slow going so far but when the shocks come they certainly are big ones. Pekka Rinne must be furious if they are prepared to let him go – unless they can work a deal to get a few decent players back from Philthy, this is going to gut their franchise and put them in full rebuild mode – and for us its going to make the Bullies a difficult team to compete against for a good few years

  2. Why would Philly renegotiate with the Preds? The offer sheet is a done deal. Unless Nashville matches, Weber is a Flyer.

    Another example of how the NHL is a joke. If Nashville doesn’t match, they are doomed. Who can take this hillbilly town seriously if they let 2/3 of their franchise walk?

    Is Nashville the only NHL franchise that has horse drawn Zambonis?!?

    The NHL needs to contract. And get rid of the “salary cap” that they make a mockery of.

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    I’m hoping to bring my two favorite girls, mrs and my newborn daughter, home today. Maybe I can contribute to the blog more after that. For now, after reading LB article, I have to say- not everything makes sense. Think about, the offer sheet was generated after both teams couldn’t come to an agreement on a trade for his rights. It is a very hostile offer, designed to push small market team against the wall financially so they can’t match. And now they’re negotiating about 2 first rounder to go back to Flyers? And wouldn’t that be considered tampering?

  4. Ilb – congrats dude – now the hard work starts!! (but its all worth it – one little smile, a crawl, a step, an “i love you daddy” – nothing in this world will ever come close, even the Rangers winning the cup!)

    I know everyone is critical of Nashville for possibly not matching but their franchise is worth $160m (and no Dolan $$ backing it up) and the contract is constructed in such a way to make it hard for them to make that first year of payments as its almost 1/5th the value of their franchise – and their franchise is already in a lot of debt from its original purchase ($75 million loan still outstanding according to

  5. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Morning ILB and fam, manny, and all!!

    congrats to all of you again and hope you get to the house today!!!

    I also think some thing is a bit fishy in this deal (I almost typed fishy in philly).

    I’m glad we were “in” on wweber, however I am glad we didn’t sign him to that crazy contract or sign him if he doesn’t want to play/live here.

    It’s a shame because it seems like Nash really wants to play here and for what ever reason, we don’t finish that deal (personally I don’t think Howson wants to trade him…or be the guy that trades him)

    Oh, well maybe we do something today…

    Off to work, later aasens!

  6. Such a load. The Preds were considered bona fide contenders until they lost Ryan Suter? And the loss of that one defenseman suddenly puts them in rebuild mode? Nash I understand saying that, Weber is full of it. And he didnt want to live in Manhattan because of the much higher taxes he would pay. I’ll bet it would amount to several million over the life of the contract. Anyway I hate Philly having a guy like this but until they get a goalie who can stop a puck….

  7. According to Eklund on Hockey Rumors, Future Flyer Weber’s agent is running around stating Shea would love to play in Philthy…

    The contract is front loaded, so that in the event the Preds match, they would pay a huge sum of money up front. Given their debt issues, this would be difficult. Secondly, if they wanted to trade Future Flyer WWeber, next season or so, they would have already have taken the financial hit for the bulk of his contract.

    That said, the Preds have a 5% owner named H. Brett Wilson, who is an exorbitantly wealthy Canadian Businessman (like Almost Dolan wealth), and he has started in the past that money will not be a problem for the Predators. Furthermore, in looking at how aggressively the Preds tried to retain Suter, and how hard they went after Parise, according to reports, Preds ownership just may have the money to throw at their Captain to keep him home.

  8. But as Carp says — all this maneuvering by a big market rogue team like Philthy — trying to push a small market team in a corner because a trade wasn’t developing fast enough — as well as the exorbitant size of this offer — spell LOCKOUT.

  9. According to the massively bloated lifetime contract he just agreed to with the Flyers, I am also stating Shea would love to play in Philthy. Credit to Eklund for that scoop though.


    1) CONTINUE TO DRAFT WELL: IMO, acquiring NHL caliber assets with your draft picks is the single most important ingredient in building long term success for the team. Stockpiling amateur and college level talent improves a teams flexibility without encumbering cap space.

    2) LOOK FOR DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: Not ever NHL player has been drafted (Dan Girardi – ALL STAR). NON-drafted prospects can be acquired on the cheap for minimal risk. The Rangers have added several amateur FA’s during the last few months (Kyle Jean. Hrinivak)

    3) MAINTAIN A STRONG COMMITMENT TO DEVELOPING PLAYERS THROUGH THE AHL: Most prospects are not NHL ready and require a progressive approach. Hartford is an extremely important piece of the feeder system. It should be a place where prospects are evaluated and schooled in the Ranger system. They will either develop or wash out.

  11. Morning peeps

    Some people just can’t hack NYC or its surronding area. I still think/hope Nashville will somehow match. But, I also agree that it is a ridiculous contract and am gladwe did not make an offer like that. Weber will improve Sillydelphia’s leaky defense dramatically, but I don’t see them being that much better. Remember, they had what 106 points last year? Using mostly a gifted offense. This year, with weber, they will probably be around the same pace, just fewer goals allowed and fewer goals scored.

  12. RangerSwede not in Germany for much longer on

    Congrats ilb!

    This offer sheet stuff is really bullcarcillo. And the signing bonus stuff is also stupid. WWWeber wants to play in Filthy? Stupid. As long as they have a hole in net big as the universe they’ll never win the cup.

    It’ll be good to see all the NHL players playing in Europe this season again….

  13. From the reports I have read, it certainly appears the Ranger brain-trust pursued WWeber valiantly and that in the end, the player was uncomfortable with living in Manhattan. If WWeber was always the top priority, this is a defeat and perhaps may serve as the first real defeat of the off-season for Sather, Torts and the boys. It is two pronged, first they lost on adding a great defenseman to the team and second, it appears he has a real chance of ending up with a division competitor ( I do believe he ends up in Philly not Nashville.)

    How will they respond? Will they continue to maintain discipline in trade talks or feel the urge to close a major deal for Nash and Ryan? IMO how they react after this defeat will be the true test of whether the summer is successful or not. Will Sather continue to be disciplined or will the flood gates open. My vote is for discipline and stay the course.

    While WWeber was a sexy option, for the money, commitment in years, and the surrender of at least 4 first round picks, I am not sure that doing this deal would be in the best long term interests of the club. Years ago, Barry Beck was once going to deliver the Cup for an almost ready team, but unfortunately there was a dynastic team playing to the east who interfered with these plans.

  14. Echo UK, ilb, it’s an awesome experience. We’re between crawling and walking right now and pretty much everything she does is amazing. After those 1st 3 months, that is. The “just survive” advice is the most honest you’ll get. And take pictures. And remember to feed her.

    Don’t get the anger at the Flyers; if Sather structures and impossible to match offer sheet for Kane we’ll be calling him a genius. Most of us, atleast.

  15. Weber didn’t sign here because he doesn’t like the city? Good. Just wait till he gets a load Philadelphia. First of all, Weber is a very good defenseman, but he’s no where near as good as the contract he just got. Nik Lidstrom in his prime? Certainly. Chara in his prime? Maybe. But Weber? This is a guy who has won nothing in the NHL. His greatest claim to fame is winning a gold in the Olympics. And now he’s getting $26 million next year? Stamkos he is not.

    He’ll toughen up Philly without a doubt. But I question whether that organization will be able to hold it together with such a large contract on the books for 14 years.

    On another note, the Preds went from a top contender and a cup favorite to one of the worst teams in the league overnight because of player defections. Now is there anyone in the NHL that still thinks having a team in Nashville is a good idea?

  16. Cross Check – Weber plays for a year and then they trade him. He ain’t gonna be worth nearly what he was valued at before Holmgren bent Poile over a table and had his way in a biblical sense…

  17. On another note, the Preds went from a top contender and a cup favorite to one of the worst teams in the league overnight because of player defections. Now is there anyone in the NHL that still thinks having a team in Nashville is a good idea?

    What does this have to do with Nashville per se? They play to ~95% capacity – not too bad really.

  18. Ok, so if Nashville doesn’t match, weber is a flyer. The Flyers are going to be in trouble in 2 years when they have to pay for there young core. To me, it looks like Holmgren’s thinking here is to go for the cup in the next two years and after that the flyers will lose some good players and won’t be very good. I also remember reading that there farm system isn’t that good. I am glas sather is being patient and the rangers are building the team the right way, drafting, developing and signing undrafted players in hope for a few diamonds in the rough.

  19. Wait, the Preds are rebuilding? Because they lost Ryan Suter? That makes them a team in rebuild? Did anyone notice that they have a flippin’ awesome goalie?

  20. I pulled out some Regal tickets last night.

    was going to take my buddy to the movies.

    scary stuff.

    I will say a prayer for everyone there.

    I still love Colorado

  21. Carp, if you can, reach out to your old colleague Jesse Spector today. He was tweeting back and forth with one of the CO victims while she was waiting for the movie to start. He’s gotta be pretty shaken up today.

  22. Prayers for the victims and families out in Colorado. Sometimes hockey takes a back seat..

  23. I think that makes 3 shooting this week. Alabama, Toronto and now Colorado. Tough week.

  24. I live in CO and I almost went to the movies last night.

    It makes me cry that there are people like that.

    I prefer life.

    Go Rangers.

  25. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Every week is a tough week if you care about anyone in the military IMHO, but it is all perspective and front page media I guess.

    On with the not important stuff, time to pillage Nashville for hornqvist.

  26. To build on Wicky’s point….every minute is an awful minute if you care about anyone in the *world*

  27. Apparently the Flyers offered the same deal they offered Weber to Parise — he turned down the money there Carp!

  28. Back to the Weber situation, I don’t get it. Leading up to this, all I was hearing about was how the price would be so incredibly high — it would take Staal AND MDZ, it would take at least one top-six forward, it would take at least one prospect, etc. And now Nashville MIGHT let him go for four presumably (assuming the Flyers aren’t a bust) low first round draft picks???

  29. Its an absolutely tragedy what happened in CO. People freaking baffle me sometimes.

    What do you guys think about holmstorm for 3rd line/PP unit? think we can get him for a fair price?

  30. You cant even go to movie theaters anymore without fear of some sicko going on a rampage. How awful.

  31. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Why do the birds go on singing? When will the sun refuse to shine?

  32. I like what the Preds are trying to do as a kind of last resort with this scenario – ie giving back some 1st round picks in exchange for players rather than let it go through as a straightforward offer sheet scenario. At least that way they have a chance of not stinking up the league or making Rinne face 50 shots a night. I presume due to the CBA it will be dealt with as separate transactions?

  33. at $1.50 a post we’d all be writing essays to squeeze all our thoughts into one post! Bang goes the conversation!

  34. the idiot in question was apparently a PhD Neuroscience student at Univ. Colorado who dropped out recently.

  35. Don’t worry about keeping count, UK. This isn’t Basque country and we’re not eating -tapas- Pintxos. Carp will keep count and send you a bill.

    For you it might be converted to Pounds.

  36. Despite what his agent says, part of Weber’s thinking had to include tax considerations. His State tax bite alone in NY State over the contract life would be 7 million dollars more than Pennsylvania’s. If he lived in NYC, add on a chunk extra. Since most of the contract is front loaded, he’d pay even MORE in real dollars. So, unless the Rangers wanted to not only equal the Flyers’ bid, but offer him 10 million OVER the Flyers’ offer, (a pittance in baseball numbers, but not hockey) his agent would be remiss in not pointing this out to him IF, in fact, he ever considered NY at all.

  37. By that reasoning, Walther, why doesn’t he just go play in the KHL where there are NO taxes.

  38. yeah, because $110 million, not to mention all the millions he’s already made, just isn’t enough for a 26-year-old.

  39. You want to sell your old Corvette and one guy offers you 20 grand, and another offers you 17, you gonna sell it for 17 because “you’re only 26?”

  40. Actually, Walther, I just sold a car a few years back and I sold it to some young kid who desperately wanted it over an older guy offering me a lot more.

    I am a BAD example.

  41. Joe Sakic wanted to play in NY and wanted $. The Rangers tried and that still wasn’t enough. Avs matched. The rest is hockey history.

    Point is, Shea Weber is comfortable staying in Nashville if he makes it Ca$hville….

    Money talks…but when you’re making so many millions…there is diminishing marginal utility…and, I think, Weber would be happy in Ca$hville, if the Preds matched.

  42. Johnny LaRue on

    Maybe he wants to be a philanthropist. He would have all this money and people would love him, and come to him and beg and if he felt like it he would help them out, and then they would owe him big time.

  43. I have actually always said that teams like the Yankees have to “overpay” players because making $4M in Atlanta is like making $7M in NYC. It’s expensive to live here and the taxes are higher. You gotta make up for it in the pay.


  44. Not ALL about tax considerations, Puck, but when you’re writing that huge check to NYS instead of spending it on a sprawling vacation estate in the south of France, you’d be likely to ask: ‘Why didn’t anyone point this out to me?’

  45. Manny – isn’t that age discrimination, selling the car to the young guy for less??

  46. Johnny LaRue on

    I tried to call your account and they said he went to South America. What kind of snowblower did you get us mixed up with?

  47. The kid I sold it to wasn’t white like the guy I turned down.

    Age, Wealth and Race discrimination!

  48. I’m not 26, but I do work from home, so I can technically drastically increase my salary by moving to some city in the middle of the country. Its not even a consideration. Maybe Weber just really doesn’t like NYC. Or maybe he’s a provincial, loud-mouthed jerk and Philadelphia makes him feel very comfortable and at home.

  49. Not so long ago, because of currency disparities, the NHL had to agree that players be effectively paid in USA dollars specifically because many suddenly didn’t want to play for the funny money of Canadian teams. Now, I think their dollar is worth more than ours.

  50. I once offered my seat on a packed train to a mid 20’s stacked blonde, all the while ignoring the overweight bald 60 year old who was much more in need of it!

  51. When you make 27 million in one calendar year, I think, and call me crazy, that he would still be able to do whatever the hell he wanted, irrespective of the taxes.

    Now, when he’s later on in his contract and the money isn’t flowing in, then yes, he might understand the pinch of the taxes.

  52. Well, unless his target was the 60 year old bald dude. Then he played it just right.

  53. I once offered my bus seat to a woman who said she was pregnant. After she sat, I asked her how long she’s been pregnant, and she said, “About four hours.”

  54. Well if you give the lady the seat and then you stand next to her you end up in the awkward position of being unable to talk and having your crotch awkwardly close to her head. This seems like a really tough spot.

    I think you should ask the girl to sit on your lap and then ask the old guy to trade with you. Then you go to the bar car, get a scotch and a hot dog, and start robbing folks.

  55. When any athlete thinks he can do “whatever he wants” regardless of taxes, or regardless of anything else monetarily speaking, he eventually becomes a Joe Louis, or one of any number of retired pro athletes, on salary shaking hands with strangers at some Vegas casino.

  56. You REALLY know you’re finished when you wash down your hot dogs with single malt scotch.

  57. I think they do, The Doctor but I usually go with the Canadian Club 10 Year. Big fan.

  58. “Glenlivet, Glen Fiddich, any glen will do as long as it’s not a blend of course…”

  59. Projected cut is +3….Tom Watson has a chance to make it…


    (not that anyone cares aside from Golf fans like me…carry on talking jibberish and WWEber)

  60. jpg's sister on

    enjoying the guest blogs, but Of Course, not equal to carp’s though good job, guys.

    hope all well,

    Happy Birthday to me today

  61. Because guys like Tom Watson HIT THE FAIRWAY (control > distance). I have always had this flip out at everybody I know who plays gold and every I have coached or whatever. Distance is so stupid. Unless you are consistently shooting 3 under (“that’s what the pro’s shoot isn’t it?” “If they’re lucky”) you really have to stop worrying.

    I usually challenge my students or friends or whatever to play a round with nothing but a 7, S and Putter and see if they score better. Most of them DO. Because golf is so mental and everyone gets ruined trying to crush a drive a few extra pointless yards.

  62. Wish I was watching…have it on the radio….

    Ugh…..has to birdie 18 to make it, I think…

  63. Sorry for flipping out just now. I have a big vendetta against the “hit the ball harder and farther” mentality.

    Happy 26th, Sis!

  64. Happy 26th, jpg’s sister! Thanks for the kind words. My summer’s been as boring as everybody else’s, waiting for something to happen here. But with some highlights.

  65. Kind of. I don’t really charge people but I did teach golf a bunch to people. My dad was the golf coach at the college he teaches at. My dad is a sick, sick golfer. Sick. When he was 62 his Handicap was 1.6. I have never, ever beaten him.

    He taught me to use a putter. Then a Sand Wedge. Then a wedge. Then a nine iron. Then an 8 Iron and so on. To this day the only driver her lets me keep in my bag is a driver head on a 3 wood shaft because I can control it. I mostly have to play irons off the tee to please him.

    But my dad can fade, slice, cut, draw, hook, duck hook, worm burn, etc. a golf ball into anything. In his old age (68+) my dad now will say, “You don’t think I can hook the ball into the woods from here do you? Well watch this!” Then he hooks it into the woods. Why? I don’t know. Just proving he can still do it.

  66. Actually, The Doctor. The wife vetoed me even keeping clubs in our Apt. My Skateboards are shoved in the back of a closet, my guitars are under the bed. My clubs just didn’t make the cut. Thus, my Titleist 862 semi-blades (they still make those?) are in my ‘rents house in CT sitting next to my Ping Eye 2’s that I just can’t part with.

  67. Watson followed up his 1.5 foot miss on 17 with a bomb of a birdie putt on 18. So he’s on the cut line.

  68. Manny, you will see an *email* from sometime soon. You teach me your tricks and we’ll set up a tee time. Ok, mon?

  69. That would be great, Mon. Just so you know, I am a JOKE as a golfer now. I am like one of those coaches that can see flaws in other people but is no good himself anymore.

  70. Manny – Harvey Penick tells the story of a businessman/golfer he played with at his club in Texas. The guy asked him to teach him how to put that backspin on the slanted irons to make the ball back up on the green. Penick replied, “I’ve been playing with you for ten years and you’ve never reached the pin yet. What do you need with backspin?”

  71. I have had this argument with Carp before but really the only tricks in golf were contained in a book by Ben Hogan (the greatest technical golfer ever). Carp hates the old golfers who had to play with wood shafts and high winds. I love the aura of that time and playing in fog and leaving your wife and kids for the bar girl at the country club. (joke)

  72. That’s a *genius* story, Walther. I will have to memorize that. It pretty much sums up why all amateur golfers are horrible.

    My dad is really a brilliant match play player because he doesn’t mind choking up on a 4 iron to hit it 175. Then he tells the other guy, “Man I really hit that 4 iron and I am still below the pin!” The next guy will drill a 5 iron over the green thinking it’s playing long. Humility breeds winning.

  73. E3 pimp's angel on

    Bring on the headless horses where ever they may roam, shiver and say the words of every lie you’ve heard…. First, I am gonna make it them I’m going to break it till it falls apart….

  74. Interesting, “NHL reviewing Weber offer sheet for possible violation of CBA”. Something about years 5-14 not meeting required avg salary in terms of overall $ amount. Carp can you give us some insight on this. Heard this on Philly sports radio a little while ago.

  75. T70 54 Tom Watson 143
    T70 99 Lee Westwood 143
    T70 54 Keegan Bradley 143

    What a grouping that will be tomorrow!!!!

  76. Manny, where did you get the idea that I hate or even dislike the old-time golfers? I am, in fact, one of the great haters of modern golf. And, by coincidence of this discussion, I once sat with Tom Watson for an hour or so at Trump National, where he was filming a commercial for Adams, and we spoke about how out-of-control the technology has become, and how it might be too late to close that barn door.

    plus, I just recently did a column on a tournament played entirely with hickory-shafted clubs, by players who dressed in plus-fours, long-sleeved shirts and ties.

  77. sorry, scott, I’m off doing my “other job” today … I’d suggest following the twitter widget right over there ———->

  78. I am just joking, Carp. Once i said something bout Hogan and you said he was overrated. Could have been Sam Snead or something. I was jut teasing.

    I also *hate* modern golf. Let’s have a hate fest.

  79. Speaking of Watson, Penick also tells the story of having lunch with a wealthy businessman at his club, approaching his 50th birthday, who had a 2 handicap and planned to go on the Senior Tour. He asked Penick for private lessons and stated that he KNEW he could, with a little of Harvey’s personal help, consistently win on the Senior Circuit. Penick said, “Look over to your left at that far table. That’s Tom Watson. He’s 49 and he has the same idea you do.” True. Hah!

  80. If that is true that the nhl is reviewing the weber contract, probably Nashville’s cap guru’s reviewed it and called the nhl office to complainabout it, which is nothing but speculation on my part but I can see that happening.

  81. Updated Jul 20, 2012 – 10:22 am

    Shane Doan in New York visiting with Rangers
    By John Gambadoro/Arizona Sports

    If the Phoenix Coyotes weren’t worried about losing their captain before, they should be now.
    After spending two weeks gauging interest and fielding offers, Shane Doan is making his first official visit of free agency Friday, and he is doing it in New York.

    Doan, the 35-year-old free agent, who has spent his entire career with the Winnipeg/Phoenix organization, is in New York and meeting with the Rangers brass to discuss a future on Broadway.

    The Rangers finished with the most points (109) in the Eastern Conference this past season and reached the Eastern Conference Finals before losing to the New Jersey Devils in six games. The Rangers were showing interest in Doan last week, and he currently has offers on the table from Los Angeles, San Jose, Vancouver, Detroit, Buffalo and Pittsburgh.

    One offer Doan has is a four-year contract in excess of $30 million. There are several other teams interested in Doan, who had 22 goals and 28 assists in leading the Coyotes to the Western Conference Final last season, but the visit in New York is his first since free agency started.
    Share Story

  82. I know you were kidding, Manny … and I assume you still are kidding, because I doubt I ever said anything like Hogan was overrated.

  83. Doan is in NY for the CBA talks anyway. Bit of an oversight at best for that report to not even mention it.

  84. YorktownRanger on

    Carp, maybe someone has asked this before, if so I apologize up front. What would be cool is if your tech folks can get the Twitter widget to float down the page margin to make up for the real estate created after each refresh through the day.

    Just a thought…

  85. trades don’t come any bigger than Casey Wellman for the Panthers 2014 5th round pick


    AGrossRecord #NYR trade F Casey Wellman to Panthers in exchange for a fifth round pick in 2014.

  87. The real magic for little Ilbette will come with her first Christmas,with the aroma of the REAL evergreen, the ornaments and the first tales of Santa Claus. Then you’ve got til about age 6 or so, before the myth of Santa begins to dwindle, but no matter, tbw still insists that SC is real to our kids, and they’re all in their late forties and early fifties. It’s a fun family thing that we all get a good laugh at once a year..

  88. Best thing the Rangers ever did was trade Gomez.

    I love what he did for Alaska and hockey, but I love what he did for the Rangers more.

    Ryan Mcdonagh is a stud. Better than Staal.

  89. Groucho handed Chico a document and said, sign this.
    -What is this, asked Chico.
    -A sanity clause, said Groucho.
    _You can’t fool me, said Chico, there IS no sanity clause.

  90. Like convos about golf… For me, golf is like an old rich guys substitute for sex – paying a lot to get it… in a hole.

  91. Inveterate golfer is told by new bride: “I have to be honest with you, I’m a hooker.” Husband says: “Not a problem, you just have your right hand too far under the shaft.”

  92. I said it before and am saying it again. Call me crazy, but with all my respect to player per se, I can’t see any business and common sense to have overpriced Doan in this team.

  93. Wellman was a big loss to CT…The Whale’s #1 star right now is Kris Newbury…

  94. I don’t want Doan here but a somewhat overrated and soon to be overpaid 35+ year old second-line forward has “Broadway Bound” written all over him.

  95. Actually, Lloydsy, everything suggests that he won’t even think about a team in the East and the Phoenix still has the best chance of signing him…

  96. LOL, Walter, I really start liking you more and more, regardless of your post’s authorship. Nicely entertaining…
    Too sad, but ironically, your first appearance here was inspired by your own unwarranted and strange annoyance with the innocent, but massive Jewish jokes at that time’s thread, if I remember correctly.

  97. Princess Kiara passed away today and moved on to the litter box in the sky. She had to be put down due to cancer. She hadnt eaten in a week, and couldnt walk today and was screaming in pain, couldnt make it to her next chemo on August 2. :( RIP Kiara.

    I miss you Stanley and Cup. Next time I see you ladies, I promise Ill respect your personal space Stanley, and I wont kiss you anymore on your pink doodie nose.

  98. I love this blog. I just saw that Wellman was traded and came over to the comments just to be amused by the reaction and boy was I not dissapointed!

  99. _The real magic for little Ilbette will come with her first Christmas,with the aroma of the REAL evergreen, the ornaments and the first tales of Santa Claus._

    This is so ridiculous and true. I’m a practicing agnostic who grew up with artificial trees and *had* to have a real one last christmas. For a 3 month old. No idea why, just needed to.

  100. The point being he’s old, overrated, and a second liner so he must be “Broadway bound”?

  101. Doan is in NYC anyway. This is just a polite gesture a la Weber last week.

    But if Doan is concerned about where he is gonna raise his kids, and the quality of life, and the comfort of familiar coaches, he may find NY to his liking.

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