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Houston, We Have a Problem…or not.

First and foremost, thank you Carp aka Blogfather for giving me the chance to do yet another summer post. I’ve done posts before about my humble fan beginnings, and the first time I played hockey. Today’s topic will be a little different though, because it will deal with the other end of the sport spectrum: business decisions.

Brandon Prust and Ruslan Fedotenko, in their Rangers times, were well respected players for their willingness to “bring it” every night, especially when being used against the opposing team’s top lines most nights. I will especially remember Brandon  for  his “It’s just pain” quote of last year. Most of us fans hoped to re-sign them, and why not? They played their roles well and never outwardly complained. However, free agency has a funny way of taking away a fan’s dreams and hopes and inserting reality into the picture.

Playing reality in this drama would be the Canadiens (Prust) and Flyers (Fedotenko). Brandon was signed on the first day of free agency, and Ruslan a couple days into it.

Ruslan was never offered a contract from us to my knowledge, and probably didn’t expect one. Prust’s representatives and Uncle Glennie (WE MISS YOU! PLEASE COME BACK!!!) never agreed on Prust’s worth to the team. Glen reportedly wanted to sign him for around $1.8M. Prust got $2.5M from Montreal. Obviously, either Glen undervalued him, or Montreal overvalued. I’m of the opinion that MTL GREATLY overvalued him. But that’s pretty much how NHL FA works when people can be signed on the first day that free agency opens. It makes for a lot of potential headlines, but also for a lot of potential headaches.

The NBA’s free agency system lets players start signing contracts only after 10 days have passed from the start of free agency, supposedly giving front offices a chance to value their contracts with a little more foresight. Before this season’s NBA free agency started, I was of the idea that the NBA’s version was superior to the NHL’s. That is, until the ridiculousness of the Jeremy Lin contract has come to light.

For those who have been living in a sports blackout for the past year or so, Jeremy Lin was a waiver wire pickup from the Houston Rockets (take note of this) that, when finally given a chance to start for the Knicks, simply set the court on fire. He started off going 6-0, including a major win against Kobe and the Lakers when he scored 38. He was injured towards the end of the year however, and never played for the Knicks in the playoffs. He only got a one-year contract, seeing that he was a simple midseason signing. Then free agency came.

Somewhat similar to Prust’s situation, Knicks management valued Lin lower than Lin valued himself. Lin was basically told to go look on the free-agent market, and see what his actual value was. In doing so, he went to to talk to the Houston Rockets, the very team that had cut him earlier in the season before the Knicks picked him up. The Rockets had recently lost a guard to FA, and traded another, so they needed a player like Lin BADLY. The way NBA FA works is, if a restricted FA like Lin is offered a contract, his original team can choose to match the contract if they wish within three days. Since Houston knew this, they offered Lin a 3 year 28 million contract, backloaded for almost 15M in the final year. This backloading was specifically done because it would cost the Knicks 40+M to keep Lin that final year, because of penalties for going over the salary cap. I’m reading 43M, but that number can change depending on what the team does in future years.

It’s like the Kovalchuk situation in reverse. Its one thing to try to circumvent the salary cap to save your organization some cap room, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone go to this length to force another team to pay up BIG to keep a player. The Knicks decided at midnight Tuesday to not match and thus let Lin go to Houston.

Lin is a wildly popular player in NY, there is no denying that. But this contract he signed forced the Knicks into a terrible situation in the coming years. The closest approximation I can think of in age and popularity on the Rangers is if THE KREIDER left in FA, immediately following the impact he had on the team last year. Some people think that the Knicks should just automatically match the contract because of Lin’s popularity/marketability, but I thought they should let him go the same way Glen let Prust go to Montreal. Business decision.

It will hurt to see Lin go the same way it hurts to see fan favorites like Prust and Fedotenko go, but front offices have to do what’s best for the organization. The correct decision was made on Prust (and probably Fedotenko as well), and hopefully the same will be made for Lin. Sometimes, as sports fans, we have to set our fanaticism aside and see the people we cheer for as sports organizations do: people. People can be replaced. We fans may not like the replacements, but we will get over it if the replacements are as good  or better than the original. The same proves true in life: sometimes tough decisions must be made for long term good that may hurt right now. It’s a fact of life that all must learn to accept eventually.


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  1. First! Holy Webber Crap! Please match Nashville, PLEASE! I’m guessing we won’t be undefeated against them next year if this goes through. lol

  2. Nashville will match that offer, they’d be stupid not to.

    If its an average of around $7.5 – 8m then its what he’s worth and will be worth for another at least 7-8 years. You also have to think that those 4 1st rounders as compensation would only ever be in the 20-30 pick range which although when you say “4 1st round picks” sounds a lot to give up, if you are a perennial contender picks in that range are a crap shoot and involve guys that wont be ready to play NHL hockey for 2-3 years after the draft anyway.

    The other interesting development is that one of the GM’s has used an offer sheet again – will this open the doors for more of it?

  3. One more thing – this must mean that Pronger’s career is all but over, dont you think?

  4. Good morning, boneheads!
    Good post, Joekuh.

    Nice to see Tony back home. And back on the blog. Atta boy!

    Thank you for all your good words, ‘heads! Both baby girl and her mother are doing great!

    On Weber. He sounded very upset, in “disbelieve”, when Suter wasn’t signed by Nashville. Almost sounded like, in his mind, they didn’t want to stay competitive. Well, guess what? Because of possible CBA changes, that goes out the window. Because he knows, if Nashville matches, he is stuck there for 14 year. Whether they stay competitive or not, he wants to get paid now.

    My guess, unless Nashville ownership is in financial troubles, they will match.

  5. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Morning ilb and the ilb fam ;), manny, and all!!

    Well, I also think nashville will match, but if not…oh boy.

    At least he isn’t playing goal for the flyers lol.

    Slats needs to get going or the music will stop and we will not have a chair either way. I’ve said it before, do SOMETHING!!!!!

    Sheesh, I hate summer!!

    off to work, later aasens!

  6. Welcome back, Tony. You were missed!

    Congratulations ilb and mrs. ilb on your new little ms. ilb.

  7. Good post Joekuh. Thank you.

    I love these guest blogs. You never know what tomorrow brings.

    Prust got paid. Good for him.

    Jeremy Lin? who cares? not me. He was a great distraction. Probably has more followers than the entire Rangers and I still don’t care. I like him though.

    I watched Fedotenko closely. No offensive talent at all. I watched him blow so many chances. Yes he stepped up in the playoffs, but I still think he is easily replaced. maybe not easily, but I watched him blow so many chances I can’t count.

    bottom line. I loved it when Sather came here. I loved him for all the free agent signings. Then I hated him for all the free agent signings. then he dumped them all and hired some scouts. Rangers are now a team to be feared every night and I love it.

  8. Czechthemout!!! on

    I wonder if the rangers will again get blamed for increasing the size of contracts.

  9. Ilb once again congrats.

    Wow on weber. Finally we see a offer sheet. In listening to NHL home ice xm in car just now flyers and Nashville talked about trade and they couldn’t come to agreement. So holmgren took things into his own hands and may have structured the contract much like Lin in Houston where Nashville ownership down the line may have hard time matching. I for one are glad we see offer sheets I wish we see more of them.
    I will say if weber goes to Phil for next 14 yrs this truly will impact the rangers success going forward. Forget gabby having to go up against weber for the long haul cause in a few years he may not be here how about kreider for the next 10 years having to see weber on every shift or richy or cally. This also takes pressure of brzgalov and will make him more comfortable and see less shots.
    I could only hope that Nashville matches this otherwise with Pitt and Phil we may never get through them. It’s today I think back to the devil series and say was this our shot.

  10. Morning ‘heads,

    Nice post. Pretty spot on on a couple of things. Don’t foget, Houston reworked the contract once they knew the knicks would match their original offer, ( I forgot what it was,maybe 3 years at 28m, but not backloaded). Lin kinda screwed the knicks by allowing houston to do that.

    Letting prust and feds go were smart business decisions. They will be missed, but the right moves.

    “Its the smart move,…Tessio was always smarter”

  11. 4 First Round picks is some pretty serious compensation. Granted they will likely be late rounders, but still, 4 First round picks are a lot to turn down…

  12. If Philly ends up getting weber than they will be at the 70 mil cap cieling. The cap will go down after this up and coming season. Philly will be in trouble, will have to find ways to cut payroll. They still don’t have a good goalie. I would be shocked if Nashville didn’t match that offer.

  13. Can nashville ownership handle this. If so he’s stays if not he goes. 26 mil in one calendar year is a lot maybe for them.

    Would Nashville want an unhappy weber though cause clearly he wants to move on.

  14. hopefully Nashville matches the contract, than waits a year and trade Weber to somebody else not in the eastern conference.

  15. holy shea-t! …what happened to pronger? he’s done, right? but still counts as cap hit because he was over 35, right?

    holmgren’s got balls like churchbells.

    I guess carter and richards having the cup this summer -as wingman- really got him motivated.

    I wonder if this wasn’t an arranged deal though, to keep him in nashville, these teams are always trading with each other. it’s like nsh is a philly feeder team.

  16. Conspiracy theory: Weber will go to Philadelphia for agreed upon compensation different than the 4 1st round picks and this is really a trade framed as an offer sheet.

  17. If Weber does go to Philadelphia, where will he get traded during the 2014 offseason?

  18. weber goes to philly, philly will be dumping players in 2014. Maybe holmgren feels it’s worth the one year shot of winning the stanely cup in 2012-2013 season.

  19. I wonder if a forecasted rollback is factored in. Like a $7.5MM offer is really “just” $6.75MM if they’re expected a minimum of 10%.

  20. Sather asleep at the wheel again. Imagine the Flyers getting Scott Stevens in his prime. That’s what this could mean.

  21. If the Flyers get Stevens, maybe Lindros never gets re-hurt and the Flyers win a dozen Cups!!!!!!!

  22. No chance the Preds match it. 14 years is insanity. They are banking on him being the next Pronger without the injuries.

  23. I love that you guys are killing Sather. Our Defense is still 100-times better than the Phlyers or the Predators and we don’t have anyone signed for 14 years at a gigantic cap hit. Higher than Suter and Parise. Maybe higher than Nash (or at least equal). This type of contract is a WIN NOW move that mires your team in a lot of long and expensive years.

  24. leetchhalloffame on

    Rip van Sather sleeps while the Flyers scheme. Something wrong with this Dolan-made picture.

  25. Carp: can you get us any explanation as to why the Rangers didn’t do anything here???

  26. _Carp: can you get us any explanation as to why the Rangers didn’t do anything here???_

    Poor use of finite assets.

  27. The Doctor: are you and I the only ones around here that think this deal would be not ideal for the Rangers? This deal would just mire us even further in the problem we have now (which isn’t that bad of a problem) our defense is terrific but we can’t score.

  28. Might be. You can only give up so few goals; the marginal gains from even a great defenseman like Weber just don’t justify the cost. Go back in time and throw that kind of offer sheet at a Stamkos? Absolutely. A lesser sheet to Evander Kane? Double absolutely.

  29. This is exactly why you DO NOT make an offer sheet. The Flyers are gonna be plucked thin, and Weber is gonna find himself playing with Bryzgolav and a team of AHL stiffs. EVERY TEAM IN THE NHL is gonna throw a sheet at Giroux, Coutorier, etc. The Flyers are gonna choke on this deal.

    …and the price for Rick Nash just dropped.

    But with that said, Howson is going to get fired (if not shot) before the Nash deal ever happens. If it ever does at all. I could see John Davidson named the new GM, and Nash convinced to stay with a competent management in place.

    I think Sather has done well to do nothing at all. This is a very good team. If he were to sign Semin or Doan short term, I wouldn’t object. At this point I am happy watching the “process” that Torts always speaks so highly of. The same one that earned him his ring.

  30. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Sather asleep because he didn’t offer $7.5M a year for 14 years? The Rangers have 3 d-men a step below WWEber at less than half the cost…and in McDonough’s case, much less than that.

    I would like WWEber on this team as much as the next guy, but not at that cost. As others have said, us fans clamored for years not to sign the high priced FA, develop talent, etc. But, as soon as another team throws a crazy offer out, half of them change their tune.

  31. If he goes to Philadelphia, there’s a 97% chance he flops and everyone realizes Suter was covering for him the whole time. If he goes anywhere else, he’ll remain awesome.

  32. He will lose and eye and be concussed within the first few games of the season. He might also punch Claude Giroux in the mouth at some point.

  33. I agree with CW.

    DJK – you don’t do this for WWEber. 14 years is WAY too much. He becomes the centerpiece of your organization and you now, with a cap set to fall, have issues signing your youngsters. The Phlyers need a *GOALIE* not some guy that can help reduce the shots against your sieve in net by 3-4 per game.

    You only do this for a Stamkos type player.

  34. I think this deal could be void if the NHL and players don’t get it together. If I were the players, I would show up to every labor meeting with EVERY SINGLE PLAYER REP wearing a Flyer WEBER jersey.

  35. I respect that Holmgren always seems to improve his team, but this might be the one deal that they choke on.

  36. We should look into signing Jonathan Papelbon. Turns out he is 6’4″, 230lbs. Sizeable.

  37. _I respect that Holmgren always seems to improve his team, but this might be the one deal that they choke on._

    Ummm … Bryz for 9 years with an NTC/NMC?

  38. Bryz for 4 years would be a worse move. When you’re stuck with that kind of freak in goal you have a big problem. I think having a better defense in front of him would help. I would like to know how good Bryz was when Pronger was healthy vs. when Pronger was laid up and blind because of Karma.

  39. I think they can trade him next summer. … but for 2012-13, he has to stay in Nashville if the Preds match.

  40. Does Nashville have to match in years and dollars for him to stay? Because why not match and then trade him to the Phyers so you get Giroux in return?

  41. If it’s just money to Nashville and they can move this albatross contract for a MAJOR piece why wouldn’t they do it? It’s like paying Suter and WWEber all at once and what were they really going to do? There isn’t another Suter or WWEber on the market.

  42. yes, they would be stuck for a ton of money … after which it would make sense to keep him, probably. Technically, they could trade him after Year 1, right?

  43. Carp, a bonehead got me for my birthday, Messier: Hockey’s Dragon Slayer. You might be familiar with the author. I will be reading it very soon. I dont want to bother this person today, so I will thank this person on here. Thank you very much. Cant wait to read it.

  44. Mr. D,
    Yes, the Bryz deal sucks too but Bryz is at $5.5 mil per year. Not inconceivable that a rebound year for Bryz and he could be considered affordable. But if he continues to suck, three Shea Webers aren’t gonna save the Flyers.

  45. Where is ORR. That’s a good question. I assumed there wasn’t internet at the day camp his mom dropped him off at but who knows. Maybe he’s in prison for stealing video games.

  46. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    thanks philly for totally upstaging my blog!!! srsly tho, holmgren has lost his mind if he thinks universe is gonna get better if weber is in front of him.

  47. is Brooks trying to be cute with his “True or false: Shea Weber=Jeremy Lin?” tweet

  48. Lol!! Id think Mannys got the right idea. Likely in a 2 week summer camp and the camp doesnt allow the kids electronics. BUT… if he were in jail, that would be awesome. Id love to visit him in jail and say GO Celts!

  49. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Weber is a great talent and would fit perfectly on this team as constructed, but I think I’d rather have McDonough and Girardi/Staal for 14 years than Weber.

  50. “Doodie,” what’s the blog about? It sounds like some website that would review lame sports bars.

  51. Latona, first, please refer to me as Puck and Gavel, Puck, Gavel, P&G, etc. and not my former name.

    Second, it’s a blog that analyzes hockey’s interaction with the law.

  52. “You only do this for a Stamkos type player.”

    So, why didn’t we do this for Stamkos last summer? Anyone?

  53. Oh, NYR, because, as DJK was pointing out, Sather is asleep at the wheel!

    Weren’t offer sheets pretty frowned upon? Doesn’t Sather HATE doing it? Because I would like that policy to change. STAMMER OR BUST

  54. Yeah, what are the “etc.”‘s? There might be something cooler that I can address you as.

  55. “The Flyers are gonna be plucked thin….EVERY TEAM IN THE NHL is gonna throw a sheet at Giroux”

    So, under that logic, they’ll get back a lot of high draft picks if they lose their top players via RFA…

  56. NYRFan, I’ve been asking that since last summer. 14 million for for the first 5 years, 12 million for 2, 8 for 2, 5 for 2, 1 for 4. 15 years, 8.26 million for the most explosive goal scorer in the NHL through age 36. Instead, we have Brad Richards for only 1.5 million less through age 40. hoorayyy….

  57. I remember, P&G…I was on board with you….Hitting the nail on the head…

    I guess Slats is against it as a matter of principle….that’s the only explanation that doesn’t make my brain hurt…

  58. Latona: You could try calling him anything that involves PG

    Parental Guidance
    Peter Gabriel
    Proctor & Gamble

  59. I still wanna know what else I can call you besides Puck and Gavel, Puck, Gavel, and P&G! How would you like “Chuck”?

  60. Honestly? I think it’s a huge stretch to assume Staal lasts another 14 seasons in the NHL. I don’t consider him as fragile as Crosby, but for a physical defenseman who now has a concussion history, I’d be very wary of making long term plans. Plus I don’t believe Staal is the best defenseman on this team anymore.

    If you can structure the Weber deal so that the cap hit is around $7.2 million, I’ve got no problem with signing him.

  61. I don’t know. To me that’s an enormous amount of money and a long, long, big cap hit for a piece that doesn’t address what the Rangers need. That said, apparently they were in on it.

  62. It’s a huge stretch to assume _anyone_ will last 14 seasons (more) in today’s NHL. It’s brutal out there.

  63. exactly right, Manny. which is why the prospect of Staal lasting 14 seasons is more or less unthinkable.

  64. i would suggest that short careers for goalies are due to their performance … because the good, legit goalies seem to last very long. A lot of goalies flame out after their career years.

  65. Flyers are doing this because they can afford to do it, they expect to contend for a while so their draft picks will be lower half of the 1st round and i’m sure there will be a way out of the latter stages of that contract as part of the CBA.

    I hope Nashville will match, but the fonrt-loaded nature of the contract may defeat the Preds.

  66. Also, mentioned if they sign Weber and the cap goes down as expected they will not be able to retain Voracek – good complimentary piece to add for us maybe?

  67. from

    Nashville, Tenn. (July 19, 2012) – Nashville Predators President of Hockey Operations/General Manager David Poile issued the following statement this morning:

    “We are in receipt of the offer sheet signed between the Philadelphia Flyers and Shea Weber. Under the rules pertaining to an offer sheet, the Predators have one week to decide whether to match or accept the compensation. We have stated previously that, should a team enter into an offer sheet with Shea, our intention would be to match and retain Shea. Our ownership has provided us with the necessary resources to build a Stanley Cup-winning team. Due to the complexity of the offer sheet, we will take the appropriate time to review and evaluate it and all of its ramifications in order to make the best decision for the Predators in both the short and long-term.

    “We do not anticipate any further comments on this situation until we make our decision within the next seven days.”

  68. I think the Preds may have to match just to save the credibility of the team. They are evidently WAY under the cap floor. Correct me if I am wrong.

  69. Whoah. Maybe the Phlyers will totally pull a Colorado Avalanche and announce that they have someone before they do.

  70. Just like to point out how retarded (No Chromosome) many of you are. You knock Sather for not spending in a profligate manner, and then you would knock him for offering such a zany contract. Please get your chromosomes in order and stop being sissies. Only be a sissy if that is what you are into when the night nurse visits.

    Warm regards,
    Ella Correo (No TS)

  71. Just for reference, the Philadelphia Phlyers only have $7,806,627 in cap space. (seems they offered ALL of it to Shea WWEber)

  72. czechthemout!!! on

    This a very bold move by Holmgren. I like that he is trying to shake the other gm’s out of their stuper. He was trying to work out a trade, his offer was being shopped to us and one or two other teams so he said,” screw it”. Good for him. He will either work out a trade now with Nashville, or they match. Either way, at lesser he went for it.

  73. If Preds were willing to pay out $100M plus over a long term for Weber anyway, I don’t see why they wouldn’t match, despite the up-front money. Unless the owners don’t have that kind of cash.

  74. but, czech, now Nashville won’t trade him to Philly if they match. Won’t trade him anywhere for a while … but definitely never will trade him to Philly.

  75. Kind of a big gamble on WWEber’s part as well. He will be stuck in either Philly or Nashville for the rest of his career.

  76. Nashville waits a full week to make up mind just to push Philly. If Nashville does resign Weber, does Holmgren IMMEDIATELY trade for Nash? If that is the case, should Sather make his final offer to the next day or two?

  77. But here’s the thing: they wanted to keep both Suter and Weber. Didn’t the think it would cost them at least 14 million for both? What’s the difference whether that all goes to one guy or to both?

  78. If the Preds are so far under the cap, they MUST have $$$ to pay this Weber deal. Even if it is front loaded. I imagine Weber signed the deal because it guaranteed him huge $$$ up front. I think that means more to him than anything else. Just like Parise and Suter wanted those bonuses guaranteed before the new CBA. If I am Nashville, you have to match.

  79. Priority #s 1, 2, and 3 for Philly is right defense. Scoring they have. They don’t need to add Nash. Sure, they lost Jags and JVR (who barely played with them last season), but they still have Giroux, Hartnell, Mr. April/May Danny Briere, Simmonds, Voracek, Read, Schenn, Coutourier, and Rinaldo/Testito (I kid, I kid). Point is, they have plenty of scoring punch. They need defense, especially right handed ones that play on the right side.

  80. Hang Loose, Radulov. Cowabunga.

    Can Philly even afford Nash? I feel like they have to move some pieces. They have less than Nash’s salary in cap space.

  81. Puck & Gavel,
    Seems like the Flyers are eager to make a splash. I am wondering how the Flyers will react after losing out on Weber if the Preds match. I think the owner (Snyder) can’t help himself. If the Flyers sign Weber, then they are out of the Nash bidding. If Preds match, Nash suitors have competition. I am just wondering if Sather pulls the trigger now, knowing Philly can’t make a deal with Columbus until Weber is settled.

  82. Weber gives you 20 goals as a Defenseman. Richards gives you 25 goals as a Center. Weber is 26. Richards is 32. Weber, too, gives you a formidable physical presence. Seems to me that Weber would give you a nice complement to Richards, but the value of the bigger, younger player is so obvious as to be unarguable. In addition, McDonagh is only 23, but with Tort’s system and all his ice time, he’ll be 30 when he’s 25. Just sayin’.

  83. Philly would also theoretically gain some space with the pieces they’d have to trade to Howser to get Nash.

  84. Puck & Gavel,
    The Flyers & Rangers have the same needs on D, which explains why the NYR were rumored to be in on Weber the whole time. Does anyone know if Sather offered a sheet as well?

  85. Rumor is, the Rangers were in it for WWEber. The offer sheet only becomes an offer sheet once the player signs it, I believe. Until then, it’s just negotiation.

  86. So we are negotiating offer sheets now? Can we please make one to EVANDER KANE ASAP please?

  87. How dare you disrespect Mr. Snider!

    On a related note, the Empire State Building will be lit orange for the next seven days to represent the 7 days Nashville has to match Philly’s offer sheet.

  88. That’s the running gag, that the NHL bows to Mr. Snider, who owns a team, the league and its TV partners.

  89. If Shea Weber was dirty enough to turnbuckle slam a guy head first into the glass before, imagine how dirty he’ll be as a Flyer for 14 years…

  90. I think I liked Doodie better than Puck. It just sounds so weird calling you Puck! Can you change back?

  91. ThisYearsModel on

    So CARP—- I assume that the Empire State Building will be orange tonight to acknowledge the outstanding management and ownership of the Philadelphia Flyers? NBCSN will cancel the tour de France in favor of 24 consecutive hours of Flyers highlights?

  92. Also, how many teams captains are or allegedly are on the move this year? Parise, Nash, Doan, Weber.

  93. ThisYearsModel on

    NBCSN will start a new panel show called “Toughen Up”. The panelists will include Dave Schultz, Dave Brown, Don Saleski, Bob Kelly, and Tim Tostitos.

  94. ThisYearsModel on

    They will have a weekly segment called “Beak a Leg” starring Bobb nClarke.

  95. ThisYearsModel on

    And a weekly feature called “Stop a Beachball” starring Bob Froese, Brian Boucher, John Vanbiesbrouck, Doug Favell and Ilya Bryzgalov.

  96. Not to mention Craig Berube, Darryl Stanley, Behn Wilson, Ed Hospodar, Jody Shelley, Sandy McCarthy, Paul Holmgren …

    Uncle, the Rangers’ captain isn’t going anywhere because the organization thinks he’s a third-liner :)

  97. Breaking News – Sather about to offer a mega-contract to UFA stud blueliner Tom Poti!

  98. ThisYearsModel on

    Darryl Stanley! Good one CARP. He is the one of that listmImnever thought of.

  99. or how much of a crapshoot the draft is, cw.

    I used to say about Darryl Stanley, he had that look on his face that the world was rotating a little too fast for him.

  100. ThisYearsModel on

    If he was playing today, Stanley would be an expletive on the Bonehead blog.

  101. Carp,
    Exactly. But with that said, 4 1st rounders in Gordie Clark’s hands..? I could live with that.

  102. Anyone know if the Flyers and Predators could work out other compensation or are the only two options to match or accept the 1st rounders?

  103. draft’s been good lately, cw … but when was the last time the Rangers drafted a legit first-line forward? … and outside of Staal, a legit first-pair D-man?

  104. “Weber gives you 20 goals as a Defenseman. Richards gives you 25 goals as a Center. Weber is 26. Richards is 32. Weber, too, gives you a formidable physical presence. Seems to me that Weber would give you a nice complement to Richards, but the value of the bigger, younger player is so obvious as to be unarguable. In addition, McDonagh is only 23, but with Tort’s system and all his ice time, he’ll be 30 when he’s 25. Just sayin’.”

    beautifully stated, Walter

    in addition, Weber’s shot is probably the best in the NHL. the Rangers haven’t had a defenseman with a legitimate point shot in what is closing in on two decades. if you don’t believe the Rangers power play is a disaster and would be automatically improved by the addition of Weber, I don’t know what else to tell you. guy is more of a difference-maker than anyone presently on the roster.

  105. Mister D, not legally, no. But they can work out a circumventive side trade. So, in essence, it would work like this:

    Nashville wouldn’t match and they get Philly’s four first rounders. Meanwhile, wink wink, nudge nudge, Nashville trades a couple of the first rounders back for some players.

    But no straight compensation can be made for Weber, nor can Nashville deal Weber this year.

  106. Webie and Sutie, both overrated. Even 2 of them together (leave alone any one of them), couldn’t win a Cup. Good, but not so great Phoenix, made them look like a kittens in a lion’s pride (deliberate exaggeration or palliation?). Let them all play stupid numbers game – ice and puck will show the naked truth to rare, but quickly propagating breed of mix between mathematicians and armchair’s GMs. Do not panic!

  107. _draft’s been good lately, cw … but when was the last time the Rangers drafted a legit first-line forward? … and outside of Staal, a legit first-pair D-man?_

    Flipside of that question: Under Clark, how many 1st liners / 1st pair D have been drafted after the Rangers first pick? Can draft what’s not there.

  108. Carp: Kreider MAY become the only 1st line forward we’ve drafted since Weight/Amonte/Turnovalev days.

  109. Marc Savard is the answer.

    I think Cherepanov could havealso been that player, but for unfortunate circumstances. Kreider may also become that guy.

  110. DJK:

    Definitely agree with that. And it’s damn pathetic when you think about it

  111. Mister D, what year do you consider the start of Clark’s control? 2006 (when he was head amateur scout) or 2007 (director of player personnel)?

  112. the guy can hit the net consistently with a shot of 100+ mph. you find me the guy on the Rangers who can do that and I’ll stop wanting Weber.

  113. He can smash heads into glass better than Garrison. Chara, that’s debatable. Ask Pacciorety (sic)

  114. I don’t even know how we’d score the 2007 draft because we have no idea what Cherepanov would have become. Like its not impossible he wouldn’t have been better than a guy like Pacioretty, is it?

  115. Llpud: and our inability to draft elite offensive talent is the direct explanation of why we have not won the Cup in 18 years.

  116. Eberle in 2008 qualifies. Didn’t see anyone else skimming the 1st and 2nd rounds.

  117. It is “who” not “what”, Lloyd. Used to be a Big name in a toothless hockey. However, you can use it as a verb. For example: “I can _caber_ Lloyd to the oblivion”.

  118. 2006: Drafted Sanguinetti 21st overall. Better players in the rest of the first round:

    Giroux (22), Varlamov (23), Berglund(25), and Foligno(28). Also within 15 picks of Sanguinetti were Neuvirth (34) and McGinn (36).

    2007: Drafted Cherepanov. I’m willing to give a mulligan on this not only because he died, but because I was and remain a huge fan of the pick. But, taken later in in the first round were Pacioretty (22) and Perron (26).

    2008: MDZ was taken 20th overall. Better players in the first round were Eberle (22) and Carlson (27). About even with Ennis (26).

    For Kreider it’s mostly too early to tell, but Johansson (24), and O’Reilly (33) have both distinguished themselves in the NHL so far.

    McIlrath will forever be compared to Fowler. So far, Fowler is winning, by a lot.

    And for anybody else, it’s too soon.

  119. how is fowler winning by allot. MDZ had much better numbers than fowler. Fowler is suppose to be a offensive defencemen like MDZ where McIlrath is a stay home defencemen. I don’t get that one.

  120. Because Fowler has played 2 full seasons in the NHL and scored 69 points, while McIlrath has yet to play in a professional game and will likely start next season in the AHL, while Fowler gears up for his third NHL season.

    Not saying that McIlrath can’t even it up eventually, but if they both stopped playing tomorrow, Fowler wins.

  121. BTW, with the job the Rangers have done in developing their defensemen and turning around MDZ’s career after his disappointing sophomore campaign, imagine what they could have done with Cam Fowler? Instead, we are left waiting at least another year for McIlrath, if he ever makes the team at all.

  122. “Chuck”, I remember “you” saying in the first round that Nick Foligno was a Rangers killer. Now, is that still attributed to “you”, or to “Doodie”?

  123. P&G,
    ok, that’s fine but MDZ had better numbers than fowler this year. What I’m saying is we have that player already in MDZ. McIlrath is supposedly a stay home physical defencemen. Those two players are totally different and cannot be compared. To me, compare fowler to MDZ, IMO, MDZ wins.

  124. yea, I cannot wait for Nashville to match that offer sheet and watch the flyer fans cry about it, can’t wait.

  125. _Because Fowler has played 2 full seasons in the NHL and scored 69 points_

    Fowler is also *minus 53* in 2 full seasons. So basically he only has 16 points that count, in 2 full seasons ;)

  126. fowler is a terrible defensemen, terrible and his offense which is supposed to be his strong point isn’t so offensive or maybe it is.

  127. tommyG, MDZ also has another year in the league and has had better coaching.

    Compare MDZ’s first year with Fowler’s first year=Fowler wins.

    Compare Fowler’s second year with MDZ’s second year=Fowler wins.

    CCCP, don’t even get me started on plus/minus.

  128. fowler this past year had 29 points in 82 games, that doersn’t impress me as a offensive defencemen. Fowler is soft and is a terrible defencemen.

  129. Maybe the Rangers have a different philosophy when it comes to drafting as developing D as the Ducks. Given where the Ducks have ended up in team D most years as compared to the Rangers I’d say the Rangers are doing something right.

  130. MDZ this past year had 41 points in 77 games. I won’t mention the plus and minus since you hate that stat. Let’s say MDZ was on the plus side on a team that doesn’t score to many goals.

  131. tommy, again, you like to compare apples and oranges. MDZ’s second season he had only 2 goals an 9 assists in half the season before being demoted to the AHL. So, in that regard, Fowler’s 2nd season of only 29 points and not being demoted to the AHL would be better than MDZ’s 2nd season.

    And of course, let’s not ignore the fact that the Ducks, as a team, were awful. They fired their coach and brought in a very different one in Humpty Dumpty. A complete philosophy change for a young player is very difficult to adjust to. In the 23 games before Carlyle was fired, Fowler had 2 goals and 10 assists. That’s a 7-35-42 pace over an 82 game season. Would have made for a perfectly fine sophomore campaign.

  132. Wait are we comparing Fowler with MdZ or McIlrath?

    Either way, Fowler is on the ice for a lot of goals against at even strength. And if he isn’t racking up a ton of points on the PP ( which is probably explained by Corey Perry converting his shots at about a 50% higher rate than normal than Fowler’s ability) then he’s a tremendous liability.

  133. P&G,
    I guess my point since the day of the that draft you’ve been complaining on here how the rangers blew that draft and I totally disagree, you make fowler out to be the next brian leetch or Paul Coffey. Fowler isn’t that good.

  134. I would give up my season tix for 14 yrs if it meant we got weber. Hands down worth 14 yrs 110 mil. For our sake Nashville better match.

  135. By contrast, MDZ was on pace for a 3-17-20 2nd season at the time of his demotion.

    And like I said, I think the Rangers have a far superior coaching and development staff than the Ducks. If Fowler were in our system, I think he would be a much better player than he is now. We have shown time and again, with a few exceptions (Sanguinetti and Gilroy being the most prominent), that we are capable of developing defensemen. Who have the Ducks developed on D? Nobody. Instead, they take guys that are supposed to be sure things (Fowler, Sbisa, Gardiner, Schutlz, Smid) and either fail to develop them properly, let them flounder, or trade them away for established players).

  136. tommy, no, I make Fowler out to be nothing like Leetch or Coffey. I make him out to be a professional NHL player that has value. I have yet to see McIlrath do that. Hence Fowler>McIlrath.

  137. Fowler was on ice for the 2nd most ES goals against in the entire league (Streit was on for the most). The Ducks give up a full goal less per 60 mins at ES, without Fowler on the ice vs when he’s on the ice.

  138. CTB, again, I think it goes back to coaching and development. I don’t think he is such a sieve defensively today if he was brought up through our system.

  139. _Fowler was on ice for the 2nd most ES goals against in the entire league (Streit was on for the most). The Ducks give up a full goal less per 60 mins at ES, without Fowler on the ice vs when he’s on the ice._

    >50% of their total ES against.

  140. P&G,
    I understand what your saying, comparing fowler to McIlrath since they were drafted in the same draft and until we see McIlrath playing for the rangers we don’t know how good he will be even though they are two completely different players. One is supposedly a offensive defencemen while the other is a stay home defencemen. To me, we have MDZ, I think MDZ is better as of today.

  141. Staal, Girardi, Sauer, McDonagh, MDZ, and Tyutin are all home developed defensemen. Hell, even Stralman showed great improvement in one year.

    I’m willing to wait and see what they can do with McIlrath, but I’m just saying that he actually has to have an impact at the NHL level in order to be viewed as a better pick than Fowler would have been. Because the way I see it, it’s not just what Fowler has done, it’s that plus what I think he would have done better had he been brought up through our system instead of Anaheim’s.

  142. tommy, so what if MDZ is better? You can only have one offensive defenseman in your lineup? What would the harm be in having depth at that position, if only because it would let us move a guy in a trade?

  143. They were playing Stu Bickel on the third pair for a good portion of the season, and when the D was really injury struck he even took a few 2nd pair shifts. Wouldn’t having a player with some upside in Fowler be a better choice? When our PP was absolute dog carcillo, wouldn’t having another option for the PPQB be nice?

  144. Bickel, Eminger, Woywitka, not-quite-ready-for-prime-time Erixon, Bell, and I think Scott played D also, but it may have been forward. Wouldn’t Fowler have been better than all of those guys?

  145. So maybe there’s things in Fowler’s game that the Rangers staff felt they couldn’t fix, like bad defensive IQ as opposed to McIlrath who’s issues seem to be more physical/athletic oriented?

    Until McIlrath has proven to be a complete bust then I’ll reserve judgement on whether it would have been wiser to draft Fowler.

    The vast majority of the 2010 draft class hasn’t even taken the ice in an NHL uniform, way too early to declare who was the right choice or who was a waste of a pick.

  146. CTB, see, I think bad defensive IQ is easier to fix than footspeed. You can teach a guy where to play. Look at the job they’ve done with MDZ! He’s still coming along, but he is far better than he was at the start of his career.

    It’s much harder to teach a player not to skate like he has cement blocks on his feet. Your body will only move so fast.

  147. Which is why I think they drafted Skjei in this year’s draft. He is a very good skater. They can teach him the rest. Now think of a defenseman who can’t skate that they taught how to skate.

  148. And I don’t think big and slow Beukeboom is the guy for the job. I love Beuk, but he would go the way of the Derian Hatcher in today’s NHL.

  149. P&G,
    at the time of that draft, the rangers brass felt they needed a stay home physical de-man in there system so they drafted one. We won’t know until McIlrath plays for the rangers in the nhl. The other thing is unless the rangers are drafting in the top 5 you need very good scouts and a good drafting team because after 1-5 it’as somewhat a crap shoot.

  150. why would anyone compare McIlrath to Fowler, or any dmen for that matter, since McIlrath has yet to play in the NHL?! no very smarty-smart.

    Let’s compare Fowler to someone who is in the NHL, actually… let’s say, Bickel?

    Bickel (as a dman) > Fowler. Case closed.

  151. Donald Fehr was asked what he thought of the weber offer sheet, his response “speaks for itself”. Boy, Buttman is in for a rude awakening.

  152. Im with Puck. You take best available, unless best available is a goalie and you hhave #30.

    Carp, did u see what i said earlier, that a bonehead got me a book, Messier: Hockey Dragon Slayer. You might know the author :)

  153. I will say during the 2010 draft, I had visions of Leetch and Zubov when I heard that Fowler was available. I wanted to see MDZ and Fowler on the same team and just watch them own on the PP.

    I know we drafted McIlrath to be a “stay at home” defenseman, but he’s not even good at that. He hits and he can fight. If anyone watched him in juniors, the biggest gripe on him coming up was that he is always out of position because he was looking to go out of his way too much to throw hits and wasn’t fast enough to get back. So I personally hated that pick.

    Guys like that sometimes make the NHL and sometimes don’t. Guy like Fowler/MDZ make it in the NHL more times than not because of their offensive instincts making up for their defensive liabilities. You risk giving up more goals for getting more goals, you just have to hope you are on the + side of that.

    And to defend Fowler (no pun intended), he was playing with Lilja last year and Beauchemin this year (who had a terrible year mind you), so he wasn’t playing with real defensive partners either.

  154. McIlrath was also the 17th best ranked North American skater by NHL Central Scouting. Fowler was 5th. So it was a pretty big difference between the two even then.

  155. _You risk giving up more goals for getting more goals, you just have to hope you are on the + side of that._

    That doesn’t sound very Rangery.

  156. _McIlrath was also the 17th best ranked North American skater by NHL Central Scouting. Fowler was 5th. So it was a pretty big difference between the two even then._

    Kreider was 14th and now he’s the best player ever.

  157. No idea if Beukeboom is or will be a good coach for McIlrath, but Tortorella and Sullivan weren’t even defensemen as players and they’ve done OK coaching players up at that position, so I don’t think Beukeboom’s playing style matters much at all.

  158. Carp, I’m not saying he won’t be good, but I’m worried that the expectations on this kid to be Beukeboom 2 might affect the development negatively.

  159. Was Fowler the guy that made the Ducks PP click 2 years ago, or was it Visnovsky, Perry and Selanne, all of whom had more PP points than Fowler?

  160. Wayne Gretzky was the best player ever. How did his coaching tenure turn out?

    Mister D – that’s true that it’s not the Rangers style, you see what they’ve done with MDZ. So not that it’s 100% a guarantee, but it’s a good bet that they would be able to turn Fowler into a better defender. He’d never be a shut down guy, but he’d put up his points and not be a huge liability.

    They are actually trying to do the opposite with McDonagh now. He had offensive instincts, but was known mostly for his defensive skills. Now they are trying to turn him into that all-around solid d-man who puts up 40-50 points a year and is lock down.

    They tried it with Staal, but that definitely didn’t work. He’s not close to a good enough skater to be able to get up and down the ice to get all those points.

  161. Puck and Gavel July 19th, 2012 at 2:51 pm
    They were playing Stu Bickel on the third pair for a good portion of the season, and when the D was really injury struck he even took a few 2nd pair shifts. Wouldn’t having a player with some upside in Fowler be a better choice? When our PP was absolute dog carcillo, wouldn’t having another option for the PPQB be nice?


    I think the inference is that Fowler could make a PP better?

  162. He didn’t make it click, but he was pretty damn good on it.

    However if you want to go down that route, how is a PP QB going to help the Rangers PP when their personnel is garbage?

  163. I don’t see how it follows from me saying he could be an option for our PP that he was the reason the Ducks PP was good. Saying he was good on their PP and he was the reason why their PP was good are completely different statements.

    Honestly, even the biggest Fowler detractor would have to admit he would be a better PPQB than Anton Stralman.

  164. A perennial 30-40 goal sniper (Gaborik) and a player that’s usually good for at least 20 PP points a year (Richards). They don’t have garbage personnel, more that their strategy isn’t that good.

  165. The thing is I don’t think Fowler would have been a significantly better option. The big forwards on the Ducks still put up good PP numbers this year, a definite drop off from the year before but still 20+ PP points each. Fowler had 11 PP pts on the PP this year which would have been 6th on the Rangers.

    And that’s the dimension of his game that you’d really hope he’d excel at, because for almost any other aspect of his game he’s not that good. He’s that bad defensively that the team is net-net better off when he’s not playing.

  166. CTB – that’s fair. Idiots fans who wouldn’t know PP strategy if it hit them in the face screaming “SHOOT!!!” when a player has the puck at the goal line doesn’t help either. Thank god I don’t have season tickets anymore because that used to annoy me like crazy.

  167. CTB – that’s because this year they ran their PP through Visnovsky more since teams were going after Fowler a lot after last season.

  168. That’s why I don’t buy the argument that any one player will fix the PP. I mean Nashville has had Weber for his entire career, only this past season were they anything above league average on the PP.

    And honestly what’s the real difference between a good PP (20% seems to be an acceptable rate) vs a poor one (15%)? 5 goals every 100 opps, 10 goals every 200? 10 goals over the course of 82 games? As much as you can say that those extra goals turn losses into wins or regulation losses into OT losses those extra goals could easily come in situations that make no difference to the outcome of a game. Half the top 10 teams on the PP in the league were non-playoff teams.

    I’d rather know that a guy is worth +20 goals at even strength (even in the form of scoring 5 more and preventing 15 less) than hearing about how he may or may not fix a PP.

  169. As part of compensation, Sather takes Gomez back in trade, buries him with Redden in Hartford, and further makes a mockery of the NHL just like the Flyers have?

    The NHL is in DESPERATE need of contraction.

  170. And the Rangers finished with the best PP out of the conference finalists. It’s just that their 5v5 scoring dropped from 1.14 GF/GA to 1.00 GF/GA.


  172. Or it’s inconsequential to scoring the 2nd most (Philly 260) to the most (Pitt 273) or the scoring the least (Minny 166) vs the 2nd least (LA 188).

  173. Down Goes Brown ?@DownGoesBrown

    Weber: “I signed long-term with the Flyers because I want to win a Cup, and this seems like the easiest way to wind up doing that in LA.

  174. I am glad we didn’t get Shea Weber at 14 years and $110M. PK Subban for 5 at $6M or 6 at $5M would be lovely./

  175. I think offer sheeting the wrong guy might be more annoying than no offer sheet at all.

  176. Rick Nash on the other hand actually WANTS to come to NYC after being stuck in Columbus all this time. That’s the guy to get.

  177. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Yeah, big LOL at WWEber being scared of NYC and going to FILadephia.

  178. yeah I’m not buying that. if you’re going to turn down NYC but are willing to go to the cesspool that is Philadelphia, money had to be a factor

  179. Czechthemout!!! on

    Well at least you have to give slats credit for trying to get Weber. He doesn’t want to live in the city? What a crock. The Philly suburbs are garbage! Westchester is a much better place to live. I agree with DJK. Nash actually wants to live and play here. That’s what you have to get.


    See, Philly is going to get him. Kudos to Holmgren for making a bold move. We don’t know yet what those two roster players are, but it is still a good move that forced Nashville to deal and stop jerking him around.

    Who ever said it earlier, I would be all in on Evander Kane! No brainer! 21 years old, 30 goals,fast aggressive, and can drop the gloves. 12 years, 85 million offer sheet. Either 4 number ones, or Stepan, MdZ , a first and a second. Get it done Slats!

  180. I agree, weber’s agent stating that Weber didn’t want to live in Westchester or NYC but loved everything about the rangers organization, crap is getting deep, time to put the boots on.

  181. Czechthemout!!! on

    Stepan is someone I dont really want to trade but for Kane, I would do it.

    Erixon replaces MdZ. Brady Skjei turns pro in March. By some reports for rookie camp, he was a man among boys.

    Just like the Flyers, we will be drafting at the end of the first round for the next several seasons. We need to make a move that will get us scoring in a big way and Kane will do it. Our window is maybe 3-4 seasons, that’s it. Gabby is gone in two. Richards is 32 already. Hank is going to be 31. We need to make the move that will bring us closer to if not get us the Cup.

  182. We _almost_ made it to SCF! We _almost_ fired Sather! We _almost_ drafted Giroux! We _almost_ drafted Parise! We _almost_ were change of scene for Zherdev! WWeber _almost_ made a legit excuse why he wouldn’t become a Ranger! We _almost_ have Nash! We _almost_ have to many _almosts_!

  183. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    To everyone proposing we deal Stepan, who exactly do you see passing to the wingers the Rangers would be getting? AA? Richards can only play on one line.

  184. Czechthemout!!! on

    Not advocating that we trade him at all. But if he is what it takes to get an Evander Kane, it isn’t even up for discussion. You win a trade if you get the best player in that trade. Clearly Kane would be the best player.

  185. would agree that Kane is a better player than Stepan but he will definitely cost more

  186. After looking at cap Geek and the flyers cap. It looks to me that the flyers are going all out to win it all in the 2012-2013 season. After this up and coming season they will have a bunch of RFA’s to sign and won’t be able to sign them and than in two years they have giroux as a rfa. There is no way after the up and coming season they will be able to sign all there young players and in the future.

  187. mister D,
    exactly, I guess holmgren is trying to build his team like the rangers, defense first because in two years they won’t have much offense.

  188. All these people don’t want to have to live in nyc……..I dont believe that I’ve ever come across that feature before just recently… And that shortly after David Wright had a large write up about him selling his multi million High Rise in Manhattan….these folks have a tough life don’t they? Especially the bachelors.

  189. Czechthemout!!! on


    Absolutley! 6’2 200 lbs. he can fly, take the body, drop the gloves and scored 30 goals as a 20 year old. He will only get better as he gets older. He will score 30 -40 next season and I would rather pay him 7+ million than a 36 year old 5 million for 4 years. Just imagine Kane ,Hags, Krieder, and Gabby. Speed and skill kills!

  190. JimboWoodside on

    >>>I agree, weber’s agent stating that Weber didn’t want to live in Westchester or NYC but loved everything about the rangers organization, crap is getting deep, time to put the boots on.

    We are being fed a mountain of bullchips with these stories – it’s incredible that a player would rather live in Philly than in a New York suburb. There had to be a lot more to this than what is being reported.

  191. Carp, if you’re ok with Nash (28 year old 30 goal scorer making $7.8MM) for roster assets plus prospects/picks, why not Kane (21 year old 30 goal scorer making a hypothetical $7MM) for only what should be late 1st round picks? Similar in that they’re both power forwards who finish, obviously a perfect need fit, but with one you’d be starting the career arc downslope and with one you’re be getting on at the very beginning of the career arc.

  192. _There had to be a lot more to this than what is being reported._

    Like probably a dollar difference that will pay for Weber’s potential Main Line mansion two or three times over.

  193. Czechthemout!!! on

    That Gaborik for Boyle rumor tat was reported a few days ago is as much a bullsh!t rumor as I’ve seen this off season. Dan Boyle wasa real good player even four years ago but not at age 36 and slowing down big time. Hell no!

  194. “Now the Rangers are pretty much forced to get Nash.”

    Yup, gun to our collective (bone?)heads now….

    Might as well discuss NASH line combos at this point…

  195. Just kidding, Czech. What dumb move for the Rangers that would be…That would have been up there with the worst trade for the Rangers in modern era and possibly the best in Sharks history…

  196. Gotta agree with Puck and Gavel, find it hilarious that Weber wanted no part of an awesome city like NY but them opted for Philly instead. He’s gotta be freaking kidding. He better hope Nashville matches cause Philly is a way worse place to live and play.

    McDonagh is better anyway.

  197. I love WWEber as a player as much as the next guy and it’s fun to see him come close to Chara in the Hardest Shot competition every year but if he’d rather be a Flyer then forget him.

  198. how can weber turn manhattan down. if he doesnt like big lights westchester is not a bad option. i hope he rots in phil. PLEASE NASHVILLE SIGN HIM

  199. Oh and I would offer sheet Evander Kane ASAP. Anyone who’s seen him in action knows what’s up.

  200. _could we stop with evander kane for 6-7 mil. hes not that kind of player_

    Physical, 21 year old forward who just scored 30. Your rebuttal?

  201. When WWEber says he didn’t want to live in NYC, if he really did say that, it sounds to me like he went where the most money was. It’s always about the last nickel.

    Czech, we don’t use language like that.

  202. better beams on

    Maybe the head-banger likes Philly’s style of play better.

    Lotsa players and fans do (minus the Wickygoons).

    Dodgers, under McCourt, almost got Cliff Lee. Twice!
    And Doc H. And, this offseason, just missed on Prince….

    You can trade Derek and replace him easily with any of Gordie’s
    Future Hall-of-Famers.

    I see that many of our bestest posters are still fatigued.


  203. #$%^ anyone who is scared of NY.

    And Nashville isn’t going to match. They could use a handful of 1st rounders.

  204. plus, according to Brooks, they’re already negotiating a trade of some of the first-rounders back to Philly for players.

  205. leetchhalloffame on

    I say the Preds match and trade Weber to NYR for Staal, AA, Mcilrath, Thomas.

  206. _you could get 20 first-rounders and not end up with another WWEber._

    This is what makes refusing to give offer sheets so annoying. For a top player and perfect fit, it’s a great risk.

  207. Let’s play a game. I say a name of a player, you say the first thing that comes to mind about that player…and then you name a player of your own…ok?

    _almost_ WWeber.


  208. Parise – good riddance in a wild, Rangers hater.
    Nash – couldn’t and wouldn’t leave a dog house, where holding rusted chain is stronger than dream to play in NY.
    BRyan – needed and wanted in his own native team and is not coming in NY, despite of some fans hope.
    Doan – a loyal solder, could quickly turn to very expensive mercenary we could use, but can easily leave without, particularly for this punishing price.
    Kane – fuggetaboutit. Same for Iginla.
    Any candidates left?… Oh, yeah,
    Sign Semin! But it will not happen, not with Torts holding a steer and Sather holding a check-book.
    Really, – “Target determines a caliber”. Or, in our case – a caber!

  209. I don’t know if I get Beckett reference :( Yankees almost got him few years back? Is that why?

    _Pat Faloon_

    Alexandre Daigle

    Wade Redden

  210. Shea Weber is the equivalent of Scott Stevens, Chris Chelios, or Al MacInnis. NOT Bourque, Leetch, or Lidstrom, if that makes sense to you.

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