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Some Random Thoughts:

·        The league needs to implement a “Justin Schultz rule.” Perhaps something like making a draft choice the property of the drafting team for seven years. Anaheim got regally screwed by a loophole where a college player can easily become an unrestricted free agent. Here’s how simple it was and still is unless they plug the hole. From Wikipedia: “During the last week of May, 2012, Schultz officially “de-registered” from the University of Wisconsin triggering a process that will likely make him an unrestricted free agent (UFA).According to league rules, from the time Anaheim was given notice of the de-registration from school, the Ducks have a 30-day exclusive window to try to sign him or trade him. If Anaheim does not sign or trade Schultz, he will be eligible to sign an Entry Level Contract with any of the NHL’s other 29 teams on July 1, 2012.”

·        Is it a coincidence that stud Panthers prospect Nick Bjugstad wouldn’t/didn’t sign a contract with the Panthers this past week and opted to return to the U. of Minnesota for his junior year?  Bjugstad who was born in Minneapolis and was Mr. Minnesota high school hockey may very well have said to himself, “Hey, I too can go the Shultz route: stay at home, sign with the Wild and join a team that now has Parise and Suter.”  Can you imagine if Kreider had his mind made up to become a Bruin? Yikers!

·        Now that the LeBron blueprint has migrated to the NHL (Jordan Staal joins his brother and  Parise and Suter form an alliance) I wonder if Mark Staal will sign another Ranger contract rather than join his brothers in Carolina.

·        It would be great if hockey joined the modern age. In the NBA virtually all games start with the players welcoming and hugging the opposition. In the NFL you often see a defender extend a helping hand to the guy he just tackled.  The NHL, however, has this super macho code where basic gamenight  humanity is seen as weakness.

·        And oh those silly hockey nicknames: Pruster, Staalsy,  Boyler . When I run into Gary Bettman, do I address him as Better or Bettsy?

·        It seems the small man is a seriously endangered species these days in the NHL. Most teams have the same mantra: “Get bigger, faster, tougher.” The Rangers overall strategy reflects this. The four draftees all have above average size and speed. A smurf has to have exceptional skill and or feistiness in today’s NHL. MZA and JAM were too small for the Rangers.  Christian Thomas and Ryan Bourque are going to have to show a lot more if they want to make the big jump. Fortunately the Rangers have several big young power forwards in the pipeline: Andrew Yogan, Steve Fogarty, Kyle Jean and J.T Miller.  Marek Hrivek has good size as well.

·        Seeing that 35 year old Shane Doan was apparently offered a 4 year $30M contract makes you think Brad Richards was a bargain. Who woulda thunk it?

·        I like what the Rangers have done/haven’t done this off season. Not bidding up for Prust was a great move. I know he was a “heart and soul” guy but he wasn’t a very good hockey player. A beat up 28 year old, one wonders whether he’ll still have the same “it’s just pain” mentality now that he’s got his big contract. As far as his 20 fights (almost all losses or draws) go, check out these videos and you’ll see the Rangers have more than adequately replaced BP’s fighting contribution.



·        Letting Mitchell go and signing Halpern is a definite plus. With Mitchell; a good skater with a good shot who was strong on the puck, the whole was much less than the sum of the parts. Seeing Mitchell on the power play on numerous occasions was downright dumbfounding.  Halpern is a mentsh.

·        Kris Newbury is an enigma. He should be the ideal fourth line center. He’s a proven scorer at the AHL level. He’s big, physical and drops the gloves. For some reason he just hasn’t produced at the NHL level.  The gate’s open Big Fella.

·        I hope J.T. Miller makes the team. He’s a tough SOB with above average skills. He’s already got an NHL body and it wouldn’t hurt to start him on the fourth line like other teams have done with young players. If he does well there, he can get more minutes. If he doesn’t do well, he can be sent to the Whale. Reporters said that at times he was the most dominant player at the recent camp and Gordie Clark has said that his only real fault is that he doesn’t shoot enough. I have a hunch that at some point we’ll see J.T. at MSG this season.

·        Speaking of rookies wouldn’t it be great if interviewers asked them, “What is your height and weight” besides “Are you happy to be here?”

·        I missed Mike Sauer a lot this past season. His gap integrity, his knowledge of angles, his ability to consistently win battles along the boards, his nifty outlet passes, his rare turnovers and his high hockey IQ make him the ideal stay at home defenseman. I hope he continues to progress and we see him on the ice soon.

Have a great day everybody.


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  1. Fogarty is extremely underrated, he could be the steal of the entire draft. He’s as good a prospect as Miller imo, that was a shrewd move getting him for Grachev. We’ll see how he does starting at ND this year but he did well on a stacked Penticton team in the BCHL. He’ll end up as a 2nd line center. A poor mans Spezza. Miller could see time if he’s in Connecticut, but its still possible he ends up back in Plymouth.

  2. Miller’s stock has risen dramatically this last 12 months, he has gone from just another prospect to one of the top 30 in the league. He acquitted himself well in his cameo appearance at Hartford, so proving he’s got a good chance to make it as a pro. He’s a 2-way player who can play wing or center which means he has twice the opportunity to play.
    I wouldnt be surprised to see him on the 3rd or 4th line to start the season.

  3. Nice blog.

    I dont understand: Why does Halpern being a mentsch give him an advantage as a hockey player over John Mitchell?

  4. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    I thought NBA/NFL players just shoot each other outside of nightclubs…sometimes they even shoot themselves in nightclubs.

  5. Nice post!
    Nothing makes me cringe more than hearing Mcquire say “Staalsie” or “Pruster”.

    Btw “Prusters” fight record was 10-10.

  6. bull dog line on

    if you are drafted by a team you have no interest in playing for, why should you have to go? so you can be unhappy for 6 years until you can leave? if you don’t want to play for a team, don’t.

  7. Re Justin Schultz rule, I don’t understand the clamor by so many to “close a loophole, because it’s hardly a loophole. By not signing with Anaheim, Schultz risked never playing in the NHL, as he could have been injured over that four year span–most players sign their first contract well within that period. Accordingly the Schultz “loophole” won’t become an attractive option for players any time soon, otherwise we’d have seen it exploited before. One outlying incident shouldn’t be the pretext for a rule change.

  8. Agree to a point, bull dog, but I think most people would feel better if Schultz was limited to asking for a trade, or the Ducks got some other compensation for his departure.

  9. The point is that once you enter a professional draft there should not be any difference between college and non-college draftees. The loophole has been used way too often, there is no compensation for losing unsigned player, and it may affect how the teams look at drafting NCAA players.

  10. Funny how we never clamor for opt outs of guys who are ready to play in the NHL but not getting promoted by their teams.

  11. _It would be great if hockey joined the modern age. In the NBA virtually all games start with the players welcoming and hugging the opposition. In the NFL you often see a defender extend a helping hand to the guy he just tackled. The NHL, however, has this super macho code where basic gamenight humanity is seen as weakness._


    Hope you’re joking. I guess it could be sarcasm but I have to say, this is an offensive idea to me. Bob Gibson once shunned saying hello to his boyhood best friend because they were playing for opposite teams. This is one of the last honorably things about the NHL. You are NOT friends with the opposition!

  12. LOL @ Staal Wart @ 6:42AM. (still hoping, for your sake, that Marc Stawl stays here and you don’t have to change you name to “Del Zaster Waart”)

  13. it’s a lot of effort to help a guy on skates up off the ice (gloves off!). not to mention that players are trained to pop right back up…helping probably makes it less easy for the fallen player to get up! and there is actually constant action in hockey…literally no time to help us opposing players due to constant play stoppages.

    i don’t want the nhl to adopt any of the habits of the nba/nfl…other than being popular.

  14. Also, I just to point out, Kris Newbury is *not* big. He’s fat at best. I do love the little guy though. He WINS faceoffs! He also has fists of lightning.

    5’11”, 205lbs (30 Years Old).

  15. JT Miller: 6’1″ , 190lbs. Kids got Jam and ballz.

    Anisimov: 6’4″, 200lbs, easily moved off the puck.

  16. Manny, I like to think that picture motivates him to increase his jam and balls. If nothing else, its a good reason to get him up to the big club as soon as possible; you know MDZ isn’t going to let him get away with hair like that.

  17. RJ Umberger ( to an extent), Tim Erixon….Just a couple I remembered right away. I’m sure I’d find more if I googled it.

  18. Good morning, Carp!

    Happy 26th, Tiki!

    Nice post, but are we really complaining about nicknames? I hate the offseason.

  19. Haha. Great point The Doctor. Hair Police Officer, Del Zaster is gonna have that kid shagging it up and drinking Keystone Light to put on weight in no time.

  20. I think this blog needs to set a new standard for calling a player “big” or “huge” because Newbury and Miller are *not* big. In fact they are kind of small.

  21. Wheeler, drafted originally 9 years ago, is the only similar example. Both Umberger and Erixon returned compensation. In Erixon’s case, a late 1st rounder returned two 2nd rounders plus a prospect.

  22. That’s because they were traded, MisterD. Teams invest money and time in scouting those players. There is a reason why they draft them. If you enter professional draft, you should obey the same rules.

  23. _If you enter professional draft, you should obey the same rules._

    Which they very obviously did. None of these players went rogue and declared themselves UFAs a week after the draft.

  24. MisterD, we can go back and forth all day. I’m sure you know there is a difference between regular draftees and NCAA players.

    “A player not signed by his NHL team within two years of being drafted can re-enter the draft, as long as he is 20 years old or younger at the time of the subsequent draft. Players over 20 become unrestricted free agents.

    *NCAA players are an exception*: NHL teams retain the rights to a college player until 30 days after the player has left college”

  25. Hey, “Guest bloggers stink”, were you busy yesterday? I don’t remember you “commenting” on my post.

  26. @wyshynski@ New Puck Daddy: Evander Kane, Winnipeg Jets negotiating John Tavares-like contract

    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  27. _MisterD, we can go back and forth all day. I’m sure you know there is a difference between regular draftees and NCAA players._

    I do. What I don’t get is you implying that Schultz (or anyone else) acted against the rules. In exchange for delaying turning professional for three years, and accepting all the associated risks that come with that, he gained UFA status (but not even full UFA status as his earnings were capped well below what he would have received on the open market). I’m not completely sure about the rules for a 3 year unsigned draftee hitting the market in basketball, but compared to MLB and the NFL, these rules are extremely team friendly.

  28. All these players are just making the choice that they, and their advisers and family, think are right for them. These kids are very, very young and I doubt they are fully aware of what they are doing. At that age we were all easily swayed by $$$ signs.

    Even a “loophole” is just the antithesis of a rule and is there to be exploited. It’s not breaking the rules, if it was, then it wouldn’t have happened.

  29. Exactly Manny – Schultz just took advantage of a loophole – one that i am sure will close as part of the next CBA.

    Miller is projected as a potential top 6 2-way forward and has leapfrogged many other prospects in the last year. As a 2-way player i wouldnt be surprised to see him learn his trade on the 4th line or potentially 3rd with Boyle

  30. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    good blog lowell! i also think its time for newbury to become a solid NHLer. good point about he justin schulz loophole.

  31. Nice post Lowell. Thanks.

    I don’t agree with your thoughts about how to treat the opposition though. I don’t want to see any pre-game or in-game lovefest. Battle hard, the sweater comes first, your teammates come before any friends on the other side. Shake hands only when it’s done. For me. the playoff hand shake is one of the best things in all of sport. Is there any better display of sportmanship or repect for your opponent (after beating each others’ brains in) than that? Does that lack any humanity?

    I know it’s not like the “old days” what with player movement in today’s world, it’s more common to line up across a friend on the other team, but I like how friendships are put on hold when the puck drops.

    True, hockey can be a macho, brutish game. But when it comes to the in-game battle, I don’t want to see what is on display in other sports. I don’t want to see a Yankee and a Red Sox yuck it on first after a base hit, or Magic kiss Isiah at half court, or Farve toss Strahan a spot in the record book. I’m not naive, but I don;t need to be reminded that, too often, the rivalries that fuel our emotional investment in the teams we love just doesn’t really exist among our millionaire heros.

  32. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    No Evander Kane. Unlikely Doan or Nash.

    OMG. No, not Semen. Our big hope has to be Ryan at this point.

    Hate to say it but stalling seems to be the best tactic right now.

  33. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Yes, it’snot a typo. I won’t spell that highly-talented-non-defense-playing’s name correctly…EVER.

  34. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    Good guest post. Disagree with the need to be like the NBA and NFL. Nothing can match the NHL handshake at the end of a series anyway. NFL players/coaches have a somewhat informal version, I guess. And most NHL players have a tremendous amount of respect for each other. Remember Neil at the handshake line after the Sens series.

    AdamRotter Buzz: A Dan Boyle For Marian Gaborik Trade Almost Happened?

    What? I guess if they wound up getting Nash for non-NHL roster players that may make some sense. Boyle would help with the PP for a year or two, but would the roster be significantly better if you added Nash/Boyle and subtracted Gaborik, Dubinsky, AA, MDZ/Erixon?

  35. Pretty sure that Boyle rumor answered my hypothetical “what would be worse than just giving up 4 assets for Rick Nash” question. 3rd leading goal scorer in the league for a 36 year old would-be 2nd pair defenseman? I’m going to go ahead and assume that one isn’t true.

  36. I like the freely streaming and associative thoughts of Lowell post very much. It is really great discussion generating writing.
    Thanks… and please, write more on regular bases.

  37. I like Pyatt using his hight.

    I think we’re going to like AAshram.

    btw — was looking through youtube and found this super super dirty hit by Messier on Modano.

    in today’s leauge – big-time suspension.

    keep your eyes on to the end when they DROP modano off the stretcher !!!!NUTS

  38. Goals are so overrated. Why not just try and shut the other team out every single night?

  39. “A smurf has to have exceptional skill and or feistiness in today’s NHL. MZA and JAM were to small for the Rangers. ”

    Lowell, overall a great job, but I have to a couple of counterpoints:

    Zuccarello was a success in the NHL, just look at his PP numbers. The Rangers don’t play a style that is complimentary to his game…yet. As the Rangers grow and become a more of a puck possession/offensive team, I would expect Zuccarello to attract an offer to come back. His passing was arguably the best on the team, save Richards…

    Kris Newbury is an example of a guy that takes too many dumb penalties to play in the NHL…He is “Zenon Konopka light”, no that isn’t a compliment….

  40. Can anyone clarify the rule for me? If a player exhausts his eligibility, but has not graduated yet, must he “de-register” from the academic institution? Ie, does a player have to choose between UFA status (30 days after leaving the school), and potentially staying to finish his degree? I suppose he could always re-register after his NHL contract is signed, and that most that are in this situation don’t have masters and phd aspirations in the near future, but I still find it curious.

  41. Lowell, I liked your observations, especially the first one. You are absolutely correct. The NHL needs to close the loopholes that make it so easy for a player coming out of college to play with his desired team and not allow the team that drafts him to be left holding the bag. It is truly unfair and if allowed to continue, it could seriously upset the balance of competition in the NHL.

  42. One gift per night, Manny!

    Gaborik for Boyle? Is this one of those “we almost got Stamkos” stories? what’s the point of these stories? anyone?

  43. If gabby gets traded for a 36 yr old Boyle shoot me now. We go from 8th in east next year to 12th.

    Prediction winter classic is first game of season next year. League starts Jan 2nd 50-55 game season

  44. Thanks Carp and company! My bday present will be coming in the next few days with the entrance of a healthy baby ilb into the world. The 2 best people I know, have been very instrumental in my life in the short time Ive known them, and the 2 people most deserving of joy and happiness. I forgot where the saying comes from, but its perfect: To know them is to love them.

  45. Thanks, Tiki…You’re making me blush….Hey, would you help with diapers then :-)

  46. Ilb, u know Id do anything for you. When me and Mama see u in September, ill change diapers for you, get some practice for when I one day have a child. God help the child that i bring into this world or adopt….

  47. If you’re going to put together a trade for an overpaid defenseman, Weber needs to be the guy, not a fading Dan Boyle.

  48. Well going by the “Good-seasone-bad-season-good-season-bad-season-etc.” theory of Gaborik. Next season is going to be rough (even not counting the Shoulder injury)

  49. Gaborik for Susan Boyle?

    The only defensemen that would be worth trading for are WWEber and maybe Yandle (if we had to give little up) because they would provide more offense on the blue line and are both the right side of 30.
    Maloney was quoted as saying if they were offered good young forwards they would have to listen to offers.

  50. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Happy Birthday tiki!!!

    Manny July 17th, 2012 at 11:02 am
    Two Goalies and Four Defenceman.

    we are half way there, we only play four d men now!!

  51. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I hate that boyle as much as I hate briere.

    Speaking of Messier and some of his hits, one of my favorites was when he cross checked gilmour in the mouth (in the 97 playoffs I think) when he was with the devils.

  52. best case scenario for rangers is a lockout. gabby gets healthy we shot block for less games and hank has more time with his new girl

    jan 1st here we come

  53. Speaking of…Where is Latona? He’s abandoned us. Why did you drive him away, Carp?

  54. Has anyone heard from ORR? Maybe they don’t have internet at the day camp his mother took him to? Anybody know?

  55. Stanger Nation on

    Sam Rosen play by play of EMS crew – hilarious… “oh my god, did you see that!!”

    If Newbury is considered big, what is John Scott – Gigantor? If so, it would explain a lot.

    Newburries cannot fight, blocks 4 with his face for every one he lands on the opponent’s shoulder – that being said – very good on FOs, though not as proficient as Halpern or Bickel.

    Handshake line is a little overplayed – more pomp and circumstance and less heartfelt greetings or congratulations, unless its the Sens and Chris Neil where everyone was congratulating him for playing like a byfuglien carcillo head; cept Boyle…

  56. Thank God Dolan stays away from the Rangers…

    If he were in charge, Dan Boyle would be a Ranger and Michael Del Zotto would be making $4m per in San Jose…after NYR not matching the offer sheet…

  57. Yup, wicky…Vicious hit. No penalty was called. The Rangers scored less than a minute later.

  58. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs with Noodles and on

    I would trade Gaborik for Dan Boyle and Brian Boyle’s 46 brothers. And 1 sister.

  59. There’s talk that Sather will give Big Georges Laraque a camp tryout . Hope so we need the HW champ. Also Georges Laraque is the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada

  60. Undrafted midget who was never a Ranger prospect…but scored a pro deal with the Whale last season…now he has a contract with CBJ…

  61. Jay-Z’s name is Shawn Carter. True fact.

    (AZ’s name is Anthony Cruz, so atleast that made sense.)

  62. Dan – Schultz never completed his senior year. He was still registered with the school until making the decision to turn pro. And once you do go pro, it’s not like you can go back. I’m not chapter-and-verse on the NCAA rules, but I’m nearly positive that once you drop out of school or tell them of your intention not to come back and then start negotiating a professional contract, you’re pretty much out at that point. Your options would be to either sign a contract, or go to juniors and re-enter the draft as far as I know. Your NCAA career is done.

  63. JAM is the undefined concept that means your balls are as big as the building (preferably a large, cavernous bulding). The Rangers happened to stumble across a player with these initials and excitedly scooped him up thinking this acronym was heaven sent. Sadly, they were wrong. While JAM is still an esoteric concept in hockey, Jonathan Audy-Marchessault is not the physical embodiment of it.

  64. Its also possible that JAM had such unimposing balls that his JaBR was too low to keep, even in CT. Worth considering.

  65. Lowell – No doubt, the NCAA rules really throw a wrench into the plans of professional teams. And part of that is because of the NCAA’s insistence that college athletes be amateurs, even though they are clearly not. But I don’t see any need for such rule. Teams have contact with these kids. It’s not like they can’t call him up and see where he’s at. The Ducks knew since around December that Schultz wasn’t planning on signing with him. What they should have done is traded his rights. They didn’t want to. They thought they could convince him to sign. They lost. There was a similar flap with Blake Wheeler a few years back. Bottom line is, if a player doesn’t want to play in your city, don’t draft him. Or if you already have, trade his rights immediately. Most players have the foresight to realize this isn’t a really good thing to do and are just happy to have been drafted. In the case of Bjugstad, there’s nothing to indicate he won’t sign with Florida once he finishes his junior year. The kid simply wants another crack at winning an NCAA championship, which he’ll have a good chance of doing with the Gophers. He’s said nothing in the media to suggest an ulterior motive.

    But I will tell you this: If Bjugstad is going the route Schultz and Wheeler went, then the Rangers better get all their big guns over there to Minnesota to coax him over here. That kid is the real deal. And were it not for the progress of JT Miller, I’d be really disappointed that we didn’t sign him.

  66. Prust’s pugilistic value came from the fact that, often over-matched, he always stood up for his teammates, win or lose, and they loved him for it, not because he was Bob Provert.

  67. Nice little guest blog…I like a few random thoughts as opposed to one topic. I too hope JT Miller makes the team or is called up early on next season. I think he can blossom into a solid NHLer.

    Sorry if this has already been answered, (to hot and lazy to scroll up), but any word as to which team offered Doan that contract?

  68. _Sorry if this has already been answered, (to hot and lazy to scroll up), but any word as to which team offered Doan that contract?_

    Without knowing for sure, I’m sure its the Islanders.

  69. Hello, Newman…oh, sorry Walther.
    The bad cop/good cop _game_ with Howser is _over_, off _season_ is _over_, next _season is over_. Do not trade anyone. Hockey life is over. See ya…

  70. CCCP,
    tell people the truth: if Islanders will move to Brooklyn, will you…become their fan?

  71. what’s the G for ?

    Goy? Game? Gourds? Gourd? Gastrointestinal disorder? Game of Thrones? Guild? Gertrude? Grandma? Granny? Girl? Guy? Gal? Green? Grey? Greyhound? Grevious? Greive?

  72. leetchhalloffame on

    Carp – Do Rangers have the ability to block Islanders from moving to Brooklyn?

  73. Hey I joined this blog post today. Deep thoughts by Lowell. Finishing up at split rock golf course I go into the clubhouse and was chatting with this guy with whom I “played” today. Bringing up the rangers he asked what was going on this off season. I told him to come here for his information. he already reads this blog. The word is getting out! Carps blog rules!!! Now I didn’t tell him who i was but now he can figure it out.

  74. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Not sure who asked about it, but if doan was indeed offered that 4 year 30 mil contract by an eastern team, the only two teams that offered him a contract already were reportedly the pens and the sabres so…..your guess is as good as mine of the two

    anyone have a vid of that messier cross check on gilmour?

  75. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    ever given any thought to having guest bloggers suck do a guest blog post?

  76. The Penguins have about $9M in cap space, if the cap remains where it is. Assuming it comes down by a few million, Doan at that price would MAX them out. Seems unlikely.

  77. Keep Guessing, Manny.

    That would be fun, Wick. But it’s “stink” not “suck.”

    Spread the gospel, PBR. Thank you.

  78. If anything, Rangers are not lack of leadership and ability to spill their guts on ice, the qualities, Doan, rightfully so, earned full respect in League, but he would not answering main Rangers problem – consistent high scoring. So, we don’t need slightly better (?) Cally, for supposedly insane (for this type) price of superstar, IMHO. Noooooooooo!

  79. Grand? Grandpa? Gravel? Greeting? Ginger? Grapefruit? Gypsy? Gandhi? Gang? Gap? Gangrene? Garbage? Garbage Truck? Garbage Can? Gargoyle? Gas Mask? Garland? Garland, Judy? Gate? Gazebo? Geisha? Generator? Genocide? Germs? Ghetto? Geyser? Ghoul? Ghost? Glass Slipper? Glass House? Glacier? Glow? Glitter? Glue? Gnat? Gnarly? Gnome? Goblet? Godzilla? Golf? Golf Shoes? Golf Ball? Gold Balls? Golf Ballz? Golf Bag? Golf Club? Gout? Gondola? Government? Griffin? Greef? Grindstone? Grind? Grinder? Grotto? Grope? Groom? Guacamole? Guide? Gurney? Gun?

    This is becoming tiring….am I close?

  80. I know it’s hot and all, but are you folks OK? :-)

    Sally, I’ve been trying to figure out for years what position the defenceman plays. It’s even more mysterious than centre. WTB is centre anyways? They don’t speak English in MT….

  81. PBR – Split Rock still as narrow as it used to be? Not a good place for big hitters who tend to be a tad erratic.

  82. Isn’t Detroit soon to be an Eastern Conf. team if that realignment Carcillo goes through?

  83. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Isn’t that how you spell defenceman? I mean seriously? theatre….centre….humourous…rumour? They all come up as correctly spelled…I don’t get it?

  84. DefenCeman.
    Jersey = Sweater
    Center = Centre
    Locker Room = Dressing Room

    This is how people talk!

  85. Yes, if by “‘reinventing his image in Chicago” you mean, being a healthy scratch….

  86. Or blowing out his knee while in the act of taking a seven-game suspension for running somebody from behind…

  87. Actualy, NYR, I think that Carcillo had a radio show and had very few penalty minutes about 60 games through the season. He was trying for the Lady Byng. Then he decided to just stink and fight.

  88. Maybe the Mayans were predicting a lockout and NOT the end of the world? What if the first game played is 12.21.2012?

  89. I expect the NYR to be bush-league again next year … and utter amateur-hour.

  90. We are destined to win the cup….kentucky won the NCAA touney and we always win when they win!….wait, maybe im thinkng the wrong sport :-)

  91. some *PERSPECTIVE* from Jesse Spector:

    Jesse Spector ?@jessespector
    There are 12 NHL teams whose current cap hits are less than the combined 2012 salaries of Alex Rodriguez and Vernon Wells – $54,187,500.

  92. *4everanger*

    _CCCP, tell people the truth: if Islanders will move to Brooklyn, will you…become their fan?_

    Not sure if I root for them (maybe a little since i dont really hate the fishes) but it will be very exciting to have a pro hockey team in Brooklyn.

  93. Not bad, indeed. But I like more epitaph on the Formula F-1 driver’s tomb: “Was born and died because of hole in a rubber”.

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