Friday the 13th


That headline pretty much tells you that I’ve got nothin’ today, as we close in on the end of the second week of free agency, which has probably been the dullest free-agency period in Rangers history.

Well, at least we’ve had some spirited discussion on Rick Nash and who the Rangers should and shouldn’t include, or if they should be chasing Nash at all. Special thanks to the two guest bloggers who gave their dissenting views the last two days. Great job, HugeNYRfanfromTX and Marfar.

And if anybody else still has something they want to put out there, we’re going to have plenty of time to kill this summer. So if you want to do a guest blog, just drop me an email at


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  1. Sioux-per-man on

    Had a Great Hockey Night Last night!!!!

    Carp I will have to be a guest blog one of these days. Perhaps when I’m back from vacation.

    How I wish the Rangers still had Matt Cullen as a Center, and to have him play under a Tort’s System instead of Renny sticking him on the checking line.

    He has a Charity for kids with Cancer it’s called Cullen Children Foundation. They have a silent auction, a live auction, a golf tournament, and a picnic at the ball park where all the kids with or without cancer can come out and meet the celebrities that attend.

    Last night I had a chance to visit with Eric Staal. He drives 8 hours with his wife and just show up. How cool is that. I’m standing at the bar getting a beer, and say to my wife is that Staal behind me. Too funny, so I had to ask him if him and Jorden where going to talk Marc into joining them in 3 years. He laughs and says, “Now THAT’S going to take ALOT more convincing”.

    We tell them we big time Ranger fans, and gives me a look – “Way out here”? Kidding I say, “Do you think you could get me Marc’s Autograph”.. It was a good time.

    Today Cullen will give $1,000,000 to help build a new wing at the hospital for Kids that have Cancer. This is pretty cool from a kid that played high school hockey in our town, to come back, raise money, bring “friends in the business” and then give $1,000,000 bucks away today. Says alot about the good guys in hockey.

    I still think Cullen, had he been given the chances in New York, still is a better center than Drury & Gomez, and still is today.

    So the not so future Ranger Zach Parise’s Him & Her Jersey’s with a hockey package only went for $18,000. It’s crazy, some of these fans have gone WILD in this part of the country, over hockey.

    Then there are regular guys that take an 8 hour drive, just to show up unannounced, to say hi. That’s what I like most about the regular guys that play hockey.

    Have a Sioux-per-day!

  2. Trade Asham, Pyatt and Halpern for Prust, Fedotenko and Mitchell and start the season in December.

    Good morning, Sally!

  3. Morning peeps,

    I was a big fan of Matt Cullen too, and I think he would def excel under torts. At least he had a minor NYR highlight with that GWG vs Atlanta in 07 that required replay.

    Doan will be here by middle of next week.

  4. I don’t know, Charlie. Pyatt and Asham are the *core* of this team and iwthout them the team might be *Fatigued*

  5. There are flat screens in my elevator, CT. It’s impossible to avoid anything in this world. I have submitted.

    Also, I will admit to seeing most of the movies. They are horrendous but for some reason I keep watching…

  6. Thanks. I was actually considering drilling a hole in my head. That would make the bleaching easier.

  7. Yes, CTB. We’re trading Pierre Maguire’s ugly head, Peter Gammons’ raunchy corpse, and Peter King’s vile hair.

  8. I thought Nash was retiring to void his contract and then coming out of retirement to join our team. Thus, we don’t lose anyone. Also, he is voluntarily joining our team at the league minimum.

  9. Today on Puck and Gavel I discuss Glendale’s rejection of the two petitions and a report that the Jamison Group has the money to buy the Coyotes. It sounds like the sale of the Coyotes could be imminent. At the very least, Doan should feel pretty comfortable about resigning.

  10. Yo Judge, you should get a twitter account and get Carp to add you to the Twitter Feed (maybe he can take out Sean Avery while he’s at it)

  11. Nice story, Sioux! Eric Staal just went up a notch in my book. So did Matt Cullen.

    Don’t start with me on the Twilight movies, Tiki…Dammit.

  12. I think they should use Tony’s plea as a reason to keep the Yotes in Phoenix…Don’t take away desert hockey, it’s all he’s got.

  13. Haha!

    I used to take care of this elderly crippled lady next door to me in my old apt complex. She was a retired professor at CalBerkeley. She loved the Harry Potters, Lord of the Rings, all crap like that. Theres no shame in liking the Twilight movies, ilb. :)

  14. I hated all over the Harry Potter films. Then I watched a bunch when I was on a lot of Valium before heart surgery and found out they are AMAZING.

    Important to remember though:

    Nothing > Game of Thrones

  15. That lady was the best. I used to bang on the walls over sports games all the time, late at night, she never complained. I used to go to her place a few days a week and talk about the Yankees (and boston) to her, and she used to always wish them luck. Sweetest lady in the world. I miss her.

  16. I do that as well, Tiki. Love banging on the walls during games. I cracked my ring on the Brad Richards last second goal.

  17. She must’ve been deaf, Tiki…I can’t imagine her listening to that stuff *AND* hearing it. :-)

  18. No, she heard it. I used to apologize to her and explain how we got screwed.. very very understanding woman. I stopped doing it a few years ago, Manny.

    I was always on the phone w my brother during games, and he was married so he couldnt really do anything to upset the wife, so during one game at 11 at night, we’re both angry and he says i need to hear you smash something. So i kick my front door repeatedly, the whole neighborhood ends up congregating outside my apt, and they called the cops. So i had to turnout the lights and stick the game on mute. How rude of them :)

  19. I never grew up, Tiki. I have a goal celebration that involves jumping and slapping part of my wall and then high-fiving Mrs. Manny.

  20. Its the life of a sports fan, Manny! She must love the Rangers too.

    I never grew up, i just realized i wasnt going to be able to hold any relationship if i kept acting out my anger like that.

  21. _I never grew up, Tiki. I have a goal celebration that involves jumping and slapping part of my wall and then high-fiving Mrs. Manny._

    If she’s not home, do you just slap both walls at once?

    (Studio apartment joke.)

  22. I love small living. I was thinking about building a container house like those books titled, “tiny houses” or something like that. You know, where the sink folds down from the wall and at the push of a button the room changes into a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

  23. I love tiny houses! My apartment now is crazy big, but I’ll be downsizing next summer for sure.

    Tiki, happy for you! Have fun!

  24. Let’s have a contest to see who can live in the smallest space for the longest amount of time.

  25. _Let’s have a contest to see who can live in the smallest space for the longest amount of time._

    You should get a sign for your door that says “Penalty Box”. And hire an old guy to open the door for you every day when you get home from lawyering / posting here.

  26. I love that idea, The Doctor. I will need to purchase a LOT of plexiglass and a few Gatorade water bottles. And one of those little carrying boxes with the handle for those bottles. I also need to replace my couch with a @red@ plastic bench. I also need some wet towels to lay around.

  27. Loved Matt Cullen. Guy was awesome. Sad he was only here for a year. He wanted to be back in Carolina though.

  28. Matt Cullen was a great skater and forechecker but couldnt use his speed to create chances – if he was paired (as Hagelin is/was) with a scorer and playmaker we might have seen more from him.
    Obvious from what is said above though, he is a quality human being.

  29. ..and due to the lack of trade/UFA activity its back to the Tour de France. Robert Millar wins the stage, Bradley Wiggins in Yellow – great day for British cycling!

  30. Great stort Sioux. Actually while at the US Open tennis a few years back I was waiting for the changeover and turned around and three Staals were all standing there. They were all really friendly and I explained I was a season ticket holder to Marc and told him, “You’re a great hockey player, well, actually, all of you three are great hockey players and I hope you all have great seasons, , but I hope he (pointing to Marc) has the best year.” They laughed. Still wish I’d gotten a pic – pretty silly not to.

  31. I’ve already made my positioin statement about speed in a team, but I thinkit needs a few qualificaitons:

    By team speed I’d not referring to the crazy legs reckless abandon post to post, but the controlled typep of fine stick work and thinking that goes with keeping pressure on another team.

    I cannot comment on the skills of individual players for I don’t know most of them you refer to. But Marfar presented an intellectual analysis of all they should go for, and I have nothing but admiration for that output. Better than I could ever do. I would like to apprise you all of a strange think that appeared in my PO box the other day and I’m still bemused a bit by it. I despise these magazines that tend to send you copies of their work in the hope you will subscribe. They clutter up my box, and make me examine them to be sure there is something of importance there. But I never subscribe to mags…or anything else. I’ve no time for them nor storage room for them and after a quick over look at what they are they go in the can.I also don’t join anything. The latest absurdity was a large colorful, and well made mag – some kind of men/s mag ( and you know what that brings…right…lots of skin)SoI flicked thru it and there were all these male and female athletes ( and by name) performing fantastic sports moves, all au naturel. Well one of the shots was a guy with a hockey stick, in the final lunges of a fierce slap shot, and of course I had to read the name……Brad Richards. And he had adroitly obscured the holster area, as did all the others. I had to double check the name to be sure but that was him OK ( It’s now in it’s respectful place, the dump can of the PO. But I just wondered if any of you all had found this in your mail box. Hee Haw!

  32. Three quarters of these “hockey” posters should be shot off into space to test the effects of weightlessness on weightlessness.

  33. Matt Cullen also scored that great replay goal vs. BUF in Game 5 ’07 that hit the crossbar, went straight down and bounced off the ice just passed the goal line. Great shot from just inside the zone.

    …thought that was going to be the winner…

  34. Great idea Walther. Who should we recommend for the first test?

    Kind of reminds me of Spaceballs. Remember the gorilla in the escape pod? So funny!

  35. Stupid Posts, NYR and Latona. Try having some *hockey* sense about you.

    Back me up Walther!

  36. _So did we reach a consensus on who we’re trading for Nash?_

    Consensus is *overrated*.

  37. Sure was a crazy bounce, Buster.

    Manny, why don’t you go listen to more of your French-Canadian pop punk bands?

  38. Hey Latona: Why don’t you get a life. This blog sucks and so do you.

    Where’s my backup WALTHER!?

  39. “You said Luke Schenn was gonna grow but now you shipped him off for JVR and his 11 goals”

  40. I was at that game. I was on the other side but it was pretty obvious it was in. Reminded me of Tikkanen against Florida in 97.

  41. we have a new “not enough hockey posts during summer” d-nuzzle on here… telling everyone what to post, eh? Walther LOL Fugg…where do these people come from? Is Walther the same guy as Lou?

  42. Hey Walther – lead us in the hockey discussion that we are incapable of. Lead, Man! Lead!

  43. very deep, Latona! Very deep!

    hey we haven’t had many lunch discussions lately… i bet it will amuse THE Walther!

    i had peanut butter cheerios (new flavor! very good!) with organic milk and then i had super fresh and super sweet watermelon!

  44. Great point @CCCP@

    I had a smoked turkey and arugula wrap with sun dried tomatoes and harvest cheddar sun chips. No breakfast.

  45. Harvest cheddar Sun Chips are the worst flavor and sun dried tomatoes are horrible. What the hell is your problem?

    Those Cheerios sound pretty good, CCCP. Might have to try them! Lunch point for you!

  46. _Harvest cheddar Sun Chips are the worst flavor and sun dried tomatoes are horrible. What the hell is your problem?_


  47. I’m not from San Francisco or Fire Island. I had a greasy fatburger with cheese.

  48. Thanks, Latona!

    you know…i dont think i’ve seen a single hockey post from THE Walther. Talk about being a prick…

  49. How would you feel if you were that burger and someone called YOU greasy, Walther? That hamburger waited its whole life to be eaten and enjoyed and you call it greasy. Have a little decency.

  50. Walter, Walter! Not Walther. What’s what with your spelling and reading comprehension?

  51. THE Walther really took a bite of something he can’t swallow lol

    there’s a deeply connected “clique” on this blog…don’t you know? You got you now, boy!

  52. You’ve met your Avery! You’re so intent upon retaliating, you’ve lost your focus and your net is filling up.

  53. When I was in Orlando, my kid wanted a Mickey Mouse outfit, so I bought him this “deeply connected clique.”

  54. Hey, Walther, good thing Orlando isn’t in Fire Island or San Francisco! You’re not from there!

  55. Walter/Walther,
    I just want you to understand, that participating in this blog doesn’t make you a hockey expert any more than going to church makes you a Christian or standing in a garage makes you a car. (but sometimes make you a tool, judging by your nervious posts)

  56. Hey, Walther, that post was by 4everanger! What’s what with your spelling and reading comprehension?

  57. Jimmy Jim John on

    I think i just pissed myself from laughing. Walther! The guy provides cogent fodder for humor.

  58. Too bad nobody warned you Walter.
    Before you enter this blog, didn’t you see a huge sign above the Gate: “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate”, or “Abandon all hope, yo, who enter here”? Just follow…

  59. Unleash the KREIDER. on


    Oh, it’s just Walther. Carry on.

  60. Manny, I believe it’s “Mickey-Mouse” – don’t forget the hyphen.

    You know what I hate? When hockey gets in the way of talking about CATS.

  61. Calm down, buddy. Keep your composure.La vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo. Revenge is a cold dish, Walter.

  62. _Hey, Walther, good thing Orlando isn’t in Fire Island or San Francisco! You’re not from there!_


  63. as I said last night, I don’t think his intelligence (or lack thereof) is in question here. regardless, he didn’t do anything wrong.

    also, that was a rather interesting use of a comma in your message

  64. Are you guys talking about Walther or Cam Janssen? I can’t figure out who the exemplary idiot is.

  65. _If the Rangers were animals, what kind of animals would they be? GO_


  66. His agent organized the apology. He’s too stupid to realize that his hockey talent and future income lies in retrieving Stop@Shop shopping carts.

  67. How about the Chefs’ NHL all star hockey club?
    Let’s start with Chicken Francaise, the little, shy Canadian wing.

  68. Is that like a belly button ring that has a chain going around your entire midsection? That would look _great_ on you, ilb!

  69. Beef Bourguignon – short, but nasty, burly defenseman who keeps presumptuous enemy snipers away from the crease.

  70. MDZ.

    I do remember when we met Avery, Sally. I think belly band around Casey’s….ummm…belly looks more in place than his indoor shades that night.

  71. Someone offered Shane Doan $30M+ for 4 years!? Is that a joke? The Canadiens can’t have that kind of cap space.

  72. Beef Bourguignon is a defenseman that wouldn’t last in front of Marty for more than 15 sec. Hey, where is LW? This is his job!

  73. Wow. Some exquisite g(j)ibberish here today. This will help us get through the summer. And this Walther guy is an outstanding addition.

  74. Why did Janssen apologize? He didn’t say anything wrong IMO. Was it distasteful? Yes. But everyone seemed to be making that interview and implying it was something much more than what it was.

  75. I agree, what Janssen said was more stupid and distasteful than anything … but was what Avery said really any worse? He was suspended.

  76. Avery got suspended, went to anger management, was condemned by the entire league and basically forced to early retirement for saying a WHOLE lot less than Janssen. Some freaking league we got…

  77. Yup, I’m pretty sure, CCCP. Different name. Someone recognized his style, and he pretty much admitted it was him….

  78. Lol, if that’s the case, *no Doan*! He better score more goals than Gaborik otherwise.

  79. If Doan was offered that, he has already signed then. And he hasn’t, he needs to be thoroughly evaluated. I doubt.

  80. Let’s not bring up that Avery thing. That was a joke. NHL just found some stupid loophole to suspended him by claiming it was said “during game time hours” or some BS. That was a joke.

    He got suspended more games for words than WWEber did for trying to decapitate Zetterberg.

  81. No way in hell is Doaner getting that money for that many years.

    Unless Sather has gone off the deep end again…

  82. Can you txt me next time, Ilb? Think about someone other than yourself, wife and kids for once.

  83. i’ll believe that Doan rumor when somebody I recognize tweets it.

    has anybody noticed that Doan is just an L away from Dolan?

  84. czechthemout!!! on

    lol. 30+ million for a 36 yearold 2 time only 30 goal scorer? These fools have gone insane! How can anyone justify that kind of contract without being laughed at?

    Rick Nash = bargain!

  85. Coq au Vin – short, goateed preenster coach who keeps close and ironfisted watch over the chickens.

  86. I can understand there being a debate about how serious Janssen’s remarks were and how much responsibility he bears for them, but to say he did _nothing_ wrong? Interesting…

  87. Chocolate Mousse – Young, large, sometimes irascible, but basically sweet (when off-ice) African American pugilist. Fifth liner, but always dresses.

  88. LW3H – I can see why people would’ve taken what he said out of context if they didn’t actually listen to or watch the interview. Most websites/news sources published that he said “I would beat up an NHLer if they were gay”, which is not even remotely close to what he said. He never mentioned anything about homosexuals or the gay community, yet all the articles I read about the issue assumed it based on the sarcastic joking comment and question that the host asked him.

    But everyone needs a story and needs to blow things out of proportion, so you can’t say anything even remotely close to being controversial without being crucified for it.

    He’s an idiot, it was stupid to say what he said, but he didn’t say anything wrong. I can see how people can spin it to make it seem like he did, but he didn’t.

  89. I told Mama we me and Stanley have a love/hate relationship. And she says, Yeah, you love her and she hates you! Lol

    Cccp, i was just thinking of Shibby last night. According to my dogs (they have sources better than Rods), shes alive and well, shes still trying to find you, and wont stop trying,

    I miss Casey. Leo, not so much! ;)

  90. I like Doan at that stupid contract + Stepan + MDZ + Miller + 1st rounder more than I like Nash at that same contract all by himself.

    (But that contract is stupid. 1 year and $8MM, knowing we’re not going to hit the upper cap anyway, might be interesting from a “who cares, its not my money” standpoint.)

  91. It’s now official. This is an epic offseason since we are talking about *Cam Janssen*

  92. I knew that. I really did. I just had Stanley and Cup on my mind. And i was trying to make u laugh with a Rod mention.

  93. Carp doesnt have any news, but Rod does! Rod says Nash will be moved within the next 3 years, to either a Western Conf. Or Eastern Conf team, and the Jackets will get at least one draft pick in the deal.

  94. Welsh Rarebit – Unpopular UK import with a tendency to not pay off on bad bets.

  95. czechthemout!!! on


    If you do, can I have just a little? My daughter wants to be a doctor.

  96. If you just watched the Janssen interview or read a transcript, without seeing any media reaction at all, I still don’t see how you could view it as him doing _nothing_ wrong.

  97. Carp? Chocolate Thunder! Blast from the past. He kept the fiberglass backboard suppliers in business for quite a while until NASA came up with a new formula. :-)

  98. I interviewed Chocolate Thunder one time. I forget why, and forget what he said, but I remember laughing the whole time.

  99. With that kind of dough, you could hire John Scott to stand in your kitchen twelve hours a day and hand you down canned food from the high cabinets. And still have 7 mil left over.

  100. Walter love the MTM reference. Carp, never mind where’s the beef? How about why am I here?

  101. My broker was an accountant. He’s now doing three and a half to three and seven eighths.

  102. More on Chocolate Thunder a.k.a. Sir Slam from Planet Lovetron.

    He named his dunks. Most famous:

    “Chocolate Thunder Flying, Robinzine Crying, Teeth Shaking, Glass Breaking, Rump Roasting, Bun Toasting, Wham Bam, I Am Jam.’’

    Some others:

    The In Your Face Disgrace, the Go-Rilla Dunk, the Rim Wrecker, the Left Handed Spine Chiller Supreme, the Dunk You Very Much, and the Look Out Below.

  103. Creme Brullee – handsome but easily distracted long haired ’80s Garden winger who more often had his eye on Carol Alt rather than the puck.

  104. Russian Borscht- retired from NHL but continued to be payed by the Islanders center who still has his eyes on Carol Alt

  105. Henri Baguette – Crusty but able and affordable centerman with a tendency to loaf. Seems to have a lot on his plate. Ill bread (sic) and spends a lot of time after games soaking up the sauce.

  106. bull dog line on

    I used to hate the jibberish here, bit I just spent the last 10 minute reading all the posts and laughing my ass off. I think I’m turning into one of you guys, and I’m scared.

  107. Whine Latour – Constantly complaining to refs and has never seen an offsides properly called. Justifies his obvious and appalling lack of speed by stating that he’s constantly being illegally held.

  108. And do not forget that Wildebeeste, is the name given by South Africans ( Boers as they were called many years ago)…Pronounced Vilduhbeeste…to an animal called the Gnu, ( silent G).

    I always liked that Drawing of two Gnus, a male and female, and the male making a pass at the female, and she responding, “Gno” Gnever.

  109. The dream of the Wellwood-Wellman line is over

    @DarrenDreger@ Jets sign Wellwood. 1 year, $1.6 mil.

  110. Emile Escargot – They don’t come any slower than this. Unappetizing and silent 7th defenseman. Needs to come out of his shell. His wife has one in the oven.

  111. Oysters Rockefeller – Gave up his last year at Harvard to sign. Rumored not to need the money. Actually paid his own signing bonus to himself. Has already broken three Rolexes in training camp scrimmages. Dabbles in oils in off time. Very heady. Was quoted as saying: ‘When skating on thin ice, your safety is in your speed.’

  112. Carp

    $7.5M? It takes me almost two years to make that much.


    can i borough a few mill from you, Carp? I got this thing with this guy at that town… i’ll give it back to you as soon as that thing pays off.

  113. for those just joining us, this was one of my favorites of an exceptionally stupid day (and I say “stupid” in the kindest, most complimentary way possible):

    Walter July 13th, 2012 at 4:08 pm e

    With that kind of dough, you could hire John Scott to stand in your kitchen twelve hours a day and hand you down canned food from the high cabinets. And still have 7 mil left over.

  114. My answer on that is that light travels faster than sound. This is why some Walters of the world appear bright by name until you hear them speak or type their “thoughts” on the blog.

  115. This “worst in a world blog” is The Best, with the Knowledge and Intellectual Power enough, (coma?) to lighten ESB in red (for shame), white (for innocence) and blue (for Rangers rule)for 24/7/365. Love it.

  116. Well, I admit your general rule
    That every poet is a fool
    But you, yourself, do serve to show it
    That every fool is not a poet.

    And what’s so bright about the name Walter? If I were bright, I’d be called GE. On this blog, I’m only working on 40 watts.

  117. Walthers come and go. RR unbreakable spirit stays forever, protected by founding Fathers and myriads of intangible and passionate virtual followers…I mean participants.

  118. I know the Nash saga has been talked about on this blog and has become road kill. TSN did a telephone interview with Howson, not sure when but Howson said that they are now set on defense and want forwards going back to the Bluejackets for Nash. Howson said he still isn’t getting what he wants and there is no time table on when to trade Nash. To me, that means Nash will still be playing for the Bluejackets this season. I have a feeling he still wants Kreider, stepan as part of the trade. Time to move on.

  119. Howson is such an imbecile. He already made it public that Nash wants out. He did the CBJ organ-eye-zation a huge disservice…he thought he could make a market for Nash…he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing…

    Does anybody think Nash could potentially sit out and force a trade? He should, this whole thing must be so embarrassing for him and his family. He didn’t want to go public.

    What do you think Nash’s teammates think?

  120. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    NHL wants 5 year contract limits and 5 year entry level deals?!?! I kind of like it but I don’t think the players will. Do they have any rookies being represented in the NHLPA because I don’t think next years number 1 pick will like the sound of a 5 year entry level deal.

  121. According to

    NHL proposal to players: 1-reduce players hockey related revenues to 46% from 57 %. 2-10 seasons in NHL before being UFA. 3-contracts limites to 5 years 4-no more salary arbitration. 5- entry-level contract 5 years instead of 3.

    All of that + Donald Fehr = LOCKOUT!!!! I know you ask for as much as you can at the beginning of negotiations, but an 11% reduction in salaries? 10 years before UFA status? No arbitration? Every one of the points proposed is not something that is done in good faith. They are trying to crush the players union and put a strangle hold on everything.

  122. And when you consider that the teams are responsible for the crazy contract lengths to begin with, and the crazy over-spending, they are basically screaming, “it is our fault, now you have to fix it!”

  123. Depressing. Pretty much any combination of two of those five rumored demands are grounds for shutting down talks and digging in for a players’ strike. 10 years before UFA with no salary arbitration rights, while limiting post UFA contracts (for players 30+, by the time they reach UFA) is so amazingly ridiculous you need to start wondering what the process for removing Bettman is. I just hope that’s either poor transcribing or a twitter joke to see who believes the owners would be that out of touch.

  124. _And when you consider that the teams are responsible for the crazy contract lengths to begin with, and the crazy over-spending, they are basically screaming, “it is our fault, now you have to fix it!”_


  125. Imagine and entry level deal of 800K for 5 years. Contract ends and they qualify for another number of years (doubt it would be another 5, but who knows) for the qualifying minimum (for arguments sake we will double it to 1.6mil). Then maybe one more qualifying deal to take the player to their tenth year. Qualifying deal of 2.5mil… and you could do that to a star player!! Now they are going to hit the down side of their career as they enter UFA status. Why would any player go for that?

    And GMs will still throw huge sums of money at players when the become free agents.

  126. I think Howson also has almost no chance of trading Nash now. Who will take on that contract with all of those demands on the table. Granted, this is just the beginning of negotiations, but some of the season is almost certainly lost at this point. This sucks in that the Rangers are really on to something and they may lose a season of progress towards the ultimate prize.

  127. For sure this has been posted on here more than once and for the record I’m on the fence about getting him, but OMG, when I read the arguments about this dude’s goal totals being indicative of his ability, I think it’s important to (re)watch this goal and that he’s 6’5″ and 230lbs….

  128. Czechthemout!!! on

    So once again, just as hockey is finally beginning to become relevant again, Bettman and the owners are looking to destroy it. These guys are self hating masochists. This time, the KHL is a real player for these guys. They will throw them money in bushels. If this is good faith, I don’t know what bad faith is. We will not see NHL hockey for a long time kids, if ever!

  129. Czechthemout!!! on


    Nash is great and would be a great addition to our team. Unfortunatly, there will not be a season next year.

  130. Wow, pimp, 65, 68! Didn’t know they had a bowling alley at St Andrews. :-)
    Happy to know that we have another linkster on this blog. I play in the low seventies myself. Any hotter than that, I go to the pool.

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