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Why you don’t move Derek Stepan for Rick Nash.

By HugeNYRfanfromTx

First I want to thank Carp for allowing me the chance to write a guest blog … I’ve been following this blog since Sam Weinman was in charge but Carp has brought this thing to a whole new level and it’s awesome. So thanks, Carp.

Onto our boys, the New York Rangers; I think everyone here can agree that this season was a welcome surprise and finishing first in the Leastern Conference was something none of us were expecting at the beginning of the year. The way the team was built with mostly young, homegrown kids was something that many fans had been clamoring for, for years and it was rewarding to see it work successfully.

Here’s the deal ladies and gentleman; “We don’t trade kids.” Can you believe Glen Sather actually said that? Clearly Glen has changed his mindset from the early 2000s and the Rangers have changed their perception in the NHL because of it. It started with Tom Renney and John Tortorella has brought it to a new level. Tom Renney was a great coach for his years with the NYR but hiring Torts, at the time the Rangers did, was the best thing the organization could have done. Between Ryan McDonagh, Michael Del Zotto, Artie Anisimov, Ryan Callahan, Carl Hagelin, Brandon Dubinsky, Marc Staal, Stu Bickel, and THE KREIDER, etc…Rangers are built from Hartford, which is the way it’s supposed to be.

Now, you might be clever enough to realize I didn’t mention one kid in the list I just rambled off: Derek Stepan.

Recently, there has been much talk about moving Derek Stepan, a prospect, and a pick for Rick Nash, some winger out of Columbus. If you don’t know of this Nash character, he’s a big-bodied power forward who has scored 40 goals in the NHL before. The general manager out in Columbus, some piece of carcillo named Howson, is trying to make the team he trades Nash to, look like Columbus after they get him. The Rangers have been and are still rumored to be the team that ends up dealing for Nash and his $7.8 million cap hit until the world ends (not really — just 2017-18).

Here’s the main reason why you don’t move Stepan as the centerpiece in a trade to CBJ for Nash:

Derek Stepan is a 22-year-old centerman who has put up 20 goals and 50 points in his first two seasons in the NHL. He also has played in every possible situation as a penalty killer, power play point and down low, when they need a goal and when they are defending a lead late. Step is always out there in the clutch times.

Stanley Cup winning teams are strong down the middle of the ice … having big and high scoring wingers are nice but the success of a winning team is right down the middle of the ice, on defense and in net.

Check out this stat. Ever since the lockout here are your top cap hits for each Stanley Cup winning team:

2005/06 — Doug Weight/Rod Brind’Amour- Hurricanes

2006/07 — Chris Pronger- Ducks

2007/08 — Niklas Lidstrom- Wings

2008/09 — Sidney Crosby- Penguins

2009/10 — Brian Campbell- Blackhawks

2010/11 — Zdeno Chara- Bruins

2011/12 — Drew Doughty- Kings

Weight was traded for around the deadline in 2005-2006 but Brind’Amour was the highest paid ‘Cane for the most of the season. Aside from Weight and Brind’Amour, Sidney Crosby is the only forward who has been the highest cap hit on a Stanley Cup Winning team. What’s the one thing Weight, Brind’Amour and Crosby have in common? You guessed: Center ice.

There has not been one team that has won the Stanley Cup since they instituted the cap that has had a winger with the team’s highest cap hit.

All this said, at the end of the day, who wouldn’t want Rick Nash? He’d make the team better and help their scoring woes but not at the cost of Stepan. Who plays second-line center next year without Step? Stepan and Kreider for the next 10-12 years on the same line … who does not want to see that? Step’s arguably the best playmaker the Rangers have and moving him would do more detriment to this team than Rick Nash would do good.

Trading Derek Stepan for Shea Weber? Better argument. Rick Nash? No chance.



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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Great guest blog from the guest blogger!!! Good job!!

    Congrats Hank!!!!

  2. there’s no way Columbus would accept a deal for Rick Nash in which Derek Stepan was the sole NHL player.

  3. Let’s clear up the inside thinking on Derek – Good kid, willing, talented, slow first step, just average speed for today’s game. Needs to put on 20 lbs. of muscle without losing any foot speed. More and more improvement expected but unlikely to break through to upper levels.

  4. Umm Kreider didnt spend a day in Hartford. They had as much to do with his development as I did. McDonagh was built by U of Wisconsin, not really Hartford, he got called up because MDZ was playing on the level of a 10 year old at the time, and did you actually include Stu Bickel among those others that you mentioned? Really? Stu Bickel? Also, Stepan is arguably the best playmaker on the Rangers? Except he’s still pretty far behind Richards in every aspect of the game. Other than that sure. Maybe you dont deal him for Nash, i still would if it would be just him and Dubinsky plus a 1st though i dont think that will nor should it get it done, but you certainly have him on the table for Ryan. Weber is not needed on the NYR.

  5. The Guest Blogger ‘s cardinal error; referring to Mr. Howson as a “piece of carcillo”. This phrase may be incomprehensible to newcomers and oldtimers as well, for different reasons, namely, why this rather infantile politically correct substitute has not been challenged by the PHD’s among you yet. You know who you are, the PhD illuminati, don’t you? Well speak up, it’s not just a sports blog, it is a cultural phenomenon worth studying – but that is my job. Now I have become one of “youse” and will await the pretext to ban me. No blog wants to have an inquisitive lurker in their midst, but I tell you one thing, the PEDs are OK with me in golf, baseball, poker, billiards, even cycling and the electoral cycling…. but not ICE HOCKEY, this game is too fast and complex to mess with.

    Regards newbear

  6. Shea Weber isn’t needed on the Rangers? The Rangers don’t have a defenseman anywhere close to him and haven’t had one in, what, 17 years? If you’ve got any chance to get him, you do it.

  7. The Rangers have the best overall defense in the league already. So youre going to trade 4 or so roster players for Weber and the already terrible offense is going to get even worse.

  8. I think what we’ve seen this offseason is a great deal of restraint from Slats, before the Rangers Yout’ Movement of the post-lockout era Slats would have done whatever it takes to sign or trade for the big name. But now he’s standing pat – making his best offer and walking away, not to be held to ransom. Both GM’s in Columbus and Nashville are in weak positions, and there is no need for Slats to chase a bad deal – he can present an offer and walk away, especially while there are a few free agents around who can plug a short-term need until more options come onto the market.

    Good on Slats so far, lets not be the team to cave in and sweeten the offer to a point it makes us worse in the long-run.

  9. Lev

    Shea Weber improves the power play. That alone improves overall offense.

    Nothing wrong with strengthening a strength. Adding Weber is similar to the Debbies adding Scott Stevens to their roster.

    I like the guest blogger’s points on the greatest salary cap hits of the past several Stanley Cup teams. Interesting.

  10. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice post, HugeNYRfan!

    Sather is “sitting” on the roster that went very deep in the playoffs and was #1 in the East. It will improve next year simply because the young core will mature by one year and the experience they gained, and by adding Kreider for tge whole year. He lost a few secondary players, he replaced them successfully and without spending any extra cash. He is dealing from a position of strength. If he can add someone without changing the core, he’ll do it. If he can’t, he is ready to go into the season with what they have and see if some scoring help becomes available later and for a better price. Why are we anxious, isn’t that approach what we’ve been asking for years?

  11. hank is a dad now. all down hill from here. his focus will be gone. season over trade everyone

  12. czechthemout!!! on

    I am sure you tried hard but I stopped reading the moment you wrote Tom Renney was a great coach. Sorry.

  13. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Great guest blog by the Texas Ranger… great, that I no longer would consider Stepan in a trade for Nash (although I would still trade for Nash, just would include Stepan in the list of untouchables with Mc D, and Kreider)

  14. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    First of all, Congrats to Henrik. There is NOTHING like a daughter and my only one and youngest of 3 turned 15 July 9th. She will always think of herself a day ahead of the King’s baby!! Special thing they are. Congrats to his family!!!
    Nice job as a guest. There are some things I disagree with in there, but the OVERALL message is don’t waste your kids on a wing. Centers and D-Men win cups.

    Interesting point. Very interesting. Had never thought of it. Hmmm….Mess (C), Leetch (D) and Richter (G) our key players in 1994. Stevens (D-as was mentioned) and Brodeur(G) –key players. Very interesting. Kopitar (C), Daughty (D), Quick(G)…….

    Gotta think about this one. As a NJ resident, I certainly remember the way the Derbils turned around when they got Stevens.They became ‘Cups Are Us’!! Webber is Stevens +, as he has some pretty
    good offensive skills, too.

    I honestly hadn’t been thinking about adding ‘d’ because of our good core, but have known for years that we have not had for years:
    a. a Beuke type –clear the net –type ‘d’ man
    b. a Leetch/Zubov point shot on the PP

    Webber does both. He’s huge. He’s agile. He can get real tough. He might change our awful PP overnight.

    Odds are he’s gonna stay where he is, but….hmmmmm……..gotta think about this.

    Nice job!!

  15. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Step is a character guy. He is responsible on the ice. Yep, he s not a top 20 in the league. But a 2 or 3 center he can be. He’s very mature for his age. He works his butt off.

    I have said I wouldn’t trade him (his attributes combined with a team-wide center shortage). I reaffirm that opinion.

  16. I agree with ilb2001. We went down the route of trading all our best players for veteran “pieces” In one case 1994, it won us a Cup, but it may have cost us our future for what is now, 18 years? We’re close people. All we need is a few pieces, but if we can get them without trading THREE of our best young players, I’d do it. But I agree, this young core is just that YOUNG. There’s no Sidney Crosby here, but there are certainly players who will improve. If we could get Nash or Ryan and it costs us Dubinsky and a couple of minor leaguers and or draft picks (which hopefully are at the back end of the 1st round now), I’d do it. Including any of our under 23s is dumb. Stepan, Kreider, Hagelin and so on can only get better. McD is already All Star caliber. Even if 2 of the 4 get better, it’s still a net gain. I think Kreider potentially could be as prolific scorer as Nash. Listening to the scouts and TV analysts, they certainly speak as if he’s a budding star. So there’s a net gain without moving anyone.

    Yesterday someone mentioned that the rumored Nash deal includes someone we didn’t expect. I wonder if that’s Boyle. Seems like the signing of Halperin could be designed to replace Boyle as they play similar games. I know Boyle is huge, but sometimes doesn’t play that way. And he’s got possible concussion issues. I think I would do Duby, Boyle, one of the minor league kids and a 1st rounder for Nash. That doesn’t touch our youth except for one minor leaguer, and the guys we have traded are expendable.

  17. Matty, I agree. There aren’t too many Webbers out there. We need what he does, it’s the one thing we’re missing on D. We have guys who play parts of his game, but not the whole thing. I’d sooner trade for Webber than Nash.

  18. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    When will the Rangers, under Sather, draft some tope 20’s?????????

    We have d better draft picks than the Devils for years. Under Lou (longer period of time) they get Brodeur, Zajac, Parise, Shanahan, Guerin, Rolston, Daneyko, Johnny Mac and a whole bunch of top 50’s. Henrique and Josephson… possible. I am sure I am missing some of their home-grown great picks. THAT is how to draft with picks that averaged #17 over the years.

    Eat your heart out Ranger fans. Cloutier, Vorobiev, Marchant, Purinton, Dale Henry, Mike Mottau, Manny Malhotra, Brendl, Lundmark, Inman, Asplund, Aufiero, Tyutin, Blackburn, Collymore, Zidlicky, Falardeau, Prucha, Jessiman, Baranka, Potter, Dawes, Staal (a no brainer), Sauer, Dubie, Callie, Sanguinetti, Hillier, OMG, THIS IS SICK!!!!!

    Under Slather, we have…uh…no one he directly picked. Kreider is our hope to break the top 20. Then we have Staal, Saure, Chereponov (RIP), ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

    Congratulations, Glen. Even though you picked the guy who picked the player, you finally, possible, may have found a good one. A top 20. THE KREIDER. Maybe. Even though you had very little to do with it.

    Way to take a decade plus to build a team.

  19. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Steve, interesting point. I don’t like losing size. But I get your point. It could be that’s why Slather is stocking up guys like Halperin.

  20. Not defending Sather for his previous failures, but if you go as far as Brodeur, Johny Mac and Shanahan with Lou, you may as well place Gretzky and Messier on Sather’s list. Secondly, not sure why it is helpful to keep reminding yourself about his previous mistakes, some things are better left forgotten. Although, admittedly, I will never forget what he did to Leetch. I am, however happy with what he, and his staff have done after the lockout. Whatever the reason is.

    And congratulations to Hank on his new family member! Must be very exciting to have your first one. It’s been so many years for me, I don’t think I remember. Well, guess what? I’m about to find out next week again. Can’t wait! Hey, Hank, you couldn’t wait another week so we could have our girls on the same day?

  21. It amazes me how quickly people lose patience with the youth on this team. Many people are so willing to trade for the “stars” of other teams. I am not on the Stepan trade bandwagon. If the Rangers had somebody ready to fill in on the second line center, then I would be willing to move him. As I have said many times, trading him for a winger just creates a hole at 2nd center. This team was two wins away from going to the finals and most people here are ready to tear it apart. Trading half of the teams best young players away does not make them better. It makes them the same team they were before the youth movement started. The purpose of trading to to get better. Having Nash on the team would be great, but not at the expense of turning the team into the Blue Jackets to do so.

    This is not about overrating the youth, this is about making sound decisions for the future of the team. I think as the boredom of the offseason increases, more people will become more frustrated with the lack of movement on the Rangers part. I am happy with it. The Rangers are in a position of power. They have no reason to blink first. Hold firm and stick to the plan. It has paid very good dividends so far. Why deviate? You have to give to get, but you give out of your abundance to fill a need. The Rangers really may be one year away from making the big trade that everybody is calling for. There are a bunch of guys moving up to CT that need a year of seasoning to see what they will be. The Rangers do not have an abundance of depth at D yet. They need all hands on deck to fill out the roster now. They are lacking in top 6 forwards. They have filled out the bottom 6. Trading Erixon or MDZ for a forward just creates holes on D. Trading Stepan creates a new hole in the top 6. The Rangers have an abundance of 3rd and 4th liners in their system. That is their only strength to trade from at the moment. If Yogan, Miller, Thomas, Kyle Jean, and Hrivik turn into something over the course of the year, then things change. I think the development of these players will determine a lot of things in the coming year. That is why I am not so sure if this is the year to make that big trade.

    Heck, for all we know Boo Nieves will make Stepan tradeable in a couple of years, and Skjei will make DelZotto part of another trade package. All of that could be 2-4 years away. I still am of the opinion that the Rangers are still building towards the goal, and not really ready to make big moves yet.

  22. Charlise……Charlise……It puts its lotion on the skin or it gets the hose.


    Hank must be a big fan.

  23. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    It’s Clarice in silence of the lambs lol. Morning Manny. I am more of a fan of Charlize Theron.

  24. HugeRangersfanfromTx on

    Thanks for all the feedback and continuing discussion everyone…it’s what makes this site awesome…

    Also glad to see most of you agree with not moving Stepan…

  25. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Anyone know if they will be filming more beginnings episodes. Callahans was great, so was stepans.

  26. Hey Matty – are you always this nobby? Shanahan was selected at the number 2 spot, Guerin number 5, Rolston number 11, John MacLean number 5.

    Lots of high picks, in other words, when the Devils were the mickey mouse organization of the NHL….

  27. I know it’s Clarice. It’s just similar and the first thing I thought of. Charlize Theron is a special person. I agree.

  28. 1. Rangers do not have the # 1 defense in the NHL. If you watched the playoffs they had 4 defenseman, a team is made up of 6. They are good, young and improving but not # 1 overall.

    2. Stepan is a nice player, he is young, low salary, improving and therefore very valuable. An attractive piece for Columbus to get yes. But if he is the centerpiece of the deal and you are a Blue Jackets fan and you get Stepan and some draft picks to replace the face of your franchise, are you happy? In terms of celebrity status out there, he is their Lundqvist. Not talent-wise, but how would you feel about a Lundqvist for Stepan and some draft picks tradeoff? How would you react?

  29. hey thats great, congrats ilb!! i’ll email u on facebook ok. havent talked in awhile.

  30. GRABBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Where was Hank’s daughter born? If it was America I predict she will be President in 2044.

  32. I’ve been saying it for a while and like ilb2001 stated, ranger fans have been waiting for the day for the angers organization to build the team with youth, either through trades or drafting and developing. The rangers are finally doing it the right way. I cannot understand why some ranger fans want to go back to the days of bringing in big star names by blowing the team up. I’m glad Sather is finally on the right track. Maybe some of you will be disappointed when the rangers go into the season with this roster but that doesn’t mean sather couldn’t make a deal or two at the trading deadline that will help te rangers get t the next level without morgaing the future.

  33. And wasn’t the whole lotion phrase said to one of the captors at the bottom of the pit, not Clarice?

  34. Sorry, CT. I tried to make a connection there and I didn’t think people would get me just saying -Clarice- Charlise so I added an easily identifiable line. I knew if I added that line people would narrow it down to Silence of the Lambs or Joe Dirt.

  35. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    No I do not Manny, its just that you would think the Kings wife would be in the tabloids like crazy.

  36. Well he might hide his wife on one of those Swedish islands that we saw on his profile on MSG. Maybe he keeps her out there or in the holding area of a ship?

  37. I know I’m really late to the party, but Carp, Adam Levine doesn’t look like Justin Verlander, he looks like Mike Comrie or our best buddy in the world…WADE REDDEN!!!

  38. Verlander aided and abetted in giving homefield advantage to the Pittsburgh -Crosbys- McCutchens

  39. Nice guest blog huge!

    Somebody should write a book on how to build a successful franchise.

    While many factors should be considered, first and foremost, it is most important is to acquire talented, skilled players. The foundation for acquiring players remains the amateur draft. The more NHL capable players acquired through the draft, the more flexibility an organization has in building a championship level team. Drafting well provides a GM with more than “home grown” players for his team. He also has “home grown” assets which have value should trade opportunities present to improve the team. For example, let’s pretend the Rangers had drafted well enough to have 4 or 5 Derek Stepan’s ( certainly not impossible when you consider Stepan was a 2nd rounder). Those “extra”assets would certainly come in handy when considering trades for players like Nash, Ryan, or Wweber. The question of “overpaying”would not be as critical as it currently is.

    My point, it all starts with the draft. If you succeed at the draft table, you have flexibility to builds a complete team without having to solely rely on FA.

  40. Sioux-per-man on

    Great Guest Blog Huge.

    I like Step. He is going to be a great Center for a long time. He is a gold medal winner for the U20 team. He adds great depth to the Rangers down the middle. Could his position be filled by Anisimov or Boyle – I think so.

    Now would you trade Stepan straight up for Nash? Sure you would. Nash is a top 5 goal scorer in the league. Howson won’t, nor would any GM in the league. Now what kind of return would be a fair trade or a win / win for both clubs.

    From Sather’s point of view at the trade deadline. Kreider & McD are not tradable. I really think Howson demanded Kreider. He could very well be the ONE guy that could replace Nash’s scoring down the road. But if you had to chose one TOP YOUTH PLAYER amoung Kreider, McD, or Stepan who would you chose to trade? IF you have to pick one. I would pick Stepan in this case.

    It’s still not enough to make this trade equal or doable. So you have to give then next 1st rounder to Columbus, and you have to send some money that way, and Dubi is that guy, his $4M has to go to bring in $7.8.

    So Stepan, Dubi, 1st round in ’13. Is that enough? Maybe not for a franchise player.

    But how much more do you give before its too much. Personally I would like to see Zucc play in the NHL. He couldn’t find a spot in NY, but he would be full time on the CBJ.

    Now if that player is Nash or Weber I don’t care. But you have to think the contract Nash for 6 years $47M in his Prime vs Weber for 13 years at $100M. I’m sure Sather would be fine with both.

    Who know’s what its going to take to get this deal done….. or when ….. if ever.

    But if you asked me would I trade for Stepan for Nash? Yes, but it’s the rest of the package that Sather and Howson can’t agree on.

  41. I am pretty sure Stepan should have went in the 1st round. Rangers got a very good player in the second round. It remains to be seen if he can be a # 1 center, but he sure is a solid, solid 2nd line center who can chip in on the 1st PP unit…..

    And, of course, it would take a lot more than just Stepan for Rick Nash.

    Great post, Huge.

  42. Dan Shea – It’s funny because you point out a habit of Ranger fans(losing patience and wanting to blow up the roster), but then you illustrate one at the same time. For as many years as I’ve heard one fan call for the Rangers to trade a good fifth of their roster acquire “X” big-name player, I’ve heard other argue that the team is replete with ‘third or forth liners.’ The latter I take issue with. Do you think anyone in the Rangers’ organization stepped up to the mic on draft day thinking ‘I’m taking the next guy to play fourth-line right wing in New York’ before making the announcement? Nope, I doubt it.

    Just to illustrate this a little more, I remember a heated argument with fans arguing the same thing a couple years ago, when we had Krieder and Stepan in the system and had just acquired McDonagh. In other words, it’s hard to say exactly what’s in the system until they’re finally in Hartford for a half season or playing in New York. Now I will admit, if you look only at the AHL, your statement is accurate. But it’s also not easy finding future NHL stars on any AHL team.

    Anyway, this is my long-winded way of saying you really can’t make judgements on young players until you see them up close.

  43. Jshim – To be fair, the Rangers did use five defensemen in the playoffs. They could have used the fifth more and employed a sixth, were it not for Tortorella’s dogged adherence to running his four fastest horses in the race into the ground each night. Granted, guys like Bickel and Eminger don’t exactly strike me as great options. But if the Devils were getting away with Harrold in their top six, there was positively no reason for the coach to hold those two clowns down to less than six minutes a night.

    On Stepan, of course he wouldn’t be the only one traded. And if the BJ fans are casual, no they probably wouldn’t like that deal too much. But make no mistake: Stepan is a very special player and is en route to being a top-line NHL center. If they got Stepan, Del Zotto, Miller and a first(which is in the realm of what Howson is asking for), nobody in Columbus would be upset.

  44. Olga Folkyerself on

    Generally, a nice job on the guest blog.

    Except for: “There has not been one team that has won the Stanley Cup since they instituted the cap that has had a winger with the team’s highest cap hit.”

    Useless statistic. Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it’s directly or even remotely related to winning the Cup.

    One dimensional thinking.

  45. I believe the children are our future
    Teach them well and let them lead the way
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside
    Give them a sense of pride to make it easier

  46. Sioux-per-man on

    My Question for Howson, if you are rebuilding your team. How do you pass on ALL of the Islander picks for the #2 pick in the draft?

    Nash should bring 2 NHL players (Stepan,Dubi) and 2 1st Rounders. (or 1st round prospects)

    Yes that’s alot, but what do you trade Gaborik or Lundqvist for?

  47. Sioux – How do you see Nash as a top-five goal scorer in the NHL? He hasn’t had a 40-goal season since 2009 and hasn’t gone over 33 in the three seasons that have passed. Looking at the stats alone, Nash looks to be about one of the most overpaid, overrated players in the league. Now I know he’s been on a bad team. But how much better is he going to get on the Rangers, especially after they have to move two solid NHLers, a top-prospect and a top-pick for him? None of that adds up for me, which is why I don’t think we’ll ever see Nash here.

  48. _Yes that’s alot, but what do you trade Gaborik or Lundqvist for?_

    Gaborik, I really have no idea, even moreso now with the injury. Although I imagine if he’s healthy, he’d return more than Nash simply because he’s a better finisher and lower risk due to only having two years left on his deal. Lundqvist should pull a huge bounty because his cap hit doesn’t exceed his contributions. The closest parallel the Rangers have is Richards; a strong 1st line contributor who is being paid more than he should for longer than he should. Richards isn’t bringing back a 4 asset package.

  49. Dubinsky, Anisimov, 1st round draft pick, and one of the following for Nash:

    Del Zotto

    Most Ranger fans want Dubinsky gone (especially given his bloated salary), Anisimov is no real loss, and as for the other three:

    Hagelin – disappeared for most of the regular season and especially the playoffs

    Stepan – other than his first ever game when he scored a hat trick, what has done to distinguish himself as a better-than-average prospect?

    Del Zotto – I admit it would hurt to lose him, but with the other defensemen on the team and in the minors, he’s expendable.

    Come on, if you want to acquire a top 10 in the NHL forward like Nash, is anyone surprised that the Rangers are going to have to part ways with some good guys? That’s just the way it is. Howson would be an imbecile to do it any other way.

  50. I suggested like 15 trades of Lundqvist for Player X, Player Y and whatever. They were really, really good.

  51. You trade multiple younger players that have top end ceilings and one team hopes they’re getting as good a player as advertised and the other hope that at least one or two of the prospects pan out.

    St. Louis probably doesn’t mind the Erik Johnson trade given that Shattenkirk panned out but I’m sure they were hoping that Chris Stewart was going to be Iginila-lite.

    If Couturier becomes as good as he flashed in the playoffs then Philly can live with Voraceck maybe not hitting his potential.

  52. If you want to acquire a top 10 NHL forward, acquire someone other than Rick Nash.

  53. Hagelin didn’t disappear, he’s just not a first line winger.

    Stepan put up 50 points a season as a second year two way forward. He just turned 22 and he already has almost 100 NHL points and is relied on in key situations.

    And DZ isn’t expendable just because we have defensive depth. What other puck movers are in the system? McIlrath isn’t, Erixon is supposed to be but isn’t like DZ. DZ is our only true puck moving d-man.

    And Rick Nash IS NOT a top 10 NHL player. I’d say maybe top 25 (I don’t think he’s top 25, but I can see how people would think he is), but definitely not top 10.

  54. HugeRangersfanfromTx on


    The point of pointing that out was merely to show that aside from a Hurricanes team and Sidney Crosby, it’s quite clear that it’s smart to spend your high cap hits on defense which is why having a 8.5 million dollar cap hit by Shea WWEber would be better than having a 7.8 cap hit of Rick Nash.

    I don’t think NYR should move Stepan and more for Nash but I would move him and more for WWeber.

  55. Anyone who still doesn’t get the argument against Rick Nash, go look up Dany Heatley. The parallels (age, cost, still strong but declining stats) are all there. Would love to have a time machine and see how many people would have viewed Callahan as expendable because “you have to give talent to get a superstar”.

  56. “If you want to acquire a top 10 NHL forward, acquire someone other than Rick Nash.”


  57. Also, someone said Stepan should’ve been a 1st round pick before, but the reason he wasn’t was because he was coming out of prep school and hadn’t played in college yet. He was still kind of small (he’s not really that big now, but he was smaller then) and there was some worry about his speed. His vision and just overall ability to see the game well and make smart decisions was never in doubt though.

    He might’ve dropped into the 3rd round really, but the Rangers scouts did an excellent job finding the kid. When he went to Wisconsin, he just immediately took off and turned into the product we’ve seen today. He’s a very good 2nd line center in the league. I think as he matures, his point totals will jump up to 60-70, possibly this year depending on who he plays with. But the kid is good.

    I actually laugh because Stan used to talk about Dubinsky being a future superstar, future Vinny Lecavalier, yet Stepan is the one who has the best chance of being a star center for us. Hope he keeps it up.

  58. Bingo Mister D. And that doesn’t even cover that Heatley was a better player in his younger years.

  59. The NYR have to think 2 years down the road. There is not enough UFA talent to win next year. The trade for Nash sounds great, but you were the 3rd best team in the NHL with the guys you have to give away for Nash!!! Stay the course. NO TRADES!!! Pick up Semin or Doan on a short deal (Semin’s with incentives). The NYR core is excellent and only getting better. The culture is right. The coach is right. The players are almost right.

    Stay with it.

  60. You know what you get in Nash. To an extent, you can add or subtract, there is an argument to go both ways. You still do not know what you will get from your young assets going forward. We can argue whether Stepan’s ceiling is a 1st or 2nd liner all we want, it doesn’t matter. It’s up to the management, who sees young players play every day to ascertain who is expendable, and who is potentially replaceable in the near future. The trading partner doesn’t have the luxury of knowing this as well as a home team. That’s why, in general, the team that gets the best players wins. It’s up to Sather to assess that. And if he isn’t willing to include Stepan in Nash trade, there is a reason.

  61. If ANY trades are to be made, it should be minor trades.
    and all of the filler that Sather added in the last week are expendable.
    Maybe AA can be dealt for a capable Righty D man.

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    Mister D, if you get time machine go back and stop Sather from his first 10 years as GM in NY.

    Oh, and kill Hitler…

  63. iWannaBeANYR – Wow. You haven’t watched many Ranger games since Stepan’s first if you’re going to make that statement. Stepan is an all-around good player. Take his age and development into consideration, he could be a future star.

    Now I like that you’re take a slightly more realistic approach by saying Nash is a “top 10” forward in the league. That still doesn’t make it accurate. Just checking the stats, he was 28th in goals scored, 108th in assists and 59th in points, just behind the Canadiens’ Desharnais. He was 72nd in the league in PP goals and didn’t even break the top 150 in game winners. Tell me what about this screams “top 10” and then rattle off 10 players in the top 20 point scorers last season that are beneath Nash in ability. I certainly couldn’t do it, which suggests calling him even a top 20 forward in the league may not even be accurate.

    I really can’t understand why people are so hot for this guy. He’s done positively nothing with his career other than string together two 40-goal seasons. He certainly didn’t elevate Columbus to any great feats.

  64. Sioux-per-man on

    Stepan = 51pts Nash= 59 pts

    I would ask for Stepan if I was Howson. You would think Stepan, Dubi, and 1st Rounder would be about Sather’s limit.

    Phil I don’t think we will see him here either. Do to Howson’s demands.

    But I would LIKE to see him here.

    Who knows maybe TJ Miller can grow into a Power Forward in a couple of years. His future looks bright, maybe he can make a “Stepan” type splash on this team.

    THE KREIDER could very well be a “young Nash” in the making. He could have a 25-25 year right from the start.

    The Rangers could have up to 7 – 50pt players this year? Do we really need him right NOW???

    I just think we need 1 top player to win the cup. We could have lost the 7th game in the 1st round, and the 2nd round, Pittsburg didn’t have Crosby healthy all year, and we beat them by 1pt to finish in 1st place.

    Who that one player is going to be….. who knows ….. maybe we already have him in THE KREIDER. But let the kid grow up before he has the weight of NY upon him.

  65. I would really consider signing Semin if I were Glen. I know Torts is a bad match, but this team is missing the one thing this guy does exceptionally well.

  66. As heavy of a contributor as I am to the No To Proposition 61 (Nash) campaign, Columbus’ problems extend well beyond Nash not being as good as the perception of him seems to be.

  67. Mister D – Exactly. I guarantee some of the same people loading up the cart for Nash are the same ones who had it filled with Heatley. And yes, I do remember some suggestion of moving Callahan in the deal. After all, he’s just another of the Rangers ‘third and fourth liners’ as the logic went.

  68. Wow, he really had less points than Desharnais?

    I didn’t even realize that. Not that Desharnais is a bad player, but how can Nash be a top 20 forward when Desharnais (who was an undrafted 2nd/3rd line forward) is putting up more points than him?

    Top 20 scorer? sure. Not top 20 player.

  69. _Mister D, if you get time machine go back and stop Sather from his first 10 years as GM in NY._

    I doubt I’d make it backwards past Dmitri Kalinin before breaking the Undo button on the machine.

  70. I’d agree with that CT. The only time they had a good team was when they made the playoffs, and they had the unfortunate displeasure of playing the Red Wings in the first round.

  71. Sioux-per-man on

    Part of me says Keep ALL THE KIDS and add Doan or Semin for this year. They only require $$$$.

    But these UFA contracts this year are “beyond belief”.

  72. 7 50 pt players is pretty tough. Just looking at some of the top scoring teams from last yaer (Pitt, Philly, Boston, Sens, Canucks) the most any of them had were 6 50 pt guys. There was only about 100 players in the league last year that put up 50, 7 on one team is unlikely.

  73. cw – yes, but people still wanted to part with Callahan. Without Callahan, where would the Rangers have been these last two years? Last year especially?

    And despite the fact that Dubi had a terrible year, if we traded Dubi and Callahan with picks and prospects (one of which was probably going to be Kreider’s 1st round pick), where would the team have been these last few years?

  74. Sioux – I don’t disagree at all. I just think Nash is the wrong player for so many reasons. Like Mister said, this really seems like Heatley all over again. Nash brings star status and boy, is he ever a flashy player. He’s got the hard-nose attitude that would make him a fan-favorite pretty quickly and he’d certainly elevate the Rangers’ top line to elite status.

    But now here’s the problem: If you believe any of what’s being said out there, the Rangers need to give up two top-six players(or one top-six forward and a top-four defenseman), plus a prospect, plus a pick. That means at least one roster spot is going to be a hole. Now if that prospect is Miller, you may not have a body to fill that hole.

    Then figure in the Nash salary. It’s prohibitive. I hear people say ‘don’t worry, we’ll move Dubinsky’s $4 million brick and then it’s just a matter of finding room for $3.8 million.’ Well, that’s nice until McDonagh and Stepan need raises. Nash would hamstring that process.

    But above all, what exactly would Nash bring that would improve this team so much? Goals maybe? Well, he only scored 30 last season, and you’re losing a third of those by moving Dubinsky. If Stepan is in the deal too, that’s another 17 goals you have to compensate for. Now does Nash improve the powerplay? Even on a garbage laden team like the Jackets, you would think a guy of his caliber could pound 10 PP goals, right? Wrong. Only six. Again, he doesn’t improve what the Rangers desperately need, which is a PPQB. Nash is just a square peg many fans are trying to force into a circle hole. He ain’t worth it on any level really.

  75. IMO you cannot trade Stepan unless you have something else in the works to bring back another centre. The Rangers suffered for too many seasons a lack of depth at the numbers 1 and 2 centre position – to undo what is obviously a decent combination there would be creating one hole to plug another. It’s just not overly wise…

    OR perhaps, as I’ve cited on here previously, part of the hold-up on this deal isn’t so much to do with Sather balking at giving up x number of bodies/picks, but looking for more than Nash because x = 4 or more.

    Perhaps Stepan is included amongst that x factor but Sather is insisting that if that’s mandatory, then so is the inclusion of Derrick Brassard coming back. Brassard would immediately slide into the spot vacated by Stepan…

    Just musing…

  76. Phil – you’re highlighting my main fear. That the kids, e.g. Stepan, Del Zaster and McBust, are going to require significant raises. Nash’s awful Contract, that we had no part in negotiation but will suffer from, could prohibit that process and if it does I would rather have a few youngsters than Nash.

  77. I like Brassard, but he’s not the same player Stepan is. He adds about the same offense, is a bit more physical, but he’s oft injured and isn’t great defensively.

  78. Sioux-per-man on

    CT I agree but Look Gaborik(76) Richards (66) Callahan(54) Stepan (51)

    Hags had 38 in 64 games. He could have a 20-30 50pts year, given he plays all 82 – possible.

    Kreider is going to get PP minutes he could make a 25-25 splash this year – possible.

    Del Zotto had 41pts. He would only need 9 more assist that last year. IF he gets the point on the power play – possible

    Dubinsky had 54pts the year before, 34 last year, give him a chance to bounce back – very possible. (If he is not traded)

    I did say “could have” 7 – 50 pt players. Who know what Gabby will do or when he starts the year.

    We can always add the 1 player at the dead line. I don’t blame Sather for waiting on that one player. Who knows maybe it will be Weber at the trade dead line. IF Nashville doesn’t offer him the Moon before the start of the season.

  79. And as I’ve said all along, Nash is only worth $7.8 million to the Jackets. He’s be worth $6.5 mil to any of the 29 other teams in the league.

  80. Somebody said it yesterday, and I’ll go back and cite them in a minute because it was so simply but perfectly stated, but you can only trade a player once. And once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. There were a lot of people here clamorring to move Kreider at the deadline for Nash if that’s what it took because “he’s never even played a game”. I imagine 0% of those people would trade Kreider now for Nash or players better than Nash. No move, especially when there is very obvious potential downside to the move being considered, is almost always the right call. Let something fall into your lap rather than bid and overbid and bid again against possibly no one but yourself.

  81. Sioux – Hags isn’t getting 50. I can see him getting 45 at most. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get 35-40 this year though. You have to remember that teams didn’t have tape on him. They didn’t know his speed or his tendencies. This year he doesn’t have that advantage.

    I do think Dubi can get 50 again, but he needs to get that confidence back (and actually be healthy for once). DZ should get 50, but with how bad that PP is, he won’t.

    I think Kreider is going to get about 40 this year, but he’ll net 20 goals. He hasn’t played that many games before, so it’ll be interesting to see how he does. I think they can get 5 guys with 50, don’t see any more than that though.

  82. Let’s look at Stepan/Nash situation from a different perspective. A few years from now. Is it safe to assume that at some point, within perhaps 2 or even 1 year, their production will become even? What happens after? Do you look at this trade as a “win now” scenario? And if that’s true, do you think, Nash is really the only piece they need?

  83. Callahan has just as many issues staying healthy as Dubinsky.

    That being said I’ll take the over on Dubinsky scoring more than last year.

  84. iDoodie machetto: get well Tony on

    Your argument that a team won’t win a Cup where a winger carries the largest cap hit as a reason not to trade for Nash ignores that even without Nash, the Rangers’ largest cap hit belongs to a winger (Gaborik).

  85. It was Rangers West: “Also, once Sather pulls the trigger, those players/prospects/picks are gone for good.”

    So true, so often overlooked. Willing to bet most people who are pretend trading Stepan have pretend traded every member of our core at some point or another.

    (If it wouldn’t be such a burden, I’d love to keep a spreadsheet of proposed trades by commentor just to keep people honest and have a good record of the silliness.)

  86. Callahan puts up his points though.

    That’s the tough part about both of them, is that at some point, they are going to have to be less physical than they are now otherwise they’ll be out of the league by 32. It happens to all the power forwards, and they are both undersized for power forwards. Callahan especially is going to have to change his game if he wants to stay in the league and not retire early like Drury.

    That’s the one part that scares me. Drury was a very good player, but by the time we got him, he was damaged good. First two years he was fine, but when he turned 33, it was pretty much over for him because of the way he played when he first came up.

  87. Phil – my comment about having an abundance of 3rd and 4th liners is in relation to the questions about some of these kids. Is Thomas like Zucc? A guy that has some top 6 potential but fails to crack the top 6? Miller is projected to start off as a two-way 3rd liner with the potential to become more of a scorer and crack the top 6 at some point. Bourque is supposed to be a solid defensive forward for the 3rd line. Yogan has lots of offense, but is not as much of a team player, which could relegate him to 3rd line duties until/if he figures it out. Jean is a big body and good skater. His offense is the thing that is unknown. Could be a 3rd liner, or could be more. Most of those guys project safely as 3rd liners. That is why I also suggest waiting one more year to see if there is more there. With the exception of Thomas, none of those guys is supposed to have top 3 potential, and that is a stretch to expect that of Thomas. There are lots of “tweeners” that have not been determined, but they are safe guesses as 3rd and, in some cases, 4th liners. The Rangers have an abundance of those guys. I am still thinking this team needs to hold off on major trades for another year or one comes along that is too good to pass up.

  88. OK for the 3rd time…..

    Yankee expert for some time…….Do you recall a few years back a female color commentator for Yanks named Susan Waldman? or close to that? If so, what ever happened to her? She may have teamed with Sterling for a while but I can’t be sure ( Being an old Mel allen fan).

  89. Sioux-per-man on

    JonnyD I think Kreider will have a 20-20 year, but with the power play, and being on Richards line he has a chance to pick up 10 extra points, even if its the 2nd assist. It could happen.

    Hags got alot of his points on Gabby’s line, with his speed and getting to the puck first. Hag’s job was to get the puck to Gabby. I think with 18 extra games, and a full year under his belt, he could find 12 extra points. It could happen. He may get extra minutes with Gabby gone, and with his speed he may find extra minutes on the PK.

  90. iDoodie machetto: get well Tony on

    How did he do in the playoffs? Or the year before? How do you think he will do missing a good portion of the season (assuming it starts on time)? How do you think he will do recovering from major shoulder injury?

  91. That’s right, Latona. No matter what they take from me, they can’t take away my dignity.

  92. Sioux – that’s true, but when Gaby comes back, he’s most likely sitting on the 3rd line, unless we don’t sign anyone and keep things the way they are. I just don’t see him staying on the 1st line for much of the year though with Kreider around and hoping that Dubi bounces back a bit to get his 45-50.

  93. I wonder if Fehr will try and fight for how baskeball and to a extent baseball, even though there is no cap in baseball, try to settle for a over the cap tax, where you can go over the cap maximum but than you would have to pay a luxury tax. Would that work in hockey?

  94. “Is Thomas like Zucc?”

    If all that matters is size…but seriously…

    No, Thomas projects to be a goal scorer. Excellent, hard shot. Good skater. He’s turning pro this coming season….

    Zuccarello is more of a playmaker than goal scorer. Sees the ice very well. Awesome vision and passing skills. Great stickhandler…Magnitogorsk is lucky!!!

  95. Thanks guys for the info….I never really heard her broadcast, because I’ve never been a Yankee fan, ( Or American League fan for that matter, but I was wondering about her for a totally different reason.

    Got it.

  96. To insult the first lady broadcaster or one of the first in the history of baseball.. some people have no shame.

    I was thinking regarding the PEDs discussion yesterday which Rangers regulars this past season were likely on PEDs.

    Callahan’s a definite no, along with #30. Id say no for Gaborik, Stepan, Staal, Del Zotto, Fedotenko

    Im on the fence about McDonagh, Anisimov.

    But I think Rupp, Boyle, Prust, Girardi, and possibly even Richards, with his strong 2nd half resurgence. If Rupp was using, it certainly didnt enhance his performance LOL

  97. In theory, Stepan for Ryan I’d do pretty quickly. Given our current roster, I wouldn’t.

  98. Jonny D – The thing with Hagelin is that he’s quite literally the fastest guy in the NHL(at least if you believe the skills competition at the All-Star game). Other teams had plenty of scouting on him last season. But the only way to neutralize a guy like that is to have a defenseman that can keep stride with him or to obstruct him. The post-lockout NHL caters to small, quick players like Hagelin. The reason he didn’t do much in the playoffs was largely because the obstruction just got worse as the playoffs went along. Hagelin couldn’t take flight because there was almost always someone clutching and grabbing him. The play also moved to the boards where Hagelin doesn’t have the advantage of a big body. I’m not sure what the ceiling is on this kid, but I think it’s safe to say he’ll be a 50-point scorer at some point in his career.

  99. Stranger Nation on

    the player who benefitted most from Gabby’s production was Step. I like Step as a #2 center, not enough size for #3 center.

    Hags was the accelerant used to bring fire to the B Rich / Gabby pairing. in fact, he was one of their most valuable players last season given his production as a top 6 winger. be curious to know who was more productive save Gabby 5v5 after he was called up.

    someone said Hags didn’t produce last season. whatever you do, please don’t drink and drive. he is not the answer on the Top 6 IMO, but he did pretty damn well considering the circumstances.

    Boyle can step in at 2nd line center? hmm…love the guy, but will not happen

    Say NO to prop 61 with Step unless JT Miller is ready to go!

  100. Jonny, this response is only directed at you. I thought about what ilb said yesterday about me wanting to motivate him. I dont think thats right, because how exactly am I going to motivate him, he has no idea what I or anyone thinks. But I did come to a realization. I dont care about much in life. Im not a materially driven person. I care about family/friends/animals and my teams and thats it. I just want that guy to win so badly. He’s not my favorite NY athlete of all time or anywhere close, but on current teams, I always identify a guy or a few guys that I want to raise the trophy of their respective sport. And for the Rangers, its him. I want it so badly, it sometimes clouds my judgments on him.

  101. Dan Shea – we essentially agree. I just never call the ball on a player until two or three years after he turns pro. Even then, it’s sometimes tough to shoehorn a guy into the “third or forth liner” moniker. Frankly, in my school of coaching, a team is better when it can roll four lines. And the way you do that is that you evenly disperse the talent throughout the four, so there is no top or bottom. Use the man-advantage to put together a line of stars. That said, in my world, players like Rupp and Asham would never see the light of day. I’d have those spots filled with guys like Prust, Boyle and Dubinsky. Players capable of being gritty, but also who can move the puck to the net.

  102. Yes! Here we go again!

    Susan Waldman was also the FIRST person to speak on WFAN. She launched the station at Midnight. Her voice is intolerable and her emotional fits of crying over Roger Clemens are tough to deal with but she’s a classic.

  103. phil – that’s just speed though. Not offensive tendencies. Everyone knew that Hagelin was fast. But not many teams knew his go to move with the puck was circling around the net and trying a wraparound stuff-in, which is how he scored or created a bunch of goals. They’ll have the opposite side d-man waiting for him this year. He’ll have to learn that he won’t be able to make that move anymore and instead will have to fake the move, continue around the back boards, and look for a pass to the slot since the d-man will most likely over compensate.

    He’s definitely a very good player, I just think last year he played a little over his head for most of the year. Now if you put him on a line with a decent scorer who grabs garbage goals? His assist total will go up since he’s more of an assist guy than a scorer.

  104. NYR_FAN: I wasn’t saying they were the same style of player as much as I was saying that he could be a tweener player. A smaller guy who is better suited for top 6 role, but may not be able to crack the top 6 on this team. Way too early to say Thomas is that, but if he could easily become that just as easily as he could be a bust or 30 goal scorer.

  105. And to touch somewhat on what you said Phil, if Hagelin is on your third line, your team is doing something right. So I’m not saying that as a bad thing, just saying that on the Rangers, he’ll most likely better fit in there over the next few years, which would be great for the team.

  106. My assumption is that next year Kreider replaces Hagelin on the top line. Something like :

    Kreider – Richards – Gaborik (when healthy)

    I expect that first line to score a bunch of goals. I don’t doubt that Stepan might step in as a huge assist guy in between two scoring wingers and Richards may be better served as a 2nd line Centre where he can score a bunch more. Gotta spread the scoring. Therefore, Stepan has the potential, on this team to be our 1st line Centre, in my opinion.

  107. I’d trade him for Nash. The only problem I really see is it leaves us bereft of centers if you trade him AND Dubi (for cap reasons).

    Nash is a risk, beyond his immediate, suspected impact. He has a huge cap hit, and he could be an anchor on us in the future. So you need to counter with some immediate impact (Roster Players) and some Risk (picks or prospects).

    The art of the deal is dishing the right mix of these two. I’m in favor of sending more risk than impact, but Howson is going to want impact more than anything else, to cool his fan base. I think that is what is holding this delal up. Stepan barely does that, but would be a potentially higher marquee value than the Duber.

    Christian Thomas is a risk, albeit a small one. Maybe we send some Hobbit Wizadry their way to sweeten the deal. Some eye candy on the PP.

    Dubi, Thomas, Zucc, Step, Erixon, Borque, and picks are all expendable in my mind, if Nash comes back.

    But I’m fine with going in with what we have. let the kids rise up again rather than force a big piece in to the mix. Maybe Thomas can play, and score. Maybe Miller sticks, or the kneecapper, Kyle Jean. Who knows.

  108. Stepan in 2 years does not equal current Dubi IMO. Stepan is just a kid, probably 22 years old or less. I think he’s got enormous potential. A deal breaker for Nash, but I dont think a deal breaker for Ryan.

  109. I don’t really see any connection between Dubinsky (a person who is supposed to score 20 and plays Wing) and Stepan (a young Centre who has 1st line potential and is an Assist guy).

    They both play PK sometimes?

  110. Stepan has much better hands too. And “intangibles”.

    Also, Stepan and Kreider have played together the last 3 years in either WJC or WC events.

  111. And for anyone that doesnt know…

    Tomorrow is Linda’s 26th birthday!

    And Tony gets to go home in 9 days!

  112. The thing about Graves over Nash is that Graves might help raise enough money for Garden of Dreams to cover his entire salary. Nash won’t really bring in any charity money.

  113. The connection is that there is a ton of unrealistic expectations of Stepan, who will have to make a real serous leap to make it beyond being a second line player, as opposed to someone like Nash who is a very good 1st line player, albeit older. And I think Dubi was supposed to be a center, but that Gomez and Dreary thing screwed that up. Oh, and him stinking a lot.

  114. bull dog line on

    wow hipbone, thats a lot of guys for Nash. I think they should toss Staal, or Girardi to sweeten it up.

  115. I am on hold with Lexis Nexis and the Musac I am being forced to listen too is Backstreet Boys or N’Sync. Whichever sings the, “I don’t care who you are where you are as long as you love me” or whatever.


  116. in work meetings what did i miss today.

    are we still trading hank(tiki). keep waiting out howson he will move him before training camp.

  117. DJK – Graves was a much better physical player than Nash, not as good of a pure scorer (nowhere near). Graves scored most of his goals in front of the net. Nash scores because he has a great shot. Nash isn’t THAT physical, he won’t dig pucks out of corners much, but he’ll throw the occasional hit. The way he uses his size is by taking hits to protect the puck.

    Chris – I don’t think they are unrealistic expectations. He is right now a 50 point 2nd line center who is responsible in both ends. I don’t think anyone really thinks he’ll be a true 1st line center ever, but if he stays where he is right now, he’ll be just fine. Dubi definitely had unrealistic expectations since some people were saying he’d be a 1st line center who scores 70-80 points and is an all-star when he never really showed that coming up.

  118. bull dog line on

    2 games from the finals. now the Rangers will have Kreider for a full season, and Staal for a full season. all prospects are now 1 year closer. Erixon just had a full year of development for the Whale. lets blow the hole thing up for a player who has played 4 playoff games in his career. this is not Mark Messier coming here with 5 cups under his belt, this is Rick Nash who does not have 5 playoff games under his belt.

  119. bull dog line on

    was going to mention Sauer, but just not sure about his return. also chances are Dubi bounces back into a 15 to 20 guy.

  120. They won’t do it, bull dog. Luckily, it matters very little what most of the fans/keyboard GMs think. They won’t do it. The longer the Nash saga continues, the more it’s becoming apparent that they will stick to the plan. And even losing Gaborik for 1-2 months isn’t changing it, apparently. Good for them. And good for us. Watch someone blow up their team for Nash and fail to make the playoffs anyway. Unless Howson changing his position, Nash isn’t coming.

  121. I have been pushing that line, Bull Dog. I think Kreider nets 30 and Dubinsky nets 20 and there are 50 goals (basically) we didn’t have last year. That’s a HUGE pickup.

  122. There you go! Not only Sather isn’t trading the kids away, he keeps adding people to protect them in Hartford. :-)

  123. bull dog line on

    Graves meant a lot more to the Rangers than Stats. can’t compare Nash to Graves based on Stats. Graves brought so much more than goal scoring.

  124. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Wouldn’t I be funny if it isn’t howson holding up the deal for nash, it was sather. I mean not from a “we won’t pay your price stand point”, but from a “we need to add a couple more pieces to fill the holes we are about to create standpoint”….LOL

  125. I don’t see Nash going anywhere unless Howson lowers his asking price and why should he do that for there one and only franchise player. I don’t remember if that was a extension or not but either way, Nash went for the money and you can’t have your cake and eat it to. Nash is stuck in columbes. If I wa Howson I would have a sit down with ash and work out there differences and move on.

  126. I know Carp said sather is talking to Howson everyday, I don’t by it. I think sather has moved on already and is looking and talking to other GM’s for a trade for a offensive player that won’t effect his young core.

  127. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    segal used to play for the ning I believe and I think he lost all 5 fights he had the two seasons ago in the NHL…and that is all I know
    re N sync…I have no idea what that is about

  128. Tommy – that’s a good point. If Nash took less money, maybe they’d be able to spend more on better players so that Columbus could actually be good.

  129. Looks like another 4th line Depth signing at around the league minimum. Pro-Rated he looks like a 10G, 10A a season type guy.

  130. Brandon Segal played in LA and Dallas (I think Tampa last year). Big kid who can fight.

    Also, like Halpern, is Jewish. TREND HERE? Rangers trying to attract more of the Jewish community?

  131. *New Post* worthy is much like being *sponge* worthy. Mr. Segal (Brandon) is neither.

  132. He’s playing in the AHL. He won’t be on the NHL roster this year unless we lose a fighter.

  133. If Brandon Segal is in their plan next year, Gordie Clark must know something about next year’s 1st pick that no one else does.

  134. “Can this dead horse Nash be moved already so we can stop beating it?! Move him somewhere! ANYWHERE!!”

    We are trading Richards for Nash, CCCP?

  135. I guess they figure if the Islanders are moving, all of my Jewish friends from Long Island will need a team to cheer for. BOOM, BRING IN THE HEBREW HAMMERS TO GET THEM OVER TO THE RANGERS FANBASE!!!

    I like it. Actually I love it.

  136. Segal? Another Jewish Brutha! Sweet Challah!

    I believe that the Rangers, as well as the rest of the NYC teams, have the biggest Jewish following in the world (Israel doesn’t count).

  137. Remember how the Atlanta Thrashers were seemingly stockpiling every African-American and Canadian players prior to their move to Winnipeg? Why can’t the Rangers do the same with my fellow members of the Tribe (except not move afterwards?)

  138. Because, DJK, we would be horrible. Jews aren’t any good at sports. We usually pay people to be good at them for us. Check out Macabee Tel Aviv as a great example.

  139. Yes, Manny. I’m well aware that “Great Jews In Sports” is the shortest book ever written.

  140. My friends and I joked in college that Hillel should field a sports team and we would just pay the athletic teams at our school to compete for us. We would also have our mothers buy us really good sports equipment so we could lend it to them.

  141. Toronto and Montreal have a boatload of Jewish fans, as do the Panthers and Lightning.

  142. I think Florida and Tampa need to have a boatload of fans before they can have a boatload of solely Jewish fans, DJK.

  143. CCCP, Ajax was founded by Jews. Has very big Jewish following indeed. Flags, signs of Stars of David are common at the games. So were the Spurs, but it is now rather a legend then reality. But over the years Spurs’ fans were insulted over this, mainly by Chelsea fans.

  144. Haha. Good one, Latona.

    How many Jews are in a boatload? Does anyone know the proper measurement there?

  145. How many of us are Jewish? I know you and I are Jewish AND in one of the most stereotypical professions for us but I know there’s quite a few others.

  146. “26” / Jew / Attorney

    Here are the people on here I know are Jewish: ilb, @CCCP@, Noah, Lev, DJK, Sally, NYR_FAN (Jewish Vibin’)…

  147. Thanks, Kovie. I had no idea about the Ajax and its history. I’ll definitely look more into it. What about Tottenham? Large Jewish community there as well?

  148. The Islanders don’t trump the Rangers in that category? Well I guess the Isles don’t have too many fans anymore, so probably not haha.

  149. I guess I should have labeled myself:

    “non-practicing and non-recognized Jew who was raised Jewish and taught Hebrew School, Bar Mitzvah’d and lived in Israel yet is still not Jewish on a technicality despite attempting to convert and spending two years being far too religious for my likes and thus has all the negatives of being Jewish and none of the benefits and is therefore a Religious Orphan who would certainly be killed in the next Holocaust”

    (Too much Dark Humour?)

  150. CCCP, I think the Spurs were founded by the Jews and had a large following decades ago. Now, I’m not that sure. Certainly they’re less Jewish than Ajax but still the biggest “Jewish” team in EPL.

  151. Manny: are you the mythical creature known as “both” ie: receives presents for both Christmas and Chanukkah? I used to think how awesome that must be as a kid…

  152. It was awesome until my mom Phased out Christmas and announced her official Conversion to my father’s religion and the dominant religion of our household. Then we got actual Chanukah gifts (e.g. pencils, socks, erasers, etc.) Then I was told I wasn’t Jewish and that I would have to convert. Then I was told if I convert I could no longer hug my mother because we would no longer be related and that would offend the laws of “Tznius”…then my head exploded.

  153. Alright I will can the sarcastic dark humour routine for now.

    I guess we should add our Hebrew Names

    “26” / Jewish / Attorney / Moishe Yitzchak ben Hershel v’Tikva

  154. Baby ilb:

    – 10 or so days bb (before birth)/jewish/future Rangers director of medicine.

  155. Manny, who else besides an attorney can sit on the blog the whole day? I bet you are even billing for it!

  156. Bulldog line, I meant those are acceptable options (my opinion) to choose from, but not all together.

    Slats has got to get his 3-way trade skills together to make this thing happen, if it does.

    Are we trading for Cammeleri now too?

  157. 35 / uncircumcised Jew (dont hate me for it!) / self-employed.

    what’s with the attorney shtick? geez… can’t even sue anyone on this board!

  158. So I just found out that the Rangers drafted Mike Sullivan in 1987. Did anyone else know this?

  159. What’s with all this repetitive, boring, childish ‘Jewish’ nonsense? Grow up.

  160. Those question marks were supposed to be Hebrew. Darn.

    Prust > B. Segal

    Prust = S. Seagal

  161. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    So time for a funny story, since religion came up (in a non heated topic)…

    In the army they want you to put religious preference on your dog tags. Well as many of you know, I am not a fan of religion, but the majority of my family has an affiliation (coming from a long line of French Canadiens my family is bursting at the seams with Catholics), so I of course initially put “no religious preference” on my dog tags because I’m not religious.

    My bad on that one, if I got hit and was in a bad way, apparently they would not leave me alone without any religious dribble, but instead I was open game for any available member of the “god squad” for last rights.

    I find this out and decide to change it to “none” thinking that would close the “spiritual loophole” for me…no dice, I was still open season for the above mentioned “god squad”.

    Being a bit more well read than it may seem here, I always admired the ancient greek and roman warriors and thought a funeral pyre was the way to go. So, I started putting hellenistic on my dog tags and if the army happened to have a hellenistic priest around to give last rights and then burn me on a pyre, I’d accept that.

    I guess, fortunately for me, I never quite got to that point (pretty damn close once), but I am guessing I would have been left alone and it would have been up to my buddies for the pyre.

    One last thing, I did have a set made that said French Roman Catholic and sent them to my mum right after I enlisted (got to keep the mum happy ;))

  162. That is an awesome story, Wicky. Really. I remember my Grandfather having “H” on his dog tags so be careful. I don’t want you to get confused!

    I also am NOT a fan of religion but I identify as a Jew. Isn’t that weird? Ethnicism vs. Race vs. Religion vs. other science words.

    Walther – this began because the Rangers are stocking up on Jewish talent.

  163. is it really, walter? i dont see you contributing in any way… so what you need to look for is mindyourowndamnbusiness.f-off

  164. Whoa, I thought this was a Connecticut Whale blog. Did I screw this up again???

  165. Your story was actually the one I enjoyed, Wicky. Always amazes me how people get that close to giving up their lives and still can talk about it with any degree of humor.

  166. That’s because Wicky is really stupid, ilb. He doesn’t have enough brain cells to take that kind of stuff seriously.

  167. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    humour at the toughest time is what kept us going a lot of the time

  168. _Always amazes me how people get that close to giving up their lives and still can talk about it with any degree of humor._

    If those kind of stories are your thing, remind me some day to tell you about the time I took a one-hopper directly off the cup at 3B. Terrifying, yet hilarious.

  169. Mister D = Adrian Beltre??

    Nope, Adrian Beltre took a one hopper off where his cup was supposed to be, but since he doesnt wear one, he ended up with an injured testicle.

  170. Once I hit my dad in the Gluteus Maximus with a golf ball. He was about 15 yards up and directly right of me and in my downswing I saw him moving and tried to stop (even though I wasn’t going to hit it near him) and as I attempted to stop swinging I decelerated the clubhead and dropped it on the ball totally open-faced, yet very, very squarely at which point the ball took off and smacked my poor dad. He had a bruise with dimples. Pretty good times.

  171. czechthemout!!! on


    As a very frequent poster on this blog, I can comfortably say I have never seen you post before. It’s funny that what inspired you to post something with negative undertones was a light hearted discussion about Jewish players and various sayings. Hmmm, interesting.

    Lighten up!

  172. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    LOL and another reason I avoid golf at all costs…potential injury to others!!

  173. Hey Wicky – remember earlier (@3:13) I called you stupid? Defend yourself, Soldier!

  174. Does anyone know if Carp banned that ohpukeme character? I haven’t seen his brilliant posts for awhile.

  175. I can’t imagine playing IF without a cup on. I actually switched to OF my senior year of HS because I knew I wasn’t going to get much playing time anyway and I didn’t want to have to wear a cup just for some pregame IF.

  176. _do tell_

    That was pretty much the story. Last year of city ball, so I was like 15, and someone hit a rocket at me (the kind I’d play to the side now in softball without even an ounce of shame) that caught me square. Its the weirdest feeling in the world; nothing like a typical ballshot, more full body nausea and a numbness that had me convinced I was about to pee myself. Without a cup, I’m still laying there sobbing.

  177. ilb, ohpukeme/jbeck/Rod/Rod Lurks/Rod Returns/Return of the Rod/The Walking Rod/Rodmania/Roderick/Rod Gilbert?

  178. Hey Wicky. I am sorry for calling you stupid. It was immature and very juvenile and Jewish of me to do so. Not only did I hurt your feelings, but I offended Walt(h)er by being so Jewish on a hockey blog.

    Please forgive me,


  179. Did anyone know that Game 1 of the NBA Finals had more viewers than the *entire* Stanley Cup Finals. LOL

  180. I am cracking up. Can’t wait to tell my jewfriend Ethan and my Indianfromindiawellreally massapequa friend George. George is an islander fan. Gonna meet for PBR and chicken wings and I was hoping the conversation wouldn’t turn to hockey or politics but this will suffice. Lol Kurt “walt”heim

  181. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Dave Vest ?@davest4yotes
    #Coyotes have agreed to terms with forward Joel Rechlicz on a one-year, two-way contract

    how did slats miss this guy?

  182. >>Should we have a “A/S/L” type post where we put “Age/Religion/Prof”?

    And for what purpose? In these crazy times, the less people know about me, the better.

  183. Actually, how did Slats miss this guy!?

    “Joel Rechlicz (born June 14, 1987) is an American professional ice hockey player. He is signed with the Washington Capitals organization and is currently playing for the Hershey Bears of the American Hockey League. Rechlicz is *well known for playing the enforcer role and because of that he has earned himself the nickname “Wrecker” from many fans. He is billed as a tough as nails* type of player. “

  184. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Coyotes Agree to Terms with Rechlicz
    Wednesday, 07.11.2012 / 3:48 PM / News
    Phoenix Coyotes

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012
    GLENDALE, ARIZONA – Phoenix Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney announced today that the Coyotes have agreed to terms with forward Joel Rechlicz on a one-year, two-way contract. As per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    The 6-foot-4, 235-pound Rechlicz has played in 26 career NHL games with the New York Islanders and Washington Capitals recording 0-1-1 and 105 penalty minutes. Last season he appeared in three games for the Capitals. Rechlicz also posted 1-1-2 and 267 penalty minutes with the Hershey Bears (AHL) during the 2011-12 season. His 267 penalty minutes ranked second in the AHL.

    The 25-year-old native of Brookfield, Wis., has registered 2-2-4 and 645 penalty minutes in 122 career AHL games. Rechlicz signed with the Islanders as an undrafted free agent in 2008.

  185. Alright, Sean Collins! Anyone else of mixed Irish/English/Scotish heritage want to go off on an hour-long conversation? Walter?

  186. AND……..HAHAHAHAHAH…I can’t believe this is real, but…

    Joel Rechlicz is *JEWISH*

  187. Manny, why poor Carp? I love the Jews. I was even thinking of converting for the jokes.

    “Our sense of humor is what has sustained us as a people for 3,000 years.”


    “5,000? even better.”

    “Chrissy, give me a little schtickle of flouride.”

  188. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    he signed asham and haley when we could have had this guy??

  189. Well JBytes this place isn’t some anonymous swingers party where all the guests wear masks and eat chicken wings. This is a blog with accountability!

  190. I am dying of laughter over here because Rechlicz is Jewish. Too funny

    “Chrissy, give me a little schtickle of flouride.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHABWAHAHAHAH

  191. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Jesse Spector ?@jessespector
    #Caps sign Wojtek Wolski to a one-year deal to fill the enigma role vacated by Alex Semin. Might not be Russian enough for it, I think.

  192. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    ouch, good think spector did not say Ukrainian, CCCP might coat check him

  193. Jewish here too 52/Jewish/working for a German company o:)

    Could this be the first time in the history of the Rangers that we signed TWO Jewish players in one week (Halperin/Segal)

  194. Wolski is Candian by way of Poland, right? So he’s not even a tint Russian. Is he Jewish?

  195. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I think the signing of these jewish players is an actual ploy by the team to get more “holidays” off from torts and practice during the season.

    I fully expect this plan by the players to intensify with the signing of a couple of muslim players within the week.

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