Congrats Eddie O, Lou Lamoriello and Mike Modano


From USA Hockey:

U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2012 Announced

Class Includes Lamoriello, Modano and Olczyk

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Lou Lamoriello, Mike Modano and Eddie Olczyk will be enshrined as the United States Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2012 it was announced today by USA Hockey. The three-member class will be formally installed into the Hall this fall, with a date and location to be announced in the near future.

“What a remarkable class,” said Ron DeGregorio, president of USA Hockey. “The positive impact this group has had on our sport is one that will be felt for decades to come.”

Under the direction of Lou Lamoriello, the New Jersey Devils are one of the most successful teams in the National Hockey League, as evidenced by five appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals, including titles in 1995, 2000 and 2003. Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2009, the president, general manager and CEO of the Devils has been with the club since 1987 and has served as general manager for a single franchise longer than any other GM in the league. Lamoriello led the Devils to their first winning season and to the Wales Conference Finals during his first campaign and, under his guidance, the team has advanced to the NHL playoffs in 21 of the last 23 seasons. Prior to taking his current position, Lamoriello led the Providence College men’s ice hockey team as head coach from 1968 until he resigned in 1983 to focus on his duties as athletic director of the college. In his final season as head coach (1982-83), Lamoriello led the Friars to a best-in-the-nation 33-10-0 record and a berth in the Frozen Four for the first time since 1964. As athletic director, Lamoriello played a central role in the formation of the Hockey East Association and the establishment of an interlocking schedule with the Western Collegiate Hockey Association. He was the first commissioner of the Hockey East Association, a position he held from 1984-87 while also serving as PC’s athletic director. Lamoriello also helped establish the first-ever college hockey television package. In 1988, Hockey East named its conference championship trophy in his honor. The Providence, R.I., native has also made his mark on the international stage, serving as general manager of gold-medal winning Team USA at the 1996 World Cup of Hockey and for the U.S. entry in the 1998 Olympic Winter Games.

With a professional career that spanned over 21 NHL seasons, Mike Modano is the league’s all-time goal-scoring and points leader among American-born players with 561 goals and 1,374 points. Modano also holds records for the most NHL playoff points (145) by an American-born player and games played (1,499) by an American-born forward. Additionally, Modano holds Dallas Stars franchise records for most games played (1,459), goals (557), assists (802) and points (1,359). Drafted first overall by the Minnesota North Stars in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft, Modano went on to win the 1999 Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars. He was also a part of the U.S. Men’s National Team that captured the gold medal at the 1996 World Cup of Hockey and helped Team USA to a silver-medal finish at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. The Livonia, Mich., native played 20 seasons with the Dallas Stars franchise (1989-2010) before joining the Detroit Red Wings for the 2010-2011 season, his last in the NHL. Modano played in eight NHL All-Star Games during his career and represented Team USA 11 times in international competition across three decades, including the 2002 and 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

Eddie Olczyk was the third overall pick of the 1984 NHL Entry Draft by the Chicago Blackhawks and enjoyed a 16-year professional career. A member of the 1994 Stanley Cup champion New York Rangers, Olczkyk’s career was split between six teams, including the Chicago Blackhawks (1984-1987, 1998-2000), Toronto Maple Leafs (1987-1991), Winnipeg Jets (1991-1992, 1995-96), New York Rangers (1992-1995), Los Angeles Kings (1996) and Pittsburgh Penguins (1996-1998). All total, he notched 342 goals and 452 assists for 794 points in 1,031 games. Additionally, Olczyk represented the U.S. nine times on the international stage during his career, including as a member of Team USA at the 1984 Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, as a 17-year-old, where he skated on the famed “Diaper Line.” He also helped Team USA to a second-place finish in the 1991 Canada Cup. A native of Palos Heights, Ill., Olczyk is the current lead game analyst for NHL on NBC and NHL on NBC Sports Network. Olczyk was also heard during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, including the gold-medal men’s ice hockey contest, which was the most-watched hockey game in America in 30 years. Olczyk, who spent parts of two seasons behind the bench as head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins from 2003-05, presently serves as the game analyst for Chicago Blackhawks television broadcasts.

U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame inductees are chosen on the basis of extraordinary contribution to the sport of hockey in the United States.

Notes: The U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame was founded in 1973. To date, there are 153 enshrined members in the Hall. For information on the members of the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame, visit … The U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Museum, located in Eveleth, Minn., is open daily. For hours of operation and admission prices, visit or call 800-433-7825.


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  1. Now playing for the Rangers, #68, Sheikh Abdul Makhman Rahim!!!!

    I like the sound of it Wicky.

    Guys knock it off with the Jew stuff. Really. Grow up.

  2. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    damn you two

    I think the signing of these jewish players is an actual ploy by the team to get more “holidays” off from torts and practice during the season.

    I fully expect this plan by the players to intensify with the signing of a couple of muslim players within the week.

  3. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Jesse Spector ?@jessespector
    Just by looking at #NYR roster, you know Glen Sather is ready to make a deal.

    has he been reading my posts the last couple of days??

  4. Sean Collins, huh

    most of this off-season has followed the old school Ranger mold of basically making up player names

  5. I just asked my friend about Halpern being Jewish because he grew up with him and he told me he went to Halpern’s Bar Mitzvah. Amazing Jew Connection.

  6. “Additionally, Olczyk represented the U.S. nine times on the international stage during his career, including as a member of Team USA at the 1984 Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, as a 17-year-old, where he skated on the famed “Diaper Line.””

    Bwahahahah!!! “The Diaper line”?

  7. I don’t know if anybdy knows this or not but the famous Hugh jessiman signed yesterday by the Ottawa senators.

  8. Did Maloney do what he did in NYC and see that Sather was signing all the Jews, so he went out and followed suit?

  9. LOL! Talk about a salary decrease…

    Wolski’s cap hit with WSH is $600,000….

  10. +Wolski’s Cap Progression+

    $942,800 (Age 20)
    $2,800,000 (Age 23)
    $3,800,000 (Age 25)
    $600,000 (Age 26)

  11. Let’s wait and see what Semin signs for. But if it’s more than $1.5M then Wolski wins.

  12. Watch WW, motivated by peanuts, to rip our Rangers apart with the frequent GWG in all 4 matches.
    How could I miss entire Jewish Feast here without contributing something inappropriately salty? Damn!

  13. Rabbi Shloime Gutnervassenstein on

    Ve are still 8 players short of a Minyan but all in all Hashem has been good to us in gaining two terrific, good jewish boys for ze team. I pray for ze team to have many minyanim in ze future.

  14. If Churchill definition of success, is an ability to move from one failure to another with enthusiasm, our blog for years is very successful for sure.

  15. We will fight in the defensive zone and in the fields and in the streets. We will never surrender!

  16. “No truce, no mercy, no surrender, no rest, no more…this is war” – Tragedy

  17. Either Sather is no longer cognizant of the world around him and has been living in a bathrobe for weeks or there is a trade that is all but done. What else can these types signings mean? Didn’t Sather say something about being aggressive behavior this summer?

  18. I have a murky suspicion that our Dubinsky wouldn’t pass some Commission of Racial Cleanness test either, if dig deep enough to his genealogy. If so, Slats should keep him just for unbreakable unity of this community.

  19. We will defend the neutral zone….whatever the costs may be. Never in history of hockey has so much been owed to so few defensemen. Go defense.

  20. These signings mean because of the lock-out, The Organ-eye-zation is committed to winning The Calder Cup. Fire Gernander!

  21. Wolski can produce if he has talent around him and gets ice time…

    But he’ll probably get scored on as much as he helps the offense….and he’s soft…

    Maybe not as soft as Semin because Semin is really soft…

  22. We should sign Curt Schilling as our GM! He’ll blow all our money, then put the blame on everyone but himself!

  23. Wolski is a great signing for the Caps. Zero risk there, when the guy is earning $600,000 per. With the cap disaster they’re facing Ovechkin, Backstrom, Laich, Riberio and Laich, plus Green and Carlson unsigned, they needed someone who can pot goals on the cheap. Kind of surprised the Pens didn’t nab him. At that price, where can you go wrong? If the guy sucks, you dump him in the AHL to rot for eternity. Even if they get 40 points out of that bum, they’re ahead of the game.

  24. Can’t say I feel the same for Bootsy Collins and Steven Segal. Between them and Asham, the Rangers are really starting to look like a trash heap. Hopefully they all end up in Hartford. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around a guy like Asham, who showed the decorum of your standard highly-intoxicated soccer hoodlum against the Flyers in the playoffs, will ever stay out of Tortorella’s doghouse long enough to see the light of day.

    Gotta say, that Spector quote has me on edge for what the future brings.

  25. When a well-known aging Jewish winger signed his last contract for less money than his previous contract, he converted to Catholicism, saying: “Better one of them should take a cut than one of us.”

  26. Short ribs with a brown sugar, cinnamon, cayenne, salt and pepper rub + ginger beer, apple cider vinegar, soy and garlic braising liquid is looking and smelling really good right now. Slow cooking is always better.

  27. Lighthouse Blllllghsh on

    Eddie O has a voice like a foghorn and is drowned out by crowd noise. He knows his hockey, but as an in game broadcaster, he’s useless.

  28. I wanted to apologize for getting thrown completely off track yesterday. I started with one topic and I fell into the trap of getting swayed off course. When people lack the intelligence to present an opposing argument, sometimes they hide behind sarcasm and other times they try throwing the discussion off track with sheer stupidity. I was able to handle myself quite nicely yesterday, but from this point forward, I will no longer respond to intentional attempts to incite me; I will only respond to those people interested in having a civil discussion. Thanks.

  29. A lot of new names, I see…
    How’s your day going so far? Hey, does anyone know how to put together a co-sleeper? :-)

  30. Cccp, differ3nce this time is i never lost control and i didnt blow up, i stayed within myself :)

  31. Ilb, ill tell u how to put together a cosleeper. Make sure to follow my directions closely…
    1. Read the directions that came with the cosleeper
    2. Complete one direction at a time, from 1-20, not from 20-1.


  32. Eddie Olczyk, member of the Black Aces for the New York Rangers. Played 1 playoff game in 1994.

    How come they never write that???

    The other Black Aces? Nick Kypreos, Doug Lidster came out of the aces to replace Karpovtsev. I think there were 2 or 3 more…Matty Norstrom? Mike Hudson?

  33. I take my co-sleeper and lay her, I mean it flat then blow into her, I mean it’s air valve until full.

  34. Over / Under for our Forwards surpassing their individual goal totals of last year in the upcoming season:

    Gaborik 41 – under
    Richards 25 – under
    Callaghan 29 – under
    Stepan 17 – over
    Hagelin 14 -over
    Anisimov 16 – over
    Boyle 11 – over
    Dubinski 10 – over
    Rupp 4 -over
    Pyatt 9 – under
    Asham 5 – over
    Halpern 4 – over

  35. someone who purports to watch hockey said Wojtek Wolski is a great signing

    holy crap

  36. Lloyd – For the Caps, it is a good signing. They get a former 50-point scorer who has a boatload of offensive talent to put next to Backstrom or Ribeiro. If he plays well, they get offense for hardly any cap hit. If he doesn’t, the Hershey Bears get a new left wing. Or should I put it this way: Who looks more foolish, the Caps for signing 25-year-old Wolski at $600,000 or the Rangers who signed 33-year-old Asham for $1 million?

  37. Evening gang.

    I am neither Jewish, nor an attorney. Just for the record.

    Still don’t like that Nash fellow. I hope Sather pulls a rabbit outta his hat and gets someone totally unexpected.

  38. I’m no fan of Asham but I’m more comfortable with him than hoping I can build an offensive line around a total dog.

  39. What happend? Should I write a post-mortem on this blog? Wind blew a mustard gas and lewisite in our trenches?

  40. Deflated zeppelin in a blue sky looked like a flag of defeat. And only single letters time to time still fall to the phrase: “A man can be destroyed but not defeated”.

  41. I felt so lonely in this desert. Now, farewell to arms – my keyboard… Hello, to frozen, foggy glass of smooth Grey Goose. LGR!

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