First day of Shane Doan free agency (updated)


The Phoenix captain, a Coyote since they played in Winnipeg, has set his own free agency timetable, and that begins today. Shane Doan wanted to wait for all the political garbage surrounding the ‘Yotes’ ownership situation to be sorted out before deciding if he wants to stay or go.

He told teams that he didn’t want to field offers until today, July 9, even though he became a free agent with all the others on July 1.

All signs point to Doan staying put … if he believes the ownership will be stable.

If not, there are expected to be 10-12 or more teams interested in a veteran who can play on the top two lines, score some goals, be physical and provide a ton and a half of leadership and intangibles. And the Rangers are certain to be one of those — Doan would be a perfect fit for the way they play and the things they believe are important — though there’s not a chance he will come cheaply, even at his age.

Here’s a story from Gannett’s columnist for the Arizona Republic, via USA Today.

Here’s another story from NBCSports yesterday.

UPDATE: Here’s the story from the AZ Republic today, via USA Today.


FYI, I was flipping channels yesterday when I came across SNY’s barroom trivia show, Beer Money. I usually can’t hit the button fast enough when that comes on … except this time there was a guy in a Rangers shirt claiming to be a diehard.

I won’t even provide my own commentary.

The first question, for $10, was “who was the captain of the Rangers’ 94-94 championship team?”

The second, for $20, was “the Rangers had two head coaches in 2008-09, who were they?”

The third, for $40, was “which Rangers defenseman won the Norris Trophy in 1966-67?”

The guy’s guess: Eddie Giacomin.

Swear to God.


AP photo, above … Doan was undoubtedly suspended for his infraction vs. Skidney.




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  1. Thisyearsmodel on

    CARP-do you really post these in the middle of the night or is this an automatically delayed deal? I am on the West Coast so it is not yet midnight.

  2. Eddie Giacomin? Everyone knows it was 1. – Bobby Orr 2. – Emile Francis and Freddie Shero 3. Phil Esposito

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    There was a guy in a Rangers shirt claiming to be a diehard? Who thought Eddie won the Norris? Sounds like the RR troll from a couple of days ago.

  4. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Andy Kaufman DeBoer is now assistant coach-less!!!!

    Can he not play with others? Did these guys get good offers too good to refuse? Were they even looking? Are they bailing because of other issues in the organization?

    Dunno, but Larry and Adam are both gone. Go find someone to play with, Peter!!!

    Subtraction is always good when it comes to the Derbils!!! Great day!!

    Mr. Doan?????

  5. Alonzo Harris reporting this morning that the Rangers would have to include Boyle in any package for Nash.

  6. I fear Shane Doan day could turn into Shane Doan fortnight as apparently there is no rush to process the vote in Phoenix and he is happy to wait and see the results before deciding.
    One thing this free agency is not – a frenzy, its more like a Meze or hot dog eating marathon where contests are drip fed hot dogs in tubes over a 3 week period

  7. Alonzo Mourning is reporting that Susan Boyle must be included in any deal for Steve Nash

  8. I’d love Shane Doan coming to the Rangers if only to p*ss off my sister who’s a die hard ‘Yotes fan in AZ :) Seriously, he’d be a great character player.

    I’ve been toying in my mind about bringing Semin here, maybe on a one year contract. I know he’s a flaky Russian and they are as likely to flame out as they are to be great. Still, when I look at the Rangers now compared to the Caps, I see the Rangers with strong leadership up and down the line, where the Caps really don’t have that. Torts and guys like Cally and Richards could put him in his place if he gets out of line. And for one year, it could be worth the gamble. He’d only cost money, and we get to keep our prospects in tact. Semin at his best is probably close talent wise to Nash. Considering he’s still out there, maybe a 1 year contract could get it done.

  9. If the rangers were considering Semin he’d be a Ranger by now.

    Sorry pimp Boyle is on my untouchables list

    Think the Rangers don’t covet Nash as much as everyone thinks. Seems Sather wants a great deal , if he can’t get one he will walk away. Makes sense to me.

  10. Murray Slaughter on

    Edgardo Alfonzo is reporting that Peter Boyle must be included in any deal for Graham Nash

  11. The only way Doan leaves Phoenix is if the ‘Yotes organization comes with him. Which is too bad because man would he be a great fit.

  12. Aw tzm Pawtzm


    Am I reading too much into it is the name above says Otsem potsem? ilb? LMAO!

  13. LMAO, CCCP! I just noticed too!

    Folks, what makes you think Semin is going to sign short-term contract?

  14. Just curious if I’m the only one who finds it weird that, when the Rangers super-untouchables are being listed, Girardi is there. I know this completely violates our usual “a guy is only as awesome/terrible as his last season” rule, but is he really in that King/Callahan/McDonagh/Kreider class of untouchable? Like if Anaheim offered Ryan for Girardi straight up, we’re not interested?

  15. “Danny G straight up for Ryan? No way! Ducks should include Getzlaf too…”

    And that’s my point, untouchable implies “will not be included in any realistic trade”. Ryan is a realistic target, King/Callahan/McDonagh/Kreider realistically wouldn’t be used to acquire him. Girardi? He would, right?

  16. You’re not the only one, MisterD. If Stall isn’t on that list, Girardi shouldn’t be either.

  17. I don’t put either Staal or Girardi; pre-concussion Staal would be there, but now there is risk that we could look to mitigate. Not to mention the fact that he’s now a Carolina bound, 246 game + playoffs rental, of course.

  18. If I was the rangers down the road I would look into trading staal because most likely he will jetison to carolina to play with his brothers.

  19. leetchhalloffame on

    I’d rather not give up Boyle, but if it comes down to Boyle or Nash on the roster it’s a no-brainer to do so.

  20. At $3.9M cap hit, Staal is one of the better bang for the buck rentals, MusterD :-)

  21. “3 year rental?”

    Someone referred to him as that because all Staals must play together in North Carolina ASAP.

  22. LOL Alonzo Mourning is reporting that Susan Boyle must be included in any deal for Steve Nash + Edgardo Alfonzo is reporting that Peter Boyle must be included in any deal for Graham Nash … needed a good laugh this morning, thanks to both of you who did those.

  23. And BTW I’m aware where the 3 year rental comment came from, I just find that it’s a bit of an oxymoron.

  24. somebody mentioned it on hear yesterday but for what it’s worth Steve Zipay is reporting and comfirmed by 2nd source that the rangers have a new offer on the table for Nash.
    Dubi, AA, MDZ and a 2013 1st.

  25. semin will get a 2yr deal for 10 mil from someone prob wings since they are 17 mil below cap floor at the moment.

    5 likely places

    1. wings play with datsuyk
    2. devils play with kovy
    3. pens play with malkin and neal
    4. carrolina looking to make splash this year
    5. khl

  26. well, I’m bad, Zippay was being asked if that offer was true. I personally don’t believe it.

  27. yes thats the latest rumor in which don la greca tweeted that from hockeyinsider source and don on his twitter posted that

    two scenarios i heard

    1. on saturday aaron portzline from columbus dispatch was on wfan with marc malusis in afternoon about the nash saga. you could listen to replay at or just google malusis and portzline. he said he thinks right now if rangers offered dubi step and a number one pick for nash that columbus would take that

    2. rumors lately on twitter the rangers are offering are dubi aa mdz and 1st for nash.

    so i ask you guys what would you rather do and be comfortable with

    dubi stepan and #1 pick for nash or dubi anisimov del zotto and #1 pick

  28. Richards is going to retire at the end of his deal. It’s basically an 8-year rental, so he shoud be moved ASAP.

  29. well, you can’t do dubi and stepan because the rangers would really be hurting at center unless they had another way of getting a center. The dubi, AA, MDZ and a first, I don’t like giving up delzotto. I rather throw erixon instead of MDZ.

  30. I hate that reported deal. Two sell lows, a 22 year old 2nd pair defenseman who shouldn’t be nearly as expendable as he’s being treated and a 1st. Why not just throw in Erixon (he couldn’t stick in the NHL!) and Miller (did he even score in the AHL playoffs???) while we’re at it?

  31. And I really don’t understand feeling comfortable clearing out 5 guys who were everyday skaters on a 1st place, ECF losing, _young core_ team. Seems like a terrible way to react.

  32. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Tommy, I am with you. Step and MDZ? nope.

    I HATE to lose Dubi. I feel he had a lot of personal stuff going on and never gained traction. He is not the player he was last year. He is better than that and brings intangibles, too. That being said, he does carry a fat contract (or it was until this off season) and trading him diminishes our cap hit a bit.

    AA seems to be an enigma and may need a change of scenery. j

    Erixon is already not loved by our coach. Good enough for me to say bye-bye. j

    So, YES, to Dubi, AA, Erixon, and a #1 for a true game changer (we hope!).

  33. Mister D, don’t worry because Howson wants one of or two of stepan, kreider, MCD, prospects, #1. Sather already said it won’t happen. I truly believe sather hasn’t talked to Howson anymore since his last minute proposal at the trading deadline, all this twitter stuff is nonsense.

  34. Is Dawn, Doghwn, Doan a Ranger yet?

    According to @Rod Nevertrustworthy, Sather should be included in any deal for anyone Rangers wish to get #punks

  35. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    CCCP, perfect!!!

    For NASH: AA, Dubi, Erixon, SATHER and a #1!!

    Then again, even Howson would throw Sather right back at us.

  36. I just hate the concept of selling low. Its great when you’re on the receiving end (Swisher) but its awful when you’re the sucker, especially with a homegrown guy. I thought there was only one guy who really believes Dubinsky is closer to a 35 point player than 55 but maybe there are two. And if he’s actually kicking in a bit to get Dubinsky’s salary cleared, despite having like $16MM in space, its even dumber.

  37. “Erixon is already not loved by our coach.”

    Torts’ doghouse, buried in Hartford etc.

    Or perhaps he was always going to be in the minors most of the year?

  38. Alfonso Soriano is reporting that Dan Boyle must be included in any trade for Crosby, Stills and Nash – and that Young might be a throw in as part of the deal.

  39. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Eddie Eddie Eddie was the greatest ranger captain in their history. If not forbid brilliant leadership, they don’t win the cup in 95-96.

  40. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Agree completely with selling low/Dubinsky. Can’t trade him.

    MDZ – really cant trade him either.

    Stepan – only trade unless you sign Semin as number 2 center.

    Boyle – no way to trade. His size, leadership, ability to kill penalties is invaluable. It would be as bad or worse than losing Pruster.

    Pyatt – excited for him to be here!

    Arron Asshat – meh…

  41. Erixon isn’t going to CBJ. He orchestrated his own trade to NYR. He will bolt to Sweden if he is traded. Not happening.

  42. cw —

    If Erixon doesn’t make the big club right out of camp, do you think he bolts to Sweden this season?

  43. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Avery, once resigned, is their only untouchable.

  44. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp would YOU trade DZ, Stepan, & 1st Round for Nash? Is that what they are asking for now?

  45. CCCP- careful what you ask for. Once the saga of Nash/Ryan/Doan etc is over, it’ll be really dead.

  46. Boyle is untouchable? Are you kidding? This team needs to get better, not cling to its emotional crutches. If losing Boyle means getting more talent, that’s fine. We got rid of our excellent penalty killers a couple years ago and you know what, replaced them easily.

    Trade Boyle, just get something good for him.

    Doan = Holik. Pass.

  47. I think we should come up with “Tongue-in-cheek” symbol on the blog….Any suggestions? LW?

  48. Sioux-I believe it’s been reported that the Rangers are not willing to include Stepan in that trade.

  49. That portzline or whatever his name is changes his tune every other day. My opinion is sather hasn’t talked to Howson at all, since the last trade proposal at the trade deadline. There isn’t a team that is going to give what Howson wants. The logical opinion would be that Nash is playing for the Bluejackets when the 2012-2013 season starts.

  50. Bobby Holik, Bobby Sanguinetti, Bobby Granger, er…Bob Errey.

    Signs indicate that we should stay away from Bobby Ryan.

  51. Sioux-per-man on

    I know Sather has said Stepan won’t be traded. But if you keep DZ, and they demand Step, and they take Dubi over payment of $4M, and a pick that won’t help for 3-4 years. Basically we are trading Step for Nash.

    As a Ranger Fan is that a fair deal for Nash? Part of me, thinks that is a fair deal. I think I would do that to get a 60-70 pt power forward. We have centers coming up, D-men to trade for a top one if needed.


  52. Yeah, this isn’t Dany Heatley. Although, it reminds of that situation.

    Nash isn’t making demands, is he? He just gave Howser a list of teams that he wants to play for and that he would accept a trade to one of them.

    If Nash wants to be a piece of heatley, than he won’t show up to training camp and then his contract will likely be voided, allowing him to sign with any team he wants.

    If the BJs think that they won’t get fair value in a trade, they will hold on to him….

    But, I think he will probably just settle and stay in Columbus. He doesn’t seem like that type of a guy to sit out training camp…

  53. Sioux-per-man on

    LW – MSG needs to bring Bobby Granger back! That was funny stuff right there?

  54. Sioux-per-man on

    What Pro sits out on $7.8M as is the C of the team. Not in hockey boys. Maybe some B Baller, but not a hockey player. Radalov left for a Mulit Million Dollar deal in KHL tax free, over his entry level NHL deal for $895k Part of me can see how that happens when you’re 19-20 years old.

  55. Nash won’t sit out training camp.

    I do find it funny that many Jackets fans (the few there are) can’t wait to get him out of town. Almost as bad as some people here want Dubinsky out of town. It’s just funny how fans react on opposite sides.

    I’ve heard rumors of Nash going to the Ducks for Bobby Ryan as well, but that wouldn’t make sense with Anaheim trying to save money.

  56. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Just got the call from Jbeck – the rangers signed Dhane Soan, and traded McD, Stahl, MDZ, girardi, step, and doobie for nick rash.

  57. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “it boils down to interposition and examination”

  58. Sioux-per-man on

    Johnny is agree. That would be a swap, and the Ducks would lose in that deal. Ryan is just as good and cost less. Both team could rebuild and get a better package trading with the Rangers. Ducks need Defense if they are going to win in the west.

  59. johnny D,
    firstof all the ducks are not on Nash’s list and second of all the ducks are looking for a young (cheap) second line player.

  60. So you’re saying Sergei Bobrovsky should not be included in the Nash for Dubinksy/Erixon/Anisimiov/Del Zotto/Stepan/Staal trade?

  61. *The Minnesota Wild are introducing newly-siged stars Zach Parise and Ryan Suter today. will stream the press conference live at 1pm et/10am pt.*

  62. It’s too bad that former-Future-Ranger Zach Parise isn’t being introduced at the Garden today……

  63. “Maybe some B Baller, but not a hockey player.”

    Hockey players hold/sit out far more often than basketball players.

  64. When you think about it, maybe Semin is a better option:

    Say we have to give up Dubi and Stepan for Nash versus signing Semin:




  65. Anyone else really like the idea of a Dubinsky-Boyle-Pyatt line? It makes me smile.

  66. Sioux-per-man on

    Luck for me the I get the FAN on the radio. As a Parise Fan I’m already tuned in. The Wild Fan base are still riding the wave “excitement”. It seems everyone can’t get enough of this story. I have to admit, if they stay healthy which they have had trouble the last 2 years, and with Parise and Suter, just how good are they going to be in the West?

    They could be a top 4 team in my opinion.

  67. The thing is alot of teams could be top 4 teams. Especially after free agency this year it seems as though what’s mostly happened is we’v gotten an even bigger dosage of parity. Truthfully, it’s those things like chemistry and intangibles that make a huge differnece which was why Prust was worth alot to this team and is also why I wouldn’t be crazy about shipping all these guys away to get Nash. All of sudden you go from a whole much greater than the sum of its parts to a bunch of talented guys who have a shot to be good just the way everyone else does.

  68. Peter, how about this as another or …

    Doan – Richards – Gaborik
    Kreider – Stepan – Callahan
    Dubinsky – Anisimov – Hagelin
    Pyatt – Boyle – Asham

    Not bad.

  69. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Tap-in?……i just missed a 2 footer on the 11th at St. Andrews

  70. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    having to listen to jim nantz is killing me

  71. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    in the rough, a good lie, on the par 5 14th, 172 yards from the pin….my caddy hands me a pitching wedge…..i fired him on the spot and went with a 2 iron…..after a nice chip..saved parstill 9 over after 14…..had been 6 under the previous 3 rounds…

  72. Nothings more enjoyable than listening to Jim Nantz in golf tournaments in 2008 and this year. Hearing the sound of devastation in his voice, because his dearest Patriots lost the SB against NY, is music to my ears. Its like Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman music to my ears!

  73. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    bill pee-dough is the best studio host on TV

  74. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Nantz – and joining me once more is my long time former co-host who is celebrating his 107th birthday…ken venturi

  75. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    carp – i am thinking of joining the professional video golf tour……”PVGT”

  76. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    video game golf much more difficult than real golf….i would be 12-13 under par if i was actually at st. andrews

  77. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    15 foot birdie putt on the 15th….yes….FIST PUMP

  78. He’s on his final hole. He’s about 455 yards away, he’s gonna hit about a 2 iron I think.

  79. Mister D

    “Doan – Richards – Gaborik
    Kreider – Stepan – Callahan
    Dubinsky – Anisimov – Hagelin
    Pyatt – Boyle – Asham”

    Not bad, is right. A step backwards, more like.

  80. Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac… It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!

  81. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    byfuglien…i cannot stay out of the rough

  82. Aw tzm Pawtzm on

    Frank Selke memorial trophy favorite, Bryan Boyle is untouchable. I would rather trade a 21 year old Derek Stepan who in two of the 3 biggest games of the playoffs stepped up and made a difference. I would also rather keep MDz because he wad the 5 th best defenseman in the playoffs.

  83. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i am getting quite the ovation as i walk up the 18th fairway…

  84. Yes, listening to Nantz is annoying, mostly during football. He overpronounces the letter S at the end of every word. Its “PatriotSSSS” and the way he says Patriots is criminal. Id throw his aasen in prison for it. He emphasizes the “Pat” in patriots so sickeningly. And the whole word Patriots is said very quickly except for the the continued S at the end. Its PATriotSSSSS!!! LOL

  85. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    10 over……excellent tourney……finished 4 over…after rounds of 70-70-70-82

  86. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    hmmmm should i play doral or pebble beach….shooting horrid gold at pebble…..maybe just take a break at the 19th….

  87. You think its tough listening to him on TV? When I was a kid I used to caddy (this was 25 years ago, ack!) and Jim Nantz and Ken Venturi were the guest golfers at a tournament I was caddying in and they played a few holes with each group. At some point Nantz turned to the guy I was carrying for and asked him if he’d like some play-by-play, the guy said OK and for the next 2 holes I had to listen to him calling it in person for some no-name knuckleheaded hack.

    Really, seen to be believed. And I saw it.

  88. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    tiki – its ok tho….#11 balances him out

  89. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i like when nantz gets nostalgic…..he really waxes poetic

  90. LOL TommyG.

    The worst broadcaster ever is Michael Kay of the Yankees. I despise him with every ounce of my being. 1st, he’s obsessed with himself. 2nd, he’s obsessed with money. 3rd, he couldnt care less if the Yankees succeed. Everything is all about Michael Kay. Its the Michael Kay show starring Michael Kay, guest starring Michael Kay, produced and directed by Michael Kay, with the Yankees a complete afterthought. How the greatest organization in world history allows Michael Kay to be the voice of their franchise is beyond me.

  91. By the way, I don’t see Doan comimg to the rangers. Everything I’ve read either was Doan staying with the Coyotes or a western team. I don’t think Doan is interested in going to the east coast.

  92. tommy, another thing of his that drives me insane. He constantly name drops. “So and So texted me today and said this…”

    “I met so and so on the field before the game and he’s a terrific guy…”

    The game this Friday night against the Red Sox was a home broadcast for the Red Sox by YES Network. All they did all game long was drool over every Red Sox player. They whined constantly about the Red Sox injuries, with no mention of our injuries.

    He also cant pronounce the word Fifth or Sixth. He says them “Fift” and “Sixt” leaving off the H.

    And then his phony laugh. When Paul Oneill says something, he puts on the phoniest laugh.

    I wish I could be the Yankees broadcaster for one game. Just one game. Id be the best broadcaster ever, if I could eliminate the use of foul language.

  93. Really, fchamps? Replacing Fedo, Mitchell, Prust and Rupp with Doan, Kreider, Pyatt and Asham is “a step backwards”?

  94. Oops, almost forgot, Michael Kay was bringing up the Celtics during Friday’s game and not only drooling over everything to do with the Red Sox, but also he starts talking about the Celtics.

    He doesnt even know anything about the Yankees, but he damn well knew about the Celtics. Unbelievable. If I wanted a Boston centric broadcast, I wouldve tuned into NESN. I dont need that garbage when watching YES.

  95. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i ddint get to sleep that night, till morning came around

  96. “I don’t think Doan is interested in going to the east coast.”

    Money talks. If Coyotes are out of it…he will move on. Doaner will come east if he gets $ (north of $6 mil per) and years (at least 3)…

    Not saying I want to sign Doaner. Just that it will be expensive to land him…

    It would become a bidding war…

  97. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Good luck with that, Sioux. They got two overpaid very, very good players that are not, of and by themselves ‘creators’ of play. They are second tier players that need to be surrounded by other really good players to produce. AND, they signed them to long-term contracts which, most likely, will diminish their motivation over a period of time.

    I’d be really surprised if they are a top 4 team. I do wish them all the luck!

    However, they may sell a whole mess of Suter and Parise jerseys and bobble head dolls.

  98. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    rangers sign doaner and i will spring a *oner

  99. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    my brutha – you needs to see the latest….holy cow

  100. I think I take offense to wishing for NESN. Orsillo is solid, but Remy is just the absolute worst and the postgame guys are a mess too. Orsillo + whoever the Yanks choose that day for color would be a solid booth. And I’d make out with Michael Kay if it meant no more Sterling on the radio. Sterling is a billionty times worse than Kay. “IT IS HIGH … IT IS FAR … IT … IS … caught at short by Escobar. I tell ya, Susan, off the bat that one looked like it was heading into monument park. Stewart just missed it.”

  101. And then Kay is always propping up his ESPN radio show during games. I mean, HELLO!!! Youre working on YES network advertising your ESPN radio show. How does YES allow this??? If I were Hal Steinbrenner, Id go into booth during a Yankees broadcast and fire him on live tv.

  102. Matty”DepthNeeded”Boy,
    I agree about the wild, they may make the playoffs 7 or 8th spot but now allot there money is tied into two players who aren’t malkin and crosby.

  103. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    So, as there are many here that think Nash isn’t a good move….How about this?

    Do ya think other teams might key on him just a bit? Like there’s no one…absolutely no one else on his team that needs ‘d’, cause they can’t score anyway. Do ya think he might have the best ‘d’ pairing ALL the time against him? Do ya think he might have the best checking line against him ALL the time. Do ya think the other teams goalie coach doesn’t tell the goalie where to position himself to key on Nash? Do ya think all 5 on the ice plus the goalie might KEY on him ALL the time they are out there?

    I just keep on imagining him on a balanced team. Where he can’t be keyed on.

    Couldn’t give a hoot about his stats. We know he can play.

  104. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    my time come…anyday…dont worry bout me now

  105. tiki, let me give you a little advice and maybe this will bring your blood pressure down. When watching a yankee game, turn off the tv volume and listen to the radio broadcast. This will save you some years in life, :-).

  106. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    rising up to paradise…..i know i am gonna shine

  107. “Do ya think other teams might key on him just a bit? Like there’s no one…absolutely no one else on his team that needs ‘d’, cause they can’t score anyway. Do ya think he might have the best ‘d’ pairing ALL the time against him?”

    You could be talking about John Tavares there too.

  108. I love Sterling. His calls are awful. Because he’s old and senile, kind of like Sam Rosen. But Sterling is a true Yankees fan. So I love him. I do understand how badly his calls are. I used to listen to them all the time for FOX Saturday games that were blacked out in Florida.

    Orsillo is a decent play by play guy. He is heavily biased in favor of the Red Sox, which I have no problem with, I just wish our guys would be the same way.

    Remy looks like a rat, Monterrey Jack of Chip and Dale the Rescue Rangers cartoon. His voice makes me ill. When the Red Sox lose, he literally sounds dead.

    The best Remy moment ever was… he was out for an entire season with cancer. He comes back during the season to broadcast one game with Orsillo. The Red Sox were bad that year…

    He says during the broadcast that he feels responsible for the Red Sox being bad, and that he’s sorry to Red Sox nation for not being there…..


    He has cancer for chrissakes and he’s apologizing for the Red Sox not being good. Thats a true fan of a team.

    He’s basically me, but a red sox fan.

  109. How is Erixon in the doghouse? And when has Torts said he dislikes the kid? He wasn’t ready to play in the NHL last year. Seems simple as that to me. I wouldn’t trade Girardi for anyone; looks like a lot of people would rather gamble on a big name than take comfort in the fact that these current Rangers are the guys who got us to where we are today, which is two games short of playing for the Cup. And what’s the rush? We have the core locked up and not many teams in the East are looking THAT much stronger, if at all.

  110. tommyg, I have OCD. So Im obsessed, and Im compulsive, I dont want to listen to broadcasts, sometimes Ill put the TV on mute, but other times, Im compelled to hear whats being said. Its almost like I like being angry. Perhaps a sadist. Who knows.

  111. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i hope semen goes to detroit or st. louis…….he needs a cock behind the bench to straighten him out, fire him up, and have him shoot to score

  112. I’ll say this about Nash. After reading the Bluejackets fan base, some of the fans had some interesting thoughts on why Nash’s stats have been tailing off. They said that because the team is bad, Nash started to show signs of not giving his all on every shift. Basically there points were he realized it wasn’t going to matter because the team wasn’t any good. There could be truth to that but I don’t get or watch the bluejackets and Nash play but anything is possible. It could be the organization has taking a bite out of Nash’s desire and focus. Nash figures, why bother, where not going anywhere.

  113. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    tiki – we are all messed up…no worries

  114. Whew! That felt good! The broadcasting of Kay on Friday and Saturday, Buck and McCarver on Saturday, and Hershiser and Shulman (I dont mind Tito) on Sunday had me furious. The Red Sox lovefest that happened all weekend by all 3 networks was shameful, disgusting, and heinous! This venting made me feel a lot better.

  115. tiki, you’ve said some nutty things in the past, and I understand if you don’t like Michael Kay or his ego or his style … but to suggest he’s not a Yankees fan is just off the wall. I know the guy for 20 years. He loves the Yankees. His dream as a kid was to work for the Yankees, then to be their broadcaster. He loves the Yankees more than you do.

    and just as nutty: This idea that Torts doesn’t like Erixon. HUH?

  116. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    tike – did you hear that ta-shara is a racist?

  117. Cory, I agree, the same people (certain ranger fans) who want Nash at any cost where probably the same people who complained about the rangers going after big name players and not drafting and developing there own players. The rangers are finally doing it the right way. Unless the rangers can get Nash on there terms there is no reason to break up a good thing. The rangers young p-layers will get better with experience. This year Kreider will play a full season. Who’s not to say he can be our Rick Nash.

  118. Carp, that’s exactly why I can’t stand Michael Kay, I didn’t mention that I hate the yankees also so it goes together. Kay is such a homer it’s sickening.

  119. Alonzo (Detective Foster Grant) Mobley is reporting that Popeye Doyle must be included in any deal for a Nash Rambler

  120. Yes, I know he’s a Yankees fan, Carp. My point was he’s more a fan of himself than he is of the Yankees.

    But please dont tell me that he’s more a fan of the Yankees than me. Or anyone for that matter. I shouldnt have to explain myself, you know a lot about me by now, but… I live with the guilt and blame myself when my teams dont win. I blame myself for the Rangers this year, because I did something wrong after Game 3 of the Devils series and hurt someone I care about. Id literally die for my teams’ success. And in the end, I wont live a very long life because of the stress i put myself under for my teams.

  121. The best line for this team next season will be the one in which Mickey-Mouse centers Bush-League and Amateur-Hour, with Two-Bit and Utter-Pedestrian as the defensemen and Clown-Faced as the goalie.

  122. Kay is not a homer. 100% not. Remy and Orsillo are, which I have no problem with. Kay is not a homer. Only a Yankees hater would think that.

  123. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    tiki – i also blame you for the rangers’ loss to the devils this year…how could you????

  124. Played four rounds with Nystrom in Scotland. After one sweet 230 yard three wood to the green, the caddy said to him, “Oh, bravely struck, sir.”

  125. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    pimp, my brutha, what it be?….whisper words of wisdom, what it be?

  126. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    steve vickers….you were one of my favorite players….

  127. The only thing I’ll whisper is: “THE Kreider will score 60 goals this year”

  128. eddie, I just didnt care enough about the Rangers. I cared more about women than the Rangers. I made a mistake Ill have to live with for the rest of my life, but if I learn from the mistake and dont let it happen again, then all will be good. This was our one chance to win, the Rangers that is, and I was so emotionally tired from the Bruins and preoccupied with the Celtics, I decided I needed to do something for myself for a change, rather than be a prisoner during every playoffs like I always am.

  129. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    tike – women come and go…the rangers are forever…

  130. speaking of Nystrom, I’ll never forget the time when I was on my way to a islander/ranger game, sitting in the passenger front seat in stop and go traffic on the meadowbrook pkwy, when I noticed right next to me a BMW and Nystrom driving. I rolled down my window and got nystrom to roll his down and staired him in the face and yelled “the islanders @@@@”. I have to admit, I thought he would get out of his car and beat me to a pulp but he actually laughed.

  131. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    pimp – i think THE KREIDER could score 80…and i aint be jokin

  132. Rangers West on

    “Dubi, AA, MDZ and a 2013 1st.”

    I like this trade if They replace MDZ with Erixon. Maybe Erixon and Bickel or Dubi, AA, Erixon and a 2013 1st & 2nd?

  133. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    even tho the feds are messing with CA – this be one fine state, medically speaking….

  134. I know I’m a little late to the party, but Nantz isn’t a Pats fan. He grew up in NJ and followed the Giants. That’s why he said it was great to be in the industry when Simms was QB and now he gets to work with him every Sunday.

    Also now that I’m in Boston, while I hate Remy when he tries to call games, I love it when him and Orsillo just go on rants when nothing is going on in the game. They tell all these stories and just start cracking up. Remy is a crazy drunk, and when he is in the pressbox, it’s hilarious. Not as good as Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling with Gary Cohen (some of those stories are legendary), but still pretty funny.

    And yeah, Michael Kay is really just huge carcillo. Guy is just a total DB.

  135. The more I read, the more I realize that Nash is gonna be had for peanuts. Every GM in the NHL is coming away with the feeling that Howson is asking way too much. Nash only wants to go to a couple teams. I think NYR being #1 on his list. This is basically Sather bidding against himself. I bet Dubi, MDZ, and a mid round pick is gonna nab Nash.

    Or even less.

    Basically what I have been saying for weeks.

  136. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    cw – avery for nash should seal the deal

  137. MDZ isn’t exactly irreplaceable. And as I said, probably even less. Erixon is ready to replace MDZ right now.

  138. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    in fact, avery for nash and tootin

    on another note….a red fox just ran across my back yard…

  139. Erixon can be slotted into MDZ’s spot in the lineup right now. Who knows if he can replace him.

  140. Put another way: How many teams in the league, if told “rank your defensemen 1-6, would you be willing to lose your #4 for Del Zotto” would say “nope, we’d rather hold”? Besides us. Because we have some pretty silly depth right now and that’s making Del Zotto look way more expendable than he should.

  141. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    tommyg – keep eddie but offer giles instead…

  142. Aw tzm Pawtzm on

    By the way, anything more than two years and 10million for Doan is a big Hell NO!!!!! Stay the Hell out west chief!!

  143. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    There was someone here a few months ago that said he had word that Torts was not impressed with Erixon. That was the impression I had since I read that and no one disputed it then. I do not know any of the Ranger players or coaches or anyone close to the team, so I actually believed what I had read here. I guess I was wrong to have done that.

    Seeing that Carp was rhetorically asking about that, I withdraw the comment and apologize, but I did read it here and it was not disputed.

  144. No need for apologies and didn’t mean to cause a grand inquisition of any kind. I just think the term “doghouse” is used loosely and Erixon is too young to even qualify himself to be doghouse’d. I do wonder about his true colors (Justin Schultz too, for that matter) after he refused to sign with the team that drafted him — but that’s an argument for another day!

  145. BREAKING: It has been suggested that a new contract for Doan could be along the lines of 14 years and $115 million.

    (Courtesy: SNY)

  146. Looks like the Flyers have re-signed that much sought after, future Hall of Famer and Nobel Prize-winning rocket scientist, Tostitos.

  147. Rangers West on

    1. “MDZ isn?t exactly irreplaceable”

    2. “Doan could be along the lines of 14 years and $115 million”

    1: MDZ is not out of the question but I would rather trade Erixon and/or 2nd round draft pick and/or Tomas or St. Croix. If possible. MDZ is not a world class d-man but he is young improving, has decent offensive skills, can agitate and be physical. Yesterday someone here referenced his hit on Neil. I will do the same. As I mentioned previously I would rather send Erixon and Bickle instead of MDZ.

    2: As for Doan, if he wants more than three years and more than 4 million, say no. He?s never won a cup and could really help a team get there. Why would he want to demand a contract that would hurt the team?s cap space and, most likely, prevent him from winning a cup. I know money is great and all but if you were Doan, wouldn?t it be nice to win a cup? It?s not like their won?t be plenty of NHL jobs for him after his playing years

  148. The best line for this team next season will be the one in which Mickey-Mouse centers Bush-League and Amateur-Hour, with Two-Bit and Utter-Pedestrian as the defensemen and Clown-Faced as the goalie.


  149. As far as big moves by the Rangers go, rolling the dice on a 31 year old Brad Richards to be your #1 center might still turn out to be a bad decision…

    then, blowing up the young core of the team to acquire a “superstar” winger to play with him (Richards) may compound that failure…

    Just sayin’….

  150. Tiki, I hope others have told you, and will continue to tell you, that you had nothing to do with the Rangers losing. Nothing, Zippo. I did not see you doing a snow angel on the season-ending goal.

    If Laviolette is going to continue to play Tostitos, he’s going to continue to lose to the Rangers.

    Aw tzm, he ain’t signing anywhere for less than that.

    tommyG, traffic on the Meadowbrook? get out of here.

  151. I actually enjoy listening to Michael Kay. I mean I cant say he’s one of the best, but he certainly calls a game from the Yankee perspective. Paul O’neill really does not sound very intelligent when he’s on the air. My least favorite of all the YES broadcasters is Ken Singleton, although he probably knows more about the game than all of the others combined. He just sounds so dull when he’s the leading commentator. Flaherty is ok, just always reminding us how tough it is to be a catcher. Meredith Morokowitz (sp?) = hot.

  152. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    NYR Fan, that’s the thing. You simply never know when you roll the dice on any player. At the time, Richards was the ‘prize’, and this year, the same for Parise and Suter. It doesn’t appear any of them are ‘super star’ or ‘top flight’ players, but are darn good. We all saw holes in Richards last year. He had more good shifts than bad, for sure. Is he a game changer? He was on a few occasions.

    Two games amongst the 5 or 6 who’s outcomes he directly changed stood out for me. The first, in the regular season against Phoenix, scoring a ‘fluky’ goal with .6 seconds. Wow!!Then, of course, the win against the Craps in the playoffs. Double wow!!

    To me, there’s only been one special player around here, amongst a lot of great players, that could lead a team to the cup. THE CAPTAIN was special.

    The verdict is still out on Richards for me, too.

  153. Carp, sure is. Jones was good too, but Meredith is probably twice as good. Glad we got her from Boston :).

  154. If you look at Richards’ contract from a year-to-year point of view, he was worth $6.7M this year. First in assists, second in points, third in goals. Tied with Callahan with 9 GWG. Let’s not forget his game tying goal in Europe, and, as much as everyone talks about Rupp during that game (ahem….), Richards had a GWG in WC. It’s probably healthier to look at his contract every year instead of predicting how painful it may become after 6 or so years.

  155. mostly, ilb, went from eighth seed to first seed in his first year … despite all his struggles, and his inability to play with Gaborik at times, and inability to improve the PP, he was definitely a great pickup based on Year 1.

  156. dare I even say it’s very possible Rangers were better with the addition of Richards than Minnesota will be with former future Ranger Zach Parise and Ryan Suter.

  157. No doubt about it, Carp and ilb. Year 1 = Success.

    Richards has a knack for coming up big in dramatic moments. That was evident last year.

    My inclination tells me that it is going to be tough to be as effective in year 2, and then, as effective in year 3 as year 2, and so on and so forth….

    It’s a young man’s game…Look at the #1 centers on the contending teams….There aren’t many #1 centers that old in the League….

    That’s why I think Stepan is untouchable…he has shown great promise and potential to be a #1 center…he essentially was for a good part of last year…

  158. Richards was worth every penny for year 1. I dont see Stepan as a #1 center in the NHL. He can be a great #2. Right now he’s a good #2 on a team with not that great centers after Richards. Stepan’s playoffs really turned me on him. During the time when everyone was saying where is Gaborik and where is Richards, Stepan’s name was at times not even mentioned by the broadcasters. You couldnt even tell if he was playing. Certainly wasnt the same Stepan.

  159. NYR_FAN, I’d give him a few more years to be effective. Maybe not at number 1 center role. And before we announce his arrival to a local nursing home, he is one year younger than Jumbo Shrimp Thornton for example. The new CBA, when it’s ironed out, will run another 5 years, maybe one extra as a league/players option. No doubt it will have some amnesty buy out, that’s when you try to get rid of his cap hit. He knew that when he signed, so did the team. I think it was very well structured contract, from this point of view, considering what this team needed and what his market value was.

  160. So Reggie Jackson says that A-Rod’s numbers are somewhat tainted and so are Pettite’s and now the Yankees have banned Jackson from being near the team. Im a huge Yankee fan…but seriously?

  161. Don’t underestimate the *intangibles* Sestito brings to that locker room, LW…

  162. Reggie is indeed a piece of crap.

    i would venture that Richards might be better next year than he was this year because he struggled with the adaptation. he should be a better player more often than he was. but he will eventually decline. just not yet. IMO.

  163. “NYR_FAN, I’d give him a few more years to be effective. Maybe not at number 1 center role.”

    Precisely why I think we cannot afford to trade Stepan, ilb. There aren’t any realistic options int the farm system and almost every team in the League wants a young center…

    Richards has more value as a mentor to our young players -teaching them how to win and be professionals – as opposed to scoring 30 goals and 90 points (probably a big stretch at this stage of his career)

  164. Carp, what do you think of Danny Briere’s contract? Very similar, 8-year, $6.5M cap hit. He is almost 35 now and has 3 years left.

  165. There are some centers in the system with some talent. I don’t know about #1’s but there are some #2 candidates in Miller, St. Croix, and Lindberg. Miller could make the team this season, depending on if they trade AA or Dubi. St. Croix and Lindberg are a couple years away.

  166. If you’re the real Anders Hedberg, I believe you when you say not a three putt all day. Eighteen four putts.

  167. Interesting Briere comp, ilb. I’ll have to look at his production stats first. don’t imagine he’ll be looking good at that hit two years from now, let alone three.

  168. Carp – disagree, IMO Gary Carter is a hall of fame catcher in his era. Toughest position to play. Always playing banged up. Great defense. Handled and mentored young pitching staffs in Montreal and New York. Batted clean-up for most of his career. Was a great ambassador for baseball. Definite HOF.

  169. No, I meant he was right about A-Rod and Pettitte being tainted now … Carter was a HOF — but, by the way, it took him a few years to get in. And I don’t disagree with Jackson that there are a lot of borderline guys in the Hall now, though he shouldn’t have said it about Carter.

    Carter, IMO, was better than Fisk and Piazza. And Munson was in the same argument if he had lived longer. Piazza’s going to be an interesting ballot this year, I believe, because everybody and their mother thinks he used, and his name has never been mentioned in any way.

    I knew Carter a little bit, too. Had lunch with him in NYC one day. Yes, a self-promoter, but seemed like a great person, very upbeat, and as you said, a great ambassador for the game. And he was the one who didn’t give up in Game 6, when other “leaders” were in the clubhouse getting undressed, having a beer or a smoke.

  170. Flyers can always just buyout Briere, like we did to Drury…if it gets that bad in a year or 2…

    He’s also been a great mentor to Couturier…

    And, what about Briere’s playoff numbers?

    Career: 108 games 50 goals 59 assists 109 points

    2012 playoffs: 11 games 8 goals 5 assists 13 points…

  171. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Hey everyone….

    Wow carp, i dont know how you didnt throw the remote at the TV with that idoit saying that. Eddie giacomin LOL..priceless.

    Dear Mr. doan, PLEASE come to play for the rangers. We will never go bankrupt and we will win with you.

    The boneheads

  172. did rangers play the flyers in the w.c. uniforms other than the w.c. this year? because Sestito’s twitter page is a photo of him fighting, I think it’s Bickel, in a w.c. jersey, and I’m pretty certain that Sestito didn’t play in the w.c.

  173. Briere has been good in his first few years though, and still is an important part of their PP. And it hasn’t hurt their cap, as opposed to Pronger’s at the moment. And if the new CBA allows, they will buy Briere out, most likely, without having much, if anything on the cap. It would be considered a successful gamble, no?

  174. Carp – I met Piazza they day he signed his extension with the Met’s – ironically in an elevator at the Garden before a Ranger game. He was huge. Late in his career when he started to have those injuries where muscles were tearing away from bones, he certainly became suspect as a PED user. While there may have been whispers and suspicions, I still think he’s in on 1st ballot. the guy was a phenomal hitter.

  175. depends on how many voters think he used roids. anybody who doesn’t think so will vote for him. I’m not voting for anybody anymore.

  176. bull dog line on

    so now we are not putting a guy in the hall because we suspect he may have used. another reason to never let the admitted users in. they have clouded the picture of all the players in that era.

  177. i think it’s more than “suspect” bull dog. I think players and other people in the game all believe he did it, but that he was one of the (many?) lucky ones who never got caught, never got called to congress, never were mentioned in the Mitchell report, never failed a test (that we know of). I know of many players in that group, but most of them aren’t HOF worthy.

  178. When Clemens threw that broken bat at him, I was expecting the battle of the Bulges. Piazza must have skipped a dose. And another thing, with the colossal size of the kids coming into the NHL lately, you think it all comes from spinach?

  179. by the way, I’m not saying one way or the other that I believe Piazza used. I’m just saying, a lot of people do.

  180. Thats what people say, Carp. But unfortunately, it doesnt help me much.

    Reggie has always had a big mouth, but I dont appreciate his lack of loyalty, so he’s getting a “timeout” from the Yankees org. I dont have a problem with that. Actions have consequences. You wouldnt see Jim Rice ever call out David Ortiz for steroid use… because boston teaches loyalty… until they boot the guy out the door like Tito, Nomar, Ray Allen, etc.

    I also didnt appreciate that fool Amani Toomer calling Romo a better QB than Eli Manning. First, Amani was one of my all time favorites and won a SB with Manning. But as usual, a lack of loyalty in NY. You wouldnt ever hear Tedy Bruschi or Roidney Harrison say Peyton Manning was a better QB than Tom Brady. Or theyd be cut off from the Patriots organization for good.

    Finally, my take on steroids and PEDs in baseball. Throughout time, players have come always tried to find a way to improve their performance, back in the day, players used greenies. Also, it wasnt against the rules for players to use PEDs. I think its fair to say that most players were on PEDs. Now, it is against the rules to use PEDs, and if you get caught, you get 50, 100, and banned for life.

  181. bull dog line on

    it is just suspect. as you said, never failed a test or showed up in the report. I am not naive, I suspect most players of that era used, but if there is no proof you cant keep them out because you suspect.

  182. Lloyd Braun on

    Reggie Jackson is loyal to Reggie Jackson. Anything and anyone else takes a backseat.

  183. Speed (amphetamines), alcohol, and nicotine were used and abused throughout baseball’s history…not sure they classify as performance enhancers…

    Yet, those are a lot different than growth hormones and weight gainers that the game has been tainted with the last 20-25 years…

  184. bull dog line on

    Reggie is being punished for giving his honest opinion. most everything he said, he was right on. Petite and Aroid are users. there numbers are tarnished. Puckett should not have been a first ballot HOFer. Sutton, and Neikro do not belong. and while I do not agree, I have no problem with his opinion on Carter.

  185. bull dog line on

    Toomer is trying to make it in the broadcast business. he can’t just say every Giant is better than every other player. the reality is that it is close between Romo and Eli. Eli is better IMO, but if Romo were to win one, he would be looked at a little different.

  186. The other thing is, both Bud Selig and the media knew what was going on with the PEDs. They all chose to turn a blind eye to it. They all were busy enjoying the home run chase of McGwire and Sosa. So both are hypocritical to act like the use of PEDs was so terrible, when they knew what was going on the whole time.

  187. Shane Doan wants to play in the Western Conference, according to a source.
    The Vancouver Canucks and Detroit Red Wings have already been confirmed as potential destinations for Doan. It sounds like the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings can be counted as potential suitors as well. Doan should get around 50 points next season and provide a physical presence as a top-six forward.
    Related: Red Wings, Sharks, Canucks, Kings
    Source: Jul 9 – 7:56 PM

  188. Shane Doan’s agent, Terry Bross, has confirmed that the Detroit Red Wings are among the teams his client is considering signing with.
    Doan’s agent also cited the Vancouver Canucks as a potential destination for him. Detroit is looking to make a splash after failing to sign Ryan Suter or Zach Parise this summer.
    Source: Detroit Free Press Jul 9 – 6:43 PM

  189. Sadly, I guess anyone athlete in this era is suspect. It seems to me that athletes are much more productive into the late 30’s early 40’s than previous era’s. Some of that could be chalked up to a greater understanding and devotion by this generation’s players too maintaining physical fitness, weight training, nutrition etc. Also, the economics inspires greater longevity. But the reality is today’s athletes are still using PED’s even though we have testing in most major sports. They try to stay ahead of the testing curve with new drugs, new dosing techniques, new masking agents. They are motivated by fame and fortune and ownership turns the other cheek for the same reasons.

    Want it stopped, lifetime bans for users, remove all accomplishments from the record books, and revoke championships for teams who have players subsequently caught violating the program after a championship has been awarded, like they did to Alberto Contador in the Tour De France two years after he crossed the finish line.

  190. bull dog line on

    Papa Bear.
    if you gave out lifetime bans for PED use, there would be nobody left to play.

  191. bulldog, I didnt say that Toomer has to say every Giant is better than every other player. Im simply saying Toomer played with and won a SB with Manning. Manning is by far, by far, BY FAR, the better QB of the two. The guy’s already among the most playoff road games in NFL history. There wasnt any basis for his comments about Romo being better, except for a complete lack of loyalty. Like I said, no former Patriot will ever say that Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady. NEVER! And in regards to Reggie, he gave an honest opinion, but its called betrayal, also known as a lack of loyalty, and stirring up controversy. Theres no place for controversy around a team competing in the AL East.

    NYR, its all “looking for an advantage or “cheating” any way you look at it. None of it is any worse than the other, and none of it was ever illegal. So I have no problem with any of it. JMO

  192. bulldog, btw, I wasnt being a jerk to you in my last comment at 8:07. I hope it doesnt come across that way.

  193. Reg still thinks he stirs the drink, but the location is no longer Sardi’s; it’s the Sawdust Trail. Never liked his attitude, but agree with most of what he says here. Graig Nettles finally gave him the old knuckle sandwich which he so richly deserved. Too bad Nicky Fotiu wasn’t their third baseman back then.

  194. Bull Dog,

    Or conversely, no one would use, the playing field would be level, and everyone would be left to play.

    It’s the age old conundrum, who came first, the chicken or the egg?

  195. bull dog line on

    I would not trade Eli for any QB in the NFL. just think that Toomer has to try and stay objective if he is going to make it.

  196. Sour grapes from Toomer, who never lived up to expectations (as with Romo, to a lesser degree). Eli exceeded them.

  197. bull dog line on

    Papa Bear,
    I think the users would use until they got caught. now if you take away there money if they get caught, you may have something.

  198. bull dog line on

    Toomer is the best Giant WR in there history (until Nicks is done). I think he lived up to expectations.

  199. Reggie is collecting a paycheck from the Yankees. As such, he should refrain from criticizing Yankee assets publicly. Now if he wants to forego his employment, then I would support his free speech in this circumstance. As for his opinion on who should be in and who shouldn’t, who really cares what he thinks? IMO, which means little except to me and those whom I support ($), the man is a narcistic fool.

  200. NYR, they had a rough split, but he and the Giants mended fences. In comparison, you wont hear Tito bad mouth the Red Sox, even after they booted him out the door like he was a piece of trash, called him a substance abuse user and revealed to the public his marital woes. And Toomer is among the all time Giants greats.

  201. And one last thought on Reggie…….Is there any doubt that if he played during this era, he would have been one of the biggest users of all??????

  202. Changing the subject, If the Net’s land Howard as reports indicate they are very close to doing in 4 team trade….The Knicks are in some deep doo doo.

  203. Papa, the Knicks are fools and have been for over a decade and will continue to be for the next 100 years. The Rangers fans on here that have an issue with Dolan caring more about the Knicks are kind of foolish. The fact is, Dolan sticks his nose into the Knicks and runs them into the ground further and further. While he’s stuck his nose out of the Rangers management, and the Rangers are on a path to lengthy success.

    If the Nets land Howard, then their team should be better than the Celtics. That would mean that the Celtics have to go through 2 teams of Big 3s, the Heat and Nets. The Bulls wont have Rose for most of the season, theyre done. The Knicks cant beat the Celtics, even if every Celtic is 60 years old. The Pacers arent flashy, but theyre a pretty good team. I expect the Celtics to easily grab a top 4 seed next year, my only hope right now is the Heat stopping them, and if the Nets get Howard, them too.

  204. Paul in sunrise on

    Think semin is worth a flier. A good fit on a line with AA and Cally. Yes he is soft. But the puck follows him all over the ice and was the most dangerous cap in that series. Rather semin than Doan. Rather Nash than semin but now way Craig Patrick trades with NYR. Rather WWEber than Nash. But without giving up kids only money rather semin than Doan.

  205. bull dog, that’s why I’m not going to vote any more.

    reggie, by the way, has been on the Yankees payroll to do next to nothing for years and years, because the late GMS liked him and because Joe Torre later on liked him, I guess (they were broadcast partners before Torre got back into managing).

  206. talent wise in my mind semin is top 5-7 in league. his wrist shot is lethal. hes just a complete head case. i would take a shot on him though but we as fans would. torts and sather i dont think semin is for them

  207. I’m grateful that dolan doesn’t get involve with the rangers. Like tiki said, he has ruined the knicks and the knicks will stink until dolan is either gone from this world or msg has a new owner.

  208. Czechthemout!!! on

    So it appears that Savior Doan wants to keep his soon to be 36 year old, assen in the western conference. I say, good! Keep your soon to be ,4 year, 25 million dollar ancient self there. We don’t need another Grannyhan situation. Good for one year, albatross for three. If they can’t land a scorer in the offseason,so be it. Enough of this crap playing footsie with Hody doodle Howson. Tell him to choke on Dick Rash, I mean Rick Nash and go with the kids. One of two things will happen. Either Howson comes back with a reasonable deal, or go with the kids and see what happens. Deals will come available during the season.

  209. Basically, James Dolan = Billy Madison. The son of a rich guy that inherits everything and is a complete moron and ruins everything.

    Not that Josh Harrelson was anything special, but the Knicks just traded away cheap young assets like Douglas and Harrelson (a hard nosed defender, can play multiple positions defensively and stretch the floor offensively with the ability to hit 3s) along with a couple others for Camby, a 38 year old with 16 years of wear and tear on his legs, to a 3 year deal worth $4M a year to be a backup center to the Defensive player of the year Chandler. Just mismanagement.

  210. What the Knicks needed was a point guard, a floor general, a coach on the court, someone to distribute the ball between Carmelo and Amar’e, create for them, get in the lane and kick out for open 3s from Novak. We needed Nash. Unfortunately, we got Jason Kidd who’s declined rapidly over the past 2 years, will be the backup PG, and his only use for this team is to mentor Jeremy Lin and we have to hope that Lin improves both offensively and defensively. But the coach, whom the Knicks were pretty good under to end the regular season, is known for his isolation plays for Joe Johnson and Carmelo.

  211. I find Dolan comparison to Billy Madison very offensive, Tiki!

    Billy is a fine human being who always had in him but was just lazy…and in the end he gets the girl and succeeds!

    But Dolan is just plain moron.

  212. Thanks, NYR_FAN!

    And being less than year younger than Drury, Briere is enjoying a relatively decent career still.

  213. anybody watching the behavior of the K.C. fans at Cano at the home run derby? they deserve the Islanders.

  214. LMAO @ this:

    Robinson Cano


    I can’t believe I have so many fans in KC lol smh can’t win them all *kanye shrug*

  215. Richards is unquestionably the best playmaking center we’ve had since Gretzky (Nylander doesn’t count).

  216. DJ – Not sure we can ever do better than Gretzky…LOL….

    So, you’re really saying Richards is better than Michael Nylander….OK.

  217. What?? Cano had 0?? Oh well, glad he’s out of it quickly. What did KC fans do to him, what could they have agaisnt him?

  218. Booing Cano is so weird. But whatever. Yankees get hated and that’s ok.

    Yes @CCCP@ home run derby, also known as state farm and taco bell forever, is miserable. But here we are watching it.

  219. Im not watching it. Ive got 3 days off from baseball, Im taking full advantage of it. Some nice R & R. The only 3 vacation days I get all year long! :)

  220. iManny

    I am no masochist! I switched the channel long time ago. I’m watching “Kill Bill: Vol.1”

    Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down…

  221. damn..there are no good righthanded Dmen left out there. I say we sign Semin, trade Stralman and a 3rd to Toronto for Nikolai Kulemin and call it a summer. anybody else? really wishing the Rangers had signed Sheldon Souray

  222. “Who names their son Prince?!”

    Fathers who want to have awesome sons. Prince Fielder + Prince Rogers Nelson = Both Awesome

    Carp, you’ve never said why greenies were ok (despite being illegal and taken to enhance performance) but PEDs aren’t.

  223. someone just put on fb that we signed Jeff Halpern for one year.
    already discussed or full of carcillo?

  224. “damn..there are no good righthanded Dmen left out there.”

    Colaiacovo would have been interesting in an upsidey sorta way if he weren’t so damn left-handed.

  225. well,
    there you have it.
    waiting for word (and official word)
    but that’s what this twitter account from guy who does caps radio

  226. Just kidding!! Halpern is a fourth liner right? Enough with the 4th liners!

    I’m hoping this is for Hartford depth!!

  227. I don’t know what it means, but it certainly means something. Trade or acknowledgement Rupp(er) is going to be spending a lot of time watching or … something.

  228. Maybe Artie is going to get a shot at 1st line wing time with Gaborik out. Might be nice to see a really skilled guy play with other really skilled guys.

    (Note: I said virtually the exact same thing about Wolski heading into this past season. I’m a sucker for skill.)

  229. Good tweet: Royals fans are outraged over ?#HRDerby?? I’m outraged their owner cries poor with a net worth of $4 billion and won’t pay his players.

  230. Halpern? Is that true? Another checking forward?

    If true, he becomes second Jewish player to play for the Rangers since Mathieu Schneider

  231. Halpern is 36 and is a good 4th line center.

    Just kinda wondering if the Rangers are planning to add anyone other than 4th line players.

  232. so here’s what we’re looking at with the roster as it is now


    and once Gabby comes back:


    this looks like a 6th place (at best) team. definite step down from last year

  233. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Is halpern Feds replacement? I mean I thought that was pyatt, but maybe pyatt is dubi or Artie’s replacement. I was hoping miller made the big club this season….maybe halpern is headed to ct

  234. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    God evening all! Back from Chicago…..what have I missed? Oh Carp, we would all love your comments from that game….heck….where was that? I could have used the easy money…..

    miss you all! hoping for a really slooooooooow day at work tomorrow so I can catch up.

  235. bulldog and any other Giants fans, would anyone like the entire season and playoffs of the 1986, 1990, 2007 or 2011 Giants on DVD? I can always ship to Carp, and send him money for the postage too…’

    And I have yet to compile the Winter Classic set from this past year, with all the hype on NHL Network leading up to it, and the Alumni game for the 2 people that wanted it. Not sure if you guys still do, but its not done. Not meaning to make excuses… Ive been sort of dealing with personal struggles, nothing major. Just have failed to get it done.

  236. You know what I’m really not going to like? Our centers if Stepan does get included in a trade. Richards, Anisimov, Boyle and Halpern is … unsexy. Very unsexy.

  237. “Halpern finished 5th in the NHL was 7.5 better than the two best Rangers (Richards and Boyle). His 61 on short-handed faceoffs is considerably better than Boyle, too.”

    I like numbers. Wonder if there’s any chance we’ll roll 3 lines even harder this year with a 4th line of specialists.

  238. “Wonder if there’s any chance we’ll roll 3 lines even harder this year with a 4th line of specialists.”

    I don’t have a huge problem with that except it means your 4th line of specialists will include either Mike Rupp or Arron Asham.

  239. Boyle hand the Rangers best shorthanded faceoff percentage last year, right. He finished the season at about 46 pct on faceoffs. Halpern was 15 percent better. So that’s a plus.

  240. “I don’t have a huge problem with that except it means your 4th line of specialists will include either Mike Rupp or Arron Asham.”

    Would be nice if we had a little punchiness that could also play some hockey, eh?

  241. “Would be nice if we had a little punchiness that could also play some hockey, eh?”

    Well yeah but he’s working for an advertising firm after the coach ran him out of town

  242. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    If Boyle gets shipped…..I may have to jump off the ledge……

    tiki, that’s really nice of you…

    OK, niters all…..must catch up tomorrow….

  243. I think getting Halpern means that Boyle is out third line player. I think AA is as good as gone and so is Dubi.

  244. “I think AA is as good as gone and so is Dubi.”

    Yup, makes logical sense. Don’t think Stepan is going anywhere…although some of the experts I find on Twitter disagree….

  245. let’s say Dubinsky and Anisimov are both gone, who centers the 1st and 2nd lines?

  246. Boyle was our 3rd line center last year, and I imagine he’ll be there again this year as a matchup, so I’m not sure why Halpern would affect him. It seems to be more Anisimov or, Messier forbid, Stepan. Or maybe Anisimov is just moving to a wing. Or maybe Richards is getting traded straight up for Ryan. Or maybe I’m just going to bed.

  247. 1st Nash coming…Unsuspected, for Duby, Boyle, MDZ (or some of the prospects) + 1st pick.
    Therefore, Halpern=Fedotenko, Pyatt+Boyle(very similar players), Asham=Prust(wannabe).
    Just uneducated guess…

  248. I can be a center for the team too. Just give me a couple of months to work myself up to the NHL on the PS3. I’ll be Jewish center #3, CCCP. lmao

  249. Boyle remains our third line center, is what I meant…so Mama can sleep well. Reechards, Stephan, Boile and Halpern / Rupp. Those are our four centers. Maybe some kids make the team…who knows

  250. We have lots of low end now. Boyle, Asham, Rupp, Haley, Halpern…..

    That’s one heck of a fourth line.

  251. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    oy….thanks C3…I do need to catch up, but this time of year makes me really really thirsty.

    Boyle, low end? Pshaw!!!

  252. Boyle has no offensive skill.

    Dubi set him up a million times and he whiffed on all of them.

  253. If Boyle stays on the bottom 2 lines where he belongs, I’ll be happy. But I worry that the coach will try to force him into a scoring line situation again and I’m not completely sold Stepan is a top 6 forward either.

  254. Nash – Richards – Callahan (until Gaby is back)

    Kreider – Stepan – Thomas?

    Hagelin- Halpern – Boyle

    Pyatt – Asham – Rupp


  255. I didn’t go to bed, I took the dog out. Unless I’ve been watching the games really wrong, it looks to me like the Boyle line is out there 99% of the time to come back to the bench without a goal having been scored by either side. The other two lines are meant for gaining an advantage. And the fourth was so Rupper could inspire the ice to not melt quite so fast.

  256. Stepan definitely has the passing ability and offensive awareness of a top-6 forward. I don’t know what happened in the playoffs but I think the regular season is a good enough indicator of that. Also, if you’ve seen him on the international stage you know that he’s definitely got a lot of “clutch” in him. I’d hate to see him leave, especially seeing as how thin we are overall down the middle.

  257. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    I use roids and it allows me to type really really fast. The downside is that my fingers are 5 times fatter and I hit 3 keys at a time. Also, my you know what has shrunk to a mere foot long…..

  258. Down to a foot? Motorists must have been sliding credit cards in your mouth and pressing the regular button and asking for a receipt.

  259. Lev

    Veteran Yankee fan? Great,,,just what I need. Do you recall a woman play by play with Yanks some years ago, who I believe was named Susan Waldman, or it’s equivalent? I forget who she was paired with but I recall being not too impressed ( of course having been a Mel Allen fan who I thought was the best ever, it would be understandable.) If so whatever became of her? She was quite good. Zhs az good friend of the Boston pitcher Dick Radatz.

  260. *NEW POST*

    Comment From BroadwayRoe
    Boomer said something on the radio this morning that I thought was a really good point. He said that we got Nash with “only” six years left on his contract at the age of 28, which is much better than signing someone who is 28 for 14 seasons. In the spirit of these lengthy, cap-space evading contracts, I think we got a steal with Nash since his contract is already set in stone. Thoughts?

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