One week into free agency …


… and still virtually nothing has happened to the Rangers roster.


Well, at least we’ve had some troll activity here to make us laugh. Or not.

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You probably saw that Andre “Bel Biv” Deveaux signed with Florida last night, which is ironic since his last game as a Ranger was against Florida when he elbowed Tomas Fleischman(n?) and got himself suspended.


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    Carp – I will be happy to piss of “guest bloggers suck” with a guest blog

  2. The Bahamas are closer Florida than NY. ..maybe the Bomba wanted to be close to home?

  3. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    My Brutha – I vaporized and be wide awake

  4. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    But now I need be saying adieu … To you and you and you…

  5. I wish ranger fans would forget Rick Nash. That article is what I’ve been saying all along. If Nash was so great he would make players around him better but he isn’t as good a player as Howson is making him out to be. This isn’t malkin or crosby and like the article said, even giroux. I understand it’s columbus best player in there franchise history but that doesn’t mean he is worth the farm. Also like I said many times with a new CBA forth coming, you have to be careful adding another big contract because the cap will not stay at 70 mil. It will go down. I saw buttman on fasto’s show (wfan) and Buttman said he wanted the cap to go down and not by a little.

  6. it’s probable that nash will remain a bluejacket. He won’t be happy and will probably enjoy his 7.8 mil and dog it most of the time but that’s Howson’s problem.

  7. Would someone please explain the advantages, disadvantages etc. of raising & lowering the salary cap?

  8. I agree with Larry Brooks re: Weber. I suggested we sign him a 14 year, $115M offer sheet (approx $8.15M AAV) that is front loaded so the Preds won’t match.

  9. Ironic, but funny. Look what the rangers did a few yrs back…they brought in brash*t from Philly.

  10. My guess is that if Nashville trades Weber, they will want the equivalent of 5 1st round picks in return.

  11. Any package for Weber begins with Staal…

    Then you’ve got combinations of: Dubinsky, Hagelin, AA, MDZ + 1 farm prospect + draft pick(s)

    You keep McDonuts, Kreider, Stepan (can’t trade your second line center), Girardi (a stud).

    I must say, I agree with Larry (I never mix politics with sports as a journalist) Brooks 100%

  12. If you could get Weber without giving up Henk, Callahan, McD, Kreider and Girardi you basically do it. They would definitely want Marc Staal and they could definitely have him if we don’t give up those other pieces. nonetheless there is no indication the Rangers are even interested or that this is even close to being thought about.

  13. For some reason, I’d feel more more comfortable trading players for Shea WWeber than for Rick Nash.

    I agree with Rach – grabbing WWeber is kinda like what the Derbils did when they got Stevens. Nothing wrong with having a fearsome defense. A Norris candidate on the ice at all times, wow. Do it Glen!

  14. Hey Everyone is it me is has this been a very strange offseason. Also is it me is the entire NHL waiting for the Nash,Ryan or Weber shoe to drop? I don’t know about anyone else but I feel the Rangers are trying to pull off something big maybe even 2 deals. They not only need help up front but also help on the back end. I’m sorry Stu Bickel scares the crap out of me when hes on the ice. However Bic is a good 7th defenseman but not a fourth Line forward at all. Nash and/or Weber are the guys they need. A demonate forward that doesnt need help, can kill pentlies and is just a horse and/or a Norris trophy,nasty D-man with a big no Huge bomb of a shot. I would take either. Your pipe dream of coarse both!! If you get Nash you probably get a Vet d-man that u trust to play on the 3 pair. If you get Weber maybe Shane Doan comes a board. Its going to be very interesting to say the least. However I have to say Sather has been smart and not wasting big money on 3 and 4th line guys. Save the money to land the big fish they need.

  15. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    This is why Lou’s deal to get Scott Stevens was one of the biggest coup’s ever. He is a brilliant GM that continues to make ours look like he has the brain the size of a pea.

    Here we go offering a plateful of players, potentially gutting our organization to get back WWE or Nash. Lou lost Shanahan, gets one of the best defenseman ever. Of course, look at the list of greats Lou has drafted.

  16. Matty —

    That’s why our “pea brained” GM gutted the Rangers organization of Gomez to get McDonaugh??

  17. the devils where a expansion team that strugle for years, first with kansas city, than colorado and than new jersey. They picked in the top 5 for many years so by the time they came to new jersey there farm system was loaded. I admit Lou is a good gm but lets not get carried away. Sather on the other hand stepped into a rangers organization that gutted there farm system to win the cup in 94 thanks to Neil Smith. That was part of the reason it took sather until now to build a good farm system and team. The other problem was who ever was in charge of player personnel for the rangers was clueless. When Sather hired Gordie Clarke that changed for the better and why the rangers now have a good farm system.

  18. Lamoriello didn’t release R.J. Umberger from a tryout three years ago either, so that’s a big plus.

  19. Papa, i was wondering same thing bc i heard that too….id do that trade….then sign doan (not crazy contract) and were solid….and doan’s agent made it a point to point out NYR on his own unprovoked sayin doan woudnt be gainst it….he obvi woud want to come here

  20. “Papa BearJuly 8th, 2012 at 10:59 am
    Any truth that Dubi, Stepan and 1st rnd pick gets Nash???”

    I doubt it and don’t believe it. If that was the case the deal would be done. Howson wants allot more, probably adding 1 or two prospects and mdz.

  21. if they all of a sudden decided to trade stepan, that’s who the ducks were asking for in return for ryan. Don’t you think the rangers would go for ryan instead?

  22. Good morning, Sally!

    Matty, while I generally agree with your assessment of Lamoriello, he got Stevens by accident.

    and while I generally agree that WWEber is a better player than Nash, that’s fine if you’re still in rebuild mode. But if you’re in “go for it” mode, they need a Nash a lot more than another defenseman.

  23. They had a replay of the world Jr championship game between USA & Canada on the NHL Network recently. Stepan was awesome in that game. He looked like a big game player. Based on his first two play-offs with the Rangers, he did not look like the same big game player. I wonder if Sather is over rating him. I don’t know if he has the speed and quickness. He seemed to get caught from behind often in the playoffs. He seemed to be behind the play. Is he too slow? That is my concern.

  24. well, the way I see it is, stepan is very young and this was his first year of experience in the stanely cup playoffs and since the rangers are thin at that position and he is there second best center on the team and in the organization, I would not part ways with him at this time. I’m glad the rangers organization is finally developing there own players and in a cap league it is very important to keep those players and not add contracts like the wild have done. The capwill go down if Buttman gets his way.

  25. Czechthemout!!! on

    To all those who think we would have give up the farm to get Weber or Nash, we won’t. Star players never get traded for equal value because they are moved only because a franchise is in trouble, or because the star player has either wore out his welcome and insists that he is moved. The acquiring team always has the leverage.

    Rick Nash holds all the leverage. He has a nmc clause and will have a major say where he winds up. His moron GM believes he’s trading a player who is happy where he is,and doesn’t have a nmc clause. Howson is living in La la land. Good luck going into the season Howson with a disgruntled captain who wants no part of playing on your team. That’s going to do wonders for you. If his play does diminish as expected, the offers and their quality will as well.

    Shea Weber also has effective control of where he goes, which in turn impacts the size of the offers Nashville will receive. The difference is that Poile is a reasonable man and will Make a deal in pretty short order if Weber tells him that he wants to test free agency.

  26. bull dog line on

    Papa Bear. would you consider game 6 against Ottawa a big game? or game 7 against the same Sens a big game? Stepan get knocked a little to much for the playoffs this season. he did have quite a few big moments.

  27. this nash saga will go on for a while and if there is a strike for a long while. I could see Nash finally getting traded at the trading deadline this season, that’s if there will be a season. Howson should have taking sather’s offer because unless Nash expands his list, nothing is going to change.

  28. Czechthemout!!! on


    I would add the the offers he gets will get significantly smaller. Howson is a moron. He misread the market for Nash twice now. First at te deadline, and than after Parise signed his deal. What a surprise! The mega offers Howson thought he’d get, never came.

    Weber would be a great get for us, and won’t cost nearly as much as you guys think. Any combination of Marc Staal/ MdZ, Tim Erixon, a B level prospect and a number one gets it done.

  29. weber would address two needs, power play QB and a right handed defencemen and a animal at the blueline, would fit perfect in tort’s system.

  30. people also keep saying the rangers need offense and that’s true but they forget that the rangers will now have kreider for a full season, the kid is only going to get better.

  31. A Scottish, amateur-hour, bush-league clown …

    which is better than the Swiss Miss type of clown.

  32. Eddie Eddie CEddie on

    Cally, dubi, mcd, step, and stahl for nick rash

    Kreider, mdz, girardi, biron, Hank, miller, Thomas, 3 # 1, and a great big steamy #2 for WWeber

  33. Bull dog – I am not advocating for trading Stepan. I hope he comes into his own this year. As a player, I like a lot of his game. He has great hands, vision and hockey smarts. But, I am also concerned about his lack of speed and quickness which has presented during his 1st two seasons and playoffs. Some said he “ran out of gas”. I dont buy into that theory. I hope he understands where he needs to improve as a player and puts the effort in to get there. Speed and quickness can improve with drills and practice. We’ll see how he performs in his 3rd year.

  34. Keep holding out Glen, he’ll cave eventually.

    I’d much rather give up prospects than our current young players…

  35. bull dog line on

    do not disagree Papa Bear,
    Stepan’s speed is only average, as is his shot. but as you said his hands and vision are above average. I think he may be a 60 to 70 pt scorer, a solid 2nd line center. I do not think they have anybody on the roster capable of doing that, so trading him would create a huge hole down the middle.

  36. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Im inclined to agree with carp on this one (sorry carp), I think Nash addresses more of a current team “need”, but I would honestly rather have Wweber.

    I’d just sign Wweber to an offer sheet, worse thing that happens is we don’t get him.

    For crying out loud, do SOMETHING

  37. bull dog line on

    to me it is a no brainer. if you are going to give up the goods, you give them up for WWeber. WWeber is the best player at his position in the NHL. the same could not be said for Nash. if the Rangers are willing to pay the price, let it be for WWeber.

  38. Staal n step get weber, then Dubi, erixon and # 1 for Bobby Ryan…equals best D and goalie in the league and some cap space for more offense. Or switch Dubi and Step if it makes more sense. Got to give-up step or MDZ in one of these.I rather hold MDZ

  39. I have a feeling Sather may be trying to get both Nash and Weber. Darren Dreger said it was possible.

  40. Weber might be the better player, but he’s not at all necessary. The Rangers don’t have a need for another d-man. We have good ones already.

    What we need is top line talent…

  41. I love these pipe dream trades some fans post on here. The ducks are looking for a second line center, that means the conversation starts with stepan. When and if weber is going to let David Poile know what his intentions are he won’t be going any where.

  42. bull dog line on

    it doesn’t start with Ansimov? I though he was the guy all GM’s were asking about? I would not include Stepan in most trades, buy I would include him in a trade for WWeber. he would be worth it.

  43. I still don’t see the point in getting Weber and not a forward. So we get arguably the best d-man in the game, but we still have issues.

    How does that make our offense any better? Wouldn’t it get even worse now that you have to replace the young forwards you traded away?

  44. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I don’t think the offer sheet will happen either, but if it was me I would try it

  45. bull dog line on

    Weber is the kind of player, regardless of your needs, you go and get. there are still a few UFA’s out there that can help you if have deal a few forwards to get him. Weber makes you better. it that simple.

  46. bull dog line on

    if I am putting an offer sheet out, it would not be for Weber, it would be for Kane. if Weber wants out of Nashville, and Nashville matches an offer sheet, he is stuck. a trade for Weber, while likely costly, is the way to go.

  47. With Big George Laraque looking to make a come back,you could see him in camp with the Rangers. Sather loves him

  48. Afternoon gang!

    Sorry I bailed last night, got sucked into Indiana Jones movie before going to bed.

    Ria- Dad’s doing real good. Getting stronger everyday. Staples come out later this week, which is a good thing for him. Good to hear things are going well for you, despite the heat.

    E3- He had surgery to clean out a clogged carotid artery last week. Spent 2 nights in the hospital (was only supposed to be one night, but they kept him another cause his BP was too low). All looks good now though.

    All the Nash talk s beyond boring right now.

  49. I said a number 1 carp and if it takes. A second line center make it Steph and Erixon for Ryan not enough?

  50. Carp- LOL

    Its reminds me alittle of the offseason the Rangers were going after Jagr and Lindros. Summer of 2001. They didn’t get Lindros until Aug 20th. The only other major signing was for Greg De Vries. Other then that a very quit offseason. Just that it was interesting.

  51. Richards is tweeting about the John Deere British Open Golf Tournament in association with FedEx already, I see. I despair.

  52. if that was enough, Ryan would be here, Hedberg.

    heard nothing about Del Zotto … that might take time since he has zero leverage. like dubinsky, stall, callahan, etc.

    uh, no thank you, CCCP. but thanks for the warning … and the visual.

    Haha. Greg DeVries.

    Richards obviously doesn’t care, LW.

  53. excuse my ignorance but i always meant to ask… what does LW3H means?

    Sorry, Britanian is my fifth language.

  54. Wouldn’t give anymore than that for Ryan, forget it move on. He from cherry hill anyway

  55. Paul in sunrise on

    I want the rangers to win a cup this year. What stepan or some other prospect will look like in five years when the king is no longer the king does not interest me. Win now. The rangers are on the brink. WWEber and Nash make that more real.

  56. Ok don’t kill the messager on twitter a rumor from HockeyyInsiderr stated this:
    Source: NY Rangers have offer on the Table for Nash: 2013 1st round pick+Dubi+AA+MDZ#
    confirmed by second source. Ball in CBJ Court. I honestly don’t trust most on Twitter however Don La Greca retweeted this on his own twitter account. Thats the only reason I’m bringing it up. Enjoy!!

  57. bull dog line on

    wow, that is still a high price. I would probably swallow really hard and do it. the MDZ part is the part that makes me pause. still I think you would have to do that one.

  58. bull dog line on

    you know what, I have changed my mind. I would not pause, I would just do it.

  59. Me 2 Bull dog line but I guess Scott Howson wouldn’t LOL.

    Also I tweeted back and fourth with Don La Greca he said the guy is hit or miss like everyone else but he has been following him for awhile. But the rumor is out there.

  60. bull dog line on

    it is a lot. the only one though that would be a concern is MDZ. AA, and Dubi ( Dubi much tougher to replace) are replaceable. MDZ had 40 pts on D last season, that will tough to replace. then you are also relying on Erixon to play a bigger role as well.

  61. yea, just like the other rumor dubi, stepan and a first round pick. I don’t believe it. This Nash thing is going to be dragged in the media for a while. Like MickeyM said ealier, the Nash saga is beyond boring.

  62. I mean what I say, CCCP.

    Having skimmed through HockeyyInsiderr’s no doubt 100% reliable timeline, also worth noting that yesterday he had McDonagh leaving in a Nash deal, so he could be replaced by Yandle.

    So he’s both throwing a massive amount of Carcillo against the wall and coming up with stuff that makes no sense at all.

  63. IMO I believe all 6 teams haven’t talked to Howson anymore after the 6 teams found out what Howson was asking from each team. I don’t think there is any chatter going on anymore for Nash. Howson thinks sooner or later he will get Nash to expand his list or a team will cave. I think Howson is crazy.

  64. Howson needs to realize more often then not you loss these trades.
    Ask PiTT what they got for Jagr or What Boston Got for Joe Thornton or What The Panters got for Loungo. The team getting the star normally wins.

  65. roc, the problem with this situation is Nash is the best player the Bluejackets have ever had in there history which basically isn;’t saying much and Howson has done a terrible job building that team around Nash that I guess he feels he needs to make it all up in one trade. Unfortunately it isn’t going to work that way. Howson is going to find out the hard way.

  66. I’ll say this about the Nash saga, it is going to be interesting to see how it plays out. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Nash still playing for the Bluejackets when the season starts.

  67. I agree tommy I just hope the Rangers don’t have all there eggs in Rick Nash’s basket!!

  68. It’s also the guy who tweeted less there was a less than 5% chanceParise and Suter go to the Wild together. 99% done that Suter is a Red Wing and 95% certain that Parise is staying in New Jersey.

  69. Don’t believe anything on twitter unless its from McKenzie, Dreger or LeBrun. Sorry, but that’s how I see it.

  70. Because I know some of you Europansies like Euro “football” …

    From the Yankees:

    Individual-game tickets for the match on Wednesday, August 8 at 8:00 p.m. at Yankee Stadium between current Spanish champion Real Madrid and storied Italian powerhouse A.C. Milan will go on sale to the general public at on Monday, July 9 at 10:00 a.m.
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  71. Scott Howson on

    someone please, bring me back to earth! i need to feel the ground again!

  72. R.I.P. Ernest Borgnine.

    Lt. Commander Quinton McHale. (by the way, could there be a more Italian looking character with an Irish name?)

  73. are these friendly pansyball matches? if these games are anything like Chelsea vs AC Milan few years back at the Giants stadium then no thanks… i’d rather sleep at home, if you know what i mean. I paid $200 for a ticket to go see that game and those bastards just ran around the field as it was practice!

  74. Brian McKenzie reports that Columbus has countered the Rangers offer (of a 2013 1st rounder, Dubinski, AA, and MDZ) by requesting that Biron and Rupp also be included.

  75. As long as Nash is under contract Columbus mgmt is doing right by its ownership and fans in holding out for a deal that best positions the team for life after losing its franchise player. Can’t be concerned with what other GMs or Ranger fan bloggers think.

    The wildcard that could change the leverage equation somewhat is if Nash doesnt report to camp. But I don’t believe he would do that, too much to risk in breaching his contract not to mention hurting his rep.

  76. Paul in sunrise on

    Does anyone know the Olympic schedule? Wanna know when women’s curling comes on.

  77. Brian McKenzie is that dude who married Steve Martin’s daughter in “Father of the Bride”.

  78. Thisyearsmodel on

    Mermaid Man, aka Quinton McHale has phased away? Too bad. Excellent actor.

  79. There’s a new plan in Nassau County to, apparently, allow developers to bid on the land surrounding the Nassau Mausoleum and turn it into shopping outlets and apartment buildings, as well as construct a new arena.

    The difference this time is that all funding will be private and Wang would have to put up a lot of $$$.

    This would only work if Wang wants to do it. He has hinted that he wants to move the team after 2015. Wang doesn’t want the team to stay in that specific area unless it is done his way. He made that clear last time…

    If the -Ice Clowns – Islanders leave, the winning developer would have to come up with an alternative main attraction…

  80. “…the John Deere British Open Golf Tournament in association with FedEx …”

    *presented by MasterCard

    My favo(u)rite golf event of the year!

  81. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Carp – email sent

    On another note fed tank beat Arthur Murray in the wimby finals today

  82. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “in perspective, the rangers are indictatory of essential”

  83. Even though they went to Game 6 of the conference finals, this feels like one of the longest off- seasons I can remember. Isn’t it ridiculous?

  84. I don’t want to be on the “Stepan for Nash” bandwagon.

    Rangers fans have waited too long for a regime that will retain and develop home grown talent.

    Kudos to the Rangers for remaining firm on this policy….

  85. I’m hoping Eddie’s guest blog depicts the epic battle of how Ruslan Fedotenko became a Wimbledon champion for the 7th time in his career. And, also, how he’s never lost a game 7 in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  86. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    so a buddy of mine who plays goalie in one of the non-hitting (europansy) leagues here tells me this great joke at work today…I hope it doesn’t lose anything reading it..

    This teacher of this 2nd grade class in NY on the first day of school asks her kids to go around the room and tell everyone what their dads do for work.

    So predictable answers all around until she get to this one boy who says “my dad dances at this place to disco music all night and while he is dancing he takes all his clothes off for all the other men who are watching”…the teacher quickly moves on to another child and then starts handing out homework.

    After the homework is handed out, she calls the one boy up to her desk and says, “your dad tells you what he does at his work?”

    The boy sheepishly replies “I lied, I made that up. I was just too embarrassed to tell everyone that he is really an Islanders player”!

  87. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Went upstairs and had a smoke
    Somebody spoke and I went into a dream
    Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  88. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    NYR fan – my Brutha it was fed tank’s 7th *wimby* title

  89. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    The lyric would be “….playing on grass on grass …”

  90. Speaking of grass, the old Mets reliever Tug McGraw was asked if he preferred grass or artificial turf and he answered: “I don’t know. I never smoked artificial turf.

  91. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Hey, and smoke this for a bit……..not only have the Devils lost their Captain and one of their better players, but they have lost both assistant coaches as of the announcement today that Robinson is gone to the Sharks.

    Aint no way they can replace Robinson.

    By subtraction, today is a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

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