Rangers’ free agency scoreboard


While we wait on a major move, which will happen, though obviously there’s no rush, here’s the scorecard so far (hope I’m not missing anybody):


Brandon Prust.
Ruslan Fedotenko.
John Mitchell.
Jeff Woywitka.
John Scott.
Chad Johnson.
Jonathan Audy-Marchessault.


Arron Asham.
Micheal Haley.
Taylor Pyatt.
Kyle Jean.


Martin Biron.
Stu Bickel.
Kris Newbury.

Headed to arbitration:

Anton Stralman.

Still unsigned UFAs:

Sean Avery.
Steve Eminger.
Andre Deveaux.
Brendan Bell.
Mike Vernace.

Still unsigned RFAs:

Michael Del Zotto.
Mats Zuccarello.


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  1. so MDZ is the only “keeper” left?

    15.8 mil space.

    3-4 mil forMDZ

    we are in great shape

  2. Flyers:

    Lose: J Van Riemsdyk, Matt Carle, Jagr

    Gain: Luke Schenn, Fedotenko, Bruno Gervais

    I read an article where Fedotenko will be playing as a top 6 forward for the Flyers…

    Buffalo also has taken the lead in the Bobby Ryan sweeps – Holmgren does not want to give up the farm..

    With respect to Fedotenko, is this the case of the Rangers’ being so deep that Feds is top 6 talent? Or is this an example of “one man’s Toyota becoming another man’s Porsche?”

  3. Part of me today is thinking that the longer we go without getting Nash the more likely Slats is to lose patience with Howson and move on and trade for someone else under the radar – or we may find if nothing is done by early next week (and Phoenix situation is not resolved) we sign Doan for 2 years.

    Tomb – i think because MDZ is an RFA he’d be more likely a $2.5m per hit – which if he can produce another 40 point season and cut out one or two mistakes he’ll become a major fan favourite – i love that he’s got offense, he is not afraid to drop the boom and if he can take charge on the PP then he’s got a huge future.

  4. San Jose is offering Pavelski and Niemi as trade fodder for Nash…

    Derbils are all in regarding bringing Semin in to replace Parise…

  5. I think the way the Nash saga is going to go down is, howson will wait to the very end and get the best deal. What I’ve been reading the pens don’t have the players for Nash and the flyers won’t trade want howson is asking. That leaves detriot, rangers and sharks. Detriot needs blueline help, not offense so I don’t see them trading for Nash. That leaves the rangers and sharks left. The only thing that could change all this is if Nash expads his list. The bottom line is the Nash saga will go on for a while and if there is a strike it could go on even longer.

  6. Nash ends up in San Jose. Ryan to Phil. Semin to wings doan to Vancouver.

    Rangers get arnott lagenbrunner lol.

  7. I think Detroit will be pointing all their guns at WWEber now that Suter is gone, their D-corps is very weak (Kronwall, Ericsson & Ian White are their top 3) plus they have a good farm system and according capgeek they also have 15 forwards signed.

    I think Howson is possibly delaying in order for Nash to blink and expand his list – i’d bet he’s had better offers from teams not on that list which is why he hasnt pulled the trigger on any of Slats offers yet. I could still see Ryan in Philly and Semin on the Devils next year.
    I think we will end up with Doan and Nash will be god knows where

  8. in terms of who’s listed,missed, signed:
    JAM was never ‘Ranger’ property, as an undrafted Junior, he signed with AHL farm team, had a great year, declined a non-maximum offer from NYR to sign with CBJ.(also NYR already have a pipeline of other height-challenged prospects – Bourque, Thomas, St Croix, McColgan)
    Tendered RFA’s, not yet signed, also include NYR’s #3 goalie, Cam Talbot, and productive fringe forward Casey Wellman, acquired for Christensen.
    Mike Vernace, the fringe D received for Wolski, has been reported signed at CapGeek for weeks, altho the NYR have not announced.
    Besides Zucc, a couple others fled back to Europe – Thuresson who had been acquired for prospect Brodie Dupont from Nashville last summer, never got a callup from NYR, despite 25 games NHL experience, and he was non-tendered and went back to Sweden.
    Pavel Valentneko, the 6’2″,225# D who was part of the Gomez trade, WAS tendered, despite signing in Europe\KHL (ie just like Zucc).
    There were a handful of young Ranger properties in minors non-tendered, Klassen, Baldwin, Chappel.
    And a slew of AHL contracts that expired, most notably NYR draft pick Max Campbell, and young, full-season Whale players Kelsey Tessier and Scott Tanski.
    While some readers may doubt the potential of these low-profile players, let’s recall that Dan Girardi was undrafted, and started his pro career on an AHL contract.

  9. I appreciate Sather’s patience. I think he signs Doan on the 9th and puts the wheels in motion to acquire Weber. Weber is gonna be the biggest pending free agent deal since Kovalchuk. If Weber has any inkling of joining the Rangers, Glen has to do it. Serious Cup contenders with Weber at the point.

    I will let Weber slam my head into the boards WWE style if he signs here.

  10. Also, Let’s Go Roger! (But if Novak wins I will be almost equally pleased).

    And for this afternoong COME ON TSONGA! Beat that Scot!

  11. Del Zaster is an RFA this year? I thought that was next year. Wonder how much he is going to want. Has anyone made an offer sheet? Maybe we can trade rights to Del Zaster for Evander Kane!

    (Just kidding. Please don’t trade D unless Sauer is 100%)

  12. Rangers to go *hard* for Doan….. (Just doing ORR’s job for him until he wakes up)

  13. actually that is right 4 years, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2015-2016, 2017-2018, that is 4 years. article is correct.

  14. DarrenDreger NYR still very interested in Rick Nash, but, they’re not willing to wait forever. Currently exploring other options as well. Someone blink.

  15. Surprise guys, the article that was well researched by someone paid to write it was correct and we were wrong…..Shocker….

  16. Lol @ predicting lockout. I don’t know who edits these articles, but it’s embarrassing.

  17. I thought that article was wrong. After Zach and Suter signed, every other insane long term contract looks like a bargain. Crazy.

  18. though Portzline and others said Howson was right to wait until parise and suter signed and that Howson would get a bidding war, I totally disagree. The pens, flyers and red wings don’t need offense, they need blueline help and either are not willing to give up there young players or don’t have the players to give up. The sharks also won’t give up there young players. Unless Nash expands his list howson is screwed.

  19. Well it’s Crosby. His contract has to be halved and divided one half per lip.

  20. I would much rather bring in Doan for nothing but $$$ than give up too much to deal for Nash.

  21. DJK,
    I agree 100% and when I heard the rumors at the trading deadline said so and haven’t changed my mind. Obviously other teams feel the same way.

  22. nash at 7.8 for 6 more years is a bargain comapred to some of these contracts given out the last week or so. when jagr at age 40 gets 4.5 whitney at 40 gets 4.5 how can nash not be worth what he gets. i for one want ALL IN on WEBER. weber on this team will complete our d for years

  23. WWEber on this team would be NUTS. If Sauer came back!?

    McBust – Girardi
    Staal – WWEber
    Sauer – Del Zaster

  24. gross in the bergen record

    suggested del zaster 3 yr deal for 1.75 mil per year. i wouldnt mind that all if he were to be here and not go in nash deal or for weber should he become trade bait

  25. I would trade assets for WWEber before I even thought about calling Howser….


  26. How does it make sense to go for Weber over Rick Nash? Defense is the least of our worries. We probably have the best overall defense in the league for the next 2-3 years at the very least. We’re desperate for offense.

  27. Don’t think DZ would take a 3 year deal. He doesn’t have arb rights this year but he also wouldn’t want to give up more arb eligible years than he has to. 2 year deals when players hit their first RFA year has been a staple for the Rangers during the salary cap era. Dubi, Cally and AA all got that. The only one that didn’t was Staal and relatively speaking he had progressed further in his position than any of those guys.

  28. manny, good point. I wonder if the owners will adress the issue on those 10+ year contracts and try to stop it from happening in the new CBA.

  29. Agreed. With the crazy defenseman contracts, its going to take a lot more than $1.75MM per to buy out any of MDZ’s free agent years.

  30. “The owners” are just being ridiculous. If I don’t want to spend so much money at restaurants, do I just stop spending money at restaurants or do I call the city and make it illegal for restaurants to seat me?

  31. How does it make sense to go for Weber over Rick Nash? Defense is the least of our worries.

    Power play quarterback. Bomb from the point. He will scare opposition goaltenders with his shot. For real. He once shot a puck THROUGH the net….

  32. MDZ will likely be slotted in below Girardi and Stall at $2.5 – 2.75 per. The trade-off for more annual income will be for him to sign away
    year(s) of UFA status. If he agrees to 5 year deal, give him $16-17M.

    We could use him as a 5 year rental player ;)

  33. tommy, i dont see them going after him either. Kinda like they didnt go after Suter. A team like the Flyers needs a guy like Weber. A team like the Rangers needs a guy like Nash/Ryan.

  34. lev

    completely disagree a guy like weber with a booming shot and physical presence is hands down the best d man in the league to say the rangers dont need a guy like him but our rival the flyers need him more is nuts. a solid blue line wins cups u could always find wingers.

    u need at least one stud d man to win is this league

  35. “If the Flyers get Weber, we are in trouble…”

    Totally. They’re just one defenseman away from becoming a shutdown team and turning that 6-0 into a 1-5.

  36. “u need at least one stud d man to win is this league”

    Cool, we’ve got one plus atleast three others who qualify as above average. And another above average hopefully coming back from injury. And three high draft picks in the system. Our defense is pretty awesome. Weber would help every single team in the league, that doesn’t mean that every single team in the league should pay the price to acquire him.

  37. Seems a bit of a steep contract for Nick Foligno -Ranger killer- traded filler. Unusual, given Howser is such a fine negotiator.

  38. Today at Puck and Gavel, I recap yesterday’s negotiation session between the NHL and NHLPA and dip my toe into the upcoming labor negotiations.

    Coming very, very soon, I’ll have an interview with Joe Cobb, one of the named plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the Glendale City Council, who is currently collecting signatures to have the ordinance placed on the ballot for public referendum.

  39. If the Flyers got Weber for free then yes. If it costs them Claude Giroux then not so much.

  40. Mister D July 6th, 2012 at 10:13 am

    “u need at least one stud d man to win is this league”

    Cool, we’ve got one plus atleast three others who qualify as above average. And another above average hopefully coming back from injury. And three high draft picks in the system. Our defense is pretty awesome. Weber would help every single team in the league, that doesn’t mean that every single team in the league should pay the price to acquire him.

    Amen. Weber is good. He’s not Superman (Dwight Howard). Just like a Rick Nash would help every single team, Weber would help every single team. Does not mean we have to go out and get him. Defense is the strongest part of our game. Offense being the weakest. Flyers are the opposite. Having Weber on the Flyers does not make them that great either. They’ll have a great first pair. And then what?

  41. Im not arguing whether Weber is the best D-man in the league. Im arguing the point of why Rangers should target him more than Nash. 29 other teams would kill to have the top 4 d-men that we have. 29 other teams would not kill to have our offense and our very efficient powerplay.

  42. Who was on here telling us that we weren’t real tennis fans and Federer had no chance to win Wimbledon? Then they told me that I, “knew nothing about tennis” when I said Tsonga had a dark horse chance?

  43. I can see the Red Wings getting weber, they have the assets in young players. The flyers have a weak farm system and the young players they have they cannot afford to trade.

  44. i actually love watching grand slam tennis. the big four plust tsonga and del potro are just fun to watch them play each other. one thing i always do is root against nadal.

  45. unless the wings package is far superior to anyone else in the league there is no way I see david poile preds gm trading weber to the wings. preds fans view the wings as there arch rivals.

  46. @manny: “Well it’s Crosby. His contract has to be halved and divided one half per lip.”


  47. Would you trade MDZ AND MacD to get Weber?!? Erixon is coming up.


    That trade would help Nashville replace two D with two NHL ready D…

  48. Again, just speculating. I prefer to keep everybody from the third best team in the NHL. Sign Doan and even Semin. Let NO ONE go. But I wonder what Sather is thinking…

  49. If you were buildiing a team from scratch then ye youd take Weber over Nash and Ryan. But we’re not. We’re addressing the weakest part of our game. Or at least i hope that’s how the team operates.

  50. Nash or Ryan, we still have no point man. PP will still suck. Unless MDZ can mature.


    Well Weber probably doesn’t solve things either. Considering with the exception of last year Nashville’s PP is usually around 15%.

  51. Manny,
    MacD was fine as a rookie on Girardi’s pairing. Erixon is a good young player. Who’s to say he cant make the jump too.

  52. Whoah. Seriously? Erixon is *NOT* McBust. Not at all. No one really is. I think he’s the best defenseman in the league when you think about age, experience, contract and ability.

  53. “Is there anyone you would trade McBust for? Malkin? Geroux?”

    There isn’t a defenseman I would. Forwards like those guys, sure. Even then I’d be a bit sad; there’s no reason McDonagh can’t be a fixture on our blueline for the next decade-plus.

  54. I never thought the day would come when I’d have to say this. You guys lost your minds, we need offense not defense. Remember 2 GAG during the playoffs. People cried about giving up young core players and Nash’s salary. Do you not realize after losing suter and Radulov this off season you’ll be giving up more for weber and also paying more money. And if you did trade for weber you’d only be creating more holes in your offense.

  55. I don’t get it, we’re not completely unanimous that trading McDonagh ($1.3MM then RFA) for Weber ($7.5MM then UFA) is the worst idea of the offseason so far? Seriously?

  56. Of course we’ve lost our minds….I know I have. Why else would I spend most of my day constantly reading this blog! And now I’ve resorted to posting!?!?!?!?

    Am I now officially a Bonehead?

  57. for mcdonagh age salary skill there is no better value in the league then what mac provides right now hands down

  58. I would love to get Iginla. Would Love it.

    If anyone ever suggests trading McBust again I will personally FedEx you a bucket of puke.

  59. As I said yesterday if Nashville is willing to do a staal and dubinsky for weber then I make the deal. Close to 10 million or even 10 million coming off the books to give weber i’m good with. Like the physical and mean style weber plays over staal

  60. JJK – run for the hills. Hide from becoming one at all costs. It will consume you!

  61. Sorry Manny……I wouldnt trade McD either. Just interested in everyone’s opinion. No puke please!!!!

  62. And if you can trade for weber and inginla and sign doan I say your a stanley cup winner this year.

    cally, richards, inginla- ( Cally plays first until gabby comes back )
    krieder, stepan, doan
    3rd & 4th lines TBC

  63. I have a close friend who works for the Rangers front office and we had breakfast together this morning. He is very tight lipped and gives nothing away. In fact the last trade I heard from him before the news broke was the Pat Verbeek trade years ago! He said that the Rangers have completely moved away from Nash! Sather is so done with the CBJ GM that he has broken away from all talks with them. He said they are working on others, but would not give me any names, but forget Nash!

  64. Im glad Feta-a-tenko salio. Y a prust…adios, pendejo!! you guys keep lamenting over players who make limited impact. Losing players like this mean players come up from farm system to replace. This is good thing since rangers make many nice assets in their sistema de granja.

  65. sioux

    ducks want a 2nd line center(stepan) and a prospect or two. less expensive package then nash

  66. Sather just called the agents of leetch, zubov, lindros and bure. Oh wait signed messier out of retirement after trading stepan to ducks.

  67. Staal n Dubi for Weber then Stepan Erixon and a 2nd for Ryan….. What would we look like?

  68. BTW fellow ranger fans speaking of messier what the heck was the purpose of signing keane and that other bum bum center and letting mess walk that year?

  69. heard a rep from phoenix earlier on xm nhl home ice who said gun to his head that ownership issue wont be resolved and that his gut says doan leaves come next week

  70. cant believe how we really hear nothing on rumors of where semin goes. still say wings

  71. That is the first post that stated inside info that I actually believe. Sather isn’t the only GM who has had it with Howson and is done talking to CBJ’s organization. Howson is the biggest dope as a GM. I see why CBJ is one of the worst teams in hockey. It’s amazing that Howson still has a job.

  72. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Rich Ranger. Honestly, I could believe that.

  73. Aw tzm Pawtzm on

    Trading McD in a hypothetical Weber trade would be a lateral move. Once again when looking at potential trades, many people aren’t looking practical reality.

    Weber is am rfa and with yang has a lot of leverage. He can tell Poile that he won’t sign an extension with team Poile works out a deal with. Which will either lower his price dramaticaly if not give him an effective veto for all intense and purposes. So what is Poile to do? He can keep him and hope that he signs long term ( unlikely ). He can trade him without condotions. That would be a much smaller haul for them
    ( most likely).

    If the Rangers Offer Mdz,Erixon and a B level prospect, and a second rounder, I think that gets it done.

  74. We need WWEber so he could bash someone’s head into the glass and only get fined. Although since he’ll be wearing a Rangers jersey, they’ll probably suspend him 25 games.

  75. Also, rumor is Semin is close to signing with the Devils. Semin + Kovalchuk = scary good on offense.

  76. Howson wants the package from ottawa, he chased so many teams away he had to put out that stepan, mcdonagh and krieder weren’t needed to make a deal just to bring someone back into interest. Pitt is out ( They want doan ) carolina out, sharks won’t budge their out and so is philly who has just started talks with nasville for weber after losing carle.

  77. Manny with the devils in debt can they take a chance on semin if he dogs it their pretty much bottom feeders

  78. Is anybody else a bit worried that Columbus is trying so hard to get rid of Nash? That part hasn’t been talked about. Don’t you think if he was such an “elite” offensive talent, that the Jackets would try to keep him (especially considering he has another 6 years left on his deal)?

  79. The Devils aren’t actually in debt. The owner (Vanderbeek) is. If the NHL had to step in, they’d find a new owner quick. New arena, best TV contract in the league for US teams (along with the Rangers/Isles), and the whole NYC area sponsorships. They’ll have money.

  80. I’m sure Marty will be thrilled with the 20 minutes per game he has that line on the ice.

  81. I dont think Stepan is a untouchable, but if we did the 2 legit trades, we would have the best D and mabe goalie in the league but way short on offense. D would be McD, Weber, Dan G, MDZ, Sauer, Bickel, Stralman…. O= Gabby,Richie,Ryan,Cally,AA,Kreider,Hags,BB,Pyatt Asham,Rupp…. with a whole lot of cash still wouldnt want to waste it on Semin even for a yr. But we could use a real sniper and then we got big time balance

  82. Carp — on the “Star Watch” page, I don’t think that’s a picture of Dubinsky under his name. Nor do I think he belongs on that page, but that’s just me.

  83. JohnnyD

    regarding CBJ & Nash:

    I think its more he wants out than they want to get rid of him. If they can get 4 or 5 good young cheap players for him, you turn one good player into one good young line. Still ptobablysave money.

  84. just listened to tim panacchio who covers flyers on radio says by flyers trading jvr for schenn they gave up an asset in jvr who would be center piece of a deal for nash and perhaps ryan. now by making that move at the draft and the flyers unwillingness to include braydon schenn and couterier in a deal he doesnt see how they could get a nash and a ryan if those two they wont move. the radio host says he doesnt see how ryan wont be in a flyer uniform at some point. just seems to fit with his dad connection to bobby clarke

  85. Hedberg stepan has only been in the leauge for 2 years and his point totals went up by ten last year. He is a playmaking center ( not many of them around ) that kills penalties and plays the powerplay. Is he untouchable if I were GM it’d have to be a special player kovalchuck, malkin, crosby etc that he goes in a package for. And let’s be honest there’s a reason why the ducks and bluejackets have asked for him. Ryan did only score a few points more then stepan last year playing with getzlaf and perry. And can we please stop with AA he hit his ceiling what you see from him is what your going to get and it’s no 2nd line center

  86. Columbus doesnt want to get rid of him…that’s the whole freaking point. Or else he’d be gone a long time ago. He wants out but wants a fair return to Columbus so they would at least have some chance in the near future. Bobby Ryan on the other hand is a completely different. They’ve wanted him gone because he didnt mesh with Carlyle. They fired Carlyle. They still want to get rid of him. Now he wants out. That should be much more worrisome than Nash’s situation.

  87. And may I also add that krieder and stepan have played together before and not just in the playoffs. They also played for team USA. Krieder is supposed to be your top prospect he excels with a playmaker to feed what he does and that’s score goals

  88. You guys are nuts if you think SJ is offering Pavelski for Nash. He scored 31 goals and 35 assists for them last season and is pretty gritty as well. If they are trading him we should try to get in on it. No way on earth does SJ do that and if they do then they deserve to keep losing like they always do in the playoffs.

  89. Eric

    Ryan won’t end up in philly because that’s where the ducks know he wants to go
    Nash won’t end up in NY because howson knows that’s where he wants to go
    I don’t put much into what radio host say. Especially one from philly the guys never right. And clb didn’t want jvr he is injury prone

  90. He wants out because Murray has been running his name into the ground and was giving him a lot of the blame for their poor season. If I was Ryan, I’d want out too.

    And Nash does seem to want out, but Howson hasn’t had any issues with trading him. He didn’t even try to convince him to stay (although I guess with how they’ve gotten so much worse over the years, there really is no convincing).

    And Manny, I’m not sure Semin would dog it with Kovalchuk around. Kovi played super motivated all playoffs and I think he’s a better leader than Ovechkin is. And if that line has the puck most of the time (which they likely would), they wouldn’t have to worry too much about defense.

  91. I would hit the like button on all of fivefootzero’s comments just because of the name

  92. And you wouldn’t be scared of playing the Devils 6 times a year if you had to go up against a top 6 that included Semin-Zajac-Kovalchuk and Elias-Henrique-Zubrus/Clarkson?

  93. semin’s going to det to play with his russian linemate from the tourney datsyuk ( Did you see the way they were killing it ) oh and how they won

  94. You’d want out much faster if you were Nash than if you were Ryan. Some players dream of having linemates that Ryan has.

  95. Jonny

    Def would not be afraid of that, semin also played on a line with ovi and backstrom which is better then the supposive devil line and both teams play the trap. Semin’s problem ius he doesn’t give max effort all game not his defense which he played well last year.

  96. Semin has a lot of talent but he’s soft and seems to go on vacation when the playoffs start. Unless he is willing to sign a $900,000 type contract, why would any sane GM sign him.


    Trade looks good and it would be great to sign Doan on top of that. However, not sure if I would do it. Other people’s thoughts?

    Webber is a beast and would love to see him in NYC, but does the team need him? What does that do to the chemistry?

    I am of the mindset that their D is one of the best in the league and there is no need to tamper with it and potentially get into players’ heads or tamper with chemistry to fix a part of the team that is not broken. If they trade and sign people it should be for some offense. If they can trade for Nash, Ryan or Iggy and sign Doan, that will take a lot of Pressure off of any one player on the team and could help everyone’s numbers go up. Would be great for King Kreider. Love that kid.

  97. Lev – that I agree with. Playing with Perry and Getzlaf is a pretty good spot to be in.

  98. Semin didn’t play with Ovi and Backstrom much at all last year. Only on the PP (and Backstrom was out for most of the season anyway). Also he went missing last year in the playoffs, but a few years ago he was one of their playoff leaders in scoring.

    And the Devils definitely don’t play the trap. This isn’t 2000.

  99. Why would a sane Semin sign a 900K contract?

    He wouldn’t. But a GM is Nuts to sign him for more. He doesn’t play D, doesn’t finish his checks and plays only when he feels like it. He will never win a cup unless he is on a stacked team. He can’t carry a team. Also I imagine, he is a spoiled 16 year old girl complaining about how daddy bought her the wrong color car when confronted by his coach or teammates and a non factor in the locker room at beast and a cancer at worst.

    Sorry, despite his killer fighting skills, I just cannot say anything positive about him. Yet i post negative stuff about him. I am a bad person.

  100. Rangers West

    I don’t want to hear about chemistry there have been many teams who won that hated each other. Raiders, steelers, oilers, giants and that’s just to name a few. While I agree on everything else you wrote I don’t see chemistry playing a big role in winning. I guess the other 29 teams didn’t like each other as much so they lost. As carp puts it semin 100ft pole
    chemistry 50ft pole. Chemistry didn’t bring no cup last year ( 6 wins away ) still didn’t get there. There’s one thing everyone can agree on chemistry or no chemistry they want to win.

  101. Before you guys get all crazy about sending MacD away, understand that I am not advocating trading anyone. I am just trying to guess what SATHER will do. I am speculating. Starting conversation.

    If you are going to TRADE for a SUPERSTAR, you have to be prepared to give up YOUR OWN GOOD PLAYERS!!!

    Not every GM is like a Montreal GM.

  102. Ryan isn’t a regular with Perry & Getzlaf. By times they appear on each other’s score log …

    Ryan (57 pts) + Perry (60 pts) = 9

    Ryan + Getzlaf (57) = 11

    Perry + Getzlaf = 37

  103. Go back and watch tape jonny they collaspe the net in their own zone and they play 1 2 2 which is a trap

  104. Some sane GM did sign Anisimov, no?

    AA is younger, responsible in his own end and a good teammate. Also, I do not believe he is being paid as much as Semin.

    All I am saying is that Semin is a bad move if you pay him the type of money that a Parise, Kovy-chuckles, or Crybaby received. Pay him like a good 3rd line guy or a marginal 2nd line guy and he could be worth it. Just don’t expect him to lead your team or to carry it in any way.

  105. Thank God Foligno and his 5 career goals against the Rangers is out of the conference! Sens in 5!

  106. ohpuckme

    So true. You can win without out it. But saying that it doesn’t matter, I’m not so sure. I think it comes down to the drive of the individual players and the coach. Would rather have a good team and strong coach with chemistry that wins than a team that hates each other.

    More likely the team with chemistry will stay together longer.


    But you’re right you don’t need chemistry to win it’s just nicer that way, is all.

  107. Rangers west

    Some teams have to overpay to bring people in teams like the bluejackets. The best i’d do on semin is a 1 year deal worth 2.5 mil. 1 year contracts might be the only way to get him to play at his best

  108. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    i dont get all the semin hate. if dale hunter can get him to play with max effort on d, why cant torch?

  109. Rangers West

    Ok saying it don’t matter is a poor choice of words. With free agency and a cap I don’t even know if you could keep a team like that together long. As you stated they’ll always be some boneheaded GM that panics and throws money at a player. In ranger fans experience all we have to do is look at redden. Everyone could see he was declining except sather I really wonder what he was thinking.

  110. I would give Semin a 1 year contract but you’re going to have to pay him a lot more than $2.5M.

  111. Semin destroyed his own value. $3 mil per year for 3 years is about all he is gonna get. Maybe with bonuses, he takes that offer over the KHL. I wouldn’t rule him out as a NYR ad.

  112. My trash talk about Semin is a little over the top, sure. Yes, anything less than 3 million is not a bad deal for him especially if it is for but one year. Maybe this is a testament as to why I should never be a GM but I would much rather have Doan, Lucic or Ladd than Semin.

  113. If you’re signing him for one year be prepared to get the checkbook out. Guarantee the Devils give him 3 years at $5M +. He’s an elite talent and you’re really bidding against him going to the KHL.

  114. “Who was on here telling us that we weren’t real tennis fans and Federer had no chance to win Wimbledon? Then they told me that I, “knew nothing about tennis” when I said Tsonga had a dark horse chance?”

    Pretty sure that was Lloyd, but someone else will have to check, as my dossier on his posts is not immediately to hand.

  115. Joekuh, Semin had set up permanent residence in Chateau Bow Wow under Hunter. He frequently played under 15:30 a night, including 3 times under 14 minutes against the Rangers in the playoffs. And in the Triple OT game, he played only 25 minutes in nearly two games worth of hockey.

  116. Semin will get one year for five million from someone desperate. A lot of teams have roster vacancies and significant cap room, so the one year investment makes the final dollar amount fairly meaningless. Examples of teams in this situation include Detroit, NYR, Carolina, and Pittsburgh. If he plays well, he will earn a multiyear deal for the future. If he does not, he will be in the KHL next season.

  117. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    West, I agree, but unfortunately lucic isnt available. i’d LOVE him in a ranger sweater.

  118. Friends, I am trying to get my blog better optimized for search engines. I have 150 characters to work with to describe my blog in terms that people might search for and then read my blog. Who wants to help me come up with it? G(j)ibberish welcome.

  119. Joekuh

    As far as I know, only Doan is available of the guys I listed.

    Has Nash been traded yet? To Vancouver for Dale Weise?

    Also, I think Dubi and Miller would be good for CBJ. Don’t want either to go but would wave goodbye for RN.

  120. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    hmm, P+G, i thought he played more in that 2ot game and in general throughout that series. i’d be willing to give him a 2 year deal. if he doesnt work out after his 1st year, trade him.

  121. Weise can’t be traded until Arbitration is over. Expect it to be a big trade though. Weise rules.

  122. Poor Tsonga. Right in the family Jewels a/k/a onion sack. Got Cowbelled on that one.

  123. if you come to the net that frequently, the opponent should hit a ball at you. it’s the same as a batter crowding the plate and never getting a ball thrown at him. in the old days, guys would have blasted a ball at a charging player just to make him think twice about it. now you never see anybody (other than Serena Williams) try to do it.

  124. Lloyd! I have been hit square in the chest many times (I loved coming to the net in High School)

    Remember when you said Federer wouldn’t win Wimbledon. I guess you thought Djokovic would do that.

    Tsonga is getting close….and to think the names you called me….

  125. Lloyd Braun on

    “The Columbus Blue Jackets have signed winger Nick Foligno to a three-year deal worth $9.25 million, the team said Friday.

    The deal will pay him $2.5 million next season, $3 million in 2013-14 and $3.75 million in 2014-15.”

    what the hell is going on with these contracts?

  126. Some pretty glowing words from Howlings.net: “One of the best websites there is for coverage of the New York Rangers is Rick Carpiniello’s Rangers Report blog. … Rick is a tremendous writer with a great sense of humor and the site is just great to read.”

    WTG Carp!

    And I think we can take MZA off of this year’s list, though the Rangers would hold his rights for any future return.

  127. Lloyd Braun on


    After what I saw from Federer against Benneteau and Malisse, I didn’t think there was any way in the world he’d beat Djokovic. His serving is really phenomenal now and he’s been able to dictate points against far more athletic and physical players because of it. Dude faced three breakpoints today. Three. In a four-set match. That’s unbelievable.

    And Tsonga stinks.

  128. That list is a strong reason this team is mediocre. So many bloody journeymen in and out.

  129. Tsonga doesn’t “stink” but he’s very poor at being consistent and he could _really_ use a coach. Come on, kid.

    Federer’s back really improved. It’s nuts how much looser he looks. My back has been bothering me for two weeks with little to no improvement and I do nothing.

    Just teasing you, Lloyd. You’re one of my favorite people to bicker with on here!

  130. Lloyd Braun on


    If I said Federer has no chance, then I was definitely wrong and I’ll certainly own up to it. The guy really should have been gone against Benneteau until he started serving big. Now I’m pretty confident he’s going to win a 17th Slam. Unbelievable.

    Having to watch Tsonga play Murray is absolutely putrid. Can we just hand Roger the plate now?

  131. What do you think would be a better final to watch? Murray or Tsonga vs. Federer? Tsonga has that brilliant comeback to beat Roger on grass and Murray is a tough opponent although he really shouldn’t be. Just push him back off the Court and don’t give him angles to beat you.

  132. Lloyd Braun on

    the other thing about Federer today is that he faced only three breakpoints in four sets against the best returner in the world.

    and there’s no doubt that his back is fine. he wouldn’t be serving this well if there was any issue with it at all.

  133. Lloyd Braun on

    honestly? I don’t want to see either option. Tsonga and Murray are both slappers. Tsonga plays extremely low percentage tennis and thrives on lucky streaks in big matches. Murray is a plodding oaf who’s able to run a lot of balls down. I hate watching either one of them. but if I had to pick, I’d probably prefer to see Murray play Federer only because I think Murray’s the less annoying of the two.

  134. Amen. I really despise Murray. His whole fist pump and disgusting face and whole Montgomery Burns thing gets to me.

  135. CCCP – I’d rather have the centerman. Even though Semin can score, he has been considered lazy. Anisimov is usually on top of his game defensively even if he is enigmatic on offense sometimes. He still has the skills and just has to put them to use.

  136. Lloyd Braun on

    oh yeah, forgot about the no double faults. dude’s second serve was phenomenal today, too.

    I love Djokovic but he’s not been the same player this year – and that’s probably unfair considering hardly anyone has ever had a year like he had last year. But I’ve noticed that since the injuries at the end of last season and the death of his grandfather a few months back, he’s not quite where he needs to be to win slams. If you watched him in this tournament, he looked brilliant. He came out against Federer and played a rather flat match and was just outplayed.

  137. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Got”cowbelled” LMFAO..coffee everywhere on that one.

    killing me manny!!

    Like I said before, Doan is a great compliment add, but unless he does what all you guys are saying about Nash (increases goal total with new team), he won’t fix our scoring woes so to speak.

    We will just keep plodding along as is and the music is going to stop and we won’t get anyone if slats doesn’t do something…I hate this time of year for a platitude of reasons!

    We MUST resign the bahama bomba, I’d rather see him than asham or haley in the lineup on a nightly basis.


  138. Here’s what I have so far:

    A blog analyzing and discussing hockey and its interaction with the law. Collective Bargaining, CBA, lockout, Coyotes sale, NHL, NHLPA, among the issues discussed.

  139. Lloyd Braun on

    agree about the fist-pumping. it’s the same thing that makes me hate Azarenka. when players fake positive energy instead of just being positive, it’s one of the more detestable qualities an athlete can have. you’ll see Murray pumping his fist winning a point off an unforced error in the second game of the match. it’s just not believable.

  140. That’s exactly my point, Lloyd. Fist Pumping off other people’s unforced errors seems ridiculous. Sometimes he does that run up to the crowd double fist pump. I just want to punch him. Right in his face.

  141. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    LOL, great minds…or twitter followers

    cccp would rather see semin….hahahahaha

    I wonder how many times werena williams has been cowbelled??

  142. Lloyd Braun on

    are people serious when they talk about andre deveaux or is it like when czech calls Prust a hart trophy candidate

  143. Lloyd Braun on


    Ok, so most punchable players on the tour. Murray has to be number one of the list. Who else do you put in the top 5?

  144. Can Tsonga please choose a backhand? Does he want ONE or TWO, Slice or Scoop!?

  145. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    personally I like the bahama bomba as a fourth line guy, but that is just me. Can’t speak for everyone else.

  146. Lloyd Braun on

    I don’t think there’s any real gameplan to what Tsonga apart from “Slap ball hard as possible.”

  147. Ooohhh. This is a fun list Lloyd. Top 5 Punchable players…You want active? Male/Female?

  148. I have an affinity for Bel Biv Deveaux. I don’t get keeping him in the NHL because at his age it’s not like he is going to gain anything from playing daily.

  149. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I just loved it when he fought parros and looked over to the bench to make sure it was ok befire he dropped the gloves

  150. Top 5 Most Punchable Players on the ATP/WTA:

    1. Andy Murray
    2. David Nalbandian (especially when he wears the shirt with the back cutouts)
    3. Radwanska
    4. Davydenko
    5. D. Safina

    Honorable Mention: Dolgopolov. Hate the name. Hate it.

  151. I just flipped my #NYR calendar to July. Erik Christensen. I threw it in the garbage. I’d rather get the date wrong then look at that.

  152. Lloyd Braun on

    Murray – uncontested
    Azarenka (the annoying whistling or whatever that bird call crap she does after striking a ball and mindless fist-pumping)
    Nadal (love the guy but too much butt-picking and I don’t need to see him topless after every match)
    Isner (the ball bounce between the legs makes my skin crawl)
    Baghdatis (not sure he’s played a match in the last 10 years where he hasn’t claimed an injury)

  153. Haley and Bomba should duke it out before every game to see who plays on the 4th line that day…that will keep the boxing skills sharp….

  154. Hahaha. I thought about putting Baghdatis on the list but he’s so much fun sometimes.

    My all time player I would NEVER punch would be… drumroll…..Fabrice Santoro

    Nadal should be on my list but I had to have N. Davydenko for his inconsistency and throwing matches.

  155. Lloyd Braun on

    you know what, victory dances should make players punchable.

    Tsonga’s is nauseating…when you’ve got a guy who jumps around in a circle basically saying “me! me!” you know you’re not dealing with a top flight intellect. Andrea Petkovic’s dance is maybe the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

  156. You know who I want to punch, A LOT? Anyone who refers to Extra Virgin Olive Oil as “E.V.O.O.”

  157. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    pete sampras was to tennis what the devils trap system was to the NHL.

    I know nothing about tennis BTW!!

  158. Lloyd Braun on

    I wonder if American tennis will ever get to the point where we need to start pinning our hopes on Milos Raonic.

  159. “Anyone who refers to Extra Virgin Olive Oil as “E.V.O.O.””

    Haha! Yes!

  160. Lloyd Braun on

    Parros got into Princeton with a 1250 SAT score. Hockey’s great, isn’t it

  161. Raonic! I always thought he was Croatian. Shocked to find out he’s Canadian.

  162. I have absolutely no idea how that comparison makes any sense. Sampras could do it all. But he was known for his serve and volley. How that has anything to do with the Devils trap is baffling.

  163. Sampras is comparable to the “Trap” because everything on the court eventually got “trapped” in his hideous Chest Hair.

  164. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I seriously know NOTHING about tennis…I was just being contrary

  165. Not only does Rachael Ray refer to Extra Virgin Olive Oil as “E.V.O.O.”, she also has gross fingernails. Can’t watch any of her shows with those hands working the food over; nasty stuff.

    Francesca Schiavone bothers the crap out of me. She’d be on my list of five.

  166. George Parros was, “recently named the 4th smartest professional athlete by the Sporting News.”

  167. Lloyd Braun on

    Sampras was a brilliant player but he could definitely be boring to watch and I think he suffered from the same stigma Federer had for a long time: great player, total bore.

  168. “Parros has appeared in a video supporting “You Can Play”, a campaign dedicated to fighting homophobia in sports.”

    He’s quickly becoming my favorite hockey player.

  169. lol Wicky!

    He sucked the life out of every match he played? Sometimes, I wonder whats wrong with people.

  170. Does anyone realize that Michael Roszival is the top Right Defenseman available as a UFA..?

  171. If Peter Sampras and I were kings of Fiefdoms on the same continent, I would rally my forces and invade his fiefdom and behead him.

  172. Joe Girardi has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering….

    In all seriousness, he could have worked for NASA instead of playing basebowl….

  173. Although he would probably suck all the life out of the battle with his chest hair.

  174. NYR_FAN July 6th, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    Joe Girardi has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering….

    In all seriousness, he could have worked for NASA instead of playing basebowl….


    In all seriousness, he -could- *SHOULD* have worked for NASA instead of playing basebowl….

  175. Lloyd Braun on


    Yeah, he usually did. Pete Sampras were generally only exciting because of his opponent. When Sampras dictated the match, you could have gone to sleep. When he was up against someone who really pressed the issue, the match would be interesting. Most of the exciting matches I can remember Sampras playing were matches he lost.

  176. Guy comes home with a bouquet of flowers for his wife

    “I guess I’d have to spread my legs now” she says.

    “why” he asks “don’t you have a vase?”

  177. Tsonga has pretty much perfect technical form, but he is very boring to watch though. The way he hits the ball and serves is great, he just doesn’t know how to use it to win important matches. He could definitely use a coach.

  178. Lloyd Braun on

    Tsonga’s a slapper. His form breaks down frequently (especially on the backhand) but he gets away with it because he strikes the ball hard. And yes, he definitely needs coaching because he plays without a strategy.

  179. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I think myron rolle was a rhodes scholar and played safety…same guy?

  180. Not great news, but thank God it isn’t serious….he hurt the knee last year too, right?

  181. It’s still kind of a big deal. He’ll be out at least 3 months with that.

  182. Nobel – Shnobel…Just do something, already!
    Speaking about snobels…Who has bigger, Merchant or Wolsy? Knuble?

  183. not so good news about McIlrath
    surgery for dislocated knee

    where’s the good doctor to offer his assessment?

    i would imagine there would have been swelling but the long wait?
    a matter of hoping that it fall back in place with no damage around area but
    it didn’t and there is?
    hope he’s fitted with some sort of brace for the future
    good luck Dylan

  184. i know something you don’t…

    i am just so sick of waiting… is there a point? is there a reason why it’s so quite?

  185. He’ll have to be most likely since it’s a good bet that it’ll dislocate again, especially if he had surgery on it.

  186. “where’s the good doctor to offer his assessment?”

    Me? My opinion is that it will make his knee stronger in the long run while simultaneously increasing his overall hockey skill. He’ll slot in as a 2nd pair right defenseman for us, but would be 1st pair on every other team in the league. Shea Weber will try to sign with NY just to avoid the stigma of constant “I wish we could trade Weber for McIlrath” comments from his home fanbase.

  187. Thanks, The Doctor. Always good to have someone with your breadth of knowledge around.

  188. Lloyd Braun on

    the article makes it sound like McIllrath was trying to hit Jean and their knees hit. I haven’t actually seen video but the wording there suggests McIllrath initiated the contact.

  189. looked at Puck Daddy’s list of headlines
    and according to some blogger Rangers aren’t on list of teams
    in the Bobby Ryan running.
    hope that’s not true
    or Sather has a Plan C
    because i’m getting awful tired of the howson b.s.

  190. rangers arent in the running for Ryan because theyve made, as many of you here have, Stepan untouchable. which is kind of funny.

  191. You won’t trade a 21 year old center coming off a 50 point season? LOL! Idiots!

  192. Yea. You guys are idiots. Heck, I am an idiot. Oh wait, just kidding. Trading Stepan would leave this team with a HUGE hole at the Centre position.

  193. There’s a reason why the Quacks are targeting Stepan. They know he can step in now and contribute…

    Imagine Stepan with Selanne on his wing….

  194. @wyshynski@ Roberto Luongo on Chelsea Dagger: “I like that song. It’s catchy. I heard it seven times in one game.”

  195. Manny July 6th, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Imagine Stepan with THE KREIDER on his wing!

  196. ye and there’s also a reason why they have no desire whatsoever to take dubinsky or anisimov.

  197. Imagine Bette Midler singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” with THE KREIDER on backup vocals!

  198. “I like Stepan but there’s no way he should be an untouchable player”

    Saying you don’t want player X in a certain trade does not mean you don’t want player X in any trades at all. Its not like I wouldn’t mail Stepan to St. Louis for Backes, I just don’t want to trade him for the wings we’re discussing here because closing a hole would open a hole.

  199. Congrats The Doctor! Your Boys can Swim! And Some woman Doesn’t find you repulsive! Yay!

  200. Well, that happened like a year and a half ago so its possible I’ve become / returned to full repulsiveness by now.

  201. Never McBust! Never!

    I would consider most Forwards though. Like Stepan. I mean, Backes is a beast. A legit scoring centre and a leader.

    Great Job The Doctor. Try to be less repulsive please.

  202. Jesse Spector ?@jessespector
    Former #NYR defenseman Jeff Beukeboom named assistant coach of @CTWhale

  203. I think Langenwhatever ends up in Minny with his pal Zachtastic….seems right…

    He’s from there, too….

  204. lindback 2 yr deal in tampa for 3.9 mil 1.95 per to compete with garon for starting job

  205. SteadyEddie on

    We didn’t lose JAM. He was never Rangers property. He was signed last season to a CT Whale contract.

    Mike Vernace was signed to a new contract

    Also missing from your rather inaccurate list:

    Andreas Thuresson signed a two-year deal with Brynas IF of the Swedish Elite League.
    Pavel Valentenko (received qualifying offer – remains Rangers property) signed a two-year deal with Avangard Omsk of the Kontinental Hockey League.

    Jesper Fast
    Marek Hrivik
    Oscar Lindberg

    Still unsigned RFAs:
    Cam Talbot
    Casey Wellman

    RFA not qualified:
    Lee Baldwin
    Francois Bouchard
    Sam Klassen
    Chris Chappell

  206. Let’s look at this only 1 team has mad themselves better in the eastern conference and that’s the canes. Pitt lost staal, Philly lost jvr, carle and jagr only got back schen ( Spelled wrong ) devils lose parise, caps lose semin. If you can grab Nash and doan you are Stanley cup favorites by a wide margin. That’s why it needs to be done. Sather has to realize this get these deals done. And this wouldn’t be one of those teams that your making a push for 1 cup. You’d have a shot for the next 4 years. Especially with guys like Erixon, mcilrath, hirivik, st croix and Thomas maturing in the minors. Hirivik will be a 30-35 goal scorer in 2 to 3 years from now. And I think st croix may be the best all around offensive prospect they have

  207. And stepan is untouchable to certain trades for 2 reasons.

    1) the trades that are being spoken of are for wingers. How do you replace a young play making center after you trade him? ( and let’s not forget he had 3 or 4 pts less then Ryan and I believe 7 less then Nash. Who both played 1st line while stepan was shifted from first to 3rd all season long.).

    2) Where are you finding a center his age with his skill on the market? Not many teams trading them and none close in free agency.

    Now untouchable in these trades yes for a kovalchuck, Crosby, Malkin no then he is anything but untouchable. Would any of you trade Callahan?

  208. Oh and jonny

    Ask the met players if their owners being in debt affected the team and how they spent. The league cannot jump in the first year. They must wait.

    And fact 2 semin is NOT a new jersey devil type player.The devils like hard working gritty players who play out every second of every shift. Elias, zajac, parise, clarkson. Don’t be surprised if they get in on doan. The devils always got more from their players because they work hard. And that is not semin’s game

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