Sixteen players elect salary arbitration, including Stralman


From the NHLPA:


TORONTO (July 5, 2012) – Sixteen players have elected Salary Arbitration:

Anaheim Ducks –Nick Bonino

Colorado Avalanche — Jamie McGinn

Dallas Stars — Richard Bachman, Mark Fistric

Detroit Red Wings  — Kyle Quincey

Edmonton Oilers — Sam Gagner

Florida Panthers — Kris Versteeg

Montreal Canadiens — Raphael Diaz

Nashville Predators — Sergei Kostitsyn

New Jersey Devils — Mark Fayne

New York Rangers — Anton Stralman

Ottawa Senators  — Kaspars Daugavins

St. Louis Blues — T.J. Oshie, David Perron (player has since signed a new contract)

San Jose Sharks — T.J. Galiardi

Vancouver Canucks — Dale Weise
The deadline for Club-Elected Salary Arbitration notification is July 6, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. Hearings will be held in Toronto from July 20 to August 4, 2012.

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  1. Lol, I was fixing your mess there, Carp….


    Stralman filed for salary arbitration. Which means, he is playing for them next year. Unless arbitrator awards him ridiculous amount, of course.

    Not a word about MDZ contract. He is not arbitration eligible, he signed his SPC when he was 19, hence he needs 4 years of NHL experience, and he only has 3.

  2. Uh oh…Hank is in trouble——>Great couple of days in the Hamptons! Tennis, Beach and BBQ.. Thanks for the hospitality

    No commitment, *TRADE HIM*

  3. Wow, great job #30. With all those Stanley Cups youve won, you really need the rest and relaxation…

  4. If something goes wrong for this guys, I’m ready to get Weise, Versteeg and Daugavins for 1/2 price (Dolan pays) for Whale 2nd line (for a while). Don’t ya?

  5. hank dont be another del zaster and tweet tons every day. your better then that

  6. He’s not better than that eric. Actually, Del Zaster is better than him because he’s just a kid. One of the things that me and Mama have been fighting about in recent months is #30. Every time I try to insult the Europansy, it always turns into an argument.

  7. Carp July 5th, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    question, c3: was PP better under Renney/Pearn than Tortorella/Sullivan?


    both regimes suck tremendously tremendous… statistically Torts and Renney’s PP numbers are pretty much the same. Though, first season after the lockout we were top 5 in the league on PP. But if I had to chose the worst one I’d chose Renney / Pearn because they had much better players (Jagr, Nylander, Straka, Shanahan, Gomez, Drury, etc) to work with than Torts

  8. On a serious note, I will cross- fingers for Stralman – I like him and was rooted all last season for him low-key, unshowy but very solid, panicproof, reliable guy – one of the best in PO. Would like to see him in the team next season.

  9. Carryover response …

    “No to Rick Nash an immediate first liner at $7.8 million but yes to Paul Statsny a 2nd/3rd liner at $6.6 million and whose production has gone from 79 to 57 to 53 points the last 3 seasons. Makes sense.”

    Any potential variables missing here, Lev, or do you think I think the asking price on Statsny (sp) will be the same as Nash?

  10. Sorry we were 8th in the league in 05-06 and 06/07. After that it wen all downhill.

    I’m on my iPhone (not driving tho) hard to sort through those stats.

  11. Assuming Stralman comes back, I hope its in a rotation with Bickel depending on the type of game. I’d rather see Erixon (or McIlrath, I guess, if he goes insane in camp) given a spot in the regular lineup.

  12. I figured youd get a laugh out of that, ilb :)

    if I had #30’s talent and perfect looks, I wouldnt ever stop trying to win. Id never take time off, Id be exercising and practicing every day of every year, and when I wasnt doing that, Id be sex-ercising. No beaches, no movies, no TV, no BBQs, no nothing!!

  13. If I had Hank’s hair, I’d try to think of a new style that didn’t look so blow-dried. Its weird.

  14. Until any of you have hair like Hank you should probably not criticize. His hair is pretty much an icon…for those of us men that care about our hair, that is.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  15. So you would have no life outside of you pro-career if you were an anthlete, Tiki? Is that what you’re saying?

    And dont take it personal but I think it’s pretty pathetic that you’re after Hank so much. You won’t even type his name? Just mho…

  16. “HLundqvist30 Great couple of days in the Hamptons! Tennis, Beach and BBQ.. Thanks for the hospitality @BRichards_1991!”

    Horse races, tennis, golf, the Hamptons, beach, bbq….Unbelievable….he is supposed to be an elite hockey player….not a playboy….

    Now WE know for certain what Richards really cares about…I’ll give you a hint: It isn’t the power play….

    We already know about the Europansy….soft is his middle name….PROBABLY LET IN A FEW SOFTIES ON HIS WAY OUT THERE

  17. I kid, I kid….just trying to lighten the mood….

    so, anybody hungry? Want to go the Sizzler and get some grub?

  18. Why wouldn’t Stralman come back, MisterD? If he wasn’t planning to come back, he wouldn’t file for arbitration. He qualified at $945K by the Rangers, and now he has to accept whatever arbitrator awards, and he has to sign the contract. Rangers are probably trying to sign him to a multi-year deal. He was pretty good in the playoffs, but his regular season numbers aren’t sufficient to trigger a huge raise by arbitrator.

  19. CCCP, Im only partially serious, partially joking. Im on him a lot, and he’s most certainly not a King, not my King at least, but every athlete has a life outside of sports, so Im only joking about that part. Im still angry after his performances in Games 4, 5, and 6, and so I cant type or say his name for a while because it would just feel phony or inauthentic doing so.

    Now, as for me, I obviously cant say what Id do if I was an athlete because Im not an athlete. So its just speculation, but I believe I absolutely would spend every day exercising and practicing to get better. Sure, Id have a small life outside of sports, but there wouldnt be traveling home to Sweden, there wouldnt be laying on a beach or eating unhealthy foods. My wife would have to understand that vacation would be out of the queston, as she lives a pretty damn comfortable life due to the salary that this guy pulls in. But again, all just speculation.

  20. Paul in sunrise on

    Have we heard any Brandon prust sloppy seconds to Montréal jokes yet

  21. ridiculous.

    how about your boys A-Roid and Mariano. Do you think they unwind after the season. Seems to me that A-Roid, when he’s not getting his butt shot up by his cousin, is out there hawking celebrities and gambling.

    And Eli Manning? You don’t think he kicks back after the season?

    anyway, I think you’re kidding.

    If I had Hank’s hair, I’d have hair.

  22. “Why wouldn’t Stralman come back, MisterD?”

    Its possible Stralman’s “stay in America” number and the Rangers’ “keep Stralman” number are far enough apart that arbitration was necessary and a Stralman win would be walked away from by NY. (Or am I totally misunderstanding the team’s rights after seeing the number?)

  23. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I think we are in trouble, when someone saw hank in the hamptons they said his physical condition looked breathtaking!!!

  24. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Torts must be so pleased his two buds, Feds and Prusty, are gone. From his interviews, the only other one he ‘loved’ was Boyle.

  25. MisterD- my point is, if he didn’t want to stay in NHL, he could’ve just bolted to KHL and remained Rangers property, ala MZA. But since he filed, he intends to stay here. He has to sign the contract(whatever arbitrator awards) and play. And yes, the Rangers can walk away, I just don’t see the number being that high. I think he is a good third pair/R handed PP defenseman.

  26. Do you have the same dislike of players like Mays and Stargell for using (illegal without prescription, intended to enhance performance) amphetamines?

  27. Well as a teacher I am in the offseason. I just read the book thief and read my political blogs. I also golfed hideously at Pelham today and grilled burgers and brats for the kids even though that’s exactly what we had yesterday. That’s how we civil servants unwind!

  28. LOL, please dont get involved in this one, Carp. Its just a frustration/petty jealousy thing mainly caused by his perfect face, perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect name, etc.

  29. I understand the Stralman side, ilb, but if they didn’t agree pre-arbitration because the Rangers only like him up to a certain number, and he gets more than that number, the Rangers could let him walk. I agree its more likely than not he’ll be a Ranger next year, but he’s not yet a roster lock until the Rangers accept.

  30. Tiki: Just remember that Henrik poops just like the rest of us. And that no one can look cool walking down stairs. Two facts of life that bind us all.

  31. The other option is that, assuming he doesn’t like the numbers they presented to him, is he is going to play out one year of arbitration award and become an UFA next year.

  32. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Carp, do you have any idea what the process is for determining who stays and goes, and who is picked up via FA, trade?

    I could just see Torts saying don’t let Prust and Feds go, and Slather not even listening. THe GM does ASK the coach, does he not? What do you think Torts was saying about the loss of these two guys?

  33. “The other option is that, assuming he doesn’t like the numbers they presented to him, is he is going to play out one year of arbitration award and become an UFA next year.”

    Absolutely. But the underlying point is, for some weird reason, I just don’t like Stralman. If DZ makes two mistakes and Stralman makes one, I’m more annoyed at Stralman’s because (for some presumably unfair reason) I was expecting it.

  34. You had to see my t shot on the par three 12th. It made me want to be back in the classroom. Already. In all seriousness I am still giddy zachtastic made his way to Minnesota. And not to iron city

  35. Im fairly certain that #30 is an alien. Hows that for weird? Im sure one day the government will eventually release knowledge of aliens. And then we’ll find out the truth behind #30s perfect genetics.

  36. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    You should also be giddy, PBR, that you work in NY and not NJ, where our governor has declared war on all civil servants, except policemen.

  37. Matty, I’m sure Tortorella has plenty of say in those matters. Probably wasn’t happy about Prust, but probably (totally guessing) was OK at that price. Probably (again) felt it was time for Fedotenko to go. He wasn’t happy with him at the end of the regular season, and various other times last season. I doubt that Sather would make a move to which Tortorella is absolutely opposed (John Scott notwithstanding). On the other hand, I don’t know how much Tortorella actually knows about a lot of players from other teams. He didn’t know anything about Stralman when they got him, for example. And said several times, didn’t like him when he saw him.

  38. Speaking of babaghanoush, there’s a falafel place opening up down the street. Pretty excited.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve been called breathtaking, as in, my face scares people into stop breathing, and my breath makes people intentionally stop breathing.

  40. there is no reason for the Rangers to walk away from Stralman, nor is there a reason to work out a deal.

    Take whatever the arbitrator gives him and accept it…

  41. Mister D, never heard of it. Is that some kind of pinko commie beer? I had a Dogfish Head IPA last night. And some Blue & Jame-O today. Ehh. Weekdays…

  42. Mister D .:
    ..Just remember that Henrik poops just like the rest of us…
    I respectfully disagree. He eats very different food, and therefore…

  43. Lloyd Braun on

    so now that both Prust and Fedotenko are gone, I wonder if Tortorella will just put Boyle out there by himself.

  44. I wish I could say “how can you hate IPAs???” but I hate all belgian and wheat beers so I’m aware of what its like to miss out on an entire genre.

    Absolutely a commie beer; they give (without being “forced” by “big government”) a portion of all sales to charity. And the beer is named after a whale. Probably not even a capitalist whale.

  45. Also, in the “its sad we compliment stuff like this”, way to not call them IPA’s.

  46. Mister D, belgian and wheat beers hate you, too.

    I hate porters but they love me and it’s just sad for them.

  47. Great porters are outstanding, anything less is a waste. If you ever get a chance to try Edmund Fitzgerald (Great Lakes brewery in Cleveland), do so. You’ll either change your stance to agree with the first sentence or wipe out any lingering uncertainty about your stance on porters. Its perfectly done.

  48. Blue is a socialist beer. I heard if you buy a six pack in Canada and someone within a 30 foot radius doesn’t have any beer, but wishes they did, you’re legally obligated to give them one. Seriously. Happened to my cousin.

  49. We have Great Lakes everywhere on tap in Buffalo. I’ve had EF plenty of times but I don’t like it.

    Have you ever had Weihenstephanerhefeweisendachsundfreud beer??? Yum.

  50. Having tap access to Edmund and not enjoying it just doesn’t seem right. I’d be ok never going back to Cleveland, but if I do, that brewery is a first day trip. And a second day trip. And so on.

  51. must be summertime
    just thought i read hair product help on the blog

    mine’s much easier. get a fairly new razor.
    lather up. shave it off. rinse. splash a little alcohol on the noggin’
    away i go!!

    Stralman would be a total aasen if he waits to see what arbitrator says
    then leaves for better pay in sweden.
    just sayin’
    (damn!! i’m gonna miss sayin’ prust sayin’!!!!)

  52. have to say I’m pretty psyched that two of the three guys I most wanted off this team are gone

  53. P&G + Porter + Hambone = no vibin’

    Mister D, true story. But only if they let you win a game of curling and let you ride their moose home.

  54. “have to say I’m pretty psyched that two of the three guys I most wanted off this team are gone”

    Assuming you’re talking about not Prust, I agree. But that’s more a function of me really loving our roster and thinking that Fedo is about on E but would still get to play under Torts. Basically same as Prospal after last year.

  55. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Carpy, thanks for your response. Interesting comment about Feds. He had some good moments in the playoffs but was not indispensable in the regular season. On NHL radio tonight ‘Scotty’ was wondering aloud if he was a good pickup for the Filth. On the one hand he adds depth. On the other, $1.75M for a hard playing and possibly spent 33 year old, 3rd liner, might be a lot.

    I always liked his style. I appreciated his ‘big game’ mentality. He had a few simply terrific defensive plays in the PO, but couldn’t put the puck in the net for anything.

    I also appreciated Prust and totally agree with your comments on him. His style, in so many ways, I believe, will be tough to replace. I wish it was possible to keep him and I think there will be a larger void than many bloggers here feel there will be to close with the loss of both of these experienced players.

    I look forward to being proven wrong.

  56. 4everranger:

    WOW – just catching up and read your response on the previous post re: Prust. All I can say is WOW!!!!! Nail on the madre plucking head!!!! Thank you.

  57. “So you’re saying Fedotenko is better than Prospal”

    If by “better” you mean, a healthier complexion…..the answer is yes.

  58. ok, so apart from the obvious tanning bed issues, do you think Fedotenko is a better player than Prospal

  59. Thank you, Papa. Unfortunately, when something finally and seriously getting on my nerve, I have too long way to express myself in English, which is serious downside, when you posting, because it is rare when people have a patience to read all to the end. That’s why, I try to limit myself on expressing my serious opinion and hate to repete the same stances again and again.

  60. I think what they’re saying is Prospal was better at being orange, and that Fedotenko is not as good at being orange.

  61. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Anyone post this? Parise $98M deal:

    $25M in signing bonuses:
    $10 M now
    $10 M July 1, 2013
    $ 5 M July 1, 2014


    yr 1: $12M
    yr 2: $12M
    yr 3: $11M
    yr 4-8: $9M
    yr 9 $8 M
    yr 10: $6M
    yr 11: $2M
    yr 12-13: $1M

    So, I wonder this. Why not give him a few more millions and have him work front office/public relations for 20 years till he’s 60?? Then again, add a few more and you could wrap up his stay on this planet earth. Perhaps a little more and we go to his next life………..ah….this is so silly and so bad for the game.

  62. I think Prospal played like an aging 2nd liner and Fedo played like an aging 3rd liner and opportunities granted played a bigger part in the perceived gap than anything else. 16 goals versus 9 goals isn’t that huge of a gap (unless you’re discussing Prust).

  63. So its functionally a 9 or 10 year deal that the NHL lets them cap circumvent to 13. Smart.

  64. Or, to put it another way, if you were ranking orangeness, it would go:
    1. Prospal.
    2. Fedotenko.

    Unless you were ranking lack of orangeness. Then you’d have to say:
    1. Fedotenko.
    2. Prospal.

  65. “So its functionally a 9 or 10 year deal that the NHL lets them cap circumvent to 13. Smart.”

    Would have been smarter if they took it out to 15 years to get the cap hit down…

  66. “Would have been smarter if they took it out to 15 years to get the cap hit down…”

    Can’t, that puts them past age 40 and into the scrutiny zone. Those contracts were very, very intentionally done.

  67. Prospal had 55 points last season on an abysmal team – you know, the same team Rick “I’d be a 60-goal scorer if I played anywhere else” Nash plays for. You’d have to combine Fedotenko’s last two seasons with part of a third season to come up with 55 points.

  68. What should be outlawed is the even amortization of contracts. You want to stop backloading? Stop averaging.

  69. NYR, same deal with Richards. But if he doesn’t retire, they are still hit with the full cap hit those final years, no matter how old or broken down he may be.

  70. Something like half of Prospal’s assists came on goals by Rick Nash and Jeff Carter. Modern day Vinny Prospal should not be sharing a line with Rick Nash or Jeff Carter.

  71. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    I figured, and of course, could be very wrong, that Richards knows that and will retire before. Pyatt saying’.

    (Man, doesn’t’ sound as good as ‘Prust saying’)

  72. “you want macrs for sports contracts?”

    Nah, that would just allow for other means of circumvention based on age or something. I just want the cash outlay in the current season to equal the cap hit. Seems simple.

  73. 4ever – well said. Maybe we can put this sillly sentiment that paints Prust as close to a candidate for the Hart Trophy to bed. Given: We appreciaste the effort he gave during the last 2 seasons. We also respect that he chose to go where the money was. Let’s leave it at that. Also, we also should agree that Sather was not “Super GM” here. He responded as a responsible GM should, putting the interests of the organization and team first. Prust is fortunate he had the oppurtunity to be rescued from Calgary and play for Torterella and the Rangers organization. He certainly capitalized in a big ($) way for his talent and skill level. Now Prust = good riddance.

  74. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    I just think for the benefit of the sport, they should come up with some negotiated realistic length of contracts and apply it. 5, 6, 8, whatever the amount, years. Wrapping a guy up for 13 is silly. It serves little purpose and it waters down the best talent.

    You can almost guarantee that the guys signed to these mega year deals will slack off for a part of a few years and not reach the potential they would have had they had successive shorter deals.

  75. Carp and Mister D, the thing with Richards is that he is older, so it would have been clearly circumventing the cap by giving him a 13 or 15 year deal…

    You can get away with it with a Kovalchuk, or a Parise, or a Suter….

  76. Feds was a good soldier during his time. His grit will be missed come playoff time, but i guess he is still a third liner player that should be able to be replaced. Hope he play well in sillydelphia…but not that well!

    Eastern conference = Leastern conference

  77. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Good point, Papa. Heck, the way things are going, in 5 years, these deals will look small. Like the Nash numbers now look ‘realistic’.

  78. NYR FAN – I think your right. If they let any player sign a long term deal that expires when he is 45 yrs old, they probably have to let every player sign to that age regardeless of whether it is a 7 yr or 13 yr deal that gets him to that age.

  79. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    News in 5 years:

    “Chris Kreider signed a 46 year, $217M deal today. Terms were only partially disclosed but seemed to include signing bonuses larger than the GDP of Portugal, and included a day time nurse when he is placed in a nursing home if over age 83. Other terms to follow…”

  80. Evgeni Malikin’s recent shooting%

    2007-08: 17.3%
    2008-09: 12.1%
    2009-10: 10.4%
    2010-11: 8.2%

    guess they should have unloaded him before he had a chance to win the Hart

  81. Eh, I’ve always allowed that Nash could have that magic year where he gets a few more bounces to go his way. Shooting % can be volatile from year to year. I just don’t believe that there would be much of an effect that could be heavily explained by him going from CBJ to NYR. And even if there’s one good year I’d be surprised if that trend continued going forward. Especially when you consider how he’s been shooting the last couple of seasons.

  82. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Heck, I like the negative talk on Nash. It seems that the GM’s are saying negative things, too. Perhaps it’s a ploy to drive his price down, but according to Scotty on NHL Radio, he said there is a lot of negative talk going on about him.

    No one’s comparing Nash to Malkin. But what is being said is that he might fit ok on our team, given the way we are constructed. He’s got size, can be strong on the puck, good hands, and is north american born. He’s got some grit, if he can dust it off, that is.

    It’s an interesting strategy to rescue guys from lousy situations and hope they excel. Who knows if it works with him. Someone will get him. We’ll see then.

  83. I’m going to assume health had something to do with Malkin’s performances in 09/10 and 10/11. Especially 10/11 where he played only half the season and certainly could have had a chance to revert back closer to his career average. In his healthy years he’s shot pretty consistently.

  84. From the Spector article:

    “Nash’s shooting percentage presents a conundrum. He still is a 12.7 percent career shooter, but his connection rate has decreased each year since 2008-09, when he scored 40 goals on 263 shots to lead the Blue Jackets to their only playoff appearance. In 2011-12, he took the fourth-most shots on goal in the NHL, which is totally understandable on a Columbus team whose second-leading goal scorer was R.J. Umberger, but it is worth wondering what a move to a more talented team, without as many shots to go around, might do to Nash’s counting stats.”

  85. I omitted exactly two years when listing Malkin’s percentages, the first season he played and the most recent one. the first three seasons I listed had 82, 82 and 67 games played respectively.

  86. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    So, Zack’s Dad, JP was on NHL Radio talking to Phil Esposito today. Boy, wanna hear two idiots yapping, this was your opportunity!!

    So, JP says, “Zack had a chance to play on some good teams with GREAT players. Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh……and some teams with good talent, Minnesota.” “The only thing I told him was to think about the future of the club. Will they have the ability to have a solid team in 10, 13 years? What’s their farm system like?”

    So, he chose………Minnesota.

  87. all kidding aside, if I were shopping for NHL teams, my decision would be made the second I saw Cal Clutterbuck on the payroll.

  88. Right, and the 09 through 11 seasons he missed significant time and shot well below his career average. Otherwise when healthy he’s good for usually around 13%. I think 13-15% is where most of the top goal scorers fall with their shooting %.

  89. And also, I don’t know if I agree that going to a better team would necessarily limit Nash’s shots. Maybe if you put him on a line with Gaborik where you have two 270-300 SOG type guys vying for one puck. It would however probably force one of them to play in less favorable situations than they typically get in terms of offensive zone starts and someone facing better shot suppressing defenses.

  90. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    nah…I think they were both talking seriously. Of course Espo then diverted the conversation to talk about what a great job Stevie Y is doing in Tampa.

  91. Spector makes the argument, and I tend to agree, that it would be almost impossible for the shot total to go up, right?

  92. I certainly would bet against it. I’d take the under on 300 shots and 37 goals pretty much every year.

  93. If we had depreciation schedules for athletes, NY would have been granted some sort of exemption to expense all of Dubinsky’s deal in 2011-12 and he’d be free going forward. Then everyone would love him because he’d be doing great for a free player.

  94. Capgeek has both Parise and Suter with NMC/NTC. Can’t imagine that’s not the case.

  95. Isn’t there some rule about being able to apply losses back a few years or forward a couple of years? Maybe discount some of those years where the Rangers didn’t do well regardless.

  96. I think signing guys to 13-year $90 million+ deals makes the whole nmc/ntc thing superfluous

  97. 37 goals on ~300 shots ….That’s assuming Nash stays within his career average shooting %, which I find troubling to accept because it’s been on a downward trend….

  98. So what’s your cutoff for significant time missed? Like I said, year on year shooting % can vary. And maybe his down shooting years in 09/10 and 10/11 had nothing to do with him being injured and were just bad years. But his shooting has been better in the years he’s been healthier and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

    Nash on the other hand hasn’t missed more than 7 games a year since 05/06 and he’s seen a negative trend in his production. At some point it’s probably safe to start to speculate that he’s not a good long term bet to start setting career highs.

  99. Federer v djokovic tomottow at 8am. Its gonna be a classic.

    My opinion on Nash,while he is a reasonable contract (and i use the word reasonable very loosely), hes been on a downward trend for a few years. The cost of getting him will likely be too much off our NHL roster, prospects and craft picks. Not worth it.

    Either go for Ryan or another tarde target, or try to sign Doan and a filler or two, give the young guys a chance in the training camp, Kreider a full season in the NHL, try to get Sauer back, try to make minor upgrades at the trade deadline, and hope once again that #30 can carry the team on his back for one single playoff run to a Cup

  100. When analyzing a single player, isn’t a variation in shooting percentage, as much as anything else, a function of luck rather than fluctuating skill?

  101. But heres what id be doing, i would call up the Capitals and see if theres any way to get a deal for Ovechkin…

    Not gonna happen, but hes gone thru some rough times there recently, and a phone call would be worth a shot.

  102. Usually, but I would have to imagine health has something to do with it as well.

  103. Mister D, I think a stat like shooting percentage only can help tell a story about a player’s total offensive production….or lack thereof

    It certainly doesn’t explain anything…just a decimal….

  104. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    tiki, another big, long contract killing the player who’s got it. Too content, Ovie is.

  105. Ovechkin kind of squashes the shot percentage argument. He’s shot over 14% once in his career, yet he was probably the best player in the sport for around 5 of the 7 years he’s played. Also consider that he shot 8.7% in 2010-11 and still put up 85 points. His shot pct. increased to 12.5% in 2011-12; he had what was easily the worst year of his career and became a target for ridicule.

    I don’t think your point is without merit, but it’s not necessarily the best means of evaluation.

  106. LOL! You don’t get it Lloyd!

    Who cares what the hell you’re shooting percentage is if you’re a 60 goal scorer taking the most shots in the league?

  107. Ovechkins always been a hard tough player. I think a change of scenery would be just what he needs, he could revive the MSG crowd and the electricity of MSG could get the most out of him, and a coach like Torts could get the most out of him

  108. Czechthemout!!! on

    Rick Nash sucks! AHL quality player, will need to be Reddened immediately after his acquisition.

    MdZ for Norris trophy. It is laughable that he is even mentioned in a trade for Nash.

    Brandon ” it’s just pain ” Prust= Hart, Selke winner for the Montreal Canadiens.

  109. “Ovechkin kind of squashes the shot percentage argument.”

    Not really, if you consider the skill to be getting off the shots rather than scoring. Taking 300 shots to score 30 can still be better than taking 150 to score 20.

  110. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    He did try to play defensive hockey in the PO’s. He just would need a lot of time and work.

    I don’t see Craps giving up on him, but yes, he could use a change of scenery.

  111. (If you sort by shots taken last year, it takes a really long time to find a bad player.)

  112. That’s basically what I was saying when I mentioned that shot percentage is, “not necessarily the best means of evaluation.”

    And btw., Ovechkin’s cracked 60 goals exactly once in his career. His average is somewhere around 48.

  113. “Rick Nash sucks! AHL quality player, will need to be Reddened immediately after his acquisition”

    Does he have a NMC?

  114. Shooting percentage is only relevant as a part of evaluating a players total production. It is not a scientific means of predicting player’s production in itself….it can, however, tell a story or show a trend…

  115. Why bother going for a mediocre player like Nash when you could at the very least, pick up a phone and inquire on Ovechkin?

  116. Czechthemout!!! on

    Who cares if he has a no movement clause! Redden his assen anyway! He stinks I tell you!

    His production er…

    His shooting% is ….er, um

    His cap #’s is….ah, er…

    Future Ranger Zach Parise is a better value at 13years and $98,000,000!

    Who cares if only 4 other players scored more goals than him in the last 4 years.

    He is 28 years old! 1 month older than Parise, and same age as the 2012-2013 Selke and Hart trophy winner who just left us to play in Montreal.

    We need a 35 year old forward who scored less goals playing for an immensely better team. And we need to give him a 3 year $15,000,000 contract so that should he retire, we will have a season of dead cap space of 5 million.

  117. Czechthemout!!! on

    Billy Beane to be named new GM of the New York Rangers. He will instill a new system of hockey management called moneypuck! His first hire is Jesse Spector as his statologist with CTB as his assenistant statologist.

    First line center to be Mike Rupp who had a 40% shooting percentage.

  118. that’s great news because it means they’ll lure Avery (and his 20% shooting) out of retirement

  119. Czechthemout!!! on


    Yes, but Avery is not good in the lockeroom like Rupp. Ergo, he is not a fit. Besides, he is retired and may have also lost his mind judging by some of the tweets he puts out.

  120. I just realized Mike Rupp’s shooting % of 12.9% was better than Nash. When you consider how good Rupp is in the lockeroom, I’m thinking we could swap him for Nash straight up at the very least…ideally we should get Nash and picks.

  121. Cool, DJK.

    And I dont mean Rick Nash is a mediocre player. I just mean in comparison to the career of OV and with the I assume comparable cap hits, Nash is just not nearly as good or valuable.

  122. Lloyd, I mean this very nicely. But theres no reason to go on and be a Dick -Butkus-. You made your point, you disagreed. Just let it be. No need to carry it to the ends of the universe.

  123. I do believe Ovechkin burnt himself out somewhat at this point by playing the way he does. If you think about it, forwards in the past cannot put up super-dominant offensive+physical perfornances indefinity without hitting the wall at some point (see Tkachuk, Messier, LeClair, Lindros, Forsberg, Neely, etc). Guys that paced themselves did better as far as being more productive when they got older- (Lemieux, Jagr, Guerin, Sundin, etc).

  124. Lloyd Braun on

    just throwing this out there

    Rick Nash – Cap Hit $7,800,000 until 2018

    2010-11: 32 goals
    2011-12: 30 goals

    Alexander Ovechkin – Cap Hit $9,538,462 until 2021

    2010-11: 32 goals
    2011-12: 38 goals

  125. Dave Andreychuk was another example of “power forward burnout”, Kevin Stevens and Rick Tocchet are others as well.

  126. I think OV is only 26. He cant have that much remaining on his contract, I dont remember him signing a long term contract recently. He could probably be productive til 31.

  127. agree with Tiki
    i was hating Ovechkin during the series while at the same time
    wondering if Sather would make some sort of deal
    to get him to New York since he seemed to be so unhappy in washington

    like any other trade
    it’s a matter of what it costs us

  128. Remember Leonsis signed Jagr to a huge contract only to become fed up with him and dump him on us, anything’s possible Re: Ovechkin if the Caps feel they can’t win with him or if he otherwise wants out. He’s not the best player in the league anymore, yet he’s being paid like it.

  129. jpg, I was thinking that OV had a few more years on his deal. So itd be worth MDZ, Erixon, Dubinsky, Thomas, a couple 1st round picks, and maybe another piece or 2 for him. But at 9 years with $10M cap hit, for a guy thats already as DJK as pointed out, guys like him burn out earlier

  130. DJK, back then when we got Jaromir, half or more of his contract was being paid by the Capitals and they had half or more of his cap hit on their cap.

    I dont think the NHL works like that anymore. I think that even if Washington picked up some of his contract in a trade (if thats still allowed), I think the entire cap hit would belong to us.

  131. Lloyd Braun on

    $88 million owed or not, you’re smoking the most cut rate crack imaginable if you think you could get Alex Ovechkin for Dubinsky and Del Zotto. those other names you mentioned are only raising eyebrows on this blog.

  132. Well, his value is not at an all time high. Couple that with his large contract.. who knows.

  133. I mean, if you give up a nothing like dubinsky, a young stud like MDZ, high rated prospects like Erixon and Thomas, 2 1st round picks, and maybe another prospect or two, with his large contract and his recent struggles in Washington, maybe theyd want a chance to rebuild.

  134. don’t recall Andrechuyk
    but i think Tocchet and Stevens
    both had multiple injuries over the years
    knees maybe?
    oh yeah
    Stevens i think had the skull injury maybe and had to get a plate
    never was the same player after that
    Andrechuyk was good enough to win a Cup in Tampa

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