Official announcement on Kyle Jean signing


from the Rangers:

NEW YORK, July 5, 2012 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with free agent forward Kyle Jean.

Jean, 22, skated in 39 games with the Lake Superior State University Lakers of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) last season, registering 12 goals and 12 assists for 24 points, along with 54 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in games played, goals, points, and penalty minutes.  Jean ranked second on the Lakers in goals, fourth in points, sixth in assists, and second in penalty minutes.  He also led the team in shots on goal (107), tied for second in plus/minus rating (plus-three) and fifth in power play goals (two).  In addition, Jean tied for 12th in the CCHA with 10 goals scored in conference play.

The 6-4, 215-pounder skated in 77 career games in his two-year collegiate career with Lake Superior State University, registering 13 goals and 25 assists for 38 points, along with 99 penalty minutes.  In 2010-11, Jean led all LSSU rookies with a career-high, 13 assists.  He also led LSSU freshmen and tied for 14th in the CCHA among first-year players in scoring with 14 points, and ranked second on the team overall with a plus-two rating.  Jean recorded his first collegiate multi-point effort with two assists in a 4-3 victory at Notre Dame in the second round of the CCHA Playoffs that season.  He tallied his first collegiate point with an assist on the game-winning goal on October 22, 2010, against Colgate, and notched his first career goal on November 6, 2010, against Northern Michigan.

The Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan recently participated in the Rangers Prospect Development Camp from June 25-29.


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  1. Just face it, the Minnesota Wild trolled all of us….

    Future Ranger Zach Parise? NOPE…

    Future Ranger Zenon Konopka? NOPE…

  2. Carp – One of the union guys working inside the Garden this summer on Phase 2 just texted me tjhat John Scott is STILL sitting on the bench (with wreckage & snaking wires all around him) waiting for Torts to tap him on the shioulder for his next shift. Any truth to that, or is this guy just yanking my chain?

  3. I had fun watching the fireworks last night!!! Are pinko commies allowed to like that stuff? I was talking about Woody Guthrie the whole time…


  4. Fat Guy, he was sure he would have played in the finals if not for all the snow angels on that final goal in Newark.

  5. Thanks again for the bump, Carp.

    As for my wife’s bump, it’s due Sept. 20.

    Ilb, when is your wife due? BTW, our ETA to your hometown is sometime near the end of this month. My wife has the NCLEX exam at the end of August, but once that’s done, maybe we can all get together if your schedule isn’t too crazy with your newborn.

  6. Doodie, email owed. I’m suuuuper sorry I never got back to you. I’ll do it today or I owe you a baby buffalo wing sangwich!

  7. I am glad to see that we are keeping up with our tradition of signing one player that previously almost killed another player we have.

  8. Can we get Prust out of the Rangers twitter feed? Was bad enough when we had to read his babble when he was, you know, actually on the team.

  9. Fchamps you’re right on about now being the time to leverage strength (young players) into an impact player.

    Are some of you serious about Asham being a better fighter than Prust? Watch the YouTube of Chris Neil destroying him, and how poorly he fares against other heavies, where he looks like hed rather be anywhere else. At least Prust had the balls to challenge those guys and then hold his own.

    And why do people keep saying Asham is a better goal scorer? Prust had 13 just a year ago. Asham is like 70.

    Sather blew it by not locking Prust up befor FA at 6.6 for 3 yrs, plain and simple.

  10. I’m actually surprised and maybe a little disappointed that, so far, nobody’s come up with new line combos with Jean included.

  11. “Take away his place setting. It’s making us too [gosh darn] sad” – The Jerk

  12. onecupin73yearsandcounting July 5th, 2012 at 11:50 am

    Kyle Jean related to to Billy Jean ?


    yes! he is her father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate. ;)

  13. Asham’s not much of anything and it’s pretty crazy to think otherwise

    It’s equally crazy to think Brandon Prust is worth $2.2 million per

  14. I like PyatT as an upgrade over John Mitchell but don’t kid yourselves that he replaces Prust. Not even sure he replaces Ftank.

  15. “She was more like a beauty queen from a movie screen
    I said, don’t mind, but what do you mean I am the one
    Who will dance on the floor in the round

    “She told me her name was Kyle Jean as she caused a scene
    And every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one
    Who would dance on the floor in the round”

  16. Wellman-Wellman-Wellman



  17. Sioux-per-man on

    He camp to camp as a prospect, and left with a contract.

    That speaks volumes.

    The Rangers get 30 days to sign a prospect after camp. With his size, and skill, he would have been signed to an AHL deal somewhere. The Whale lost their top 2 scores, JAM & ZUCC, so he will get a chance to play at the next level. Never know, look what JAM did for himself last year. Played his way into a 1 way contract.

    I doubt we see him skate for the Rangers this year. But if he was holding his own with other 1’st Round picks, one would have to think he could be a top prospect for the future if Sather and company signed him, they must have seen something they liked. Have to give the scouts some credit on this one.

  18. Right Lloyd because if he had gotten the 13 this year instead of last he would have gotten a heck of a lot more.

  19. You know, people underrated the Casey Wellman move, but it probably made room on the Wild for Zach Parise.

  20. Nash – Richards – Gaborik
    Kreider – Stepan – Ryan
    Doan – Anisimov – Callahan
    Jean – Boyle – Dubinsky/Wellman

    Staal – Semin
    Girardi – McDonagh
    Del Zotto – Weber


    Who needs a salary cap?

  21. Dont forget they traded KHL Chirstensen for Wellman. They were obviously helping Minny clear room on their reserve list. Rangers should get Clutterbuck in return.

  22. Manny, haven’t heard much speculation about whether Former Future Ranger J.P. Parise’s kid will play on a line with The Crusher, a.k.a. Christensen.

  23. Did you guys know that JAM has his own official website? I personally find that hilarious.

  24. Jonny – thats the sort of thing that used to be on the white board in Slats office – now its replaced with a big sign that says $70.2 and NO MORE GLENNIE next to a picture of Scott Howson with lots of dart holes and a musketeer ‘tache!

  25. You will, Carp. Can you imagine the skill of Christensen combined with the mediocre speed and size of Parise?

  26. Carp, not to go too far back, but what kind of shot would you have given the Rangers in Game 7, if they got out of Newark with a win in Game 6? I doubt NJ would have won, but since each game is a brand new animal, nothing would be automatic.

  27. Yes this continues the discussion with CT and I maintain it’s important to keep statistics, especially shots, in perspective.

    Nash had over 300 shots 3 out of the last 5 years. He is a lifetime 13% shooter. It is not a stretch that on a good team he will get his 300 shots. Just applying his average that’s 40 goals.

    Though it’s also not a stretch that on a good team his quality shots will increase therefore his 13% avg will increase to 15%. That’s 45 goals.

  28. ( respose from previous post)


    “I don’t see where they’ve improve, Papa”.

    Carp, they lost one middle weight penalty killer who averaged maybe 10 minutes a game? Pyatt is at least that, but probably more. They also lost a low minutes marginal 4th line NHL player in Mitchell – easily replaced. Asham, is a feared fighter who can skate as well as Mitchell and probably score as well ( it will not be too difficult to score as well or better than Mitchell). They lost Zuccarello, small patotoes, who couldnt crack the line up for most the year and when he did he proved how brittle 5’6” finesse players can be in this league hard to count on them.

    They haven’t as of yet lost any of the defense, which we probably agree is the core strength of the team. (obviously this could change with impending trades). Reports are Sauer is improving and we can probably expect a return to form by Staal. If, as has happened over the past few seasons 1 to 3 of their highly rated prospects can crack the line-up, we are improved on paper at least.

    All accomplished without reducing available cap surplus. Considering the madness that has occurred around the league the past week, I think the Ranger decision makers led by Sather have performed in a very commendable manner and yes, IMO, the team has improved.

    They also added Killer Kyle Jean to the prospect mix ;)

  29. Sioux-per-man on

    Whale win in the penny for the Well wishers.

    You could pick all the pennies in the well and they would be worth more that Christensen. How could someone have that much talent, and NO HEART.

    That said, Chicago won big time in the Scott trade. We got no return on that investement.

  30. “Don’t forget they traded KHL Christensen for Wellman. They were obviously helping Minny clear room on their reserve list. Rangers should get Clutterbuck in return.”

    The Rangers actually have to give up their 7th round pick to the Wild if they don’t re-sign the Crusher.

  31. Since GregZzZzZz seems mostly absent, I’m prepared to offer Matteau! my irregular $10 wager – if Nash is a Ranger next year, he won’t score 45 goals.

  32. LW – the question is: would you wager me $10 that if Nash is NOT a Ranger Kreider and Dubinsky together will score 45+ ?

  33. Sioux-per-man on

    So Wellman for a 7th rounder. Seems fair. The Whale need players. Is the Well big enough for the Whale????

  34. cant make wed games

    looking to move

    11/14 vs washington
    12/12 vs montreal (prust returns)
    2/20 vs montreal (prust returns again)

    section 214 row 8. $73 a seat $146 for pair face value. there is a chance i may have $50 dollar seats if i move back 8 -10 rows but looks unlikely at moment

    email me if interested

  35. I think Wellman is a solid AHL player. You need to have a winning environment on your AHL squad if you want any of your young players to develop there.

  36. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny I’ll take you on that at 40 goals this year if Kreider & Dubi play the whole season…….somewhere…… :)

  37. If Nash is NOT a Ranger then I do believe, in a regular length regular season, that Kreider and Dubinsky, together, will put up 40+

  38. LW I won’t take that bet because if Nash is a Ranger the most likely scenario is he gets 35-40 but his assist totals go up because others on the team will get more goals. Too much emphasis here on his own goal totals and not the bigger picture in what he’d do for the team just getting keyed on by the opposition.

    That being said, based on knowledgeable opinions from people who have watched him his whole career, 45 is not out of the question at all.

  39. Papa, I was just talking about from July 1 to July 5. In that period, it would he difficult for me to say the Rangers got better, and even hard for me to say they didn’t get worse.

    And Asham is not a feared fighter. Prust played a lot of third-line minutes. I’d venture to say that if Pyatt is on the third line, they’re not better.

  40. I am not comparing anyone to anyone. I am just saying that if Nash isn’t a Ranger then Kreider and Dubinsky will have to have more of a roll and Dubinsky will for sure be a Ranger. Therefore, I think together they put up 45+

  41. Good team, bad team he’ll get 300 shots, he’s proven he can shoot that much.

    But the “good team” effect of magically increasing his shooting percentage? I don’t know if I buy that. Kovalchuk and Heatley after going to better teams saw their percentages go down from their career averages.

    Yes he could have that magic year where a few more pucks start going in than normal but the fact that we’re hoping for him to defy a downward trend in his production and start setting career highs after almost 10 years in the league just to get back to 40 goals? I’m sticking to the idea that there’s way too much that has to go exceedingly right for Nash to become a player he’s rarely ever been rather than will probably actually happen.

  42. devs sign krys barch to replace parise. barch tough guy who had the incident with pk subban calling him racial names

  43. Carp totally with you. Pyatt is only an upgrade if he replaces Mitchell. Asham is maybe an upgrade if he replaces Rupp. Leaves a huge hole left by the guy no one wants to talk about.

  44. ANF – I’m not sure if they’d win, but either way they were getting steam rolled by the Kings. Nobody was stopping that train.

    Also, Wellman is like Krog/Alex Giroux type player. Absolute beast in the AHL.

  45. CT I thought we agreed that 40 goals would actually be consistent. You’re talking about 45 being an increase.

  46. CTB – agreed. Although isn’t this the year of the renovation when the new piping system goes in? So the MSG ice isn’t brutally terrible? If not, well then Nash would be lucky to get 25 goals…

  47. Papa YouTube his fights over the last couple of years. He is scared Carrillo-less against the heavies, Neil absolutely destroyed him. And against the middleweights big deal.

  48. Does anyone know ilb’s baby’s name?? I do.

    It took a lot of convincing, but she shall be named Mariana Hambone!!!

    Mariana after one of the greatest pitchers, human beings, and role models of all time, the great #42!

    Hambone after one of the greatest boneheads and human beings of all time, the great #17.

  49. Agreed, Jonny. Even if they beat NJ in Game 7 (a 50-50 proposition, anyway), I really didn’t see them getting more than 1 game against the Kings.

  50. Sioux-per-man on

    Matteau don’t forget ….. we could always use Dubi’s face to pick up Pruster minutes :)

  51. I’ve always been open to the idea that Nash could hit 40. I just don’t think that it’s the most likely scenario mostly because I don’t think that there’s that much is going to change with Nash’s game as far as getting the requisite ice time and shot production that he would get on Columbus. He’s still going to get his near 20 mins of ice time, probably 1st unit PP time and favorable zone starts.

  52. At this point, the NYR are better off with one of Doan/Semin than making any trades. The NYR have such a good young core coming up, any trade is gonna screw that up. Stick to the plan. Doan and/or Semin can help us bridge that 2 year period we need to get Miller, Erixon, et al into the lineup.

    UFA. No trades.

    Next year’s crop are better anyway…and you may not be forced to sign them for 15 years either.

  53. LW tell you what. Last 3 years Nash has averaged 64 points. If he got 74 points that would be a 15%+ increase in his production, pretty good no? I will bet you that whatever team he goes to he hits 74 or more.

  54. Pyatt is bigger, faster, has double digit in goals in 5 of the last 6 seasons and plays the same minutes as Prust. How are we NOT better with him?

  55. The problem with Doan is that if he leaves Phoenix, the bidding war for him will be INSANE. Semin is probably the better choice because he is damaged goods.

  56. Don’t discount Prust taking on Neil to turn that series back around. You aren’t gonna get that from Pyatt.

    Just sayin.

  57. And I’m not saying Nash isn’t a good player, he certainly is and if his cap hit was $1-$2M less then I’d warm up to the idea that the Rangers should go all in for him. But I don’t believe that at this point in his career he’s a consistent 40-45 goal guy.

  58. Puck,
    Either Semin or Doan. I think we need to go UFA route. Keep these kids. Next year is a better UFA crop anyway. Save the $$$ and term, look ahead to next summer (Weber, Getzlaf, Perry, etc.).

    Minor UFA signings now, bigger ones later, keep the kids. Forget Nash & Ryan.

  59. Carp – Other than Mitchell and Rupp, Prust had the least TOI minutes of any Ranger forward this year who played in 60 or more games. A large portion came on the PK. Bottom line – Who is a better player, Pyatt or Prust? I’ll take Pyatt, hopefully as a 4th liner for the Blueshirts, meaning he is slotted where he belongs and their team depth has improved.

  60. So Pyatt doesn’t fight but he’s a much better offensive player than Prust. Prust is not going to be a 3rd line player on a good team like Vancouver or Phoenix.

    He’s like Boyle but a Winger.

  61. Semin will go play on a team where he can play on a line with one of his Russian buddies (Datsyuk, Malkin, or Kovalchuk) or ALL of them (KHL).

  62. Haha. Blue Jackets were demanding Jeff Figure Skater Skinner from the Hurricanes in any Nash trade.

  63. DarrenDreger Carolina Hurricanes are no longer persuing Rick Nash. Cost way too high. CBJ believed to be after Jeff Skinner. Non-starter.

    honestly. if howson wants skinner, the rangers can’t really be involved in this.

  64. bull dog line on

    Prust is the new Avery here. nobody can ever replace him, and nobody will ever be as good. reality is they were 3rd line/ 4th line players at best. not nearly as good of players as they are made out to be here.

  65. Sioux-per-man on

    Semin will not be a Ranger. I could see him as a Red Wing. Nobody is even talking about him. He will end up in the KHL playing next to Radalov.

    That said I won’t mind a 1 year deal to see if he could play next to Gabby. But I would pick Doan first, he already plays Ranger hockey.

  66. Howson realizes that the Nash stuff is a problem for his team, right? He realizes that another team taking him, in the tiny list that Nash is allowing to be a possibility is a gift if they are offering you anything reasonable in a 3 for 1 + picks scenario.

  67. Fun facts: Nash’s GPG average has dropped 4 years running and his career GPG has no statistical correlation to the team’s (so its not a simple “they suck, so of course he’ll suck” argument). His 3rd and 4th best GPG seasons were the two lowest team scoring seasons of his tenure. His last three years have been the 5th, 6th and 7th best goal scoring seasons of his 9 year career. If you split his career cleanly into three 3 year spans, even though he only put up 17 goals in 74 games his rookie season, the most recent span has been his worst. Do we really want to double pay for the right to see how that 4th 3 year span goes? And the 5th?

  68. If Sather MUST trade for Nash (which I am not so sure is a good idea).

    Dubi, MDZ, and a 1st



    Not a damned thing more.

  69. well, carolina officially out of Nash talks like everybody else on his list. Howson wants the moon, obviously it won’t happen so either Howson meets with nash and clears the air or Howson has a big problem.

  70. Do you, guys, have cross and nails ready to crucify Slats? It is about the time, I mean, regardless what he will do or don’t do. (Could use someone’s head as a hummer).

  71. justin faulk is carolina top prospect a d man. they could be a player if nash expands list to include them. if nash says yes i see him ending up in carolina

  72. Howson realizes nobody in their right mind is going to want to pay Nash the $7.8 million he paid him AND give up a ton, right? He overpaid to keep his only star player.

    As I said the other day. Rick Nash is not worth $7.8 mil to any team in the league except the Jackets. Anywhere else he’d be a $6.5-7 mil player (which IMO is still slightly overpaid, but that’s not the point). That’s why I want nothing to do with that trade. Not because of Nash, but rather what we’d give up to get a guy that is paid way too much money for not being one of the best players in the league statistically.

    Also, if Semin was going to the KHL, he would’ve left already (as soon as the Caps made it clear he wasn’t coming back). I still think he knows he can play here and can get a decent contract.

  73. Cw: Absolute most I would give for Nash at this point is Staal + Anisimov or Dubinsky. Yes McDonagh and Girardi made Staal redundant and McIlrath is coming up. And Staal is going to Carolina the minute his contract is up anyway.

  74. Prust new Avery re:

    the only difference is most of the people on here cry for Prust but nobody cried for Avery (except a few) and no matter how hard anyone on here denies it, Avery brought a lot more to this team than Prust.

  75. the difference between Prust and Avery is that Avery is actually a talented player who took the team on his back (at one point). Prust is a grinder who got the coach’s support and most people here overrated the hell out of him.

  76. Avery was overrated too. He didn’t take the team on his back. He did however provide a spark that got the team going. People seem to forget that fact that Jagr, Nylander, Straka, and Shanahan were killing it when Avery was doing his little antics.

    Neither him nor Prust are game-changers though, because that would imply they had a top 6 offensive ability (which neither has). They style of play will be missed though.

    And DJK – McIlrath could be a hit or a miss. He’s not taking the place of Staal.

  77. I almost certain (99% lol.), that Semin will sign with Devils to compensate Parise exodus. Looks logical for Lou and, I’m sure, advocated by their “new leader” and big Semin friend – Kovy. What even funnier, he after all, will give them same productivity (not so called leadership, of course) as “former future Ranger”. “…with little help of his friends…”

  78. Rangers Report ?@rangersreport

    Maybe Carolina backed out, also, because there was no way in hell that Nash would approve a trade to Raleigh?

  79. I cried for Avery (when he was sitting or Whaling under less talented players) and now Prust. I’m remarkably consistent.

  80. McIlrath was the 2nd defenseman chosen in his draft year. There’s a reason for that. Tortorella knew this.

  81. Lloyd Braun on

    Avery showed he was capable of playing on the top line (I’m talking about under Renney, not Tortorella) and could perform when given ice time. Avery never got a fair shake under Tortorella, and it was funny when people used to say, “Of course he got a fair shake. He kept getting 7 minutes!” Anyway, now that Prust is gone, we can all work together on forgetting he was ever here – it won’t be hard – and you can all start cutting down the skills you thought he had (I’ve seen it already happening here btw.).

  82. “Prust won a Steven McDonald Award.”

    and so did Jed Ortmeyer and Sandy McCarthy…both twice. what your point?

  83. Oh my god. Please stop it with the Avery discussion. How is it still happening? He retired when he still could play! He was dropped by numerous teams. He lived in a doghouse. It’s not all the Rangers and Torts

  84. Brendan Shenanigans on

    Really, still talking about Avery! Avery cares more about fashion than hockey and more about himself than the team that’s why he was banished to Hartford and no longer an NHLer.

  85. Johnny LaRue on

    How is his last name pronounced? Is it American as in “a Gene pick” or French as in

  86. from what I read on TSN and what the fans in Phoenix and vancouver were saying, 98% said he was a good 3rd/4th line player and a good pick up by the rangers, it remains to be seen.

  87. rather prust then pyatt contracts aside.

    contracts involved rather 2 yrs at 1.5 then 4 yrs at 2.5

  88. 4ever I have the same gut about Semin going to NJ. Similar to when Lou got Mogilny who had a terrible rep at the time.

  89. Lloyd Braun on

    Pyatt is certainly as good as any of the Rangers he replaced – and in point of fact, he’s better than them. Again, he’s optimally a 3rd-4th line forward, so there’s no sense in getting too worked up about him. But did he improve the team? Absolutely.

  90. Most fans of pyatt teams said he was a 6’4″ loafer. Going to work out great!

  91. Johnny, no, man it wasn’t the snooze. Most people think it was the snooze, but no snooze.

    Yeah, Taylor Pyatt’s an improvement. Keep dreaming.

  92. “Most fans of pyatt teams said he was a 6’4” loafer. Going to work out great!”

    Quite trusted for a loafer; had the 2nd most defensive zone starts on Phoenix this year.

  93. Now, jokes aside and realistically speaking, it looks like if Nash is coming, it will be for Artem Anisimov, Brandon Dubinsky, Christian Thomas or JT Miller, Tim Erixon or Dylan McIlrath.

  94. Pyatt is very responsible defensively. Very. He’s just more like Boyle. Big guy that doesn’t fight, can skate well, good defensively and can score in bursts.

  95. Matteau:

    “Most fans of pyatt teams said he was a 6’4” loafer. Going to work out great!”

    Just wonderin, How does one get in touch with “most fans”??? ;)

  96. if nash was a free agent today, he would have pulled in whatever parise did, and more. he’s a better player.

  97. Id rather discuss the imminent arrival to Bonehead Universe… Mariana Hambone Ilb!

  98. Carp

    and i thought Mitchell was one of your favorite players… wasn’t he raised to almosta god-like status on here for all the “intangibles” he brought? Torts trusted Mitchell a lot more than he did Prust. So it’s a good sign for Pyatt ;)

  99. Carp – now it is! Unless of course you think Mitchell>Prust. Then I would be completely confused.

  100. “Matteau!July 5th, 2012 at 1:12 pm
    Most fans of pyatt teams said he was a 6’4” loafer. Going to work out great!

    Oh really now, all of about three fans that i read said that out of 50 on tsn’s website but I will give you this, it was said by some fans.

  101. If nash was a UFA he’d get same contract as Parise. In other words he’s a bargain.

  102. “if nash was a free agent today, he would have pulled in whatever parise did, and more. he’s a better player.”

    And it would have been a future bad deal, just like Parise’s. And the team signing Nash wouldn’t have lost any of their young players and prospects, just like Minnesota.

  103. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    What if we make the trade for Nash and a year from now at Free Agency he decides to not accept our offer and go to another team for more $?

  104. Nash’s contract, now by comparison, is quite reasonable.

    What is going to happen to these teams with these 10-12-13 year contracts on their books in another decade? When will the UFA stupidity cease?

  105. Mister D — funny, i care about winning a stanley cup, not collected third-rate prospects. there is no glory in having a great AHL team.

  106. Prust fit on this team well with the style they played…Habs management hopes that Prust will inspire his new teammates to drop in front of the hard flying puck on regular basis as his ex-teammates did in NY… right! nobody will be blocking shots on that super soft Habs team so there goes 85% of Prust’s effectiveness.

  107. bull dog line on

    Prust worked really hard the past 2 seasons and made himself an average NHL player. you can talk about intangibles all you want, the reality of it is he is not a big loss.

  108. Pyatt doesn’t even begin to replace what Prust brought to the team. No it’s not just balls and heart, for some reason the jilted lovers on here who have to make Prust out to be a terrible player seem to ignore the fact he had 13 goals just a year ago.

    If Pyatt replaces Mitchell and Asham replaces Rupp, the Rangers are improved. But they still have a giant hole in Prust’s spot.

  109. these long-term deals are front-loaded. it won’t hurt on the back end. so who cares? with the amount it costs to go see a game, let them overpay. i can’t believe fans are this worried about money. the rangers have never made a free-agent deal that i can remember that later inhibited them from signing anyone they wanted — and they’ve made countless bad signings.

  110. Lloyd Braun on

    and it seems that Brandon Prust fanboys are hung up on 13 goals when in reality it’s…13 goals.

  111. pyatt is decent but does he make us better or worse hes irrelevant to that.

    we need a goal scorer. this current roster wont duplicate what they did last year when they overachieved.

    if we go into this season no changes or some more minor upgrades we are a 5 or 6 seed and then we take our chances

  112. “Mister D— funny, i care about winning a stanley cup, not collected third-rate prospects. there is no glory in having a great AHL team.”

    Oh, I guess we could have avoided a lot of this back and forth had we cleared this up from the start. I was under the impression that everyone was in agreement that our goal was to form a great AHL team. Now I feel stupid.

  113. Rico Fata scored 16 goals …ONCE! LOL and?

    Boyle had 21 goals the same year Prust had 13… and? how many did they score this past year? Boyle scored at least 7 goals in the last 10 games…so.

  114. Hambone, Im only repeating what ilb has posted on here in the past week. Week of July 16-20.

  115. bull dog line on

    Prust took the money and ran. he is not a Ranger anymore, therefore he is now the enemy.

  116. Who’s Little Hambone? And what was the other name you proposed, Tiki? I think I’m going to have a very hard time selling it to mrs. Both of ’em.

    A couple of weeks, folks…Can’t wait.

    Doodie, er, P&G, let me know when you move, we’ll make it work.

  117. I see we’ve elevated the discourse with a comparison of Prust and Rico Fata.

    Where did LW go, what happened to our wager?

  118. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Did NJ make a mistake not trading Parise? They would have gotten something in return for him. Or was it Lou’s last chance at the Cup for a long time, and he didn’t want to give that up.

  119. Lloyd Braun on

    I seem to remember a stiff who wears #17 put up 24 goals a year. It’s a really a shame that all of the 2010-11 stats didn’t count for subsequent years, huh

  120. I just realized this is That explains sooo much of my stupidity.

    [runs off to join own kind at]

  121. Lloyd Braun on

    I seem to remember a stiff who wears #17 put up 24 goals a year ago. It’s a really a shame that all of the 2010-11 stats didn’t count for subsequent years, huh

  122. Curious, if Dubinsky or Boyle gets back to 20 goals in 2012-13, does it then become impossible to go under 20 goals again?

  123. Mariana Hambone is going to become a doctor. She’s going to grow up a Rangers fan, along with the Giants, Yankees, and Knicks. :)

  124. as crappy as Rico Fata was as a player he managed to score 16 goals once… it happens. That’s all i’m sayin’…

  125. I was wondering how long it’d take until we start comparing Avery and Prust….Well, Prust is still playing hockey. Avery- not so much.

  126. Nash is better than Parise? Not really. I’d argue they are about the same. Personally, I think Parise is a little better though. And if some idiot wanted to pay Rick Nash $7.5 milllion, I’d say “go for it”.

  127. Sioux-per-man on

    I can see Nashville holding on for its best chance at the post season. But now you look back, and they get nothing for Suter by keeping him, do you think the would deal Weber if they can extend his contract?

  128. And yes, Sean Avery was a 1st line winger who was an elite player. His career high 39 points in 05-06 proves that. Because you know, you want 39 points from your 1st line winger…

  129. “I can see Nashville holding on for its best chance at the post season. But now you look back, and they get nothing for Suter by keeping him, do you think the would deal Weber if they can extend his contract?”

    _ [copy, pastes into email, sends to Kevin Cheveldayoff] _

  130. Lets try that again …

    [_copy, pastes into email, sends to Kevin Cheveldayoff_]

  131. I’ll be interested in different colors when you can show me how to create Whale green. Go Whale!

  132. Lloyd Braun on

    Based on the fawning we’ve had to endure over Brandon Prust’s 13 goals from a year ago, 39 points likely puts Avery into elite status.

  133. Aw tzm Pawtzm on

    The insanity about Prust continues! Pyatt scored 23 goals one season playing with Van. Prust has scored 24 in his career I believe. But Prust is better. And Avery did nothing for the Rangers. Riiiiight.

    Brandon Fuggin Prust, hall of famer

  134. Carp, I don’t sense you like to second guess but I’m curious to get your take.

    Let’s all agree 10m for 4 yrs was probably too much.

    That being said, do you think if Sather had a chance to lock Prust up before hitting FA for 3 years at 2.2m per he should have done it?

  135. $ 2.2 million is still too much for Prust IMO.

    And nobody is saying Avery or Prust didn’t do anything for the Rangers. It’s just people seem to overrate their on ice impact. The name of the game is goal scoring. They didn’t do much of it.

    Some people also under rate the other things they brought to the table as well though.

  136. To the posters who only understand black or white, no one is saying Prust is elite. He was an asset and an valued one. Don’t take my word for it ask his coach. The asset was mismanaged and the team is not better for it. These discussions are more about Sather than about Prust.

  137. Papa I believe your question is answered in the last line of the same post you’re responding to.

  138. Matteau, The coach managers the players or “assests”, not the GM. Tortds and staff decide where, when & how much they play or don’t play. I don’t understand your point. Sather acquires assets so the coaching staff can manage them.

  139. I will say, Prust’s value to the Rangers was more valuable than it would be to any of the other teams in the NHL. However, if other teams want to pay him more than his value for the Rangers, then they can go ahead and do so, which is what the Habs did.

  140. Here is an idea. Iggy is a FA next summer. If he wants out of Calgary then they may trade him as a rental near the deadline. We can get him for borderline prospects or picks asa push for the playoffs.

  141. I’m referring to the player as a financial asset. That’s the GM’s job to manage. The GM is like a portfolio manager.

  142. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Hello ILB, Manny, and all!!

    nice blog P&G/Doodie

    The think I wonder about doan is if we are looking for a bit more established forward for offencive improvement, is Doan really the answer for that? His offencive numbers are never that impressive (and people knock nash’s numbers…sheesh). If we were talking iggy, then yes I could see the “want” for the offencive upgrade, but doan? He is a career 20 goal/season scorer who is going to add probably about 5 mil to the cap hit and is 35 yrs old I think.

    I think doan is a good all around player and would fit the ranger style, should he really be what we “want” to add to address some top six scoring punch?

  143. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    and don’t get me wrong, i would love to add him for a year or two as a complimentary player, but in addition to a nash or ryan, not instead of.

  144. Fedotenko is a Phly-Guy

    @Real_ESPNLeBrun@ The #Flyers have signed D Bruno Gervais (2 years, $825,000 avg per season) and F *Ruslan Fedotenko (1 year, $1.75 M)*

  145. feds is not worth it, slow skater. had a nice run with the rangers but no biggie, continue to get younger, faster, and more skilled.

    philly loves to make moves……

  146. Now Feds on the other hand…

    We could’ve matched that offer. Guess they really think they’ve found their replacements.

  147. CTBlueshirt on

    Feds is quickly working his way to Asham status, needs to play for the Devils to complete the Atlantic Division circuit.

  148. I still don’t get it…..How did Sather mismanage this “financial asset” called Brandon Prust, who on July 1 was no longer his assest? Is your point that he should he have traded him before July 1?

  149. Considering Feds gets 10-15 goals, 30 points every year and is a top PKer, that’s a very good contract. Plus his performance in the playoffs over his career speaks for itself. The guy is very undervalued for what he brings to the table.

    It’s not pretty, I’ll definitely admit that. But he’s a lot better than most people think for everything he does.

  150. Sioux-per-man on

    Well the Flyers did lose Jagr, so they had to replace him with an old Ranger I guess.

    I liked Feds, but the Flyers….oh well. We all knew he wasn’t coming back. I was hoping he would go play with Vinny in Ohio.

  151. What are our PK units supposed to look like next year? We lost two of our BEST

  152. Joining the esteemed ranks of Jody Shelley and Blair Betts is the Ukrainian native Fedotenko.

  153. it’s not so much the “not worth it” but
    just the “usually get burned by former players” aspect
    (while small, i’ll never forget the Mario Marois Incident
    and remember how Blair Betts somehow was able to find the back of the net
    when he left us?)

    one of the rarities was Jagr not doing much against us last year.

  154. Fedotenko > Stepan and Prust > Anisimov

    Seems like our PK unit has been decreased. Maybe not a big deal.

  155. Yes Papa I’ve made that point (some might say ad nauseum), Sather likely could have had him for 2.2 for 3.

  156. Sioux-per-man on

    I agree Jonny there’s always a home for a retired Ranger. But not for long. I would say best of luck to him, but we can’t say that anymore can we?

  157. Sioux-per-man on

    Remember Boys the Flyers went 0-6 against us last year.

    So I doubt Feds is going to tip that scales in their favor this year. Ok they might win 1 game, just because.

  158. Fedotenko was gone the moment they signed Pyatt. I doubt he was even offered a contract.

  159. CCCP

    Rico Fata scored those 16 goals on a -tanking- terrible Penguins team too. So, using the Nash uplift factor, that translates to about 35 on a good team.

  160. Matteau – at that cost , he morphs from an assest to a liability. Good move by Slats letting him go.

  161. CTBlueshirt on

    Flyers again

    Right? Needs the Devils to get to Asham status.

  162. Sioux – I agree. Hope he does well (except against the Rangers haha).

    Our PK is going to be Boyle/Callahan and Dubinsky/Pyatt or Anisimov or Hagelin. I’m sure Stepan will get some time there too. I’m probably forgetting someone else.

  163. “To the posters who only understand black or white, no one is saying Prust is elite.”

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.


    This is the internet here. Everything is binary. Introducing middle ground is only going to lead to rational debates and that’s not something we’re looking for.

  164. So people wanted Prust at $2.3 mil but not Feds at $1.75 mil?

    Does not compute…

  165. CTBlueshirt on

    LW, in true Greg fashion you need to give us a top 10 list of why Nash won’t score 40 and 74 and leave out point #4.

  166. I’m not saying I wanted Feds at $1.75 mil. I’m just confused how both were solid depth players for us playing more defensive roles (very good at them too), yet people are fine with letting Feds go but are still upset with Prust going.

  167. HugeNYRfanfromTx on

    Fedotenko’s big contribution was in the playoffs…he was clutch but the NYR got more skilled with Pyatt coming into town.

    As for the Rangers PK unit…with the roster currently as is:

    Callahan, Dubinsky, Stepan, Hagelin, Boyle, Anisimov all kill penalties very effectively. Don’t think you’ll see a huge drop off in the PK unit because Feds/Prust left…

    Don’t forget your best PK’er is the one in the goal….The Vezina trophy winning goaltender that is.

  168. How many players in the NHL can and will fight anyone, hit everyone on every shift, forecheck relentlessly, block shots, kill penalties, score shorthanded goals, score the occasional big goal? Name them please.

  169. feds wasn’t very good this year. but rangers do need to replace some depth.

  170. Last few years, the Flyers have “stolen” a bunch bottom-six forwards from us, and we’ve gotten better every year….

    Betts, Zherdev, Shelley, Fedotenko….


  171. LW here’s the repost:

    LW tell you what. Last 3 years Nash has averaged 64 points. If he got 74 points that would be a 15%+ increase in his production, pretty good no? I will bet you that whatever team he goes to he hits 74 or more.

  172. i swear rangers fans make me hate players i love. now we’re talking about brandon prust as if he’s a hall of famer. he scored five goals last year. he had 10 more hits than stepan. nash sucks, but prust, well how can we go on without him!

  173. Prust knew last year that he wasn’t coming back. He knows everything. He has already forechecked his entire career.

  174. “…now we’re talking about brandon prust as if he’s a hall of famer…”

    Brandon Prust *is* a shoe-in for the Boxing Hall of Fame…

  175. NYR – Zherdev is not a bottom 6 forward. He’s top 6. If he was, he wouldn’t have led us in points when he was here.

    fchamps – I agree with you on that buddy. Name of the game is scoring goals. While I know Prust did a bunch of other things that were pretty key to our success, he scored 5 goals. He isn’t worth more than $2 mil.

    Matteau – what makes you say he’s getting 10 more points though? 15% increase is huge for a 28 year old guy who has been in the league almost 10 years. Outside of the post-lockout skewed seasons, most guys don’t have numbers that change that much unless they were injured.

  176. Thanks, bull dog …

    Sioux, I think Lamoriello made the right choice since Parise helped them to within two games of the Cup, a whole bunch of extra revenue, and strongly considered re-signing there.

    Matteau, I think $2.2M per was too much for Prust … plus I think Prust was determined to get to UFA and raise the ante with the one-dumb-owner theory. I wonder how many offers he actually got at more than the $1.8M the Rangers supposedly offered.

  177. “he had 10 more hits than stepan.”

    That means he outhit a guy who got 50% more ice time. Which is a good thing.

  178. “I wonder how many offers he actually got at more than the $1.8M the Rangers supposedly offered.”

    I would love to know the answer to this. I’d bet Montreal wasn’t the only team over $2MM but its impossible to prove or disprove.

  179. Mister D — no, it’s not a good thing because supposedly the guy is a super checker and the other guy is essentially a finesse center. don’t get me wrong i like prust fine. but he’s replaceable. you can’t teach someone to be a goal scorer.

  180. i’ll never forget listening to wfan many years ago when rangers fans were crying about losing the indispensible troy mallette.

  181. JD I was challenged on a bet and I’m just backing it up. He’s a top player playing for years on a crappy team and that eventually gets to your head. There is a reason every Gm wants him, there is a reason he is always first line LW for Team Canada. I trust the opinion of someone i used to play hockey with who sees him every game. I trust the opinion of Sergei Fedorov who a few ys ago told me he was awesome.

    When he gets to his new team he will improve over his last 3 years averages, and more importnatly will create more oppties for those around him who will get a bit less attention.

  182. “Zherdev is not a bottom 6 forward. He’s top 6.”

    Fair enough. Though, he was essentially bottom-6 garbage for the Flyers…he could barely dress in consecutive games because Lavy hated him so much….

  183. 1.75 bit too much for Feds. Our pk will have some diff looks without prustand Feds.

  184. And by no means is 74 a barometer of his success or failure, just my ability to bet! If he gets 35 goals and 70 points with the rest of the team winning that’s still success to me.

  185. fchamps you have both those posters in one, I’m big on both Nash and Prust

  186. ok matteau! sorry, got confused. it’s mister d who is being completely irrational on this one.

  187. “Mister D—no, it’s not a good thing because supposedly the guy is a super checker and the other guy is essentially a finesse center. don’t get me wrong i like prust fine. but he’s replaceable. you can’t teach someone to be a goal scorer.”

    For the 1 billionty-th time, no one is lamenting losing Prust’s goals. No one. Not any one. Zero.

  188. I just read that Article actually. I think it was in the June 2012 issues of Butt Man. Thanks for reminding me, LW.

  189. CTBlueshirt on

    Isn’t Nash always first choice LW in Canada because he’s always available for the world championships in the spring?

  190. will miss Feds but he’s replaceable. Our PK right now looks a lot weaker than it did at the end of the year though.But we always manage to be one of the best in that department

  191. Fair enough Matteau. I for one wouldn’t be happy with 35 goals and 70 points considering he’s going to be the highest paid player on the team.

  192. Czechthemout!!! on

    Feds was a good soldier. Worked his butt off almost every game. But this season, he seemed to slow down to the point where he was playing on fumes. Did play well in the last two games against the Devils. But he is 3 years older and 200k more expensive than Pyatt. Thank you very much for your service Feds. Best of luck to you accept when you play against us.

    LOL!!!!!!! The hyeena get a job in Detroit. Just in time to ” help ” them as they decline as a team.

    The Wings are hoping he contributes to getting them the 1 overall pick in the next several years because Babcock will be out the door soon. Perhaps as soon as the end of next season. Good job by Wings management. You picked a real winner there! By the way, thanks for that Hugh Jessiman pick, Tom.

  193. Matteau,
    I feel that for you it boils down to a battle between sentiment, reason and unbreakable, personal hatred for Slats. However, if you want to implement your own logic about “portfolio manager”, Sather looks like a real genius in Prust situation.
    First he got him basically for nothing (like key-chain with buying expensive car) in a super complicated, multy-steps and brilliant deal for the team. Then showed a vision and right guess, understanding coach need for this type of role player, then using him at his best to maximum and get rid of him after really not so good season and unbased, unreasonable, unwarranted and ambitious money demand. I called it justified greed.( BTW, how do you know that $2.2 was enough for Prustie, when he already knew Montreal will give him more in desperation and most important, he wanted guaranteed longer term, to secure safety net, knowing better than anybody else, how beaten up he is with years of this manner of play).
    Readiness to spill guts, like everything else in hockey has certain price on it, to be paid by player and to be compensating for. But it is not The Most Valuable, just because it is much more replaceable than other hockey talents. So, you should be total imbecile from GM’s (or portfolio manager’s) perspective, to substantially overpay for replaceable asset. As is duty of GM, Sather immediately addressed occurred void with the variety of different players (btw, best available at the moment and for more than reasonable price) in this department, to give coaches certain flexibility to use them in combinations. So far, all possible sources are saying nothing, but good things about acquired, but we will see how it develops on ice. I can bet, you knew nothing particular about Prust before he came either. I can guarantee, you will find someone else to love unconditionally on this team, if you’re real fan (and you obviously are). Don’t blame Slats, – he is not a genius, of course, but not a moron either and in this case did absolutely right which btw, is not even much to say, because it was so small and simple to decide, even for not so smarty, and almost irrelevant, that I’m surprise we’re still talking about it.

  194. Well someone should tell Prust, “It’s just Pain” and “It’s just poverty”

  195. I will never understand what problems people have with Renney. One of the nicest guys in the game of hockey and a good coach. There’s a reason probably the most respectable hockey team in the world just signed him.

  196. someone tweeted zip can newbury replace feds the answer is NO. newbury has zero role on this team

  197. “Complaining about Renney, Avery worship and Nash scoring 40. Is it 2009 again?”


  198. I think Sather should just walk away from Nash at this point. And so should everyone. This guy Howson is completely overestimating his asset.

  199. He’s overestimating his #1 overall pick and the only recognizable name on the team? I dont think many people have actually seen more than a handful of games involving Rick Nash.

  200. “I think Sather should just walk away from Nash at this point. And so should everyone. This guy Howson is completely overestimating his asset.”

    I’d put my bet on Philadelphia. Holmgren seems to make some really weird moves.

  201. It’s also funny how Columbus is “overestimating” Rick Nash and yet Rangers fans go so far as to label prospects such as Miller and Thomas as untouchables. Talk about overestimating…

  202. He’s overvaluing him because as I said, Nash is worth more to Columbus than anywhere else. That’s why he signed him for so much. He was the only recognizable player on the team. The other teams asking for him, he’ll be the 2nd or 3rd top guy on the team (4th in some cases as well), so they don’t want to give up too much for a guy being paid like the top player on the team.

  203. C’mon, are you saying Prospal isn’t recognizable? How many super tan 40 year olds do you think hang out in Columbus, OH?

  204. Can whoever called Christian Thomas “untouchable” please step forward? Just want to clarify this one …

  205. MD, speaking of Prospal, kinda feel bad for him right now. It was rumored that Feds was going there because he and Prospal are very tight. Not even that can bring Feds to that neck of the woods.

  206. in the FWIW
    Renney is now an associate coach for red wings
    which means
    that Rangers
    still ONLY have ONE assistant coach

  207. btw
    good luck puck with the site
    already bookmarked it
    with upcoming Puck Jr.

  208. If it came down to it now I would sign Paulina Gretzky over both TGO and Prust.

  209. no one is overestimating nash. he’s a top-tier talent. he’d be the best player on the rangers the first time he puts on the jersey. the rangers would also become a (more) serious cup contender. but the rangers can’t blow up everything just to get him. you can’t really fault the blue jackets for trying to get as much as they can — and there is really no need for them to move the guy today or even tomorrow. sather just has to wait out the market.

  210. Am I crazy?

    I would much rather have Parise for 13 years at $7.5m than have to give up assets (touchable garbage?) and have Nash for 7 more years at $7.8m

  211. I don’t think there is anything, save my wife but including Paulina Gretzky, that I want around for 13 years.

  212. Nope, you’re not crazy. You have to imagine there really isn’t much of a difference between Nash’s 6 years and Parise’s 13 when you factor in the odds of a buyout/amnesty/retirement. Even if its functionally 10 years, I’d take my chances.

    Also: Paul Stastny. Overpaid at $6.6MM for this coming year and next but still 2nd line productive with upside. Wonder what the cost would be.

  213. kausatoday profile

    kausatoday Red Wings’ hiring of Tom Renney could be as beneficial to the team as a free agent signing. Quality man, exceptional hockey mind. 2 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite
    Real_ESPNLeBrun profile

    Real_ESPNLeBrun Really like Babcock’s move there with Renney hiring. Babcock can be real hard on players. Renney will be good buffer. Knows NHL inside out

  214. No to Rick Nash an immediate first liner at $7.8 million but yes to Paul Statsny a 2nd/3rd liner at $6.6 million and whose production has gone from 79 to 57 to 53 points the last 3 seasons. Makes sense.

  215. How is Nash more exciting than Parise? Because he figure skated through two awful defensemen 4 years ago?

  216. If we’re using that as an example, we should bring Zherdev back. His Youtube clips are amazing. He’ll excite everyone!

  217. Because he didnt play on a line with Kovalchuk and because he’s a legitimate star. Not a guy made out to be a star due to a poor free agency class.

  218. Prust shmust. Theyre already talking of having Prust in the pressbox for half of the games on Montreal blogs.

  219. Parise isn’t a legitimate star? Guy puts up the same numbers as Nash (even when Kovalchuk wasn’t there, he had a 94 point season, something Nash has never even been close to), yet he’s not considered a star.

    Makes sense.

  220. And if someone wants to bring up the Olympics again, I believe it was Parise who carried Team USA in that tourney. He had more points playing with “weaker” linemates than Nash.

    I’m not actually using that as facts though since it’s so paper thin as the body of work is a whopping 6 games.

  221. Who do you think would have received more interest/better contract if Rick Nash was a free agent this year? Yes I forgot Nash has played with guys like Shanahan, Gionta, Zajac, Langenbrunner, Elias, Rolston, Holik, and Zubrus. Good job pointing out Parise’s 94 point season though.

  222. Maybe my post didn’t work out. I was saying that I would only spend 13+ years with my wife and no one and nothing else!

  223. bull dog line on

    Nash would have received more interest, but it would have been close. I think it would have to do with the size of Nash compared to Parise. as players they are very close. if they were UFA’s, I would have wanted the Rangers to sign Nash.

  224. Parise, for me, is just like Richards. Great player. Not one of the best (top 20). Both got the contracts they got because they were the best available in their respective years. And yes, Parise is better than Richards in case you were going to make some ridiculous conclusion based on what i just typed.

  225. Shanahan was ready to retire, same with Holik. Rolston was garbage and Dainus Zubrus was average at best. Elias was (and still is a great player) and Zajac was great that year as well. But it’s not like he was playing with top elite talent. Those 94 points were no joke.

    It wasn’t like Nash was playing with total scrubs his best season either. Voracek was a young quality player, Umberger had a breakout year, and Huselius had a really good year that season. Not as good as the Devils team, but not horrible for top-6 talent.

    All I’m saying is if you look at the stats, if Nash is a star you have to consider Parise a star as well. Guy has put up better totals in the 4 of the last 6 seasons (1 was due to Parise only playing 12 games), yet Nash is by far a better player? That doesn’t make sense.

  226. The interest would be close (almost every team in the league), Nash would get more money, and there’s no question the better fit for the Rangers, the only team that should matter to us, would be Rick Nash by a landslide.

  227. And I’m not arguing with the fact that Nash is a star. He is (an overpaid one at that, just like Parise). But I don’t think Nash is any better or worse than Parise.

  228. See I think Parise would be a better fit, just because of how the Rangers play. They throw pucks at the net and most of the goals come from rebounds or screens. Despite Nash being a big body, he crashes the net, but doesn’t screen/deflect much.

    Parise on the other hand scores most of his goals by jamming away in front and deflecting pucks in. With how many shots come from the point, that’s why I think he’d be a better fit.

    Just my opinion though.

  229. Parise is a more offensively gifted Callahan. I dont think the missing piece for us is a better Callahan. We’ll see what happens.

  230. I don’t think he’s going to have that much success in Minny though. That defense is way too young and not ready for the big time and they are a very top heavy team. I think he’ll get his 70 points, but I don’t think he’s going to be able to sustain that for that long. As you said though, we’ll see.

  231. Lev, do you honestly think the Rangers would have offered a free agent Nash 15 years and $100 million?

    I sure don’t. They didn’t do it with Kovalchuk and they didn’t do it with Parise, two guys who are clearly on par with Nash.

    Not saying I agree with that approach at all!!!

  232. no, it was somebody who obsessively hated him. like some of our folks hate Prust, Rupp, Dubinsky, Boyle, etc.

  233. Carp, yes, they did. It helped me amass a tremendous Twitter following of 18. Two people had followed me prior to the mention, I’m assuming both found me through here. You, Sally, and LW also follow me. So at most, it propelled me to 13 additional readers. Which, if you asked me before today if I would accept 13 readers from my first post, I would have gladly said yes.

    Really, thanks to everyone for the support.

  234. Feds was a good soldier indeed. We might regret missing his experience and work ethic.

  235. NYR, i actually do…. And if not for those Parise comments they wouldve made him a similar deal (unless there was some additional inside stuff that we’re not aware of). And again, even though id love Kovalchuk on the team, Nash is a much better fit imo.

  236. Lev, not sure Kidd (or anyone else) can revive these Knicks. The curse laid on them with Van Gundys’ departure has more years.

  237. Kovalchuk isn’t on par with Nash. He’s much better haha.

    And Johnny – Yes he did, but Nash played with Crosby and I believe Iginla.

  238. Well it does piss off some Nets fans to see Kidd in a Knicks jersey, so ill take that, and well….he can run the pick so maybe Amar’e will get back to being Amar’e. Someone to mentor the overhyped Lin as well. Good be a good move. Or it could be a 39 year old looking to take it easy in NY.

  239. Brooklyn Nets facebook page has Nets fans pretty upset, P&G….calling him a traitor. But they cant hate him because he kept them respectable and did a whole lot of good for that team.

  240. Lev, reading the lineups from the event summaries, Nash started there, played most of his games with Crosby (some with Bergeron, some with Iginla), but played with Toews and Richards for the final three games.

  241. He played with Richards and Crosby to start the Gold Medal game, I remember that. But he definitely played with Iginla a bunch as well.

  242. CTBlueshirt on

    He was on the ice for Parise’s tying goal in the gold medal game.

    And not on the ice for Crosby’s winner.

    Parise > Nash

  243. Nope, Torts was too busy yelling at Ron Wilson on the US bench. Mike Babcock was coaching. Too bad it wasn’t Hitchcock. He would’ve broken the bench for them haha

  244. I think Canada’s second line in 2010 it was Jumbo, Heatley, and Marleau….just like in San Jose…

  245. Nash played on the same team as Thornton in Switzerlandopånsyland during the lockout, I think.

    Did someone part-attribute Parise’s point scoring to playing with Bobby Holik? A semi-retired Bobby Holik?

  246. Sad part is Holik wouldve been the 2nd best player in Columbus in 2008-2009. Dont even try telling me theyd rather have Umberger and Huselius. Speaks volumes about the talent, or lack of, in Columbus over the years, and makes you understand why someone like Nash would want out.

  247. Holik at that point was not better that Huselius. If Huselius was able to stay healthy, he’d be a 60-70 point a season player.

  248. As one who has watched more than a handful of Rick Nash’s games…He makes us stronger period…cant wait for the negative talk when he goes to Philly or Ptt or Det…28 year old all star who would be THE offensive upgrade that we need…but let’s cry over Avery (is there a more self centered person on the planet?) and Prust who I liked a lot but come on the 2 of them combined dont bring what Nash would bringl…

  249. While I’m not a subscriber to the “points are all that matter in a player” theory (the Braunian Motion), I’m fairly comfortable in saying the middling 45-55 point talents of Huselius and Umberger were more valuable to the Blue Jackets than the 9 of a 38-year-old Holik might have been.

  250. P&G
    fixed the following on twitter. following you and some guy named Adam!

    hate to be a doubting jpg but find me the video of someone else
    BUT Nash on the ice for the game-winning goal by sid
    i am 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999%
    it was Nash because i forever complained about sid getting all the credit
    and probably offering little of it to others when it was Nash who did ALL the work
    on the play and set up sid for the tap in.

  251. I unfortunately watched a lot of Jackets games the last couple years too. They actually had some fun players to watch. I was big on them when they had Zherdev (hence why I was excited he was coming to he Rangers) and Vyborny. Klesla was one of my favorite D-men too.

    Fedorov and Modin were towards the end of their careers then. The one thing that always stood out for me was how terrible their goaltending was. I mean Norrena was supposed to be the future, but that’s just because they dished out Denis and couldn’t trust LeClaire (always injured), Popperle, or Conklin and Prusek had just left.

    Now they are so boring. I only occasionally watch to see how JJ is doing, but they have a really boring team.

  252. jpg, got it, and thank you.

    It’s fun to try and figure out who found me from where, and then figuring out what someone posts here as. I figured you out pretty quickly by comparison to others, although, LW was pretty damn easy because it’s the same exact handle.

  253. jpg, that was Iginla. Crosby did most of the work skating it up, cycled it back to Iginla, then Iginla got tripped up and passed it to Crosby for the tap in.

  254. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    What is the twitter handle to follow?

    I am amazed that so many of you guys have the damn time to look up who played on what line with who in 2009.


  255. Exactly, wicky….No wonder this economy stinks!

    Hey, would be nice to know what transpired today at NHL-NHLPA meeting. Because if that doesn’t go well, it won’t matter whether Fedotenko plays for the Flyers and Nash plays for Columbus or LA Lakers.

  256. I think Nash is going to have to push this if he REALLY wants out which we know he does…He cant stay quiet forever. IMO

    I would love to see the names being throw around…

  257. Hmm, I didn’t know that Marty Brodeur could breed and propagate, reproducing (who would think of) goalkeepers; I just learn his son (?) Anthony becomes a top 2013 draft prospect. Interesting, who will pick him up?

  258. iWicky
    it’s the wonders of google. just typed in a line about olympics gold winning goal
    and found some info

    i swore that Nash was out there. maybe he worked his butt off on some other goal.

    as far as Puck goes
    it’s just

  259. Yeah and he’ll fall in the devil dogs lap and become well the next MARTYYYYYYY

  260. ilb, according to Katie Strang, it went well and they’ll meet again tomorrow … but as somebody who has been through I think four of these now, plus a couple in baseball and two in football, I honestly don’t expect anything to get done until they are right up against the Sept. 15 deadline … or more likely, past it.

  261. Thanks, Carp…I know, it’ll be a long time. But I’m optimistic. Somewhat.

    Stralman filed for salary arbitration. Which means, he is playing for them next year. Unless arbitrator awards him ridiculous amount, of course.

    Not a word about MDZ contract. He is not arbitration eligible, he signed his SPC when he was 19, hence he needs 4 years of NHL experience, and he only has 3.

  262. I know me and ilb are both hoping for an eventual cancellation of the season. Some peace of mind for me and more time to spend with Mariana Elisha Hambone for ilb!

  263. OK New Post…got shafted out of the old one.


    Bear with me on this….you’re a vet Yankee fan right? Just the guy I’m looking for. I go back to the days of Mel Allen ( who I felt was best announcer of all time).
    do you recall a female Yankee Pl;ay by Play color talker some years back named Susan Waldman, or soemthing like that? If so what ever became of her?

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