Free agency Day 5: Anybody notice a trend in the Leastern Conference?


 Here’s some very unofficial and inexact scorekeeping on how the Eastern teams have fared through four days of free agency. I know, a lot is going to happen before the lockout, er, I mean, the season.

Teams listed in order of 2011-12 finish:

1) Rangers (same, and that’s being optimistic and generous).
2) Boston (same, or worse if you consider the goalie leaving).
3) Florida (worse).
4) Pittsburgh (worse).
5) Philadelphia (worse).
6) New Jersey (much worse).
7) Washington (same, but worse in the forecast).
8) Ottawa (worse and woefully soft).
9) Buffalo (worse).
10) Tampa Bay (better).
11) Winnipeg (better).
12) Carolina (much better, because of pre-July 1 trade for Jordan Staal).
13) Toronto (same).
14) Islanders (worse).
15) Montreal (perhaps marginally better, mostly because of a new regime?)

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  1. Does this create a lack of urgency for Slats to sweeten any deal for Nash? I personally don’t see how a Ryan trade could work based on the reported ask (without a secondary deal). Speaking of which, no ones brought it up – are there any 3-way deal opportunities for Nash or Ryan?

  2. The rest of the eastern conference looks like crap. I haven’t heard one word about Boston this off season.

    I’d be happy if we made no more moves. Of course I’d be happier if we also picked up Nash for nothing.

    Nice write-up by Jess this morning.

  3. bull dog line on

    to me the Rangers are potentially better than they were last year. they lost Prust, and replaced him with a better player in Pyatt, plus they will have Kreider for a full season. to me that is an up grade. they did not loose anything in the toughness area, being that they signed Asham, and Haley.

  4. Getting Kreider for a full season is a definite upgrade, but unless he hits the ground running and is not shutdown by top pair defensemen each game then we will need a plan B.
    Can Dubi get back to his best and fill the need?
    I cant see Hagelin or Anisimov potting enough goals to make up for being without Gaby and it seems a bit much to expect another prospect to step in and play top line minutes.

    One dark horse for me seems to be JT Miller, he is mentioned in a lot of trade talks but is also being mentioned by other teams blogs and beat writers as a piece that should be included as he’s considered a great prospect.

  5. Orr one final point Marty is not one of the best goalies in the league. No way, give-up on that theory

  6. Toronto aren’t the same.

    Brian Burke says they got the best player in the draft and JVR is an elite power forward.

    Burke is never wrong with his predictions or statements…

  7. Marty is one of the best goalies in the league…… munching his way through a barbecue.

    I always thought the reason he never slimmed down was that the wider he was the harder it was to sneak on past him!

  8. Would agree the Rangrs are probably better and the more depth they can acquire, the better. Love Stralman coming back, definitely helps. He was terrific in the playoffs and my gut is he will continue to elevate his game as defensemen tend to truly get better with age.

    Also Boston is much worse without Thomas. Rask is a fine goaltender but has done nothing to make anyone think he is elite.

  9. Take that same scorekeeping poll over to and see what you get.

  10. Sioux-per-man on

    If all they teams are worse and much worse in our division. Doesn’t that make us better?

    We have Kreider at the beginning of the year, Hagelin for a full year, Erixon seasoned a full season in the AHL with almost 40pts ready to step up and take a 5-6th spot on D. We lost NO KEY players. I think we are better with the youth coming up. A young JT Miller can pick up the minutes that Feds left behind, and Pyatt can improve Pruster’s minutes.

    Now Nash or Ryan could make this a better offensive team but Sather isn’t going to give away the future just because he can.

  11. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    True, Chris. always believe Burke. Yes, he’s the guy in about 12 years as a GM won a cup that was put together by his predecessor and was released the next year from Anaheim. Must have been doing good things there. Then has done zero in Toronto in 4.

    But, in this league, win one, no matter the circumstances, you are looked up to. Win 4 and…..oh…my…even if it was 30 years and counting….you’re a genius.

    One thing Burke is doing, which is smart, is trying to make the team bigger. At least he gets the need there, unlike our gardener, our GM, Slather, who is lucky to have people who now know hockey surrounding him. If it were solely up to Slather, we’d find Drury and Gomez and go round 2 with those Smurfs.

    Speak of a huge life vest and raft, even if Sather falls into the ocean, he’s saved by others!!!!

  12. I like the position the Rangers are in. They’ve lost no key players… and the real young players such as McDonuts, Hagelin, DelZotto have gained another year PLUS a deep playoff run of 20 games under their belt. Kreider will now be here for a full season. Steal came back to form, Girardi established himself as a stud, Hank won a Vezina, Richards has a full season in NY under his belt. Pyatt is a solid player. Asham adds more toughness and snarl.

    Really, the only question is whether Sather can add some scoring with a little tweaking. I don’t think we see Nash (or Doan, or Ryan) here this summer.

    Good for the Rangers.

  13. Since the debacle of signing Gomer and Drousy – which at the time seamed like great signings – Glen Sather has done a marvelous job putting this franchise in the right direction. And if you want to credit his scouts or his assistant GM’s, that’s fine, because Sather was the one who hired them, too.

  14. I’d say add Doan if you can and call it an off season. If not, stick with what you got, try for scoring depth at the deadline if needed.

    Doing things the right way after 10 years is Sather.

  15. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Per, do you REALLY want to go down that road? I can hiccup (uh…Brashear!! sorry, indigestion) names of other losers all along the way.

    All I can say is he’s like the weather men on THE Weather Channel. He can be wrong a billion times with his predictions and STILL be bullet proof and hold his job. The guy has made more mistakes than centipedes have legs. He is up in Canada gardening right now. Oh, yeah, his heart is into this. He has had to spend Dolan $$$ to build an organization below him because he simply was moving the team down a spiral towards ruin. Some great GM, huh?

    I will give him the honor of saying that he has brought some good people in to make the big decisions for him. They are doing a good job.

  16. By what transpired yesterday with wild signing both if you are howson today I think you have played your cards right and waited. He could play the rangers pens wings and flyers off each other. The wings will be aggressive now striking out on both. Will howson want to trade within Div. Pens I have no clue who they would have as far as prospects that would be better then our package. Flyers schenn couturier they say aren’t moving but if you know holmgren he’s a pretty aggressive gm. We waited on parise and suter and now we wait on Nash and Ryan. Howson controls the cards now. We may be waiting forever.

  17. Per – i wouldn’t count on us standing pat, if Gaby was due to be back by October maybe, but the estimate of him missing Oct & Nov will force Slats to go and get some scoring help. It may be we are all reading about Ryan, Nash and Doan but he may also be working on other trades to find scoring help.

    I also give him credit for improving the scouting and drafting as it was one area of weakness we’d historically had an now i’d say we have one of the best farm systems and scouting teams in the league – its why we are always mentioned in trade talks as we have assets and we also have a good reputation for drafting and developing guys who can make it at this level (if you ignore Jessiman & Sanguinetti)

  18. At least parise ended up not on the penguins. What a huge relief. Fleury does have to stop a puck though. It’s not like even with parise this is the 1983-1984 emonton oilers. Pittsburgh may still have to win the 7-5 game this year more often than not

  19. Matty: The list of mistakes in the past 3 or 4 seasons is really short and, more importantly, really low impact. He’s way, way, way on the plus side since the Redden signing. I don’t even think that can be debated.

  20. nyrmessier011 on

    parity stinks. top 8 “worse,” 6 of 7 bottom “same” or “better” per the carp ratings.

  21. Good morning, boneheads!

    Matty- Sather’s multiple Stanley Cups that he won years ago should be as relevant to his present as all these mistakes that you keep mentioning he made in NY in the past. What’s important is what he is doing at the moment. Living in the past isn’t going to help anyone in the future.

  22. Matt Carle, $5.5M per for 6 years? Still think Girardi is overpaid? Or we should trade Marc Staal? Rangers defense could be the best bang for the buck in NHL

  23. Sather’s best move was listening to Torts. Thats why the big contract low return signings have stopped. Torts wanted to change direction and build up from youth.

    What Ryan is everyone talking about. I still want to see Nash get to NY. He would fit great and when Gabby gets back We should have 2 really good top lines. The grit for the bottom 2 lines will be where it needs to be.

  24. ilb- Our D is the best bang for the buck I just hope when the day comes the they need to be resigned casue if the top 4 all want big $ we are losing a coulple of them

  25. With regards to Montreal: I was listening to Montreal radio and the fans seem to be pretty upset. Even though Brandon Prust was added, the fans still feel that the team isn’t tough enough. They viewed Prust as a guy willing to fight but certainly not a heavyweight. Maybe a smart middleweight. Caller after Caller was asking why the Habs didn’t sign John Scott (a/k/a Scott Johnston).

  26. Montreal is right. I love Prust but he lost more fights in NY than he won.

  27. I still say that sather should pass on nash and ryan. If the rangers have to take a step backwards, so be it. Next years free agency will have allot of offensive players. It’s possible the rangers won’t take a step back since the teams in there division got worse. Also, maybe sather can get another cheaper offensive player through trade. Maybe a team looking to salary dump.

  28. And it looks like by July 1st, 2013 most teams will be at, or over, the cap at this rate and these prices.

  29. Puck- most of them will still be cost-effective until they become UFAs. They are young, and some will not be eligible for arbitration. Also, they will not be able to play all of them at some point, especially with Erixon and McIlrath knocking on the door. Good problem to have.

  30. bull dog line on

    I know nothing about Kyle Jean. I just saw some highlights of him from the prospect camp. but this signing reminds me of the Mike Ridley signing in 1986. college FA who nobody new anything about.

  31. bull dog line on

    the Rangers may very well have the answer to there scoring problem in there system. Kreider for a full season, and Thomas are both considered goal scorers. maybe you give Thomas a look while Gabby is out. I really do not want to gut the team for Nash. I would be willing to go into the season as is.

  32. Amen, bull dog. If Kreider puts up less than 30 in an 82 game season I will be shocked.

  33. There is no doubt the best thing sather has done as GM of the NY rangers is hire Gordie clarke. The Rangers organization now has a clue in scouting and drafting and signing unknowns.

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  35. Roderick Nash on

    Good observation, Carp…agreed that the Western teams have improved in the off-season, something akin to the Western Imperative and migration…

  36. Aw tzm Pawtzm on

    Agree with your observation Carp. I would contend though that I think we got a little better. Improved our depth,our toughness stayed about the same or marginally better. Pyatt also improves our fourth line talent, not third line. If no significant moves are made, the third line spot has to be open for either JT Miller, or Christian Thomas. Torts always wants to incorporate one or two young players into the lineup every year.

  37. P&G,
    You can’t have a name Gavel, sorry. It already belongs to late Czechs President and play writer – Vaclav Gavel.

  38. How many “Nash to LA” jokes have been made around here? Haven’t been around the last two days or so.

  39. what’s with this talk about JT Miller and/or Christian Thomas. Miller was barely a point-a-game player in the OHL — the fifth leading scorer on his team — and he did nothing in his short Hartford stint. Tiny Thomas did nothing, as well. Maybe they’ll be great this year, but fans tend to take the unknown and make it a lot more promising that in is. the chances of either of those guys being players (especially next year) is infinitesimal.

    Everyone keeps talking about “building” a team. One of the best ways to build a team is to get top-line players for prospects who end up amounting to little and keeping the ones that matter. It’s not like the Rangers lack young players. And it’s not like they’re far from competing from a Cup. Now’s the time to add another bigtime scorer not cry about players who will be third-liners at best.

  40. Why would someone trade a bigtime scorer for a bunch of players who will be third-liners at best?

  41. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    fchamps, welcome to NYC!! Here, we believe that EVERY FA wants to come here. Every prospect is the worlds best, and we will win the cup every year.

    I agree. Am hearing some ‘positives’ about Miller. Kreider is the real deal. We have ‘one of the best farm systems in hockey’??????

    Now there’s room for debate, isn’t it?

  42. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Disappointing that Whitney says Doan will likely stay in Phoenix. I would expect that. He’s been such a big part of that team for so long. When they were nothing till now. He loves it there….

    THen again, was I just describing Parise or Doan? Parise said the same things….hmmmmmmm…………

  43. I think Kreider actually *is* the real deal. Kid was ranked in goal scoring throughout the playoffs.

  44. ilb2001 — dunno. why did pens trade jagr for beech, lupaschuk and sivek? why did boston trade joe thorton for wayne primeau, stuart and sturm? because star players put teams in tough positions and they do stupid things. i’m not saying miller and thomas can get a player like nash, it’s just weird to hear fans talk about those players like they should be untouchable.

  45. bull dog line on

    no Miller did not have a bad season. also I read a few people who said Miller did nothing for the Whale in the playoffs. what I read is that he was very effective for the Whale. did not score much, but hard on the forecheck, and strong on the puck.

  46. Untouchable implies we think Miller (I’m not a huge Thomas guy) shouldn’t be traded at all. That’s not the case. If Miller were going to be included in a Ryan or Kane trade, I’d personally say I’d drive him to the airport, but obviously that’s not going to happen since he wouldn’t need to fly to Anaheim or Winnipeg anyway.

  47. seems to be krieder is the real deal, but we’ll see. the first few games i saw kovalev i thought the rangers had their own gretzky.

    but, if i were a gm, kreider, mcd and stepan would be untouchable. i’d also be nervous about giving up MDZ (though I would if i had to). hagelin, anisimov, dubinsky, erixon, miller, thomas, etc … all replaceable. hagelin being the most valuable in that group, i think.

  48. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I agree Manny. Even if Sather adds draft picks to the deal its not going to work because Howson wouldnt even do the trade for 4 additional draft picks in the Draft a few weeks ago.

  49. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    really, Manny? Well, if it is, it may be a positive. We’ll see. Everyone a year older, etc. Perhaps it WILL be ok. In essence, I see us as flat/no change with our minor FA changes, and a year more experienced. But other teams around us may have, so far, lost a bit. We’ll see.

    I would love to see a scorer of some kind. Thinking Doan is a pipe dream, but a guy can dream, can’t he? All the other stuff, Ryan and Nash…..whatever.

  50. ok ORR one more time than i’m done, only since you call me biased. Goalies right now better than Fatso. i’ll give you 18 quick ones. Quick(pun) Hank,Rinne,Elliott,Schneider,Smith,Halak,Fluery?,Howard,Kirprousoff,Thomas,Price,Luongo,Miller,Lehtonen,Backstrom…Ottawa kid &Holtby Caps kid…. #Rask is better for 19 in case you throw one out….submitted by unbiased

  51. I don’t mean “set” like STANLEY CUP HERE WE COME! I just mean “set” as in we aren’t going to be getting a groundbreaking news any time soon. Maybe we make a move in season or maybe we don’t. I would love and Offer Sheet to Evander Kane and possibly a trade to get Iginla but I doubt Nash or Ryan are coming here at this point.

    Kreider is going to have to be a 30+ LW on the Top Line for us and that’s that. We got Pyatt, who I like a lot, and we will see.

  52. I agree manny, maybe 1 or 2 minor moves. I don’t see the rangers getting Nash or Ryan because they want stepan, kreider, McD, MdZ, plus it will become a bidding war which will make it worse.

  53. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    There was an article in the Newark Star Ledger about all the things Parise said about playing for ‘such a wonderful organization’ and that ‘he loves it here’, etc., etc. Need I say more?

    Point being, that was a guy I ‘thought’ was loyal. Even he bucked and bowed to $$$$ and wanted to ‘play in his home’. I would expect the truth is somewhere between the $$$$ and future concerns for the solvency of the Devils organization.

    But, TommyG, we are all fooled into thinking these guys ARE, in fact, loyal. I am not so sure. IF Doan says he will listen to FA offers, you watch the dollars roll in. It will be more than you could imagine. And, of course, some dumb team will offer him 6 years or something silly, till he’s 41.

    What is this, now all hockey players can play till they’re 40-42? That’s what these silly contracts seem to tell us.

  54. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    Parise’s comments, I should add, were from 20 days ago, when they got knocked out of the finals.

  55. Miller is more of a two-way player rather than an offensive guy. Also Thomas was suspended last year and I believe he was hurt as well towards the end.

    You can’t realistically think that two kids are going to jump from juniors to the Whale and light things up. You also can’t realistically think these kids are going to come to the NHL this year and all of a sudden be great players. It’ll take time, give them a chance to prove themselves instead of saying if they are good or bad yet.

    And Doaner is either going to be in NYC or going back to Phoenix. I know he loves it there, so I don’t see him leaving, especially with his family loving it there and he wants his kids to grow up there. A lot of players really like Phoenix, especially those with kids (that’s why Michalek asked to go back, and Morris).

  56. maybe JT Miller is a two-way player but he had one of the worst plus-minuses on his OHL team.

  57. That first goal by Nash showed he has good hands, but that was the worst defending I’ve ever seen by Morris and Ballard. Ballard looked like he was trying to chop down a tree and Morris attempted a hit from the worst possible angle.

    No way should Nash have even had an attempt on goal, let alone scored.

  58. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    vibin, manny, vibin. And it’s ok not to make a huge FA splash. It is!!

  59. +/- is the worst stat in hockey. It proves nothing. Marek Malik was top 5 in the league in +/-. And while I think Rangers fans were too hard on him, he’s not exactly what I’d consider a “shutdown d-man”.

  60. bull dog, not that it matters, but I think Pyatt is seen as the replacement for Fedotenko, and Asham for Prust … for what that’s worth, which is nothing. Pyatt’s a marginal upgrade on Fedotenko, perhaps. Asham’s not as good as Prust.

    Jonny D, I believe you were here yesterday, dropped a swear word on us, and received a warning.

  61. Hey Girly Men! Haven’t been around in a while, and I’m sure you’ve already beaten this to death, but I still wonder if Prust will take some of the Rangers’ magic with him when he runs for the border. The guy way key on the PK, and none of us should ever forget that he took on Chris Neil. And who did we get to replace him? Asham, Pyatt and Haley? Sounds like the hockey equivalent of Russell Martin and Chris Stewart…we’re worse in the toughness/role player area..

  62. “mister d—
    here’s a something no rangers seems capable of doing”

    You know who can but just doesn’t? Anisimov. When he decides to be big, he’s effective, but its so rare he does it.

  63. Carp – Did I? If I dropped a swear word, it was completely by accident and most likely due to my stupid spell check on the iPod. Was wondering why that comment never posted.

    Either way, apologies. You know I don’t do those things around here.

  64. Doan wants to re-sign with Phoenix … but if that vote on Monday doesn’t go in a fashion that clears up the ownership issue, he’s out of there.

    Good morning, Sally!

  65. i i liked prust a lot, but there were times last year he wasn’t very good, or effective, and the rangers still played fine. i think there’s a toughness to the team overall (not just fighting toughness) that can survive prust leaving. what they don’t have is consistent scoring. every game was a battle. so few were easy. by the end of the year it caught up to them.

  66. Mister D – that’s because Anisimov is 6’4″ but only 190 pounds. I hope he fills out (he’s still young). If he had Grachev size, he’d be a beast.

    Also now that Carp reminded me, my comment about Nash was that I don’t know how he’s going to get 40+ goals when he’s going to be getting less shots. Everyone is saying “put him with Gaborik and Richards and he’ll be great!”, which is possible and fine. But right now he’s getting over 300 shots a season and scoring barely 30. If he comes to the Rangers, he’s not getting 300 shots when he’s on a line with Gaborik.

    So I just wonder how he’s going from 30 goals in 300+ shots to 40+ goals in probably 250 shots. That’s a massive jump in shooting percentage.

  67. “Doan wants to re-sign with Phoenix … but if that vote on Monday doesn’t go in a fashion that clears up the ownership issue, he’s out of there.”

    Anyone else sure the “Monday vote” was today? And did you also call into your weekly Monday conference call and wonder why you were the first on the line despite never being early?

  68. Asham’s pure goal scoring numbers are better than Prusts. He is also a better fighter. By a lot. I understand he isn’t the all around player that Prust is and he isn’t the type of on ice leader but he has a good reputation in locker rooms. I think price for production it’s an upgrade if you consider $1M vs. $2.5Mx4.

  69. bull dog line on

    ok Carp,
    still do not agree they are worse right now, and I am guessing they are not done.

  70. after nash, ryan and kane is there anyone rumored to be available or a free agent that the rangers could go after. i’m of tow minds on semin. but it feels like something sather would do to add scoring if he can get him on some sort of short term deal. with the market for semin pretty terrible it seems like a possibility. or am i off?

  71. Manny, I agree and totally disagree with Carp. I wanted the rangers to sign Asham years ago when he became a free agent after playing for the islanders. The only problem now is he is 34 years old but he has better offensive skils than prust and is a better fighter.

  72. Carp,
    Please,don’t be too Shanahan on John D. He is not repete offender and never left his fingers off key pad.

  73. Mister, well, I don’t know … but he put off his decision until July 9 for that reason … so whatever.

    Manny, Asham might be a better fighter, but he won’t fight the big guys unless he absolutely has to. Prust wanted to fight the big guys, hence more losses. And Asham can’t play third-line minutes, which Prust did when he was playing well. Agree on the cost though.

  74. Manny – he also loves to break in peoples faces with his stick. Can’t wait for the Garden faithful to go nuts when he loses his mind and tries to put a stick through Brayden Schenn’s face again (even though if it was the other way around they’d throw food and drinks at him as he exits the ice haha).

  75. don’t make me laugh, tommy. Asham will get 4-7 minutes a night. Prust was getting 8-13 or more, for a reason.

  76. 4ever – thanks. The second violation should net me a 3 game suspension. Unless I WWEber someone’s head into the glass. Then Carp would just fine me…haha

  77. Johnny I had a similar discussion with Matteau! about Nash needing to either up his shots by about nearly 100 per season (putting him near 60 goal Ovechkin level) or hope his shooting pct goes up by about 25-30% over his career average. And given that he’s been trending downward over the past 3 years in goal scoring I have a hard time seeing him reverse that trend.

  78. And Prust got the PK minutes. Its not just about fighting and 7 goals versus 10 goals.

  79. asham is not as good as prust and it seems doubtful that he’d have the same role. the guy is a pest with a little skill, prust was a player. he killed penalties and he could play third-line minutes. i understand why sather let him go, but let’s not fool ourselves.

  80. Brandon Prust drinking coconut water takes him down a notch in my book. Tried that stuff (because I’m a believer in trying any food atleast once) and it was disgusting. Slimy and salty and just gross. Didn’t make it past the halfway point.

  81. Carp, prust is better defensively, I’ll give you that and in tort’s system, yea, why prust got the minutes and most likely Asham will not get the minutes.

  82. You’re right, Carp. Thanks. Thanks the Doctor for Contract clarification. I thought he was a 1-year signing.

    Did we buy out Rupp yet?

  83. The Doctor, you have to get the flavored Coconut Water. I like Mango/Peach or Pineapple. It’s an unreal hangover cure.

  84. Asham doesn’t replace Prust. Asham and Pyatt do not either. Losing Prust will be felt next year. But keeping him for $10M would be a mistake. Gotta move on.

  85. are you kidding with the shots? the rangers had almost 500 less shots than the pens. malkin and neal led the league. there are plenty of shots to go around. also, nash would be on the PP where he’s not shy to shoot like most everyone else on the rangers.

  86. Shouldn’t we all have nominated and entered at least one poster from this blog into the Coney Island Hot Dog Eatign contest?

  87. I think next year the Garden fans should yell “Pass!” during the power plays. Because “Shoot!” didn’t work last year.

  88. actually, aren’t skinny people always the champs in those hot dog eating contests?

  89. fchamps,

    yes. There is actually a whole science behind competitive eating. Basically, fat guys have fat pressing on their stomachs which limit the amount of expansion they can take. Thinner guys can have their stomachs expand more.

  90. You would think I would be good at that stuff, but I wouldn’t be able to keep pace with hot dogs. When they change the contest to chicken fajitas, call me if you’d like to speak to the new champ

  91. and I promo’d it up top …

    now about that eating theory of yours … I will challenge that if anybody wants to take me to Walter’s.

  92. That’s hoping we get him the puck on the PP. You still need 4 other guys to move around and get it to him and hope that he has an open shooting lane.

    Nash had 306 shots last year. The next closest was Umberger with 200.

    Rangers on the other hand had Gaborik with 276, Callahan with 235 (and he missed a few games), and Richards with 229. Are we going to assume Richards shoots less since he’ll be passing the puck more (even though he averages about 250 shots a season)? Then include shots coming from Hagelin (who didn’t play the full year) and Kreider (who didn’t play at all) and I’m not sure how he’s getting more than 275 at the most.

    Malkin and Neal led the league because Pittsburgh was rolling that line a bunch for most of the season since Crosby was out. Devils had the same thing with Parise and Kovalchuk, but then had a pretty big drop off after that.

    Not saying you are wrong, since you could very well be right. I just personally think it’s unlikely.

  93. Carp, I would challenge you but I’m trying to lose weight, not gain it, so I’m out, no hot dogs fo me.

  94. Carp – Maybe an eating contest at Walter’s is exactly the way for you to settle the beef you have with that other passive-aggressive writer.

  95. Thanks for the bump, Carp.

    What is Walter’s? I mean, I can deduce it’s a place with a good hot dog, but where is it, and what makes it so special?

  96. Carp – disagree on the Blueshierts. At worst they are the same. Being optimistic and generous, I would say they have improved.

  97. roadside hut with the best dogs on the planet. griddled with some special patented mustard. been there since, like, the 1920s.

  98. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp what do you think Sather will offer Doan?

    He would be a perfect fit for the Ranger system.

  99. Jonny D — i just pointed out that we had 500 less shots than the pens. we were in the bottom half of shots. if any GM ever said, “hey listen, we can’t get this great goal scorer because there simply aren’t enough shots to go around” they should be fired. the rangers were consistently outshot, if memory serves. nash can have 300 shots, as can gaborik.

  100. wow you guys are really fixated on that Prust guy…

    Pyatt plays similar game (minus unnecessary fighting) and averages 13 to 15 minutes a game!

    We should hope for Dubi, AA, Stepan Kreider, Hagelin etc. – these are important players, not Prust.

  101. must say, does sound good. I’m guessing it’s the only one around, not a chain food place.

  102. It was a Hashtag sarcasm post there, Carp. Understand me as a person. We need more experience in that department.

  103. What if the hypothetical GM said “hey listen, we shouldn’t get this “great” goal scorer because the amount of shots he needs to hit his annual 30 doesn’t fit with his would-be linemates and our style of play. And he makes $7.8MM per season. And it would cost us a lot of young and cheap talent.”?

  104. Stupid money to limit the term would actually work really well for us. Something like $16MM under the $70MM cap right now.

  105. rangers are not worse off because they lost; Prust, John Mitchell, and Jeff WOywitka.

    they have Kreider for the whole year to start, the other young guys should get better..

    I feel good so far, management has not made any insane moves with huge contractual obligations.

    I like Doan over a ryan or nash trade because the costs in players issue. I assume the price for Doan gets insane.

    Bottom line when these guys go to FA, the prices are unusually high and significantly overpriced.. Teams have money to burn and they are burning it big time. Penner who I think stinks at 1 yr $3 mill and change is a good move based on the overpays for FA’s…

  106. You forgot to mention they split the dogs before grilling them Carp. Good shakes and malts too.

  107. CARP,

    As usual, NYRangers haven’t done squat … they’re sitting where they sat at the end of the season … between “bush-league” and “amateur-hour”.

  108. Carp, are they beef hot dogs?

    Mrs. Puck and Gavel is desperate for a hot dog, but she can’t eat them while pregnant with Fetus and Gavel. I think it would be a nice treat for her to have such a delicious dog.

  109. New contest – Which Ranger does Prust fight first next season?

    You know he’ll pick a fight with someone – will it be one of his “replacements”? Or an old fox-hole roomie like Dubi?

  110. stuart, not the point. from July 1 through July 4 they did not improve. of course they have players who are going to be better and be around the whole year, and they will make more moves. But through four days of FA, they didn’t improve, and IMO they got a little bit worse.

  111. Carp, looked it up, got my answer. what I read, seems like a good place to eat hotdogs. Unfortunately I will never know since I live on eastern LI. I do have a sister who lives in Upstate NY but I don’t think Walter’s is near the direction I would have to go when I go to visit.

  112. To all those Boneheads carrying a torch for Prust. Did you watch the playoffs when he struggled time and again to move the puck out of the defensive zone? He is a turnover machine in the defensive zone. How about the high risk, no look blind centering passes in the offensive zone from behind the net which often led to odd man rushes ? Sure his was a willing combatant and decent penalty killer, but If you are able to factor in his liabilities objectively – he should not be missed and certainly , his leaving does not not make the Rangers a weaker team.

    Prust is dust.

  113. Puck, as Roger Neilson used to say, the two things you don’t want to know are 1) What goes on at NHL HQ and 2) What’s in a hot dog.

    When’s the due date?

    How you feelin’ Miami!

  114. the days were so much better when parise and suter didnt sign and we specualted. waiting for howson and murray in anaheim will feel like years before a deal is made.

    the ufa crop is just flat out ugly as hell right now.

  115. eric, in one way I’m glad the ufa is weak. One thing that worries me is sather spending money for UFA’s.

  116. Carp, let me work here. You really think that you couldn’t wait *1* minute for that!?

  117. Just face it, the Minnesota Wild trolled all of us….

    Future Ranger Zach Parise? NOPE…

    Future Ranger Zenon Konopka? NOPE…

  118. Carp – One of the union guys working inside the Garden this summer on Phase 2 just texted me tjhat John Scott is STILL sitting on the bench (with wreckage & snaking wires all around him) waiting for Torts to tap him on the shioulder for his next shift. Any truth to that, or is this guy just yanking my chain?

  119. Carp, they lost one middle weight penalty killer who averaged maybe 10 minutes a game? Pyatt is at least that, but probably more. They also lost a low minutes marginal 4th line NHL player in Mitchell – easily replaced. Asham, is a feared fighter who can skate as well as Mitchell and probably score as well ( it will not be too difficult to score as well or better than Mitchell). They lost Zuccarello, small patotoes, who couldnt crack the line -up for most the year and when he did he proved how brittle 5’6″ finesse players can be in this league – hard to count on them.

    They haven’t as of yet lost any of the defense, which we probably agree is the core strength of the team. (obviously this could change with impending trades). Reports are Sauer is improving and we can probably expect a return to form by Staal. If, as has happened over the past few seasons 1 to 3 of their highly rated prospects can crack the line-up, we are improved on paper at least.

    All accomplished without reducing available cap surplus. Considering the madness that has occurred around the league the past week, I think the Ranger decision makers led by Sather have performed in a very commendable manner and yes, IMO, the team has improved.

  120. what a laugh the guy lauding Sather. hey pal, if it wasn’t for the $$$ advantage he had to allow him to demote his big mistake, his big blunder Redden , and the outright stupidity of the former MTl GM, and etc etc etc he would still be in cap hell and the team would still have Redden and Gomez and be a crap team.

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