Happy Fourth of July! … and fourth day of free agency


OK, here’s something I don’t get. Today they’re picking up garbage and recycling in my town. I mean, these are guys who are off for pretty much every single holiday all year around, and today, the birthday of our nation, they’re out there lugging stuff?

I kinda hope that all the NHL free agents and general managers seeking same will celebrate the Fourth and the fourth day of free agency by taking the day off.

But, then again, if Zach Parise wants to finally inform us of his “Decision” maybe we can finally get on with the rest of the process. Because, let’s face it, the first three days have been pretty dull, and because I think the Rangers might now be done signing fourth-line ex-Islanders and ready to actually, you know, start improving the team.

Whether that happens, or nothing happens, enjoy your holiday. And don’t even dream about drinking and driving.

Kathy Kmonicek/AP Photo.

(note that the Empire State Building is not lit in Flyers Orange crud to honor Mr. Snider, Comcast, NBC, et al.).

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  1. Good oneCarp! I was going to make a comment that the other side of empire state building was orange but you put thatin there.

  2. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    the only time they DONT color it orange is national holidays.

  3. Happy Independence Day!

    why dont we say?Merry 25th of December? one of the mysteries of the Universe I guess.

    Now back to Prust

  4. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Carp.. Don’t you know it’s the CIVIL SERVANTS and UNIONS who have bankrupted America !!!

    Not the corporate execs, congress , illegals , welfare loafers, scheming SSI doctors, medicare, medicare fraudsters, healthcare system etc.

  5. Happy Will Smith day to you all!

    Its just another working day for the rest of the world – so lets hope most of these players agents are Canadians and that Slats doesnt get caught out if the Parise/Suter circus finally packs up its tent and decides on a permanent home.

    I still reckon Pitt for Parise and Detroit for Suter, but i’m wondering if the delay on one or both is because of bids from their current teams?

  6. Could both wind up in Minnesota. Wonder if Sather tries to get Nash done beforehand since other teams might start upping the ante but who knows.

  7. Johnny LaRue on

    Seeing that the Constitution has been thrown in the garbage, I would work too if I was a garbage man. Maybe I’d find it.

  8. Hey, it is better to make some overtime working then riding to Canada on the rooftop of Willartd’s van. Happy 4th!

  9. happy 4th all

    parise and suter watch continues. is nash here yet? welcome taylor pyatt i like the depth move

  10. dear zach and ryan

    please go to minnesota and we ranger fans will root for you .

    thank you

    ranger fans

  11. Maybe Pyatt isn’t a bad signing, but what about putting somebody like Bell, Biv, Deveaux on the fourth line instead of another Islander retread? Pyatt has upside? He’s been in the league 11 years. I seriously doubt that he’s going to improve dramatically. Go get a freakin’ scorer, Slats! Geez!

  12. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I think Rick Nash is seriously underrated by Carp and his band of notsomerrymen….

    He just turned 28 years old last week.
    #1 overall pick
    all rookie team
    5 time all star (2011/2009/2008/2007/2004)
    Rocket Richard award winner
    Gold Medal and MVP of World Championships
    Olympic Gold Medal
    6’4″ 220
    plays every game every year…289-258-547 in only 674 games all played with Columbus, perhaps the worst time in the league during /coinciding with his career time in the league
    He reminds me of Kovalchuk playing in Atlanta all those years. Rick Nash must be so hungry to get to a contending team after having to carry a bad team for all these years since he was only 18/19 years old
    He accomplished all of this playing along side who ?

    There is a reason he has the 5th (soon to be 6th) highest cap hit in the NHL and the 15th highest salary. It is because he is somewhere between the 5th and 14th best player in the NHL. If Gabby is worth $7.5 then Rich Nash is worth $7.8.

  13. Paul in sunrise on

    Nash is a stud and is a huge get. If reports are true it seems rangers should get this done. I think slats is trying to split assets to get both Nash and Ryan.

  14. Gonna go see the new Spiderman movie at 10am! Only time all my friends could get together at the same time.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Happy B-day Uncle Sam, now go shave that silly goatee

    Through the cigar induced haze, Uncle Glennie is attempting to upgrade bottom six, especially if Rupper plays like a scrub again this season. After Sens and Devs bottom six gave us trouble, he needed to get bangers who can also skate.

    Prust – will miss character and grinding. not that impressed with PK as others are and felt he was a liability getting puck off side boards for a clean break out. But his character is something Torts praised through out the season.

    Boyle – will miss his PK partner a lot. Any update on his condition. Thought he looked slower after he came back in POs.

    How about Sauer Power? Man, he missed that guy. One of the few who likes Bickel’s upside, hopefully he can develop and help be RD on 3rd pair.

    Make good choices today…

  16. “He reminds me of Kovalchuk playing in Atlanta all those years.”

    Goals per game in Atlanta: 0.55
    Points per game in Atlanta: 1.04

    Goals per game in NJ: 0.42
    Points per game in NJ: 0.97

    So perhaps hardly a given that going from a bad team to a good team will suddenly spike Nash’s production?

  17. True Blue Mike on

    I would love to see this lineup on opening night, inc gabby won’t be healty but you get it.


  18. if jagr at age 40 who i still adore is getting 4.5 how can nash at age 28 not be worth 7.8

  19. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    LW3H…it is not the individual point per game difference to the player…it is the point per game that Kovalchuck brought to NJ and the point per game that Nash will bring to us !

    True Blue…how did you get Nash and still have Dubie/AA/Hags/etc all stll on the team ?

  20. orr

    dead on wild get both happy 4th of july to us ranger fans.

    still think in end parise will haunt us and go to pitt

  21. Mike,

    I think you’ll find the 4th line will be Rupp, Mitchell, Asham and Pyatt will play 3rd line with Boyle – thats the impression i got from the beat writers and TSN/ESPN analysts.

    I think one or more of Hagelin, Dubisnky and AA will be part of the trade package for Ryan or Nash – if we do indeed trade for him and dont try and get Doan instead.

    I hope Parise & Suter sign today then the “free agent frenzy” might actually start – TSN must be hating those 2 right now!

  22. True Blue Mike on

    MDZ, Erixon, Miller and a 1ST AND 2ND. I think that would get it done but I really would love to keep MDZ but I would trade him if no other roster players were involved.

  23. To get both Nash and Ryan, the Rangers would have to give up Dubinsky, Hagelin, Miller and either a prospect and a pick or both for Nash and then deal Stepan for Ryan. Might make more sense to hang onto Stepan and add Doan, might not. Then it would look like this:

    Fourth line is anybody’s guess.

    I dont think the Rangers have the depth down the middle to pull off both those trades. This definitely would look better:


    might still need to add another center but I think the latter lineup has much more depth and that is exactly what the team needs.

  24. UK Ranger – Mitchell is playing for the Avs next year. CBJ is really not looking for D they need more help up front (although they need help everywhere) so I dont see MDZ being a centerpiece of anything here.

  25. True Blue Mike on

    UK Mitchell is in Colorado. And tbh I don’t really see Asham and Rupp playing in many games together. Unless they are against the Atlantic teams

  26. I think ranger fans are going to be disappointed. I have a feeling the rangers aren’t going to trade for ryan or nash. It appears the rangers don’t want to trde there young core. It’s possible without knowing what the new CBA is going to look like the rangers might not want to bring in a huge contract.

  27. DelZaster better step up huge if he is the reason the Nash trade is getting nixed.

  28. True Blue Mike on

    Eric anything is possible in todays NHL. Tell me that lineup wouldn’t be awesome. We would add about 12m on salary and them still have 6m or so left over for MDZ and McD. But I do get that it will most likely never happen

  29. if flyers miss out on both parise and suter i see them getting ryan whose dad his real close with bobby clarke.

    wings rangers and sharks for nash then with rangers prob still frontrunner over sharks who may offer pavelski since they dont want to trade couture

  30. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    The other GM’s know that Sather is salivating for a big name.. so they raise the price tag with Sather..

    Parise is a nice 82 game player.. but the playoffs are different animal thats where size is a huge factor..
    But he’s free but you tie up valuable money and it seems that productivity nosedives when they get the huge payday.

  31. Paul in sunrise on

    Ok since we are playing. My caveat is I like all involved

    Hagelin Dubinsky Thomas a first and third Nash and second

    AA Erixon a the CBJ second and third for Ryan

    Rangers have two (or three NSH and FLA) thirds next year

    Nash BRich gabby
    Kreider stepan Ryan
    Pyatt Miller Cally
    Asham Boyle Rupp

  32. >>…the birthday of our nation, they’re out there lugging stuff?

    I’m sure they’ll also be lugging quite a hefty overtime pay cheque.

  33. why are we even discussing Parise?

    Think when Howson tweeted, via Portzline that “there are plenty of ways for Rangers to get a Nash deal done without McD, Step, or Kreider” that he was basically inviting Sather back to the table and relenting on smoe of the ridiculous demands. That deal will go down one way or another.

  34. Paul in sunrise on

    I think Nash deal gets done too. 5 asset combo two of which are picks.

  35. Paul in sunrise on

    Btw. I am not citing sources or insiders. Just my average slightly larger than it needs to be gut.

  36. Peter – good point, forgot about him not being re-signed! OMG! We’re low on 4th line talent – quick Slats sign another 4th line center!

    I like your lines Paul – but i’d say no way Cally drops that far down the depth chart – chances are he’ll be RW on the Richards line to start the season unless we add 2 wingers out of Ryan, Nash and Doan.

  37. Paul in sunrise on

    Could be out with Mr. T and Dr. Green today. But BBQ with the fam is all a man could ask for.

  38. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    You know what, guys? Shane Doan is a damn good player. Definitely top six. If we could pick him up UFA without the stupid 12 year $300M (ok, a bit of an exaggeration, but they are stupid contracts) deal, he’s solid and we don’t break up our core.

    He’s classy. Will put it in the net. Can protect our other players. Has size. Can lead.

    He’s got a few years left, too.

    I jump all over that if he’s available

  39. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    The thing that i find funny is that you all have gabby nash and richards on one line. It will nash on one line and gabby on another if we get him. There is only one puck and you assume that one of them will be the guy to go in the corners digging for the puck. Hags will remain on the top line because of his speed and ability to go get the puck. On nights where the game is more of a grind all the lines get shuffled for more skill/grind balance and every one here will complain about the lack of scoring

  40. There is no way the Sharks offer Pavelski to anyone, if they do they are stupid beyond belief. The Sharks general lack of what that dude brings is the fundamental reason they never win anything.

  41. True Blue Mike on

    If you guys are on your computers and can see the Twitter widget, if you could please post any noteworthy tweets because I can’t see them on my phone. Thank you in advance

  42. No way Cally drops to third line wing. I still think we need a top center for the 1st or 2nd line. If we cant get a center then we bring Miller up from Hartford. Lines look like:

    Cally, Richards. Gabby
    Nash, Stepan, Kreider
    Pyatt, Miller or AA, Dubi or Hagelin (whoever is still around after the Nash Deal)
    Asham, Boyle, Rupp of ???

  43. “LW3H?it is not the individual point per game difference to the player?it is the point per game that Kovalchuck brought to NJ and the point per game that Nash will bring to us !”

    But since Nash hasn’t been a point per game player over his career to date, if he’s suddenly going to bring that to the Rangers, that _would_ be an individual difference to the player…

  44. AGrossRecord Well, this much is clear: Both Zach Parise and Ryan Suter are expected to make their decisions today. Everybody take a deep breath…


    uummm yeah…we’ve heard that before.

  45. To all lines completing dreamers:
    I’m telling you, if your entire team is full of All Stars and also, if you have a wonderful wife, fabulous mistress, Mercedes “Maybach”, no problem with your government and IRS, and you hockey team has won Stanley Cup – Say NO to Drugs!
    Happy Independence & Barbeque Day to all of you, Canadians including. We bow only to the one King… and he is Henrik!

  46. Happy day off from work guys and gals!

    Don’t forget to punch British people today (not LW). Remember when they oppressed us? Jerks!

  47. God Bless ya, 4 ever. Just be safe. Funny, the idea of AM drinking was actually planted in my head today byt all the birthday tweets for Katie Strang who then tweeted she’s ordering a pizza at 10:30 AM. And all I could think was , Hmm, guess to go with the bloody marys and beer on your birthday. Happy 4th everyone, happy birthday Katie and may the trade winds blow us great things.

  48. Classic greek play (and we know the state of Greek finances) Nash is Scylla and Ryan is Charybdis…Have a Happy July 4. Guess we’ll hear about the bank-breaking contracts of Suter and Parise later today.

  49. Paul in sunrise on

    Just looked at cap geek for non roster guys. Kolarik was a guy who blew out a knee last camp but torts liked him and he was expected to compete for a job. Could be additional third line fodder. Guy has finish hope his quickness returns after rehab. Could be interesting dark horse for spot.

    So all speculation on what team looks like opening day. Still think Nash is a ranger today or tomorrow.

  50. He went Latona. Just what the doctor ordered for Federer’s lower back. Quick match (6-1, 6-2, 6-2).

    Now if Ferrer can just remember to push Andy Murray a/k/a Mr. Burns off the Court and don’t give him forehand angles! Come on SpaniardPansy!

  51. Ugh that’s such a tough Semi Final or Quarter Final or whatever. I love Roger as a favorite of all time (that I got to watch play) but I do really enjoy Djokovic. I will root for whoever wins that match I guess.

    Can we get a decision on Suter please?

    Remember last night when someone said Avery was better than Pyatt!? HAHAHAHAH

  52. I watched, Manny. He is awesome. He and Lidstrom are my two favorite athletes of all time. I like Europansies!

  53. Phoenix signs Sullivan to replace Whitney at a fraction of the $$$ Whitney got from Dallas.

  54. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on


    Just not to Pittsburgh……

    for Sutter OR Parise. Go anywhere else. Minnesota would be great so we don’t have to see both of you and your mortgage-the-future-lottery contracts.

  55. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    So, if Sullivan signs in Phoenix, anyone think that changes things for Doan? Does that mean there will be a team in Phoenix after all???

  56. Parise and Suter to … NYR! Then MDZ to Montreal for Prust then Asham to Montreal for MDZ and Subban then no one to Anaheim for Ryan then Nash to Hartford.

  57. Andrew Gross ?@AGrossRecord
    Have just gotten confirmation that a Zach Parise decision is “likely” today.

    Taking his talents to the land of 10,000 lakes!!!

  58. The Rangers were supposed to “very aggressive” in free agency…

    Was that just Slats chewing on a cigar? Or was he serious?

    If he was serious, (I hope he was) I expect that we are going hard after a level 2 free agent like Doan, Selanne, or Semin…..

  59. tiki

    this is for you. i have to put some father time in now so wont post every 5 mins. will check from i phone on latest reports on these two clowns.

  60. Good morning, Sally!

    And This One, I don’t believe I have ever underrated Nash. I said at the deadline that he’s exactly the type of player the Rangers need, an offensive horse who can skate and has size and a bit of edge. But I balk at the cost and the salary. Since the Rangers aren’t concerned about the $7.8 M cap hit (which is starting to look like a bargain), my only concern would be what they have to give up … and frankly, if it isn’t McDonagh, Kreider (and IMO, I’d keep Del Zotto over Stepan), I’m fine with it.

    My only other caveats were A) concern that Nash’s production has slipped; and B) that Parise is just as good a player and fit and could have been had only for cash.

  61. If Parise goes to Pittsburgh, yeah, he’s a great fit on Crosby’s wing…..

    So was Billy Guerin….so was Marian Hossa…..big deal….he would be the third wheel and I don’t think he wants that….Jordan Staal sure didn’t….

    Parise, I think, he wants to make a team his own….

    I said all season that I thought it was 50/50 between NYR and Minny….

    Well now, it’s like 95/5….

  62. I would get a Semin shirtsey, just because it would make me giggle, but I’d hate having him on the team.

  63. if Parise wants to make a team his own, why would he have any interest in the Rangers

  64. Speaking of Shirtsey…..or Shirter (for the Canadians) where can we get hugely discounted Prust shirts?

  65. Parise is going to announce that he’s making his own team? Will it be in Kansas City!? The KC Parises?

  66. Great point, Lloyd….

    Parise brings a lot more than just goal scoring….he wants to be a captain….

    And, he sure wasn’t unseating Crosby or Callahan. No matter how much he is paid…

  67. So Suter and Parise are apparently *very* close friends. I would assume that means they are trying to find a way to play on the same team desperately. That makes me think that it’s either *both* on the Wild or Suter to @Red@ Wings and Parise to Wild/Devils. *Likely* decision to be that they both play on the Wild who immediately become relevant.

    Watch out Miku Koivu.

  68. Happy 4th everyone

    Now with that out of the way if Leonard is right and hagelin, miller, and del zotto is the hold up sather is a methhead your not touching your top 3 get it done damn it. Hagelin is replaceable, you have no idea what miller will do in the NHL and del zotto is a good player but you have to give to get. Get this done now or I’m trading my rangers jersey and season tickets in for the islanders

  69. Who are you replacing Del Zaster with in our lineup? Are you sure that Sauer can come back at 80%+?

  70. Mister D, that post reminded me of a great Colin Mochrie line from the Weird Newscasters skit on “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

    “NASA sends probe to Uranus, people everywhere giggle.”

  71. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    Signing doan would be the best scenario. Costs no assets, plays complete game, can score 20-25 maybe 30 if playing with richards. If we can get him for 2 year deal would solve the scoring problem . He would fit in to our team concept as coyotes play similar style. We keep our kids and buy time for them to develop while remaining in the hunt for the cup

  72. Nothing wrong with a 1 year deal for Semin if we don’t think one of our kids can make the roster (Thomas, Bourque, Miller, etc…)

    In fact, if he wants to play in the NHL, I’m sure it’s to prove his doubters wrong and try to attract a long term deal….he knows he isn’t getting one now….It would be much easier for him to go home to Russia and collect more money….

    This isn’t Frolov or Radulov….Semin is a much more elite talent…

    Now, he has dogged it throughout his career, but he’s never played with real character guys and I would be interested to see how Torts could mold a guy like that….

    Just musing….

  73. For like the 80th time, can we stop trading defensemen?? We have NO idea if Sauer will ever be able to play again, injuries happen and the Wolfpack D isn’t that great. McIlrath needs time in the AHL and unless you wanna see Girardi and McD play 40 minutes a night, stop trading MDZ.

  74. I would pay Semin anything south of $7M for one year. No joke. I might even go higher to keep the contract to 1 year. I don’t see the downside. Save cap room for COREY PERRY

  75. Semin BRich Gaborik

    Nash Dubi Cally

    Kreider AA Hagelin

    Pyatt Boyle Asham (Rupp)

    Stawhl MDZ

    McD DannyG

    Carle Stralman

    Hank / Biron


  76. Puck and Gavel on

    Happy Independence Day folks! Special Wishes to Carp for giving us this forum, Yorktown Ranger for his help on my upcoming website, and to everyone else who has provided support and/or words of encouragement. Launch will be tomorrow.

  77. anyone who’s watched Semin for more than 10 minutes knows 2 things:

    1. the guy has some legit skills
    2. he’ll never co-exist with John Tortorella

  78. Semin isn’t settling for short term contract. And I’m not convinced he needs to prove much. All his agent needs to do is to show, after Parise signs, that his production at NHL level is better than Parise’s. Same age. He is going to get a multi-year somewhere.

  79. Dave Molinari ?@MolinariPG

    Pittsburgh is OFFICIALLY OUT on Zach Parise. He will not be joining the Penguins.

  80. I seen doans name up there alot today but he will not be a ranger check out pat leonards price in today’s paper.

  81. Real_ESPNLeBrun From HHOF reporter RT @MolinariPG: Pittsburgh is OFFICIALLY OUT on Zach Parise. He will not be joining the Penguins.

  82. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I was thinking about that yesterday. Semin 1 year, 9 Million. Hell, why not?

  83. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Parise is going West! Good Riddance!

  84. Puck & Gavel, please email me your link and all info … I’ll include it in the post tomorrow and the blogroll over there ———>

    … and welcome! and good luck!

  85. I still think Parise deep down inside wants to remain a devil. The question is, can the devils match what the wings and wild are offering?

  86. I agree. It’s a real toss up whether he lands in NJ or MN. I am fine with either since the Devils were only happy to re-sign everyone they had last year.

    Suter is MN or DET. No big deal either way.

    Can Parise go to the Wild and exist under a Europansy Capt.?

  87. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    This should make some very happy according to EJ Pitts is out of the running on PJ’s kid Happy 4th everyone please be safe today . BTW Mickey how is your Dad doing ? Very well I hope.

  88. This isn’t Frolov or Radulov….Semin is a much more elite talent…

    Semin is a more elite talent than Radulov? LOL!

  89. Well, now it ooks like Parise will be joining the wild. I am actually happy for the wild. Minnesota is a good hockey town. They deserve a good team. I hope Parise signs with the wild. Plus it makes the devils team worse.

  90. Semin – Richards – Gaborik would be the softest line ever. You’d need to pair John Scott with John Scott on defense.

    Hagelin / MDZ / Miller is a no-brainer, but I think my no-brain side is different than a lot of people’s. Waaay to much cheap talent to move for a huge contract starting the downslope of the age curve.

  91. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    In the last 4 years only four players have had a better +/- than Alexander Semin; Sedin Twins, Chara and Burrows. I read this on FB and couldn’t believe it. So I did some research and here are Semin’s +/- over the last four years. (08/09 = +25) (09/10 = +36) (10/11 = +22) (11/12 = +9)… How in hell?

  92. Well, he (Semin) has played in the NHL longer…and he’s a 40 goal scorer in the NHL

    Radulov has played in the -beer leagues- KHL most of his career….

    Tough to compare them, actually….not a fair comparison….sorry, Lev….

  93. I love that we wait four days and we will know about Suter and Parise by 1PM today. Both will be in MN. Really a best case scenario for us.

  94. Ill take Semin on the team, NYR, so we can agree there :)

    Ok Suter to Minny is done. Now Parise…

  95. Incarcerated Bob was right about Pittsburgh getting Parise, Parise was wrong, according to Incarcerated Bob.

  96. No Parise to the Pens, Eric will be thrilled! As will the rest of us Rangers fans. I like Suter to the Wild, guess he DID want to go home.

  97. Incarcerated Bob is an obnoxious, no-manners, two-bit Islanders fan. That should conclude any conversation regarding him.

  98. Semin is a better fit on the Wings, than the NYR, IMO….I also think Kenny Holland might offer a long term deal…..ilb is right…

  99. Ria- Dad came home earlier today. He’s doing pretty good, albeit tired. Thanks for asking!

  100. *Parise* and *Suter* to Room together while playing for the MN *WILD* for the next 13+ years.

  101. And there we go, that long speculated deal with the 2 of them going to MN is done. GOOD FOR THE WILD!

  102. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    You can throw away that team. Devils WORSE. Pitt WORSE. Nashville. WORSE.

    Good for NYR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Is the NHL turning into the NBA with the star players going to the same team or is this a coincidence?

  104. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I am taking Harding and Backstrom on one of my fantasy teams next season.

  105. I like what the Wild have done….

    This is great for Wild fans….win or lose, they will sell out that arena for the next 10 years…

  106. Congrats to Zach Parise, Suter, AND the Minnesota Wild!

    The Decimation of the Devils has begun:

    Captain Zach has jumped ship! LMAO!

  107. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    So is Parise a Ranger yet? In all seriousness can’t wait to see were all the other UFA’s go now.

  108. MN is a huge hockey market – (doesn’t explain why they lost the North Stars) – but they are a very”stable” franchise!!!!


  109. Mike Modano ?@9modano

    Can I come back and play in Minnesota too..? #northstars
    Retweeted by Kevin Allen

  110. C’mon Glennie!!

    It’s now or never – before Captain Nash decides to expand his “list”

  111. So who will be wearing the C in Minn? Koivu still with Parise and Suter wearing “A”s ?

  112. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    well if it is a 2fer kind of off season…then maybe we land Semin and Nash…..

  113. Agree with Lloyd. Wild still isn’t winning anything. But at least they’ll be somewhat relevant. But good for the boys for coming back home and trying.

  114. LOL @ Modano. Scary thing is he prolly could still play…

    No sweetening no pot for Nash. STAY FIRM and make Howson come done. Nash will nix just about anywhere I think.

  115. Yes – more teams will be more “serious” about Nash.

    Nash will not come cheap.

    I give Hoser full credit for holding out, I must admit (unfortunately)….

  116. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Parise is about 7.6m a year. 13 years 98 mil.

  117. But it’s not about money, Carp. At least not for Zach, remember? So they will just be stuck there on their honor playing for whatever is legal.

  118. It will be interesting now to see if Nash expands his list of teams, if not, there isn’t to many teams in the hunt for Nash, probably rangers and Sharks. I think Philly will try and land ryan since that’s where ryan wants to go.

  119. Wouldn’t expect the Wild to win soon, but a bit premature to write them off entirely, since they’ve got one of the most highly-rated groups of prospects in the league

  120. Just had a flashback to the Gomez, Drury, and Redden signings… If those players don’t pan out for the Wild this will be worse than those signings by far…

  121. Heat already had Wade and won a recent title. When is the last time a franchise had a single day this amazing?

  122. LW is right. Mikael Granlund will be a “star in the league”….supposedly, all the scouts think that….

    He’s supposed to play next season in the NHL….

  123. Wow, that’s a bold move by Minnesota…although I’m in the group of people who believe that neither Parise or Suter is a true “game-changer” and the moves will do nothing to suddenly make that team a Cup contender.

    So now that all that is out of the way…what will Uncle Glennie do?

    Poor Devils fans (snicker)…Poor, poor Devils fans (snicker, snicker)…

    They lose Parise and get Uncle Daddy for two more seasons


  124. NYR, if im not mistaken Minnesota has had no problem selling out their arena. They have a very loyal fan base. Good for Minnesota! Good for us! It’s a good day!

  125. Sioux-per-man on

    Good Morning Boys!!!

    Great Day to be a Ranger fan, even more so a WILD fan. It’s win – win for both teams.

    Called it last night – Both to the Wild.

  126. Suter is good D-man, but don’t you think it’s a bit too much for what he does’?

  127. CJP:

    you’re right, neither one is a game-changer and both were overvalued due to the softness of the FA market. this move is good for the Rangers since it keeps Parise (and Suter) out of the conference and puts them on a team that isn’t really that good to begin with.

  128. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    ilb, I completely agree with you. I would even call him a great D-man but 7.5m a year. I think that is excessive and it will look awful in 5-6 years.

  129. Czechthemout!!! on

    Aren’t the Minnesota Wild one of the teams who pushed for the salary cap the hardest?
    What a joke! The large market teams should refuse any and all attempts to put a limit on length of contract or any thing else these “small market” teams attempt to do.

    As for Nash, if MdZ is what is holding up a Nash deal, than Sather is a moron!

  130. that Suter contract may very well make the Wade Redden contract slightly less terrible

  131. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Lloyd, Minn is going to be good. They still have Heatly and Koivu and they were the best team for the first 2 or 3 months last season. Then goalies started getting injured and what not. Backstrom is still a very good goalie and the Wild have these crazy good prospects that will be playing very soon. They should be a very good team next year.




  133. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I wonder if AO is happy with his long term marriage to the Caps.

    I guess the money is front loaded.. but ..I think if a player/or team wants out he’s hard to move and costly. Good luck Minny

  134. I truly believe that Nash wants to come to NY! I agree with Carp. would not trade MDZ who is still so young for Nash. I think we can get Nash on our terms.

    Carp, does anyone know definitively who is on his list of teams that he can be traded to?

  135. Sioux-per-man on

    MN sold out its arena for EVER!!! It was over 10 years before they had an empty seat.

    Just last year, could you get tickets to a game. Alot of it started with the coaching change, losing Gaborik, and not making the playoffs. But it was still tough to get tickets to a Ranger Game.

    This is the only state Hockey is bigger than football, basketball, and baseball. This entire state is all about hockey, for termites-to high school -to college- to the WILD.

    Great place to play.

    Great choice for Parise and Suter. The Wild will be a playoff team from the drop of the puck at the start of the season. They have a great core of players, two good goalies, a solid defense that just got a whole lot better, and 2 really hot prospects joining the team this year in Grandlund and Coyle.

    I’m happy for Parise, and even more so for the Rangers. Had he gone to Pitt it would have been so hard to watch that team tear it up with him.

  136. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on


    I only have a second from work here so…

    That Nash contract looks pretty sweet right now, sooooo glad we did not sign parise!!!!

    It wouldn’t shock me to see Nash, Ryan, j-bouw, Wweber might be trade targets….maybe yandle from everyone. Doan, semin, and carle also going to get a ton of interest i would expect (Doan after the 9th).

    Ok,have to go back to work…Happy 4th and be safe!


  137. Is there any doubt that they both took less money than was offered by other teams just to have the chance to play together?

  138. Czechthemout!!! on

    Like I have been saying for days, Suter is a good but not great defenseman. McD is a better player already and one can make a case for Girardi and Staal as well. As for Parise, he is also a very good player that has done next to nothing in the playoffs. The Wild are weak team with perhaps two or three good prospects who have yet to play in the league. The have a good but not great goalie and Dan Heatley who is still very good. These two guys are not difference makers in the sense that you would expect.

  139. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Anyone now think the Derbils try to get Nash? Or will he hold to his ‘list’?

  140. Yev, I didn’t say I wouldn’t trade Del Zotto for Nash. I only said I would hold out on including him. The season doesn’t start tomorrow.

    And Aaron Portzline had the list of teams (in his estimation) the other day. I think I included it in yesterday’s post.

  141. do people still regard Danny Heatley as the piece of crap he is or is everyone over it because that stuff happened a bunch of years ago

  142. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    This reminds me of a team about 6 years ago that went after the ‘big FA’s’ and landed the two big fish…..

    Drury and Gomez.

    Everyone at the time thought it was great.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  143. The Devils just got worse, the Ice Chickens are short on wingers and Maarty is busy consoling himself by eating the entire family barbecue!

    Have to say i’m with Carp, no MDZ in these potential trades please – he’s just starting to develop into the 40-50 point d-man we need to complement Girardi, Staal and Mack.

  144. Sioux-per-man on

    The Wild could care less, the 13 years is just to get it the cap hit to 7.5. Both players are fan favorites and local boys. They just made their home town team a playoff team.

    From a business side it still makes perfect sense. The arena will sell out of everything, tickets, merchandise, to down town area, the whole state wins.

    This is the only winning sports team in the state, Vikings suck, Timberwolves are always terrible, Twins play small ball every year and will never be a playoff contender. The Wild play in the state of hockey, and every fan is loyal as the day is long.

    I’ll be driving down to more games that’s for sure.

  145. I reckon the Wild will still want to trade away a forward, for a cheaper defenseman, they are very close to the cap which could be reduced as part of the new CBA.

  146. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Happy 4th of July!!!!

    Do you think a Nash deal gets hammered out next week? or

    Do you think the Rangers go after Doan?

  147. Happy Freaking Birthday America!!

    WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO good riddance to the zachwagon leaving the EC.

  148. Sioux, let’s see how much sense it makes in years 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 when that $15M cap hit is still on the books every year.

  149. Watch the bidding war for Nash now. Where are all the people who were saying Columbus is incompetent?

  150. Heatley sucks and is old and overpaid…..

    Minny is still far from a contender and they spent almost $190 mill.

    Hurts the debbies big time….

  151. Trade for Nash (all for it for 2 years now) Guy is a stud and if you think otherwise check out any video you can find on him, big strong, fast and not afraid to get dirty, yes there are untouchables but you have to give to get…Sign Semin for a couple of years – if anyone can get him to play its Torts. There are 2 top 6 forwards that thus team needs.

  152. Linda covets SWEBS on

    Happy 4th everyone…

    fans in MN celebrating WILDER than anyone else today

  153. the Wild still suck. the yare small, slow, and lack scoring. they are not contenders..

    i go for Doan short term if the Nash deal is still insane……

  154. UP YOURS MARIO AND CINDY !! HAHAHA HAPPY 4th, I’m going to enjoy this day ALOT more!

  155. Czechthemout!!! on


    I wouldnt. Erixon will be a better player than MdZ. McD can more than handle more offensive duties. We need scoring. That’s all there is to it.

  156. dore, highlight videos can make anybody look like a stud. Though I agree, Nash is probably a top-20 player and perfect fit here. He’d better not come here and score 25, though.

  157. I didn’t say I wouldn’t include, him, Czech. But I would hold out as long as possible before including him. And I doubt Erixon will ever be as good as Del Zotto will be.

  158. Sather probably will explore what it would cost to land Yandle before he decides on MDZ. Give him some credit, he was able to hold on to a huge amount of cap space and all his blue chips.

  159. Linda covets SWEBS on

    they got the daily double ilbzo

    i hear the cries of torment in Nashville though… not boding well for them.

  160. Pens already said they’d go for doan not Nash. Philly will go for Ryan, saying the demands are to high. To be honest it’s rangers or Detroit for Nash. ESP with det losing hudler, still have a feeling you’ll see semin in det before you see Nash.

  161. Carp, agreed but I have watched him A LOT (even have his CBJ Sweater) the kid can play. He will fit in very nicely and provide 30 + every year. He has played with nobody all these years now you put him with one of the hardest working teams in the league and with Richards who can get him the puck…look out!

  162. Jagr – 54 points – $4.445 Mil
    Nash – 59 points – $7.8 mil

    Just saying.

  163. Linda covets SWEBS on

    you guys are more versed in this stuff than i am but

    is the UFA age going up on the table for the new CBA?

  164. Imagine we trade for Nash or Ryan and sign doan and semin? Highly unlikely yes i know but imagine that?

  165. On beach with wife and baby and I couldn’t be any more happier. Thanks to the three people who texted me this wonderful news. If any more news breaks keep the text coming be back on around 4

  166. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – who cares about year 7-12. It’s not our check book, and its not the Rangers. But most importantly it not the Penguins!!!

    I agree with you. The Wild are already on the phone with the Lloyds of London, insuring the knee’s of Parise and Suter

  167. Jonny, Not a fair comparison…Nash has played with NOBODY and Jagr played with probably the best player in the league…Nash has been alone all these years. Give him a T E A M to play with and he will get it done…Philly is an all offense team the CBJ’s have not built anything around Nash.

  168. I think the length of contracts, ELCs, arbitration eligibility will be, Linda

  169. Someone asked if Jagr was worth 4.445 mil, how could Nash not be worth $7.8 mil. Jagr has less ice time and played less games and only had 5 less points (as a 39 year old). Just saying that’s how he’s not worth it.

    Vibz – then we turn into pre-lockout Rangers and probably miss the playoffs again.

  170. Carp I understand wanting to hold out but if holding out means a team snags Nash then holding out cost you what I will say will be a 40 goal scorer. I think not having to carry a team on his shoulders will only invigorate him.

  171. I’m happy what sather is doing and that is not morgaging the furure for a over paid 30 goal scorer. Sather is finally building this team correctly. I don’t understand this love affair over Rick Nash. I didn’t want Sather to trade for Nash from day one and unless Howson comes down from his demands sather can look in other areas to get more scoring. One thing about sather, when it comes to trades he is a shrewd GM. Like I said before, even if the rangers don’t get 1 or two offensive players this year and the rangers take a step backwards for 1 year, so be it. Next years free agency will be allot better. The rangers willl still have there young core of players and a better idea on how the new CBA will look like and can get offensive players in the free agent market in 2013.

  172. ThisYearsModel on

    Been to many of the rinks in the NHL, MN is my favorite one in the USA. Great atmosphere and fans. I am happy for them today. Thrilled that Parise bailed on the Newark Devils. That was his team, now it is Kovy’s. Time to get the Nash deal done, add some more 3-4th liners and get ready for the season. I think Semin will end up in Detroit. Hope he does not end up in Pittsburgh. Setoguchi could be available from MN. He might be an improvement for us on the wing as well. They are close to the cap.

  173. Nash had some pretty good players around him. Not as good as Philly obviously.

    But he’s still putting up 300+ shots a season. I don’t see how he becomes a 40 goal scorer when he’ll be taking either just as many or less shots on the Rangers.

    Put him with better players and he’ll likely shoot less since he won’t have as many chances. Just look at Heatley. Scored 50+ in Ottawa then went to SJ and was centered by Thornton and scored 39.

  174. just tuning in. Carp, will the devils be in on Nash and Ryan now that Parise is gone?

  175. Wonder what Kovalchuk is thinking right now… probably crying his eyes out into a pillow full of money.

  176. Lloyd Braun on

    there’s no way signing Zach Parise for 13 years will ever be a good move. basically half the contract will be played at age 35+.

    Ryan Suter for 13 years could be even worse. Guy is a good defenseman no doubt but imagine giving Dan Girardi a 13-year deal worth $90 million.

  177. Linda covets SWEBS on

    Thanks ilbzo.

    lots of Shea talk on twitter right now.. messin with my mind! LOL

  178. It’ll be interesting to see the structure of these contracts, how front-loaded they are etc.

  179. I think the question is, is there really a bidding war for Nash? If not, rangers have no reason to add dmz. But if there is you have to add him to get it done. Rangers have many good you d men. They have little scoring.

  180. Greg Wyshynski ?@wyshynski
    Lamoriello: Decision, from what Zach told me, was about going home. Wasn’t about money.

  181. Rick Nash 59 points on a team that won 29 games…Vinne Prospal, yes that one, was second with 51…they scored 202 goals, means he was in on almost 30% of their scoring…now imagine him with a center that can get him the puck. Guy is a top player in the league on a very bad team.547 points in 674 games on 9 bad teams…no brainer people…I’m not saying give up the farm and yes Kreider, Mcd and others are untouchable but give CBJ a list and let them choose 3-4 players\picks…

  182. Vickers8 July 4th, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    Parise just signed with the Wild.



  183. As expected, Parise’s contract is much worse than Nash’s. Same age, Nash: $7.8M for 6 more years, Parise: $7.5 for 13.

  184. bull dog line on

    so they both went home, and now both have vanished off the face of the NHL earth.

  185. wasn’t about the money? How about a 5 years 30 million contract? Now that would be not about the money. Whatever… Good luck and dress warm, Zach.

  186. Once Kreider gets comfortable, with the right linemates, he’ll give us a point a game and a lot of excitement.

  187. yeah the players Nash has had around him have been RJ umberger, prospal, Vermette, etc…they certainly were not Richards, Gaborik, Callahan, etc…you dont think he would not have a rebirth if you will, coming to a contender?? I do and for this team to take the next step they need to be a little bold. Pittsburgh, Carolina, Philly and others got a little deeper this year. We need top 6 scoring and Free agency is not going to get it done this year.

  188. Lloyd Braun on

    it’s always about the money with these guys. it’s simply whether the team the player purportedly wishes to go to is willing to put up money in the same ballpark as their competitors. if Minnesota offered $30 million over 5 years, all of a sudden “going home” wouldn’t have been nearly as vital to Zach Parise.

  189. Johnny D, i dont think itd be quite the prelockout days…semin doan short deals and our team now under torts will not ever dog it

  190. I want to know what Lou means by a “competitive” offer. How many years did they offer him?

    There is no way they could have remained in NJ if they signed Zach to the Minny contract…

    You would have had something happen like….the Brooklyn Devils? or the Québec Les Diables?

  191. I love when fans go.plain about players going for the money. Like they wouldn’t. Every city has great places for someone making 8 million to live. I probably would avoid playing for Canadian franchises because its freaking cold and the tax burden is awful.

  192. i dont know…part of me wishes for Parise in NJ… just so he keeps them mediocre enough so they just draft in the bottom 20…now they might turn into a lottery team and get top young talent that we dont really have…

  193. i dont care if he went for the money or not… i would too… but why put on a front and say it is not about the money when it clearly is. that is what i am sayin’…

  194. I think Nash with Richards or Stepan dishing the puck to him could be a regular 40 goal man and its not just about stats it means that the opposition would then have to deal with more than one main threat (ie Gabby), not to mention would allow Kreider to develop playing against 2nd and 3rd pairing d-men as the other team would have to put their top pair out against Nash or Gabby (or both if on the same line).

  195. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    The bidding is going to get Nashsty — Detroit is preparing an offer that is “unbeatable”…

  196. JimboWoodside on

    Woweeeee!!! They both land in Minny!! Suck on that, Debbies!! Your organization sucks!!

  197. Malt O'Meal on

    Happy 4th Carp and Happy Birthday ‘Merica.

    Parise/Suter to Minny is good for many reasons – they weren’t going to be Rangers and we don’t have to face them while they are in a division rival’s sweater. It’s cool that he is going to back to his roots as corny as that may sound. And it instantly makes Minny a better team…which, in my opinion, is great for hockey in general. They should have a team that competes and from what I’ve read, its a great fan base there so good for them.

    And suggesting that it is or it isn’t about the money – come off it, if anyone got offered a huge contract to go work at a competitor you’d be a fool not to consider that….especially if you work in an industry where you’ve developed skill sets specific to that industry since childhood and an injury could end your ability to continue working in that industry. If you want to rip someone, then rip the agents who broker the deals and get fat commissions and blame yourselves for continuing to buy tickets, $25 swill arena beers, pretzels, jerseys, foam fingers, etc…..I’m just happy he isn’t a Penguin.

    Now crank up the CCR and let’s light this sucker

  198. decision not about money even though he got as much from minny as anywhere.

    it is almost always about the money…

    again Minny is better but cup contender!! Not even close….

  199. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    What can Detroit offer?

    Filpuula, 2 first rounders?

  200. JimboWoodside on

    >>>You would have had something happen like….the Brooklyn Devils? or the Québec Les Diables?

    Quebec would be fine with me for either the Debs or Fishies!! I’d be happy to see them go. Brooklyn, *not!*

  201. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp you are spot on. IF Del Zotto has to go with Dubi you make the deal. You have to give something to get a Something. Del Zotto is going to grow into a #1 DMan, and a power play quarterback. But right now this team needs a Power Forward that can score.

    The Rangers have one of the best young Defensive Core in the league. McD can cover DZ’s offense, Erixon is ready to step up and play a similar role, and down the road we have our 1’st rounder Skjei, and McIlrath is almost ready.

    I say make the trade. Take the next step to the Stanley Cup!!!!

  202. Linda covets SWEBS on

    ok guys, another question

    if an RFA does NOT sign his qualifying offer, do they become a free agent? Someone on fb asked me and i have no idea lol

  203. JimboWoodside on

    Beautiful picture up top, Carp – at first, I thought it was a painting or something like that because it’s just *so* perfect.

  204. No, Linda, no such a thing. He either goes to arbitration (if eligible), or tries to negotiate his contract. The ultimate option, if the deal isn’t reached, to sit out. But he still remains team’s property, and if he sits out the whole season, is still an RFA.

  205. Czechthemout!!! on

    Detroit has nothing to offer. They have a bunch of aging or old past their prime stars. They are on the decline as an orginization with very little in terms of prospects. The Rangers can present the most compelling offer to the CBj, and Nash. Not Detroit.

  206. No, CCCP. If the QO isn’t submitted by June 25th, the player becomes an UFA, but if he is given a QO, he remains team’s property.

  207. Linda covets SWEBS on

    thanks guys! i appreciate the info!!

    they did qualify him on June 25. They can’t file for arbitration this summer to prevent an offer sheet, but we all know offer sheets are ‘ non grata’ in the NHL.

  208. I don’t know this for sure but I think the only teams on Nash’s list that is interested is the rangers and the sharks, everything else that is on thew internet is nonsense, most likely Howson starting rumors to get leverage.

  209. You’re misunderstanding the CBA. One thing is if the player isn’t given a QO. In that case he is an UFA. But if the offer is given, he either signs, goes to arbitration ( if eligible), or tries to negotiate. The team also has an option to take a RFA to arbitration.

  210. Lloyd Braun on

    Del Zotto is growing into a power play qb?


    I mean, I’d like to see that happen as much as the next guy, but, like, I just haven’t seen anything resembling proof.

  211. Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline
    Confirmed today Pittsburgh is on Rick Nash’s “approved” list. So #NYR, #Flyers, #RedWings, #SJSharks, #PghPenguins. Could be 1-2 others.

  212. really? pittsburgh? they were never mentioned, ever ,since this nash thing came up. If it’s true I don’t see the pens trading for Nash. The pens have plenty of offense, like the flyers the pens are weak at the blueline and goaltending. I still think it’s the rangers and sharks.

  213. Linda covets SWEBS on

    Ilbzo, i found an article on the particular player i am talking about. Since they took him to arbitration last summer, it said they are not able to do it this time around.

    Swebs was qualified on June 25th

    and this is player collusion right here:

    Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger

    Interesting and important point. It was important to Parise that he and Suter were compensated equally.

  214. I can’t help thinking with all the Suter/Parise hype about the last time a team signed the top two free agents. You guessed it, the summer of 2007 Drury/Gomez signings.

    The Drury/Gomez contracts were for $7+m/year for five and seven years compared to Suter/Parise at $7.5m for thirteen.

    Drury was 30 coming off a 69 point season, Gomez 27 coming off a 70 point season…..Parise is 27 coming off a 69 point season. Obviously Suter isn’t comparable as a D-man.

    These contracts will come back to bite them, no doubt about it.

  215. Sioux-per-man on

    Agree Tommy. There teams on the list Rangers, Sharks, Detroit, not sure if it was Philly, Kings, or Leafs. I think he really wants to play for a cup contender.

    At some point Howson has to come back to reality, or give Sather credit for not trading the top prospects in Kreider, McDonugh, or Stepan. Del Zotto is the one player that is on the bubble. That was the one player Howson wanted from the start, and he may very well be the one player that gets the deal done.

  216. That’d be a lateral move, NYR_FAN. And Neal is 4 years younger and almost $3M cheaper.

  217. I’d bet there is a change coming in the new CBA about buyouts, GM’s will want a way to get out from some of these monster contracts they themselves have been giving out – maybe an annual freebie against the cap?

    I’m not expecting Nash to be traded too soon – dont forget Howson will want to get as many offers as possible and play the GM’s against one another to get the best possible deal for the Nashmeister.

  218. Oh, yeah, Linda. Weber was awarded $7.5M by arbitrator last year. He either needs to agree to contract, or be traded. He is also OS eligible, of course. Weber isn’t signing though because if Nashville matches it, he is stuck in Nashville. I think he is most likely agreeing to a 1-year, $7.5M deal and will become an UFA next year. Pending the new CBA, of course.

  219. The Length/Amount of Sutter/Parise K’s makes Rick Nash seem like a bargain!

  220. What else do they have as far as forwards?

    What about Dubinsky? We are giving up on him, he’s cheaper and younger too….He’d be the centerpiece in the Nash trade, right?

  221. somebody posted before, i forgot who and I think there right. Howson is feeding Aaron Portzline garbage to try and get the rangers to blink. There is no way I see the pens wanting nash or the flyers. Ironically two teams in the rangers division.

  222. Linda covets SWEBS on

    i am thinking along the same lines Ilbzo, and possibly be traded at the deadline if Nashville feels they will not be able to keep him. Might as well get what they can for him at that point, but the team he would be going to , i am sure, will want to want to sign him long term and not just for 3 months. If he hits the FA market next summer (if the age does not go up) that is going to be one HUMANGOUS BIG contract for the guy who is one of the top five d men in the league, if not number one

  223. JimboWoodside on

    Kovalschmuck really is “The Man” on the Debs roster now – I hope he likes the pressure!

  224. Unless Howson wants Kennedy and Cooke as centerpieces in that deal, I don’t think Pittsburgh is pulling this one off. Paul Martin ad his $5M cap hit, that everyone thinks they are about to unload, happens to have NMC, btw

  225. funny, kovalchuk got away from the thrashers because they stunk for many years and than the thrashers moved. The devils are headed in the same direction, love it.

  226. Lloyd Braun on

    I’m not a fan of Nash

    But if you can land him for Brandon Dubinsky, that’s the biggest no-brainer ever

  227. Aw tzm Pawtzm on

    Pittsburgh has nothing to trade unless they decide to trade Neal which is a lateral move.

    Flyers can only trade Matt Read, Briere.CBJ won’t do that.

    Detroit has nothing to trade either

    SJ will not trade Cotoure or Pavelski.

    We are their only legitimate trading partner.

  228. Sioux-per-man on

    It will be interesting if Sather trades for Nash or Ryan, or wait for next years UFA.

    I still think Doan would be a great addition for the Rangers. Not sure what it would take to sing him to a 2-3 year deal. He would fit nicely on Cally’s line.

    Next stop would be Semin for the scoring, but I just don’t see that happening on a Tort’s team. But you never who is going to offer him the Big contract, or will he bolt to the KHL for a bigger one.

  229. All I must say re Parise is this:

    He made this decision for 1 of 2 reasons or both reasons:

    1. Their was a driving force inside of him, subconsciously, that made him want to screw over some guy in Florida with a dog named Tiki, by going to the West and not go8ing to Pitt.

    2. He didnt want to join the Penguins because he didnt want the possibility of them becoming dominant to come to fruition, because he didnt want to hurt the Bruins.

    In 10 years, if he hasnt been traded by then, he can blame me for wanting him to stay in the East and sign with Pitt for his 10 wasted years of never winning a playoff series with the Wild.

  230. so
    NOT Future Ranger parise
    and his (miami heat) buddy
    finally ‘fessed up

    our long national nightmare is over!!!

    carry on…..

  231. wow back home what a day these contracts are just ridiculously front loaded how this doesnt circumvent cba i dont know. the nhl will gladly take a look

  232. JimboWoodside on

    NHL Network is showing game 6 of the finals right now! Debbies fans can tune in to not only watch their team go down in flames again, but they can catch a last glimpse of PA-REE-ZAY in the Debs uniform, and as their team captain!!

    USA, USA!!! ;-D

  233. Did we sign Michael Phelps yet? Hockey is just like swimming + water polo on ice

  234. If course it’s too much! But the market is way over priced and user saturated. Wings offered 13 years and $90M. That’s basically the same.

  235. JimboWoodside on

    Tiki, why on earth did you want him to sign with the Penguins!? How would that help the NYR!?

  236. JimboWoodside on

    Manny! ilb! Happy Independence Day! We’re FREE of having Zach in our division! Too bad Maaaaaaaaarty didn’t go to Minny as well – maybe Chico would have gone west with them, too!

  237. Jimbo, one day youll meet me, and youll understand. I just want the East to be as difficult as possible so the Bruins cant get anymore cakewalks through the playoffs.

  238. JimboWoodside on

    >>>AGrossRecord: More Parise: “I loved play in NJ, it’s a first-class organization. I can’t say enough about Lou and the staff. It was very hard to leave.”

    Hahahaha!! Yeah, sure…balm on the wounds for the bankrupt Debbies franchise and their loser 5000 fans…

  239. paging sather step off the golf course get nash for your price and lets drop the puck. oh howson lower your freaking demands

  240. andy greene a C haha wait till marty retires 2 yrs this team will be the isles and the isles will be the debbies as far as standings

  241. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, but Tiki – why not have the desire for *US* (NYR) to become that invincible Eastern team!?

    Your desire to give Boston fits would also make any Ranger success *much* more difficult to achieve.

  242. JimboWoodside on

    Hahaha!! Eric, it’s a great day in Rangertown! Kovalchuk the team captain? Yeah, that will work out. Such a selfless player that will lead by example!

  243. Linda covets SWEBS on

    $10 million signing bonus each of the first 2 years with $2 million base!?

    where do i sign for the bonus? You mean medical records does not offer a signing bonus? WTB

  244. my biggest concern now becomes some how if nash goes to pitt and ryan to phil. what will pitt be able to offer. neal makes no sense. i know they have some decent d prospects like joe morrow and someone else. anyone have an idea of a package they can put together

  245. Sioux-per-man on

    The Devils just took a nose dive on talent. The Penguins lost Staal. Philly didn’t improve their Defense. The Islanders – I’ll give them credit for pulling Nelson away from the Sioux. He will help their team soon, but years down the road.

    Rangers with have their hands full with Pittsburgh, but they were in on Parise till the end. Huge strikout for them.

    Ranger Win today!!!

    Have a happy 4th!!!

  246. JimboWoodside on

    >>>New Puck Daddy: Devils GM Lou Lamoriello: Zach Parise chose Minnesota over New Jersey

    Uhhhhh, yeah!! So!? He’s a smart young man – he got away from the financial basket-case franchise with the GM that always tried to get his players to play for less money than they would make elsewhere – until he got overruled on the Kovy deal by the owners.

    PA-REE-ZAY just went *AWOL* from “The Devils Army” – he’s a deserter!! General Lou couldn’t keep him in the battalion.

  247. agree about Del Zotto, Lloyd. I think his offensive upside is overrated (he’ll be good, but not great) and his defensive upside is underrated.

  248. Jimbo, I hope every team in the East gets better, primarily us, except one team. Why? Because no matter who we play in the playoffs, whether it be the bum Senators or loser Capitals, nothing will ever be easy for us. I just want things to be more difficult for them.

  249. Linda covets SWEBS on


    Happy 4th and thanks to you and Kathy Kmonicek for the beautiful picture

  250. Nash to the Rangers, Nash to the Knickerbockers – if Dolan’s boys pull those 2 off they’ll be renaming the place Nashville!!

  251. Shooting firearms in the back yard!!! Can’t do that in NYC! Happy birthday America!

  252. going back out to barbecue with wife and baby. text me someone if news breaks again. thanks to ilb and others earlier

  253. Thats gratitude for you! If it wasnt for us you’d be living in New Netherland wearing clogs and eating Edam!!

    You’re welcome!

  254. via espn.com

    The New York Rangers have a keen interest in signing Shane Doan. If he decides against re-signing in the desert, the current captain of the Phoenix Coyotes could be Broadway-bound — according to the New York Post.

    “We haven’t entered into negotiations with any other teams, but Shane wants to be forthright and honest with clubs that have contacted us, and so we’ve let these clubs know whether there is mutual interest,” Doan’s agent told The Post Tuesday.

    “I don’t want to be specific about what teams those are, but there are no restrictions against negotiating with teams in the East … or the one in Manhattan.”

    As discussed earlier, Doan won’t decide anything until after the July 9 deadline for signatures supporting a referendum on the arena’s new lease agreement. If there is enough support for a November referendum (during the general election) on Glendale’s new lease agreement with prospective owner Greg Jamison, Doan could decide enough is enough.

    In which case, the Rangers could benefit. The Los Angeles Kings could also be sweet on the veteran forward.

    – Victoria Matiash

  255. Can Nash just get traded to like Man U or something, like right now? So we can stop hearing about him!

  256. I hope I’m wrong but I think Sather already blew it on Nash.

    Told youse for months that time is on Columbus side and Sather overestimated his leverage.

    He needed to offer them a good price before all the other teams got in on it. This was not the type of deal where you wait it out- on the contrary you pounce even if you overpay a bit. It’s not binary process between 2 teams, it’s more of an auction of a rare, valued asset. He failed to recognize this.

    Again, I hope I’m wrong and if Uncle Glennie pulls it off, I’ll be the first to say I was wrong and cheer any deal that doesn’t involve Kreider or McD. But I think with all the teams now in on it (especially the ones who lost on Parise), Columbus will find more attractive offers elsewhere.

  257. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Carp my sister said thank you also for the picture up top she set it as her background on he desktop :)))

  258. Semin is a joke. a former teammate, Matt Bradley said so, and so did former coach Marc crawford.

    he is a selfish player who is a terrible teammate and awful in the room. and that is not me saying it, that is the words of a former teammate who played a couple years with him.

  259. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Shooting firearms in the back yard!!! Can’t do that in NYC! Happy birthday America!

    Frankly, I’m very surprised that you can do it legally in CT, Jeff! I thought the whole northeast was anti-gun hell..?

    Tiki – OK – but I want the Rangers to be the team that everyone else in the east has to dread getting past – I don’t want it to be Pitt, Boston, or ANY other city’s team, and *especially* not our 2 geographical territory’s poacher-teams!

  260. If the Rangers stay as is and ad Doan…they are still a playoff team, still cup contenders and still good (Baring injuries). They just won’t be a top 4 or 5 team, most likely (Even that’s not in stone). If they get Ryan or Nash, they’ll be that much better.

  261. Semin=H.E. double hockey sticks NO! Unless the Rangers want him to teach other players how to drop the gloves. Semin’s fight (Against Dubi?) is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in hockey.

  262. >>Semin’s fight (Against Dubi?)

    He was playing bongos on Staal’s back, I believe.

  263. JimboWoodside on

    >>>He was playing bongos on Staal’s back, I believe.

    That was *hilarious!*

  264. Paul in sunrise on

    I know I vascilate on this topic but cannot trade MDZ and not get an NHL dman in return. Rangers still don’t have 6 legit dmen.

    McD – Girardi
    Staal –
    MDZ –

    Then have Stralman. Then Erixon and Bickel but….that’s not NHL six just yet. If trade MDZ then what?

  265. Paul in sunrise on

    But Nash worth getting. Just saying filling one hole by creating another.

  266. Paul in sunrise on

    Oh and the rangers signed Kyle Jean. Guess they did not want to lose out on the guy who wrecked McIlrath.

  267. Paul in sunrise on

    That would be great Carp. I think Nash is worth getting but still have holes to fill or end up with the same guys playing too many minutes in december. If play resumes in December.

  268. Jonny D, if you use language like that your comments will go directly to spam … and if you do it again, you’ll be banned. but there are plenty of other blogs where that idiotic stuff is tolerated.

  269. Paul in sunrise on

    Carp did you see the contract on Montoya? $601,000. Guess they threw in a grand for a new coat.

  270. Paul in sunrise on

    Or it was the price is right it eBay. Jets were the highest under bid.

  271. Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline

    Judging by my Twitter mentions, there are at least 27 #NYRangers players who are “absolutely untouchable” in any deal for any player.

    Does any fanbase overrate their players/prospects as much as Rangers fans?

  272. Paul in sunrise on

    Tivo’ed that show already. Found my VHS version from 94. Now I have to find a player.., I am carcillo out of luck on that one

    Kyle jean is a big body college player at development camp and impressed with some offense. Power forward hopeful. Cannot have too many of them and if some prospects are traded hartford needs players. Good prospect. He is the one who went knee on knee with McIlrath and did not apologize for it. Said McIlrath was looking to hit him high and he avoided at last minute. Knee contact unintentional.

  273. Lloyd Braun on


    I sincerely hope not – though from my 15 or so years of listening to WFAN daily, Met fans definitely come close.

  274. Paul in sunrise on

    Every fanatics base lev.
    I have nicknamed howsen a hazir
    He is being a pig

  275. “Rick Nash 59 points on a team that won 29 games…Vinne Prospal, yes that one, was second with 51…”

    Counterpoint: On a bad team where Prospsal is putting up 51 points, why is Nash only putting up 59?

  276. Lloy, good point. Mets fans are probably a close second. But seriously, the only untouchables I can name are Callahan, Girardi, Staal, and McDonagh. Not mentioning Gaborik, Richards, and Lundqvist for obvious reasons.

  277. >>Found my VHS version from 94. Now I have to find a player…

    Well then, it looks like mine has just went up in value. Let’s start the bidding at $400.

  278. My dont want to lose them but if it means gettin Nash back list would be:
    Artie, Hagelin, Dubinsky, Erixon plus any prospects.

  279. Lloyd Braun on

    Anisimov would still be “touchable” if he were the only guy left on the team

  280. Lloyd Braun on

    only Rangers I would place off limits are Callahan, Lundqvist, McDonagh and Kreider. there isn’t another pro or prospect I’d hesitate to move if the right deal came along.

  281. Mister D

    Nash’s motivation level must be at the all time lowest right now given that he has wasted half of his career on the franchise that had no success and has no future. If I was Nash playing in CB I’d be going home in tears every day.

  282. JimboWoodside on

    I guess the Kansas City Fishsticks are going with Nabokov and DiPietro (hahahaha!) and maybe one of the kids they have down in Bridgeport?

  283. I’d rather do a sign and trade for *WWEber* or *EVANDER* than trade for Steve Nash….Let the Knicks have him….

  284. Don’t people absolutely destroy Russians for (real or perceived) motivation issues? We want a guy you think is willing to not give 100% when things are bad?

  285. Lloyd Braun on

    “DP’s contract is longer than Parise’s and Suter’s.”

    really puts Garth Snow’s utter ineptitude in focus, doesn’t it. Suter and Parise, who today signed what by any logical standard were ludicrous contracts, will become free agents in 2025. DiPietro’s already “played” 6 years of his abysmal contract and he’s still locked up until 2021.

  286. JimboWoodside on

    >>>If I was Nash playing in CB I’d be going home in tears every day.

    I’d cry myself to sleep on a mattress of $100 bills, with a supermodel next to me, with his contract..

  287. (Worth noting Winnipeg might have incentive to atleast listen know he can/might walk in a few years. I’d rather knock them out (Cooke joke) than do that for Nash.)

  288. NYR = different culture now.

    Every year CBJ has no chance at anything. Nash knows that…so I can’t blame Nash for being demotivated.

  289. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good happy 4th all! I had to work today, so bleh….but tomorrow I am off to Chicago and Lake Michigan and Chicago dogs!!! Yay!!! I am so behind….are we happy with what’s happened so far (except for Prust, at least for me)?

    WTB is with the Parise dealio?

  290. JimboWoodside on

    Mama, as long as he is out of our division, and NJ has no chance of replacing him, I am pleased as punch!

  291. Lloyd Braun on

    and while we’re laughing about Scott Howson, consider that James Wisniewski will be paid $7 million this year and is a $5.5 million cap hit until 2017.

  292. *NYR_FAN* July 4th, 2012 at 6:31 pm
    *Manny* July 4th, 2012 at 6:30 pm



  293. Dont know about stars and stripes, but its a perfect one! Dont tell her this, but the times Ive seen her in the city, I always walk behind her just to admire it! :)

  294. Too bad there is no newspaper on July 4th….But I think she’ll remember to keep one from the upcoming weekend, guys…

  295. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good Adam Gravey!!!!!!!!!! Down boys! Down! grrrrrrrr.

    So, will be interesting to watch the Minnies……

  296. JimboWoodside on

    Down, Mama?

    Yeah, Minny will be interesting to watch next season – maybe the folks in the American hotbed of hockey will finally see a Cup sometime in the future – it’s a shame that they’ve had NHL hockey there (with the exception of several years following the Stars move) since 1967, with no championships to show for it.

  297. Yea, I get the pens and flyers are on nash’s list but why would the flyers and pens want nash when there problem isn’t offense. It wouldn’t surprise me that all the teams listed that is on Nash’s list, the rangers are the only team actually really interested. Howson trying to bluff sather?

  298. JimboWoodside on

    Tommy, at this point, they probably would like to have another blue-chip player on their rosters, *plus* deprive the Rangers of a chance to get one.

  299. Roderick Nash on

    I sense an interesting theme building here with Suter & Parise going to the Wild (Parise from the Devils)….NHL promoting clean water in their advertising, could the Rangers be the nex uber-destination?t? Call me crazy…yeah, call me crazy. It is written on the wind…

    If Howson had above average people skills, we wouldn’t even be hearing the name Rick Nash right now…but Sather knows a foot in mouth when he hears one, and he’s watching and waiting for an offer in case he can take advantage of the situtation. Sather’s an opportunist. The buzzards are circling, but I don’t see a big deal evolving.

  300. That can’t be the real Rod who promised Nash and Schultz would be delivered “today” last Saturday? Could it?

  301. Roderick Nash on

    Ho, ho, ho, Carp! You think it’s Christmas in July?

    I’m really wdilplaces, but how can I use that screen name now when talking about Suter & Parise? I’d be looking for trouble!

    Anyway, I thought using Roderick Nash as my moniker was a nice conceit, no?

    He’s an eminent leader in environmental studies, professor ermeritus at UCal Santa Barbara who is credited with starting the field of environmental studies, and just coincidentally wrote the classic book “Wilderness and The American Mind” which in part describes the European mindset and American intellectual traditions of the 19th century that in some ways equated wilderness with the devil. I couldn’t resist…I repent, I repent…

  302. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Happy 4th all

    Glad to see parise go out of our division and conference. Go get shane doan sather!! JT Miller is ready for the big leagues!


  303. Hard to figure which move made Devils weaker- losing their captain and star power forward to free agency- or pledging not to improve their goaltending situation by re-signing an aging goalie with declining skills.

  304. NHL Network is replaying the 2010 WJC gold Medal game right now…


    Stepan, Kreider, & Bourque were so good. These kids are special. They beat a stacked Canadian team with Talyor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Brayden Schenn,….the list goes on…

  305. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Carp, I am of the belief that this 10-13 year deals reduce the motivation for even the most moralistic of players. Why do they need to come to work every day when they have a guaranteed payday for life?

    Do me a favor, name some of the big contracts where players actually STAYED motivated and performed at a top level for years?

    I’m thinking…hmmm…..Ovie (nope), Crosby(nope), Dipietro (nope), Gomez & Drury (nope)…….So, please…..name a few where the long deal actually worked!!!

  306. JimboWoodside on

    >>>by re-signing an aging goalie with declining skills.

    *TWO* aging goalies!!!

  307. JimboWoodside on

    Crosby is still pretty motivated – but his brains are scrambled now!

  308. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Orr, Fatty had a good series against us. However, at 40 + he will play less games in the regular season, which is a liability to his team, and he makes more mistakes….I couldn’t be happier to see him sign for 2 and be a liability to that team.

    I can’t wait to play him in the playoffs again!!!!

  309. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Crosby is…but he hasn’t played a full season, either. Lindros? nope. Name one?

    And our long term deal guy, Richie Rich, is talking tennis and all kinds of things other than hockey. Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t like these long-term mortgages. Has to de-motivate. Just has to.

  310. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    So, did anyone else hear that parise had a verbal agreement with the pens and then changed his mind ala jagr and signed with the wild?

    Just wondering if there was any validity to it

  311. JimboWoodside on

    Wicky, I had not heard that, but the Canadian hockey media seemed to be cheerleading for Parise to become a Penguin so badly that maybe somebody made up the story to cover up the egg on all their faces?

  312. Matty: Maybe Chara, maybe Hossa, they won Cups.

    Mike Richards and Jeff Carter got those contracts, lost their motivation, got traded to separate teams, then found it when they both wound up on the same team again.

  313. per dreger

    matt carle closing in on a deal with tampa lightning didnt see that one

  314. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    I guess, DJK. I guess. I think they are destructive. The league can stop them, too. if they want to. It would make the players work harder.

  315. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Poile was on NHL Radio on Sirius and he was saying that they would look towards other D-men in FA. Oops, Carle, the logical target, is gone.

    Good move, Tampa.

  316. Less games is a good thing. Hedberg went 17-7-2 last season. Pretty decent numbers.

    Point is, in my opinion, he still has it, and he proved it in the playoffs. He wasn’t perfect, but he went all the way.

  317. Might be a blessing in disguise for Philly. Losing Carle might motivate them to get a real defenseman other than Timonen. And Coburn occasionally.

  318. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, Matty! Devs get weaker & older, Philly loses Carle, Bobrovsky, Van Reimsdyk, Jagr and probably others I’m not remembering – Fishsticks are a joke, losing PAP, Pitt is not stronger (yet) and Crosby has bad brains – Hey!! It’s addition by subtraction!

  319. JimboWoodside on

    Caps will probably lose Semin – so far, all our arch-rivals got weaker. Boston has no Tim Thomas.
    Montreal got Prust and a few other questionable guys, and gave their failing goalie a big raise and extension… Can’t say much about those Florida teams – I can’t keep them fresh in my mind.

  320. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Yea, Jimbo. How true. And, to be fair, we did lose Pruster. We’ll have to see how that impacts us. But we did a pretty good mop up job with Pyatt, it seems. Stay tuned on that one.

    Our guys getting older is a good thing. We are so young that the experience should help, not hurt.

    It will be interesting to see if our division is a bit weaker this year with these subtractions.

  321. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Panthers have been silent. Not too worried about Tampa. Vinnie and Marty aren’t kids anymore. They do have a good goal scorer, as we know. Not championship caliber, either of the Fla. teams.

    Nice to see Slather didn’t mortgage the future…at least, yet.

  322. …and his was unimpressive last season to say the least. Making huge mistakeson a gamely basis.

  323. Matty: those are the only big money acquisitions that directly translated into a Cup that I can think of.

  324. JimboWoodside on

    Right, Matty, we lost Prust. But his 5 goals wasn’t a big deal to lose – how our replacements for him play defense and show their “grit” and secondary scoring will be interesting to see – We haven’t lost as much so far as our rivals have.

  325. JimboWoodside on

    And Salvador came alive during the playoffs, as did their 4th-line scrubs, but during the regular season (and in Salvador’s whole career) they weren’t too impressive. Elias is gonna be a year older, too.

    I’d rather be us than them!

  326. So far we didn’t lose a thing, except our conditional love to Prustie and those witty glorification posts, praising him.

  327. I don’t think Slats going to leave this poker table with nothing. So, there will be one right move…and all chips are ours and we are buying the entire freakin casino.

  328. These UFAc ontracts are completely ridiculous. This may sound counterintuitive but I wonder if it would actually be better for both players and owners if there were more UFAs every year- in other words get rid of the RFA concept and let all players be UFAs. It’s the scarcity of these guys hitting the open market that drives up the prices. So the tradoff for owners is that players get more sooner in their careers but maybe less overall because there isn’t this crazy gap between amounts paid to RFAs and UFAs.

  329. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Yea, I wouldn’t want to be the Debbie’s. Lou, in an interview on NHL Radio, sounded pretty darn ‘disappointed’. Pret-t-t-t-y upset.

    No one wants to jeopardize their life and play in Joisey. Big smack in the face to the organization losing it’s captain.

  330. Orr Marty was lucky and shaky in the playoffs. Horrible move forNJ to keep him around, no choice though. Fact of the matter they are worse with him and burning 2 yrs of Kovyin his prime. They ain’t winning anything with him. Never in my life have I seen such bad goals and no angle bad shots go in on that sieve.

  331. Yeah, I have to admit, I overestimated Lou’s ability to make things happened and am very glad I did.

  332. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Well, there are two major parts to the contracts terms: Dollars and length.

    The NHL could cap the length if they wanted to. What’s next? A ‘lifetime contract’??

    The whole concept is ludicrous. And it gets dumber with each year.

  333. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    4ever, I think Lou thought he’d get it done, too. He said there was no bickering about $$$$. Parise just said he wanted to go home. What could Lou say?

    Sorry, Mr. Magoo.

  334. Can’t imagine Players Assoc would ever agree to cap length of contracts. I could see things headed for complete unrestricted free agency like baseball. That way owners have more choices and dont feel like it’s now or never for them to lock these guys up. Then again who knows, maybe in the aggregate it still works out better for the owners to keep it this way- a few crazy contracts each year but overall they keep costs down with the RFA process.

  335. It wasn’t a horrible move. Clearly it wasn’t, because a lot of teams apparently wanted the guy, and also think he can get the job done. Though I do agree that the Devils are not making a return to the Cup Final anytime soon. He might have let in a couple of bad goals here and there, but so did the other goalies, Hank included. So, I guess they all were lucky too?

  336. Carp ,mention earlier he would give up Stepan before MDZ and I agree whole heartily, but I think a lot of fans disagree

  337. Orr horrible move in NJ and there is no way Hank let as many bad goals as fatso. Hank Maybe let three bad ones all playoffs. Marty had one or two bad ones every night almost without exception not close

  338. I’d give up MDZ before Stepan, but that’s like saying I’d give up my right leg before my left (because, if I were to jump off one leg, it would be my left). I’d give up neither for Nash, period.

  339. Marty is one jelly donut away from retirement. The only reason any team wanted him was because his name is Brodeur.

  340. Hank let in more than three, I’m pretty sure of it. Not as much as Captain Incest, obviously. That being said, if not for him, the Devils would not have gone anywhere. If he had a little help on defense, and if a few of those big name players stepped up, maybe they could have won the Cup.

    So, not a horrible move at all, re-signing him.

  341. Hardly? How else did they get there? Parise? Kovalchuckles? Elias? All those guys were hot and cold throughout the playoffs. Really didn’t do much. A couple of big goals by Henrique, but he only had five.

    Put Hedberg in net, they don’t get past the Panthers.

  342. They almost did lose to the Panthers with Marty in net…didnt he get pulled twice in that series?

    After that series they regrouped and got a bit hot *as a team*… knocking out Swiss cheese Bryzgalov and the Flyers and then getting some timely goals against the Rangers…

  343. Czechthemout!!! on

    Right, let’s give up our second line center who is 21years old and already scored over 50 pts while playing on every line this season. Instead, we should keep a defenseman who is mediocre both offensively and even worse defensively. A defenseman who at best is right now a # 4 and if Mike Sauer comes back is a # 5 . It’s a good thing some of you guys are not the GM.

  344. JimboWoodside on

    Well, no matter how good fatso was in the playoffs, he wasn’t that good for at least half the season, and he’s not gonna get any better as he ages – and neither is Hedberg, who I was really surprised that they re-signed for 2 years, although he wasn’t bad during the season.

    I’m surprised that they haven’t made a move for a younger goalie, not through free-agency, but via the trade market.

  345. Gravy, Swedish Meatballs With Noodles and... on

    Does this FA period just seem slow because the Rangers haven’t signed/traded for a big player? Wonder how much it will pick up now that the big names are off the board.

  346. JimboWoodside on

    ORR, he really flops around like a fat fish out of water at this point in his career – and he’s more injury-prone now than he ever was before. He made some great saves in the playoffs, but he also was incredibly lucky on some plays, and frankly, he did let in a lot of shots that he would have stopped a few years ago.

  347. He had a decent season. The Devils really were not a good team until the last two months of the season. Two years of that blob, I don’t think much will change. Five years? His knees will probably give out, unless VH1 brings back Celebrity Fit Club, and gives him an invite.

    As far as Hedberg, they probably didn’t have much of a choice. I mean, honestly, what young goalie wants to be a backup for the Devils? Depressing gig!

  348. Yeah, all that flopping isn’t going to do him any good at his age, and could probably take down the arena he’s playing in. He’s not going to get any better, but a 41-42 year old Brodeur is better than most in the league.

    As far as being lucky, all goalies are lucky.

  349. for the guy who was asking why the Pens would want Nash, as he claims they already have offensive strength, well that is easy to explain. they were in hot pursuit of Parise, so they obviously DON’T think they have enough offense

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