Free agency Day 3: D-Day do-over for Parise, Suter?


The dominoes are ready to start falling whenever JP’s kid Zach and Ryan Suter make their “Decisions” which we all expected yesterday.

We do know that the Rangers aren’t even a little bit involved in either of those free agents, who are going to get insane contracts no matter where they land.

And we do know, or expect, that once they do land the dominoes start to tumble and perhaps Glen Sather can get onto acquiring Rick Nash … that is, if Columbus GM Scott Howson can find an acceptable deal that doesn’t include Chris Kreider or Derek Stepan (apparently, according to reports out of Ohio, Ryan McDonagh is not a “must” in the offer/demand; the Jackets aren’t necessarily looking for a D-man).

And we know that after Parise’s contract is done, Nash’s $7.8 million cap hit is going to look like a bargain.

Not to mention the P.A. Parenteau, Ray Whitney, Olli Jokinen contracts.

Last night, in case you missed it, Aaron Portzline, the fine reporter for the Columbus Dispatch, tweeted that, as far as he knows, the list of teams to which Nash would accept a trade includes …  “Detroit, NY Rangers, Philadelphia and San Jose.” He added, “To be clear: there could be one or two more.” Carolina, for some reason, believes it still has a shot at him. Others, including Ottawa, have been told to not bother.

Anyway, I’m not expecting much today only because I’ve spent two days expecting stuff to start rolling, and I have two important appointments today (no, not those kind of appointments where you smack a ball around and enjoy yourself to whatever degree; these are actual appointments from which I will derive no pleasure). So I’ll be checking in throughout the day, but I might not be here to update immediately.

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  1. Parise and Suter are starting to piss me off now. Surely they have no more than 5 or 6 offers from teams they really would sign for, and if i was them i’d have been looking at places to live already around my favourite possible destinations. They must know about the team, its facilities etc already as well as having had family discussions prior to free agency. Its the agents job to deal with the money and contract side of things.
    Get it done today, there are people waiting on you!!

  2. Carp
    this is where i read that flyers aren’t even on nash’s list of acceptable teams
    from Larry Brooks
    (7th paragraph)
    believe i read a tweet or two (maybe it was Larry again) that said the same thing
    either Larry’s got it wrong
    asportzline has got it wrong (and this tweet isn’t exactly helpful
    “The Philadelphia Flyers are most definitely on Rick Nash’s “approved” list. Don’t pretend to know exact list, but Flyers are indeed on it.”
    nobody knows nothing

    hoping this all just a game for Sather and we get ryan and/or doan for a lower cost or just $

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    I envision the free agency process including national tours of free agents like happen in the NFL at some point.

  4. ..i’m bored waiting for the free agent circus to get into full gear, so the trailer which is the trade market can sort itself out too.

    Then we can all start discussing line combos again for 3 months till training camp starts!!

  5. Sioux-per-man on

    Good Morning Carp.

    Do you think a Nash Deal surfaces today?

    I’m hoping for a Parise sighting out west!!

  6. I would not be disappointed or surprised if the Rangers tread water in the trade market and wait until the big deals have cleared before buying some free agtent help. I am surprised to hear anyone criticizing the leading free agents for taking their time in sifting through the offers and making a decision…that’s their prerogative! I say Rick Nash either stays in Columbus or ends up in Philly. Why sacrifice some of the core of our team for a little more scoring up front? Dubinsky could have a comeback year, lots of possible solutions from our within own system.

  7. If he stays, at $4m Dubinsky better have a comeback year! Otherwise we will be seriously short of scoring help. Unless Kreider is the saviour and pots 40 in his first season and Gaby comes back with 30 or more after his surgery.

  8. The reason i criticise them is because you know its such a a big decision, you know the date, you have a team of agents in place who if they are doing their jobs should be able to predict who is coming and roughly how much, giving the player a chance to start thinking preferences and discuss with family, do a bit of research themselves etc.

    Unless someone throws a huge curveball in there then it should be a fairly straightforward decision. I mean hey, whats a few million either way when JP’s kid will probably be looking at a figure north of $80m, possibly even Crybaby money?

    I think Parise will sign in Pittsburgh and Suter will be a Red Wing. I also think Doan will stay in the desert. Will it all happen today? Scott Howson hopes so!

  9. leetchhalloffame on

    The longer the Parise fiasco drones on the more I believe he is staying in NJ.

  10. I don’t see Parise staying in NJ. He has to commit to somewhere for 10 years, who knows what and where the future holds there for him and his family. I see him going to a stable franchise like Detroit.

  11. I bet the Parise holdup is his fiance. and I bet she wants to stay right where she is. #NJD or #NYR.

  12. I’m not as sure about him leaving as I was about him not becoming a Ranger, but if I had to bet I go with leaving.

  13. parise will be a penguin by noon today. makes perfect sense for him. play with skid not be the guy collect millions and prob win a few cups. makes me sick.

  14. The fiancé may also be saying wait you mean you could commit for 10 and we may end up in Quebec City against our will? No thanks.

  15. I am not convinced the NYR are out of the Parise sweepstakes. If Zach is asking his father for advice, we all know the answer. If the front loaded $$$ is an issue ($24 mil total by next July 1st) the NYR can pay it. In this economy, how many teams are GUARANTEED to be solvent 10 years from now?

    Think about it Zach.

  16. I could see Pens as well, not sure about their finances since the bankrupt days but they’re probably fine.

  17. 0% chance Parise comes to the Rangers. Zero. Suter will be a Red Wing and Parise will probably be a Devil and if not, he will probably be the face of the Minnesota Wild.

  18. One thing we can be sure about is that Philly will have one of Parise, Nash, Ryan or Suter. Maybe even plus Suter.

  19. If Zach’s choice is between 2 teams (as someone has suggested by pulling it out of their backside), why is it taking so long? I remember Theo Fluery was resistant to signing with NY. After some time, he realized it was the BEST place to go. $$$. Stable organization.

    I bet Parise’s agent is telling him that he has to think of the contract as a 10 year deal. Where will the economy be then? NJD is owned by a guy that can’t pay his bills. That agent wants Zach’s $$$, and HIS money too. You don’t think he is fielding an offer from Sather? Who SAID he was gonna be very active in Free Agency?!?

    NYR may not get him, but they are in it. Bet you A**.

  20. for thos paying attention to parise and suter watch i suggest clicking on chatterbox in the widget from yahoo besides staying here. has all the beat writers tweets and rumors.

  21. can we stopm with this ranger nonsense with parise. we are not in the mix. dont you think by now there would be some info leaked that we were on his list. for once the two big fish go elsewhere but if nash is our guy we need to be on our toes.

    parise to pitt suter to red wings/flyers and if nash goes to other team then i dont know where will go from here

  22. just heard prust on xmradio nhl home ice live interview. you could tell he wanted to be a ranger. 2 mil to 2.5 would seal the deal. said ranger were never in the ballpark.

  23. orr

    i guess in parise mind and devils fans mind the pens arent considered rivals like the flyers and rangers are to the devils

  24. chatterbox

    all tweets around hockey from respected people that get info. puck daddy on yahoo has it open

  25. if a guy says there is no way he’ll play for the rangers, at the very least that means you have to convince him to come here with dollars. that’s fine, but that also means that this wasn’t really where he wanted to be. so many players only come to ny for the money and most of them disappoint. parise would be great, but you want guys who want to be here.

  26. I finally saw “GOON” last night. I was quite impressed with it. Really a great job not glorifying the job of Goons while still showing how much the fans love those guys.

  27. This has been pretty boring so far. I don’t see the rangers going anything rediculous this year with free agents. The only thing comming is an attempt at a trade for Nash which I still think Dubi, Miller, a young defenceman but not out of the core 5 we have, and a draft pick should be enough for Columbus. I like Dubi but he only has good years when his contract is up. Then he asks for more money souly on that years production. There is enough talent in Hartford that losing Dubi and Miller won’t hurt the longevity of this team or the production.

  28. Parise says “no way”when asked about the Rangers. It’s been reported Rangers havent even contacted his agents. They havent even though about making an offer. And yet some are still convinced he has a chance of being a Ranger….I dont get the logic.

  29. Punkedpuck I’m not sure Columbus would give us vinny propal for that package.

  30. Lev – I think people just want to have something to be excited about. I think NOT getting Parise is better than getting him. His cap hit is going to be offensive.

  31. jpg, not saying Brooks is wrong … I am saying Portzline has been on top of this story all along and is a lot closer to Nash and Howser.

  32. carp – that’s about as far as they should go, don’t you think? i mean you could substitute someone else and maybe throw in a pick. i would also probably think hard about giving up del zotto rather than one of those two. the rangers have depth there and it might be worth it, though it would be a scary proposition considering how good he might become.

  33. I would make that deal. I really like Hagelin but what can you do. You have to give to get and a 2nd line Center, top 6 winger (for the Blue Jackets) and a top D prospect would be great.

    Problem is, the reports I have seen on this chatterbox waseka say that the Blue Jackets aren’t into the idea of getting a D-Man. Maybe a prospect but apparently they aren’t demanding McBust or Del Zaster.

  34. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Agreed, Manny. Let’s NOT get Parise. If anything, let’s drive up his asking price and years, if he does grace us with allowing his agent to even talk to our GM. Then leave the negotiations.

    He’s too small for what we want. He’s gonna be really old at the end of the contract. And it is a stupid, stupid contract. Once of those for us is enough. We already have a small guy with a long contract that may blow up in our face.

    Let’s only do it again for an elite player. Not Parise.

  35. Carp, how can the Rangers not atleast be floating around the periphery on Parise? Just don’t like him as a fit or at that cost or are they actually sad about his put-on-the-spot-while-still-a-Devil-and-since-walked-back-anyway comment?

  36. Cost mostly, Mister D. Maybe afraid of woefully overpaying another 30-goal scorer (though I think he’s better than that) … maybe a little bit because he said he wouldn’t come here and they’re convinced he was telling the truth. But mostly the $100+ million.

  37. how about del zotto, anisimov or haglin, erixon, a prospect and a 1st round pick.

  38. I like it, Matty. Let’s drive it up! Let’s offer him 20 years at $11M/Per. Just float it out there.

    Parise is flying home to Minnesota to “think.” Not sure he will make a decision today but,
    “anything is possible.” I really think he’s allowed as much time as he wants but this is beginning to tickle me the wrong way. It’s just that he’s holding EVERYTHING up.

  39. Guys if you want Nash get used to the idea of Stepan and MDZ. That’s assuming they accept us giving them Stepan over Kreider. Anything short of that and there are other teams with more to offer.

  40. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    fchamps, I’d do that in a sec. Problem. There’s another team that holds the contract to the player and they sure won’t. Pipe dream.

  41. Let’s cut these guys slack on timing of a 100m decision. I’ve taken longer to decide what socks to wear.

  42. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    I just keep on wondering who will defend our players next year. I hope Slather is not thinking this is it. Are we playing Haley, at 5’11” and 205? Is Asham, also small, going to fight heavyweight fights he has never fought? Ok, then, Boyle?

    Hmmmm…..I ask our GM to do a little thought. A heavyweight with ability is needed. Or, we get our aasen beat to a pulp like 3 years ago and beyond. Anyone available?

  43. Hmmmm…one of the only two credible sources on the ENTIRE interweb that has ACTUALLY BEEN QUOTED has said that,”… Zach Parise would be a great fit on the NYR…” Who just happens to be who Zach is ALLEGEDLY consulting (and making the decision take so long).

    The other quote came directly from Zach’s mouth (who was asked that question IN THE DEVIL’S FACILITY).

    I am not saying Zach is gonna sign in NYR. I am saying that he has to be considering any offer that Sather has put forward or will put forward.

    I am not a Ranger homer either. I am just trying to think why he is waiting so long.

    I don’t think the NYR should offer the farm for Nash or even Ryan. This is a UFA the NYR really need. Timing, quality of the player, and the imediate need Parise fills is probably greater than it has ever been for the NYR.

  44. columbus covets stepan and kreider not mac from reports. my guess when flyers lose out on both parise and suter they get nash assuming he waives to go there where there have been conflicting reports

  45. Followup Carp: While the overall money (AAV & total) is larger, Parise (I would think) is acknowledged as the better overall player and is 3 years younger. Do you think this avoidance of Parise is, in any way, shape or form, confirmation that the Richards deal was made with the implicit possibility of a future buyout? Like they expected to be able to wipe one deal off the books with the new CBA and Richards was signed knowing he could be that deal (a contract front-loaded despite a full NMC-NTC because Richards’ side recognized and accepted the same). Or is that me being a nerdy accountant who is reading waaaaaaay too much into the front office’s potential overall thinking?

  46. cw

    we arent involved on parise the hold up is pens or back to devils. no doubt in my mind.

    i cant believe the people on here still saying parise to rangers. its not happening

  47. HugeRangersfanfromTx on

    There’s no chance the NYR are in on Parise…they haven’t had ANY contact according to anybody with him, right Carp?

    Parise is just taking his time to make a life changing decision…unfortunately, there’s no chance he’s a Ranger.

  48. But if the Flyers won’t move Couterier (which is supposedly true), how do they even top our no Kreider/McD/Stepan package? With 26 year rookie Matt Read? I just don’t see it.

  49. Again, I am only speculating. For all we know, Minnesota could be the team he is haggling with.

  50. cw I think youre just holding on to any possible chance of him coming here because you really want him on this team. If there was any contact between the Rangers and the #1 available guy, it would have been reported by someone. Time to move on.

  51. Carp,
    Why would Sather say he would be “very active” in the UFA market, and not be very active?

  52. parise to pens prepare yourselves was made possible by trading staal and michalek. play with skid who he played with at shattock st marys prep school make millions and win some cups.

    thats just brutal for us to have to get through to get to a cup.

  53. HugeRangersfanfromTx on


    That’s the worst case scenario for our boys…Crosby with Parise and Malkin with Neal and Kunitz is going to be, like you said, brutal for the Rangers to go through.

    If it comes down to Pitt or NJ for him then he better head back to the NJD…otherwise NYR are in trouble.

  54. Cant it also be possible that Sather has been active but the players just havent accepted his offers and chose to go elsewhere for whatever reasons? Konopka for example.

  55. Lev,
    If you have ever read any of my previous posts, I have said I prefer to sign UFA’s to make a 2 year bridge to allow the kids we have to develop. I have always been very suspect of the NYR kids, but now I think the NYR have built a solid future. I have followed JT Miller this past year and I think he is gonna be every bit as good as Kreider. I don’t wanna trade any of these guys and neither does Sather.

    Sather said he would be “very active” in the UFA market. I am just taking him at his word. I would personaly endorse a Doan deal.

    I am not necessarily advocating the Parise signing. I am just speculating why there is a hold up.

  56. Sioux-per-man on

    fchamps that is WAY to much for 1 player. That’s equivelent of 4 first rounders and a prospect for on 30-30 point player. Trade away 3 guys 120+ pts for 60. No Way.

    I think a combination of Dubi, Anisimov or Hagelin, one of Miller/Thomas/McIlrath/St Crioux, and the 1st Rounder. Would be the limit Sather would go.

    2 Roster players, one key prospect, and the 1st round pick. (They already plucked JAM off the Whale roster, not that it matters – but he was the top scorer for the Whale last year).

    Any more top players and this team would go backwards with this trade. If they trade Dell Zotto, then both Anisimov/Hags come off the board.

    Who know how desperate Sather will be, if Parise lands in Pitt.

  57. Lev,
    Maybe the NYR offer went straight from the fax tray to the garbage. Maybe Zach has absolutely no intent on signing in NYR. I am only speculating.

  58. maybe to him, “active” means Asham, Haley, Bickel and his own RFAs? Or maybe he’s planning on filling some holes with role guys once the dominoes start to fall? I don’t know.

  59. cw – have you been reading anything? The New York Rangers have *not* contacted the Parise camp. There has been *no* offer. There will be *no* offer.

  60. If the NYR and Columbus are seriously negotiating for a Nash trade, why would Howson pluck that kid from Hartford? Seems a little coincidental/spiteful. Not sure Sather and Howson are gonna seal any Nash deal.

  61. Yea Lev, I bet we made an offer to Konopka that wasn’t in the ballpark of what he got and I am sure we made an offer on Garrison but it wasn’t in the ballpark and we made an offer to Prust, not in the ballpark and we made an offer on Whitney, not in the ballpark….etc….etc….etc….

    All those guys were OVERPAID. So good job Sather!

  62. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – How much is to much for Nash? What are your thoughts if you don’t mind sharing????

  63. “Active” to Sather means fishing in Alberta for 10 hours rather than 8. Or eating _two_ cigars in a day.

  64. Listen, you know I love you, but I just can’t take this….
    You know I love you, but I’m playing for keeps…..
    Although I need you, I’m not gonna make this…..
    You know I want to, but I’m in too deep …..

  65. i dont think we were in on garrison because sather wouldnt want him to be the highest paid player on the team defense. staal 3.9 girardi 3.3

  66. I am actually listening to Louis CK on the BS Report. I will have TSN on later when it’s trade time in the Midwest.

  67. Sioux-per-man on

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Parise signs with the Wild, so would Suter. I wonder if they are talking to each other, they are friends. Suter has a farm in Wisconsin. It could happen. (Much better than Pitt)

    MN thinks they are going to win this race. (We all hope they do!!!)

  68. Carp, Lev, etc.
    One thing that got me really thinking about the Parise offer(s) was what Greg Button was saying about Zach making his decision. Asking his fiance, his father, the agent discussing the financial health of the team (and the team’s city). It isn’t just Sid asking his buddy to come play. It is his agent telling him who can pay him for 10 years, options outside of hockey (ads, etc.) and how he fits on the team.

  69. “Andy Griffith died…”

    … without the 2012 NHL free agency settled. I hope you’re happy, Zach and Ryan!

  70. Good point, The Doctor. He probably just gave up while looking at twitter and being angry.
    “Back in my day we had to make decisions on a deadline. Pride meant something….”

  71. The Doctor, I stole your amazing joke and put it on Facebook. Sorry. LW knows that I love to *copy*

  72. HugeRangersfanfromTx on

    LeBrun just tweeted a quote from Suter’s agent about asking a young man to commit for 13 years.

    Someone is offering Suter THIRTEEN YEARS!?


  73. sather said he was going to be active, not that he was going to get fleeced. is there anyone that’s signed somewhere (other than the defenseman in edmonton) who was worth what they got or that the rangers missed out on? not yet.

  74. “I’ll show those selfish, composite stick using, look-at-me-be-a-free-agent twittering facebookers.”

    [makes self die]

  75. As long as you admit to taking the joke, its not really taking it. Otherwise jokes would never get passed on.

  76. suter according to montreal radio has a 13 yr offer on table. can you say philadelphia flyers wouldnt shock me

  77. “I like the idea of making himself die vs. a suicide.”

    Right, a face of angry concentration then … fin.

  78. Matteau,

    Catching up from last night. Yes, I used his (Nash) career average per 82 games SOG and shooting %. I can certainly allow for improvement in both areas for a host of different reasons. My main contention is that I am skeptical to increasing both at the same time and thus geometrically increasing his scoring efficiency, particularly when his past 3 seasons of goal scoring have suggested he’s slowing down.

    But hey, if he’s playing with the Rangers he’s playing against the likes of Bryzgalov, Uncle Daddy and Isles goalies 1 through 15, 18 times a year and maybe he’ll see a few more pucks hit the back of the net.

  79. Anyone feel like reacting to the Carey Price extension? 6 years $39M? That’s a bunch of Coin.

  80. But to get to 40 goals you can hold constant his 13% average, while assuming he will have over 300 shots as he did 3 out of last 5 years. Not a great statistical leap.

  81. 13 years just let’s the team frontload the deal and payoff the player with like $1 million per in the latter years. It’s just a way to load up the contract. I doubt anyone expects him to play that long.

  82. one thing that is annoying me is these tweets about nash and once parise signs teams better get ready to deal for nash because the list will grow. Nash’s camp has said several times already that nash is not expanding his list. The other one is how the flyers are hot on the trail. Why would the flyers trade there young core for a offensive forward when there weakness is defense. I stopped reading all the nonsense.

  83. Suter really could play 13 years, takes him to 40. And I thought the Ilya debacle ruled out $1MM years tacked on at the end.

  84. rinne and hank are the only two goalies in league now with higher cap hit then price

  85. “Why would the flyers trade there young core for a offensive forward when there weakness is defense. I stopped reading all the nonsense.”

    Yup. And, like I asked above, who are they even offering for Nash or Ryan? Read can’t be a headliner in a logical world and Couterier is supposedly untouchable.

  86. FWIW, my Flyers fan friends expect to whiff on Suter and trade for Bouwmeester.

  87. Like I said, I’m willing to believe that he can score that many again. He could have that year where a few more pucks go in that weren’t going in during the past few years. He’s shot as 18% and shot as many as 329 shots.

    But 40 is the bare minimum that we should expect from a guy that carries his cap hit. We expect it from Gaborik, Devils fan expect it from Kovalchuk (with a smaller hit but bigger contract) and I think fans of whatever team Zach-wagon picks are going to expect 40 from him too.

    The stumbling block is that for him to get to 40 he’s going to have to reverse some trends that he’s been experiencing the last few seasons. And the older he gets, the less I would expect him to reverse those trends. There’s nothing wrong with nor nothing anyone can do about him conforming to typical age and production curves to which the vast majority of NHL players conform.

  88. I LOVE that a Habs fan is claiming that John Scott should have been signed for the 4th line and none of Bergevin’s moves make the team tougher! Bweahahahaha SCOTT JOHNSTON

  89. Interesting that everyone is certain about Parise signing in Pittsburgh…except Parise.

  90. Prust’s comment that the Rangers weren’t close IMHO indicates 1) The organization put a value on what Prust can contribute to this team and apparently valued it less than what many fans would have. 2) The Rangers are sticking to their plan regarding salaries and personnel (take note, Mr. Howser).

    It certainly appears that the Rangers will not be one of those teams affected with the overspending virus. I think we’ve become one of the teams that players want to be a part of because our future looks bright. We’ll offer you a fair salary, treat you well and ask you to work your butt off. In return, we’ll provide a realistic opportunity for you to lift the Cup over your head sometime in the near future.

  91. Someone just tweeted this: (Babcock is *in* Minn)

    @UND_WIH@ Honestly just walked past Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock in the MSP airport!! I wonder what he is doing here #parise

  92. Incarcerated Bob had Parise to Pittsburgh confirmed yesterday. Nailed another one.

  93. @Russostrib@ Zach Parise’s camp says decision will “probably [be] later today” #mnwild #nhl #penguins #devils #redwings #blackhawks #flyers #anyoneelse

  94. yes, it finally appears that Sather and his crew have the right direction. Build from within and fill a hole here and there in free agency when needed and no stupid contracts even though richards contract isn’t good.

  95. I for one don’t believe the Dubinsky rehab rumor simply because no one that picks his nose that much could ever develop a habit with that stuff. It wouldn’t stay up there long enough.

  96. Czechthemout!!! on


    You are correct. The 13 year offer is from the Flyers. By the way, there is no chance that Nash goes to the Flyers. He already vetoed a trade there unless he’ s changed his mind. And unless Howson wants to get fleeced once again by Holmgren, the Flyers will not give up Schenn,Cotourier. Symmonds by himself is not enough. Hartnell will not be traded, and Giroux of course is off limits. The Flyers don’t have the prospects ( when did you ever believe you could say that about the Rangers ) that we do. And If Matt Read and a bag of pucks get moved for Nash, the NHL should conduct and investigation after Howson gets fired to find out if the Flyers are paid him under the table.

  97. come on parise do whats right go back home and join the wild. i will root for you then

  98. Way to go, Carl. I like how he essentially has matching hair with both of his lady friends.

  99. by the way if anyone wants 3 wednesday night games from me i cant make wed games.

    11/14 washington
    12/12 montreal (prust returns)
    2/20 montreal prust returns

    face value $73 each ticket $146 per game email me

  100. dubinksy was in druge rehab? i doubt it. he just got married –

  101. Love the chatterbox, Eric. It’s even what my Mom used to call me when I was a young’un.

  102. if your a red wing fan you have to like babcock waiting at the gate in minny to greet parise off his flight from toronto was tweeted

  103. ok ok here we go! he’s coming! breaking news in 10 minutes. stay tuned… don’t change the channel… finally.

  104. Tweet from Bobby Holik: “Zach Parise,Ryan Suter make a decision already!! It’s ONLY a game that you will get 80-100 mil to play #notarealjob, been there”

    I love the sentiment, hate that he’s the guy who said it.

  105. If those Ladies are Carl’s sisters (which would explain the hair similarity) then I hope his country doesn’t have silly rules about family relations…

  106. @andystrickland@ Having seen plenty of Bobby Ryan and Nash I’d put more effort in getting Ryan on my team #Ducks #cbj

  107. marty on parise on wfan the longer he waits the more i think he comes back to devils. gut feeling he comes back.

  108. you chose the $73 seats this year,I remember you posted you might be choosing the $50or$53

  109. So, for blog debate. Why do some people think Parise willsign with the pens? it makes no sense. If the Penguins sign parise to a huge contract than what will happpen when Malkin is due for a new contract. That means if they sin Malkin also, allot of there cap will be tied into three players, makes no sense. I think it’s a toss up between the Red Wings/Wild/devils.

  110. I’m with you Tommy: The longer this goes, the more I think the Pens for Parise and Wings for Suter aren’t the no-brainers everyone thought.

  111. nyr 1979

    as of now i still have the $73 seats because nothing has opened up at the moment for me to move 7 or 8 rows back to the $53 or $50 seats

  112. Stralman likely to remain a Ranger, says twitter Brooksie. I don’t really like Stralman.

  113. “Did we make an offer sheet to Evander Kane yet?”

    My face would explode with happiness.

  114. as much as i like Feds i think it’s time for him to move on… can you imagine how much slower he’ll be this year? why keep a guy who woke up only in the last game of the playoffs?

  115. “and btw, Hagelin has a brother… no sisters. Tho, i could be wrong”

    Then that is one *hot* brother.

  116. I think Stralman is an excellent guy to keep as a 6th dman. Really was not a bad player for us. One of the better players in the playoffs too. I was impressed.

  117. *NEWS* @andystrickland@ Erik Johnson and the Colorado #Avs have finalized a 4 year contract extension

  118. “parise to pens prepare yourselves was made possible by trading staal and michalek. play with skid who he played with at shattock st marys prep school make millions and win some cups.

    thats just brutal for us to have to get through to get to a cup.”

    True eric but the pens were a better team with Jordan Staal than they would be with Parise. In fact I dont even know why they are targeting him, scoring has never been their problem, its defense and consistent goaltending and since winning the Cup they’ve basically allowed aln awful lot of their D (Scuderi, Goligoski, etc) to get away one way or another.

  119. the pens and flyers are allot a like. Very good offense but weak on the blueline and goaltending.

  120. yes, that I is true, nash to rangers or sharks. I read the sharks have a package ready for Nash and they are waiting for parise to sign before they make there pitch. I think nash will end up in San Jose.

  121. i see nash going to sharks as well with pavelski and clowe and some prospects goign

  122. I did hear Pavelski’s name mentioned also – but Howson apparently was asking for Logan Couture also and SJ say he’s untouchable, no doubt they would wan to offload a d-man as part of the deal , but i dont see Clowe going anywhere.

  123. The Sharks will be trading Pavelski after we get through trading Callahan. There’s another etam that should really focus on the other side of the puck….

    And frankly if Columbus isnt looking for D (why would any team not be looking for D?) then the Rangers should have the assets to make Nash happen without including any of the untouchables. But it is Howson they’re dealing with.

    You know in a cap world, any team that makes themselves better in one area ususally has to make themselves worse in another area. You can point at the stats all you like but we all know better – obviously the Rangers did not score enough in the playoffs, but they scored more than Washington or Ottawa, and almost New Jersey. The Rangers need a healthy Gaborik, some more experience and more depth that Tortorella trusts to put out there so he can roll 4 lines and 3 sets of D so everyone isn’t exhausted by round two. That’s what killed them. Free agency is not a good way to build a team (not sure if it ever has been, Theo and Valeri) and this year is especially bad. If we can get Nash on our terms, great.

  124. Czechthemout!!! on

    There is no way that SJ trades their best center. Thornton is not anymore. Pavelski is. Logan Couture is untouchable. Again, unless SJ changes it’s mind and trades Couture, they don’t have the horses either to pull off a Nash trade.

    I love how Howson continues to use Dreger to try and create a buzz around all the frenzy that will ensue around Nash when Parise signs. It’s so transparent its silly.

  125. NHL Salary Cap – What a joke it is basically any team can circumvent the Salary Cap with front loaded long term contracts. It must piss of Bettman and his brillant league executives to no end!

  126. $3 million+ for Bryce Salvador

    this could be the most pathetic free agency market ever

  127. there is a decent possibilty Nash won’t get traded. It’s a game of chicken between nash’s camp and Howson. Nash won’t expand his list and Howson is smoking some really good stuff. Something will have to give or that situation is going to get ugly.

  128. Czechthemout!!! on

    Another ridiculous signing. Lou is currently putting back together the entire Devils team that lost out in the finals. I don’t believe they’ve lost anyone except for Boulton( who cares ) . I think Parise stays with them and Suter goes to Detroit.

  129. according to source with knowledge jagr isnt interested in habs or bruins talking with dallas stars now is the latest tweet

  130. yea, I agree, that has been my thinking all along, suter to the red wings and parise stays with the devils.

  131. Sioux-per-man on

    Nash wants to go to the Rangers. I find it hard to believe the Sharks have more to offer than the Rangers. We will see.

  132. “2012 NHL Playoffs? More like the 2012 NHL *Pay*offs, amiright???” – Bryce Salvador

  133. SLACKING Sorry. I was out buying a Fisher Space Pen with Staples rewards…

    @kuklaskorner@ New Jersey Devils retain Bryce Salvador’s services: From TSN’s Darren Dreger: Bryce Salvador agrees to 3 year, $9.5…

  134. @NHLFlyers@ #Flyers have signed defensemen Cullen Eddy & Danny Syvret, and forward Mike Testwuide to contracts

  135. Sioux-per-man on

    Or Both Suter and Parise sign with the Red Wings!!!!

    Something tells me they might sign with the same team. Maybe take a package deal to play together. It has that feeling.

    They both like the mid west. Red Wings and Wild have cap space for both.

    It could happen.

    I would wait another week……. as long as they don’t sign up for the Penguins :)

  136. Czechthemout!!! on

    I think it’s time that I a 45 year old 30 lbs over weight and out of shape recreational hockey player come out of self imposed retirement. I cold tell them I am a goon or better yet, a right defenseman. Maybe I can get a 2 year 3 million dollar contract as well from one of these teams who were the ones crying and demanding a salary cap. You know the culprits. The Calgary,Dallas,Buffulo’s,Oilers of the world,who are now writing outrageous checks to scrubs. Why not me?

  137. Czechthemout!!!, that’s funny you said that about teams crying for a cap. I was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday when all those contracts were being signed. I thought Fehr is going to have a field day with Buttman and the owners when they try and cry about the cap.

  138. MDZ got the message from Boneheads at Ranger Report. tweeted “7AM workout – nothing better” this morning. Eric must be pleased!!!!!!!!

  139. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Sioux i agree with your thinking, especially with Lidstrom retired they see Suter as a good replacement long term. For Parise, i wonder if the fact that Mich is right next door to Minnesota and always a cup contender could be a good suitor for him. Also, to go to the western conference might ease the pain of playing NJ 6 times a yr.

  140. I agree, I’ve been thinking all along suter to the Red wings to replace lindstrom.

  141. “Incarcerated Bob” is an insult to retards. That guy has about as much insider information as our boy Roddie.

    And to his rumors of Parise to the Pens, good. I would love to see how that team fairs with no farm system and zero defense, and a sieve like Fleury in net.

  142. We all hate Lamoriello – but wouldn’t we like him to be our Pres/GM though!!

  143. salvador close to parise situation said didnt want to say too much believes parise there is a chance will still resign

  144. Czechthemout!!! on


    It’s worse than that. The owners are going to have a tough time explaining to Fehr and the players how they can’t make money when revenue is up 50+% in 5 seasons. I was never a fan of the salary cap because as you can see, it doesn’t work. Competition is what works. If you cant compete against other teams, get out of the business. The league already has way too many teams. Alberta should have two teams? Not for long. When oil prices go down again and the US dollar rises up against the Canadian dollar, and they will, both those teams will be crying poverty. A strong US currency will cause oil prices to collapse and currencies will follow.

    There is way too much dilution in the NHL. That’s why the scoring is down. Players like Rupp,Asham,Prust,,Jokinen,Whitney are still in the league. These the first players that came to mind. There is a whole bunch more who have no business playing in anything other than the AHL or the ECHL.

  145. Parise staying in NJ will be the dumbest career decision in the history of all dumb decisions. If he wanted to stay in NJ we would know about it by now.

  146. New predictions time?

    Parise: Minnesota
    Suter: Detroit
    Nash: San Jose
    Ryan: Stays in Anaheim
    Prust: Montreal

  147. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hey, any more Darren Dreger, I mean Scott Howson planted twitter updates about other teams he is supposedly negotiating wit the Nash will not accept a trade to?

  148. Mrs. Papa Bear on

    3CP – you convinced me – 98% guarantee he stays in Jersey, not 100% because I didn’t hear it yet on Rangers Report from Rod or Incarcerated Bob that he was staying in NJ.

  149. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I agree CCCP. We obviously also know that its not about the $. He will get his $. It is about Family and a chance at a Stanley Cup. another reason it will not be Minnesota, bc if you think Backstrom is going to take them their you are mistaken. My $ is on Det!

  150. Czechthemout!!! on

    Suter: Detroit

    Parise: NJ

    Nash: NY

    Ryan: Philly

    Weber: Pittsburg at the deadline for James Neal straight up.

  151. prediction time

    nash-san jose
    ryan- flyers
    stralman feds-rangers

  152. Parise – Devil
    Suter – Red Wing
    Nash – Anaheim
    Ryan – Rangers
    John Scott – Islanders

  153. “Weber: Pittsburg at the deadline for James Neal straight up.”

    Oooo. I want to sit on this one for a while and think about it.

  154. That’s a really intriguing deal actually. I just think that Trading WWEber depends on what happens to Suter.

  155. Parise – Devil

    Suter – Devil

    Nash – Devil

    Ryan – Devil

    Scott – Yankees

    Poti – Ranger

  156. I wish all trades were straight up one for ones. Debating would be so much more interesting.

  157. Czechthemout!!! on

    And then I bet you they land either Perry or Getzlaf at or around the deadline as well.

  158. Could you imagine the haul that they would get for Corey Perry in a trade? Unreal.

  159. Remember guys, Getzlaf is coming off a horrid season. He sat on 9 goals for the majority of it. In fact at one point he had the same amount of goals as Carter had hits.

  160. I gather things are pretty dead since you are having a “who’s going where” contest, bozos? :-)

  161. Subban is still and RFA. I wouldn’t mind a shot at him. Kind of a plan C-2 after Plan A being Evander Kane. Habs are CLOSE to the cap. Close.

  162. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    Nashville is toast. Especially now that Suter is leaving. The have no scoring. And a suspect defense without Suter and don’t forget, they also lost Bullion. Not a big name, but he played well for them. The best thing they’ve done is sign Gaustad to a ridiculously high contract. That’s not saying much.

  163. Czechthemout!!! on


    If the deal was today, they would get a huge haul for Perry. I think Perry will test UFA. As will Getzlaf if the Ducks have a poor season. Should they not sign, the haul will not be nearly as large.

  164. Right, I get the Nashville side from a roster assurance standpoint, but I can’t decide for Pittsburgh. That’s where I’m torn.

  165. TheFourthPeriod:
    Ducks want a center (likely 2nd line), a young winger and prospect or high pick for Ryan. Eventually, someone will step up. [via Twitter]

    Stepan, Anisimov, Thomas?

  166. Czechthemout!!! on

    Suter is a very good but not great defenseman. Nashville can’t score. They brought back Radulov and brought in Kostytsyn which helped them enough to get them out of the first round. Remember, if Suter leaves so will Weber.

  167. i could see sather doing something tom thinking the media will be busy with july 4th nonsense not realizing they will drop whatever they are doing to report on what he does

  168. If they would take Anisimov I would do it in a heartbeat. Thomas as well. What about Newbury? We just signed him, right? He can fight and take faceoffs!

  169. I think Getzlaf and Perry will both re-sign, that is why they are trading Ryan and dont want salary in return – that $5m+ will go a long way to increasing those $5.3m deals they are both on and will put them in the $7m+ bracket which is where they probably should be. Its also why i think Anaheim will be looking for one or two cheaper younger RFA eligible players in return.

    Of course if they hadnt spent $3.7m on Souray they would have even more.

  170. So Shea Weber is currently making $4.5M and if he leaves he is going to want a big raise. Is he really worth $6M+ per?

    With so many defensively responsible D-Men I would LOVE to take a run at PK Subban who is making $850K right now and is young, young, young.

  171. HugeRangersfanfromTx on

    Anyone think there’s any chance Ana takes a package of Artie/Thomas/Erixon for Ryan? Would they consider Anisimov a 2nd line center?


  172. Weber is 26 and very good but if I am paying someone that kind of money his name will be Ryan McDonagh and I will lock him up for a LONG time.

  173. What if the deal is Hagelin / Erixon / Thomas / 1st with San Jose coming to the realization they can make a second deal using one of those pieces to get a center? In or out?

  174. Didn’t Weber get $7m+ in arbitration last year, Manny? Go to Cap Geek and copy and paste it for everybody.

  175. Czechthemout!!! on

    By the way, I would say that McD is already better than Suter. In fact, I think that the only defensemen I would trade McD for would be :

    Shea Weber

    Kris Letang

    Duncan Keith

    Drew Doughty

    Would not trade him for Chara because of age otherwise, I would as well.

    That’s it!

  176. Czechthemout!!! on


    I didn’t mean trade literally. I meant that those are the only defensemen that in my opinion are still better the McD. That could change drastically this year. If McD come anywhere near 50 pts, he will be a Norris trophy candidate. That’s why all the gm’s ask for him.

  177. Doughty is overrated, Keith is too old, LeTang is too small (and looks like LaFlemme), etc…

  178. Czechthemout!!! on

    Letang is a great overall defenseman. He is not a rover. Karlsson is a rover.

    Doughty is not overrated. He is underrated. Drew Doughty is a great defenseman..

    Keith is still young enough and he is the same size as Letang. Both are great players.

  179. Right. I know that Duncan Keith is 28. I said he was “old” when we were talking about McBust, who is only 23. Those 5 years is a huge difference.

  180. someone text me if something big breaks one of you have an hour car ride back home.


  181. Lloyd Braun on

    if Bryce Salvador just got $3 million+ per, Shea Weber should be granted ownerships rights by the Nashville Predators.

  182. Twitter
    As @DarrenDreger noted earlier, growing indications Nash’s “approved” list could expand if not traded by mid-July #elephantgestation #CBJ [via Twitter]

  183. So eric is from Long Island. Do you think he knows my sister-in-law’s fiance Chris?

  184. by the way, the guy we should be trading is staal. tremendously talented, no doubt, but i sometimes don’t think he fits into the positional game other d-men on the rangers play. he’s all over the play. and i think he’s slightly overrated. more than that, the rangers were fine without him. more than fine. he could also potentially bring back a lot more. (with all that said, i realize they won’t move him.)

  185. I don’t know that there’s anyone D I’d trade McDonagh for. Some might be better, but not assuredly better (and younger and cheaper) to actually make a deal. That’s awesome.

  186. only reason Ranger were “fine” and “more than fine” with Staal out is because Sauer played well beyond expectations. And now he’s hurt. No need to trade Staal. Especially not after the encouraging playoffs he had.

  187. Staal is going to give you a bunch of a ups and a couple huge downs/WTF moments. When he starts drifting, it’s ugly, but 75-80% of the time, he’s great. Those WTF moments are pretty killer (when he tries to go end to end, turns the puck over, and is too slow to get back).

    Staal and DZ need to work on their skating speed for this season. If they get that up, no need to worry about our top 4 D (5, if Sauer comes back).

  188. Czech, i wouldnt be surprised to have him add a couple of good teams to the list even if it looks like they have no chance to get him.

  189. @andystrickland@ I’m not suggesting Parise is lying, but multiple players who know him very well made it clear he’s made a decision #NHL

  190. CTBlueshirt on

    How much would Stu Pickels ice time go up if Staal got traded? You think he’d get 7 mins of ice time in the playoffs?

  191. I think Columbus doesn’t exactly want a Defenseman. I think we could keep our big time D-boys.

  192. But with Nash on the team, every Bickel shift will be in the offensive zone. Plus he can take the center ice faceoff after the shift when Nash scores.

  193. NYDNRangers “@NHL_Sens #Sens sign forward Hugh Jessiman to a one-year, two-way contract:” … Former #NYR 1st-rd pick



  194. Lloyd Braun on

    let’s back up a second, suppose you were trying to trade Artem Anisimov straight up. who do you think he could bring back?

  195. True Blue Mike on

    The only reason I would trade Staal is because you have to believe that he will be in Carolina sometime in the next 3 years.

  196. CTBlueshirt on

    He was like 5th in the NHL in faceoffs in mid-December. He’d also probably block Laviolette’s exit off the bench.

  197. According to it could be any of these guys:

    Peter Lee
    Darryl Sutter
    Michel Ouellet
    Mariusz Czerkawski
    Guy Carbonneau
    Stephan Lebeau
    Bert Olmstead
    James van Riemsdyk
    Alexandre Daigle
    Pete Babando

    Too bad they aren’t available…

  198. could be parise was waiting for today’s news to make his decision.
    nj gov christie vetoed tax increase on millionaires for 3rd year in a row.

  199. CTBlueshirt on

    You’re a good poster, having a good year Manny. But I’m 5th on

  200. BJs have d-men. JJ, Toots, Nikitin, Wiz, Aucoin, and Moore on their current roster. They have Goloubef, Holden, and Savard in their system along with a few other pretty good young guys.

  201. We dont believe what you know, Carp. We all want to know what Rod knows!!!

    Cant you unban Rod so -we- I can get some more chuckles?

  202. Russostrib:
    Most amazing thing about Zach Parise: He apologized to me for “going dark for a few days.” Quite the star #mnwild #nhl [via Twitter]

    Russo’s a great reporter but these past couple of days he has gone overboard with the Parise sucking up.

  203. everyone who thinks we can get anything good in a return for staal is dreaming. The only return is with Carolina and it will not be anywhere near what they gave up for Jordan. Everyone in the league knows that Staal is carolina bound once his contract is up. whether he likes it here or not you know that he would love a shot at playing with his brothers. any one who trades for staal now is getting a 3 year rental. so forget about him in a deal for Nash or Ryan. The rangers would rather try to win a Cup with him over the next 3 years and then let him walk. His only value is with us and Carolina right now.

  204. Hey outsiders, got the scoop that everything is pretty much settled. Parise and Suter know where they’re going (and where they’re not) and the Nash, Ryan and Luongo trades are agreed upon but not announced. And rather than my usual overcautious and vague comments, I’m actually going to let you know everything, now, before its announced. First, Parise. Staying in the NHL. Suter? Same. What teams? You know I can’t tell you that. You want me to risk my sources? For you guys? Ha, good one. But I will say, its the same with Nash, Ryan and Luongo. All trades involve NHL teams and NHL players (or players who are the property of NHL teams). When the details come out, I’ll confirm what you already know. That I knew. Before you knew. But now you know just a little bit more. See ya outsiders later.

  205. Oh, we haven’t traded Staal for awhile….Things must be really dead around the NHL.

  206. Youre obsessed CCCP!!!

    Well, I dont know who Steve Ott is. But having met AA and seen his horrible body language, Ill have to go with Ott!

  207. CCCP

    ott is DEFINITELY better than AA
    at bodychecking/smacktalking

    hope that helps

  208. @dchesnokov@ #Caps announced Development Camp roster. They reassigned Semin’s 28 to Jaynen Rissling. Fair to say there’ll be a new 28 in DC?

  209. Aportzline:
    #CBJ likely heading into 12-13 w Bobrovsky / Mason. GM Howson: “That’s the way it stands for now. We’re not pursuing anything right now.” [via Twitter]

    Now THAT will make Nash stay.

  210. thenyrangers The #NYR have officially come to terms with forward Kris Newbury

    Let the season begin!

  211. czechthemout!!!! on

    Anymore asshat info? This is boring waiting on Zach P Gretzky and Ryan S Orr to make up their mind..

  212. Afternoon all,

    Anyone here who is suggesting the Rangers trade Marc Staal obvioiusly didn’t watch the 20
    play-off games he just participated in.

    It was clear to me that as the team went deeper – he got better and better, basically returning to his All-Star form. The concussion he suffered a year ago is way behind him.

    He’s a stud d-man, folks. And you don’t trade players like that.

  213. Tyree:

    “any one who trades for staal now is getting a 3 year rental”

    Geeeeeeeezzzzzzzz……3 year rental ….. Used to be called a long term contract!!!!

  214. EXACTLY BEN!!!! I said the same thing a few days ago. Sather has Staal and Girardi locked up at great prices. Staal was great down the stretch and in the playoffs. I think he is going to have a monster year.

  215. I am starting to believe that AUTHORBEN should be our next GM.

    Boneheads – Can i get an amen please….

  216. I need to be the Rangers GM. Id do extreme background checks on every organization member and player to make sure they have no ties of any capacity to Boston. Id also make sure there was a gag order in place so that no words would ever be spoken to the media. Everything stays in house.

  217. fivefootzero on

    Nasty!!! Where ya been? They changed my daughters scheduled (frigged it up entirely to be honest with you)…changed days/times/coach (knew about this but not the rest).

  218. I think your wrong carp sather is way to quiet. If he really wanted Nash he would be a ranger already sather has proven it time and again. Maloney on MSG last night said Glen will suprise all the fans with this upcoming move. He will be bringing in an elite scorer. Trading for Nash or Ryan isn’t going to surprise anyone

  219. FiveFoot, her session ended, but she will be signed back up again eventually. What does your daughter go for? Gymnastics or tumbling for cheer? Also, what night do you go now?

  220. aportsline

    speaking of trade talks been told repeatedly howson hasnt demanded mcdonagh stepan and kreider in trade talks with rangers for nash

  221. fivefootzero on

    Nasty, she goes for gymnastics. Twice a week, 2 hours a class. After her level testing, we got emails with her schedule for the summer (which had essentially not changed). So I signed her up for camp based on 530-730/Tues/Thurs schedule. Well, last week my husband took her and they said it was changed to Wed 530-730 and Thu 330-530. Well, she’s at camp until 5 (and I work until 4)…based on previous schedule. Long story short she will go now through September 3 Mon 430-630 (with her old coach) and Wed 530-730 (with new coach).

    And no Papa, we don’t work…we just refresh!

  222. “And the Blueshirts vaunted “D” has just run off a string of 3 consecutive Norris Trophies”:

    2012/13 – McDonough
    2013/14 – Del Zotto
    2014/15 – Poti

  223. In a shocking move, Glen Sather trades for Malkin AND Stamkos. Giving up only a piece of twine, used gum and a old rusted out Delorean.

  224. The other thing Id do, to skirt the salary cap is…

    Id demand a $100 million a year contract from Dolan with the following understanding in place.

    Id pay each player I wanted via a personal services contract.

    For instance, you guys wanted Prust. The Rangers wouldve signed him to a 6 year, $1M deal towards the salary cap. And on the side, I, the GM, wouldve paid him $3 million a year to clean my house.

    Parise, same thing. $4 million a year by the Rangers and towards the salary cap for 10 years. $16 million a year personal services contract to assist Mr. Prust to clean my house.

    If the leagues can cheat NY by taking away their financial advantage, its only fair to fight fire with fire.

  225. What I watched with my own eyes and even recorded can’t be a lie. I’m not saying it’s parise but parise is sather and torts type of player a more skilled cally that they only need money to get. It just seems like there’s more to this

  226. aportzline from columbus tweets

    told there are multiple ways nyr can get this deal done without kreider stepan and mcdonagh. as noted mcdonagh does not have to be the centerpiece of the deal

  227. Always loved Iron City Beer, and just got a lifetime supply. Plus I get to live with Mario !

  228. Tiki , you had me up until the personal services hogwash….now I’m back with AuthorBen.

  229. Big deal, I get cheese steaks and my face on the side of the Empire State building.

  230. aportzline from columbus tweets

    told there are multiple ways nyr can get this deal done without kreider stepan and mcdonagh. as noted mcdonagh does not have to be the centerpiece of the deal



  231. dreger tweets

    columbus should tell nyr that it doesnt have to be mcdonagh stepan kreider. rangers pitched multiple ways only to get denied

  232. Rangers West on

    For Nash:
    AA, Dubi and Thomas, St. Croix, or 1st rounder? One of the prospects and a 2nd round pick?

    Would want to keep Yogan and Miller, if possible. Maybe add Erixon?

    Too much? Dubi’s contract has to go. Would Rather keep Hags’ speed than AA’s ability to show flashes of 1st/2nd line talent but consistently play like an average 3rd liner.

  233. my hatred for howson growing by the minute

    dubi thomas/miller/hagelin erixon and number 1 and number 2 pick

  234. I want to keep Miller too. Not totally sure why, I’ve only read scouting reports and seen about 20 minutes of him playing, but he seems like our kind of guy.

  235. New York Knicks’ Landry Fields agrees to terms on an offer sheet with the Toronto Raptors: report


  236. oh he went to Toronto… whatever! any news about NY teams is good news! LOL

    thank you czechthemout ;)

  237. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    YorktownRanger has really helped me with Puck and Gavel. Launch definitely on Thursday. This is the last time Doodie Machetto will post.

  238. I’d trade staal for weber straight up good defensively and adds much needed grit on D or I’d trade him for a package of marik Malik, poti and rosival

  239. Dwight Howard to Brooklyn… NOW NY IS SAVED !

    Screw everything… Keep the team as is til trade deadline.

  240. seriously parise and suter freaking decide this is more painful then lebron already. the whole league is in standstill to these two decide.

  241. Or I’d trade staal for Eli manning no wait Tim tebow we need a quarterback on the powerplay and tebow is agile

  242. Im pretty sure Eli Manning can do anything in this world. I wouldnt be surprised if his carcillo smelled like roses. Seriously!

  243. firetorts, er, I mean Ralph, don’t you think that’s what Torts (no apostrophe) wants? Have you ever heard of “safe is death?”

  244. Im pretty sure Eli Manning can do anything in this world. I wouldnt be surprised if his carcillo smelled like roses. Seriously!


    i bet you wouldnt say that if he played for *Boston* :)

  245. Carp, is your job anything like Ray’s on Everyone Likes Raymond? Cause man, that looks sweet.

  246. Does Ray actually ever work? If he really worked at Newsday he’d never be home, especially at night, he wouldn’t be playing golf on Saturdays and Sundays, if he had a beat he’d work 150 consecutive days without a day off, and a lot of that on the road.

    So, no.

  247. Sorry carp getting all pretty to see my daughter for the first time tonight. I shouldn’t say your wrong but I can’t believe a player sather has wanted for years and would fit the system perfectly no matter what he said never heard from the rangers. I think sather told the agent if Zach is interested get all your offers then call us and we’ll give you ours before you decide. I can see that being why he didn’t decide yesterday. I don’t know something don’t seem right. I mean to not call in and atleast find out if he’s interested. I know you speak of the money but when has that been a problem for the rangers when they want someone. And don’t use 4th line players like Prust on me.

  248. Carp, just admit it… Rod does all your work for you, knows everything before it happens, and was right that Eric Staal was going to be moved at this past year’s trade deadline. :)

  249. Hi guys. Is there any reason our Rangers are not pursuinf Semin??? They certainly have the available cash to sign him and trade for Nash.

    Saw some interesting stas on him this AM which stated over the last 4 years he had the 4th best plus / minus among forwards in the NHL. Doesn’t seem like the defensive liability everyone makes him out to be.

    He is a proven goal scorer and would put the Rangers on par with the Pitts and Phillys of the conference as far as firepower goes.

  250. Rod and jbeck, Tiki.

    Ohpuck, not sure what that means, but enjoy seeing your daughter. Just know this, Rangers are not involved in Parise. OK? Can I say that any more clearly?

  251. just want to repost

    looking to move 3 wednesday night games because i cant make wed home games for sure

    11/14 washington
    12/12 montreal (prust returns)
    2/20 montreal (prust returns)

    face value $73 per seat $146 for pair section 214 row 8. these were seats assigned to me i am still in process of trying to move back 8 rows and spend $50 but looks unlikely as of now.

    email me

  252. Hey guys. Just got back from having lunch with all my friends. They are all professional hockey players, GM’s and other insiders from across the league (both Canada and America). They told me that Zach Parise will eventually make a decision and we just have to wait for it. I heard similar stuff about Suter. Also, I was told, and again, this is insider info, so please don’t spread it, that Nash will only be traded if Howson and the Blue Jackets are pleased with the return that they are getting for him. Same with Bobby Ryan.

    I know this is groundbreaking stuff. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am 100% in the know and I have *all* the answers.

  253. I was kidding, Carp. I pretty much knew that it wasn’t. Your description is a pretty good reason I’m glad I didn’t go into the profession, lol.

  254. i dont know whats more frustrating on here last two days people keep talking about rangers in on parise NO CHANCE or prust chatter about how rangers should have resigned him for that price

  255. As Rangers fans we are just rooting for Parise to *NOT* go to the Penguins or Phlyers (if that was even possible). Go West young man.

  256. Holy *CRAP*

    @HeleneStJames@ #RedWings initial offer to Ryan Suter was $80 M, 13 years, now up to $90 M. Team wants to keep cap # reasonable – preferably under $7 M

  257. amen manny thats all that matters parise and suter go west and its a victory for us ranger fans

  258. I’d be interested in seeing Parise stay put and then see how the Devils’ finances look over the next 10 years or so.

  259. @HeleneStJames@ #RedWings still have offer out to UFA F Zach Parise, but if can’t get him, will go hard after UFA F Shane Doan July 9.

  260. I like the social theory aspect of that, Carp but as a Rangers fan it scares me.

  261. True dat, Carp. I’m just keeping myself amused while killing time in the hospital

  262. 90 million over 13 years????!!! DAYUM. Why wasn’t I blessed with super athlete genes???

  263. here’s to hoping that parise ends up signing close to home in minnesota.

    too bad you’re view that Future Ranger Parise will not come true.
    i guess, there are those who are hoping against hope

  264. Im a bit nervous. Boston has been really really quiet. Im waiting for the other shoe to drop… like when out of the blue, its announced theve acquired both Hurricane Staals and Jeff Skinner for Tim Thomas’ contract. Them being this quiet is just very scary.

  265. Carp I’m not saying the rangers will get parise Or are even in on him but to say there’s no interest or they never reached out to his agent I find that extremely hard to believe. As I said before torts favorite player by far is cally and parise is a more skilled cally that brings the same leadership and defense cally does. Plus all the playoff experience. And for everyone else clb doesn’t want a package focused on a defenseman so the stall theory is wrong. I’d still trade stall for weber though.

  266. I rode that horse for as long and as hard as I could, jpg. I honestly thought, right up to July 1, that they’d be in it. But it was fun typing that for 82 games.

  267. manny

    the chatterbox closed at 1215 in the morning last night so dont go anywhere

  268. ohpuck, for the record, if I was Sather, I would have been all-in on Parise … and Kovalchuk instead of Richards.

  269. I am going to assume that $90M at 13 years means that Suter and the @Red@ Wings are just ironing out the NTC’s and such.

  270. Why do I suspect Howson’s “concsession” involves both Hagelin and MDZ and McIlrath and Miller and a 1st.

  271. whats diff then last two days is btwn parise and suter this is the first time we know what team offered what with leaking 13 yr 90 from wings to suter

  272. holy carcillo Carp!!
    can’t believe i spelled ‘your’ incorrectly
    what happens when the mind is wandering

    must spend next 2 minutes away from blog
    in shame

  273. Give Howser like 2 used colostomy bags and a stale loaf of bread for Nash. That’s about all he’s worth to me right now.

  274. Lloyd Braun on

    oh good, Kris Newbury

    another one of the power moves we’ve come to expect from this GM

  275. Hey Carp. Can he be any worse than Gabby on defense? I am willing to venture that Torts can make a difference in his “D”game just like Dale Hunter did.

  276. Would anyone do a Hagelin, AA, Thomas and a first for Nash? Nash would take Hags spot on the first line, and AA can easily be replaced

  277. “I’m am STILL surprised that the Rangers aren’t in on him”


    Slats likes to surprise everybody.

  278. Carp you know jbeck? He was a guy who really messed around with people the kids from Boston college hockey team use that handle and go to all the team blogs and mess around

  279. yeah, jbeck claimed he works for the Rangers and was at the draft table with Sather. and that if I wasn’t nice to him, the players weren’t going to talk to me anymore. I’m still laughing.

  280. Campoli
    checked……..there are a bunch of Darren Dreger twitter accounts
    all fake but the One True Dreger

    looked at that one and no mention
    short version via CCCP

  281. Lol, we’ve had some geniuses over the years, eh? I miss some of them, though….I think

  282. leetchhalloffame on


  283. rob rossi pens beat writer so far as ive been told recently pens still in play for parise and feelings havent changed how it will play out for them

  284. @Aportzline@ RT @DarrenDreger: Not bashing Howson, but it took Rutherford / Shero hrs to make Staal trade. NYR also came close on same deal. / ‘Tis true.

  285. dreger and aportzline going back and forth on howson bashing

    dreger says

    not bashing howson but it took rutherford and shero hrs on staal trade and nyr came close on that one

  286. That would have been some deal, another Stall. Then they would have had to sign him for $60M or whatever he got.

  287. CTBlueshirt on

    Perfect choice
    Pleasurable outcome
    Plan the parade
    Potent power play
    Pure sniper
    Pass the Cup to Captain Cally
    Pandemonium in the Canyon of Heroes

  288. josh yohe who covers pens

    if pens do acquire suter look for paul martin to be moved to nashville.

    twitter starting to pick up.

    i feel something big soon

    get it done before the 4th tom

  289. wings plane returned from madison (suter home) 20 mins ago media not allowed on grounds no interviews

  290. Hey, Carp…

    No rush, Eric, some things are better when they take time. Like pregnancy. Speaking of which, mrs is exactly 37 weeks today. The baby is officially full-term.

    Other good news- everybody survived first couple of days of new residents in the hospital. That includes patients :-)

  291. For all the semen haters please turn to the NHL network and watch as he is playing a physical game, skating all over the rangers. Oh and may I add he is playing defense as well.

  292. eric, can I ask you a serious question? Im hoping for some idea on how to help myself.

    How do you function, and be able to have a wife and child, and presumably a job… when youre obsessed with the Rangers and them winning is life and death for you? And also with the fact that you presumably you hate the Devils and/or Philly, Pitts?

  293. ilbs! ilbs! ilbs! ilbs!! Yay!! How are Casey and Leo dealing with news of the imminent arrival?

  294. Earlier I meant to post as JBeck @3:58 and it would have been funny but instead I used my own name. #epicfail

  295. Tiki, I’m sure the dogs think that mrs and I opened a baby products business in our house. So does the UPS delivery guy.

  296. tiki

    good question if i new the answer i would tell you. seriously not sure how i do it. once i get home its chaos though

  297. good luck ilb awesome times ahead

    no suter decision today says his agent

    going home now tiki

  298. Parise, according to Michael Russo, said money “plays a very small factor in it.” What a large pile of carcillo.

  299. I think that just means he is choosing between Devils and Wild. Both have significance to his cold, money greedy heart, Carp.

  300. Manny July 3rd, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Earlier I meant to post as JBeck @3:58 and it would have been funny but instead I used my own name. #epicfail

  301. Speaking of ilb and dates, Ive been wanting to rank the hottest RR men. Of the ones ive met or seen pictures of,

    I dont have an exact order, but the top 5 IMO are clearly,


  302. Carp
    like that you called the idea that money’s playing a very small factor in parise situation
    i wouldn’t doubt that the numbers are all astronomically high and
    if his agent is doing his job then all offers should be similar….to some degree

    unless his agent is trying to push each of the bidders to sweeten the pot a little more and then a little more and then a little more……

    btw, at this point i’d be very surprised he goes back to nj. if that was the case i think he would have done it awhile ago. i don’t see lou in a long-running bidding war.

  303. Tiki
    i would definitely rank above you in man-struttin’
    and below Carp
    in hairline

  304. There was a report earlier today from Glenn Beck:

    Howson will only trade Nash if Obama admits that he is a vampire alien who came to Earth to make everyone listen to anti-American hip-hop and hate Jesus.

  305. Ohpuckme July 3rd, 2012 at 5:12 pm
    Semin- clb.
    Nash- NYR
    Ryan- Philly
    Doan- det
    Z.p- N.J
    Suter- Det

    Let’s hope:

    Semin- clb.
    Nash- San Jose
    Ryan- NYC
    Doan- NYC
    Z.p- N.J
    Suter- Det

  306. read Dreger’s tweet knocking howson for not pulling trade for nash.
    he mentioned that shero took care of staal trade in hours and the Rangers were close
    i didn’t see anything that listed who we offered
    because the ‘canes side didn’t look like very much
    when you compare staal to nash, Slats shouldn’t have to decimate the lineup/prospects

  307. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Re: “rangersreport Parise, according to Michael Russo, said money “plays a very small factor in it.” What a pile of crap”

    If Lou has found a way to stave off Parise’s decision just so that he could re-sign all the other pieces of the puzzle first and then offer Parise the rest, well then money really wasn’t the main piece. The longer this goes, the more I think that could be the case. We will see … Lou is a genius, anything is possible.

  308. that’s probably true.
    as far as my fb profile pic
    you could squint and think i look a little like
    with a little bit of
    Ben Stiller

    (i usually break cameras but Linda got a shot of me….it’s probably on my fb page)

  309. Sioux-per-man on

    Groudhog day will repeat itself…..

    At least Pitt isn’t a slam dunk in this decision!!! Hopefully the Wild can win the War on this one!!!

  310. Czechthemout!!! on

    Away for a few hours, come back and see that Howson is now saying that McD,Stepan, Kreider don’t have to be in the deal? So obviously, Cally, BR, Gabby and the King are not in the deal . So he must than want one of Girardi/ Staal/MdZ and Dubi/AA/plus prospects like JT Miller and or Erixon and Thomas.

    So either Howson is lying or they have a miscommunication issue. Otherwise:

    Dubi,AA,MdZ,and Christian Thomas for Nash and a number 2 or Eric Brassard. Make the Fugging deal already!!!!

  311. breaking news

    suter to announce dec friday morning according to two nhl sources


  312. Lloyd Braun on

    I wouldn’t trade Del Zotto for Nash. I don’t love either one of them but I’d rather have the young defenseman than the overrated forward.

  313. @andystrickland: I’m not suggesting Parise is lying, but multiple players who know him very well made it clear he’s made a decision #NHL

    I wouldn’t doubt that. I bet Parise & Suter both know where they want to sign, but they’re being wussies aboot it. Fuggin sign already. Everyone is waiting for them!

  314. Oh Jaromir, my Jaromir. Why couldnt you ask the Rangers to take you back for that cheap?

  315. A lot of folks here have mentioned Kane. Is there anything out there that suggests he’s available? Seems like that would not be a smart move for the Jets unless they got a sweet deal in return.

  316. If parise and suter know where they’re going then the teams that aren’t getting him know to. Nash sweepstakes should begin now jagr to stars

  317. big body from phoenix.. his girlfriend got kiilled in auto accident few years back sad story

  318. Tiki, at first I was flattered (I think) to be on your list. Then I was hurt to be dropped.

    Ohpuck, well, you know him, you sound like him, and your IP address is from the same geographical area. so …

    Guess Jagr figures he gets more time off if he goes to a non-playoff team.

    hair is overrated, jpg.

  319. I just want to say I think it’s a crime that Izzy has only gotten 8 votes thus far in the poll —>

  320. Just be flattered, Carp.

    Lev, just read that story on Pyatt’s fiance. I wonder if he’s been able to move past it and if he’s with another lady yet…

  321. Sioux-per-man on

    Why Pyatt???

    Looks like Feds won’t be back. Blue Jackets going to pluck him to play next to Vinny. Watch they will give him 2.5 for 2 years.

  322. bull dog line on

    interesting that the Rangers sign a checking left wing. not really a position of need being that they have quite a few of that type. does it mean one or two are about to leave?

  323. Sad story, i remember. They were about to get married, were together for more than 10 years. Car accident in Jamaica.

  324. I LOVE Fedotenko. Way more than his value. But come on, Pyatt is a better player.

  325. Why Jagr is an idiot? Where else he can get this money and money, as proven in his case, is The ONLY his goal and incentive in this league. In contrary, it was very smart – guaranteed big (relative to age and expected delivery) bucks with low pressure for output. Just like old, famous in the past, big city stage clown’s, last provincial barnstorm performance, when locals still will come to see him.

  326. big body pyatt

    jagr all about money goes to dallas for 4.5 when phil was prob offering 3 again with better chance of winning

  327. Also, remember that now when we play the Lightning we can hear more about BROTHERS in the NHL

  328. Yep they were high school sweethearts, together for 11 years, and she was killed in a car accident. Her mom survived the crash in Jamaica on vacation. Happened during Vancouver’s playoff run. Maybe NY will be good for him. He certainly isnt starting his stay here on my bad side. Wish him, and us, the best.

  329. Taylor Pyatt = 6’4″, 235lbs. VERY welcome addition.

    This is Taylor we are talking about right? The ex-Coyote/Canuck who scored 20+ a few seasons in his career?

  330. Lloyd Braun on


    Pyatt has some ok years since his fiancee’s passing and his 4 playoff goals this year would have put him 5th on the Rangers. Not bad for a guy who’s not a goal scorer.

  331. Dallas made some very good moves….I like what New-In-Dike has done to the team

    They will be much better than last year….

  332. yep ilb

    unfoutunately thats how i remember him every time i hear his name

    pyatt made 1 mil last year gets 500k raise

  333. yes manny exactly

    same build as dustin penner but cheaper he was on vancouver then phoenix

  334. “Taylor Pyatt = 6’4”, 235lbs. VERY welcome addition.”

    Vibin’….Boyle’s new bash brother…

  335. Pyatt has 15+ potential guys. He is less than 2M. He is responsible Defensively and he can actually play LW on our 3rd line. He’s WAY better than Rupp and Mitchell and he’s, sorry guys, better than Fedotenko and Prust.

  336. That’s awesome NYR! I love that third line


    What an awesome line that could be. Size and speed.

  337. Lloyd Braun on

    always odd when I agree with Manny, but everything he said his right

    plus he’s a legitimately physical, tough player. Boyle could learn something from him.

  338. Thanks for the info Lloyd. but I meant has he been able to heal at all through therapy and meet another woman…because I cant imagine how difficult it must be to live after that.

  339. Believe he’s still single, Tiki. But he’s made progress in that he can openly speak about the accident now. Took him a year to come to terms or so I read.

  340. With Pyatt we can really form a very descent 4th line, even with an occasional goal scoring and bow to nobody…

  341. pyatt big body who goes to the net for 1.5 mil could be a lot worse. i like this move.

  342. wild picked up suter agent on plane and took him to suter home to meet with him

  343. Sioux-per-man on

    Big Body to Bang against the boards. 31 pts 2 years ago. 1st Rounder in ’99. 6’4 230.

    I would say this would be an upgrade from Feds and Prust. More goals. He looked good in the playoffs for Phoenix.

    Now who do we lose to pick up Nash? Do you think they would trade Boyle?

  344. If Dubi is traded Hags/Boyle?Pyatt would be a great third line. If we trade for Ryan and sign Doan (Depending on who we have to trade):

    Ryan Richards Gabs

    Kreider Step Cally

    Hags Boyle Doan

    Pyatt Yogan/Rupp/??? Asham

    Not bad lines

  345. Seems like a good signing to me. Can never have too much size. Honestly don’t know a lot beyond his stats about the way he plays.

    Not going to put up a separate post just yet. Not needed, right?

  346. Amen, eric. He gets to the net. Pyatt is a good fit. And he was *visible* during the playoffs for both the ‘Yotes and the ‘Nucks.

  347. I don’t think they would trade Boyle. Boyle is an important 3rd line Centre and Pyatt is an important 3rd Line LW.

  348. Sioux-per-man on

    Pyatt will help bring Doan into the fold after July 9th……. it could happen.

    Pass on Nash < Keep top Prospects < Sign Doan.

  349. Pyatt was drafted (between Brendl and Lundmark…) and traded by Mike Milbury, which presumably means he’s been an All-Star for the last 10 years.

  350. We’re good, Carp

    Do not remember seeing his play at all, but sounds like a good deal. He made $1.2M last year, and had 6 points in tge PO. 6-4, 230, what’s there not to like? And a very reasonable contract. Is Sather really around this year, Carp? ;-)

  351. HAHAHA Sioux. For some reason that post made me throw up in my nose. Hilarious. TO 1,000 and Beyond!

  352. ranger home opener nov 1st vs jagr and the dallas stars lol who would have thought

  353. Sioux-per-man on

    Pyatt-Boyle-Dubinsky could make a solid 3rd line.

    Does Dubi stick with the Rangers or is he Traded for Nash?

  354. CTBlueshirt on

    Seems like a good signing to me. Can never have too much size. Honestly don’t know a lot beyond his stats about the way he plays.


    @Downgrade from John Scott@

  355. I just read that Pyatt became very close to Keith Yandle during his time in Phoenix and Yandle helped him get pass his personal tragedy. Yandle to NYR was rumored before….

  356. bull dog line on

    that line has 2 left wings and a center. a left wing or two are leaving. otherwise this signing makes no sense.

  357. nash richard gabby
    kreider stepan cally
    pyatt boyle hags
    ??? rupp asham

    Trade dubi and AA

  358. Sioux-per-man on

    Asham will take Scott’s Spot.

    Curious if he shows up in shape to play on a Tort’s TEAM.

  359. Yandle signed either last year or the year before that i believe. I dont know if theyre looking to move him but they are/were listening to offers. They are losing a lot of their guys so they are looking for some return.

  360. Paul in sunrise on

    Pyatt has speed from what I recall too. Big and fast. Forechecking anyone?

  361. Coyotes will need to get to the salary floor at some point. Yandle is their highest paid player

  362. Russostrib:
    Listening to Lou Nanne on @KFAN1003. If he gets 10 minutes with Parise, he’d choose #MNWild. He’s very convincing on pluses of MIN [via Twitter]

    1. It’s not New Jersey.

  363. pyatt good signing. not a bad 3rd or 4th liner. good size and pretty good speed…

    much bigger then his puny bro..

  364. Sioux: That would work perfect… Package Dubi, AA, Erixon and a first for Nash.. Adds very little to the Cap Dubi and AA are 6 mill… and addition 1.8… they saved that by letting Prust go!

  365. Dont know a ton about Pyatt but like…really like….his size and even his age. This seems a solid move which, therefore, had to have been done by the ‘brain trust’ and not ‘smurf-loving Slather’.

    His size makes us tougher to play against. And he can drop the gloves, too.

  366. Sioux-per-man on

    Lev – I’m listening to him as well. The guy makes PERFECT sense. One of the best interviews I’ve listened to on the Radio.

  367. 3OT winner against the Caps is on NHL network now. Well, just ended. Man that is a sweet win. What a nice one-two there to end it.

  368. Kreider – Stepan – Gaborik

    Doober? – Richards – Callahan

    Pyatt – Boyle – Hags

    Rupp – Asham – Bickel?

    If we do trade Doober and prospects/picks for Nash or Ryan….watch out…

  369. Sioux-per-man on

    Crazy – that is the deal that should be done. And if Howson still needs more – perhaps throw him a conditional 1st rounder and get a 2nd coming back. If he is serious about rebuilding his team, that would get the deal done. He would be a fool to pass that up, but then again he passed on ALL of the Islander picks this year – now that’s CRAZY.

  370. Bwahaha. Avery being brought up! WHY!? Avery costs $4.6M and plays in the AHL. Pyatt is a legit NHL 3rd line LW who puts up 15+.

  371. “How is Pyatt better than Avery???”

    He has a dominating advantage in the category of notbeingretired.

  372. I don’t know where Artie fits in….

    he can play anywhere and he was a key component of the GAS line….we shall see….

  373. Say we do trade Artie, Dubi, Erixon, Thomas, and 1st for Nash….

    and then Artie becomes a 40 goal scorer next year in Columbus because he is a hockey god….

    And Nash scores 27 goals next year as a Ranger….5 of them empty netters….

    Then what?

  374. Czechthemout!!! on

    Good signing! Better player than Prust. Also kills penalties at least he did in the playoffs. He can actually play and will chip in with 10 goals.

    Now just get Nash for Dubi,AA,Erixon/MdZ and a pick and were are off to the races.

  375. Tiki = I’ve been told that I look like Al Pacino. Would that get me in the top five???

  376. Definitely, Papa Bear. Youd move to the top of the list, and bump either Tony or Manny out of the top 5.

  377. Czechthemout!!! on

    By the way, on Blue Shirt Banter, they a couple of clips on Haley. One in which he scores a very nice goal against FLA. He is 26 and is very good skater. Remember, Torts got his hands on Prust when he too was 26 and nothing but a 2 minute per game goon. You never know. This guys may have much better raw skills than Prust and is at least as good a fighter.

  378. Sioux-per-man on

    Lev he was explaining how the Wild make sense for both Suter and Parise to sign with the Wild. With the goalies they have, the youth coming up, how long the Wild would be a deep playoff contender for the Cup.

    If Parise signs with the Pens, and in a couple of years Malkin will want the same pay upgrade, they won’t be able to hold the team together.

    The Red Wings need to sign Suter, and they won’t be able to take on both contracts.

    New Jersey is out, or he would have already signed. They are already having backlashes with the Kovy deal, and are having money issues.

    Just a very insightful look at where each team sits today, and more important down the road.

    That and he is from MN, has a wedding this weekend to attend in MN. So he just doesn’t see how Parise would come back to announce he is going to play in Pitt, without flying back there first.

    After listening to him I can honestly say they both might sign and play for the Wild, something tells me they may each take a little of each others contract to both sign on the same team.

    Parise to MN for Wild amount of money vs a chance to win a Cup for a couple of years – then what??

    We are all pushing for MN ……. NO to PITT!!!!!

  379. Paul in sunrise on

    I am afraid that Pyatt spells trade involving Hags. But with Nash coming back a small sacrifice.

  380. AA will not be a 40 goal scorer… Nash is a proven goal scorer on a lousy team… he’ll come in fresh to NY and score plenty… thomas is unproven, dubi will be missed, but we will move on

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