Free agency: Day 2 … D-day for Parise, Suter


I don’t know if ya boys are involved in Ryan Suter at all, but they sure are not even a little bit in on Zach Parise, and weren’t even in touch with his camp yesterday.

So, I’m thinking that today, after Parise makes his “Decision” on to which team he will take his talents, for $80 million or more over 10 years or more, maybe the Rick Nash sweepstakes heat up.

That is, if Scott Howson gets a little more realistic. If not, then Nash won’t be coming to New York either.

But today we’re pretty sure that two of the top, if not the top two, free agents of 2012, will be signed. So it should be better than yesterday’s swap of tough guys and overpaying for players who are either over the hill or who had one big year.

Stay tuned.


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  1. My prediction: Nash goes nowhere, Parise goes to Pitt, Ryan doesn’t move. Rangers come out of free-agency with nothing more than a goon and head for mid conference obscurity once again.

  2. I’m really upset that we let Mitchell get away. But it makes sense. Mitchell was worth about 850,000 – 950,000. If they weren’t going to give Prust what they wanted, they sure weren’t going to give Mitchell what he wanted. Good for him though.

    Wasn’t sure about the Asham signing. But now I think he will fit, provided the 4th line curse doesn’t get him.

    Really hope we do something to address the scoring. Fighters are great. Goals are better.

  3. Freaking bush-league by the NYR yesterday. Let’s hope that the amateur-hour theater doesn’t repeat itself – and that includes any ridiculous $100M deals and giving away promising blue-chip youth for soon-to-be-over-the-hill piles of two-bit clowns.

    Unless it’s for Ryan, the B variety.

  4. Not too bad a day in the office for Slats i reckon. We have a new 4th line tough guy, plus a possibly tougher reserve in Haley who will police Conneticut and occasionally break a few NHL heads all season. We kept a good 6th/7th D-man in Bickel without overpaying and didnt get involved in a bidding war over Prust.

    ..and PA Parenteau got $16m over 4 years!! Thank god they werent Dolan $$!!

  5. ..oh and one more thing – people using the word Enforcer for Prust need to take a look at things (possibly on, he was never an enforcer, he’s a scrapper! Good luck to the guy, he got his $$ and lets hope he likes playing golf in Canada in May

  6. Boy, I thought we might grab a big shooting D at least yesterday, not 2goons.
    Tough market this year. Doesnt sound like we are getting Parise or Suter. Talk is Nash would be best fit,but I don’t see NYR giving up a whole bunch of youth and talent. If thats the case and we miss out on adding what we need gonna be a tough season to compete.

  7. Yesterday was quite disappointing. Hope for better today. Wish pruSter the best of luck. Gonna miss him.

  8. Lament the lack of moves all you want but trut is there’s not much out there. This is not a good year to try to improve by free agency and frankly very few years are anymore.

  9. Its a thin crop this year – i’m sure the 2 big ticket boys will decide today (I reckon Parise> Pitt, Suter > Wings) – then that leaves teams to start looking for trades. I’d expect to see Slats pull a trade off today – Yandle and/or Nash (although i think i’d prefer Bobby Ryan, but either way we need goals!).

  10. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    I think Sather made the best of what’s out there so far… There’s just very little out there.

    I don’t expect to see Nash, Ryan, or Suter.

    Sather may make a trade for a lesser player who maybe isnt on our radar right now.

  11. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    …and let’s just forget about Parcheesi ok?

    If he goes to Pittsburgh, I will have lost all respect. A team Captain going to a division rival right after his team was 2 wins from a Stanley Cup? I dont believe he will go. He will remain a Derbil, as will the Great Whale.

  12. I think the Rangers did well yesterday. There are only two guys worth the money and neither of them are coming here. I don’t like that Prust left for MTL, but a 4 yr deal for a guy that defied all logic by staying healthy in his tenure as a Ranger? Lucky. Good non move by Sather.

  13. I would be happy if Glen sat on the sidelines until next week and scoop up Doan when the Coyotes organization goes kaput.

  14. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Yes CW,

    I actually have full trust in Glen Sather. He is a wily veteran GM with a fabled history with Edmonton. He also has been at the helm of Rangera franchise for a long time – and I think he is motivated by the team’s success over the past season. I also feel he is a proud man, and is even more motivated to erase his failure as a GM to establish the Rangers as winners for most of his stay here.

    I expect Glen Sather to be at his best.

  15. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Eric – I said it yesterday – the Great Whale will stay in jersey and Parcheesi will follow him.

    I wouldve loved to see that team decimated over the summer… Things always have a way of working out for Lou and the Debbies.

  16. Personally would much prefer Zach stay in NJ instead of moving to Pittsburgh. When the Rangers are playing well they can beat the Devils.

  17. Will say it again if parise ends up in Pitt suter in Phil or vice versa and Nash goes to wings who Lose out on both then the rangers are screwed.

    Wings on Nash short list wouldn’t shock me

  18. Also Kings in on Parise – big time, but IMHO Zachary will remain in Jersey – mark it down!

  19. Morning gang.

    Question: WHY haven’t the Rangers at least contacted Parise? Did they truly take him at face value when he said he wasn’t going to NY on their breakup day or was it something else? That is what puzzles me.

  20. Rob Rossi of Pitt tribune review has wild pens devs wings Phil in that order for parise services as of this morning he’s hearing. Listening on xmradio

  21. Czechthemout!!! on


    Wings don’t have the pieces to make a trade for Nash.

    There is only one team on Nash’s list. All the other talk is just a smoke screen by Howson to try and get Sather to increase his offer.

  22. Good morning, boneheads!

    No surprise there. Marty’s back in NJ. Should be an interesting day with Parise and Suter apparently deciding their destinations and all the domino effect to follow. Yesterday will be known as the day of support players signing and giving out ridiculous contracts. Glad Sather stayed away from the latter.

  23. Let’s go Wild! Get JP’s kid! He will stay in Jersey.

    How much do you guys think WWeber would require in a trade if he were to remain available? I’m hearing 2 top 6 forwards, a top 4 dman, and 2 first rounders.. What do you guys think?

  24. MickeyM- probably Sather is playing tough. You don’t want to come here, we don’t want you either. Let us know if and when you change your mind. Probably not the smartest thing to do on Sather’s part, but on the other hand why get involved and potentially increase his contract value?

  25. JimboWoodside on

    Suspected that Fatso the Whale wouldn’t leave his protective cocoon in NJ – I was hoping that he would leave, but he’s got the life there. I guess we’re stuck with him in our backyard until he retires or explodes like the guy in the restaurant scene in that Monty Python movie..

  26. ilb, good point. It’s just very surprising is all on Sather’s part. Unless he has uber secret plans to swoop in at the last minute with a huge offer..?

  27. JimboWoodside on

    Come on, Kings – make Punkreesay an offer he can’t refuse! Get him outta the East!

  28. I’d be careful with Webber, in terms of giving up too much, unless he is willing to sign long-term. He is an RFA, and will, most likely sign a 1-year deal in Nashville. He may be cheaper later next year, unless Nashville wants to lose him for nothing.

  29. Marty the Exploding Whale???

    Sounds like a Carvel special for the Fourth of July!

  30. An arm and a leg, Per. But it may be worth it. Problem is, the Rangers may not have enough left when, and if, they are done with Nash deal.

  31. As much as I like Prust (heart and soul guy, loved by his teamates, etc…) Sather was 100% right in his call on this.

    $2.5 Million per year for a 4th line player and penalty killer is nuts. I remember how much I loved Blair Betts. Thought he was amazing on the Rangers PK! Thought he was an important part of the team when he was here in terms of his role.


    Kudos to slats on a tough call involving a fan favorite.

  32. If Suter goes, and now makes WWeber available, perhaps Glen uses him as a bargaining chip against Ho(w)ser?

    The Rangers don’t “need” a defenseman, but it’s always nice to land the best defenseman in the game… But at what cost to the forward depth?


  33. Yes Yev –

    Thanks for the memories, but Don’t let the door hit ya in the butt, Prust – and keep your head up when Asham is on the ice!

  34. The longer Nash deal lingers, the more likely it’ll end up in a stalemate. Nash is not going to expand his list, he and his agent made it clear. It is quite possible that the Rangers is the only team on that list. How long do you think Sather will wait and hold on to his assets before he decides to involve them in a different trade? He needs to improve scoring, and there could be other possibilities out there. This blinking contest will not benefit Columbus at the end, as much as I understand Howson’s desire to get the most out of this deal.

  35. Doesn’t Prust kind of remind you guys of Todd “Heartbeat” Harvey, eh?

  36. Carp,

    You are usually right. But u were off-target on Parise from the start. And once he said he was not coming I believed him. Probably better he does not come because it will take a ridiculous amount of years/money to get him. But don’t want to see him in Pittsburgh.

  37. Perhaps the Rangers have determined that Zach is too expensive for too long and while he may be one of the prime UFAs available, isn’t the best choice for them to pursue. There are other options, some of which may be totally unknown to us. Who knows what conversations he’s having w/ other GMs.

  38. Let’s Go Roger Federer!

    Brodeur is so annoying. Trying free Agency blah blah blah blah blah. Oh guess what, I am staying. Geeeeez. Have some more fun so we can make fun of you more often please.

  39. CTBlueshirt on

    If Parise is too expensive and he’s simply a FA signing then Nash is too rich considering the odds of Parise having a higher cap hit are small and then considering they’re both the same age and produce at roughly the same rate although I’d give a decent edge to Parise in his all around game. Not to mention what it could take to trade for Nash in the first place.

  40. I’ll miss Prust, but his game is destroying his body. Maybe he figures if he has to hang em up early, 10 million is a decent push for a retirement plan. Really, how many times in his career will he be offered 10 mil? Who knows, but I wish him the best. Don’t know if Asham will fill Prusts’ shoes, or if he’s designed to, but someone will.

    Maybe Carp?

  41. Ryan > Nash.

    Honestly guys. Asham is a great role player and his point totals are really similar to Prust. I *love* Prust and he was one of my favorite players on the team. It’s very sad to see him go but I get why the Rangers had to say No and Prust had to say Yes.

  42. Although, I don’t give a rats rump who it is, i’d be happy with ANYONE who can put the puck in the net that doesn’t cripple the team.

  43. Is it possible that Howser doesn’t get what he wants and Nash has to start his season in Columbus? I can’t see organizations waiting too long before moving on to deals they can make.

    I think the Rangers are strongly inclined to develop the youth already on the team and promote the kids who may be more ready than we realize. Will our team be even younger than they were last year?

  44. If that happens, Heave, I think Nash should probably just refuse to show up. This has become absurd. It’s going on 6 months that Nash has wanted out and the organization has over-demanded the return for him. It’s kind of insane. What kind of team can you have when your Captain is disgruntled?

  45. CTBlueshirt on

    Ryan > Nash in terms of cap hit but that’s what will make him as costly to acquire given that he’s also just productive, younger and doesn’t have a NTC. Both teams are going to want the jewels of the Rangers young core.

  46. No surprises for me. I knew the rangers weren’t going to sign suter or Parise and figured prust was gone. This years free agency market is thin. Next year the free agency market will be allot better and since the rangers didn’t sign any bad contracts this year the Rangers will have cap space for next year. The Nash saga is a tough call. Once parise is signed a few things could happen, a team other than the rangers on nash’s list will over pay, Nash will expand his list or Nash doesn’t get traded.

  47. Heave, if Howson refuses to drop his demands, then yeah, I think that does happen. Which will make a bad situation even worse.

  48. CTBlueshirt on

    Nash also is handcuffing Howson by not expanded his approved team list. I don’t know if Howson will ever get what he’s asking for but with more teams in the mix he’d most likely get better offers.

  49. I think the NYR told Parise that they will match ANY offer he gets. Boomer Esiason said Parise, “…would look GREAT in Blue…” this morning on the radio. Now I know he is connected with inside people. More so than any of us. He has to be aware of Parise’s quotes. Why would he say that this morning?

    Glen Sather said they would be, “VERY active in free agency.” Asham and Halety do not qualify.

    Parise reportedly wants $12 mil up front. He also wants $12 mil by next July 1st. How many teams can pony up that $$$ right now? How many teams have the resources to maintain a competitive roster thru Zach’s entire career and beyond?

    Not so sure Zach doesn’t become a NYR.

  50. Exactly as you describe is why Sather will not sit by the phone anxiously awaiting Howser’s response to his latest offer. The Rangers have a plan which is bearing fruit now and hopefully in the future as well. Sure, Nash would be a nice addition but only at a cost that doesn’t seriously compromise the team’s ability to keep our core which will cost more as they become better and consequently, more expensive. Howser’s hand is somewhat forced, while Sather can sit pat.

  51. cw, forget Suter. Suter is not interested in any east coast teams. Suter will probably sign with the red wings, dark horse team would be the wild.

  52. I interpret Sather’s comment about being aggressive in free agency as being involved, making offers and open to discussions. It doesn’t mean he’ll be making deals just to make a deal. An old dog can learn new tricks, or at least not repeat mistakes of the past.

  53. >>they sure are not even a little bit in on Zach Parise, and weren’t even in touch with his camp

    That’s the best move Sather made yesterday. Parise probably thought the Rangers would come crawling and begging.

  54. Sather not signing Prust for 2.3m was just dumb, another on his long list of blunders.

    But I do support his posture towards Parise. Why would we want to put 100m out there only to get rebuffed after he already mocked the team in public. Would make us laughingstocks.

    Parise was never coming here.

  55. There is 0% chance that Suter is a Ranger. He is basically already a @Red@ Wing. I would NOT be surprised to see Parise go to the @Red@ Wings immediately after.

  56. Nash will not sit out, would you want to be in breach your $7.8m contract? When will you all realize Columbus has more leverage than you think?

  57. I think it all comes down to whether Sather will give up Marc Staal or not for Nash at this point.

  58. “How much do you guys think WWeber would require in a trade if he were to remain available? I’m hearing 2 top 6 forwards, a top 4 dman, and 2 first rounders.. What do you guys think?”

    That would be totally nuts. He may be good, but he’s not THAT good. And, he isn’t really what the Rangers need right now. They need a forward that can score.

  59. parise and suter will NOT be rangers so move on. hopefully for us they both go out west. parise in pitt will be awful for us.

    what happens if parise goes to pitt suter to phil and nash goes elsewhere say to wings. anyone know what we do then.

  60. You know who is still available?


    You have a sign a guy with forearms like his…

  61. “anyone know what we do then.”

    Get Bobby Ryan for Asham, Haley, Rupp, the rights to MZA and a future 5th round pick (upgraded to a 4th if Ryan scores 50 goals his first year with us).

  62. Matteau – I love Prust just as much as the next Rangers fan, but no way in hell is he worth $2.5 mil a year. You have to be kidding yourself if you think you are getting any good return on that investment, especially with how beat up he is. He’s damaged goods getting paid double what he’s worth (at least).

    I wish him the best though in Montreal. Guy gave his heart and soul for the Rangers for 2 1/2 seasons. Good on him to take that money, even if he’s not going to be worth it.

  63. Laughing stocks are the Wild who proclaimed they’d blow any offer for Parise out of the water and if he still doesn’t go to them.

  64. Just an FYI, Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry are UFAs next year. So if Ryan isn’t traded, one of those guys is going to be an FA. Lupul and Horton are going to be UFAs as well. PM Bouchard, Zajac, Derek Roy, Lombardi, Weiss, and a bunch of other guys.

    As long as these guys don’t sign extensions (and depending on the new CBA), next year is the year you want to spend money, not this year. This FA class is total byfuglien.

  65. I said over a month ago the best thing about the Dev’s making a run is fatso’s ego and he will stick around longer. Well they just tied up money and 2 yrs that they knocked off Kovy’s prime, because they will never win with him again. Marty is now in the bottom 1/3 goaltenders in the league. Extremely bad move by uncle fester, but the fat frenchy made him do it. Love it.

  66. cccp

    why wouldnt parise go there play with skid score 40 goals and prob win a few championships. if money is same then hes a putz not to go there

  67. someone had a great tweet yesterday i think…dont recall who tweeted it but it was something like Parise should call Jordan Staal and ask him what being a third wheel feels like.

  68. >>wouldn’t surprise me to see parise resign with the devils.

    That’s what I’m expecting too.

  69. I knew no posts in over two hours on previous thread was not right….LOL

    Anyways, if Parise goes to Pitt he will never have any non-Penguins fan’s respect again. I agree with Mickey (good luck to your dad btw) about questioning why not to even bother calling Parise. Oh well. I think Parise will decide first. If I had a gun to my head Id say Detroit or Minnesota. Suter will probably join him in Detroit. If this was any other team Id be pissed, but I respect Detroit and the way theyve been successful for so long. If they pull this off, good for them.

    About Nash: I know if I was Nash I would be pissed to the limit right now.And if I wasnt traded after all this come opening night, I probably wouldnt show up. Nash is too professional for that of course and I think he’s handled all of this very well. Hope it works out for him soon.

  70. But Parise would be on either Sid or Malkin’s line and not relegated to a bottom 6 role like Jordan.

  71. “I love Prust just as much as the next Rangers fan, but no way in hell is he worth $2.5 mil a year.”

    I feel the need to really spell this out on behalf of the Prust defenders …

    We do not think Prust is a traditional $2.5MM player and, if reports were correct and things went our way, he wouldn’t have been a $2.5MM player on the Rangers. What we do think, however, is that Prust is a much, much harder to replace guy than most are giving him credit for. He does not score. We know this. However, he does do pretty much everything else and on a defense-first team, that’s valuable. Its easy to ignore goal prevention because its far less tangible than goal production, but that’s what we live and die by. Prust was 3rd among forwards in shorthanded time on ice (a minute behind Callahan and a half hour ahead of Stepan in 4th). He was 4th in blocked shots. 4th in hits. 1st, by a wide margin, in fights. And like Carp has said repeatedly, all of those things add up making this team much tougher to play against and adding a level of protection to a lot of very young, very skilled players. There aren’t many players like him in the league and Asham, who doesn’t kill penalties, does not replace him despite being closer to a bargain. A role player like Prust, who has more than a single skill on the 4th line, is huge. He’s not the core and he’s not anywhere near the most valuable player, but he’s also far from an interchangeable, easily replaceable part. And on a team very close to being elite, potentially for a long time, he’s a really tough guy to lose. So while $2MM or $2.2MM or $2.5MM is an overpay, it might have been the right overpay. If you look only at strict value in free agency, you’ll never sign a guy because the winner is going to be over the median 99% of the time. Pre-RFA guys are your bargains, post-RFA guys get paid, and you can’t expect to compare the two in terms of raw AAV. Sometimes you knowingly overpay because it makes (keeps) your team better as a whole and that’s our argument with Prust. That is all.

    Yours in ranty annoyance,

    Mister D

  72. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    So long to Pruster. He was my favorite player while he was here. “It’s just pain” was the pure embodiment of what it has meant to be a Ranger under Tortorella.

    I’m meh with Bickel, Asham, and Haley. I’m glad that Asham and Haley are on two way deals (my brother told me they were, but I haven’t confirmed independently. If that’s incorrect, please let me know).

    As for John Mitchell, what the hell are we going to do on our PP when the first unit just lost it’s center!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  73. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Mister D, you also have to create a salary scale. If Prust gets 2.5 million annually, it really ratchets up the expectations for forwards that actually score goals.

    I thought the Rangers’ reported offer of 1.8 million per year for 3 years was very, VERY fair. the Montreal offer is insane.

  74. There is Cryboy then Malkin then “greatest” goalie ever (according to Canadians) and only then Parise. So he wont even be a third wheel he’d be a fourth wheel!! lol

  75. boyle makes 1.7 should prust make 2.5 on the rangers. i dont think prust should make more then boyle

  76. I am just so ready to pass on Nash. The price is way too high. Two roster players out of Kreider/McDonaugh/Stepan and two prospects? NO WAY! Can’t trade your best D-man (who hasn’t even hit his prime) an emerging power forward and/or the second line center who is still growing and getting better. Trading Stepan is pointless because it will just create a hole in the second center spot. The Rangers don’t have anybody in the system that is ready to or can fill it. Yogan is the closest they have, and he is nowhere near ready, if he will EVER be.

    The price is just way too high and it isn’t coming down. Hopefully, the Rangers don’t have tunnel vision on this. I know Slats usually gets the best of trades, but Howson seems to have lost his mind and is willing to have an ego war.

  77. “Mister D, you also have to create a salary scale. If Prust gets 2.5 million annually, it really ratchets up the expectations for forwards that actually score goals.”

    You absolutely have a salary scale, but it doesn’t have to be strictly goals driven. Which is why Fedotenko and his 9 goals aren’t getting multi-year, multi-million dollar offers from the Rangers or (presumably) elsewhere, the other factors matter and should be rewarded. Its also why I feel pretty confident saying that while Anisimov has the better chance of being a really good player in the future, Prust was more valuable to the team last year (and I don’t recall a single person complaining about Anisimov’s $1.875MM, pre-UFA status cap hit). Its not traditional to pay 4th line guys and non-goal scorers, and I don’t disagree that its usually a bad move, but in this case of this team, I think locking Prust up prior to yesterday would have been the right, and arguably safe, play.

  78. Price for Nash will likely be Marc Staal, Artem Anisimov, Christian Thomas, and Mikhail Pashnin.

  79. Don’t worry everybody. We have The Kreider and Marek Hrvik. What else could we possibly need?

  80. Mister D you nailed it except I disagree when you say he doesn’t score goals. He is one year removed from a season where he scored 13 including 5 shrothanded goals. Did you see Sather release on Asham- they were talking about his goals scored in the 2002 season!!!!!

    Also will people please stop saying 2.5, he would have signed for 2.3 maybe even 2.2. It is beyond ridiculous to think he wasn’t worth that to this team. Over a few hundred grand?

    Doodie, 2.2 contract to Prust as a UFA does not lift the scale. RFA contract to Dubi does.

  81. Nash cannot sit out without being in breach of his contract. Would you want to risk losing your right to 7.8m per year?

  82. CCCP you are free to move on from Prust, I’m free to stay on the incompetence of our GM For Life.

  83. and I havent followed it too closely, but the money really wasnt there for Prust, but it was there to sign a fuggin ex-Islander?

  84. is that the same “incompetent” GM who landed McD?
    the same one who has built a solid core of young players?
    Prust wondering…

  85. The thing is, with how Prust plays, he’s going to wear down. I’d argue he wore down a bit last year and wasn’t the same player he was the year before (still physical, but wasn’t adding as much on offense because of how beat up he was).

    I agree with Doodie that the $1.8 mil over 3 years was very fair and probably about what he’s actually worth. I don’t blame him for taking the money though. He’s never going to see a contract like that again.

    BTW, are we bringing back Feds for yet another turn? He was arguably our most consistent player in the playoffs and despite what some think of him here, he knows the system and is definitely worth it IMO. Similar contract to last year would be fine with me. Even a slight raise I’d be fine with.

  86. Yeah, Sather 2.0 is far from incompetent, I just really, strongly disagree with this one move. Or set of moves if you consider them all linked to the same roster spot.

  87. we don’t know who’s the a$$hole in this situation – Sather or Prust.

    1.8 million per year for 3 years as mentioned already is extremely fair offer to stay with a team that you supposedly love. Prust said he likes where the direction Habs are heading… BS! How are the Habs in better shape than the Rangers? He went after the dough. Case closed.

  88. we did nothing wrong yesterday. lets see how things play out. hopefully suter and parise sign in next few hours so the dominoes could fall and things heat up.

  89. “if we don’t get Parise, where does that leave us?”

    As the team that had the #1 record in the east.

    I think the Rangers need a top-flight scorer. It doesn’t look like Parise is even being thought of. I really don’t want them to gut the team for Nash. However, they did win the division last season so it’s not like they’ll be destined for last place if they don’t get Parise or Nash.

  90. What exactly was Sather supposed to do yesterday? Sign Garrisson for 6 years? Give Souray $11 million? Give Parenteau $4 million per year for 4 years? Give 97 year old Salo $3.75 million? Or do you just like to get on his case for every single move? He hasnt done anything bad yet. If you think he’s just throwing darts right now I dont know what youre watching.

  91. If we trade Stepan for Nash, I’m officially moving the discussion to Sather 3.0.

  92. Loved Prust. Financially responsible to let him walk. Boyle money would have been very fair. You can’t fault Prust for taking the Habs offer. You only have so many years to make your money when you are a pro athlete. Have to take it when it is offered.

  93. I would think that Howson would want to avoid a debacle that should (and already should have) cost him his job. Nash should use whatever leverage he has.

  94. Yes let’s throw a hissy fit because we signed an Islander to play in the AHL. An Islander who fishstick fans are quite upset left I might add.

  95. Sather isn’t throwing darts. He wanted to fill the toughness role we were going to lose in Prust. So he signed Asham for dirt and Haley for even less. I hate both guys (more so Arron, because he spells his name like an idiot), but they are barely playing anyway. Outside of that, who else is out there that is worth it?

    This season? Just Parise and Suter, and we’re not getting either. Forget Nash since his cap hit and price tag is way too much. Sather will most likely inquire about Bobby Ryan and if he doesn’t get dealt, then you know Perry or Getzlaf will be walking next season. Can send them a boatload of cash as a UFA and we have ourselves another top scorer. Other UFAs as I said are Ribeiro, Bouchard, Horton, Zajac, Roy, and a bunch of other guys. The next season, Gaby comes off the books and we can go after a bunch of better UFAs that will be out there.

    The next two classes will be much better than this year (barring guys signing extensions and the new CBA). So I’m perfectly fine with not throwing around dumb amounts of cash, signing guys to a one year contract to fill the spots, then going hard after the top UFAs next year, guys who will actually be worth it.

  96. 1.8 is not fair when the market says you are worth 2.5. I’m sure he would have signed for 2.3 maybe even 2.2 to stay. Sather incompetence and arrogance prevented this.

    Regarding Habs, keep an eye on Marc Bergevin, he is highly competent and will make them into a good team much faster than it took our GM.

  97. Sather Must Go on

    I think Garrison at $4.6 per was the signing to make… big shot, good on the PP, decent puck mover…However, i think he wanted to go to Vanc, so prob would have had to pay more than that

  98. I agree…I dont’ think Sather even picked up a dart, much less threw one.
    I think he knew Prust was gone and his goal was to make sure we had some toughness.

  99. Also Prust said he spoke to Torts and Sather before making his decision. He told them he wanted to come back, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him, pretty much admitting he had to take the money. I don’t think Torts and Sather were happy he was leaving, but they understood that he won’t get another chance like this.

    So I’d say that’s at least pretty classy of him to let Torts/Sather know that Montreal was giving him a lot more money and another year and he was going to have to take it if they couldn’t get something close to that. He could’ve just ignored them completely, but he did want to stay.

  100. Garrison “only” took $4.6 million because a) it was for 6 years and b) he wanted to come home to Vancouver. Id be hesitant giving Garrison 3 years let alone 6.

  101. Garrison? uhhhhh no. The guy had 1 decent year and everyone lost their load over him. Guy score 3 goals after the all-star break. He is going to be bust city. I can’t wait to watch Vancouver try to get rid of him.

    He’ll be back in Florida in 2 years, just like Luongo will be back there this year. Watch.

  102. You are taking the wrong lessons from the dark years if you think a team contending for the cup shouldn’t trade assets to address their weakness. You don’t do that when you are (or should be) rebuilding. You do that now.

  103. “Outside of that, who else is out there that is worth it?”

    Eh, I’d rather Glass since he can do one thing Prust did (PK) and fake the other a little (fight). Asham does one well but is a complete zero on the one that actually requires skill.

  104. “You are taking the wrong lessons from the dark years if you think a team contending for the cup shouldn’t trade assets to address their weakness.”

    The debate is over which assets (and for which target).

  105. Jonny D to add a key point, he said the Rangers weren’t close, which suggests he was open to giving a discount. How could they not have been close? How could they not have offered 2.2m for the guy who bangs people all game, blocks shots, scores occasional big goals, and is the embodiment of their identity? The few hundred grand savings was an absolutely awful business decision, the other side of the coin that thought it wise to pay Rupp 1.7 and Dubi 4.

  106. Manny I think Garrison’s but it’s close. Hedberg back in Newark. Combined age of their goaltenders is 54950495?

  107. Hedberg is NOT better than Biron and yet he gets paid more… of course no reporter will point that out.

  108. not doing anything because prices ANd term are insane is a good thing not a bad thing…

    Prusts deal will never work out for the canadiens… Garrison is a nice player but 6 years..

    come on… rangers are not worse then last year because of the loss of prust unless you think none of the young guys will improve at all!!!!!!

    sather is being smart for once, don”t complain.

  109. I don’t think Asham is a big deal. He can take Mitchell’s place. I wish JP would grab his kid by the ear and drag him to the #NYR to sign where he fits in nice.

  110. “1.8 is not fair when the market says you are worth 2.5. I’m sure he would have signed for 2.3 maybe even 2.2 to stay. Sather incompetence and arrogance prevented this.”

    So by this logic Wade Redden was worth his contract because that’s what the market gave him? I will be stun ned if Brandon Prust can play the way he played for the Rangers these last 2 years and is able to finish that contract. Just dont see how a 6’0″ 190 guy can fight everyone, block shots and kill penalties all by himself and last 4 years. If I recall correctly the Rangers were told they could lock him up before 7/1 for $2.3 million/year for 3 years. That probably would have made sense. It’s more the fourth year than the dollar amount that seems nuts.

  111. Nash is an elite impact player, every GM knows this. His production has fallen off a bit as would yours if you had to play 8 years in Columbus with mgmt giving you no help or chance to win. He still gets first line assignement every time Team Canada plays.

    Stepan is a good player, but I dont see him evolving as an impact player. That exchange is one a contending team should make. I’d love to see it get done without including him, maybe Anisimov instead, just don’t see Columbus going for it. Stepan should not hold the deal up.

  112. Rick Nash is not the “asset” you trade for when there are better assets to be had. I’d much rather have Corey Perry or Ryan Getzlaf than Rick Nash. Sure both had down years (the whole team did really), but you know what you are going to get with both of those guys and they are definitely better than Nash.

    Bobby Ryan would obviously be ideal though.

  113. Yes by definition Redden’s market value at that time was what the Rangers paid him. And no it would not have been fair to expect him to accept an offer from his home team that was millions less. What’s your point?

  114. “Nash is an elite impact player …”

    There are players on similarly bad teams who outproduce Nash. He’s a very good player. He’s not elite.

  115. What holds up the Nash deal is that Howsen wants lots of good players in return…Stupid if Sather jumps at that.
    Nash seems like a problem if you ask me…so restricted the number of teams he’s will to play for. If he really wanted out of Columbus, he’d have said yes to Ottawa.

  116. Jonny D what info do you have that says Corey Perry is available and that the Rangers have the inside track?

    And I doubt many NHL GMs would agree that Getzlaf is better than Nash.

    So apart from those 2 what other assets better than Nash and available to the Rangers over the other 28 teams?

  117. Nash is pretty much the equivalent of Adam Graves. Do you consider Graves to be an “elite player?”

  118. I don’t think Steps should hold a deal up by himself. If it was a Stepan-for-Nash trade, you have to do it and then put Anisimov in his spot and hope he can perform there. But Stepan and another roster player and two prospects? Now you are creating 2 holes in the roster after already losing Prust. Howson wants a better return than Edmonton got for Gretzky. Trading players like Nash never nets an equal return.

  119. Nash is not an elite player. He’s a star player, just like Gaborik, just like Hossa and other guys like those two. He’s being paid Malkin/Kovalchuk/Crosby money. Your return on your investment there is never going to be positive. I’d actually argue that Gaborik is more worth it than Nash is. While Gaby isn’t a superstar, at least he’s averaged a PPG for most of his career. Nash is not even close to that.

    And in regards to Dubi, he was a 24 year old RFA that just came off a 24-30-54 season. Was it a slight overpayment? Sure. But you are paying for predicted performance at that point. Kid had a rough year last year. I think he’s going to average out and finish up somewhere in the middle, a 40-45 point guy. But he got paid that much because he had a great season and was looking to be their #2 center or top 4 winger that would put up 50-60 points a year.

    So if you don’t think Dubi is worth $4.3 mil for putting up a 55 point season, how is Nash worth almost $8 million for putting up 60-65 points consistently. It’s Scott Gomez all over again.

  120. Stepan 17g 34a
    Nash 30g 29a
    Stepan as a 2nd year player isn’t far off from Nash’s production…

  121. Nash is far from a problem he’s been a good soldier, an amazing ambassador for Columbus franchise. He has a NMC which he bargained for, it’s his right to pick his team.

    Nash is an elite player, there is a reason he is always Canada’s first line LW. There is a reason every GM wants him.

  122. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on


    David Pagnotta ?@TheFourthPeriod
    Per Panthers release, the team has hired former Dman Bryan McCabe has its new “Manager of Player Development”

  123. Well I’ve said this before this isn’t baseball. So if you want to think Stepan is as good as Nash because of production I can’t argue.

  124. Matteau – I never said we’d definitely be getting Perry, but he’s scheduled to be a UFA next year, as is Getzlaf.

    The fact is there are other guys out there in next years UFA class that will be cheaper than Nash both based on cap hit and the fact that we won’t have to give up anything to get them.

    Guys who perform at the same level or better than Nash as a cheaper price? Derek Roy, Mike Ribeiro, Joffrey Lupul (now that he’s finally health again), and possibly even Scott Hartnell or Michael Ryder.

    Nash might be slightly better than all those guys, but he’s going to cost at least $2-3 million more and you are getting the same production. I don’t see how that is worth it at all.

  125. How in the world can someone call Nash a problem? Yes he wants to get out of Columbus but can you blame him for not wanting to go to Ottawa or San Jose? He wants to win a cup. After all of the years he’s given to a losing franchise, I think he deserves to go where he wants to go. Much like Iginla.

  126. Rick Nash 82gp 30g 29a 59pts

    Other similarly crappy teams
    Edmonton – Jordan Eberle, 78gp 34g 42a 76pts
    Montreal – Max Pacioretty, 79gp 33g 32a 65pts
    Islanders – John Tavares, 82gp 31g 50a 81pts
    Toronto – Phil Kessel, 82gp 37g 45a 82pts
    Anaheim – Teemu Selanne (aka the 41 year old) 82gp 26g 40a 66pts

    Failing to live up to expectations is Nash.

  127. Nash was the 1st line LW because they wanted to balance out the lines and put certain players out there. They rolled 4 lines and people got equal ice time. Has nothing to do with talent level.

  128. Ask any GM who they would have as the face of their franchise: Nash, Lupul, Ribiero, or Roy. I think you’ll get a unanimous answer.

  129. I don’t have any problem with Nash asking to leave. He has every right to. He’s stuck with them through everything and they promised him they’d improve the team. It’s gotten worse, not better. But as a Rangers fan, I don’t want the Rangers blowing up the team just to get a guy who isn’t even a top 25 player in the league.

  130. I would take Patches or Tavares from that list. No thanks to Phil Kessel although his front loaded production pattern would be great with Gaborik hurt.

  131. That’s fine Lev, but we don’t need a face of the franchise. We have one already in Henke. We need additional scoring.

  132. Matteau – I think my point is that on the free market teams drastically overpay for guys all the time and it doesn’t mean the home team has to match it and it’s not exacltly fair to say they should have. One team and only one team felt Prust was worth that kind of committment – guess that’s all it takes – but I can’t fault the Rangers here.

  133. You don’t have to wait Mickey.

    Ryan Suter to Wings.
    Parise to Wings.

    Trades over. Free Agency over.

  134. Not sure how you’re defining elite vs star. If elite you only mean the handful in the Crosby, Stamkos crowd ok. But Nash is at the next level which I still see as elite. And I guarantee you once he gets on a normal team he will outproduce Gaborik and then I hope the baseball fans will be back on here talking about “production”.

  135. Sather Must Go on

    no nash… let dubs get back to 20-30 goals (hopefully) and kreider develop; I just think they need someone to move the puck from the back end..and that would really help the fwds get going.. I dont think they have that in the system…. garrison was good at that last year – but yes, six yrs is a lot for that guy…

  136. caber with the rocket of shot against phil before end of the 2nd per was his shining moment in ny. we still had to rely on tampa 5 days later to get into playoffs 2 years ago

  137. manny

    parise to wings suter to wings i hope you are DEAD ON. we need both out of the east and the division especially.

  138. Peter the point is they didnt have to match it, they could have come close at 2.2 and it likely would have gotten done. The few hundred grand would hardly make a difference in the cap and pales in comparison to the hole they just created, one which cannot be quantified.

  139. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    CCCP, the direction Prust liked Montreal to be heading in was to the bank, to pay him an insane amount of money.

  140. Isn’t Detroit in the East next year? I thought them going to the Wings would be a nightmare. Only saved by their unpredictable sieve in net.

  141. “And I guarantee you once he gets on a normal team he will outproduce Gaborik and then I hope the baseball fans will be back on here talking about “production”.”

    Tommy: Let’s think about this for a sec, Ted. Why would somebody put a guarantee on a box? Hmmm, very interesting.

    Ted Nelson, Customer: Go on, I’m listening.

    Tommy: Here’s the way I see it, Ted. Guy puts a fancy guarantee on a box ’cause he wants you to feel all warm and toasty inside.

    Ted Nelson, Customer: Yeah, makes a man feel good.

    Tommy: ‘Course it does. Why shouldn’t it? Ya figure you put that little box under your pillow at night, the Guarantee Fairy might come by and leave a quarter, am I right, Ted?
    [chuckles until he sees that Ted is not laughing]

    Ted Nelson, Customer: [impatiently] What’s your point?

    Tommy: The point is, how do you know the fairy isn’t a crazy glue sniffer? “Building model airplanes” says the little fairy; well, we’re not buying it. He sneaks into your house once, that’s all it takes. The next thing you know, there’s money missing off the dresser, and your daughter’s knocked up. I seen it a hundred times.

    Ted Nelson, Customer: But why do they put a guarantee on the box?

    Tommy: Because they know all they sold ya was a guaranteed piece of s***. That’s all it is, isn’t it? Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I got spare time. But for now, for your customer’s sake, for your daughter’s sake, ya might wanna think about buying a quality product from me.

    Ted Nelson, Customer: [pause] Okay, I’ll buy from you.

    Tommy: Well, that’s…

    Tommy, Richard Hayden: …What?

  142. bull dog line on

    you are overrating Prust’s value quite a bit. he was important, but certainly replaceable.

  143. On the ice Prust is replaceable. Asham scores more goals and fights better. Off the ice is a different issue.

  144. bull dog line on

    maybe Asham, and Haley were signed to replace Prust. I think it is more likely they were signed to replace his fights. there are players on the way up in the system who will replace the other things Prust may have done.

  145. There is a huge difference between between $6.6M and $10M contract, Matteau. That is assuming that your presumption it would get it done is right. I tend to doubt that. You can’t give $10M contract to Prust, as valuable as he was to this team, and expect to ask you young, growing, developing, much more important players to accept reasonable contracts when it’s time to negotiate those. Was a right thing to do, imo.

  146. ilb is right. The decision had to be made for both Prust and for the team. It is better that he got overpaid by such a large margin because now it doesn’t look like the Rangers didn’t like Prust. They were just being reasonable.

  147. Bull Dog very few people are irreplaceable. Some like Prust are hard to replace. It’s not about spending, it’s about spending wisely. In this case the few hundred grand would have made no difference and would have been money well spent. Rupp and Dubi? Dumb. Not paying Prust 2.2? Dumb. Gets it wrong every time.

  148. OK, we were #1 seed in the east, and a mere six wins from the Cup-and so we’re guaranteed to do that again, losing Prust altogether and with no Gabby for weeks? Please. . .

  149. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    congrats on your pops!!

    I would rather have corey perry than anyone (other than iginla or malkin) as far as forwards go!

    you really think parise’s cap hit will be less than nash”s?

  150. Lev – if you could pay $5-6 million for 30 goals or $8 million for 30 goals, which one would you rather pay for?

    And if Nash is “elite” it won’t matter who he plays with. He’s going to get his usual averages of 30-30. That’s all you are getting. Maybe he’ll have a year or two where it spikes a bit, but it’s highly unlikely his numbers are going to go up that much.

    If that were the case, anybody who plays with Crosby should put up ridiculous numbers every year and get a huge payday out of it. Pascal Dupuis has been playing with Crosby for 4 seasons. His best offensive output? Last year when Crosby was out most of the season.

    So just because Nash would be playing with Richards and Gaborik doesn’t mean he’d all of a sudden become a 100 point guy (which is what he should be based on his price tag).

  151. And just because some teams overpay doesn’t mean that sets up the players value. Ehrhoff in Buffalo last year? He is being paid $8M this year. Let us now when they make playoffs. Kopecky? Garrison? PAP? How about Souray? Those are contracts NY was routinely giving out years ago. And the team was being ridiculed for those. Rightfully so.

  152. manny

    next year same as always with winnipeg in east for one more year then nhl and nhlpa will discuss realignment again with those 4 conf nhl proposed with rangers pitt phil wash devils carolina isles in one conf. first 2 rounds of playoffs in conf so wings wouldnt be an issue. i hope this proposed conf crap doesnt EVER take place

  153. Matteau – how do you know Prust would’ve taken 2.2 for 3 years? I think that 4th year was the most important thing since it’s guaranteed. He’d be giving up not 900k over 3 years, but another $2.5 mil in that 4th year alone.

    I don’t see Pruster giving up $3.4 million just to take a hometown discount. He’d be an idiot if he did.

  154. Yesterday was like the opening of Al Capone’s vault, or the LeBron decision. Today HAS to be less tedious.

  155. There was no point overpaying Prust when we need all the $$ we can get to improve our scoring, and we will also need that money over the next few years to renew the likes of Staal, Girardi, Hank, DZ, Kreider, McD etc..
    If Prust had been looking for 2 years i would have paid a little more, but 4 years at that price is too much and too long.

    He’s been a great Ranger warrior but now he’s a rich Canadien 4th liner.

  156. czechthemout!!!! on

    Nash is an elite player! The kid has had to create his own offense for 9 years! Think about that for a minute. Look at who his centers were during his career. Malhotra was his center one season and scored all of 34 pts. Nash has played without a playmaker his entire career. He is a goal scorer playing on a team that has never ever had anyone capable to ever pass him the puck. Neither Getzlaf or Ryan or even Perry would have done any better playing for that dreg of a team. Do any of you doubt that if Nash played with Perry and Getzlaf , and Ryan played on CBJ that Nash’ s numbers wouldn’t be much much better than Ryan’s?

    Dubi got paid for what he did his first three seasons here. He showed progress by improving his point production in each of his first two seasons. And his goal prodution as well. His third season was considered a breakout season with 24g and 30a. Do any of you really feel that Dubi on the open market would not have gotten much more than what we paid him after yesterday’ s stupid fest?

    So Prust is worth 2.5 million for what he brings, but Dubi wasn’t worth 4.3 for what he brought through last season?

  157. i prefer parise a wild or wing but if you say it is devils or pitt i prefer he stay in nj

  158. Another example that is actually closer to what this Nash thing would pan out like, Dany Heatley.

    Everyone kept saying, “OMG, he’s going to score 60 with Joe Thornton as his Center!”.

    Yeah how’d that work out? Put up pretty much the same numbers he had in Ottawa (less goals actually) then dropped even more the next season and was shipped out of town. Similar contact, better scorer, put with a top playmaker and there was no spike in his play.

  159. If Sheldon Souray, at 35, with skating ability rivaled only by Caber’s, can fetch 3-year, $11M contract, I think Nash’s contract looks like a bargain.

  160. Wanted: Two fancy 50 goal snipers who enjoy jumping in front of 120 MPH slap shots. Team provides round the clock transportation to and from first class emergency room medical facility. Call Glen Sather or John Tortorella. If line is busy, call again.

  161. JimboWoodside on

    Still can’t get over that Souray deal – he couldn’t have pulled a better heist with an army of commandos fighting for him!

  162. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    and here you go…makes total sense…

    Scott Burnside ?@ESPN_Burnside
    Easy way for A. Semin, crushed by TSN panel, to confront skeptics. Sign NHL deal somewhere and play meaningful minutes in meaningful games.

  163. What are these knuckleheads waiting for? Isn’t it essentially crystal clear that they will be overpaid, for too many years to be on the @Red@ wings or the Leafs in Parise’s case?

  164. I am starting to think that with Gaborik’s injury we SHOULD sign Semin. Why not? The price _has_ to be reasonable by now.

  165. Can we all agree that the problem is not Nash, but Howsen who wants a ridiculous return for Nash.
    According to Brooks the Rangers are not willing to give up McD, Kreider or Stepan

  166. rob rossi on twitter who covers pens told team remains confident how parise watch is playing out feel they have good shot to win 7 mins ago

  167. Of course we are not giving those guys up. Kreider can actually out produce Nash next season. McDonagh is probably on his way to being the best D-Man in the league along with guys like Karlsson and WWEber/Suter. Stepan, well, he is an assist monster.

  168. bull dog line on

    Staal Wart,
    that has been my feeling on Nash since the trade deadline past. he is a real good player, but the price to get him is to much.

  169. Semin isn’t signing until Parise is off the market. I’m sure he already has some options. He wouldn’t work in NY, I doubt, but many teams will take a risk. He also happens to be more productive player than Parise. Same age.

  170. True bull dog,
    Sather can’t accept those demands. Howsen needs to put down the crack pipe and wake up to reality. It could be a bad situation that only gets worse.

  171. mike russo who covers wild nothing imminent on parise/suter im told so everybody stand down hopefully be later today 3 mins ago

  172. KatieStrangESPN #NJD Brodeur said if CBA wasn’t set to expire that a one-year deal could’ve been viable option. Not about $$, but security


    and security is all about the money…so yeah.

  173. I would take Semin on a short deal over Parise or Nash on a bloated long deal.

    On what grounds is Semin going to procure a 5 year $26M contract? I think he has a lot to prove.

  174. AND if Semin gets a discounted contract with more years he is probably worse off than if he gave himself a season to produce and then re-negotiate.

  175. bull dog line on

    do you trade 2 of Dubi, AA, and Hagelin for Nash? I know more would probably have to be involved, but you would stay away from trading McD, Kreider, and Stepan. I still don’t think I would, but would have to think hard about that one.

  176. Staal – agreed. I only want Nash at the right price.

    And I can’t believe Marc Crawford of all people called Semin a “loser”. Let’s not throw stones Marc…

  177. One word on predictions:


    Did we know who he was this time last year- nope. Key to the team now, yep.

    So- Cup contenders, mid-conference obscurity; check all of these at the door right now….

  178. Why would he, bull dog? If all the hoopla around Parise involves talking about a 10-12 year deal at around $100M, front loaded, all Semin’s agent has to do is show that his GPG is .42 comparing to Parise’s .38, and his PPG is .86 comparing to Parise’s .81. And before I hear someone mention baseball comparison, I asterisk that with: A. I do not watch baseball. B. No matter how you slice it, the ultimate goal of game of hockey is to score goals. And apparently he is at least as good at it as Parise, if not better.

  179. One year of Jagr would be awesome. Good luck getting him to block a shot though…

  180. bull dog,
    I’d trade Dubi and AA, I don’t think I’d get rid of Hagelin…I’d want to see what he can do as he gets used to the league. He has so much speed and ability to create plays. I think he potentially brings alot to the table. Once he joined the team you could see glimpses of what he’s capable of.

  181. If you want to argue that you are against it because you don’t want to lose the guys we have that’s a very reasonable argument (and so is the contract to a lesser degree), but to say Nash isn’t good enough is just plain stupid.

    Nash > Ryan. There is no argument and this is coming from someone who would rather see them trade for Ryan b/c of what would have to go the other way for Nash.

    I’ll trade all of our top prospects and multiple picks, but I don’t want to have to give up the current young guys that have proven they belong like kreider, Stepan, Hagelin, Del Zotto, McDonagh.

    I would rather have Ryan and Del Zotto instead of Nash and Erixon…

  182. Semin has a horrendous reputation. Parise is a *C* aptain. They aren’t comparable.

  183. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I agree with you 100% on nash. I also think there are different kinds of elite players with different styles. Adam Oates was an elite player and DID make players around him better due to his elite style being a puck distributer…elite players that are goal scorers don’t make their teammates better as frequently because they shoot the puck not pass it.

    Where you hope your elite players make everyone around them better on consistent a consistent level is with work ethic and leadership on and off the ice.

    From what I have seen of Nash during this howson debacle sure the hell is elite in my book.

    Anyone wonder why bobby ryan is always the member of the three amigos in the trade rumour mill?

  184. Vickers-forgot to add “helps to be hard of hearing, as Torts yells alot; also be comfortable sitting on the bench when you make one bad play”

  185. I think they want to shop Bobby Ryan because he gives you a huge return and they don’t think they can re-sign him later.

  186. Excellent point, Jonny. However, unless moves are made (and if we lose out on Nash), we can block as many shots as we want, but are not going to be in a position to toss away Jagr and at least 12-15 goals per year.

  187. LMAO, I just realized Boulton’s contract with Islanders was announced before he cleared the waivers and was bought out by NJ. Isn’t it tampering?

  188. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    where are we after day 1 of FA…..
    Forwards…4th line….Boyle/Rupp/Asham
    Top 9…(not listed in any line combos) Richards/Hagelin/Gnabby (out for first month or 3?)
    Stepan/Kreider/??maybe Thomas or Miller or Jean or Yoga or Haley or Newbury….

    compared to last year…up because of Kreider, down because of Gabby injury…..

    Defense….Girardi/Staal/McD/MDZ/Bickel/Sauer (if he makes it back)….??any new D going to make the club? McIlrath?….Erixon?

    compared to last year….down unless Sauer makes it all the way back, and if he does…up

    so far very similar team as we had, with a year together under the belt….I think we are contenders for sure

  189. There are several guys I want held out of a Nash trade that I wouldn’t mind seeing in a Ryan trade. Hagelin is probably #1 on that list.

  190. Me too, Lev. I just imagine that the contract terms will be SO reasonable that you just can’t say no. Especially with Gaborik being hurt to open the season.

  191. Because Perry and Getzlaf are UFAs next year and don’t give you the return that Ryan would. Plus Bob Murray is an idiot. He pretty much ran Ryan through the mud throwing him out there in trade rumors and never explaining why. Then Ryan said he wasn’t happy he wasn’t wanted and Murray blamed him and didn’t understand why the kid was unhappy about it.

    Most Ducks fans I know can’t wait until he gets fired.

  192. If Nash is considered a “problem” I dont even want to know what Ryan is considered. A young player clashing with a demanding coach in Carlyle and just not fitting in with 2 other stars on his line. Sounds like a “problem”.

  193. semin for rangers make sense for 1 yr at most but i dont want him at all. torts will strangle him by novemeber

  194. Crawford is an idiot. He is a loser. Hence why he’s not coaching in the NHL anymore.

    Only way I take Semin is if it’s for a year. He knows he has a lot to prove. Maybe under Torts, and not that fat POS Boudreau and cheap shot specialist Dale Hunter, he can actually have an impact.

    Also, who just compared Adam Oates to Rick Nash? Adam Oates is one of the top 15 playmaking centers of all time. He’s a Hall of Famer. The closest Rick Nash is going to be to getting into the HHOF is having his jersey in there to represent the Columbus Blue Jackets.

  195. Lev – Carlysle isn’t respected by any of his players. That should say something more about the coach than the player.

  196. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I would certainly trade AA and Dubi in a Nash or Ryan deal..not so sure about stepan or hags…would def move thomas in one of those as well as erixon..maybe mdz

    not sure about the semin thing, my heart says no way, my head says for the right price with lack of other options maybe…going with no.

    Doan would be a great option as a compliment later on (09 JULY I guess), but he should not be the “big” addition by us as far as offence goes.

  197. Dreger:

    To trade Bobby Ryan, the Ducks want a few pieces, including a 2nd line center.

    Hey Ducks, if you’re looking for a second line center,we’ve got two of the best in the biz for ya: Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov. Take your pick and we’ll glad;y relieve you of the headache that is Bobby Ryan.

  198. tim panaccio on twitter who covers flyers says from hes told if its strictly $$ flyers get both parise/suter based on offers 1 hr ago

  199. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    read the damn post nugget, it was comparing different kinds of elite player skill sets…wow, try being sober on here!

  200. I hate to say this too, but Carl Hagelin is nothing more than a solid 3rd line player. He had a great run last year playing 1st line wing, but he should really be on the 3rd line as an energy guy who uses his speed and can pickup 35-40 points a year. If he proves me wrong, I’ll be happy, but I don’t see him being anything more than that (which isn’t a bad thing).

  201. Sorry Wicky, long weekend. I still say Nash isn’t elite. Elite to me means completely game changing. He’s not a game changer. There are only a handful of guys in the league who are.

  202. What makes you think that Semin will accept a “reasonable”, let alone “one-year” contract. Based upon what Crawford said? I guarantee you someone will pay him.

  203. Nash gets a healthy amount of shots per year (the one thing he does consistently at a near elite level) just not as many if them go in as you want for $7.8M. I wouldn’t expect his near 20 mins/TOI or 300 shots a season to change that much wherever he goes.

    And after nearly 700 games/9 seasons in the NHL his production is not going to trend upward for that much longer if it hasn’t plateaued already. There’s a handful of players in the entire history of the league that have mainatained 30G/70pt production consistently through their late 20’s/early 30’s. Most of them were either playing in a more offensive oriented era or were some of the greatest players of all time, which Nash isn’t even close to.

    And who exactly did Richards make into a substantially better player last year? Gaborik returned to the form he did 2 seasons prior and nobody else had a huge jump in production. The “better players means more production” for players already getting large amounts of ice time isn’t really substantiated.

  204. ThisYearsModel on

    Back to the FA grind. I do not care where Parise ends up so long as it is not in PIT. I hope he ends up in Detroit or Minnesota. Same for Suter. I would also be fine if they both went back to their old teams. I would be OK with Suter coming to NY, with Staal going to Carolina for Jeff Skinner. All goofy speculation, of course.

  205. Ye Dubinsky/Anisimov wont work for Ryan. They need an ACTUAL 2nd line center. Derek Stepan.

  206. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – you are quiet today.

    Who would you like to see the Ranger sign if Parise is not even on the table for the Rangers.

    Why is there NOTHING being said about Semin. Is he really that bad? That he doesn’t get an offer from an NHL team, or does he already have a better offer in the KHL?

  207. >>Im leaning more and more towards a yes for Semin.

    It’s already a YES for me. I don’t know why people think he wouldn’t work in the Rangers system. As long as Tortorella doesn’t expect him to be blocking shots, he’ll be fine. He’d probably score more goals than Dubinsky and Stepan.

  208. And This One Will Last A Lifetime

    Other than Kreider, the Rangers do not have a single forward prospect ready to make the jump to the NHL. Thomas and Miller both struggled in their ATO in HFD and Zuccarello and JAM are both gone.

    The only one who might have a chance is Marek Hrivik who had a great playoff run for the Whale, while Miller, Thomas and Yogan were ineffective…

  209. Suter and Parise to Phlyers would be a disaster for us.

    Stepan leaving is A-OK with me if we get Ryan back. Even though I would love to have Stepan setting up Ryan.

  210. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I’m going to call this the Jonny principle..

    There was an interview with Wayne Gretzky the other day on TSN that was talking about the prettiest goal he ever scored in his career and it was a great interview. Later in the day they aired a show on the rangers of the past season and Mike Rupp said the 2nd winter classic goal was one of the prettiest goals he ever scored.

    Jonny response..

    WOW some guy is one here comparing gretzky and rupp as goal scorers..DUH


  211. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    its ok…it happens a lot more here than you would think (being a post skimmer myself when I am in a hurry)

    No reason to apologize and It was funny actually (no offence intended btw)


  212. Sioux-per-man on

    Stepan in a trade for Ryan? Why not?

    Stepan, Dubinsky, and a D prospect. You have to give something, to get something?

    It could happen.

  213. “Zuccarello and JAM are both gone.’

    If Zuccarello was offered a one-way deal, he would be here. And, I don’t think Slats has ruled that out. He is waiting to see how all this shakes out today and with Howser. MZA’s KHL contract has an out clause for NHL and the Rangers gave him the qualifier, they can sign him whenever they want…

    If Rangers can’t secure a scorer like Parise, Nash, or Ryan….they might give MZA a call….

  214. Those who want Semin: Just remember how you felt about Gaborik at the end of the playoffs and before you knew he was hurt. You all wanted his asham out of here, even though scoring was what the Rangers needed. You all thought “what good is it if he puts up 40 in the season and then disappears in the playoffs?” You all thought, “you can’t win with soft guys like that” and “with guys who won’t go into the dirty areas” and all those things.

    Well, that’s Semin to the nth degree. Gaborik was hurt. A healthy Semin is the player Gaborik was at the end of the playoffs. Minus the injury.

  215. Nash signed a long term contract to play for Columbus. In return, they gave him $80 million. Demanding a trade is something loser players do, who have no concept of commitment and dedication. Those players who then demand where they will get traded to are loser human beings. Rick Nash is only one rung better than danny heatly in terms of nhl decency. At least he hasnt killed a teammate. Is this the player we want on our team?

  216. Ecklund is reporting that the Ducks are talking about moving Bobby Ryan to the Buffalo Sabres.

  217. Sioux-per-man on

    JBytes I was thinking the same thing. If they can’t trade for Ryan or Nash. I could see Sather giving him an offer to see if he wants to stay in the NHL.

    Just not a Torts type player. But he can score.

  218. why? because than you would create a whole at the 2nd line center position that the rangers can’t replace. Unfortunatey what the gm’s want for nash and ryan would weaken the rangers in other areas. The right thing to do is stay the course. If the rangers have to take a step backwards this year so be it. Next years free agent class will be allot better and the rangers won’t have to trade players, just spend money.

  219. I did not want Gaborik out, Carp. Don’t lump me in with all these Screwheads.

    I understand the hug problems with Semin but he’s movable if the Contract is right. So why not?

  220. Michael July 2nd, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    Nash signed a long term contract to play for Columbus. In return, they gave him $80 million. Demanding a trade is something loser players do, who have no concept of commitment and dedication. Those players who then demand where they will get traded to are loser human beings. Rick Nash is only one rung better than danny heatly in terms of nhl decency. At least he hasnt killed a teammate. Is this the player we want on our team?

    why does this look so similar to what another regular here posts?

  221. speaking of Gaborik, that’s exactly why I was one of those ranger fans who did not want to sign him. The guy is made of glass, always hurt.

  222. Carp – that’s why it would be a 1 year deal. Gabby is out until at least December. Semin can do the early season scoring until Gabby comes back.

    I’d also argue that talent wise, Semin is actually better than Gabby. Similar shot, maybe not as fast, but he’s a better puck handler and playmaker. Heart? Well that’s a totally different story.

  223. Re: Semin- there’s something to be said at the fact that the Caps have made zero effort to retain him.

  224. It’s true, Wicky. His father never hugged him and now, as a result, he won’t hug his teammates. Not even in fights.

  225. Unless its me and I’m using it as a technique to mock someone (rather than validate ridiculous comments), anyone using two names from the same IP should be Shanabanned.

  226. I am trying to understand the overall legitimate fan consensus on acquiring Rick Nash. Can everyone please follow their comments by stating their opinion on the Gomez, Drury, and Redden signings 4 years ago (at the time of the signings). This would greatly help.

  227. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    prust didn’t miss games, the games just cancelled themselves

  228. And 102 games is only 52 more games than that tough guy Asham played last year.

  229. callahan plays a totally different game than gaborik so your comparisons don’t match up and carp, yea, played 102 games but in the playoffs is where it matters and the playoffs are a different game than the regular season, much more intensity and physicality and gaborik is injury prone, not a good match.

  230. And despite that, I don’t think Semin signs for anything less than a few years. The guy signed a 1 year extension last season with Washington to try to buy his next contract. He’s not doing that again.

  231. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp do you preferr one player over the other when it comes to Ryan or Nash?

  232. Out of the major signings, I was on board with Gomez and Gaborik. I’m very against Nash. $7.8MM as a free agent for Nash, I’d swallow hard and do it. Assets, including NHL level core, I’m out.

  233. All things equal, Nash. But, to be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of Ryan.

    tommy, I’m not buying it. I thought Gaborik showed a lot of courage playing the last two series with that bad shoulder, and I don’t expect him to do the things that Callahan did. But compared to Semin, Gaborik looks like Lucic.

  234. Callahan and Gaborik both play Hockey, in The NHL, and for the same team. Thus they faced the same competition. Although, they were rarely, if ever, on the ice at the same time. Seems pretty similar.

  235. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    if nash comes cheap as far as players in return I say go!

    But as in life..nothing comes cheap.

  236. I was celebrating when we signed Gomez and Drury, thought it was a great day.

    I was on the ledge when we signed Redden, especially when the Isles signed the guy I thought we should have, Mark Streit.

    On the fence about Nash. Think if the price is right, great. If not, fine. I do think though that with Kreider coming out top two lines would then look like this: Nash/Richards/Gabby, Kreider/Step/Cally and that does leave Anisimov and Hagelin as third liners, so maybe one of them could go the other way with Dubi instead of MDZ who I’d like to keep. Dunno….

  237. Oh yea, I’ll give you that. I wouldn’t go near semin with a 100 foot pole.

  238. signing someone b/c Gabby is hurt is stupid. The Rangers are a playoff team anyway. If Parise signs there and Crosby is healthy the Pens will always win the division, because well they are that good in the regular season. The object is to build a team that can win a cup and adding Semin just to produce in regular season games and fade in the playoffs is pointless.

    On a 1 year deal, I’ll take him, but other than that 10 foot pole…

  239. Thank God I wont have to hear Prustisms anymore next year!! Whew! CCCP, neither Sather nor Prust is an aasenhole, it was good business for both sides.

    Im not saying Jagr is or was soft, but he didnt give full effort on some nights, yet he hugely helped our team. We need scoring. If Semin can be signed on a 2 or 3 deal for cheap, I dont see a problem with it. Thats how having Torts as a coach benefits us. He demands an expected work ethic from his players. Sometimes, a player just needs a different voice or a change of scenery to “get it.”

  240. we are hearing nothing on semin or for that matter any other free agent becasue parise and suter are holidng up the whole league

  241. Any possibility of this happening:

    Dubinsky, MDZ, Erixon, Thomas for Nash

    Stepan, Anisimov, Miller for Ryan

  242. Prust wasnt part of the core, Wicky. He was a complementary player, a role player whose role can be filled by someone else.

  243. If Radulov just got $9M a year from the KHL, I’m shocked Semin isn’t there too.

  244. Prust was absolutely (spelled correctly this time) part of the Core, if not being *THE* core of the team.

  245. My point on Gaborik is he misses to many games for the amount of money and years the rangers gave him. The rangers might luck out this season coming up only because of a looming strike, if not,, more games missed by Gaborik.

  246. The news on Ryan is apparently the Ducks want package based around a 2nd line center plus 2 others – sounds like a more reasonable price than what Howson is asking for doesnt it?

  247. Funny, but I was spit on just a month ago for mentioning Semin, as a no particular risk but potential reward in scoring, to substitute Gabby’s absent. Even knowing, that northamerican’s fans do like and prefer hockey players to leave heart and liver on the ice, sometimes sheer talent could be helpful too, in certain departments(scoring) for certain time (1 year relatively low contract) under certain circumstances (dead lock in attempts to get some “heavier”, “ideal” candidates) and with certain low risk factor.

  248. Prust may have been a core locker room guy, but on the ice do you really think we’ll miss all those goals?

  249. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    A couple of years ago after the 22 goal season (I think) by gabby, I was on the fence with him. I said I would rather have a consummate 30 goal scorer than an erratic could be 40 could be 20 goal guy. I think I reference rather having iggy than him.

    I stand by that statement today (I would trade them straigh up right now).

    That being said, I think gabby is a very good player and an elite goal scorer, just as many here have pointed out, propensity to get injured.

    I do not think heart or desire are an issue with him at all!

  250. If the Ducks accept Matt Read, 26 year old rookie, as a key piece for Ryan, I’d puke. Locking into a position rather than maximizing return is dumb.

  251. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Do you feel Sather isn’t going to budge with his “trade list” to Columbus, because Nash won’t approve the trade if it’s not the Rangers?

  252. The only thing that matters in hockey is goals.

    The only thing that matters in hockey is goals.

    The only thing that matters in hockey is goals.

    The only thing that matters in hockey is goals.

    The only thing that matters in hockey is goals.

    The only thing that matters in hockey is goals.

    The only thing that matters in hockey is goals.

  253. He missed what, 20-25 games up until this season? Guy had 2 pretty much healthy season and 1 season where he missed about 20 games. How is that missing too many games?

    Sidney Crosby missed more games last year alone than Gaby did in his first 3 years here. Is Sidney Crosby not worth his money?

    Tiki – Jagr didn’t give full effort because he was 35-36 years old. He admitted that some nights he just didn’t have it. If he was younger he would’ve, but he had to pace himself for the playoffs. Never had an issue with that. Messier/Gretzky/etc all did that at the end of their careers. Jagr just admitted it.

    And DJK – I was just about to say that. If Radulov just got 9.2/year, Semin is likely going to get the same from some team over there. He’d be stupid not to take that amount of money.

  254. as if Stepan, AA, Hagelin, Dubi or any other forward outside of Richards and maybe Gaborik had any better playoff run than Semin. Please…

    Semin and Gaborik playoff stats are exactly the same…Semin’s worst season is still better than Gaborik’s worst season. Just saying…

  255. What is the consensus around here? Should Stepan be in play if the return is Bobby Ryan?

  256. Jonny, Jagr was doing that when he was in his 20s, too.

    Prust definitely was part of the core … when the Rangers were at their best, he was playing a third-line, checking-line role with Boyle, against opponents’ top players, making them pay a price every night, making their lives miserable. When he slipped, and he certainly did, to a fourth-line role, the Rangers weren’t as good.

  257. Stepan should absolutely be in play for Ryan. His sister and mom must stay though.

  258. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    we will not miss his goals, but his on ice play will be missed as well as his…wait for it..

    the dreaded (by some)….

    lockerroom presence and character/heart and soul will be missed

  259. Im not looking to stir anything up, just saying that on the ice, Prust isnt part of the core of any team. As Carp will say, there’s more to hockey than just scoring goals. Another part of hockey is the role players, and Prust played his role perfectly.

    The core of the team: Stepan, Kreider, Callahan, #30, Girardi, Staal, McDonagh, Del Zotto, possibly Sauer, Gaborik, Richards. Maybe I missed a guy or two, but thats your core.

  260. I wouldn’t include Stepan for either just because it messes up our lineup. If Stepan were a wing or Ryan were a center, I’d be in.

  261. well, Prust was up for the Steven McDonald and Players Player awards both years. Kind of tells me he was part of the core.

  262. in my home office today supposely to do paper work for my job instead blogging all day and listening to tsn radio in montreal and people in montreal cant believe they paid prust what they did

  263. I understand that The Doctor. I think I might be willing to give up Stepan for Ryan. We have a lot of centers. Not many good ones. But a lot of them.

  264. “well, Prust was up for the Steven McDonald and Players Player awards both years. Kind of tells me he was part of the core.”

    Ha, go play a team sport with teammates? How many goals did Steven McDonald ever score?

  265. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    click on their twitter handle and then there should be a box that says following…cursor over to it and it should change to unfollow…wa la

  266. wicky

    that’s what i thought. Does he actually get any stories himself? Maybe i should start a blog and get paid for reposting news that have already been posted. Sounds like a great gig.

  267. Hey maybe we should have traded Prust to the Habs for PK Subban when we had the chance.

  268. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    i figured you kinda knew who he was, I think you should do that btw

    we should start thinking up blog names for the site

  269. Manny, I wouldn’t throw a tantrum, but I’d be neutral losing Stepan (and Ryan is a personal favorite). There has to be a way to leverage minor league depth here, either in putting together the better overall package or working in a 3rd team.

  270. Careful, The Doctor. I once made a joke about Office McD scoring goals and there was some serious backlash.

  271. He’s a good locker room guy (Player’s Player award), he’s a hard nosed player that gives 100% every night (Steven McDonald Extra effort award), plays despite injuries and pain, blocks shots, does all the little things that help a team. Role player. Plays his role perfectly.

    Thats all Ill say on it, Ill just agree to disagree.

  272. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, if you’re unfollowing people, make sure to get Avery out of there as well.

  273. with hat price tag Habs fans will want Prust to reach at least double digits in goals… no?

    over or under: 5 or 8 goals for Prust in the season?

  274. people in montreal wanted pa parenteau and are upset habs didnt make a bigger play. only reason listening its only live show i could get hockey coverage at moment. xmradio nhl home ice airing classic games bost vancouver game 1 cup finals until 4pm when they have live show back

  275. Good point, Wicky. What are the chances of Bjork, JT Miller, McWrath and Co. coming up this year and having an impact?

  276. On Torres, if I was his lawyer I’d be gathering up video of all the other non-suspended or lightly-suspended incidents during the playoffs and threatening to go to court if the suspension isn’t downgraded to single digits.

  277. someone tell parise and suter enough is enough. i mean this feels like lebron all over again. wait wait wait enough

  278. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    gabby’s role first line winger to score 30 to 40 goals

    gabby fills his role, therefore role player

  279. 5 goals? over. 8 goals? under. he’ll get 7.

    This reminds me when I was pissed that the Rangers got rid of Dominic Moore. I thought he was the second coming of Messier. Since then, he’s rotated through more teams than Elisha Cuthbert.

  280. “someone tell parise and suter enough is enough. i mean this feels like lebron all over again. wait wait wait enough”

    There’s a touch of irony here.

  281. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    re torres…excellent point

    I still think Wweber’s shot was way worse (if we are properly punishing the act, not the result)

  282. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    ok, off to the grocery store to drop a bazillion dollars to feed the wicky clan

    later aasens and LGS!!

  283. Jonny, not to beat this dead horse, but among the current Rangers forwards, who makes it difficult for opponents to play? Callahan, Boyle, Dubinsky if he’s still around … and …?

  284. wicky, come on, be real! :) You know there are far more players that are capable of filling Prust’s role than scoring 40 goals a year.

    On Anisimov, when I met him, his eyes looked unmotivated, completely dead, and he was slouching horribly. Terrible *body language* :)

  285. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, your argument about looking at other videos and suspensions is actually going to be the topic of the first post in my new blog, Puck and Gavel. Launch date will be July 5. You are all invited.

  286. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Rupp makes it easier by being a pylon.

  287. I still stand by the statement that for on ice production (Statistics only), Asham does generally replace Prust. The numbers are similar and I might dare to say that Asham has a bit more goal scoring potential. But off the ice it’s not even close. Asham will not be any sort of leader. He’s out there to play for Arron Asham.

  288. Carp – so given the Rangers abundance of cap space, would you have just caved and given Prust the money. And how do you think it will go for him in Montreal – will expectations be much higher than what he can do? Can his body play the way he does for another 4 years?

  289. Prust is dating a French Canadian. He probably speaks French. Therefore he’s worth any price for Les Habs.

  290. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Speaking of Puck and Gavel, who wants to help me create a logo (for free)?

  291. Why is Parise getting compared to LeBron if he considers the Penguins? Surely he’d be Chris Bosh?

  292. dreger

    jagr interested in montreal looking for one year 4 mil dollar deal.. why wouldnt mont sign him and play him with his countryman plekanec on 2nd line. no brainer for me

  293. Carp – I 100% agree with you. I was a huge Prust fan. I’m just saying, what is the likelihood he could play at that level for 4 years? You saw first hand how beat up the guy really was. I know “it’s only pain”, but that eventually takes it’s toll on a player.

    I just don’t see how signing him for that much money and even worse, for that many years would’ve been worth it. He will definitely be missed, but it’s easier to replace a guy like Prust than it is a guy like Gaborik.

  294. Manny

    How do you know that Asham won’t be a leader? I thought Asham’s reputation was that he is a leader and a great locker-room guy…whatever the fugg that means.

  295. 1 year 4 million and we’re not even in on Jaromir, when scoring is our top need? Same stuff, different day.

  296. Yup, trade Stepan…smart move….

    Trade the guy that basically won a crucial playoff game facing elimination with a UNREAL pass…

    And, the guy who was our de-facto #1 center when “Richie” was on the 4th line…..

    Makes sense…..he’s 22….it’s all downhill from here….

  297. Then maybe I am wrong @CCCP@ I just didn’t think Asham was the type of guy that Prust was/is. Better fighter though and better scorer.

  298. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Eric, if our guys haven’t contacted the parise camp it’s safe to say we aren’t getting him

  299. But NYR, my good friend and bobsled teammate, the deal would bring back Bobby Ryan. A second tier elite scorer in his 25th year. It’s not like we are giving him away for some 39 year old that once scored 30.

  300. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    If they had signed Kovalchuk two summers ago, all of this would be moot, including Parise, whom the Devils then would have had the money to retain.

  301. CTBlueshirt on

    Asham also tends to let the other team direct more shots toward his team’s net than he helps direct toward the other team’s net. And he’s usually on the ice for goals against than goals for at 5v5, which is important to note because that’s pretty much where he gets all his non-penalty box ice time.

  302. Bingo, CTB. We know the roles Prust would fill and that he’d perfectly fit our style. We know Asham can only fill one and might actually be a detriment to our style.

  303. It’s true, CT. Asham is a bit less defensively responsible than Prust but Prust isn’t the best defensively either. His forechecking ability is much better than his defensive ability. Further, Asham isn’t a good PK guy, to the level of Prust. Not even close. Thus, we have to re-sign Fedotenko to fill that whole on the PK. Feds saw most PK time when Prust was in the box or when it was a 5-on-3. Thus, we need Fedotenko and Asham to replace Prust.

  304. NYR, while youre talking about Stepan and playoffs you might want to add that he probably had the worst playoffs of all Rangers this season.

  305. CTB, the 2nd part of your statement is essentially +/- and thats possibly the worst statistic ever invented.

  306. staalwart

    before u post and reference me when i have i ever said we are getting parise. i am just posting on parise what i hear or read. i know we arent in on either parise or suter. trying to find some info to relay. beats talkign about prust over and over again

  307. “NYR, while youre talking about Stepan and playoffs you might want to add that he probably had the worst playoffs of all Rangers this season.”


  308. Yeah, Del Zotto and Stepan suck. THE WORST. Get rid of them….we need Ryan.

  309. sorry, forgot who asked … I would not have caved in on Prust. The Rangers did the right thing. Even $2.2M over three years that might have gotten it done before July 1 was probably way too high. And I think Montreal will be difficult for Prust, with the more demanding fan base, and with the way he plays and considering he’s needed surgery after each of the last two seasons. Expectations will be much higher, and by Year 4, he might be a shell of himself.

    And for the record, I’d rather have Avery than Haley.

  310. And it was Stepan’s first go round in the playoffs as the #2 center. Give the kid a break.

    That being said, I’d trade him for Bobby Ryan.

  311. no, not time to give up but time to realize that to get you must give… Stepan will never score 30 goals … Ryan or Nash will and have… a few times already. That’s all.

  312. Just throwing this out there: If they traded Stepan, and Richards can’t/doesn’t want to play with Gaborik, who is the No.1 center? Anisimov? Dubinsky? Boyle? Newbury?

  313. I wouldn’t give up Stepan unless the return was 30+ goals guaranteed and a young player with a reasonable cap hit. Thus, only for the IDEAL situation. Stepan is a very good player and distributes the puck well.

    As I have said, Kreider will score 30+ this year. After his playoff run I have no reason to believe he won’t. If Dubinsky becomes Dubinsky again and scores 20 then there is 50+ goals. That’s your Corey Perry.

  314. cccp —

    i’d give up stepan for ryan, as well, but stepan’s point totals will be up there and i’m not sure why you think he can’t score 30. he’s pretty good around the net. because of who he’s played with he’s always looking pass, but there’s no reason to think he can’t ne a 70-80 point player in a few years/

  315. Wonder how quickly the Rangers will move once Parise/Suter sign. Because there will be a lot more teams, or same teams with more interest, in the Nash/Ryan chase when the dominoes begin to fall.

  316. Carp – I am actually surprised that a guy like Haley signed here. He has to know that on this team he is just not going to see any ice time unless there is some insanity expected at puck drop. It seems like a terrible situation for him unless he wants to be an AHL goon.

  317. just reading what’s out there — and obviously, there may be other teams involved that no one is reporting — it seems that the only two teams left in the nash hunt (that are on his list) are the red wings and rangers. supposedly the red wings haven’t offered much. rangers should hold. there is no reason to overpay, especially when there’s no real market for the player. and if you miss out, that’s life. no one is going to fault sather for not overpaying.

  318. Also, guys, if you get Bobby Ryan and give up Stepan then Richards can play with Ryan (with Kreider on the wing) and Anisimov can play with Gaborik on the SECOND line with Callahan on the wing.

  319. Can Stepan be a consistent 30 goal scorer? I don’t think so… Ryan and Nash showed that they can…and that is my point.

  320. The thing is, CCCP, (and, anyone else: Lev, Manny, etc.) is that I believe Stepan has all the tools to be an elite center in this league…

    And, I think the Rangers think the same, otherwise, wouldn’t Ryan already be here?

    Maybe he doesn’t have the size of Nash or Ryan….but I think he has 70-80 point potential….

  321. dont forget sharks for nash. he would go there and play with thornton. sharks dont want to part with couture

  322. Sather should cave to no demands unless the Rangers are desparate and they are certainly not desparate. In 3 years when Stepan or Kreider are lighting it up we will regret trading them. If we didnt regret not trading the farm for Nash this year – and I suspect none of us did – then I dont think we ever will.

  323. one thing ryan has going for him over stepan is that we already know ryan can do it. he’s a remarkably consistent goal scorer so far. and it’s not like you’re giving up a ton of youth. (all depending on what else they would want, obviously)

  324. You are correct, NYR. The Rangers seem to agree with you 100% as do the Anaheim Ducks.

  325. Carp – not much of a problem because Gaby is only here for another year. He’s gone after next season. Ryan on the other hand would be staying for a few more years. Plus it might give incentive for Perry to come too.

  326. There’s an argument to be made that you really don’t know what you have in a player until the 3-4 years in the NHL. How many players have had outstanding rookie seasons only to slump in year 2, then rebound in years 3-4. I wouldn’t trade Stepan.

  327. Oh and I wasn’t saying that Stepan had a slump year, only that if I remember correctly he had more goals in his rookie season
    I also agree that he is a great set up man…his vision is impressive…give him some time.
    I can understand Sather not wanting to include him in a deal.

  328. I thought you knew what you had in a player by overreacting to his most recent good or bad season / month / series / game / period / play?

  329. If Gaborik scores 40 again, they can’t let him go. And won’t. To say he’s here for only one more year is silly.

  330. for years, the rangers would trade every kid for some immediate need; now fans don’t want them to trade any kid, because they’re making the false assumption that every one of them will be a star. there’s got to be a happy medium. rangers aren’t going to win anything without more goal scoring. why would any team take an overpaid and overrated dubinsky and give us a top goal scorer. it’s just a fantasy. i hope sather doesn’t overpay but giving up stepan to bolster a need with a 25 year old, isn’t exactly like trading for marcel dionne.

  331. I fail to see how trading Stepan for Ryan makes the team any better. Let’s not just tinker for the sake of tinkering. we all want a shiny new toy but let’s be practical. Say what you want abouit Pittsburgh but right now they, too, are worse than they were at season’s end without Jordan Staal. Philly underwent a complete overhaul last summer – were they any better for it? Sure didn’t look that way when the two main guys they got rid of won the Cup with the other team.

    If Nash is available at the right price, great, it’s an upgrade. If not, then even a lateral move that disrupts team chemistry is not worth making.

  332. Carp – I agree with that, but what are the chances he scores 40 again? I know it’s his contract year next season, I’m just not sure if he’ll do it. If he does come back, I don’t think it’ll be for $7.5 million again.

    Plus Sather has a history of no resigning those guys. He’ll bring them in for 5-6 years and then let them walk, even if they were very productive.

  333. Philly’s issues had more to do with goaltending than anything else. Their defense was killed with Pronger out too. All of the guys they brought in performed great for them down the stretch.

  334. From the Portzline post that Carp linked: “Four players have scored 30-plus goals the last five seasons: Ilya Kovalchuk, Alex Ovechkin, Jarome Iginla and Rick Nash.”

    Cut that down to last four seasons and you add in Phil Kessel, Patrick Marleau, Zach Parise and Bobby Ryan.

  335. peter – in what exotic world is trading stepan for ryan (as if the ducks would even do it straight up) a lateral move. 31, 35, 35, 31 goal seasons. he’s 25. ryan’s lowest season total is better than stepan’s best. ryan is bigger, faster and has a better shot. in what way would that be lateral?

  336. Not all of the guys – the big reaons they moved Carter and Richards was to free up cap space for Bryz.

  337. “peter – in what exotic world is trading stepan for ryan”

    I think he meant roster lateral. Stepan (plus more) opens up a hole to fill a hole.

  338. Stepan’s game is not goal scoring. He is a set-up man for the scorers. He has a wicked shot, but often looks to pass first. He can score 30, but that is not his game. 70 points is something I can definitely see him doing. It took Callahan and Dubinsky 5 seasons to hit the 50 pt mark. Stepan did it in his second season in what is considered a slump year.

  339. That article that Carp linked said that Fedotenko would be a top 6 forward for CBJ. Could that really be true?

  340. Actually it was because they were considered clubhouse cancers. Which is funny because in LA they were reunited and had no known issues.

  341. Carp touched on this but why is it a foregone conclusion that Gaborik is gone after next year?

  342. it’s settled. stepan value dictates that he can only be traded for malkin or sedins. (both)

  343. Sioux-per-man on

    I just don’t see a big Splash for the Rangers today.

    Sather will keep Stepan, McD, & Kreider.

    If he does THAT and sign Nash – That would be a big splash.

  344. doesn’t Gaborik still have 2 years left? thought he signed for 5 and has been here just 3.

  345. CTBlueshirt on

    But Nash is paid like he’s supposed to score 40, not just or a couple of goals over 30 like he has the past 3 seasons.

  346. Yeah I was talking about the 2013-14 season. I just don’t see Sather bringing him back. He usually doesn’t when he signs a guy to a big contract. He’d rather throw money at younger UFA who would be around for another 5-6 years.

  347. trading Kreider makes almost no sense under any circumstance. the guy turned 21 during the playoffs and sky’s the limit.

    stepan can score 70 points, but 40 + will be from assists. Stepan just turned 22…..

    these guys have value and will improve……

    The proposed prices for Nash are ridiculous… his cap hit is a ton… I would trade for him but for more quantity then top tier players…

  348. CTBlueshirt on

    I think Gaborik coming back would depend on whether a team offered him another contract like his current one, which would probably be a mistake.

  349. Rick Nash has the 5th highest cap hit in the NHL (probably will be 6th after Parise). Is Rick Nash the 5th best player in the league?

  350. Trading Stepan for Ryan solves no problems. You fill a spot at scoring wing while losing #2 center. If the Rangers had a replacement in the wings, you do that deal in a second. There is none, so you fill one hole and create another. Solves nothing. For me, this is not an issue of Stepan being totally untouchable, but on filling needs for the team without creating new ones. If you are trading Stepan and another player for a better center, go for it. If you have #2 centers waiting in the wings and can step in, do the trade. There is none of that. So, you get Ryan, and then there is nobody to pass a puck to him.

  351. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Sioux-per-manJuly 2nd, 2012 at 2:01 pm
    Could this Day be any slower????????

    No it cant. Ridiculously slow, ugh.

  352. “Actually it was because they were considered clubhouse cancers.”

    Actually, they weren’t, they were a tight team, they just weren’t considered mature enough to put hockey and hockey preparation over going out every night and doing what young, rich celebrities do when they go out.

  353. I forgot about Prospal…just think, if we still had Prospal and Fedotenko we could package them for Nash:)

  354. i’m curious. what do people think a nash/ryan trade should look like? dubinsky and a 5th rounder?

  355. jagr appears to be not going to montreal i could see him going to wings if they miss out on parise

  356. CTBlueshirt on

    In a capped league it matters. That’s why Brandon Prust isn’t a Ranger anymore.

  357. Carp July 2nd, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    Kreider’s going nowhere.


    Except Cooperstown.

  358. yeah, the cap matters when a fourth line player wants too much for too long. but i can’t think of a single player that the rangers haven’t gotten because of the cap. and the cap is going up. there is plenty of room, and when there isn’t they make room. it’s not limitless, no, but it nearly irrelevant in this conversation. as sather has already said. moreover, if stepan is going to be such a superstar you’re going to have to pay him as well.

  359. Everything is OK so far, but it make me hard to imagine Prust fighting Boyle or boarding MDZ in fore-check. Yet.

  360. “The proposed prices for Nash are ridiculous… his cap hit is a ton… I would trade for him but for more quantity then top tier players…”

    This is what I was ranting about back at the deadline; Nash is (or should be) viewed as a partial salary dump for Columbus. He’s a very good player with a cap hit commensurate to a better player. A roster player we consider somewhat expendable _or_ an A prospect plus some B prospects is the logical market value. Starting to even think about a guy like Stepan, or packaging Dubinsky or Anisimov with Erixon and/or Miller, is a severe overpay.

    Ryan > Nash > Richards ( > Prust)

  361. Carp – No, he’s not better than Richards. At scoring? Sure. But overall, no he’s not.

  362. What i dont understand is this…. why is free agency happening before a new CBA is reached. I think thats why Glen has been quiet. Doesnt know if he can bury his mistakes in the AHL anymore until new cba is reached.

  363. The cap might not go up like it has for much longer, depending on how this CBA works out. NHL wants more money, players don’t want to give up any. So the cap might stay flat for a few years.

  364. CTBlueshirt on

    Rangers have taken advantage of loopholes that could very well get closed after the new CBA and a once in a decade trade with a GM that’s no longer in the league and might be the most lopsided trade in the cap era. I wouldn’t count on them being so lucky if they continue to sign players that don’t measure up to their cap hit.

  365. “i’m curious. what do people think a nash/ryan trade should look like? dubinsky and a 5th rounder?”

    Nash: Dubinsky or Anisimov + 2 of the Thomas/St. Croix/Yogan/Pashin 2nd tier group + 2013 1st?

    Ryan: Hagelin + Erixon + 1 from the 2nd tier + 2013 1st?

  366. Thanks Eric. Under a million each, wow! With all the crazy money going round, I bet the wish they waited instead. Unfortunately, Lamoriello is the best. He is getting his team back on the cheap.

  367. May be Parise will throw “Kovalchukes” on everyone and will not going to sign till September, inflicting chaos and holding GMs hostages who will blink first. Diabolic strategic plan by Devils Lou.

  368. CTBlueshirt on

    The current CBA is valid through Spetember so they can still operate under those rules. But yes GMs should exercise caution without knowing if they’ll be able to operate under a vastly different set of rules in the future.

  369. “or packaging Dubinsky or Anisimov with Erixon and/or Miller, is a severe overpay.”

    right. why would we ever trade one of two 15-goal scorers and a prospect for a consistent 35-goal scorer. crazy! i mean, miller had 10 fewer goals this year in the OHL than Nash had in the NHL so he’s got star power written all over him.

  370. Yeah, CTB, you have to figure they’ll find a way to close the Redden loophole. Something like allowing for a full cost buyout (rather than AHLing) that clears from the cap but comes with a draft pick penalty? That way the player is still getting the money he signed for but not being forced to effectively end his career and the team isn’t getting away clean with just cash lost? Maybe?

  371. Vickers8 @ 12:02 & Educator @ 12:20 & Mr D

  372. Mister D — if blue jackets made that trade the league should take control of the team for reasons of crass incompetence.

  373. I would trade Richards for Nash in a heartbeat. I think Nash is a top-20 player in the league. Richards not close.

  374. manny

    i get you listening?

    kypreos tweeting 2 teams over 100 mil in last ditch efforts on parise and suter

  375. I just ignored Ralph because I don’t like reading things in all caps. Yelling is not a good way to start a conversation.

  376. Just caught up.. thanks guys, I appreciate it.

    No news on Suter/Parise yet? Jeeeez, these guys are taking forever to think!

  377. fchamps, what I find surprising in that list is that Vanek is second in goals scored, to Eric Staal (Stall, Stahl).

  378. I’m going to correct and footnote this for you …

    “right. why would we ever trade one of two 15-goal scorers (1) (2) and a prospect for a consistent 35-goal scorer (3) (4). crazy! i mean, miller had 10 fewer goals this year in the OHL than Nash had in the NHL (5) so he’s got star power written all over him (6).”

    (1) Anisimov has scored more than 15 the past two years with decidedly not 1st line minutes.
    (2) Dubinsky had two straight 20+ goal seasons before this past year.
    (3) A “consistent 35 goal scorer” who hasn’t scored 35 goals in the past 3 seasons and has more seasons under 35 than over.
    (4) Funny that you only look at last year, in one case erroneously, with Dubinsky and Anisimov but go full career for Nash
    (5) Miller player in 21 fewer games, so on a per game basis, Miller outscored Nash. Of course, comparing OHL to NHL is ridiculous, but I didn’t start that one.
    (6) I don’t know that any expects stardom of Miller, just a solid top 9 player. Given that Miller playing in the NHL next year + Dubinsky + Anisimov still wouldn’t equal Nash’s cap hit, which is a huge factor you ignored, its not quite so simple.

  379. have to get in car for about an hour at 4 guarantee both parise and suter sign when i am away from computer

  380. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Ralph: his name says exactly what reading his post made me want to do.

  381. CTBlueshirt on

    I would like to see something where you can franchise tag a player. Sign them to big bucks but at a reduced cap hit. The caveat being that if you want to trade the player or remove the franchise tag the cap hit reverts back to 100%.

    It allows stars to stay with their original teams but makes GMs think about who really deserves star money.

  382. That was my point. I dont have a problem w the over 35 staying on caps. But if they remove the ability to stash Reddens in the AHL, then we’ll be most affected by that. The owner w the most money to waste and stash with the whale is Dolan. So expect the league to screw us.

  383. i think people here are seriously underrating nash. you’re talking about adding another gaborik level player — if not better, he is certainly younger and bigger. you’re talking about a team that would have kreider, nash and gaborik spread out on the wings. the point of this thing is to to win a cup not collect your prospects.

  384. I wouldn’t trade 4 or 5 assets for Gaborik and his $7.5MM cap hit right now either.

  385. Nash is overall better than Richards but if we were even able to trade Richards for Nash we would be out of a Center. It would be much like Ryan for Stepan. Make a hole and fill a hole.

  386. if you haven’t noticed it over at twitter widget
    Hank is up for one of the ESPY Awards
    if you want to waste a few minutes rather than keep hitting
    ‘refresh refresh refresh’ (Keep Improving Tony!)
    then here’s the link

    you’ve got to go through a lot of other categories
    you can also vote against sid as far as comeback of the year too

  387. How bout we dance with the ones we have. Here are scenarios which could occur and improve the team without having to risk gutting it by tradng for Nash or Ryan.

    Keep Dubi, Artie and MDZ – at least 2 of the 3 will have good seasons, perhaps all 3.

    A prospect or three find their way onto the team (couple of forwards and a De-man).

    Stepan will play with more crunch/compete and score 65-75 points in his 3rd full season.

    Richards has a better second year.

    Hank wins his second Vezina.

    McD is a finalist for the Norris.

    Boyle scores 20.

    Staal returns to all-star pre-concusion form.

  388. czechthemout!!!! on


    Do you know if a package of Dubi,AA,Mdz, and Christian Thomas was offered to the Cbj? I read that Howson asked for this but Sather offered less. Do you have any insight on this?


  389. Your fingertips to Sather’s eyes, Papa Bear. Make a great trade/signing if it offers itself but don’t force it or risk the core.

  390. Czech: Now or at the deadline? The reported Sather last minute deadline offer was #17, Thomas, Miller, Erixon and a 1st. Not sure if that’s the one you were referring to.

  391. Mister D, but Dubinsky+Anisimov+Miller won’t get it done. Or Nash would have been here in February.

    Manny, my point was simply that Nash>>Richards.

  392. Sioux-per-man on

    One has to wonder just how bad Columbus Management is. How could they pass on all of the Islanders picks in the draft, then hold out for a high ransom for one 50pt player, and get nothing.

    You look at the players they have on the team, and their prospects. They need a miracle, to become a winning team.

    They have 2 50pt players, Nash and Prospal, and 2 – 40pt players in Umburger and Brassard. Then nothing. At lease Edmonton has “HOPE” with all the high draft picks. If Columbus holds on to Nash, and don’t get the players they “want”, what do they have to look forward to the “All Star Game”.

    We all know Nash would help the Rangers, but I really don’t think he is worth 2 Top Prospects, and 2 players off the roster. I just don’t. You have to give Sather some credit for not trading the future of this team.

    Carp do we ever REALLY know who Sather is offering for Nash?

  393. dear zach and ryan can you decide so the rest of the league can get going.

    oh and if you both can go out west it would be much appreciated

    thank you

  394. Carp, I understand that, but I don’t think the onus is on NY to get the deal done in terms anywhere near favorable to Columbus. Giving them your three plus MDZ (or Erixon) is building 1/5 of an entire roster, all of whom do or are expected to play top 9 and top 4 minutes, for a guy who might not even hit his current AAV on the open market. Passing unless you get a steal is a very reasonable option.

  395. All i’ve heard, czech, is that howson isnt listening if kreider, mcdonagh or stepan arent in it. doubt sather balked at any deal not involving those three.

  396. St. Louis Blues ?@StLouisBlues

    The Blues have signed D-man Jeff Woywitka to a one year, two-way deal. Woywitka has played 152 games with the #stlblues

  397. we have a signing

    st louis has signed one time ranger jeff woywitka to a 1 yr two way deal. earth shattering news

  398. Carp – it may get it done when the market settles after Parise signs. Howser is gambling the market will go up. Sather is hoping it goes down. Let’s face it, Howser never intended to trade Nash at the trade deadline – unless some sucker GM met his ridiculous demands.Hhis intentions all along was to wait for FA. He is taking advantage of a sellers market.

  399. The right move is to do nothing. If the rangers take a step back which most likely they will, next years free agent crop will be allot better. The rangers can spend the money next year and not give up anything, that’s the right move as of today.

  400. Yes Manny – forgat about Sauer returning. Kreider scoring 30 that’s a given!!!!!

  401. mister d –

    Give me a break. Anisimov scored 16 goals last season – I think it’s fair to refer to him a 15-goal scorer. I like him fine, but he gets the ice time he richly deserves.

    Rick Nash scored 17 goals when he was18 years old and hasn’t scored fewer than 30 since — and he’s been on some awful teams. In a full seasons, Nash scores 35 in all of them. He’s one of the most talented players in the league. He’d immediately be the best forward in a Rangers jersey.

    I don’t want to argue about Dubinsky — but why on earth give up their best player for a guy who scored 10 goals and has a contract totally out of proportion to his skill level? he’s a 40-point scorer, basically. i’m not saying they wouldn’t want him, but to think that he could be the centerpiece, is just not happening.

    I assume they’re looking to get better. To do that they need some high end prospects in addition to players. Miller does not qualify as a high-end prospect to anyone but rangers fans. He may turn out to be the next Kelly Miller for all I know, but the odds are he’s a third-liner at best.

    there are a few rangers that i wouldn’t want to see go for anyone, and i would be ecstatic if nash came here for dubinsky and some second and third-tier prospects. but the way some rangers fans overrate their players and prospects is just annoying.

  402. CTBlueshirt on

    In a sport where your best players aside from goalies play 20-25 mins of a 60 minute game very few players are worth a bundle of quality players.

  403. I don’t even want to bother going through that whole post paragraph by paragraph but you’re, again, ignoring the point. Its not that I think any of Dubinsky or Anisimov or Miller or whoever are better or comparable to Nash, its that I don’t want to give them up for Nash because of Nash’s contract. Has nothing to do with overrating players and prospects and everything to do with hockey economics. Remove the salary cap tomorrow and I’ll have a vastly different approach to Rick Nash.

  404. That’s a good signing for him actually. Blues play a similar game to the Rangers. He can learn from Pietrangelo now.

  405. Carp – we agree on almost everything, but I DEFINITELY disagree on the Nash > Richards thing. Richards is most valuable IMO.

    Richards since the lockout is averaging about 77 points per 82 games played (25-54-77 to be exact). In the last 3 years, he’s averaging exactly a PPG. His cap hit is $6.667 mil so his offensive output per million is about 4-7-11.

    Nash since the lockout is averaging about 71 points per 82 games played (36-35-71 to be exact). In the last 3 years he’s averaging .82 PPG. His cap hit is $7.8 mil so his offensive output per million is about 5-4-9.

    I know that doesn’t seem like much, but Brad Richards makes your team much better than Rick Nash for the value you are getting just based on the overall production your are getting back for what you are paying.

    So lets agree to disagree on this one.

  406. nash has a ludicrous contract that is a net negative. $7.8 mill per yr…

    that makes him less attractive. AA is 23 and a good player. he is definitely a 20 + goal scoring talent…

  407. Sioux-per-man on

    Let’s hope Parise goes WEST, and play for big money the Wild are offering. Let’s say 10 years @ $10M

    Would that be enough to NOT play for the Penguins. Let’s say 6 years @ $8M (chance to win a Stanley Cup).

    One has to wonder how many MILLION it would take, “not” to play for the cup?

  408. Carp – my point exactly! This is not a unilateral deal between Sather and Howser or Sather and Anahiem for Ryan. We are going to face stiff compitition for Nash or Ryan from non-Parise winner – could be Pittsburg, Philly, Detroit, Canes, maye even the Debbies if they lose Parise. I would rather lose out than go all out to get either. IMO Sather can’t gut this team/system for either Nash or Ryan.

  409. Carp – Sather is not worried about Nash’s cap hit – well he should be if he is building for the long term.

  410. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Woywitka gone? Who will stay on late to make sure Sullivan stays in shape with skating after practice?

  411. Zachary Parise has chosen to retire ……
    Ryan Suter has chosen to do the same ……
    C’MON pick a team (other than Pitts)

  412. CTBlueshirt on

    Nash vs Richards? It should be the guy that’s 4 years younger hands down. The fact that there’s supporting arguments for either player doesn’t speak well for Nash. And his one clear cut advantage over Richards, meaning his goal scoring skill is at a point where there’s a healthy debate as to whether it can be maintained at a reasonable rate.

  413. Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger
    Jiri Hudler agrees to 4 year, $16 million contract with Calgary Flames. 4yrs x $4 mil.

  414. “The only thing I’ll say about Nash’s cap hit is that Sather’s not worried about it.”

    We’re quickly approaching Sather 3.0 status, aren’t we.

    Sather 1.0 – Sign everyone, veterans are better than young players!

    Sather 2.0 – Build a core from the draft and undervalued free agents, make killer trades, pay major money to fill needs!

    Sather 3.0 – Screw the cap, I’m going for it. Young players won’t win me the cup, where are those veterans!

  415. Bizzarro World:

    Jiri Hudler and PAP get identical contracts….$16m over 4 years

  416. Sioux-per-man on

    But Jonny we didn’t have to trade the farm to get Richards. Like we will have to do to get Nash.

    Would I like to see Nash come in and play for the Rangers. Sure.

    But at what cost is too much??????

  417. Papa and Mister, I’m not judging, just telling you, the Rangers don’t think the $7.8M is a problem … and they have people in the organization a lot more familiar with the cap and how to deal with it than I. And that as we have seen through the Drury-Redden-Gomez-Brashear era, they usually figure out ways to get around the cap.

  418. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Agreed Lev. 8 million a year, thats crazy money. Not a surprise its from Calgary who went after Olli Jokinen 2 yrs ago. Watch Hudler score 40 lol.

  419. CTBlueshirt on

    Maybe he meant he’d pursue aggressive free agents. That sounds like Asham and Haley.

  420. Carp – I am actually impressed to this point that Sather has displayed great patience and restraint. I also think it is admirable that he ignored Parise (if he did) after his comments about never crossing the river. I bet there are players on this team who appreciate it as well. I hope he stays the course ad doesn’t push the panic buttom when faced with do or die on Nash orRyan.

  421. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    apparently tsn had it wrong, for Hudler its 4 yrs 16 million, not 2 yrs. my bad

  422. CTBlueshirt on


    “@capgeek: The #Flames now have the second-highest cap payroll in the #NHL at $65.9M

  423. Sioux-per-man on

    I’m thinking the one player that is going to give this team the BOOST it is looking for may be KREIDER.

    Maybe Thomas/Miller make the team out of camp.

    And Doan signs after the July 9th.

    Do we really NEED Nash or Ryan to move forward???

  424. “Papa and Mister, I’m not judging, just telling you, the Rangers don’t think the $7.8M is a problem … and they have people in the organization a lot more familiar with the cap and how to deal with it than I.”

    Oh, I don’t doubt it, and I imagine Gaborik’s money and/or some future potential amnesty clause would be factors (along with things I don’t / can’t know). Its more of a difference of opinion on roster construction; even though I wasn’t big on giving Richards big money for 9 years, I didn’t lose my mind because we still kept all the young, cheap players who can fill top 9 / top 4 roles without sacrificing quality. Nash is the classic double pay, the guys you need to offset his cap hit are the ones you’re trading to get him.

  425. Carp – New CBA may be harder, more dfficult, impossible to circumvent cap mistakes than now. Maybe if they get him, they can extend him with more money up front to bring down the annual hit. But you’re right though – if they’re not worried, than why should I be? ;-)

  426. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Am I wrong to think that this is only about Gabby being out till December. With the addition of Kreider for a full time role and maybe Thomas or another rook who shines in camp; we are still in a good position.

  427. Anderson up-the-pooper, err, i mean Cooper came outta the closet. ;-D

    i called my gf and say “Guess who’s outta the closet?” She goes “Avery?” LMAO!

  428. Sioux and Kenny,

    I like your thinking. The argument against – very high risk to count on rookies – but I still like your thinking!

  429. I don’t think Gaborik injury plays into this at all. First, he could be back in November. Second, season may have not even started by then. Third, you don’t cause a potential roster/cap problem to fill in for a guy for a couple of months.

  430. I know this has been a boring off season thus far, but don’t forget what this team is. We are STILL a young team that is growing. We were 6 wins from the cup this year and I really believe we will be better next year. Hold on to the kids and wait for the chips to fall. Sather has done a great job by not blinking at anything and hopefully this will continue.

    Will anyone be upset if this is our team (minus a few loose ends) heading into the season? We can always add a scorer at the deadline and remember, we have Kreider for 82 now…

  431. I’d suggest that Gorton, Clark, Schoenfeld, Sather, Messier, and whomever else they have in their meetings understand the cap and the CBA better than any of us … except maybe ilb and CTB.

  432. Lamoriello is an SOB…………………..but I sure do wish we signed him back in the 80’s.

  433. Hudler’s proven ability to score on 19.69% of his shots makes him a bargain at that price.

    At least that’s what I’m assuming his agent used to convince Feaster.

  434. Yes, I will be upset if this is our opening night roster. Our only legitimate nightly scoring threat will be out for 2 months. But this wont be our opening night roster so it’s not worth discussing. But no bad moves have been made yet.

  435. Carp – all those Canadien boys not good enough…..they need a good NYC accountant in that mix.

  436. Prust said that he was close, and is close, with all the Rangers so when he faces them he will be worried about trying to score on Lundqvist, facing the ridiculously tough Defense.

  437. Prust’s unique connection to Montreal: “My girlfriend is from here, so I spend a lot of time visiting and met a few friends up here.”

    Wow. That goes deep.

  438. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny so would I.

    Jagr can still score. Still one of my favorite player to watch, no doubt he could still help the Rangers down the stretch. Not sure Glen would give his camp a call just yet.

  439. Prust just said one of his closest friends in NY is Joba Chamberlain. Also, he has met Russell Martin through his girlfriend. Canadian connection.

  440. I just never liked his whole act, coach-killing, playing when he feels like playing, doesn’t want to be captain, doesn’t want to do shootouts. One of the greatest talents ever, though.

    I guess I just wish all superstars were like Gretzky or Jeter, and did it right all the time.

  441. I remember that in 05-06 (when he should have won the Hart), he basically refused the “C” and had to be pushed to wear it on 06-07

  442. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, is Jeff Carter now only an 8 foot pole or does he maintain all 10 feet?

  443. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Is it just me or are these salaries the Avs & Flames giving out just seem over the top. You score 20 goals and you are worth $4mill for 4 years.

    Crazy to think what Parise contract is going to be????

  444. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Parise contract will be Obechkinian in size and term.

  445. Um, Dubinsky, Sioux?

    Jeff Carter, I believe, might have been 20-foot-pole. Now maybe 15. I still wouldn’t want him, and I assume he’ll be on the outs in L.A. at some point.

  446. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – any thoughts on a “NO CALL” to the Parise camp. Is his price just to high to work him in the Rangers payroll….. or……

    Do you really think his “No Chance” was for real?

  447. Sioux, maybe teams being below the cap floor has something to do with all these crazy contracts.

  448. JimboWoodside on

    For goodness snakes, what’s taking these nitwits so long to make a decision!?

  449. HERE WE GO …..

    Dan Rosen ?@drosennhl
    RT @markhmasters: Being told Parise will talk to reporters here in about 5 mins

  450. Both, Sioux. Especially, the Rangers believe his price will be $12M per and exceed $100M total … bye, bye, JP Jr.

  451. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Also, huge thanks to YorktownRanger, who has graciously offered to help me resolve some formatting issues.

  452. Sioux-per-man on

    Agree on Dubinsky :) But he was on his way to a 50 pt player. At one time I thought Dubi and Cally brought the same game every night. Now not so much. Unless Dubi bounces back with a 30-30 year, he will be included in every trade that comes on the block.

    Parise in 5 minutes…… CNN …… Parise to the Rangers…… (on Wild Radio)

  453. Apparently Bergevin just canceled a press conference for the third time today. No idea what that means but apparently the Habs are either in on one of these guys or just pretending to be.

  454. 0% chance he comes to the Rangers. Let’s just see the insanity he gets and laugh about it.

  455. Parise might only be calling a press conference to say he’s not returning to the Devils…and if you tune in tonight at 9 on ESPN you can sit through an hour long retrospective on his storied career before he decides where he takes his talents…

    I’m thinking either he sticks with the Devs or he goes to Pitt. And if he becomes a Penguin, all of the ‘experts’ will tell us that there’s no sense in bothering to play the next season because the Pittsburgh Penguins will be THE GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME!!!!!


  456. Sioux-per-man on

    ….. I thought it was a little bit funny….. as I listen to the Wild Praying for Parise over here.

    Come to think about it….. it would be better than the Pen’s getting him. Since the Rangers don’t even have a horse in the race.

  457. 4m Michael Russo Michael Russo ?@Russostrib

    For what it’s worth, Neil Sheehy says “nothing to report” on Suter

  458. Carp – going back to Nash, can we agree that Columbus paid that much for him because it was the only way he was staying there? He’s their only star, and without paying him that much money, he would’ve left and gone elsewhere.

    I’d argue that his worth to Columbus is much higher than his worth to a team like the Rangers, hence why the $7.8 million is too much.

  459. someone should include wrist watch in a deal with Parise… it’s been more than 5 minutes already

  460. “At one time I thought Dubi and Cally brought the same game every night.”

    Same, and I’d bet 3 years from now 2011-12 will be the anomaly in Dubinsky’s career. He just got stuck in a drought at the worst possible time and let it affect his game. 0 for the first 20 games is so much worse than 0 for games 23 through 43.

  461. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Parise taking his time with this announcement, just as he has in picking a team to play for next season.

  462. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Vitaly, I met Matteau the next day and asked him about his son playing for the Devils and he was kind of an obnoxious jerk about it.

  463. I for one NEVER want to see MY-TOE associated with any future Ranger function.


  464. I need to shower before the girls get home and Parise is holding me up. SELFISH!!!

  465. LOOL!!

    wyshynski Parise: “Did I miss anything today?” “Anderson Cooper came out.” Parise: “I said ‘today.'”

  466. This anticipation is getting to the level of when Lebron did his Decision. Im kind of embarrassed im actually paying attention right now.

  467. Zachary, you are pissing off the rest of the world, make a decision, young man!

  468. Johnny LaRue on

    Sather to Parise: You’re very lithe, aren’t you? Very graceful. You’re very lean, but muscular. You’re spectacular!.

  469. I do *not* blame Parise for taking his time. This is pretty much a decision that will consume the REST of his career and money he will live on for the rest of his life. Kind of a big decision.

  470. Parise decided where he’s gonna play days ago… i bet you anything! Pro athletes love to stroke their egos by keeping everyone hostage.

  471. Czechthemout!!! on

    The Flames have the second highest payroll in the league, and probably the second worst roster. What joke that franchise has become.

  472. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    They’re real, and they’re spectacular.

  473. With the way things are looking sounds like the best option is semin. Stepan, McDonagh and krieder aren’t going anywhere. And in both deals for Ryan or Nash 1 or 2 of them would have to be involved. If no scoring is added then expect a long year

  474. JimboWoodside on

    Maybe the tweets are from Pens fans, Manny? Just trying to ramp up excitement?

  475. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, no, they no longer have Jokinen. Sadly, he is probably the #1 UFA center. What a sad lot this free agency crop is.

  476. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny does he chose Pitt, play with Crosby, and put his name on the Cup >or< the $$$$$$ and Minnesota.

    How many MILLION does it take, not to go to the cup favorite?????

  477. Hey outsiders, I found out where Parise was signing three hours ago. Will post here in about an hour, I’m really busy right now.

  478. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    This five minutes is turning into the five minutes I tell my friends when they are asking where I am when I am late and I say I’m five minutes away even though I haven’t left my apartment yet and the place is an hour away.

  479. Parise to Pens means he will never be respected by any NHL fan other than a Pens fan. If being loved by the Versus and TSN crew means more to him than fans’ respect then by all means he should Bosh on to Pittsburgh.

  480. Czechthemout!!! on


    They won’t have Jokinen for long. He will be a highly sought after player when the ” dominoes” begging to fall.

    1- Nash

    2- Ryan

    3- Jokinen

  481. Right, I forgot he is on the market, Doodie. Lot of interest there.

    Ohpuck, actually I’m expecting a short year.

  482. It can’t be real, Carp. Just some official looking people. I won’t shoot mysef yet.

  483. Czechthemout!!! on

    Pierre McGuire will have an orgasm if Putzeezee signs in Pittsburgh.

  484. Nash vs. BRich is an incomparable, clumsy attempt to two-sided completely equivalent inequality. Not by skill’s level (totally different aspect), not by its application in a game, not by time of acquisition, need and marketing.
    From a more objective team usefulness point, career statistic shows BR – 0.92 point per game, Nash – 0.81 (huge difference). BR’s assistances (making other players better) – almost twice more than Nash (shows obvious difference in application). Not to mention such a little kickshaw, as a PO statistics (not fair – Nash didn’t participate practically, just 4 games), where BR showed even more – 0.93 point per much tougher games (SC included), than talk about clutch, gears, wheels and other hockey/car attributes.
    …and don’t get me even start about so called “intangibles”.

  485. Sioux-per-man on

    Parise will take the MEGA MILLIONS in MN.

    Suter follows him. (Drives to work from Farm in Wisconsin).

  486. Czechthemout!!! on

    Zach Parise

    ” which way should I go ”

    ” which way should I go “

  487. I am not trying to fool you guys. Just saw some official looking people tweeting that they are hearing Parise to announce Pens.

    I assume he will stay a Devil.

  488. Let’s wait some more!

    Tom Gulitti ?@TGfireandice
    RT @dshoalts: Zach Parise: I’m getting closer but haven’t made a decision. I haven’t set and deadlines.

  489. So there you have it. *NO* decision. Tough decisions for the kid. Only deciding the rest of his life. NBD.

  490. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Orr, don’t worry, I got you covered when you’re indisposed

  491. I dont like Joba as a player, but do u have any kind of info about the type of guy Joba Chamberlain is, besides his arrest for driving impaired from a bar which he left prematurely to avoid confrontation due to a red sox fan harassing him?

    What he grew up with, the alcoholism in his family, the terrific father he is, what type of son he is, the work he does with deprived children, etc etc etc.

  492. Parise on the Pens will make them dominate, like when the rangers had Messier, Leetch, Kovalev, Lindros, Jagr, Nedved, …and Bobby Holik led them in scoring. No playoffs.

    Too many superstars.

    He stays or goes to Minny. Not staying East if he leaves.

  493. I’m going back to hospital waiting. Thanks for the fake excitement, Parise.

  494. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Ha, what a little asshat. Would’ve been better if he had just said nothing.

  495. Parise just sign from Continental, East Rutherford to Prudential, Newark, finally. His gear will arrive later.

  496. With I imagine very few exceptions, the people who are laughing about Parise delaying are the types of people I’d like and the people furious are the types I wouldn’t.

  497. I can’t see him signing with the penguins. How would the penguins resign malkin. They would soak up most of there cap in three players.

  498. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Mister D, I’ve got no problem with waiting. It’s making a big press release to say you are waiting.

  499. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ok,so Parise is trying to give the Devils ownership time to figure out a way they can creatively construct a contract that can pay him $28,000,000 in lump sum payments over a 12 month period of time. The Devils have $80,000,000 in debt and paying him this type of lump sum payment may violate some kind of loan covenants they may have. I think the Devils have been given another 24-48 hour window to restructure their debt to make this type of contract feasible. Otherwise, he is going to another team.

  500. JimboWoodside on

    Well, if delaying his decision will keep teams upping the ante for him, wouldn’t you let it drag on for a few days, if not longer?

  501. I really think that since Parise is determining the rest of his entire career, he is allowed to take as much time as he wants.

  502. LMAO at that cartoon, Doodie. Looks like many of our own during Game 2 of any of the Rangers’ playoff series.

  503. Rob in Beantown on

    I haven’t really been following the Parise drama for awhile. Just so I’m clear, his chances of being a Ranger are effectively nil, right?

  504. “Mister D, I’ve got no problem with waiting. It’s making a big press release to say you are waiting.”

    I may have missed this “big press release”.

  505. Sioux-per-man on

    Or Parise takes a page out of Mario’s book, and owns the Devils when they can’t pay him his contract.

  506. I hope the Pens sign Parise. That would rock!! They wouldn’t have enough money for anything but league minimum players to fill out the roster. Then Crosby gets hurts again and the whole thing falls apart.

  507. I don’t blame Parise, either. Not one bit. But what is happening last year and this year is that the July 1 frenzy is eventually no longer going to be a frenzy. If the top players are going to take days or weeks, July 1 becomes far less interesting.

  508. Carp what is sather going to spend his money on? A guy who don’t want to play for the rangers, suter where he has pretty much shown he don’t wanna come east. For a Nash trade that the GM is doing everything to keep Nash from the rangers? Who’s a goal scorer left on the market? Ryan who sather already said he isn’t trading stepan kills that. I can see maybe a deal for stasny. And signing semin as options what do you think? Stasny makes stepan expendable or how about oli

  509. 10-foot-pole Semin, Ohpuck. But that’s just me. Oli? You’re kidding, right? Which Stastny? Peter, Anton or Marian?

  510. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Yorktown Ranger is awesome! He is really helping me out at Puck and Gavel. You guys are all jerks (but please still come read it once it is up).

  511. “Rangers aren’t interested at all.”

    If you ask me, that really makes no sense….He’s a perfect fit for this NYR team….I thought all the talk was that they were targeting him….

    But, I guess, +Richards+ is our guy…only 8 more years with him over 30 years old

  512. Doodie, keep me posted with links, etc. I’d be happy to help promote.

    … even though I’m a jerk.

    Hey, NHL Network just broke into the Caps-Bruins game for a Parise update. With Kathryn Tappen.

  513. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    NYR_Fan, Parise made it pretty clear he didn’t want to come here. Better to have our pride than to beg a guy who said he didn’t want to play here.

    As for Richards, it should’ve been Kovalchuk instead.

  514. Agreed, NYR … unless they really believe he won’t come here … but I’m led to believe they don’t want to go over $100M with him, and that’s what it’s going to take.

  515. We are one of a few teams that can actually pay him what he wants…and be able to afford it….

    Devils will go bankrupt for sure if they give him $28m in a calendar year….

  516. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Carp, the jerk store called, and they’re running out of you

  517. Czechthemout!!! on

    This why free agency as a means of building a team is dying. Most of the good players that many teams want generally resign with their respective teams. Occasionally, circumstances may allow one or two players like these guys to slip through. Suter, because he doesn’t want to play for a team he feels will not win, and Parise because the Devils have no money and have to struggle to pay him or risk disaster as a franchise. These guys are really good players, but not Franchise players, they will be paid like ones because there is no one out there even remotely in their league available to compete for. One forward, one defenseman, 30 teams.

    Next year will be no different. Non of the players scheduled to hit ufa status next season will ever get there they will all either be resigned or traded to another team and resign there. It’s all about building through the draft and trades, the way it used to be. UFA has become a bonanza for over the hill verterans, 3rd 4th and 5th line forwards, 5th,6th,7th and 8th defensemen, and a bunch of lovable goons who cash in because some foolish gm’s and owners feel compelled to overpay for players most of the better teams don’t want or need. FOOLS!!!! All of them!

  518. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    800 posts on a day in July when the Rangers did nothing. Not bad, Carp.

  519. What options do the Rangers even have? An unmatchable offer sheet to Shea WWEber?? But Carp said no chance of that, so…

  520. here is news

    carey price 6 yr extension in montreal numbers to be updated shortly

  521. what would be umatchable, DJ? And they’re not really looking for D-men (not involved at all in Suter).

  522. ThisYearsModel on

    Zach Parise is going to go home, modify a See n Say toy with the names of the teams he is considering, then pull the string. “The Cow Says…………….Minnyooooooooooo.

  523. Sioux-per-man on

    Parise flys to MN, to announce he is going to play for Penguins???? ….. NOT!!!

    He would be the “Rock Star” of all of MN. He is a class act, and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I would drive down to watch him play with Cullen in MN.

    Watch, Suter will sign with the Wild after Parise signs with MN. Sutter married a girl from Bloomington, MN. They would make MN a contender, with all the prospects they have coming up.

    JP is going to talk his son into playing for the Wild. Zach will start his own legacy in the State of Hockey.

    That’s my guess. Zach signs a bigger contract than Sidney, and signs with the Wild.

  524. My speculation, before I go, is that Parise is giving the Devils more time to try to find a way to pay his first two years up front money ($24M or more).

    I also speculate that in his heart he knows what he wants to do … but wants to discuss it with family.

    Or he’s taking it to the Rangers to match (kidding, kidding).

  525. Carp the ducks are looking for a #2 center right after last year oli fits that mold. And at the rate the rangers scored goals in the playoffs can we have them all. And for the right handed Dman let’s bring in lanny and the stache. I did hear from someone on a different blog that the rangers have made offer to Zach p do you know if there’s anything behind that. They also said they have an offer to suter which is why sather has done nothing. Well nothing of consequence as of yet. Also have heard they talked to clb about umberger and also have inquired about Blake wheeler. As plans c and d

  526. Carp: unmatchable would probably involve the $24M in up front money and term over 8 years, Preds won’t match that. So maybe 8+ years, $8.5M per AAV for Weber and they let him walk?

  527. Basically, the NYR offer sheet would make Weber the highest paid defenseman in the league.

  528. JimboWoodside on

    How can a team that is in such a deep financial hole be making another enormous commitment like that, Carp? Don’t they have creditors who would flip out if they did such a thing without first paying off some of their debts?

  529. Someone said this on twitter earlier and I forgot who it was… the NHL free agency is becoming more like the MLB free agency, where stuff drags on for weeks and weeks and weeks. Not that it’s a bad thing, just an observation.

  530. I too think that in his heart Parise knows what he wants to do. This last minute talking with family in Minny kind of makes me think that he is going to let them know that he isnt coming home. Detroit or New Jersey in my opinion.

  531. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Weber won’t sign an offer sheet because it will give the Preds an opportunity to match and lock him in Nashville long term.

  532. If the Preds will match ANY offer for him, then it’s pointless. Still would be better to try and work out a trade.

  533. Lamoriello will get and show us 2 rabbits(one very fat) from his hat, I was and am pretty sure about it.

  534. Who cares how long these idiots take to choose their new team… As it stands, none of them are coming either NY or boston. Therefore, it doesnt really matter. There’s nothing available offensively via FA besides Semin and Jagr, and none of you want Semin and Jagr is persona non grata to the Rangers. So our team reformation, if there is to be one, will have to come via trade.

  535. awwwwwwwwwwww byfuglien!!!!!!!

    really wanted ott and now he’s in our conference!

  536. I think he goes home to minn to play with Danny heat and suter follows. And Nash goes to Philly Ryan goes to pitt and suter brings his skills to south beach oh wait sorry meant det

  537. If going after R.J. Umberger and his five-year, $23m contract is Plan C, I think Sather should stick with Plans A and B a bit longer.

  538. Speaking of having a press release to announce your waiting to decide… and having seen that Anderson Cooper came out today as gay after years of speculation…

    Is there anything funnier than Mike Piazza holding a press conference to announce that he’s not gay?? LMAO!! I still laugh to this day at that idiot!

  539. i’m still thinking/hoping that Sather’s waiting game is getting doan early next week.

  540. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    You all know that I think Slather is a joke of a GM. It is sad that there’s nothing for us this year from the FA market. I feel gut wrenchingly awful that we lost Prusty, ‘heart and soul’ that he was (ouch!).

    That being said, neither Parise, Sutter, or a $2.5M Prust fit for us. I do feel that Aasen is just that and the void left by Prust leaving will hurt more than most realize now.

    However, Slather did what he needed to do. Hopefully he also bid up the two prized FA’s so the teams that get them are hurting for years.

    Oh……my belief is that Marty and Heddy re-upped with NJD for a variety of personal reasons. I am glad we will have another chance to try, and this time, succeed, to make Farty look like a foolish piglet in the playoffs. Sometimes you can outlast your stay. I love the 2 year deal for him!!

    Hope Parise gets 13, 14, or 115 years, for that matter. These deals are so ridiculous!!

  541. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Anderson Cooper gay? No. Seriously? Just can’t believe that…………………….lol.

  542. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    For the record, I believe Parise, after all this consternation, will stay in NJ. Lou will suddenly find $24m, like from the recent playoff home games, etc., and they will get burdened by another long term, stupid contract. IMHO.

    I don’t think he ever wanted to leave.

  543. Manny
    “I just ignored Ralph because I don’t like reading things in all caps. Yelling is not a good way to start a conversation.”

    Ha-ha, so true.

  544. Carp,

    Howson wants at least one of Kreider, Stepan or McD? Or he wants all three? The later of the two choices is something I would expect from a meth-head.

    I would not want to give up Stepan but would consider it if the BJ would take Step, St. Croix and a 1st for Nash.

    Kreider or McD, the Dude does not abide.

  545. JimboWoodside on

    So true, C3 – so true! Isn’t it incredible?

    Of course, even if we all were single, that doesn’t mean that we could get any of those gorgeous women to give us a second look! Well, you’re the Brooklyn Pimp, so you might not have any problems, but for us mere mortals… ;-)

  546. If I were a rich man………….

    If I were the owner of Columbus and my GM came to me and said we had to trade Nash, out best player because he quit on us and wants out here would be my response:

    Okay. I understand. But you better get the best deal possible. Get as many teams involved as you can (eventhough he has a no-trade clause). At the end of the day, we will decide what is the best deal for us. If it is a team he has waived his no trade for, we will complete the trade. If it is a team he has not waived his no-trade for, then he can either reconsider and wave it or remain a Blue Jacket. You are the GM and this is why I pay you. Improve my team!

  547. Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline

    #CBJ GM Scott Howson has talked w all clubs with the hope Nash and his agent, Joe Resnick, would expand the list. No sign of that happening.

  548. bull dog line on

    craig patrick does not want to trade Nash to the Rangers. Sather should just move on. there just wasting time right now.

  549. NYR need goal scoring… and there is an American 30+ goal scorer at 27 years old still on the market as a free agent….

    Rangers should have been the first team asking for Parise’s services….

    Trading the farm for Nash is insane…..

    How much do you want to bet that Parise’s cap hit will be less than $7.8m?

  550. wondering if Sather wants Nash sooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly
    why he hasn’t tried to do something with a 3rd party
    where Nash comes to the Rangers
    and players go to that team
    while others go to cbj?

  551. HugeNYRfanfromTx on

    This is classic Sather in regards to Nash. Out-waiting and grinding out a trade with a GM who think he has the upper hand.

    Sather wins these things more often than not, Howson is going to have to give in eventually since Nash will only accept a trade to a couple teams.

    Still think Sather gets his man without giving up Kreider, Stepan, Mcdonagh and MDZ.

  552. Nash is a losing proposition at $7.8 million per, IMO. Unless he scores 50 goals per, that cap hit is terrible….

  553. leetchhalloffame on

    Teams improving all around us and all we’ve gotten so far is Asham & Haley. Big whoop! Slats sleeps while the Rangers burn.

  554. As Aaron Portzline just reported, Columbus does not want a defenseman to be center part of the deal. They like what they have back there. That means McD is safe. Theyre probably demanding Stepan or Kreider and Sather is refusing. Sather will likely start the deal with Dubinsky, Anisimov, and then MDZ, Miller, and a 1st.

  555. What team has improved leetch? Colorado with Parenteau? Vancouver with Garrison? Tampa with Salo? Philly with Leightonen? Devils by resigning their two dinosaurs in net?

  556. Huge,

    Sather wins these things more than not? In the old days (pre-cap years?) maybe, when it was high priced contract that nobody else would consider. Now-a-days, contracts don’t seem to scare off other teams as much as they used too. Sather is not the only option for Columbus, thats why this is really dangerous. There is a point of diminishing returns, let’s hope he doesn’t pass it.

  557. Haha! Yes CCCP’s Girl…give me a chance, baby!

    Not like I am not happy with my relationship (10 years and going strong, thank you)…I was just sayin’… Beautiful people all around. I love summer!

  558. Ummm no I don’t include stepan he’s been in the NHL for two years his points jumped last year to over 50 and that was with torts bouncing him from line to line. He’s played with krieder before not only in the playoffs but also on team USA. Gives comfort to what will be a 30 to 35 goal scorer. And I don’t understand how you won’t miss his goals minus what he scored last year from Nash or ryan’s totals and you get a 15-18 goal scorer. Stepan also scored as many points as Ryan and Nash which is more important then goals alone. Plus giving away another roster player and 2 prospects is insane. If torts stops messing with his ice time stepan could be a 70-75 point scorer this year especially if krieder becomes what the rangers believe he can be. And opens up the offense a little bit. And who replaces your playmaking center anisimov or Dubinsky you only weaken your team. Look to hirivik for goals the kid is a beast and people will think I’m nuts but sign semen 30 plus goal scorer and plays defense. People want jagr yet complain that semen don’t play defense yet last 4 years semen is in top 5 plus/minus. And wasn’t it jagr who scored only 19 goals last year and fought with renney about playing defense. How he wouldn’t play the system.

  559. Nash is under contract folks and therefore Columbus holds the cards. Been saying this since before the deadline. Apart from Howson’s despicable comments they are playing things the way they should and in the best interests of their ownership and their fans, not ours. They will ultimately get their price.

    Have to believe there are other teams on the list that can put together better offers than a Ranger offer that doesnt include Stepan. If the Rangers want Nash- which they should because he would instantly be best forward- then be prepard to lose Stepan and probably MDZ.

  560. Lloyd Braun on

    good riddance to Brandon Prust

    and to the people who mocked me when I said a week ago that he would sign for $2.5 million per year, I hope you shed a few extra tears over the departure of your beloved 4th-liner.

  561. Lev “Sather will likely start the deal with Dubinsky, Anisimov, and then MDZ, Miller, and a 1st.”

    Start the deal? Is he a double agent workng for Columbus??? – I hope he doesn’t even consider a deal for that price!

  562. JimboWoodside on

    Nice attempt at a recovery there, C3 – I’m not sure she’s gonna buy it, however!

    How do you say: “Next time I see you, I’m gonna hit you in the head with a club” in Russian? Because I’m afraid that that is what she’s gonna do to you! ;-D

    I’ve got your back, though – I asked her to give you another chance!

  563. HugeNYRfanfromTx on


    Sather is known to grind deals out to a point where the opposing GM gives in. Look at his history with NYR with trades…pretty good if you ask me. Aside from the brutal Leetch deal of course, Sather has done well for NYR with trades. FA is a different story.

    I don’t believe he will give in to Howson…if they can’t get Nash without giving up Step or Kreider then he won’t make the move.

    Hard to believe that a pick, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon and Thomas wouldn’t be enough.

  564. I dont think anyone mocked that he would get offered 2.5, I think the debate was more about whether he should be paid that much, or something short of it if he was giving a discount. The mocking may have been with a blogger dismissing him as a 4th liner when his coach considers him part of the core.

  565. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    get nask and parise then trade gaborik.. or keep all three and become the Knicks

  566. Papa, that’s the only way, according to Portzline something will get done. I think we both can agree that we’d rather keep McD over Dubinsky/Anisimov right? Columbus needs scoring help. If you include Stepan/Kreider you can probably keep Dubinsky and Anisimov. But the consensus here is that that those two wont be included. Howson has loved MDZ for a while, he’s almost surely a part of the deal. And the prospects are anyone’s guess. It’ll probably be a combination of 2-3 prospects and picks. Dubinsky, Anisimov, MDZ, combination of 2-3 prospects/picks. If you get to take 1 of the 3 players currently on the roster and in that trade out of the trade then i think it’s a no brainer But I think I still do it.

  567. Howson is doing the right thing for his club, so does Sather for his at the moment. One thing Howson overestimated is that there is not much more available now as opposed to February, and despite what he anticipated, Nash is sticking to what he said- he is not expanding his list.

  568. Paul in sunrise on

    July 1 is the new fools day on the calendar

    Deal for Nash will be one roster player two prospects and a first rounder.

    I have no clue but always fun to guess.

  569. Czechthemout!!! on


    Here here!

    You should have been here for all the pinning yesterday. It’s as if Messier was traded just after winning the Stanley Cup. He was called:

    Heart and soul of the team

    Part of the core if not the core of the team

    The guy responsible for the identity of the team

    The best penalty killer on the team

    We are a worse team today

    2.5 million is a bargin. You can’t put a price on Prust’s value

    There was more. I just don’t want to continue to type anymore.

  570. Dubinsky, Anisimov, MDZ, combination of 2-3 prospects/picks

    Stepan, MDZ, combination of 2-3 prospects/picks

    In the first scenario if we take 1 current roster player out of the deal, say Anisimov, are we ok with the deal?

    In the second scenario, if we take 1 prospect out of the deal, are we ok with that?

    Personally Id be somewhat upset with the 2nd scenario.

  571. Guess it doesnt mean anything that the coach calls him part of the core and the heart of the team, as long as the bloggers feel good about it.

  572. Lev – I hear you, and you may be right, but I am not doing that deal for Nash. I just don’t think he’s worth it.

  573. Lev first scenario we take and RUN. Second is tougher but I think that’s the price we better get used to if we want him. If we were rebuilding no way I do the second. Given where we are you have to do it, you’re still getting a young player who is also your best forward.

  574. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    great point

    kudos to rick nash for sticking to his guns to this point

  575. onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I think the delay in the Parise announcement is that , Parise is waiting for a team to blow Sather’s offer away … he may sign elsewhere for less money because of his anti NYR comments.

    Tough nooggies

  576. Much as I am a huge Nash supporter I draw the line at scenario 3, which would be Kreider or McD instead of Stepan. No way I do that.

  577. I bet Czech doesn’t cite names/times for all of those actual, literal poster comments. But because he doesn’t want to, not because he can’t due to exaggerating more than half.

  578. Ilb I do think Columbus will get their price so I dont think it was a miscalc to wait.

    Nash can stick to his list all he wants if they don’t trade him he’s going to have his fanny in camp or risk losing 7.8m.

  579. Lev,

    I am jittery about Nash. I also like the way we are building our team. If we could’ve added a top line player for money via FA, I would have been ok with doing so (could that still be Semin?? Most don’t think so and I probably agree). I am jittery about Nash. Is he a better player than Neal on Pittsburg?

  580. bull dog line on

    tough to include Stepan in a trade for Nash. you fill one hole, and create another. if you trade Stepan, you are going to have to get another center to play 2nd line.

  581. Czechthemout!!! on


    No disrespect meant at all but come on, if Torts really thought Prust was a core player, do you think Sather would have let him walk? I don’t disagree that Torts said that about him,but people say things in the emotion of a moment that they don’t really mean.

    I am not saying Prust wasn’t a good soldier because he definately was. He hustled his assen off almost every game and played through a lot of pain. I salute him for it and I am thrilled he got the money he did. But he is replaceable and that’s all there is too it. If we can’t replace Brandon Prust, we are screwed!!

  582. Jiri Hudler 4 yr, $4M per? Lol, is it too humid in Calgary this summer, of is Jay Feaster just losing it this year? Bet you Ken Holland hasn’t stopped laughing since this one was announced…..

  583. If Nash really wants to be a ranger it’s time for him to say it cross everyone else off the list. I understand he may not want to put clb in that situation. Yet doesn’t seem like howson’s being thoughtful of nash’s either.

  584. Build through the draft. Hit 3 or 4 NHL players every draft and after thre or four years, July 1st beomes just another date on the calendar. Assets acquired through the draft can stock your team and add chips for trades.

  585. No he won’t, Matteau. He will have to go down on his price. He pretty much brought this relationship to a point of no return. And even if he is replaced, there is very little evidence that Nash wants to continue playing in Columbus. And that is what GMs have to face when giving out NMCs left and right. It is as much their responsibility to respect that part of player’s contract as it is player’s responsibility to play for the team he signed with.

  586. Evening everyone,

    So Brandon Prust did what any employee of a large corporation would do – he sought an opportunity to make more money and it just so happens that he was recruited by another large corporation that was more than willing to meet his demands.

    Don’t blame him one bit.

    With that said – the Rangers have not returned to the dregs of hockey society because of this. True, the former #8 was a heart and soul performer that epitomized what the Rangers are all about. But they have an outstanding core of players to keep the grind going – led by the courageous Captain Callahan. Plus, you all should applaud Ranger management for showing a tremendous amount of fiscal responsibility and restraint in this situation – and all the others where over the hill and run of the mill UFAs received “holy shishkabob” bucks.

    Now onto the trade front. If the Nash nuttiness doesn’t work out – there will be other deals to be made. The Rangers have assets to move – but they cannot move too many of them for just one player.

    I cannot believe that there are many of you here that think its perfectly acceptable to deal a combination of Dubi, MDZ, Anisimov, Step, Thomas, JT Miller, Erixon and a first-round pick for #61. Good think you’re not the GM. Please stick to your day jobs. Why do you think this deal isn’t getting done? Because Glen Sather will not get fleeced and veer away from a plan that’s obviously working. A 61-win team doesn’t get blown up.

  587. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    You are taking this way too seriously. All those things were posted and you know it. I have better things to do than to go through hundreds of posts to cite specifics like time and blogger who posted what comment.

    I should not have commented on Lloyds post because I asked Wicky to move on and I did until just now so I realize that some of you guys are disappointed he didn’t sign and I do respect that so I won’t bring it up anymore.

    Let’s move on. Prust is now the enemy and will not at all hesitate to hit any of our guys as hard as he can to help te Habs win.

  588. Prust’s greatest asset was he is a great teamate, but his production sucks. he wasn’t even a good fighter. He just had some balls to fight bigger guys. Rarely won though. Did anyone see how the Devil’s and Kings made it to the finals. They had productful 4th lines. There are definitely players that can replace him.

    Asham is a better fighter, and has more upside. Not sure how he is with teamates, but it seemed like he stuck up for them when he was on other teams.

  589. I have to agree with Lloyd and Czech. I like Prust, I really do, but acting like we just lost #30 or Callahan is pure folly. He’s replaceable, as simple as that.

  590. Conspiracy Theory – Is it possible that Parise and Lamoriello are conspiring by holding off on the announcement of a deal in the hopes that Sather caves in and surrenders to Howser?

  591. I’m not sure his list has that much to cross over to begin with, ohpuck…

  592. Most on this board I would venture to say have had very little first hand observation of Nash. I can’t say I watched him more than 20 games myself but I do have some trustworthy data points.

    My friend who I played hockey with in school, very knowledgeable and lives in Columbus, said he is a force and dont be fooled by the point totals, he could easily get 45-50 goals on a normal team (i.e. where Fedotenko would not play on your 2nd line). He said he is understandably not in the same head years later with no help and a crap team and it is probably affecting his production.

    Team Canada always has him at first line LW.

    All GMs going hard for him.

    Not to drop names but a few years ago I got to hang a bit with Sergei Fedorov when he played w Nash and he told me Nash was awesome. Granted he was speaking well about all his teammates but he glowed about Nash.

  593. Papa, yes Nash is much better than Neal imo. Like Carp said before, Nash is a top-20 in the league. Neal is very good. In a perfect situation in Pittsburgh.But he’s not close to Nash.

    authorben, blowing up the team would be including all of the guys you mentioned. Otherwise youre not really blowing up the team. Especially if it will be only 1-2 roster players (dubinsky/mdz) + picks.

  594. Authorben – 100%%%%%%% bullseye….Can I please get an amen from someone?

  595. ilb he’s under contract end of story. Let’s mark this as another one you and I will wait and see on.

  596. Czech: Thats pretty much the response I expected. “Everyone said this and it was _so_ dumb and I could easily prove it but … just trust me.”

    Just one huge, dopey strawman.

  597. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Hartnell having a job that keeps me from here now!!!!

    Good evening all! Have had the carcilloiest night….cliff notes?

  598. Czechthemout!!! on

    Players like Nash and others who play on lousy teams never sign 8-10 year contracts if they really truly care about winning te Cup. And if they do, they should ask for an opt out clause in the deal. They have nothing to lose. How much do you think the Rangers would pay to Nash today if he was a ufa? 7/8 million per year? 20-25 million up front?

  599. Papa bear I believe if you put Nash with Richards and gaborik Nash is a a 80-90 point scorer so my opinion yes Nash is better. He creates for himself, plays on a line with no one and still put in over 30 goals. He can pass play a physical game and adds more leadership

  600. Um, everything Czech typed that was said about Prust is true. And him saying he doesnt have the time to go back and rummage through comments is not a straw man.

    Allow me to educate you. A straw man is when a person presents an argument, and another person distorts the original person’s argument, then proves why their distortion of the original argument is false.

  601. I admit, I haven’t seen much of Nash. Saw him in the Garden this year right before the deadlne. He scored on a knuckle ball, but other than that i thought he was pretty much invisable and unimpressive throughout.

  602. i believe this is called a wicky…

    Nash’s situation is similar to Iginla’s. They signed long contracts because of loyalty to their teams and all of the work theyve put in to those teams. They were promised that the team will look to improve. While Calgary has done pretty bad, it’s nowhere as bad as Columbus. They promised Nash that they will look to improve. With a combination of horrendous decisions and purely bad luck, theyve become the laughingstock of the NHL.

    till tomorrow. nice debating with y’all.

  603. leetchhalloffame on

    The Rangers can be brash
    If they trade for Rick Nash
    No deal and they will crash
    Throw Slats out with the trash
    Do it in a flash
    Stop paying him big cash

  604. Wasn’t it you debating me when I said in couple mos ago (way before his “no way” comment) not a chance Parise signs with Rangers, and we said we’d see?

  605. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D I am trying to move on but you apparently don’t want to. I will not bring up Prust again.
    It is not worth my time to continue to debate a very easily replaceable role player who plays on the fourth line and is getting paid 2.5 million per year by an idiot GM to do it.

    I tried some contrition in my last post, but apparently that’s not enough for you. Too bad.

  606. Im so tired. I could go to sleep right now, but then ill be up again at 1am and up the entire night, so Im trying to stick it out until midnight.

  607. I think the debate was that he is an honorable guy and would not play for NY. I felt that he would go where the money is. The Rangers, at the moment, haven’t even looked at his direction, so that’s out the window. However, multiple reports that he may sign with Pittsburgh kind of disproves that notion, no? Especially if he does sign there.

  608. We keep going back and forth on Prust. The truth is, we will never agree, that’s the beauty of this blog. We all said what we thought, doubtful anyone is changing their position.

  609. That is true papa bear but alot of top players were invisible against the ranger defense and when your the one their focusing on because they don’t fear anyone else. Easy to be invisible against that D in those circumstances

  610. “I tried some contrition in my last post, but apparently that’s not enough for you. Too bad.”

    It’s not. You tried to mock a group of people here but refuse to back it up. No hard feelings, just countering what I thought was factually inaccurate at best, condescending at worst.

  611. Aren’t you guys impressed that with all of those crazy, if not stupid contracts given away this year, Sather hasn’t done anything dumb yet? With $18M to spend? One has to believe he is listening to people around him more than he used to. I don’t think it has anything to do with possible salary cap next year.

  612. can we all just move on from prust you would think he was bobby orr with the amount of time and energy will put into this blog on him

  613. Czechthemout!!! on


    I think it’s more that the Devils don’t have the ability to come up with the up front cash. They are trying to figure out a way to do it, that’s why the delay. I think it speaks to his character if that’s why he is waiting. But their window to do so is probably no more than another 24-48 hours. There are probably loan covenant issues and other agreements the Devils need to work out in order to be able to match what another team has offered. In truth, I think Parise wants to stay with the Devils but they may not be able to make it happen due to their 80 million dollar debt burden.

  614. ilb

    its only day two yes at moment hes been great plenty of time to ruin it though

  615. Exactly, CTO. No doubt his preference is to stay in NJ. Why wouldn’t he? But he is going to walk away if they can’t match other offers. By the way, his upfront money can be up to $14M this year, not $12M….

  616. CTBlueshirt on

    Two ways I see Nash getting close to 50 goals:

    Given his average shooting percentage of about 13% he starts getting around 360 shots per year, which he’s only come close to once and he averages closer 275. Since the lockout only 4 players have shot that much in a season: Ovechkin, Jagr, Parise and Erik Staal. Ovechkin is the only one to do it more than once.

    His shooting percentage jumps to about 18% for one of his average SOG years

    I don’t see either of those realistically happening.

  617. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    I don’t need to back anything up to placate you. This is not a court of law, it’s a hockey blog. I also did not mock anyone and am under no obligation to prove anything to you. It is my contention that these thing were said. Tiki has backed me up on it. As did others who wrote blog posts agreeing with my position yesterday. If you don’t agree that these things were said, that’s fine. I don’t care. Again, let’s just move on.

  618. tomorrow I have a meeting with the doctor, physical therapist and social worker, hopefully they will give me a day that I can go home.

  619. Sounds like Jokinen and Winnipeg are closing on *multi year* deal, lol. Can’t wait to see this one. So far I liked Roy for Ott trade, could work for both teams. And especially Foligno/Methot trade. Again, should work well for both teams.

  620. Czechthemout!!! on


    It may actually be worse or more than that. I read that they want 28 million over a calendar year.

    14 up front, 2 million salary, 12 million roster bonus due on the first anniversary.

  621. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    I dont think i want either nash nor ryan because neither makes the players around them better. Nash has been in the league al ost a decand and not once has he found a center to play with. That iavalarming. The players that he has played with didn’t have career years or anything. They seemed to put mostly defensive centers with him to make up the fact that he doesnt play in all areas of the ice. Ryan played with some good players out in anaheim and could be called out for not playing d as well. How long do you think that will last with torts? And if he lets trade roumers get under his skin how will he cope with torts calling him out for not having enough jam

  622. He can’t get more than 20% of total team’s payroll in one year, salary and bonuses including, CTO. $14M would the max.

  623. Paul in sunrise on

    Would be shocked if deal includes both AA and dubi plus two high level prospects plus picks. My best guess is that the most slats will give and based on prior precedent (ie Hossa Kovi etc) is AA plus Erixon plus Thomas plus a first. and by the way that’s way more than what Hossa drew. Way more than what Kovi drew. Way more than what jagr drew twice. Bowser will eventually cave.

    Again I have no byfuglien clue for whatever it’s worth.

    Prust – I liked you. You played over your head and earned a great deal. Good luck to you but byfuglien the habs.

  624. Oh, you mean $2M plus $12M next year? The second year can’t be guaranteed because of new CBA kicking in this September.

  625. Czechthemout!!! on

    Jokinen for 2years and 9 million? Give me a break! Wow. Just incredible how stupid these gm’s are.

  626. “I don’t need to back anything up to placate you”

    Absolutely not, but a BS comment not countered stands as potential fact. We both know you exaggerated the hell out of what you posted. That’s all. I’m fine moving on.

  627. I can just imagine what this place would look like if Sather gave Jokinen this contract. Somehow Nash’s contract doesn’t look that bad :-)

  628. If we didn’t have to worry about the whole collusionary “you don’t offer my guys and I won’t offer yours” aspect of the RFAs, would anyone rather trade for Nash or Ryan versus risk picks on Kane?

  629. Czechthemout!!! on


    It’s just a roster bonus. Apparently that’s allowed, at least that’s what I heard. But I could be wrong. Not sure.

  630. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    I’m sad, Prust saying….and i will continue to say…..

    interesting thought Mister…

    I gotta go….hartnell.

  631. HugeNYRfanfromTx on

    Long time reader and just started to post…welcome back Tony, hope you’re getting back to being well!

    Rangers cannot move Stepan, important to be strong down the middle. Richards/Stepan/Boyle is as solid as they come in the East down the middle. Don’t want to lose that…

  632. Czechthemout!!! on

    I didn’t exaggerate anything Mister D. I didn’t quote stuff verbatim, but I certainly did not exaggerate anything.

  633. CTBlueshirt on


    Kovalchuk and Hossa were impending UFAs that were essentially rentals, although Kovalchuk obviously re-upped with the Devils. The best comparable in the cap era in terms of the player’s production, cap hit, age and coincidentally disgruntled status is Heatley.

  634. CTBlueshirt on

    Crosby/Malkin/Sutter and Giroux/Briere/Couturier trump whatever the Rangers can put out.

  635. Paul: I believe the likes of Hossa and Kovalchoke were pending UFAs, which is very different from Nash’s contract status. This isn’t to say Nash is worth what Howson seems to be demanding, but you gotta compare apples to apples here….

  636. HugeNYRfanfromTx on


    Then who do you replace Step with?

    You’d rather Richards/Dubi/Boyle? Richards/Artie/Boyle? Stepan is a key to this team as the 2nd line pivot…NYR can’t afford to move him.

    Rangers strength is D and Henrik but they need to keep Stepan, they won’t have any playmaking outside of Richie without him.

  637. CT interesting stats on Nash and shooting percentage. Do you have any data on players who played on 2 teams, one bad one good, and whether the player’s number of shots and/or shooting percentage is higher when playing on the better team? I would think it does but dont have the data.

  638. And totally concur the Ollie deal is ridiculous….mind you, PAP for the same money at twice the term – is that much better??

  639. CTBlueshirt on

    I wasn’t advocating trading Stepan, I’m just saying that the Rangers trio of centers isn’t as good as the Pens or Flyers.

  640. Can’t believe these contracts, Jokkinen 4.5 wow. Been saying for a while the 7.8 for Nash with him locked up long term is actually a good thing.

  641. Czechthemout!!! on


    You are too fixated on goals. There is much more to hockey than goals. That’s what the blogfather says. You see, we lost the Devils not because we couldn’t score for crap, but because……………….

    Gee, I guess it is because we couldnt score. Sorry!

  642. And that nickname, the Prustodian, will be very fitting very soon. In about 50 games or less, Prust will be reduced to cleaning the bathrooms at the Bell Centre.

  643. CTBlueshirt on


    It would take me a while to come up with that and I think the sample size is going to be small. But I’ll preface it by saying that there’s very little I’d expect to change with Nash’s shooting going to any team. He’s still going to get roughly 20 mins a night, PP time and favorable zone starts. The biggest determinant to his goal scoring production is going to be his shooting volume which I wouldn’t expect to jump to Ovechkin levels.

  644. Paul in sunrise on

    Ctb forgot about him but even so what did heatly draw? Micalek (sp) is a very good player. Who else was in the deal? Then flipped for seteguchi. Who else was in the deal? Slats is at his best in trade. AA Erixon Thomas and a pick. And it has not been offered yet. And that’s the deal I can see. No one is worth more. Nash is not an ufa or rfa but he wants out and ha a huge $$$$ hit.

    Again I have no clue but my thoughts.

    July 1 is the NHL version of fools day.

  645. ilb my point was he didn’t seem like the kind of guy who would go to his team’s arch rival for more money. Going to pens is nothing like going to Rangers, but nice try. :) I don’t think NJ mgmt or fans would lose extra sleep (beyond his loss generally) over him going to Pens.

  646. CTBlueshirt on

    Yes czech, I think I read somewhere that the team that scores more than the other team usually wins the game.

  647. I think it stands to reason that with a better cast of players on the ice generating offensive opportunities, a player like Nash will see an increase in shots and in quality shots which translates into higher shooting percentage. Admittedly don’t have the data but I know when I played that’s what happened.

  648. CTBlueshirt on

    Heatley trade:

    September 12, 2009: Traded to San Jose by Ottawa with Ottawa’s 5th round choice (Isaac MacLeod) in 2010 Entry Draft for Milan Michalek, Jonathan Cheechoo and San Jose’s 2nd round choice (later traded to NY Islanders, later traded to Chicago – Chicago selected Kent Simpson) in 2010 Entry Draft, September 12, 2009.

  649. Matteau, you originally said that the Parise seemed like the kind of guy to not go to his team’s archrival because of more money. ilb’s counter was that Parise would go where the money is, regardless of rivalry. Knowing that NY had both the cap room and the money, when Parise jokingly or not said he would not play for the Rangers in his wrapup day presser, he took the Rangers out of play. Therefore, you were right.

    Going to the Rangers from the Devils is nothing like going to the Penguins from the Devils. More similar is going from the Canadiens to the Bruins.

  650. I think we are going to hit a 1000 comments on a day when absolutely nothing happened…

  651. CT I did some quick math and using your average numbers (275 shots and 13%), if Nash improves both by 10% it translates to 43 goals. If 15% it translates to 47 goals. This right?

  652. Paul in sunrise on

    My recollection was that cheechoo was already a looser at that point too. AA Erixon Thomas and a pick looks like too much then. But bowser wants more so then it’s a deal. As good as it gets in my book.

  653. Matteau,

    I’m not completely opposed to the idea that some of that could happen. For Nash I think any jump in production is going to come in the form of assists due to better teammates. His goal scoring kind of is what it is at this point.

    And although I’ll relax and subscribe to some of the better team = better production theory, there’s also the aging factor by which that I believe Nash will be affected. As much as we don’t feel that 28 is particularly old, the history of the sport suggests that when you’ve been playing in the league since age 18 by age 28 most players have begun to level off. Now I’m not saying he’ll going into a steep decline, but his production has not been trending favorably the last couple of seasons. Maybe he gets a 1 or 2 year reprieve coming to a better team but by the time he’s 30 he’s going to be at the older end of the top scoring spectrum.

  654. josh yohe of pitt tribune review said he spoke with people close to parise tonight and pens and devils seem to be frontrunners. says lou is guilting parise about seriously leaving