Shopping Day in the NHL and the Rangers have money to spend


I suspect the Rangers will be active today, with plenty of cap room to do something very big, or to make a few smaller-scale improvements.

The action begins at noon, and NHL Network will present TSN’s always superb coverage.

No idea which way it will go, with one sure target (Justin Schultz) deciding to go to Edmonton instead, and one possible target (Paul Gaustad) coming off the board when Nashville re-signed him yesterday.

As I said last night, and have said all along, despite his grinning denial on breakup day, I still think the Rangers will be players for Zach Parise … unless Lou Lamoriello comes up with a way to keep him at the last minute. But he will be in a lot of teams’ crosshairs, and his price will be very steep. (And won’t it be interesting to see if it will be Parise or Martin Brodeur or both who walk out on the Devils?)

If not Parise? Do the Rangers go hard after Rick Nash (I don’t see Glen Sather bending on Scott Howson’s asking price, and I do expect Philly and maybe some other teams to be willing to give up more than the Rangers)? Or will they be looking to make their splash in a trade? Is Bobby Ryan really going to be available? Will they go after a Ray Whitney or a Shane Doan? Will they try to fill in and improve their second and third lines with character players who can chip in offensively? Because there are a lot of those available.

With Schultz off the board, I wonder if the Rangers will go after Jason Garrison, who has one of the biggest shots from the point in the entire NHL. Because, unless they fail to get a first-line winger, I don’t think the Rangers are going to be able to blow away the competition for Ryan Suter (or trade for Shea WWEber).

A lot of teams have plenty to spend today, so Sather is going to have a tough time getting what he wants or needs.

Here’s one thing I truly believe: I think Brandon Prust will get offers beyond where the Rangers want to go, and if they lose him they will lose a lot of their identity. The Rangers were a nasty team for opponents to play last year, and a lot of that had to do with Prust, willing and wanting to fight every night. He will have to be replaced, and there aren’t many guys in the NHL who can fight like he does and play important minutes and be a heart-and-soul guy (sorry for the cliche, but he is).

But I got the feeling on breakup day that Prust was looking forward to seeing how other teams feel about him and how far they’re willing to go to get him, and I think he will go for the biggest deal he can get. I’m not saying the Rangers should to go silly money to re-sign him. I am saying that if he goes, the Rangers will miss him more than a lot of people (other than John Tortorella) think.

I’m posting this extra early because I worry that we might have another power outage, or whatever the hell that was yesterday when we were out of business all afternoon and evening.

AP photo, above.


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  1. oh my god just woke up from a nap i took at 7pm.

    carp what the hell happned today. i was on the ledge being out all day.

    gaustad noooooo did you really sign. manny what the hell we going to do now

  2. JimboWoodside on

    I’ll miss Prust – he was a real sparkplug for our team. Don’t know who will replace his spirit and willingness to mix it up..and his PK work was good, too.

  3. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Happy Birthday Jimbo!!!! 26 again eh. Hope the Rangers make it a happy one for you :)

  4. Prust embodies the Ranger identity. Losing him over a few hundred grand, and the refusal to trade the assets to bring in an impact player like Nash, is Sather taking the lessons learned from his years of failure to an extreme.

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    Prust had some lustre come off himself with his goofy tweet. If Sather was going to give him the benefit of the doubt before, he won’t now. Besides, there were stretches last year where he got less than 5 minutes per game when he was NOT injured. I hope he gets Gaustad money and has a good career. He was a good Ranger and his play plus our team got him the contract of his life. Both benefitted.

  6. “Gaustad had seven goals and 10 assists in 56 games last season for Buffalo, and added four assists in 14 games for Nashville. He had a goal and an assist in 10 playoff games.

    In seven NHL seasons, he has 71 goals, 114 assists and 591 penalty minutes in 493 games.”

    $13 Million over 4 years?? – Are you kidding me? This guy should be arrested for robbery!!!

  7. If Gaustad’s $13M, 4 year deal represents the going market rate for a player of his skill level, the Rangers should hold on to Dubi and hope for a 15-20 goal season out of him.

  8. Good morning. I lost some respect and care for Prust with his tweet last week. If that was Richards, MDZ, or Rupp making that tweet everyone here is pissed off right now. The Rangers made Prust what he is today. If he doesnt stay here Ill continue to root for the guy but I fully expect him to become irrelevant on any other team.

  9. JimboWoodside on

    Thank you, jpg and Ria! I got called away from the computer for other business.

    Prust did “make his bones” as a Ranger – he never made a damned difference in any team before NY – but the weird way the hockey market is working this off-season is absolutely nuts! I can’t believe what the Preds gave Gaustad to re-sign.

    Maybe Prust becomes an Islander – or a Debbie (I doubt that latter one!) for all we know.

  10. Brandon wants 7.5 mil over three years? He’ll have to give us 50 homers and 140 RBIs for that kind of money.

  11. you cannot overpay else it comes back to haunt the team…

    Prust great guy and good player, 4th liner….

  12. Malt O'Meal on

    Didn’t watch a lot of him and honestly don’t even think I’d heard of him before this season but Garrison was launching absolute bombs against the Rangers and a few random FLA i happened to see. Figured then that he would be a good addition but we didn’t have much luck with the last guy that was supposed to have a cannon on the blue line. Wouldn’t mind it if they picked him up though.

  13. Malt O'Meal on

    And I hope Pruster stays but probably silly to overpay unless a rival is gunning for him…can’t blame him for wanting to get paid….and he will indeed be difficult to replace. Konopka would be a good pickup but still like to see that in addition to resigned Prust

  14. Don’t expect the rangers to do much, not much out there worth signing. Forget Parise, he isn’t signing with the rangers.

  15. I wish this blog were around for the Adam Graves offer sheet. 5 years and $2.5MM guaranteed for a guy who scored 7 goals???

  16. Prust will get 2.5 mil a year on the marekt.

    The only thing the Rangers can do to keep him is maybe give him 5 years or something where the cap hit won’t be so high, but he’ll get the extra years to make up for it.

    I’d give him 9 million over 5 years…

  17. I love Prust and agree with Carp that he is important to the team. But, I am hearing 3M per year? Are you kidding me? There is no way the Rangers can give him that kind of money. NO WAY!

  18. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Morning folks…..let the fun begin.

    I cant belive they offered PG that many years at that much either. Oh well, on to the next. I hope they gp after Doan, and i hope pruster realizes that its better to make 500 k less per year and win in NYC, then geting dollars and going anywhere else.

    So much for schultz. We will end up with a player tha wasnt on any of our radars

  19. LW3H

    I don’t think it matters how many years you give him. The Dolans will eat any contract regardless of cost so if 4 years from now they don’t feel he can help anymore then he’s off to Reddenville.

  20. Parise is Gomez. Really very little of tremendous value out there. Hope Slats remembers that just because someone is the best available, it doesn’t mean their the best. Or even very good.

    Parise will be a King if he leaves NJ.

  21. “Parise is Gomez.”

    Except Parise is a 5 time 30 goal scorer whereas Gomez only scored more 20 once in his career…

  22. havent heard from jbeck in a while. He must be busy sitting in with Sather right now.

  23. oleo, it’s not so much the financial risk (though even an owner as ignorant as Dolan probably isn’t that keen on the thought of his GM repeatedly explaining how he has to bury a contract in the minors – and the new CBA might tighten up on that practice anyway) than that of driving up the expectations of every other free agent you look to sign or re-sign.

    And players aren’t likely to look as favourably on any team that starts Reddening players year after year.

  24. although if the Pens are going all out for Parise than forget it. He’d be stupid not to go there…

  25. “And players aren’t likely to look as favourably on any team that starts Reddening players year after year.”

    I hate that argument. Players care about money and success. How many guys in the Rangers lockerroom cared that Wade Redden is in HFD. In fact, I think Reddening players would help if anything, since they know the team will play the best players regardless of the contract

  26. Yeah, but it’s happened once so far. If you’re advocating that the Rangers could tack on extra years to every contract they agree in the knowledge they can just Redden the player the minute they are playing below value, it’s a slightly different beast.

    Why not give every player 10 years then, if Dolan and the players don’t care?

  27. Hey outsiders, I’m hearing *big* things about the Rangers and other teams. Nothing I can (or would) really share here except this little nugget: There will be signings today. Players with new teams. Mark it down, outsiders.

    (Here’s another bone I’ll throw you all: My sources tell me Prust is playing in the NHL next year but maybe not with the Rangers. Wait and see and I guarantee you I’m right. You heard it here first.)

  28. if the pens offer parise 10 years btwn 75-80 mil according to pitt tribune review and on snyrangersblog he should just say yes and stop the circus now. be an idiot not to take almost 8 mil to go there

  29. And for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t complain a bit if the new CBA prevented teams from getting out from under their mistakes in that way.

    Players like Redden, Huet etc. should be able to seek other NHL jobs and the teams that signed them should have to live with some cap hit at least, so why not just have a buyout as the only option?

  30. We are screwed Eric. Schultz hates us and Gaustad apparently loves country music.

  31. Sather makes right decision to let Prust go above a reasonable price. Sather reacts by spending the same amount plus more on somebody similar or worse to replace him.

    Jordin Tootoo, $8.5m over four years, something like that.

  32. LW3H: You will hear me curse from Boston if we spend _any_ money on a 4th liner not named Prust. “We think he can give us what Pruster did, except fight / kill penalties, and for only 80% of Prust’s new deal!” That would be a total Sunday ruiner.

  33. Czechthemout!!! on

    Gaustad contract is a joke!

    Prust will get his money and will have to learn to enjoy losing in Toronto.

    Screw Zack Parise! Don’t want him. Did next to nothing in the playoffs.

    Plan C or D or is it E? Sign Suter and put MdZ/ Dubi/ AA on the table to the Ducks for Ryan,or to the lunatic GM in Columbus for Nash.

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    Plan F

    Sign Suter, trade Staal to Carolina for Jeff Skinner.

    Plan G don’t sign anyone and let see what the kids like Thomas,Miller,Erixon,and Yogan can do. Trade opportunities will materialize during the summer and regular season.( most sensible plan ).

  35. Life wouldve been so much easier if Schultz would have signed with us. MDZ wouldve been sent packing much more freely. I still think if we dont make a big splash today (or in the coming weeks/months) we are not improving. We arent good at scoring goals. With Gaborik out for 2 months we may be out of the race early. Of course they’ll end up fighting back to the middle of the EC race but clawing for 2 goals a game is not something I want to see every day.

  36. Happy 26th, Jimbo…

    One more thing to consider- the new CBA. UFAs, that includes Prust, may be willing to accept less long term if the team is offering a front- loaded contract. That gives them more financial assurance.
    Secondly, LW is right, I have no doubt that the new CBA will revise AHL demotion for big contracts, if not any. The salary, once in AHL, doesn’t count against total NHL salary value, and the players do not pay the escrow. Considering how meticulous Fehr was in making sure every dollar was accounted for total NHL revenue, no question Battman will do the same when counting players’ share.

  37. signing Suter and trading Del Zotto is not a bad move although is Suter that much better than Del Zotto?

  38. Do not understand going after Suter at all…Out of McD, Staal, and Suter ( considering they do trade MDZ as people suggest), which one is playing on the third pair?

  39. Czech – That’s a great plan F if the Canes are willing to play along.

    oleosmirf – I love Del Zotto, but Suter would be a big upgrade. He’s the all-around package back there. Doesn’t really matter though, since there’s been no indication he wants to play in the east.

  40. Czechthemout!!! on


    Are you seriously asking that question comparing Suter and MdZ?

    You can answer it this way. If MDZ was a free agent, do you think any team would offer him Ryan Suter money?

  41. Czechthemout!!! on


    Don’t know the answer to that question. But it’s a good problem to have.

  42. Czechthemout!!! on


    I do know one thing. Suter plays right defense on the Nashville pp.

  43. Czech

    Del Zotto is 5 years younger and had 5 less points than him. Is Suter that much of an upgrade over Del Zotto when you count in the price and ability to improve?

  44. We are fine on the L side. We need R handed defenseman. You realize that, if acquired, Suter will be making twice as much as Staal, let alone McD. That’s a good problem to have?

  45. CTBlueshirt on

    When it comes to playing against other team’s top lines Suter is better by a mile.

  46. I dont think we need Suter and he has no EC team that he’d be willing to go to on his list for a reason… he’s a small-town WC type of guy. Of course I wouldnt mind having him here though. I just really like our defense (with or without MDZ) and think that the priority must be offensive help.

    Oh and MDZ and Suter are not even close. Common now.

  47. Suter is a premier, first pair on every team defenseman. With an appropriate price tag attached. You don’t just get him because he is available, especially when you have McD and Staal already playing on that side. Unless you plan to trade them.

  48. Ilb, out of the guys you mentioned Staal would have to play on the 3rd pair and then that would open up the idea of a trade involving him next year, especially if he is back to his normal self (as we saw he made great strides in the playoffs)

  49. Czechthemout!!! on


    I would trade Staal for Skinner if I could. If not, I would keep him and play one of the dmen you mentioned on right defense. It’s not the optimum solution, but it’s better than not having enough scoring. You cannot only defend your way to the Stanley Cup. We need to score more than 2.71 gpg in the regular season, and 2.15 gpg in the playoffs. As for the cap, it might be an issue, it might not be. Right now, we have a ton of cap space. Even if you discount it by 10% of the ceiling,it still leaves us with a lot of space. McD’ s next contract will not be cost prohibitive. Staal still has two seasons to go to his expires.


    You have a point. But only if you believe MdZ still has a lot of room to improve. I don’t. With out getting too much into the reasoning,I think he is pretty much reached his ceiling. Suter is a much better all around defenseman than MDZ. And Suter is still young.

  50. RealKyper—–> lol

    Basically, he suggests that many teams will present their offers to Parise. And that many of them will vanish once they find out $12M will be required upfront. No kidding….Parise is about to benefit from expiring CBA

  51. Boo-Ka-Boom on

    Forza Azzurri

    I really dont think we need suter either Lev, forward/sniper is what we need. 1 year deal for semin as a last case scenario.

  52. Hey wait i got it. Let’s let Prust go for a few hundy that won’t even effect the cap. Then we can sign Breashear for the same amount. Yeah, that should do it. Slather = Jackass.

  53. Question for the MDZ supporters: if some team gives an offer sheet to MDZ for over $5 million per year are you ok with Rangers not matching it and getting 3 picks in return?

  54. Lev

    As Carp points out every single time, offer sheets almost never happen because the compensation is just ridiculously high and it severely pisses the other GMs off

  55. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    great question Lev, gonna steal that for FB and give you credit

  56. Funny, this is the first time in years when I can be at the computer on July 1st. I usually have to rely on boneheads’ texts. July 1st is the day when all new resident doctors start their training in my program. Needless to say, I can’t concentrate on hockey that day. Well, the craziness will start tomorrow this year.

  57. Sign Doan or Whitney to a 1 year deal at 12:01 and get moving on a trade for Ryan that does not include Del Zotto, Kreider, Stepan or Hagelin.

    They can have any combination of prospects/picks they want, but we need to keep our team in tact or else the trade will be worthless as we don’t have any NHL ready prospects like we’ve had in years past.

  58. Lev…Yes I would be…do you really think someone is going to give him 5 mil though?

  59. Czechthemout!!! on


    Are you really Boo Nieves?

    Forza Azzurri indeed!!! My man Balotelli, will be the hero of the match today and tournament MVP!

    I agree, scoring is what we need most. Getting Suter can facilitate trading MdZ or less liklely,Staal to make that happen.

    Semin would be as Goodall signing as Nick Z. Good the first 30-40 games, than nothing. Pass.

  60. Strings? Today is Sunday. Nobody starts giving the new docs regular assignment when the hospital is staffed with limited resources. The way I made their schedule, they’re walking around and observing their senior residents for the next 24 hours. I’m still going to be calling every so often just to make sure, lol

  61. By all means, Lin.

    I dont think anyone would be willing to give him $5 million per year. I was just wondering how deep this belief in MDZ’s potential really is. 3 picks is tough not to like.

  62. Czechthemout!!! on


    My oldest daughter wants to be a Doctor. She is still only a junior in high school, but she is dead set on going into medicine. any suggestions as far as early or guaranteed med school exceptance programs?

  63. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    lol ilbzo, i have unliminted texting! WOOOT!!!
    and i’ll be updating our good friend Mickey all day!

  64. Evander Kane. Bobby Ryan. Zenon Konopka. Jason Garrison. Shane Doan. Ray Whitney. Zachary Parise. Steve Nash. Rick Nash.

    In that order of preference

  65. I would think that Crosby’s deal not making him the highest Cap Hit in the NHL would bring Parise and his 30 goal potential back down to earth in terms of cap hit.

  66. I could see that happening, Lev. I will get a knife out in preparation of that signing.

  67. Matt Carle is a LD though and the Rangers have 3 very good ones and Erixon down on the farm. The Rangers need RD not LD…

  68. I bet Philly is salivating right now, can’t wait for noon to offer Prust a 2.5m deal. One year removed from 13 goals with 5 shorties. I can’t even believe how silly some of the let Prust go people sound.

  69. I guess those that call Prust a 4th liner also called gabby a 27 goal scorer last year.

  70. It’s true Matteau! I can’t wait to see Prust and PA Parenteu playing on the same third line and killing us.

  71. CTBlueshirt July 1st, 2012 at 10:50 am e

    “Philly signs Prust and then trades him as part of the Nash trade.”

    Then the Rangers trade Dubinsky, Kreider, Stepan, Erixon and a first to Nashville for WWEber and Prust.

  72. Then we can send Prust to Calgary for Jokinen. Recycling is good for the environment.

  73. Johnny LaRue on

    I think I figured out a way to get Bonds and Griffey and we wouldn’t have to give up that much.

  74. Lin, is there a hat big enough for an asshat?

    Today is the anniversary of the pillow hands/tennis balls signing.

  75. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    so, do we have new posters with ‘inside information’ this July 1?

  76. Konopka will replace Prust at 12:01 today. Sather loves picking up players that burn us in the playoffs and the timing is perfect to pick up a tough guy with great faceoff skills. Zenon will get the 1.7 million that the Rangers were offering Prust. Honestly, i think Prust is going to Toronto. I think at the end of the day, he just wants to be a Leaf

  77. jordon staal 10 yrs 60 mil in carolina. will brother Mark be there in a few years as well?

  78. Why do i get the feeling the Rangers will sign Cheechoo and Gustavsson on 2 way contracts today. Ive read that Jonas idolizes Hank (and we could use the goalie depth). Cheechoo is more of a depth move. I think hes gotta still have it in him to be a goal scorer somewhat

  79. “Well, once you were dead, we couldn’t just sit on our hands. We had to make a move…”

  80. But, you still have your old job. Of course, we’ll have to dock you for the time you missed. We’re running a ball club here. If I give special treatment to you, everyone will want it. Next thing you know its chaos! And I can tell you this, (George closes the door) chaos does not work for the New York Yankees! Not as long as I’m running the show!

  81. Staal triplets will soon be in Carolina for the next decade or so. I agree that Prust will probably be a Leaf. He constantly tweets about his Blue Jays and I think his gf is from there, or from the area at least. Makes sense. I say Burke will give him a 3 year deal for $8 million

  82. Alright, I told my wife I’m not participating in sorting out 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 onesies of different colors today. I’m ready too.

  83. NYR is going to pull off some team-destroying, two-bit, amateur-hour moves today … it’s guaranteed.

    i.e. Semin signed to a 10-year, front-loaded $100M contract (with a no-move clause)

  84. Coming up….The longest 10 minutes ever!!!

    Let’s Go Slats!!

    PARISE!!!!!! NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!! DO IT!!!


  85. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    C3, BANJ and I have been mentioning that for about 2-3 weeks.

    lol DJK!

  86. here as well asked wife to watch baby from 12-5 today months ago. one of my fave days of the year. better yet hopefully baby will take nap most of the afternoon

  87. i can only imagine the Semin jokes if its announced via twitter that he’s a Ranger. i wonder if he twitter. maybe he’ll post “I’m Coming”

  88. As we countdown and I think about Semin, if the price is right I wouldn’t cry too much about him coming here. If the contract is good, and he is not playing well, you can move him. And he did play better under Hunter than Boudreu.

  89. i agree with Manny… Both Ovi’s and Semin’s production went down last two seasons…something was going on in that locker-room. Semin, even if he is playing 75% of the games can still scroe 30 goals and put up 60+ points guaranteed.

  90. Ye i wont be too upset if Semin comes (lol). He shot (lol) better under Hunter. Torts would keep Semin under control (lol).

  91. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Happy Canada Day everyone!!

    LGR and LGS!!!

    If Prust leaves, he better go to a Western Conf team and we better add some toughness right away!

  92. Brian Duff is leaving NHL Network for MSG? Please tell me he’ll be replacing Bill Pidto!

  93. So, what happened to all those equity investors that Doodie was talking about that were going to save the Devils from financial ruin?



  94. TSN reporting that Hemsky is available in a trade !! Ha. Like that ship hasnt sailed after they signed his injury prone self to 5 mill a year

  95. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Not sure about suter, he plays a side we are ok on, but I agree if we sign him someone is PROBABLY moving

  96. Kneejerk reaction says Semin is another Zherdev. Yet Zherdev had 58 points as a Blueshirt. Putting things into perspective that would put him at third in scoring last season, first in scoring the season before that, t-2nd the season before that, and on and on.

    Semin is a guaranteed 50 point player.

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