It’s Go Time! … free agency edition


Here we go.

It’s like walking into Leapin’ Larry’s with a fistful of credit cards.

Will update all day long. If you think we need a new thread later, just say so.

As far as a blog crash … fingers still tightly crossed.

I will say this again, just because I don’t want to sound like a second-guesser later: If Brandon Prust walks over a few hundred grand, the Rangers will regret it. But if he can get a lot more somewhere else, they have to let him walk … and they will still have a hard time replacing him. I think he’s a goner.


12 noon: Before the noon shopping time, Jordan Staal signed a 10-year contract with Carolina, and Ryan Smyth re-signed for two years with Edmonton.

12:18: In case you missed it, Shane Doan reportedly decided to wait until July 9 to make his decision on free agency, until the Coyotes’ financial fate is determined. And Ryan Suter is not expected to make a decision today.

12:40: Jonas Gustavsson signs with Detroit, according to tweets (by Brad May?). Phoenix signs David Moss.

12:49: The Rangers lose John Mitchell to Colorado. Avs also sign Matt Carkner from Ottawa.

1:11: Rangers re-sign UFA Stu Bickel for two years, $750G per.

1:12: Carolina signs Joe Corvo. Ottawa signs Mike Lundin.

1:16: Interesting that Matt Carkner’s camp is saying it does not have a deal with Colorado, even though Avs announced it, according to TSN.

1:27: Minnesota signs Ottawa’s Zenon Konopka for two years, $925G per.

1:30: Catching up: Scott Clemmenson signed with Tampa; David Ballo with Florida … might be missing some minor signings.

1:36: Minnesota, active and still hoping for Parise, signs Torrey Mitchell.

1:38: Ottawa signs Guillaume Latendresse.

1:40: Montreal signs Colby Amstrong, who had been bought out by Toronto.

1:45: Big one. Dallas signs Ray Whitney for two years, $9 million.

1:58: Islanders sign Brad Boyes; Ottawa signs Andre Benoit; San Jose signs Adam Burish for four years, $1.8M per; Pittsburgh re-signs Steve McIntyre.

2:10: Columbus signs G Curtis McElhinney.

2:13: Avs with egg on their faces; Islanders sign Carkner for three years, $4.5M.

2:39: Rangers sign Arron Asham, two years, $1M per, as Brandon Prust’s replacement. Asham will have played for every team in the division. I believe he still has a game or two to serve on his four-game playoff suspension.

2:43: Pittsburgh replaces Asham by signing Tanner Glass from Winnipeg.

2:46: Florida signs Filip Kuba for two years, $8M.

3:05: L.A. has re-signed Dustin Penner. Phoenix signs Rangers’ minor-league goalie Chad Ochocinco Johnson.

3:10: Rangers re-sign Kris Newbury to a two-year, two-way deal.

3:15: Biggest news for Rangers, a while ago from Larry Brooks, was that the team has had no contact with Zach Parise’s camp today. Wow. Just wow.

3:16: Montreal signs New Yorker Francis Bouillon.

3:26: Well, here it is. Montreal has signed Brandon Prust. Meanwhile the Rangers signed former Islanders sideshow tough guy Michael Haley. Prust got a mind-blowing $10 million for four years from the Habs. The Rangers had to let him walk at that price. Holy shishkebob.

3:45: Colorado (we think) signs Greg Zanon for two years, $4.5M. Chicago signs Sheldon Brookbank.

3:59: Winnipeg signs Alex Ponikarovsky from the Devils, 1.8M for one year.

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  1. I think people are crazy if they believe there’ll be a huge market for Uncle Daddy.

  2. >>…he’s doing Sabres games

    NOOOOOO! We’re still stuck with Bill Pidto then.

    Thanks for the info, Lin.

  3. I am telling you, @CCCP@ that PA PArenteu and Prust will be linemates next year somewhere.

  4. If Sather signs Semin, Torts better become a master of the Tantra arts to keep his Semin under control

  5. I can’t Lin!!!

    After seeing his performance in the Olympics, he became one of my favorite players…


  6. ugh not sure why but it’s not working live :(. thanks anyways Lin. Ill just follow on twitter i guess

  7. would love to see Parise leave the Devils, but not for Pittsburgh. He, Crosby, Malkin and Neil is just scary

  8. It says that the live video (NHL FRENZY or something like that) is not available. The other videos are playing though

  9. “would love to see Parise leave the Devils, but not for Pittsburgh. ”

    That is further reason for NYR to sign him to a 15 year $99 million contract….

  10. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    damn those canadians not letting their video play outside of canada lol

  11. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    SATHER>>….PLEASE do not let go of Scott or Wellman. These last minute deals were SO meaningful. Hold your guys, Glen. Hold onto them.

  12. No Nash for the crazy price. Yes to Ryan, but not for Stepan. Fills one hole while creating another. Basically back to where you started from. Prust for 1.7-1.9. 2.5 and such is crazy. A quiet free agency would actually benefit this team in the long term.

  13. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    slats enjoying his cigar and jameson right now… scratching his nether regions, contemplating his next move

  14. thanks for the added news Carp

  15. Just got a text from a friend: “49ers’ Smith hurt in stabbing. Is it wrong to be disappointed it wasnt Alex?” LOL!

  16. TSN thinks Montreal is a good spot for Jags to land….I agree…

    Playing with Plekanec would be perfect for him….

  17. Is it really a possibility that the Devils could lose Hedberg, Brodeur and Parise all in one afternoon? See ya in Kansas City, Dweevils.

  18. Benoit Pouliot agrees to 1-year deal with Lightning. You heard it here first….

  19. Ahh, thanks Carp! Im going to step out for 10-15. Gonna go prepare some fish for grilling. In the meantime im sure about 20 deals will happen during my absence.

  20. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Team confirms. That’s new. RT @mnwild From the Wild war room: the #mnwild have submitted contract offers to free agents Parise and Suter.

  21. Minnesota Wild ?@mnwild
    From the Wild war room: the #mnwild have submitted contract offers to free agents Zach Parise and Ryan Suter.

  22. if all the devils leave they will be the atlanta thrashers of the north led by kovy

  23. i expect wild to have top offers for both parise and suter question is do they want to go there

  24. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    David Pagnotta ?@TheFourthPeriod

    The Detroit Red Wings have signed UFA goalie Jonas Gustavsson

  25. besides TSN coverage i had to put on xmradio nhl home ice for non canadian team coverage. keep u updated if hear anything

  26. oh Carp
    sleepy me was expecting some announcements
    (didn’t have to be the Big UFAs)
    because i didn’t believe that negotiations did not take place prior to today
    as i got more clearheaded
    i realized
    “ah carcillo, this is gonna take awhile.”

  27. besides,
    i have an in-laws picnic to attend in a couple hours
    and i’m hoping some interesting things happen
    i’m going to look like carcillo
    if i’m checking my phone every couple minutes

  28. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good afternoon all! Happy 26th bithday Jimbo!!!!! If we lose Prust today, I will be a very sad bonehead indeed….ok, gotta run…check in later…..ta!

  29. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    not that what I say EVER matters around here. But I 1000% agree with Carpy.

    Prust has intangibles that matter in so many ways to this team. It will be a big loss and most that look just at statistics are wrong for doing so. There is NO replacement, heir apparent for him. He provides so much.

    My belief is that players like that are just slightly less important than the big boys. It is a HUGE loss for us. And players like that can effect a teams ability to win far into the playoffs. Sad to see him go.

  30. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    The Broadway Hat ?@TheBroadwayHat

    RT @SunGarrioch: Rangers have shown interest in Jesse Winchester. #Sens

  31. JimboWoodside on

    Why did Canada pick my birthday to be their “day”!? I was not consulted about this!

    Who have we signed already!?

    Thanks, Mama!

  32. He isn’t gone yet, Matty. and I still believe he’ll end up in NY. He was given a certain role and fulfilled it to a perfection. No guarantee it’ll be the same elsewhere. He knows. Unless he already has a plan, he’ll give the Rangers an opportunity to come close to any offer.

  33. @RogMillions@: “More talk *Flames* pitching hard for Brandon Prust. Could he possibily return for a 3rd time. Why not, brings missing grit.”

  34. Im sorry, I dont buy Prust has intangibles crap. If you want to say a leader and career winner like Mariano or Jeter have intangibles fine, and they have tangibles too. But another player can step in to Prust’s place and play with the same heart and soul that Prust did. Or was Prust the first Rangers player or NHL’er ever to give heart and soul for the team?

  35. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    wow, I hope not, ILB. Man. Losing some depth, for sure. Not that Mitchell mattered much, but another one of Torts ‘go to’ guys.

  36. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    ILB, if you watch Pruster’s last interview the night we got knocked out, he basically said he wanted to stay. Period. He exposed himself.

    His agent must have gotten to him or something.

    I hope it’s just the negotiations game. We could use him and his style.

  37. So was Gustavsson or Moss the first signing? They had it wrong on Moss at first but I think Gustavsson was before the Moss report to Phoenix.

  38. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Wonder what Torts thinks of losing Mitchell, and potentially Pruster.

  39. Here are the Rangers’ UFAs:
    Sean Avery, Ivan Baranka, Brendan Bell, Martin Biron, Andre Deveaux, Steve
    Eminger, Ruslan Fedotenko, Ilkka Heikkinen, John Mitchell, Kris Newbury,
    Brandon Prust, John Scott, Jeff Woywitka.
    Group 6: Stu Bickel and Chad Johnson.

  40. I knew we were going to lose Mitchell but the guy was pretty good for this team in his role. If we lose Prust I will be hysterically crying at home in my -apple juice- red wine.

  41. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie

    When all is said and done, expect Ryan Suter to get a 10 year-plus deal with an AAV of $7M-plus that will include $28M in the first 2 years.

  42. Matty, disagree. On breakup day, Prust said he would test the market and though he loved it here, indicated he would see what’s out there.

  43. Whoever has said this “If Prust goes to another team, he’ll become irrelevant” is 100% correct. Ill add something else, unless he goes to another eastern team whose name I will not mention.

  44. when the John Mitchell signing makes news this is the silly season.

    rangers are in good shape, be prudent…

    hemsky, kane, guys like that make sense..

  45. YES @CCCP@ YES and YES. And then we buy all the clearance merchandise with his name on it that we can.

  46. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    it wouldn’t shock me at all if parise signs with pitt that the rangers drop the hammer on a nash/ryan trade quick

  47. Lin, that’s the official list … obviously before Biron signed … and Avery is technically a UFA. He could play next year if he changed his mind and found an interested team.

  48. So long Mrs. Eminger. I would be happy to not have you around as an option anymore. I would much rather have Bickel.

  49. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mitchell, Prust, and Feds all expected to be gone now. Lots of roster spots available for the kids to grab. Now is your chance JT Miller, Oscar Lindburg, Christian Thomas, Andrew Yogan, Tim Erixon!

  50. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    hemsky?? LOL

    a third line with 9 mil on it with dubi and hemsky…


  51. oh, it’ll all go down today
    Bob McKenzie tweeted he’s going on vacation at midnight
    so he demands it to be so

  52. are you guys watching Montel Williams trying to loan you money on NHL Network? What would have to happen …?

  53. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Thanks Carpy, and someone would have to find his skates in the Hudson first

    Evander Kane… interesting!

  54. Carp – Montel always about that hustle. Marijuana…I mean Money Mutual.

    That ? in my last post was supposed to be a *does not equal* sign.

  55. Czechthemout!!! on


    I read somewhere tha he has an out if he makes the Rangers. Fast does not have an out clause.

  56. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    according to twitter rangers offered prust 2.3 per for two years, dollars right term not

  57. agree carp if prust stays in east especially atlantic div i will hate it and it will be big

  58. after carkner and mitchell signed to avs

    retweet from Zipay:

    Michael Perino ?@Avery_the_Grate
    @Avalanche @stevezipay Now Carkner and Mitchell can reminisce about the time Carkner suckered Boyle and Mitchell watched from the bench :)

  59. not sure of hemsky’s deal but if his paycheck is insane pass..

    joey crabb for peanuts, he has some skill…….

  60. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Ranger Nation
    Detroit is meeting with Parise at 3:30, so nothing on him will be breaking until tonight or tomorrow.

  61. And Dave Lozo: “Maybe John Mitchell and Matt Carkner and can talk about that time Carkner beat the crap out of Brian Boyle for no reason.”

  62. Thats a good deal for us to give Prust. For 2 years. But unfortunately, for a guy like him, he probably wants long term security because his career may not be especially long, especially with the C word.

  63. Mitchell will fight Carkner at their first practice. Mitchell was a good teammate.

  64. JimboWoodside on

    I guess Waseka can’t keep up with all the Tweets – it’s blank here….

  65. every time i hear Lindburg
    i think of Reijo and Mikko (?)
    and an interview where one was
    translating english to finnish
    and it sounded like a bunch of gibberish
    until the word

  66. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    New York Rangers ?@thenyrangers

    #NYR have agreed to terms with defenseman Stu Bickel

  67. Czechthemout!!! on

    Rangers current big league roster:




    No fourth line!



    Erixon-?/ Sauer,Stralman .

  68. That’s really good news. Good for Bickel. He’s going to be our 6th D-Man again.

  69. bickel 750 k each year should get nothing more then league min. better be 7th dman

  70. You can play Bickel on 4th line RW if you have to. Honestly, the dude can take up that spot over Rupp.

  71. JimboWoodside on

    Travis Bickel re-signs with the NYR!? Can the Cup be far behind?

    Why would Parise *care* about a phone call pitch from Crysby? Those Canuckleheads must really think that Skid is a deity or something.

  72. $750 k per is almost league minimum.

    bickel signing is good signing. he is a legit NHL player and price is cheap. he can also develop more….

    rational signing……

  73. the 3-6 mins bickel played a night you had to hold your breath. the guy cant be in the top 6

  74. during regular season Bickell played way more then 5 minutes a game…

    whining over the 6th thru 8th d man is not productive…

    he is big, fairly young, and in the system….good signing.. TOrts likes him…

  75. Bickel can also take care of some crucial face offs, it need to….He is still 1.000 in the circle, no?

  76. wonder about that as well — Bickel used as dman and/or 4th line forward again.
    i think Torts/team
    would be much happier if we have a stronger lineup
    that Stu can remain on 3rd pair.
    here’s to hoping he receives good advice
    and continues to get better

  77. yeah, sid calling parise may help
    but as pointed out
    does parise want to move from captain
    all the way down to 3rd line and secondary player
    on the pens?

  78. Bickel is a way better signing than a lot of UFA’s out there that are 38 and older.

  79. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Pat Leonard ?@NYDNRangers

    Since Prust is expected to sign elsewhere, I wonder if Bickel will challenge for the #NHL lead in fights next season #throwindown

  80. So did Stepan….and Stepan and Parise workout in the offseason together….

    Hmm….why isn’t TSN reporting that?

  81. Prusty will be a Ranger. Slats is letting him test the market but barring something totally obscene he stays and it may be 3 yrs, 2.2 a year but he stays. Rangers have tons of room and nobody to take it up.

  82. dreger mentions that parros has 3 teams circling
    wonder if Rangers are one of ’em

  83. Another faceoff specialist is gone, dammit! What did Konopka get in Minnesota, $3.5 per for 2 years? That seems to be an ongoing rate, lol

  84. Well we better put that extra few hundred thousand we were going to save on Konopka back into the Prust deal before we have Bickel as an all-time 4th line LW.

    Hagelin = Goon = Repeat Offender

  85. $3.5 per for Konopka at 32 + yrs old is a lot of moolah.

    today is the overpay day..

  86. Konopka signing hurts. That was one I was expecting to go the Ramgers way, assuming they were after him.

  87. I don’t think he got that, stuart a…It was a joke. At least I hope he didn’t

  88. If Konopka got $3M+ then thank god we didn’t sign him. I am sure it is much less though. We pretty much have to sign Prust or it’s season over, trade everybody.

  89. But Torts would kill Semin.

    I am honestly kind of warming up to the idea of signing Semin for a Wolski type deal.

  90. Back for a few! See I missed some stuff Good for Mitchell. He’s a good guy and deserves playing time on the 3rd-4th line. Avs are a good fit i think. Stu Bickel…hmmm. Oh well.

  91. I know Semin is soft and all that but calling him a loser, no character guy, and a horrible teammate on national broadcast is a bit harsh, IMHO

  92. Rather just stick with getting Prust back for a reasonable amount of years, 3 years tops. Parise and/or Bobby Ryan. Jagr for the 2nd line. He’d immediately become our 3rd highest points getter even if he only played 55 games. Add some filler, use some young guys as filler, and if we need anything at the trade deadline, make some moves then.

  93. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    @StuBickel: Beyond excited to be coming back to New York! Awesome group and best fans in the league!…
    Yes we are!!!

  94. They called Semin a loser on TSN? That’s embarrassing for TSN. If he signs with us I hope we beat a Canadian team in OT in the Finals on Semins shot.

  95. I meant try for Parise and/or Ryan. Sadly, we wont even be involved in Jagr, when the team desperately needs scoring skill.

  96. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Aaron Ward ?@aaronward_nhl

    Ray Whitney agreed to terms w/ Dallas Stars at $9 million over 2 years. It is $4 million salary and $500000 in bonuses each year. #TSN

  97. See? Bickel is a great guy. Really glad to have him back in any capacity. Come on.

  98. Whitney to Dallas

    Is that what Sather meant by being aggressive? Aggressively let everyone be signed away by other teams?

  99. Marc Crawford and Pierre were the ones ripping into Semin, CTB.

    They have plenty of people though. Duthie, Ferraro, Hodge, Farber, LeBrun, Naylor, Miller, McKenzie, Dreger, etc.

  100. CTBlueshirt on

    Wasn’t Crawford the coach when Lemieux cheap shotted Draper? Talk about gutless.

  101. On Semin, Marc Crawford basically said (paraphrasing) “players like that end up in places like Columbus”.

    Impressive way to live up to the Canadian stereotype view of Russians are bad, small market US teams are worse in one small rant.

  102. Agreed CCCP. Whitney mightve been a nice addition for us at 2 years.

    ilb, when Whitney gets $500k in bonuses in each of the 2 years, is his cap hit still $4.5M each year?

  103. Malt O'Meal on

    I’d imagine Torts wouldn’t want Jagr…but I have no idea, just seems like they could have had him if they wanted so don’t see that changing now.

    Mitchell will have a monster game vs NYR when they play – 2G (including shorthander), 4A – just a hunch

    No Zenopka and Prust leaving likely…could be worse…we coulda just signed Malakhov and Kamensky. George Parros?

    Have a feeling I should get on with my day as it doesn’t seem any of the big guys are gonna happen today.

  104. Czechthemout!!! on

    After signing Ray Whitney to a 9 million dollar 2 year contract, the Dallas Stars have singed Gordie Howe to a 2 year 10 million dollar deal and Bobby Orr to a three year 17 million dollar deal.

    Dallas also in on Ken Dryden.

  105. Ok a bit annoyed right now. Whitney gone….4.5 million per. I would have done it. What now?

  106. Yes, Tiki….Brutal deal. $4.5M cap hit even if he retires because it’s over 35 contract. Glad Sather wasn’t involved.

  107. don’t forget crawford was also the coach
    who was accused of “encouraging” bertuzzi or any canucks
    player to go after moore

  108. Wow. That’s a bad deal for the Stars. That’s a ton of money for an old man. Wonder what Jagr wants now…

  109. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    crawford looks like a cross between billy idol and cloris leachman

  110. Not especially defending Semin, Carp, but of you’d never watched a hockey show before (like me), you’d come away thinking Colby Armstrong was a better player just because he comes from Sasquatchawan.

  111. Malt O'Meal on

    Ponikarovskysomehting(?) still in play….as is George Parros apparently.

    Carp, you take them? Or you stay patient?

  112. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    The Broadway Hat ?@TheBroadwayHat

    RT @NYP_Brooksie: Re agent Ritch Winter: Rangers remain in on Prust.

  113. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger

    Whitney’s deal includes no-move clause and modified no-trade clause. He can suplly 10 team list upon request. $1 mil in bonus. $8 mil salary

  114. When Sather said we were being aggressive he was trying to bring how sons price down for Nash. Rangers will overpay for Garrison to replace MDZ trade for Nash and resign Prusty.

  115. Czechthemout!!! on

    We better not sign George Parros unless we dump Mike crap, I mean Rupp.

  116. Jagr would help our team at the right price. But our idiots wont even attempt to get him. Its almost like he is persona non grata.

  117. wow!
    crawford just said, “Go Italy”
    in regards to soccer final

    so, i guess he doesn’t hate ALL foreigners just Russians

  118. That Whitney deal just became even worse with NMC/NTC….Joe N is asking for early retirement.

  119. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    David Pagnotta ?@TheFourthPeriod

    Sharks sign center Adam Burish.

  120. Czechthemout!!! on

    Come to think of it, no to Parros under any circumstances. He sucks worse than Rupp. And that hard to do.

  121. JimboWoodside on

    I think Cruella was played by Glenn Close, Carp – but I don’t know that they’re not actually the same person, using 2 different names…

  122. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Andy Strickland ?@andystrickland

    New York #Islanders sign Brad Boyes 1 yr $1 million #sabres
    Retweeted by Steve Zipay

  123. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    i didn’t mean he was coming here, i think fishies or mtl, i was just saying he is probably out in ana with their staubitz signing

  124. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Gord Miller ?@GMillerTSN

    Burish gets 4 years from San Jose at approximately 1.8 per year.
    Retweeted by Bob McKenzie

  125. Who doesnt hate Russians? Whats not to hate? They have insanely awesome voices, like when they say “Good Doag Casey” LOL

  126. Malt O'Meal on

    Whitney deal yikes! Making some of the other bad deals seem good now.

    Just seeing all the nonsense from Pierre and Crawford….holy smokes. Semin still is soft.

    Maybe Prust does happen

  127. Konopka at under a mill a year is much more like it..

    whitney at $9 mill over 2 is insane…the guy is 39 yrs old…

    so dallas trades ribiero and then gets whitney!!!no ratinale to that….

    rangers do not need parros, he cannot play…they have enough guys who cannot score ever…

  128. is that confirmed 925k for konopka if so great signing.. where anyone see 925k?

  129. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    who the heck said parros was coming here? where do you guys hear this stuff?

  130. Remember guys, we do have Kreider for an entire season and I bet he is 30+ next year.

  131. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on


    Michael Russo ?@Russostrib
    Konopka tells me if Koivu & Heatley want to sit down and read the paper at center ice, they should be able to w/o anyone touching em #mnwild

  132. Yes, it’s $925 per for Konopka, and, yes that’s a better deal (for the team) than Prust’s signing will be. But Prust is a better player, and more important to this particular team.

  133. That Cloris Leachman comparison might be one of the funniest things I’ve read on here. Brava, Lin, brava.

  134. I like Konopka, too, but he’s delusional if he thinks NHL heavyweights fear him. Same for Prust.

    Where’s Kathryn Tappen?

  135. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    my daughter is SHOCKED that someone actually, willingly went to the islanders lol

  136. carolina if fail to land parise will submit offer for nash. will nash go there?

  137. Czechthemout!!! on


    Remember, Kreider is not yet ready to jump right out of college and into the NHL. He needs at least half a season in Hartford before coming up.

  138. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the visible production is actuality”

  139. Malt O'Meal on

    No one said Parros was coming here…it was reported that he is likely to leave ANA

    I saw this on the interwebs….you’ve probably heard of it…in fact, you’re in it right now.

    Just relax, maybe eat a ham salad.

  140. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    12 mil bonus this year and next…and some you complain about 2 mil or so for prust?

    Big EFFING NO to parise

  141. Isles with usual rearrangement of deck chairs on the Titanic. Nothing new to see here.

  142. Bwahahahah! Carkner on the Isles! We can get payback. Re-sign Scott Johnston immediately.

  143. Konopka signing very good for Minny. Whitney’s deal involved NMC and NTC. Ouch. He did put up 77 points at the age of 40 so 4.5 isnt that bad of a deal…..but NMC and NTC….ok glad we stayed away.

  144. JimboWoodside on

    Lin, maybe the same people that “counseled” John Roberts also had a talk with Boyes? An offer he couldn’t refuse..?

  145. Paul in sunrise on

    I think lattendresse would have been awesome at a no risk 1.2m. Big upside. Fast and finish.

  146. Ottawa’s a bit softer, eh? Kind of like the soft lineup Jack Adams Trophy finalist Paul MacLean dressed in Game 1. Maybe Sens should sign Semin.

  147. Czechthemout!!! on

    After seeing the ridiculous contracts going to 40 year olds,number six defensemen,do some of you anti Nash guys still feel his contract so bad considering he is better than Parise in many peoples opinion?

  148. JimboWoodside on

    >>>LOL!!! Carkner to the Isles!!

    They’ll sign *anyone* who annoys the NYR!!! Maybe he takes “Village People’s” place?

  149. “If you get long term payments but you need cash now,


    Stuck in my head forever….

  150. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline
    Confirmed that Carolina is NOT on Rick Nash’s list of approved teams. Ottawa also interested and not approved.


  151. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Jesse Spector ?@jessespector

    Three years for Matt Carkner? THREE YEARS? Do they need him to help move out of the Coliseum in 2015?

  152. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline
    It has been surmised by many that Rick Nash would be willing to alter his list to get out of #CBJ. We’ll see, but I don’t get that sense.

    i really believe he wants to be a ranger

  153. Oh geez, stop with the Parros stuff….it’s not even funny…it’s scary

    No way Torts would allow that….we have Bickel…that is why he was signed….

  154. I guess Ray Whitney didnt enjoy playing in the playoffs this year. Dallas? Really?

  155. I also get the feeling that Nash REALLY wants to be a Ranger but at the same time he’s not going public with this because he wants to remain as professional as can be. He couldve made the situation a lo uglier a long time ago.

  156. Yes, I think there is one team on Nash’s preferred list still interested and it is the Rangers. The rest of this is all nonsense.

    Garrison will replace MDZ
    Dubi, MDZ, Miler and a d prospect for Nash
    Prust re-signs here

  157. JimboWoodside on

    Whitney wants to take it a bit easier for his last 2 years in the league – not too long ago he would have had that opportunity to do it here in New York!

  158. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Rangers need to do something big – you cannot lose John Mitchell and his zero goals in the playoffs and expect to improve next year

  159. JimboWoodside on

    Colby Armstrong is just glad to be offered a contract anywhere! If the Leaves buy you out, that’s pretty much hitting bottom, and *hard*!!

  160. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    David Pagnotta ?@TheFourthPeriod

    Michal Rozsival, Jaromir Jagr, Matt Carle and Olli Jokinen mulling over several offers right now. (nothing earth shattering, eh)

  161. Well then I guess he ain’t coming here because I dont see Sather including the untouchables.

  162. Id take Jagr back. But for less than Whitney $$ for sure. What do you guys think of Hudler and if not then why not?

  163. JimboWoodside on

    If Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty signs with another team, does Chico travel along with him? I sure hope so!!

  164. JimboWoodside on

    Very quiet afternoon for Slats so far – maybe he’s gonna sign P.A. Parenteau??

  165. Czechthemout!!! on

    It’s really nice to hear that Rick Nash really wants to be a Ranger. Much better, and so refreshing than having to beg Idiots like Parise to come here. Screw him!

  166. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Josh Yohe ?@JoshYohe_Trib

    Arron Asham has just signed with the New York Rangers. Details coming.

  167. SNY:

    According to Josh Yohe, the Rangers have signed Arron Asham.

    Yohe says that Asham has signed for two years and $1 million per season.

    Asham has played for every team in the Atlantic Division in his career.

  168. Hudler is a L wing, Lev…He scored 25 goals last year while making $3M. He’ll want much more money. If Nash is still in their plans, then Hudler will play behind him, Kreider, and possibly Hagelin.

  169. Pretty cheap for Asham. I dont mind the move. Bye Prust You did it to yourself. Enjoy Toronto

  170. diff btwn prust and asham is penalty killing. prust great at it asham cant. both fight both arent goons but prust valuable to the team.

  171. JimboWoodside on

    Well, if Asham comes here, that means he’s been on *every team* in the division, right!?

  172. Asham is a dirty SOB:


    “During Game 3 of the 2012 NHL Eastern Conference quarterfinals, in retaliation to a hit on a teammate, Asham cross-checked Brayden Schenn of the Philadelphia Flyers in the upper body, and then threw a punch while Schenn was down on the ice. Schenn sustained no apparent injury due to the hit. For his actions, Asham received a four-game suspension, his first disciplinary action from the NHL Commissioner since joining the NHL….”

  173. asham good team mate,hope rangers resign scott just to beat th snot out of carkner,remember he ended the boogey mans career.along with his playoff bs

  174. ThisYearsModel on

    Must admit, I don’t mind the Asham signing. Teammates love the guy. He can play a little bit. The price is right. His deal is much betterfor the Rangers than Rupp’s.

  175. Asham can penalty kill, fight, score a bit, and he’ll cheap shot people if necessary.

  176. JimboWoodside on

    Great! We get another league disciplinary target in Asham – they will be watching him like a hawk now that he’s with the NYR….

  177. Asham can play actually hockey better than Brashear. I dont see the comparisons. And at $1 million per it’s not a bad deal. Bottom line is Prust wanted too much $$$.

  178. 4generations 4 cups on

    i honestly can say im not happy about Asham. Like someone recently said and reminded me about the PK ability of pruster. Completely upsetting considering he’s a very valuable role player. Say what you want but he’s an asset

  179. Lin, Brashear was a lumbering ogre with no skill and no value. Asham can skate and provide a bit of value.

  180. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    i don’t see the brashear 2.0 reference at all

    i love prust, but this is NOT a bad signing

  181. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Asham cross-checked Brayden Schenn of the Philadelphia Flyers in the upper body

    IIRC, didn’t he X-check Schenn right in the face? That was an ugly scene…

  182. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Lev, just one of those guys you hate and never want on your team. that’s why we compare it to brashear.

  183. Prust leaving is a sad day. What is Garrison able to do when he isn’t shooting on the point?

  184. again prust is great on pk asham cant. i dont mind for 1 mil but lets see what prust gets

  185. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Asham’s head is nearly as big as Holik’s noodle

  186. Asham perfect 12th/13th forward for Torts to play 4 minutes per game, especially with no PK. May not affect Prust’s status.

  187. JimboWoodside on

    Asham annoys me because he’s been a *creep* for the fishsticks, debbies, flys, pens..who am I forgetting??

  188. Asham perfect 12th/13th forward for Torts to play 4 minutes per game, especially with no PK. May not affect Prust’s status.

    This. Guy can play enough minutes to be trusted but not be relied on for much. At $1 million may not mean anything about Prust.

  189. Why cant Asham penalty kill, is something stopping him from doing so?

    Lin, we need a POS on our team, someone willing to get dirty and kill someone if necessary.

  190. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    The PRUST will be back with the rangers…

  191. Two signings by the Rangers zero improvement on offense.

    Re Prust: maybe asham replaces Fedotenko not Prust…

  192. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    everyone has their own opinion.

    he’s gonna be a huge ref target in the mold of avery.

  193. Ooops. Meant Arron. Not Aaron.

    Also, Asham’s a good guy to have … but he’s no Prust. Also, is Asham still suspended?

  194. Apparently he’s very good in the locker room and at the end of the day im sure guys can more about how theyre liked inside their own room rather than around the NHL. Id probably be upset if the contract was any bigger than it is. At $1 million it’s not bad.

  195. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    13 years 100 million dollars as an offer for suter?


  196. JimboWoodside on

    All the TSN canuckleheads are pulling for Parise to sign with PITT – why!?

  197. JimboWoodside on

    >>>he’s gonna be a huge ref target in the mold of avery.

    My fear exactly, especially after that assault in the playoffs.

  198. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Jimbo, he’d have been suspended a lot longer if he was in a Rangers jersey when he did that

  199. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie

    Rumor is OTT is trading Nick Foligno to OTT for Marc Methot.

  200. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    a trade within your own team.. the nhl is out of control lol ;-)

  201. Hope our prospects can play. Aaron Asham …. Here we go again! Did we not learn from the Rupp signing last year?

  202. I dont want Parise here (changing that thought more and more now that available offense keeps disappearing) and I know he said “no way” to the idea of Rangers but I dont see the harm in the Rangers at least calling and offering something.

  203. I did, Carp….don’t know what to make of it….

    How can the Rangers just sit silently? Doesn’t compute….

  204. Why don’t they want to re-sign Prust? I don’t get it. He’s glue. Injury-prone? Offensively inept?

    But Asham? OK I get it. But I’ll still want to throw up a little in my mouth every time I see him.

  205. Typical 7/1 Sather signing. We need offense and his first move is always to spend $1M+ on a goon that was previously booed in our building.

  206. LB mentioned this am that the Rangers will not contact Parise and his camp unless contacted by them. That’s why he is tweeting about it again.

  207. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Jimbo, he’d have been suspended a lot longer if he was in a Rangers jersey when he did that

    Totally true!

  208. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    why would you contact him?

    he said he didn’t want to play for you, why call?

    he seems like a real d bag to me and if he wants 12 mil bonus first 2 seasons of contract, nash and ryan contracts chump change…don’t waste the phone call

  209. How many “great locker-room” guys do we need on this team?! Rupp, now Asham… Sather is an idiot. FACT.

  210. If they don’t get a Ryan, Parise or Nash, I hope they build three solid 2nd to 3rd lines and one first line. If they can’t have high powered scorers at least they can roll four lines with at least two 20ish goal scorers on each.

  211. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Rich Nairn ?@RichNairn9

    #Coyotes have signed G Chad Johnson to a 1-year, 2-way contract. Went 22-18-6, with 2.49 GAA & .919 SV% in 49 games with Connecticut Whale.

  212. Slats – Sit still and don’t panic. See how the team plays into December, and tweak it in season if neccessary. We have been hearing about the talented pool of prospects we have, so give some a shot. Parise doesnt want us, Suter doesnt want us and there is not much else to go after without overpaying dearly. With the money that’s going around, Perharps you up the offer to Prust as well.

  213. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    jackets trade a dman….on coming to them in a trade?

    yes, they did also draft one early

  214. It flickered black for a few seconds on my ESPN. But its back. Forza Azzurri for Tony!!!

  215. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie

    Kris Newbury back to NYR on a 2 year, two-way deal.

  216. If Slats doesn’t get the blocks to build 4 solid lines or acquire a big time scorer or two the team is left to depend on all of their if’s. This team has a boatload of if’s and most of them will have to pan out if they want to finish in the top four again. Not impossible but a big gamble.

  217. If the Rangers haven’t contacted Parise it is because they’ve been informed by someone in the know ( his agent?) that he will not play for them. There is no other rational excuse.

  218. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    someone messing with me on text Spider…

    my heart is freakin racing and my pbnj sandwich is doing the lambada in my stomach

  219. i have on nhl home ice on xmradio keep you all posted since no tv coverage till 5 pm

  220. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    mtl could really use prust….

    why would pens go prust if they signed glass?

    they need the money for parise’s contract

  221. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks, eric! – don’t know why NHLN wouldn’t keep the Frenzy show on, though…?

  222. Newbury can win faceoffs, fights and is barely capable of playing fourth line minutes. Surely everybody should be as pleased as they would be had Konopka signed?

  223. No offense boneheads, but this was a poor choice of how to spend a beautiful Sunday. What a disappointing Christmas in July. (I should have went to church with Mrs Papa and the kids.)

  224. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Mike Harrington ?@BNHarrington

    Canes GM Rutherford tells Raleigh media Parise decision coming tomorrow (as per @ice_chip)

  225. the frenzy show went off on its own. on tsn they are showing soccer and on tsn2 in canada they are showing final round of golf with tiger. not nhlnetwork fault. nhl network has live show on at 5pm

  226. JimboWoodside on

    KatieStrangESPN profile

    KatieStrangESPN #NYR Rangers have signed former #Isles tough guy Micheal Haley to two-year deal


  227. KatieStrangESPN #NYR Rangers have signed former #Isles tough guy Micheal Haley to two-year deal

  228. Lin, I think that means that Parise will tell Carolina if they are in it or not. Doesn’t mean he will decide where he lands tomorrow.

  229. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Katie Strang ?@KatieStrangESPN

    #NYR Rangers have signed former #Isles tough guy Micheal Haley to two-year deal


  230. Linda – I guess if his decision is coming tomorrow and Sather hasn’t yet talked to him … We can assume no on Parise???

  231. JimboWoodside on

    Thanks again, eric – pretty strange move for TSN, in my opinion, but what the heck do I know!?

  232. ThisYearsModel on

    We have signed ANOTHER goon, Michael Haley. What an exciting deadline day so far.

  233. So Asham and Haley rather than Prust. #therightway is getting completely dumped on.

  234. Nothing would be more cynical that Prust to Pens… May be only him to Phily.

  235. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    i think Parise is gonna come down to the Pens, the Wings or the Canes

  236. haley was involved in the big pens brawl. hes been involved in lots of ranger isles games

    wow pruster in montreal

  237. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    yes baby

    since mtl is my 2nd favorite team (until qc gets another team) and it is a distant 2nd, i watch many of their games, so i’ll still see prust.

    still sucks losing him and it hurts the team

  238. Carp, he is doing it again – signing goons! It’s ridiculous – we had 1 fight in the playoffs. ( and ironically, he is letting the combatant in that 1 fight leave.)

  239. Montreal gets us back for stealing McDonagh. Haley?? Ok this deserves a big WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

  240. bull dog line on

    I dont mind the Haley, or Asham signings at all. need some crazy people on the team.

  241. Malt O'Meal on

    Prust to MTL? Well bummer but we tend to have bigger problems with the Habs than a guy like Prust. Sad to see him go but thats the business.

    Haley? Hmmm…so Rupp, Asham, Haley….hmmm

  242. Well, looks like Glennie wants some more guys thatll either be suspended or die of drug overdoses. Well done Glennie!

  243. Spider lol. We could give Hank and still be ahead on the McDonough / Gomez robbery!

  244. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    we had 2, don’t forget mcdonut getting beat by henrique

  245. Habs dont get back at us at all for McDonagh. McD could be one of best D men in the league in a couple years. Prust is a fourth liner and will soon become irrelevant on a loser team.

  246. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Sucks…I’d rather have Prust over Haley and asham

  247. Malt O'Meal on

    4 yrs at 2.5 per… Prust but I’m happy that wasn’t matched….Prust’s style of play would make me nervous to give him 3+….certainly overpaid for him but good for Prust…he was a good Ranger and can’t wait until he mixes it up with us next season. Better MTL than to Pit/Phi/Nj

  248. If Haley appears in 10 games next year, it”ll be a shocker……But $2.5M for Prust for 4 years? Too much money

  249. Prust 4 yrs/10 mill… way over paid.. id rather have asham at 2mill over 2 years… tough lose but smart not to overpay

  250. Czechthemout!!! on

    The goonathon continues. Another goon? = fairly aggressive in free agency.hey, does anyone know if there are any more goons left to sign?

  251. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Spider – I’m just surprised that they dumped out of hockey coverage, since they’re a Canadian network – but I get it.

    Lin!!! NO!!!!!!

  252. Congrats to Prust. He was easy to root for and had the heart of a lion. I am happy for him.

  253. Hey Boneheads, I love ya! The Rangers do not need a LW, we are stacked at that position. But if Slats does sign Parise, expect either Dubinsky, Kreider, Hagelen, or Anisimov, or maybe two of them, to be traded for a RW… Because we don’t need a LW, C, & D, what we could use are two RW’s who are able to play top six minutes, but could move to the 3rd or 4th line when Gaborik comes back from injury.

  254. JimboWoodside on

    So, who’s the better hockey player? Big John Scott or Michael Haley?

  255. I dont need instant gratification from Glennie, because there isnt much available on the FA market. But how about trying to add Jaromir at a reasonable price, instead of a waste like Haley? We need forward scoring.

  256. Malt O'Meal on

    Tiki is somewhat right….fan favorite or not, you would have to have let 10 Prusts go to MTL to “make up” for hte McD trade…..there’s absolutely no comparison whatsoever…McD has insane potential and I don’t think he has hit his peak….he’s already one of the top D man in the league

  257. Good thing we let Prust hit the market. But atleast we have Asham and Haley to soften the blow.

    [goes to barf]

  258. Jimbo, neither. The living rotting corpse of Peter Gammons is a better hockey player.

  259. no problem with losing prust at that price. why waste any money on Haley.. What he does can be done by many guys…..

  260. JimboWoodside on

    Looks like Prust will be fighting the Bruins and Toronto thugs a lot in the upcoming season…

  261. I thought why sign Asham and Haley? Just sign Prust. Then, if true, saw the $2.5 million. Love having Prust on the Rangers, but not $2.5 type love.

  262. Czechthemout!!! on

    Right. The Habs really got back at us. They traded to us our best defenseman and top 10 in the NHL for a bag of pucks that makes 7 million a year. Then they really stuck it to us by taking a fourth line player who had 17 points, and will pay him 2.5 million per year to do it. Boy, I’m glad we learned our lesson on that one.

    Haley is Hartford bound. But he can fight and is a good skater.

  263. Wicky, (btw whenever I try to type Wicky, my iPad wants to convert it to wacky!)

    that’s right.

    We went 0-2 in playoff fisticuffs. ( or 0-1-1 maybe)?

  264. As for today, I thought some good gambles have been signed as of yet. But Sather is looking to strike one or a combo of Ryan, Suter and Nash (I imagine) and these deals are going to take a bit of time. At least he didn’t sign Whitney or somebody for a 5 million four year deal.

  265. Cant blame Prust for taking the money and long term security. At least he didnt go to b****n

  266. JimboWoodside on

    Ouch!! What did Peter Gammons (I barely know who he is!) ever do to deserve that scathing commentary!? ;-P

    Strange afternoon so far for Uncle Glennie…

  267. Just Teflon Chris Neil, Jimbo.

    Jonathan, you’re joking about being stacked on left wing, aren’t you?

  268. of the 4 ranger signings bickel asham newbury and haley only one of them asham who is suspended to start next year will be a regular in the lineup

  269. 4 years, 10 million for Prust???! Love him and all, but that is crazy money for a 3rd/4th liner. I wish him all the best.

    Not a fan of Asham Asshat’s, but as a cheaper replacement for Prust (on the ice). ehhh, I can love with it I guess.

    Haley HAS to be Hartford bound.

    Good to see Stu back in the fold.

    Have the Canes/Pens signed everyone else yet??

  270. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Just Teflon Chris Neil, Jimbo.

    Ah! Thanks, Carp – i forgot about him already!

  271. Penner or Boyes would have been smart risks to take. Despite Glennie’s “Agressive in the free agent market” BS I think his sights are really on Nash or Ryan not the UFA’s.

  272. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Real_ESPNLeBrun Prust deal in Montreal: $3 M next season, then $2.5 M next 2 yrs, then $2M in last year..

    3M next season!! The world turned upside down!!

  273. Dubii dogss on

    pruster went to MTL to be closer to his smoke show french canadian girlfriend..

  274. This all says to me that the Rangers are not involved with Parise, and that they are looking to make a big deal elsewhere … not today. Speculation.

  275. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Pierre LeBrun ?@Real_ESPNLeBrun

    Prust deal in Montreal: $3 M next season, then $2.5 M next 2 yrs, then $2 M in last year

  276. TIKI!!! ;)
    Would it be safe to go with you to the Garden if Jagr was there in a Ranger jersey?

  277. While Haley is most known at the NHL level for his fighting antics, I think he isn’t a bad player and scored some goals in the AHL. Seems sort of unnecessary to have Haley, Newbury, and Asham, and Rupp, but I would guess at least one of them will not be a regular in the lineup.

    I do have some level of happiness in taking a fan favorite away from the fishsticks, though.

  278. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Carp, i’ve been expecting a big trade. may not be today, but i just feel it in my bones.

  279. As of this moment, and I’m sure this will change, the Rangers aren’t as good as they were when the season ended.

  280. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    you guys are misreading slats quote, he was “looking” for aggressive in the free agent market…

    pay attention people ;)

  281. Paul in sunrise on

    I have to believe that Haley is whaled to protect the young guys. No real toughness in Hartford especially if bel biv deveaux does not return. Kids like miller Thomas etc need body guards

  282. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger

    Carolina and Detroit are in a strong competition with New York Rangers for Rick Nash. Nothing imminent. Canes said to be pushing hard.

  283. Carp: probably means the Rangers are the only team Nash will accept a trade to and Sather begins a long summer of wearing Howson down.

  284. Why are we getting on Sather, may I ask? Nothing serious happened around the league yet. And all he’s done is resigned a young depth defenseman with toughness, didn’t sign Whitney to a totally atrocious contract, and didn’t overpay for Prust, while replacing some of his toughness for 2.5 times less expensive player. And we still have our whole team intact. Relax, it’s just a start. But he hasn’t done anything wrong yet.

  285. Asham and rupp between Gaudstad, Yogan, Lindberg or Boyle (depending on how personnel and training camp shake out) could be worse but is bad for the rangers if there’s not real firepower on the top two lines. If we don’t get the more firepower their 4th line needs to look more like a good third line or they’re in trouble, or at least not strong enough to be a lock for the top four playoff seeds.

  286. Mickey!!! LOL
    — Not a fan of Asham Asshat’s, but as a cheaper replacement for Prust (on the ice). ehhh, I can love with it I guess. —–

    You can love with IT ??? LOL

  287. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie

    COL’s deal with Greg Zanon is two years, $4.5m total.

  288. Hi Kristy. Jagr is no longer a star, but he’d be a nice complementary player. Still gorgeous though, so it may not be safe.

    Youre right Carp. Glen is looking at trades to improve the team.

  289. I really hate this. If you going to knowingly overpay (which is a relative term given the actual dollars) for a guy, isn’t Prust that guy? At much it’s what, $1MM sunk on a guy who’s given you 164 tough games the last 2 seasons? Just a bad loss for the core.

  290. prust cannot last 4 years playing like he does. the guy is 200 lbs max. he will not be in the lineup in 4 years no way..

  291. Czechthemout!!! on


    The Rangers stopped being involved with Parise the moment he said “no way”.

    And I agree, they will look to improve via trade, not necessarily today or even tomorrow.

  292. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on


    i think slats has been fine to this point

    lol @col…guess they got their carkner replacement in zanon

  293. JimboWoodside on

    >>>If Haley ever gets a Rangers jersey, they’re in bad shape.

    Maybe in pre-season? Do the NYR’s play the fishsticks in September?

  294. yes, ilb, Glen is fine. I dont mind the Asham signing, cheap and decent player. Except for the addition of another useless talentless goon like Haley for 2 years. I wonder how much and how old he is?

  295. Habs turned the corner in the toughness category, enough of the Bruins crap for them.

  296. I really have no idea what the Rangers are doing and I am not about to try and figure it out….

    $ 2.5 isn’t exactly overpaying….it’s Prust squeezing out every penny possibly could in a new contract….

    I imagine Rangers offered $2.2 for 3 years….Prust was the reason the Rangers had to sign Asshat and Haley

  297. “As of this moment, and I’m sure this will change, the Rangers aren’t as good as they were when the season ended.”

    x 100

  298. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Larry Brooks ?@NYP_Brooksie

    Another day another attempt by Howson to prod NYR into doing something they wont do. Not trading Kreider, Stepan or McDonagh. Waste of time

  299. Czechthemout!!! on

    Howson continues to use Dreger to plant false rumors to make Sather up his offer. Detroit has nothing to offer to Columbus, neither does Carolina, and they won’t trade Skinner for him. Nash’s agent says Nash will never increase the teams on his list.

  300. agree with ilb

    nothing earth shattering around league yet. bickel will be 6th/7th dman and asham will play. haley and newbury will not be in lineup regualrly. possibly haley for an isle game here or there. no reason to sweat those guys.

    if parise and suter go to pitt and phil and nash ends up elsewhere then we HAVE MAJOR PROBLEMS

  301. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Larry Brooks ?@NYP_Brooksie
    Told that Red Wing offer for Nash is not competitive…Carolina, Ottawa, Philly not on 61’s list.

    Why does howson even bother, slats is sticking to his guns just do it…howson apparently went to the parise school of d baggedness

  302. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie

    Alexei Ponikarovsky to WPG, 1 year, $1.8M

  303. I really wish Torts would tell Sather to tell Howson to go jump off a bridge. I am BEYOND sick of this Nash crap.

  304. I don’t care one bit that the Rangers are not as good as they were last year with the departure of Prust. Signing him at $10 Million for 4 years would have been the height of irresponsibility!

  305. Why does everyone think the mountain is going to be moved the first day? It’s July and people are back on the cliff ledge..

  306. JimboWoodside on

    >>>3:16: Montreal signs New Yorker Francis Bouillon.

    MTL signed a Boullion cube? And it’s from New York? What flavor? ;-D

  307. JimboWoodside on

    Well, the Debs didn’t re-sign Poni – but they kept that damned 4th line around to torment us…

  308. NYP_Brooksie Allow me to second the motion that it’s a great day for great guy Brandon Prust. But Rangers made the right call as well.

    don’t usually agree with Brooks, but he is right on target. Wish Pruster the best!

  309. Czechthemout!!! on

    Right, we are no longer as good because we lost Prust? What a silly comment. Asham can do everything Prust can and other than pk, he can do it better. Let’s stop with the emotional reactions please?

  310. “Signing him at $10 Million for 4 years would have been the height of irresponsibility!”

    Right, better to pay a goon $1MM and a PK 4th liner another $1MM. Totally smarter.

  311. Haley? Really, HALEY???? What, Tim ‘Dr. Hook’ McCracken, Ogie Ogilthorpe, Andre ‘Poodle’ Lussier or Clarence ‘Screaming Buffalo’ Swamptown not available?

  312. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    boulton to isles…

    I guess haley is asham suspension insurance

    I think you missed on your might not be 20 signings all week quip earlier today LOL

  313. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    I would offer CBJ MDZ, KREIDER, dubi, Stepan, JT miller, Barney miller, Thomas, several number ones and a great big number 2 for nash

  314. Dave Lozo ?@DaveLozo
    It’s like the Islanders and Rangers are signing guys because they secretly know “punches thrown” will soon decide games instead of goals.

  315. Sorry to see Prust go but… Mtl? Really? He deserves to cash in but, Mtl? The franchise is a mess. The fans will love him, but let’s see a show of hands by those who think Mtl makes the POs next year.

  316. Amen Czech! Without Prust, do you think the Rangers would have placed differently in the division? Ummm….NO

  317. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Isles signed Boulton, lol….

    They’re building quite a team out there!!

  318. I’ve been a hockey fan since the mid 1960s but will somebody please explain to me why I don’t get this: Brandon Prust for four years at $2.5 million per for a total of $10 million. Ten million for a guy who over 279 games in three years scored 24 goals and 39 assists. I know he keeps the opposition honest in terms of protecting his team-mates and he is an excellent penalty killer. But TEN MILLION? Come on!

  319. JimboWoodside on

    Might be fun to see the fishsticks play in pre-season in Brooklyn – it should be quite a circus!

  320. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    Asham will be a good replacement. Prust will be missed but the price was wrong. Slats has gained some wisdom since the drury/gomez disaster

  321. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I also think this team is not as good right now as it was yesterday with a part of the core now in MTL.

    But hey, we still have a 4 mil plus 3rd liner in dubi

  322. ranger isle game should be nothing but fistifcuffs by seeing these signing today

  323. Linda : NO DEVILS!!! on

    Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie

    P.A. Parenteau to COL, 4 yrs, $16M total.

  324. Think about this:

    When you consider the tax implications of playing in Canada vs playing in the USA, prust essentially left NYR for $170k per year. Mtl’s offer of $2.5 per yr less 50% is $1.25 per yr after tax. Nyr’s offer of $1.8 per yr less 40% tax is $1.08 per yr for a difference of only $170k per yr. Prust got some bad advice. Prust’s agent doesn’t care about the tax difference bc he gets paid on the contract’s total value before tax. D-bag.

  325. hey stepping out for about 2 hrs. someone text me at 516-749-3110 if some big moves. jimbo could i count on u

  326. Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie

    P.A. Parenteau to COL, 4 yrs, $16M total.


  327. JimboWoodside on

    >>>P.A. Parenteau to COL, 4 yrs, $16M total.

    WOWIE ZOWIE!!! That little s**t really hit the jackpot!!

  328. Czechthemout!!! on

    P.A. Fugging Paranteu 16 million for 4 years? LOL!!!!!!! And Rick Nash is not worth his cap hit?

  329. JimboWoodside on

    >>>hey stepping out for about 2 hrs. someone text me at 516-749-3110 if some big moves. jimbo could i count on u

    OK, eric – will do! What do you consider big? Not signing George Parros, right? ;-D

  330. Okay with Prust walking, wish he could have stayed but not for the money he got. Best of luck. Would it have made more sense to sign Parros and Armstrong over Haley and Asham? Anybody know the cap/contract numbers for Parros and Armstrong compared to Asham and Haley? Significantly different?

    E3 (pimp’s angel) stay thirsty my freinds

    Gomez is not available but luck for the Rangers, No Gomez is! A much better deal.

  331. jpg's sister on

    haven’t checked posts lately, sad about Prust, isn’t his girlfriend French Canadian? about Prust trade, my Grandma would say, “What Are You Gonna Do? “

  332. bull dog line on

    I think Nash is worth the cap hit. I just don’t think he worth the price to get him.

  333. JimboWoodside on

    Incredible payday for P.A. – let’s see how much he scores without Tavares on his line…

  334. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    John S
    let me help you out, because thankfully hockey isn’t baseball and it isn’t all about the stat column of goals and points

  335. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ok, that’s it! It’s time to go and grill my 2.5 lb 28 day,dry aged, prime cut rib eye! Will check back later if and when some of these idiot gm’s wake up.

  336. JimboWoodside on

    Hmmmm…Duchene – forgot about him – he’s pretty damned good, too….

  337. CCCP from what I have read, a sticking point with Prust was number of years, not salary. I’d like to think Prust would take a “hometown” discount (I say hometown since he seems to love NYC), but I can’t blame a guy who plays a rugged game with a potentially shorter career from cashing in when he can.

  338. Let’s not forget that Glen has to restock the feeding pool if the organization is tentatively penciling in certain current Whalers to make the team out of camp or projected to be ready during the current season.

  339. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    I dont know about you guys but id rather go with the youth. Maybe take a shot at mueller if the price is right

  340. Heave Ho!

    Good point. There are some kids Yogan, Miller, Lindberg, St. Croix, Thomas, McIlrath, etc. who may prove to be ready, close to ready, or light years away. Only training camp will tell.

  341. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    so do we resign john scott and the bahama bomba??

    No on scott, yes on bomba is my guess

    where does tootoo land?

  342. If all the if’s fell in place for mueller, sure. He’d be a great deal. But just as AA has the tools to be a 70 point guy, how likely is it? For mueller it would have to be a lowball two-way contract or it would be too risky.

  343. Yes, Prust was a matter of years also.

    PAP should be taking Tavares out to dinner a few times in the coming weeks.

  344. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Prust heart was NOT in NY. Let him ride into the Montreal re-hab and watch him fail. Prust will get KO’d this year ….greed will Karmatise him!!!

  345. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!!

    No to Scott but I really liked Mr. Bahama. Not sure why he fell from grace with Torts. Was it really over a single undisciplined moment or was there more than the elbow? But he would be a fine 4th line option.

  346. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


  347. PAP has 120 points last two seasons which is around 30 or so points less than Dubi and AA put TOGETHER over the same period of time. Just saying…

  348. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    I say offer mueller a 2 year show me contract. Under torts he would have a chance to salvage his career or flop and be sent to the whale


    Tim Erixon
    about an hour ago via mobile
    So not happy right now..

    Does Tim know something that we don’t know?

  350. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    PRUST is a pussy!!

    Yo Prust , nice move Moron!! Hope you bite on your overbite!!!

    Little guy come to NY and then finds greener grass? What a joke.

  351. Czechthemout!!! on

    Screw Prust! He is now an enemy! All this pinning for a fourth line guy ? How many cups did he help you win? How many playoff games was he the difference maker that changed the outcome in our favor?

  352. Are you guys hearing Pitt is trying to sign Parise to 10yr $80mill or something silly. Where is Pitt getting all this money?

  353. JimboWoodside on

    Hey! Maybe Howson might want to take Asham and Haley as part of a deal for Nash? They might sell some tickets out there in Columbus if they turn the team into a goon squad…? ;-)

  354. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    Cccp you need to take into accout the style and system that the isles played. AA and Dubi, hell a lot of the Rangers would have better #’s if they didnt have to ply defense or in all 3 zones. But then again the team wouldnt get to where the are now either. Pick your poison

  355. Don’t get the anger at Prust. He was good for the team and it’s forging of an identity. For his style of play and size, he is not going to have a long career. Why not take care of number one in this case? It’s not like he is irreplaceable and left NY with a gaping wound.

  356. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Asham is like a Brashear signing …makes a guy sick.

  357. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Bruce Garrioch ?@SunGarrioch
    Sens are out of Rick Nash talks. “We weren’t on the list,” said Murray. #Sens

    DUH, I mean seriously all the people that thought in the summer the list for nash would open up and there would be more deals need to have their head examined…Nash only goes where HE wants to.

  358. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    If I were a Ranger , I’d wanna stay a Ranger. Maybe he didn’t wanna block anymore shot to the face?

  359. Czechthemout!!! July 1st, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Well said on the pining for a 4th liner. Never understood it, probably never will.

  360. @NHL RT @pghpenguins Zach Parise signs reported 12 year deal with #Penguins! Welcome to Pitt Zach!

  361. How could Pitt afford to keep Hotdog lips, Malkin and Parise and not have a ghost ship crew around them. Seems very odd unless they want to go for broke over the next 1-3 years and then begin the re-building process

  362. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    he helped us win the same number of cups that jagr did.

    as well as

    shanny, straka, weekes, gilroy, rozy, dubi, cally, mza, orr, nylander, drury….

  363. Czechthemout!!! on

    Howson is starting to run out of teams to use to spread false rumors through Dreger.

  364. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    PRUST WENT WITH LUST!! ( girl friend in Montreal)

  365. PA Parentou 4 yrs $4 mill per, wowza…. no taveras and moulson get back to me after 60 games…

    another overpay…….

  366. Panthers sign Parros 2 yrs $925K per. Cheaper than Asham.

    Officer Joe Boulton to NYI

  367. Czechthemout!!! on


    And no one ever pined for those guys. Jagr and some of those guys were significant reasons why we made the playoffs. Prust was not.

  368. prust did what he should have done. take the money and run, ownership could care less if in 15 years the guy cannot walk. I have zero problem with Prusdt taking a very good deal.

    montreal has no clue…prust style of play is not conducive to a long career at his size….,

  369. Czech, that’s my opinion, bud. Asham is not the player Prust is, and obviously you have no understanding about the identity of a team and from where that comes. Right now, Prust out and Asham in makes the Rangers a worse team. They will get better over the summer, I’m sure. It’s not emotional. I don’t give a crap if the Rangers go 0-82. And he made a difference late in the Ottawa series, didn’t he? Didn’t he have something to do with the record they had during the season.

    How many Cups have they won with Callahan? Trade him. How many with Lundqvist? Trade him. How many with McDonagh? Trade him. Don’t be one of those jackwagons who can’t see past goals.

  370. JimboWoodside on

    >>>@NHL RT @pghpenguins Zach Parise signs reported 12 year deal with #Penguins! Welcome to Pitt Zach!

    This sounds phony to me! Anybody??

  371. I’ll just add this: Scouts and coaches and opposing players spoke all year about how difficult it was to play against the Rangers, how they battle for inches of ice, for pucks, how they give you nothing, especially on the PK. Prust was a big part of all of that. And you are incorrect if you don’t think so.

  372. JimboWoodside on

    >>>I don’t give a crap if the Rangers go 0-82..

    CARP!!! you’re killing us!!

  373. Mitch July 1st, 2012 at 4:31 pm
    @NHL RT @pghpenguins Zach Parise signs reported 12 year deal with #Penguins! Welcome to Pitt Zach!


    Bullcarcillo post of the day.

  374. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    I disagree with you wholeheartedly on this…for every bit jagr was responsible for those ranger teams that made the playoffs with a certain style of play, Prust is just as responsible for the teams he was on and their style of play, making it to the playoffs.

    Two totally different styles of play with the jagr teams and the Prust teams and because of that you are comparing apples and oranges (with the players as well), but both players were important to the success of their respective teams

  375. Malt O'Meal on

    Wicky, your wisdom and logic is spot on. Without Prust, I think the season may already be over. At the very least, we should have given him whatever he wants.

  376. So between hearing 3 days ago from a very inside source that dubi had already been told he was traded but nothing was announced and now Rom Erixon tweeting that he is so bummed out right now and telling a friend to im him, I’m definitely thinking. Don’t know I’d any of it means anything tho

  377. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Bullcarcillo post of the day.

    Thank you, C3! I wouldn’t put it past PGH though – Seems like the league wants them to be the powerhouse team in the East, for whatever reason – maybe so Skid can still be relevant, even if he gets blasted again?

  378. Prust isn’t a jerk. He did what was right for him. So did the management. He will be missed, and it’s a loss. From many different points of view. Let’s hope we have enough guys to maintain the team’s identity. But you also can’t give him $10M contract. Not when you have young players coming into their own and will be asking for their raise in the near future.

  379. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers west , Prust is a PUNK!! Leave NY ? Yeah SMART move…thinkin about his familly…last time I looked the Rangers were his familly. HES A TRAITOR!! Prust gots the Rangers smell all over him and it makes me sick!!!

  380. Also, if cheap is, Olli Jokinen really that bad of an option for the bottom six? Despite what people may think of him he’s big and almost never injured. Might have re-birth under torts. If he were signed for a cheap 1-2 year deal?

  381. JimboWoodside on

    >>>So between hearing 3 days ago from a very inside source..

    Oh-oh!! Has Rodrique been talking to you!?

  382. bull dog line on

    I understand what Prust brought to the table. I still do not think it is that big a loss. Haley may very well be a good pick up. did anybody think Prust was a player when the Rangers got him?

  383. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    did anyone mention gaustad and holik in the same sentence yet?

  384. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Also, if cheap is, Olli Jokinen really that bad of an option for the bottom six?

    Please God – NOOOO!!!!! I can’t forget that miss in the shootout that cost us a spot in the playoffs!

  385. Im sorry, wicky. But youre really calling this year’s team a Prust team?? :/

    Carp, you dont care whether the Rangers succeed or not, but IMO you do get emotional to some extent about individual players. Players that are POS like Carcillo, Cooke. Players that give their heart and soul like Prust, Callahan. So you arent exactly 100% objective when discussing some players on the blog.

  386. Parise thing is definitely not coming from THE Penguins.

    The bigger deal for the Rangers this off season is adding scoring that can gel into this style of play. Not going to be too easy with what’s out there. A trade has to happen for this organization at some point in the near future, but I don’t think it has to be for Nash or Ryan. The team can afford to hold pat for Nash or move forward. A different ‘Nash’ will always emerge and you can trade for that player then. One thing is for sure that eventually all the kids will have earned a shot to play in the NHL and they can’t all play for the Rangers at the same time. Stike while the iron is hot.

    Wished Prust luck, but if they made a move for a high-profile scorer, we should be able to forget about another heart-and-soul cog.

    Want another goal scorer, don’t care how they get it.


  387. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© ” Don’t stepan the logo!!!”…says Greg L

    Try decaf. The whole “Bros before Hoes” mindset is for 15 year old boys. Prust is an adult. I wish him the best.

  388. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Prust was one guy we could TRUST…not no more!!!


    Im perty upset with our end to this season and now this!!??? Great year but now we lose some heart . Lose this , lose that . At one time Prust was more valuble then Gaborik!!

  389. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    lol!! btw, was that the haggis computer virus you brought back with you? ;)

  390. And to make completely certain, thats not a knock or an insult. You interact with these players all the time, its only natural to develop relationships or friendships with players, and admire their play on the ice and attitude off the ice.

  391. “Please God – NOOOO!!!!! I can’t forget that miss in the shootout that cost us a spot in the playoffs!”

    A shootout goal costs you the playoffs? If you’re in that place, the team has done a lot more wrong than miss a single shootout goal. Not saying Olli is a good idea, just worth thinking about.

  392. No, Tiki, I’ve made it quite clear that I prefer players who have some onions, and dislike players who don’t have onions, or who don’t play hard a lot of nights (Jagr). I’d rather have a guy who overachieves to a certain level than one who underachieves, even if his level his higher. I’d take a dozen Adam Graves over a dozen Jagrs.

  393. Czechthemout!!! on


    Right, I have zero understanding about team identity, but you do. Because as a reporter, your vast knowledge of the issue and can’t be questioned and is unpralled.

    I didn’t just ask about cups. And who is advocating trading Cally,McD,or some of the others you mentioned?

    And last I checked, you still need to score more goals than the other team to win in this league. We lost in the playoffs precisely because we didn’t score enough goals, not because of Bradon Prust.

    Oh and late in the Ottawa series, Kreider was by far the bigger reason we won, not Prust.

    I have never questioned his toughness, nor his dedication , but now he is the enemy and that’s all there is to it.

  394. JimboWoodside on

    >>>PAP smear

    That could happen! They play some pretty tough hockey out west there…he may be having his lunch through a straw if somebody catches him just right…

  395. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Just heard from an insider – Parise signed a 35 year deal for 500 million with Pittsburg

  396. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers west , Go suck an egg!! Its called a hockey career , picking the RE-HAB is just plaine dumb!! I never said nothing about bros over hoes, sorry if thats what you did…

  397. Don’t be hating on Prust cause he took that ridic offer from the Habs. I do not blame him one bit and wish him well up there. Rangers were smart to walk away from giving him 2.5 million per, much as I love the guy.

  398. So Carp and I are in 100% agreement on something. Would be nicer if that thing didn’t make me so unhappy.

    Asham + Rupp = Prust

    And that’s at his open market number, not the rumored NY pre-UFA number.

  399. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Asham is the pancreas and conscience of the NYR.

  400. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© ” Don’t stepan the logo!!!”…says Greg L

    Suck an egg? Does your mom know you’re on the computer? Why are you calling people names and yelling at Prust instead of talking about something relevant? Just wondering.

  401. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    And one thing about slats and “fighters”…remember the shelley deal (or no deal) that led to the boogey signing? It was about years not dollars. I think slats has an issue giving certain players (maybe it is inside team medical reports maybe be it is a hunch maybe it is organizational depth). Shelley wanted 3 years slats would only go two, he basically shellied prust. I think prust would have taken less 2.2/2.3 to stay here (maybe even a bit less) but wanted 3 or 4 years..didn’t happen obviously.

  402. Malt O'Meal on

    hahahahaha….i really hope a lot of these comments are purposely written to incite mayhem

    come on, we need something else to talk about…Prust issue is dead….even though the Rangers has now doomed themselves to decades of NHL obscurity he is gone…gone and never ever ever ever coming back…..yes, Prust got us into the playoffs, would literally sacrificed his body in front of a sold out MSG crowd if the Rangers stopped play and demanded it….Prust is essentially a god and now our god has abandoned us.

    So let’s move on and while we are all huddling under a rock waiting for the world to end, maybe lets talk about some of the others that are still out there and why we would/wouldn’t want them.

    Carp, any news about Garrison or anyone else? Ryan? Messier?

  403. I understand all that, Carp. Like I said, youre somewhat subjective when it comes to players. And Prust was a player that played hard every night and one could say, he overachieved.

  404. Best of luck Prust-y! But when you come back to the garden, I’m gonna call ya a meatface!

  405. Spain win the Euro 12

    That Euro cup…is it an original trophy? Cuz I saw some guy was engraving “Spain” on it…

  406. MichaelDelZotto profile

    MichaelDelZotto Congrats to @BrandonPrust8 on your new deal. Going to miss an amazing teammate and better friend. #ohhhmannn

  407. Czechthemout!!! on


    Have you ever played originized team sports? Baseball doesn’t count?

  408. Will Sather blink once the real Nash market is determined, after Parise signs???? Bowser is actually playing this very smart. He knows the real price for Nash has not been established and won’t be until Parise signs. So in the interim, he is making these outlandish demands just in case someone pannicks and caves in befor Parise signs. Very schrewd. If Parise is off the market by tomorrow as mentioned earlier, Nash will be dealt no later than Friday. On the other hand, we can only hope that Sather already knows how far he is willing to go with the package and hasn’t gotten there yet. Let’s hope he doesn’t go higher than he originally planned – even if that means we don’t get him.

  409. I like Prust and appreciate the “black and blueshirt” mentality that he helped bring to the team. But he was one of many players who brought that mentality – team leaders like Callahan and Girardi, for example, also brought it, and it was a style of play that Torts preached as well and that pretty much the whole team bought into. So to say that Prust IS our identity is an exaggeration. Yes, I was proud to have him on our team and will miss him, but I think there are other players in our lineup and elsewhere who also play a blue collar game and are tough to play against.

  410. Does anyone who watched Rupp play a good deal before becoming a Ranger feel like he looked like he skated differently most of the year? I felt that he looked like he had a different stride (much slower) and was not as hard as he usually was in respect to forecheck? I know he also saw limited minutes and was new to the Rangers, but I feel like he wasn’t the same player from the season before?

    Hope he’s completely healthy and ready to give us a bit more this season if given the chance…. boy I hope so since he’s signed for a while.


  411. Dont ask me why I think this, but I believe we will get Nash and Marc Staal will end up going to Columbus in the deal.

  412. Okay, Carp.

    I want to add one more thing, I admire the way Prust played, he gave everything he had, fought against bigger guys, did everything Torts of asked of him and more, played through pain and played all 82 games. There’s nothing not to like about the guy.

  413. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Rangers west , what ever , you started it by tell me to try decaf. Your brain can’t remember when you say dumbazz stuff? Im yelling at Prust cuz he bailed on us , DUH. Oh mayyyybe i’ll go to a blog and type this stuff?

  414. Hey, I just stumbled upon Slats’ strategery — Haley and Asshat are sweeteners for the Nash deal! Boy that Slats — what a genius! Wile-y Slats, super genius.

  415. “So to say that Prust IS our identity is an exaggeration”

    I don’t think anyone is. We’re saying he was a very nice complimentary player who fit the team perfectly and filled two roles. It’s a big loss despite him not scoring lots and lots and lots of goals.

  416. Czechthemout!!! on

    Callahan is the embodiment of how the Rangers play. Prust was a bit player in all that. I am sure he is a great guy and good in the lockeroom but NOT the straw that stirs the drink. But like I said, he is the enemy now and when he plays against us, he will do his worst to us so that hs team can win.

  417. We’re less than 5 hrs into UFA and I’m actually getting excited about Sept. when training camp opens. I’m encouraged at Sather’s patience. Howser is a dead man walking so he’s got nothing to lose because he’s been told to clean up this mess and then hand in his security badge. He’s trying to hit a home run in his last at bat. Sorry for the baseball analogy (I hate mixing sports) but Howser has the deal that Glen will sign. I doubt there’s much being said at this point, I mean come on! How many times going back and forth does it take before both parties realize what the other wants and is willing to give. Feels like a blinking contest to me. We may learn that the organization is very positive about the prospects who they’re projecting to be on the opening day roster. We might be overlooking who we’ve already got.

  418. Czechthemout!!! on


    I played originized sports. Trust me, I know about team enough to be dangerous.

    Anyway, let’s move on my friend.

  419. Jim Cerny ?@JimCerny

    RT @BlueJacketsNHL: PRESS RELEASE: #CBJ have signed LW Jonathan Audy-Marchessault to a standard three-year, entry-level contract

  420. I was kidding about being on the debate and dancing teams, BTW.

    and I apologize for reacting angrily, but you did call me out:

    “Right, we are no longer as good because we lost Prust? What a silly comment. Asham can do everything Prust can and other than pk, he can do it better. Let’s stop with the emotional reactions please?”

  421. My guess on Semin is he’ll go to Detroit to play with Datsyuk, Pittsburgh to play with Malkin, or the KHL to play with… Some other Russian buddies of his.

  422. Mister D I was referring to Mister D’s post about Jagr and Prust both being equally responsible for the style of play of their respective teams. Jagr practically picked the team up on his back for stretches, while Prust was one of many players who made last season’s team what it was.

  423. David Pagnotta ?@TheFourthPeriod

    Without B. Schenn or Couturier, Nash won’t be going to Philly. Rangers have key assets they can package not named Stepan, McDonagh, Kreider

  424. I dont think Sather has had a bad day overall. BUt we havent added any offense….Good news is that guys like Doan, Semin, and Hudler are still out there.

  425. Hey Carp — “debating” could get you killed at the school I went to…

  426. Heave Ho, You are assuming that the only deal to be made is with The Rangers. I thought Nash, who has a no trade clause, provided Bowser with a list of teams he would accept a trade to. If so, Bowser will play this out until he has the best value coming back for Nash – which may not be the Ranger offer.

  427. I don’t understand signing Haley. Asham, meh. Not against it. But, not really a surprising day. If they’re going to improve, I’m expecting it to come through trades.

    No big deal! I don’t care aboot Prust leaving. Habs can have his five goals. Hopefully Asham knows how to do the secret handshake with Del Z & Boyler.

  428. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    please see my post at 3:49 in reference to your post at 5:03

  429. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Montreal has traded PRUST to NYR for no Gomez

  430. Linda no more ex-islanders on

    Nick Kypreos ?@RealKyper

    #NHL. Starting to hear Suter has picked #Redwings as his destination. More to come…..

  431. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Rangers looking to sign ogden Nash, graham Nash, and Rick Nash – makes me want to gnash my teeth –

  432. Hey Carp! I suppose I ment stacked with potential at LW? My point is, Krieder, Hagelin, Anisimov or Dubinsky, are set for the 1st three lines at LW. With Gaborik on the DL to start the year and because I believe the Rangers want to have a checking line to match up against the opponants 1st line of Dubinsky – Anisimov – Callahan. As well as, because Callahan (maybe Richards as well?) is the only right handed shooting forward on the team… It would make sense for Slats to logically sign two righthanded shooting RW’s to play on the 1st two lines.

  433. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Montreal now has Gomez and no Gomez on it’s roster

  434. “I’m here to amuse you, I’m here to make you byfuglin laugh? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny? You mean funny like a clown?”

  435. I still haven’t lost hope for Future-Ranger Zach Parise…

    If Parise signs, with Pittsburgh….then I believe Nash will be a Ranger….

    If Parise signs with NYR, where does Nash go?

  436. TRADE!!!

    Yankees trade for Chad Qualls for a player to be named later. How exciting!!

  437. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    you clearly did not understand my post…
    jagr was on a ranger team that played a certain way, successful (to a point) because of the type of hockey those players played as a personal style and their styles matching the team style or vice versa.

    The team Prust was on (this current one) plays a style and way that is successful (to a point) due to the type of players that play on it and again that matching the team system or style(or vice versa).

    You and I can debate all day which is more important a timely fight or a timely goal and we probably will not agree with each other point, so why bother.

    The fact is jagr was a part of that team and style the way prust is/was a part of this one.

  438. I’m not assuming anything because i don’t think Sather is considering what other teams are offering. He’s made his offer for Nash and unless other players on the Columbus side are being offered as part of the deal there’s not much for Glen to do except wait. Good point though, is it SOP to disclose terms w/ teams not a part of the deal? I would think NDAs are common practice for all? Part of the CBA?

  439. JimboWoodside on

    Some blonde that’s wearing a shocking pink dress on the NHL Network… ;-D

  440. Have you noticed that as active the team was last July 1st, Buffalo hasn’t done a thing this year yet?

  441. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    she is the girl who goes everywhere with the stanley cup, I think she is in one of those peggy commercals.

  442. Haley is a 2-way contract that will be in CT. Who cares? USe him to protect the prospects there and keep McIlrath from doing too much fighting. No reason to be upset with his signing at all. He MIGHT play with the Rangers a couple of times if Rupp and Bickel are hurt. Other than that, you will never see him.

  443. Linda no more ex-islanders on

    Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie

    Zach Parise’s decision will not come until tomorrow. Has narrowed the field to a select group and will decide Monday.

  444. JimboWoodside on

    >>>TSNBobMcKenzie Zach Parise’s decision will not come until tomorrow. Has narrowed the field to a select group and will decide Monday.

    Bah!! Humbug!!

  445. Linda no more ex-islanders on

    can one of you lunatics text me tomorrow to let me know where Suter and dbaggerise wind up?

  446. Could or would anyone do this??? Trade Stepan, Anisimov, Gaborik, 1st rounder to the Hurricanes for Jordan Staal and Eric Staal.

    Just having some fun with my kids, does that sound reasonable? We were making a trade on NHL 12, and jokng around about the Staal brothers playing here.

  447. JimboWoodside on

    We all are reporting the same stuff – nothing much happening out there…

  448. JimboWoodside on

    >>>can one of you lunatics text me tomorrow to let me know where Suter and dbaggerise wind up?

    Are you leaving the planet tonight, Lin!?

  449. I just think with all the French Canadiens that Yzerman is signing, it Bro-Derrr would make sense….they need a goalie and he’s still pretty good for an old, fat man….

  450. JimboWoodside on

    >>>can one of you lunatics text me tomorrow to let me know where Suter and dbaggerise wind up?

    Message me your number, Lin…

  451. Linda no more ex-islanders on

    lmao Jimbo, i just can’t check it out on the work computer. They are looking for reasons to fire people lately. I CAN discreetly check my phone though lol

  452. I’m in the same boat as Linda. Who wants to text me with the big news tomorrow? Jimbo, I believe you have my number..

  453. Linda no more ex-islanders on

    these two waiting until tomorrow kinda puts the kibosh on anything worthwhile happening the rest of today

  454. JimboWoodside on

    Oh, I see, Lin – OK. I don’t have your number though. Yes, I do have a number for you, Mickey – but I’m not sure if it is current.

  455. PA Parenteu without Molson and Tavares is going to be HILARIOUS.

    Evander Kane a Ranger yet?

  456. Man , almost a thousand posts…well here goes..I haven’t been contributing lately, because

    I really didn’t have much to say, but earlier today I had a call from my sainted cousin who used to prowl the bone yards for Central scouting Finally retired after about 40 yrs in the harness. He had little to say about the current stack of prospects, but without naming names he mentioned a couple of teams who had exceptional young talents coming their way..he mentioned no names but he did mention Ottowa Toronto Montreal. It’s tough to buck 900 plus posts without being Carped ( which I often am,)But I couldn’t resist asking him about his opinion of Sather, and he said quite frankly…..
    wind bag, is full of himself and doesn’t want to hear any contrary opinions about anything.Still keep in touch with y’all, and report that the weather is finally glorious down here.

  457. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    If that was a free agency splash,
    Then it must have been an Olympic high dive splash cause I didn’t see much.

  458. JimboWoodside on

    Got it, Mickey! You gals move away from the Empire State, but you keep your NY numbers – pretty cool!

  459. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Mickey – I should be going out tonight, too – kind of a quiet birthday for me, but I pretty much made that choice myself…

  460. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Jimbo, send yours so i dont disregard it lol

    How dare you!? ;-D OK, I will…

  461. If this team can’t survive and keep its personality without Prust, it’s a bigger indictment of its other players than it is a comment on Prust. Come on. Love him, but he’s one guy, and one that didn’t have as big an impact as he needed to on the ice. Enough courageous journeymen.

  462. there’s got to be something happening with the amount of cap room we have available

  463. Linda no more ex-islanders on

    and now NHL Network is on the loop. Good thing Falling Skies comes on soon lol

  464. JimboWoodside on

    OK, Mickey – I don’t blame you for keeping the number – and thanks!!

  465. JimboWoodside on

    Yeah, NHL Net has bailed out, too – running the tape from last hour…

  466. Linda no more ex-islanders on

    David Pagnotta ?@TheFourthPeriod

    Presumably takes Holmstrom’s spot. RT @GMillerTSN Det signs Mikael Samuelsson to a two year deal.

  467. Just like I predicted earlier today: NYR went bush-league and is now a worse team.

    We get Sutter, Nash, and Ryan … or I’m jumping from this already-sinking ship.

  468. Not a big fan of the moves the Rangers made today. Would rather have Fedotenko, but Haley and Asham are both pests and can’t complain much about them as reserve forwards/4th liners.

    Obviously had to let Prust go and it looks like Sather will eventually get Nash. I’m not a big fan of blowing the team up, but Nash is a stud and Glennie always seems to win the trades…

  469. JimboWoodside on

    Pretty dismal day, Mama – nothing to cheer about for our side today so far….

  470. I actually think the Asham signing was good. If you have to replace Prust, you just did it for basically 3x less than he would have cost.

    I love you Prust. Bye bye.

  471. also good for JAM to sign with a team that will actually play him. Just like with Zuccarello, the Rangers were never going to give him a serious look and Columbus is the perfect place for him to start his career.

  472. Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger

    TooToo agrees to Detroit. 3 years $1.9 per

    No more of those annoying whistles in the Preds arena anymore!

  473. It must be great to be a mediocre player’s agent in a weak free agent year. cha-ching!

  474. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Brodeur to the wings. Right after he’s been to the doughnuts and the cake.

    Hahahaha!!! Great!!!

  475. some of these contracts that are being signed today makes the Brad Richards contract look like peanuts

  476. Linda no more ex-islanders on

    great post Crazy! was just thinking how the money / terms this year are just insane

  477. It’s interesting how the NHL works. The whole day is about big names, Parise etc. The reports are of Parise getting, what, 10-12 year deal at around $100M. Meantime, Parise is 0.38 goal per game, 0.81 ppg player. On the other hand, Semin ( same age, btw) is 0.42 gpg, and 0.86 ppg player. And not a single word about him all day. He is soft, and wouldn’t work in NY and it’s system, but one would think that at least there would be considerable interest from some other teams, no?

  478. Prust will not be replaced with one player. Character is a rare commodity. He needed to grab the money while he could. This is just the business side of the game. Now team character will be tested. Guys will need to step up to fill a void the best they can.

  479. home from two hour barbecue with all babies. anything drastic i miss since 4 pm.

  480. JimboWoodside on

    You would think So, ilb – wouldn’t you? Semin really seems to have a poisoned reputation now.

  481. Suter and Parise are waiting for tomorrow …hoping the get the call from Slats tonite? We know deep down they both want to play their home games at the worlds most famous arena, right???

  482. whats makes it even stranger is that witht he CBA expiring, how will some of the teams deal with the cap hits….

  483. As I said before: Semin will either go to DET, PIT, or the KHL. Washington won’t re-sign him.

  484. 2 am here. Getting the feeling nothing much is happening tonight so ill probably catch up with you guys tomorrow!

  485. I’d throw in Nashville too. They have a few Russians there. The Preds are probably desperate for anyone that can score more than 10 goals.

    I can’t believe Whitney left Phoenix for Dallas, of all places. Does he really think he’s winning a Cup there? Weird.

  486. with you orr

    whitney choosing dallas to me is puzzling but prob not considering they might have been only team to guarnatee 2 years

  487. Linda no more ex-islanders on

    maybe whitney was fed up with the ownership situation and did not want to wait another 8 days like Doan

  488. jpg's sister on

    anyone know anything about the prust press conference supposed to happen soon?

  489. ThisYearsModel on

    Are there any more goons that we can sign today? Have we re-sgned John Scott yet? I see Slats missed out on George Parros.

  490. Papa I’ve been saying for a long time that contrary to all the pundits’ proclamations Columbus is playing this right. As long as Nash is under contract the team has the upper hand. Not sure Howson gets the credit since Craig Patrick is behind the scenes, but they will get their price.

  491. Just saw Prust saying Rangers weren’t close. Can’t believe the Arrogant One didn’t want to pay $2.2m for Prust. WRONG lesson to take from your years of idiotic signings.

  492. JimboWoodside on

    >>>Hearing Jason Garrison going to VAN. Awaiting confirmation.

    Above per McKenzie – another possible one gone…

  493. JimboWoodside on

    LeBrun: Souray will earn $4 M next season, $3.5 million in each of last 2 years of deal with Anaheim

    My God!

  494. Garrison is the Parenteau of defensemen… And LMAO at the 3 yr Over-35 deal the Ducks gave Souray.

  495. lot of money for garrison who is a 1 yr wonder. hopefully he duplicates in vancouver. souray got too much as well

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