I think we’re back in business … fingers crossed


Sorry for that snafu today. … don’t know why I’m apologizing since I have no idea what happened or how or why, but I do feel badly.

I sure hope that nothing like this happens tomorrow during the swap meet that begins at 12 noon.

For those who bailed out, you might have missed that Paul Gaustad re-signed with Nashville, and that Justin Schultz chose to sign with Edmonton, taking two potential Rangers targets off the market.

I still think Zach Parise will be in the Rangers’ sights today, unless the Devils make a last minute big offer, and they were reportedly meeting with him last night.

Failing on Parise, I still think the Rangers will be major players in the marketplace, though I honestly don’t know in which direction they will go. Or if they whiff on Parise, how hard they’ll go for Rick Nash. I don’t think they will fold to Scott Howson’s demands.

Stay tuned Sunday. We’ll be here all day … hopefully (fingers crossed again).

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  1. Someone over at ESPN Rumors is having fun tonight. First rumor headlined “Rangers Sign Parise”. Just a test but a good way to kick off July 1.

  2. Luckily, the widget was still working, so we got all those news. Including the whole circus surrounding Justin Schultz. And even more so, how those bozos from Nashville gave 4th line, face off specialist, who scored 1 goal in almost 50 playoff games $3.25M per year for 4 years. It’s going to be an interesting day tomorrow if that’s how GMs decide to spend their money.

  3. Saw one article claiming the Pitt was going to offer up to 80mm for 10 years to Parise. I don’t know, but I imagine that’s much higher than NYR is willing to go…and it seems pretty high regardless. If true, how does he not go that way?

  4. Praise to NYR would be awesome….

    Brodeur out of NJ (and out of Atlantic Division) would be PRICELESS!

  5. How does Pittsburgh afford all that money with Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Letang, on that team?

    How are they going to retain Malkin?

  6. Yeah I can’t see Pitt spending much on another forward when both already make 8M. But you never know.
    As for backups to missing Parise though, Carp totally forgets Bobby Ryan. We all know the comparison to Nash

  7. Linda: NO DEVILS! on

    ilbzo, was shocked at the $$$ for Gaustad! How are they going to pay Suter and / or Swebs if they are dishin that kind of cash for a 4th liner!

  8. Linda: NO DEVILS! on

    quick answer… they won’t . I really feel that the Wings are gonna bend over backwards for Suter, they have big shoes to fill.

  9. Remember Richards contract. The Rangers had to come up with 20 million in a 12 month period to get him. They gave him a 10 mill in sign bonus and 2 mill in salary in year 1. Year 2 they have to give him a 8 mill roster bonus on July 1, 2012. That is a total of 20 mill in 12 months. The Red Wings and the Rangers maybe the only teams that A) have the cap space and can for years to come and B) the coin to give a guy 20 to 25 mill in 12 months, this is most impotant. We shall see. I can’t see Pit matching those 2 areas. They have to worry about their own guys, plus does Mario have a cool 20 mill for someone with Gino wathcing, and Sid took his over time? Who knows.

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    I think we do squat early in free agency. After the intial rush, we might add a couple depth guys. the problem with this is that a deal for Nash or Ryan needs to be done so we know what holes need to be filled. Otherwise, we go into the season with scoring weaknesses that brought us down this season.

  11. Disappointed the Rangers didn’t land Schultz, but doubt he would have been the piece to put us over the top next year (unless you consider possible resulting actions, eg trading for a scorer). Excited to see what tomorrow brings.

    Good luck to everyone trying to fall asleep like a kid on Christmas Eve.

  12. Does anybody know what station will do this live on radio? Couldn’t find anywhere.Please, let me know – I’ll spend all day tomorrow behind the wheel.

  13. So Gaustad got $3.25MM for 21 points and … … … Prust is a jerk for not just taking what the Rangers offered!!!!!!!

  14. Carp- you seem pretty convinced about this whole Parise thing – must be something to it…

  15. Schultz goes to the frozen north, Gaustaud gets a gazillion dollars.. what in the hell is going on the league??

  16. Prust isn’t a jerk. Or, if he is, we all are. Who wouldn’t wait until free agency knowing that there will be bigger offers out there? I know I would. He will get more than the Rangers offered. Just a matter of from whom.

    I don’t believe Glen Sather will blink with Scott Howson wanting the whole freakin’ farm. So I doubt Nash will be a Ranger.

  17. ThisYearsModel on

    Don’t blame Prust. This is best chance to cash in. With the way he has been injured lately and the way he plays, he cannot plan to be playing when he is 35. He should get all he can. If we cannot replace him, that is on us.

  18. Czechthemout!!! on

    Good luck to Justin Schultz in Edmonton. I hope he enjoys losing many games while toiling in obscurity. That team will never be a contender. They have no goalies to speak of , nor anyone on the defense ready to make a major impact. By the time they are, the Oilers will not be able to keep many of their good young players. Oh well.

    The Nash to the Flyers rumors are total bs, planted by Howson to force the Rangers into giving him players he knows we will never give. Nash has vetoed one trade to Philly already and they are not on his approved team list. Like I said earlier, that whole situation is going to get very ugly soon for the CBJ.

    Paul Gaustad at 3.25 million per year is far worse than Prust @ 2.4 million. And Nashville was one of the teams that cried poverty that caused the lockout . How do you pay a face off specialist that kind of money? Hey, maybe Prust can join him for the same type of salary in Nasville.

  19. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Welcome back, Carp. Very missed you were!!

    I completely agree with you guys. Pruster can get more and he should. Good luck to him. We will miss him. The point of inflection could have been him getting the offer of $1.8 for 3 years and countering and getting $2.0 or so. IF he REALLY wanted to stay here, a la Ken Daneyko, he accepts less than the open market and stays.

    This team will be different without him. I am not so convinced he will ‘easily be’ replaced. He does many under the radar things and has intrinsic value. I guess we will find out.

  20. Nick Kypreos (@RealKyper)
    6/30/12 9:21 PM
    Doesn’t appear #Rangers will be making any offer on Parise. Less of coarse he was kidding about his “no way” comment and forgot to tell NY.

    For what it’s worth.

  21. Czechthemout!!! on

    Why is Prust a jerk? Because he wants to cash in while he still can? He is no jerk. He is a good guy but is not worth the money he is asking for. That’s it. Plain and simple.

  22. as far as the Rangers and bobby ryan:

    a bit concerned that there has been no mention of him as far as plans
    on the other maybe things are quietly moving along
    and we may pleasantly surprised that something gets done
    (of course, like any trade, it all depends on who we send the other way)

  23. Im gonna say Konopka and Doan will be Rangers in the next few days.

    I also have a feeling we trade for Yandle this summer too

  24. Czechthemout!!! on


    After reading what Kypreos said, do you still feel that we will make a play for Parise? Or is it just a gut feeling?

  25. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Nice knowing’ ya, Pruster!

    I agree — fuggetabout Nash, Parise…

    I agree with Somerset – Rangers will make “smaller” splashes to improve the team. Sather is no dummy to trade young, effective, high potential, lower salaried players for Nash or someone like that…

    Nash to Flyers is also baloney. They need defense, and a backup goaltender (Mason?)

  26. I read somewhere that Doan will give the Coyotes a week before he does anything. I’m not expecting much to happen with him for a while.

  27. as far as Doan
    read a tweet that he wasn’t going to deal with matters til july 8

    (will have to search for it. when i find. will post but i’m having net problems right now)

  28. Doan is a legend there. I dont see PHX signing him a week from now, if they havent already.

    Doans probably just having some difficulties accepting it (which is understandable).

    I honestly think Nash goes to San Jose because they are desperate enough for change that theyll cave in. And i dont think Ryan gets traded at all since Perry AND Getz are UFAs next year and i absolutely see them walking away from the Ducks

  29. oh my god just woke up from a nap i took at 7pm.

    carp what the hell happned today. i was on the ledge being out all day.

    gaustad noooooo did you really sign. manny what the hell we going to do now

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