Christmas weekend in June-July


I’m back, back in a New York groove.

Spent the last week with the Europansies in a beautiful little country called Ireland. If you’ve never been– and I hadn’t — put it on your list.

Now, what did I miss?

I see that Martin Biron re-signed for two more years. Good for him. Good for the Rangers. Not surprised there at all, though I had read — in my rare moments on the web — that Philly was considering making a bid on Biron if he’d gotten to July 1.

I see that free agent Justin Schultz — who is obviously going directly to the Hall of Fame according to some — will make his decision today, and that it’s either New York or Canada.

And I see that, unless I missed something, Zach Parise is still unsigned by the Devils, and so will probably hit the market tomorrow when all hell breaks loose. I still think J.P.’s kid will be in play for the Rangers, his little smiling denial on breakup day notwithstanding.

Should be an interesting, albeit sweltering, hockey weekend.

Good to be back.

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  1. First!!! And welcome back!

    Wouldn’t mind Parise, Ryan, or Nash in the stocking this year….

  2. It’s great that Biron got signed, for two years as well. If the team can lock up John Mitchell for a couple of years cheap and pry Konopka away from Ottawa, we’ll be set.

    Some scoring via free agency would be nice (Parise, Semin for cheap), a trade not so much, at least not one that breaks up the core. Don’t be disappointed if we get no one (that isn’t 30+).

    “Wait ’till next year” is a good mentality to have right now.

  3. Glad you had a nice trip, Carp. Did you enjoy Dublin? Also i read somewhere that Zipay was in Ireland too. Were you guys together? Anyways, tomorrow should be interesting. It’ll be 7 pm here when the craziness begins, and ill be here.

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great to have you back, Carp! We missed you. I realized how much we did miss you after I read you Justin Schultz- Hall of Fame thing. LMAO!

    Lev, you should tell Carp to put Israel on his list, if he hasn’t been.

  5. Welcome home Carpy!!

    IT’S SATHERMAS EVE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! Decorate your trees and polish and place your Slatsorahs!!

  6. ok Carp, DYING over “Sub-Zero from Running Man” ! Unfortunately, he’s not PLAIN ZERO

  7. Staal Wart and the Overachievers on

    Carp welcome back!
    Did you have bangers and mash?
    Fish and chips?
    Corn beef and cabbage?
    BTW…Bangers and mash is Torts favorite meal

  8. CARP:
    Welcome back! Excellent that you went to Ireland … did you get to visit both Dublin and Belfast?

  9. el capitan the carp man himself is back. missed u immensely.

    did we sign guastad yet.

  10. Welcome back Carp! Hope the europansies treated your american dollars nicely! How did Mr. T and Mr. Titleist survive the trip?

    And a fine summer greetings to all you ‘heads!

    BTW my favorite irish meal is Rangers and Nash……haaaaaa thank you very much – I’m here all week.

    Let’s go Sather!

  11. Czechthemout!!! on

    My prediction and thoughts on today and tomorrow.

    Schultz will not sign here. Neither will Parise or Suter. Prust may come back if he doe to hs senses. If he doesn’t, eff him!!!

    I hope we don’t go out and sign and over pay ( Semin) or other players. Stay the course with the kids of which there are plenty and wait for a trade to develop later in the year. Gabby will come back and so will Sauer. Dubi,AA,and others should pick up their scoring.

    Nash will be a Ranger at some point this season and for a lot cheaper than what Howson thinks he gets because Nash will force his way out of that hell hole.

    JT Miller is a player that can step in and play. So can Chritian Thomas. Chris Kreider will be here the hole season and score 25-30 goals so the scoring will be adequate enough to get them a high seed for the playoffs.

    Just to reiterate, their will be opportunities to add elite scoring during the season so their is no need to overpay for scraps.

  12. Yes, Carp, you MUST visit Israel. If you can try going for 2 weeks. The country is small but the history/diversity isn’t. It’s something special.

  13. Im now of the thought that Prust will get a nice big contract that exceeds $2.2 million per by a substantial number. I just hope he enjoys playing in Toronto/Columbus or whatever else team with a much dimmer future. He WILL NOT be the same player on any other team. Rangers made him what he is. It’s kind of like Avery of course with a much more respected player involved.

  14. If he goes to any team other than the Flyers/Devils (and i cant see either of them signing him) I will continue to cheer for the guy except when he plays us.

  15. Funny how on the Flyer’s blog theyre saying Biron is getting paid too much to be a backup and they dont think they should pay Universe’s new backup that much. I think they’re the last people on earth who should talk about $$ and goaltenders.

  16. “I hope we don’t go out and sign and over pay ( Semin) or other players.”

    Agreed. I’d rather end free agency with the exact same roster as right now rather than bring in Jiri Hudler at 5 and $25MM just to add someone.

  17. “Im now of the thought that Prust will get a nice big contract that exceeds $2.2 million per by a substantial number.”

    Yup. He’s going to end up exceeding the rumored $2.2MM he wanted to stay before UFA started.

  18. Czechthemout!!! on


    I lived in Akko,Israel for over two years during the time of the Yom Kippur war in the early 70’s. My family left to come here in 1975. About four years ago, I took my family to Israel to celebrate my daughters Bat Mitzvah. It was the first time I was back in 33 years. It was a profound experience for me and my family. Jerusalem and all it’s history,particularly the the western wall and temple mount were absolutley amazing. Yad Vashem left me in tears. A truly remarkable but very sad place. We mostly visited the south of the country. My wife has alot of relatives there. The Dead Sea and Eilat were fantastic as well. I truly urge everyone to consider Israel for a vacation regardless of whether you are Jewish or not. You will not be disappointed.

  19. I believe Prust will be back…

    Agree with CTO. My wife is Christian, the visit last September to Israel was because she wanted to go back again.

  20. Czechthemout!!! on


    Very simple. Just like I said many times on here over several years that I thought Dubi,Cally,MDZ,McD,Hank,and most recently Hagelin,and ,Kreider could all step in and play. I rely on what my eyes tell me, not what some reporter or blogger who has rarly if ever,watched these guys play. Yesterday, I watched JT Miller and Chritian Thomas do something they failed to do last season in the prospect tournament,and that’s look like men playing against boys. Granted, it’s a ver small and shallow sampling so far, but I trust what I see and that those two guys are ready to step in and contribute. Also keep an eye on Oscar Lindburg. He looks really good!

  21. Don’t get your hopes up fellow ranger fans. I don’t think the rangers will be signing parise or Schultz and unless Howser (Howson) comes down with his asking price (which apparently has said he won’t and is banking on after the parise sining a team will step up) the rangers probably will go into the season plugging holes with players from there organization. Which isn’t a bad thing. I rather see the rangers do that than to sign these oher available over the hill free agents.

  22. Nice story, czech. It’s a special place and I hope you and your family has many future trips here in the future.

    Should we expect Schultz news today?

  23. Czechthemout!!! on


    Thanks! I may be going again in December. My Daughter skates for Israel as a junior ice dancer. They are opening up an arena in Eilat and we may have to go there so that she can perform in the arena opening. Looking for forward to the 2018 Olympics in South Korea.

    Schultz is announcing today according to Mckenzie, but I don’t think he signs with us. Too bad! We are a very compelling team to go to if you are him.

  24. And, no, it wasn’t *just* because it was hard to find bacon cheeseburgers. Although that contributed to it.

  25. Impressive, czech! Pretty cool that they’re opening up an ice rink near Eilat, a city where it’s been around 50 Celsius the past few days… Only ice rink I know of that exists in Israel is in Metula, on the border with Lebanon. Went there a couple of years ago and met the brother/sister pair that competed in the 2010 olympics on behalf of Israel.

    Sally, why *no like* Israel?

  26. A nice $30 bacon cheeseburger place in Tel Aviv. Not surprisingly the only customers are Americans.

  27. For Schultz if he wants to play close to home, Edmonton and Vancouver are the logical choices. Id pick Vancouver because out of the two they will be more competitive in the next 2 years. After his contract will be up in 2 years he can go to Edmonton who by then should be in great position. If Schultz wants to play for a team that has a chance every year right now it’s between Vancouver and NYR.

  28. I definitely didn’t (and still don’t) have $30 to spend on a bacon cheeseburger!

    Yup, it was the lack of snow. LMAO…

  29. Macho tea with ms. McGill on

    Welcome back carp
    I think schultz is using the rangers to max out his contract. Not sure the wisconsin connection is that strong seeing as how he ony played a year with them as a freshman

  30. Macho- his contract will be absolutely identical, doesn’t matter which team he signs with.

  31. I don’t really care how great Charles Schultz is. He’s cheap and highly touted by 26 out of 30 teams in the NHL. That’s good enough for me. It’s why I wanted to get Turris. Just money with a chance for high return. The opposite of Wojtek Wolski and Sean Avery.

  32. Sally and Co.: Parts of Israel I enjoyed and parts I despised. Much like everywhere else i have ever been. Places in the world are really similar when you break it down.

    Also, on a drunken night in Jerusalem I broke 6+ years of Vegetarianism/Veganism by devouring a 1/2 pound spicy Hamburger. Yumsters.

  33. …Sally, why no like Israel?…
    Let me guess… May be b/c dear Sally is left wing, but not the type we need on our 1st line? Palestinian struggle? (Not a scintilla of sarcasm intended)

  34. Czechthemout!!! on


    My daughters partner is from Metula.

    By the way, the Israeli National ice hockey team won the WC in Div III. They were prompted to Div II and finished fourth. Enough to stave off relegation back to DivIII. They are apparently developing a few young players that may take them up a notch to Div I in the next couple of years. Div I has the fringe teams like Italy,Norway,France,Japan,Hugary,Denmark, etc..

  35. Let’s see where this big talk heating up heads. I’m dubious anything gets done but certainly hoping im wrong

  36. Speaking of Beer, I had a great Barleywine style “Monster Ale” from Brooklyn Breweries last night. Pretty rockin’

  37. True Blue Mike on

    John Burcugiouss (idk how to spell it) saying big nhl news coming up today and for New York Ranger fans to stay tuned??? Something big coming? Schultz? Trade? I wonder what it could be

  38. Blind, non-insider-like-Rod speculation: Part of NY’s pitch was putting Staal and Girardi back together and having Schultz pair with McDonagh out of the gate?

  39. Johnny, nothing I couldn’t have gotten from watching “Viva Zapata” and ripping into a bag of Doritos.

    Yep, we had Bangers, Mash, stews, pies, chips, rocket. Bacon cheeseburgers (Sally). Didn’t see corned beef on a single menu. Didn’t get to the North — stayed in Dublin, Galway and Ennis, took some awesome day tours (Cliffs of Moher, MY GOD!!)

    No, I wasn’t with Zip. Our trips overlapped, I think, but we were in different parts of the country. Played a little golf. A lot of Mr. Ts were lost at sea.

  40. True Blue Mike on

    Zipay reporting that Rangers may be the team that Schultz picks, which scares me because Zipay seems to always be wrong and Andy Strickland is saying he will go to Ottawa or Edmenton.

  41. sather and his crew need to be smart, patient, and do not make a move for the sake of making a move…

    schultz will sign in Edmonton…

  42. Then Strickland says “a 3rd team added” which basically means he has no idea but doesn’t want to whiff on the Rangers being the choice.

  43. Sally, my apologies, you know how highly regarded you are in my book, but I didn’t see you in a fight with Prustie yet, so my judgment is kind of blurred at least.
    Of course, we are friends, but who will better says you a truth (even a bitter one) than friends. LOL.

  44. I really had a good time in Northern Ireland and also in Cork. Liked those two places a lot. Spent too many months in Dublin though. It’s like a big theme park.

  45. Mike, it’s up to the kid and where he wants to play … money’s going to be the same no matter where … so sources who say they know are lying. but i think the Rangers are certainly among the favorites.

  46. So Zipay says Rangers, Strickland says Edmonton, Ottawa, Canucks. So we’re basically where we were 1 hour ago….nothing new.

  47. Buccigross is alluding to a Nash trade…which we have been alluding to for 5 months. ESPN sucks and is late to the game as usual. Although they will take credit for breaking the Schultz and Nash news.

  48. Don’t forget about Sally and The Doctor as well.

    Socialist Vibin’

    To each according to need, From each according to ability.

  49. 4ever – I do a little handicapping on the side ;-). Seriously though, from all that I’ve read, I would be shocked if he doesn’t land in western Canada. ( It is also my coping mechanism for dealing with disappointment – convince yourself it is not in the cards – even though I tried it with the Lindros mess and it didn’t really work – I was depressed for the whole summer when we lost him to my most hated enemy in all of Hockey – Bobby Clarke.)

  50. In the hopes that we get to take a flyer on a guy for a capped and totally fair price, let’s work on a nickname. Since his last name is Schultz I want to play up the Peanuts (Charles Schultz) theme. Linus? Pig Pen? Any ideas?

  51. Yes! I begin with simple education and political ideas and before you know it I am murdering the population and torturing people to find out who my real “friends” are. Next thing you know I am the next Dr. Kamuzu Banda.

  52. Yup, it’s back on. Some people were getting suicidal considering how big tomorrow is. thanks for fixing it, Carp. And thanks to your IT folks.

  53. Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.

  54. I had nothing to do with fixing it … and I don’t think I had anything to do with breaking it.

    *new post.*

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