Friday, and I’m back tonight … I’m pretty sure


Just in time for all the hullabaloo leading into Sunday’s free agency nuthouse.

I still think, unless he’s re-signed with the Devils since I wrote this, that Zach Parise is going to be in play for the Rangers.

See youse at some point tonight, and then for sure tomorrow and Sunday and Monday.


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  1. NYRangers are amateur-hour if they don’t get Schultz, Parise …. and Nash on the cheap.

  2. Wow…fourth! Long…long week! Even checking out TSN CA site to find out how much our neighbors to the North love themselves!

  3. Interesting article in NY Post this morning — apparently the Rangers enclave in Toronto for Schultz was spearheaded by Tortorella Andy”probably” included Ryan McDonuts.

    Would be great if the Rangers sign the kid (and if they do, hopefully he amounts to more than the next Gilroy)

  4. Let’s say that Schultz is good enough to make the team. Who do you pair him with? Girardi and McDonagh are a shut-down pairing. Staal and Del Zotto are a good 2nd pairing. Do you put this kid in a 3rd pair with PP time? What becomes of Erixon? Can you put Erixon and Schultz, both rookies, together?

    My guess is if this kid is signed they are trading one of their top 4 defenseman for a forward. Everybody thinks Del Zotto is a goner, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Staal traded in a package for Nash or Ryan.

    If Schultz signs with someone else then I doubt that they will trade away any of their top d-men.

  5. I think if we get Schultz then that is a sign that Erixon or DZ will be part of the trade package for Nasher or Ryan. I would hate to see DZ go given his development last year – even if he made some mistakes, 40+ points is incredible at that stage of his career and he’s often the most physical of the D-men in terms of throwing a hit and getting the team pumped.

  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    LW, Stepan is double shifting in the gym, representing University of Wisconsin while McD is recruiting Schultz. Trade them both.

    Ria, I know you’re here. Thanks for asking, mrs is doing great. A few more weeks. Let’s see who gets tge baby first, mrs Hank or mrs ilb. :-)

  7. Staal is the best defensman the NYR have. Take that injury away, and he is by FAR the best. Erixon may not be ready for the NHL’s physicality. He is no sure thing yet. Neither is Schultz yet. This is about acquiring depth. MDZ (despite his critics) is a very good young player. But on this team, he is one of the very few with any trade value. I suspect the NYR sign Schultz and trade MDZ.

  8. Not suggesting to trade Staal, but I think McD has something to say about Staal being the best defenseman on the team.

  9. Morning ‘Heads,

    MDZ-Stralman/anyone else, preferably a stay at home type D

    Stillcant see parise coming here…but never say never

  10. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    The only way I would trade Staal is Staal, Erixon a 1st rounder for Skinner and Ryan Murphy.

  11. I don’t see Staal getting traded cause then I’d have to find a new name…

  12. Yea guys. Sheesh. People’s monickers are on the line. We are not trading Stawul.

  13. I think ranger fans are going to be disappointed in free agency coming up. I don’t think neither parise or Schultz will be signed by the rangers.

  14. So I have a question…
    Who among our current “top” forwards do you see improving and becoming more offensive threats.
    We have a pretty young group…lets assume no trades are made (which isn’t going to happen)…
    Can Callahan get better?
    Dubinsky can only get better, right?
    Hagelin is so young and I think he has alot of potential.
    Kreider, if the playoffs showed us anything this kid could be really good.
    Anisimov…don’t know there…may have hit his ceiling, but he is also still pretty young.
    Stepan, still really young, didn’t have a bad season, I think he will only get better.

    Your thoughts?

  15. Anisimov. With how skilled he is and how hard he can work in front of the net when fully engaged, I don’t see any reason he can’t put up a 30 goal season. Not sure I would bet on it ever happening, but in terms of “what they’ve done versus what they could do”, I’d have him at the top of my list.

  16. “Go there.” _[points to front of the net]_

    (He’s 6’4, 200. That’s a big dude who doesn’t play like a big dude nearly often enough.)

  17. Offensively, I’d say Hagelin, Kreider and Dubinski have the potential to score some goals. I think Callly probably hit his ceiling at 29 goals last season. Anisimov, I’m not impressed that he can become a 25 goal scorer. Stepan? Ummmm…..maybe, but he’s more of a passer than a shooter. Both Richards and Gaborik scored what was expected of them so I don’t see more goals coming from those two.

  18. Friend of Brodeur: “You know, Marty, in the south, they fry everything. Literally everything.”

    [Brodeur runs to grab phone book, looks up “agents”, calls first one he finds]

  19. Lou’s head must be ready to explode. No deals ironed out for Zach and Uncle Daddy? Might as well submit an application to the league to be forwarded revenue $ right now.

  20. Does Philly have cap room? Fatty Universe may be a good combo. I know it’s not what Holmgren envisioned when he gave Bryz that humongous big contract but them splitting the games may be a pretty good idea.

  21. That would be the perfect scenario, Lev. Brodeur goes to Philadelphia, realizes how much the NJ system helped him as he posts a 3.50 GAA and retires to live quietly forever with his sister in law.

  22. It would be great if he goes to Philly and their season depends on game 82 in philly and they start him due to “experience” and then Parise scores in OT ending their season sending him home to the sister in law.

  23. I think Brodeur hiring of an agent shows that Parise is on his way out too…all the rats jumping the sinking ship.

  24. czechthemout!!!! on


    Not only is McD the best dman on the Rangers, he is also now of the 10 best in the league.

    I would trade Staal for Skinner in a heartbeat. Than sign Ryan Suter . That would make us better overnight.

  25. I was watching a different playoffs than you I guess. MacD was AWESOME. But I do not think he is better than Staal. Not yet. Ridiculously good, but not better than Staal. No way.

  26. McBust is the best D-Man on this team. He is also the best D-Man on the earth. Staahwl is garbage. Call up McWrath and let’s move on already. McWrath-Redden!

  27. After paying attention to the development camp, I am going to keep my eye on Kyle Jean. 6’4″ and 212 with some scoring touch. Not much info on him, but he is leading all players in goals in the development camp. Free agent. Keep adding the talent.

  28. This little debate above highlights why we should feel really good about our defense: Girardi isn’t even being put in the equation for best on the team.

  29. McDonagh is the best defenseman on the team, not Marc Staal. Give it another year and there won’t even be a debate anymore.

  30. “…..Zach Parise is going to be in play for the Rangers.”



  31. “Brodeur probably just discovered that his new agent has a wife and/or sister. And a refrigerator.”

    Lets just hope he doesn’t mix up the two.

  32. I can’t wait until he is the backup goaltender on the Blue Jackets (behind “What about BOBrovsky”)

  33. Hey The Doctor. Not all of us are Rich McWallet Pants and thus we don’t have ESPN Insider. Please paste into this forum for us Poor chimney sweeps.

  34. Wow, this brodeur business is b.s. What a ploy — hiring an agent to cause a stir in the press and finish off the deal. The agent’s probably only getting 1% for his PR help.

    But it would be awesome if he went to Toronto. Godspeed, fatso.

  35. Manny, add me on FB. Also, since youre a young intelligent promising NY lawyer, do you ever watch the show Suits on USA? One of the best shows on TV, set in NY. If you dont, I think youd really enjoy it.

  36. No! That is Franklin and Bash on TNT. I like that law show too, but its pure comedy. Suits is completely different!!

  37. I liked Pysch, only watched the first 2 or 3 seasons, then fell behind. But Suits is way better.

  38. i would be SHOCKED if fatso was in another uniform. if so go out west so no one has to look at your fat butt.

    2 days until the madness 2 days until paul guastad is signed

  39. “During the regular season, the New York Rangers scored 2.71 goals per game, which helped fuel them to 109 points and the top seed in the Eastern Conference. In the playoffs, however, the offense dried up. The Blueshirts averaged 2.15 goals per game and were dreadful at 5-on-5, scoring only 27 goals in 20 contests.

    Zach Parise will be an unrestricted free agent July 1 and could certainly be relied on to provide the needed offense, but when the Devils captain was asked if he would consider playing for the rival Rangers, he responded with an unequivocal, “No.” That means the Rangers are going to have to be creative to secure the top-six talent they need to provide a two-way presence who will tilt the ice in their favor, most likely via trade.

    Chances are you’ve heard the various trade rumors involving Rick Nash, captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Nash had 59 points (30 goals, 29 assists) in 82 games this past season. In 674 career games, the former No. 1 overall pick has recorded 547 points (289 goals, 258 assists). But he is under contract through the 2017-18 season, carrying a cap hit of $7.8 million, the fifth highest in the league.

    Nash would certainly fit as the scoring winger the Rangers covet, but as enticing as the idea of Nash playing on Broadway is, there is a better trade acquisition out there for the Rangers: Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks.

    For starters, Bobby Ryan is the better player, and it is not even close.

    Ryan scored more than Nash at both even strength and on the power play this past season, tallying 2.0 points per 60 minutes at even strength and 4.2 on the power play, compared to 1.9 and 3.3 for Nash. A case could be made that the surrounding cast around Ryan was superior to the one playing with Nash, but for the fifth-highest cap hit in the league, shouldn’t Nash elevate the play of those around him?

    That’s what Ryan does — he elevates the play of those around him. Over the past five seasons, with Ryan on the ice, the Ducks saw 51.3 percent of even-strength shots at net in their favor, a percentage that dipped to just 49.1 percent when he was on the bench. The Blue Jackets barely saw the needle move with Nash skating (50.9 percent) or not (50.1 percent).

    Relative Corsi, which is a stat that simply measures the shot differential while a player was on the ice adjusted for the quality of his teammates, shows the same per 60 minutes of ice time. And in most years, Ryan has had a significantly greater impact than Nash has, even in the Jackets captain’s best years.

    Ryan is also three years younger and has a more fiscally friendly deal with a $5.1 million cap hit in each of the next three seasons. With the next collective bargaining agreement full of uncertainty, having a lower cap hit is certainly more desirable than the $46.8 million due Nash through 2018 — especially when Nash’s production in those years is likely to be less fruitful than earlier in his career. History suggests elite goal scorers are often average goal scorers by the time they turn 27 years old. Most goal-scoring forwards peak between ages 23 and 25, and then the decline begins to accelerate after age 27.

    And finally, Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson would be better served waiting for Parise to sign, so the teams that lose out on their free-agency bid are more likely to overpay for a player like Nash. This may not be the case for trading for the services of Bobby Ryan, who is seen by many as a consolation prize to Nash.

    Come July 1, the pressure is on for the Rangers to make a big splash this offseason, but if they want a player who will impact the lineup without being saddled with years of below-average performance for above-average pay, then the choice is clear.

    Bobby Ryan is their man.”

    ESPN Insider article Mister D referenced.

  40. Uh, Bobby Ryan is potentially just as expensive as Nash is to acquire given the age difference, better cap hit and the fact that he doesn’t have a NTC which opens up the market to a lot more competing bids.

  41. Thank You very much, agree 100% what was said on that ESPN article. I’ve been saying the same thing since the rumors started flying that Nash wanted out. If Nash is such a good player than he should elevate the players around him, not the other way around. If the rangers are going to make a trade it should be for Ryan, screw Howson, Howser and Nash.

  42. “Years of below-average performance for above-average pay” is a standard clause written into any contract Sather offers. Plus his own.

  43. I love MPG too! Always have.

    CTB, probably because he was angry in the moment. I dont blame him, I wouldve done the same thing.

  44. I agree that Bobby Ryan is a better fit than Nash although will likely be just as costly. Parise is still the best fit.

  45. Best comment of the day so far, found it on TSN:

    12 mins ago

    Marty leaves… Parise leaves… with Kovalchuk being the only one left, the Devils will turn into the Thrashers-north. Ha ha ha”

  46. Yeah Great story about Balotelli! Beating Germans had a deeper meaning for him and his family…

    i love these kind of stories.

  47. Oh @CCCP@ I call Mister D “The Doctor” because people sometimes refer to him as “MD”…get it?

  48. if feds and nadal go out this will be the best chance andy murray has of winning 1st major.

    i love feds hope it comes back

  49. Roger can’t lose to some French idiot with an ankle brace who has the most annoying backhand I have ever seen.

  50. Janssen, Bernier, Carter and Popcorn Fart Jr all re-signed by the Devils, I see.

    The Rangers will have to settle for non-15-goalscorers again on the 4th line now.

  51. devs gign gionta bernier carter. the killer 4th line that ended our season

    hey lou parise and brodeur get cracking lol

  52. Just found out that NHL Network will simulcast TSN’s “Free Agent” Sunday broadcast. Yay!

    Looking forward to a great day with Cyborg, Fatty, and Doofy….

  53. Not even an article by Jesus would convince me that Bobby Ryan is superior to Rick Nash. Whoever wrote that ESPN Insider article is looking at AAV over player value. Corsi stats are for people who don’t watch hockey and can’t formulate ideas on their own. The only accurate points in that article are that Ryan is younger and carries a less expensive cap hit.

    “A case could be made that the surrounding cast around Ryan was superior to the one playing with Nash, but for the fifth-highest cap hit in the league, shouldn’t Nash elevate the play of those around him?”

    That right there IS the case to make against Ryan. Nash has NO surrounding cast. Cap hit is meaningless in this sense — if a team can afford the cap hit, what’s the difference? With that logic, a team seeking a forward will sign PA Parenteau for around the same amount as Bobby Ryan, maybe a million less, and PA plays on a team’s top line with, for argument’s sake, Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. PA puts up a few more points than Nash and does it for less money, and then, in comparison with Rick Nash, “He’s the better player, not even close.”

    Those Corsi stats are such garbage. He’s really selling his point on a one or two percentage points for a made-up category? 2.0 to 1.9 — that’s his argument? Is he sure Bobby Ryan made his linemates better this year? Yeah, Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf really tore it up with 57 points each.

    When’s the last time you heard an NHL scout or GM reference a player’s Corsi rating? Watch one Anaheim game and see how often that line plays in the defensive zone compared to Rick Nash’s line.

    It’s so simple. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!! -Mugatu

  54. Benneteau is a good player and capable of beating Federer if he’s playing at his best. In addition, I don’t think Federer’s been able to really get into this match because of all the pace variation he’s getting from Benneteau. Should be an interesting next 30 minutes or so.

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© " Don't stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Thrashers north!!! How in the hell does a dumbazz franchise beat the Flyers then beat us!!!???
    It is the most sickning of it all…The Devils!!?? Please, please someone move that franchise!!!

  56. Nice story in Balotelli. Hope he matures enough to forgive his biological parents.

  57. that Benneteau has hit more baseline winners than Federer today is damn impressive

  58. Dubinsky, Hagelin, DelZ, and a 2nd round pick for Nash and someone else from their lineup and a pick. Would anyone else do that trade if you knew for sure we were getting Shultz and that Erixon was ready?

  59. Remember when people played the two-handed backhand thinking you would have more power?

  60. Watch one Anaheim game and see how often that line plays in the defensive zone compared to Rick Nash’s line.


    2011-12 5v5 shifts

    Rick Nash Off. Zone Start % 52.9/Off. Zone Finish 48.5
    Bobby Ryan 49.2%/52.2%
    Ryan Getzlaf 47.7%/52.5%
    Corey Perry 48.6%/52.1%

  61. Why do I have a feeling that Sunday will be one of the lamest “Free Agent Frenzies” in history?

  62. “Watch one Anaheim game and see how often that line plays in the defensive zone compared to Rick Nash’s line.”

    Corsi is basically a proxy for puck possession and (productive) time spent on offense versus defense though. Far from the only measure of a player, of course, but in over-simple terms, the Corsi comparison should match your visual judgement if true.

  63. CTB — thanks for the figures, I worded my point incorrectly — Anaheim’s first line, when in the offensive zone, is very good at protecting the puck and generating chances and shots on net, probably one of the best in the league IMO, and easily spends more time cycling than Columbus’ first line — I doubt there’s a stat for that out there but that’s what I was trying to get at.

  64. Those Anaheim players start more than half their shifts outside the offensive zone and end more than half their shifts in the offensive zone. In Corsi to English terms that typically means they “push the play forward”.

    Rick Nash on the other hand has the reverse tendency when he’s on the ice.

    Quality of teammates cretainly explains some of that difference, but my main objection to Nash has primarily been that he’s at the age where players start to level off in their production. He’s got nearly 700 games and a decade in the league, it’s very rare that any offensive player gets substantially better at that point in their careers regardless of teammates unless he’s going to the mid 80’s Oilers.

  65. I’m thinking we need to keep Bickel as the 7th just for his twitter feed. He’s really sarcastic. I like sarcasm.

  66. Steve Mason would let up 900 points with PAP and Rick Nash.

    And as staunchly anti-Nash as I tend to be, Columbus’ failures to improve have a lot more to do with Steve Mason than Rick Nash.

  67. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Puck and Gavel will be launching no later than July 5. Stay tuned.

  68. LOL, just further making your point, CTB. I think Carson was a 50 goal guy one of those years in the 80s and he never had the near the same stats after he left the Oil…

  69. Is it wrong that im finding great joy in seeing Devils fans online in panic mode now that Marty hired an agent? Devils would have to find a replacement for him sooner or later….

  70. yeah but it’s not that much of an accomplishment when the player many consider to be the greatest in the history of the sport wins another match even if he came back from 2-0 down.

  71. I was never a big tennis guy but stopped watching after Agassi retired. I watch it now and then but it’s nowhere near hockey, baseball, and basketball for me.

  72. especially since most of Federer’s success in this match has come from playing like John Isner

  73. I’ll, LW, – a little late but let’s be clear – McDonuts owns the gym!!

  74. It’s a pretty big accomplishment if he wins this match and then wins Wimbledon, Lloyd.

  75. I want Federer to set records that no one will ever break. Also, every single time he wins he makes that nuisance Pete Sampras (who does NOT have a Grand Slam) more irrelevant.

  76. to only the most casual of tennis fans would Pete Sampras ever be irrelevant

    I think it’s a pretty safe bet that Federer’s number of career grand slam victories and consecutive weeks at number 1 are records that won’t be broken

  77. Who is going to win Wimbledon, Lloyd? Tsonga? Fish? Let me know so I can please put some money on it.

  78. yes, Tsonga and Fish are the best options out there, you sure know your tennis.

  79. nice effort from Benneteau, but ultimately overmatched. good to see him give a top player this kind of trouble, though. guy has legit talent.

  80. Thanks, Lloyd. I was pulling for Leander Paes but I don’t think he is going to win.

  81. He is most definitely a Europansy. What is cool is that he fired his coach and just hits around with Gavin Rosdale (from Bush). Also he does those annoying Gilette commercials.

  82. I see your lips moving but I can’t make out the words. I’m deaf. Oh Veronica Vaughn so hot want to touch the heiney. Arrroooooooo!

  83. Congrats to Federer! Now go get another championship

    Cory Sarich is off the market. 2 year deal.

  84. Feaster loading up on home-grown -doobie- talent. Expect the -Pigman- Jokinen signing within minutes….

  85. Man it’s hot. It’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.

  86. Czechthemout!!! on

    Travis Moen, a better player than Brandon Prust just signed a 4 year deal worth 1.8 avg salary.

    Prust should wake up and take a very good offer from the team and sign on for another 3-4 years.

  87. Thats gonna be very difficult, ilb, bc Feds still has to go thru the Djoker just to make the Finals. I hope he does as well though.

  88. Prust: 20 fights
    Moen: 3 fights

    Moen might fill the PK / 4th role better but Prust does more. That’s the value of Prust.

  89. I guess Ill never get it. How does 20 fights, and most likely 20 lost fights, signify value?

  90. Ma-a-a-rty situation IMO, is closely connected with Parise, which I mention few times, opinioned, that Lamoriello this way or other, but will find a way to re-sign “future Ranger”. Brodiva, who firmly stated just after losing in finals, that he is willing to play for Devils another year, got clear signal from Lou that they are not too excited to sign him next season, because his signing will jeopardize cup situation and, that to keep Parise, who is more important to the team in future (medical fact), is a priority. So, as earlier, I still believe and make risky predicament: Parise is not part easy from debbies and will stay with them.

  91. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    20 fights, 17 staged fights. Yup, Prust is worth more. Let’s pay him second line money for fourth line production.

    Once again, with all due respect, Brandan Prust is a fourth line player who is important to some extent but not irreplaceable.

  92. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mister D

    20 fights, 17 staged fights. Yup, Prust is worth more. Let’s pay him second line money for fourth line production.

    Once again, with all due respect, Brandan Prust is a fourth line player who is important to some extent but not irreplaceable.

    Let’s not forget that the Rangers gave Prust the chance to play no one else did. He averaged what, 2-3 minutes a night and just dropped the gloves every so often?

  93. Gordie Clark is going to be a GM in this league. I hope he stays with us until Sather packs it in.

  94. Yeah, bull dog, and Anisimov will play next season on first line with Datsyuk and Zetterberg, lol.

  95. Prust is a 4th liner that can play a 3rd line role on occasion. He will likely get paid more elsewhere, but if he wants to remain a Ranger, 1.75 mil for 4 years is the max the Rangers should go.

  96. Marc-Andre Bergeron
    Bruno Gervais
    Martin St Louis
    Vincent Lecavalier
    Pierre-Cedric Labrie
    Mathieu Garon
    Sebastien Caron
    Guy Boucher….

    Get it?

  97. The Rangers should take a look at Latendresse. I know Sather isn’t a fan of signing French-Canadiens. Def not a multi-year deal candidate, but he’s another one I’d take a flier on for 1 year.

  98. oleo, he already got an offer of 1.8 mil. from Slats.
    Leave a hope, guys; he will not play for Rangers next season. I don’t blame him, just will miss, but “Est telle la professional vie” in NHL. As Churchill once said(not true): “We don’t have friends, we have interests.”

  99. 1. Staged or not, those are fights someone else doesn’t have to take.

    2. $2.2MM, which is like 2/3 of the average cost of a roster spot, is “2nd line money”? Come on.

  100. Also,, which is official and 100% accurate in their voting, had him at 11-7-2 on the year.

  101. agreed about a 425k raise for 12 wins from marty last year. great move by both sather and marty.

    no doubt flyers would have jumped in at 1201 on sunday.

  102. Papa Bear,

    Totally agree with you. I also heard Coffee might have gotten involved too.

    What a bunch of old has beens.

  103. just tweeted this to Marty

    Congratulations @martybiron43!! good to see u sticking around. now go talk some sense to @BrandonPrust8 #therightway #prustsayin

  104. i think Sather used Jim Cerny in the negotiations to remind Marty of
    all the broadcast experience he and his son were receiving
    thanks to MSG

  105. Oh, good, some real news, finally. Good work by both Marty and the team. Modest raise, but well earned. He’d get more on July 1st, I agree. Especially with his record last year. One thing less to worry about.

  106. nice to have Biron back. Rangers should be able to develop his replacement by the time he leaves…

  107. btw
    shocked and pleased to find a Ranger taking the home team discount.
    that’s been a rarity for this team for years!

  108. read from Ranger Rants that Biron turns 35 on Aug. 15 (mark your calendars!!)
    so, while cheap,
    is this still considered one of those 35 and over contracts
    or does it NOT count because it was put together prior
    to him turning 35?

  109. alright.
    (chirp chirp chirp)

    everyone’s gone from here
    (chirp chirp….)

    i can just do whatever i want
    put up rumors as facts
    make up trades that make little sense
    post naked………..

    it’s friday
    gonna start drinking

  110. No, jpg, it won’t be over 35 contract. He turns 35 after June 30th prior to the year in which contract will be effective.

  111. Contract starts in 2 days, when he’s 34, right? I think Pronger’s counted because he signed at 34 but didn’t start getting paid on it until 35.

  112. Pronger signed his extension when he was still 34, but the extension itself started one year after, when he already turned 35 in October. Holmgren misread CBA. Here is the rule from CBA:

    All Player Salary and Bonuses earned in a League Year by a Player who is in the second or later year of a multi-year SPC which was signed when the Player was age 35 or older (as of June 30 prior to the League Year in which the SPC is to be effective), regardless of whether, or where, the Player is playing, except to the extent the Player is playing under his SPC in the minor leagues, in which case only the Player Salary and Bonuses in excess of $100,000 shall count towards the calculation of Actual Club Salary.

  113. jpg

    I dont think it matters honestly. Don’t see any reason why the Rangers would want to Redden him and if they do his contract is so little that he can be moved in a second.

  114. yay Good Marty’s back!

    Ive been around, but lurking mostly cause I have nothing to add to the discussion. I might not be around much on Sunday either as I’ll be home and doing who know what family stuff. Dad’s surgery is set for Monday morning, so I might be around that day just to burn off some nerves.

  115. Czechthemout!!! on

    Glad to have Marty back! Solid backup.

    Watched the live Stream of the Rangers prospect scrimmage today. Some of my impressions:

    -Kyle Jean kid looks like a real find. Huge kid with good hands and decent speed.

    -Andrew Yogan looked good today as well.

    -Oscar Lindburg looks like a really solid third line center. Won all his face offs today.

    -Boo Nieves looked real good. Great speed, really nifty stick handling, excellent passer. When he puts on some more weight, he will be a reall horse. May turn into a huge steal.

    – Calle Anderson looks like a really big time find as well as a fourth round pick. Tremendous offensive instincts. Very good on defense as well. Takes the body. Has good but not great speed.

    – Christian Thomas looked like an NHL player today. Scored two nice goal scorer type goals. If he can play like this in camp, he will challenge for a roster spot.

    – JT Miller looked NHL ready today. Really looked good.

    – Michael St.Croix was disappointing today. Didn’t show much at all. I was expecting more.

  116. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    2.2 million per season is second line money??

    Wholly crap we have a ton of first line players!!!

  117. NHLN Darren Dreger: Martin Brodeur stock on the rise after *unbelievable* playoff performance.

    Wtf was Dreger watching?

    Great news about our Marty, tho…finally some movements

  118. I sure hope so, ilb. Thanks.

    And back to disappearing as I’m exhausted. Just wanted to pop my head in and say hello.

  119. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    CCCP I had 3 movements today does that count? I know more than you needed to know LOL

  120. Czechthemout!!! on

    It doesn’t matter what line. 2.2 million for Prust? Good luck with your new team Bandon. Thanks, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out! And while your at it, why don’t you take Rupp with you!

  121. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Great signing with Biron!! I like it aha aha!!!

    Most of prusts fights losses?? some yes, most…LOL HAAAHAAAAAHHAAAAAA, no way.

    If we just had a fighter that never lost a fight…oh wait, we do

  122. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Yup cccp this weather sure runs through you if you drink too much!!! ;-)

  123. CTO, I also thought Nieves and Thomas looked very good….

    Thomas may make the big club, or at least, be one the first call ups from CT…he certainly looks ready and has matured…

    Does he play big enough? Can he play against men? That’s my only concern…

  124. Thanks wicky.

    This place really is the best. I love you guys and gals :)

    And now to bed for real.

  125. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Whew this felt like Christmas eve waiting for santa WELCOME back you truly were missed Carp !!!

  126. Czechthemout!!! on


    No I would not. 1.8 miliion is more than generous and he should take it.

  127. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Aaron Portzline ?@Aportzline
    #CBJ would join a long line of folks interested in Brandon Prust. My sense is people will be surprised by the ticket he draws as a UFA.

  128. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    put portzline and all those other teams on a list of not knowing the lloyd theory of Heart and Soul = B/S

  129. … which means you have to put a price on what he means. Unfortunately, it looks like that # will be too high to keep him.

    Welcome back Carp!

  130. If Prust had heart and soul he would take what he was offered…unfortunately there is nothing but greed in his heart. Oh and he doesn’t tweet about going to the gym at all. Who wants a guy like that?! ;)

  131. Sufferingsince79 on

    Was lucky enough to golf today @ Medina as a guest. Getting ready for Ryder Cup. Hadn’t been there 15 min b/f being told I had to tuck in my shirt & a friend had to ditch his cargo shorts. “I hear this place is restricted, Wang, so don’t tell ’em you’re Jewish, okay?” Still, should be quite a show but man, I can’t wait for some hockey news that doesn’t come from Pittsburgh, Carolina or LA.

  132. Sufferingsince79 on

    Almost forgot, glad to see Marty back. As for the fat Marty across the river testing free agency…really?

  133. if you are concerned about not having Prust being a huge blow to the team, then they are not real good.

    prust is a nice 4th liner who can kill penalties well.

    need to make decisions with you head not heart……

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