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OK, I promise I’ll be back sometime by Friday evening. Cross my heart.

Is J.P. Parise’s kid re-signed by the Devils yet?


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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    This Lebron-like comedy by Schultz is starting to annoy people. Don’t you think he already knows who he is signing with?

  2. Paul in Sunrise on

    LLoyd – Latendresse was not qualified and therefore UFA on July 1
    Twitterverse seems to think Canucks get Schultz – but… I know nothing

  3. I’m reading that Schultz wants to be in Western Canada – so thats Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver – not difficult to choose between those i’d say. Although Rangers are constantly mentioned because of college connection, Torts trusting young players and the original 6 tag.
    I’m surprised he ruled out Detroit though..

  4. Another one i’m reading from some Oilers commentator says:
    1. Canucks
    2. Leafs
    3. Rangers
    4. Oilers

    Craig Custance reckons he’s only looking at Canadian teams

    It seems everyone is of the opinion us and the ‘Nucks are major players, and i’m shocked he wont consider Detroit given its openings on the blue line and its proximity to Canada, which again makes me think the Canada thing is BS. If the kid is a Nucks fan i’d say he’ll end up there.

    I guess we wont know till noon on Sunday – unless it leaks out?

  5. “This Lebron-like comedy by Schultz is starting to annoy people. Don’t you think he already knows who he is signing with?”

    Seriously. Why won’t that jerk sign before he’s allowed to sign?

  6. The comedy around him isn’t that he should already sign, because he can’t. But him “eliminating” Detroit from his list and “narrowing” it down to 4-5 teams, while sitting in his agent’s office and waiting to give GMs “permission” to start talking to him is a bit annoying. The other thing, he wants to be guaranteed a roster spot. He can want whatever he wishes, but the guarantee doesn’t mean much. It can not be explicitly written in his contract because his contract has to be two-way deal according to CBA.

  7. You’re getting mad about compiled rumors, half of which probably aren’t even accurate.

  8. I wouldnt blame the kid too much – the situation has likely been engineered by his agent for maximum return, maximum publicity and because if the loophole we have a quiet few days before free agency starts and the lack of trades is causing him to be front and center.

    I see Wideman signed a biggie in Calgary – $5.25m per for 5 years. Garrison, Carle and Suter must be really liking the look of that deal!

  9. I’m not mad – i’m quite enjoying reading it all because they are all saying the same thing with a slightly different twist here or there. Not like there’s much else to read apart from articles about why Team A should trade for Bobby Ryan because Rick Nash is a) too old b) too expensive and c) Scott Howson is living in la-la-land…

  10. Schultz in the end will consider 4 teams nucks oilers leafs rangers. Schultz and suter may not always want to hear the lidstrom shoes to fill and could persuade them to go elsewhere.

  11. I dont blame the kid for the situation we have right now but Im wondering how good he really is. Honestly I never heard of him until about 1 month ago when all the rumors started to fly and suddenly he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

  12. cw, thanks for the link which is a well written, reasoned and thoughtful take on the building drama of Justin Schultz. One question out of the Cox article, in which he writes, “The entry level salary is set, and what’s negotiable is performance bonuses. So that’s a $925,000 base salary, including $92,500 signing bonus, plus $2.85 million in performance bonuses for a $3.77 million cap hit, according to” So…. is that a cap hit of $3.77 million even if he doesn’t meet the performance requirements?

  13. this kid was actually drafted in the second round so he is not a Gilroy. Teams recognized his talent early. He went to Wisconsin which of late has been producing good D-men. I hope they do sign him as it is always good to acquire a young asset and it give us flexibility going forward in the trade market.

  14. Heave Ho- I do not think so. Only earned bonuses count against the cap. And team can defer bonuses until next year, if need to. In terms of negotiating, the team can only negotiate league-wide bonuses. Some of those are paid by the league, you can only negotiate what’s paid above it, and even that amount is capped. If you want more details, go to CBA link ——>, page 26, exhibit 5.

  15. I don’t think anyone is doubting that he could be a good asset to the Rangers but to see a kid that has never played a minute of pro hockey hold a few teams hostage rubs some people the wrong way. But it is allowable as per the outgoing CBA so there’s not much anyone can do about it.

  16. Then again Tim Erixon exploited the same loophole so it’s not like it hasn’t benefitted the team in the past.

  17. Here is what Dreger just tweeted.

    As for the teams we know to be in on Schultz…VAN, EDM, NYR, TOR and OTT.

    Looks like it’s all Canadian teams & NYR

  18. I think it’s safe to assume that NYR performance last season, Kreider/Stepan/McD & Tortorella will be a factor in his decision.

  19. Who needs mckenzie been saying for days the 4 teams Schultz would sign with. Nucks oilers leafs rangers

  20. Thanks, ilb. Contracts, bonuses and the cap just make me crazy and I only have an interest in them at this time of year. How can caps be calculated taking performance bonuses into account when the cap applies all year but the bonuses can’t be accounted for until the season and perhaps the POs have been played?

  21. More News from Dreger:

    Expect the Penguins to announce Sidney Crosby’s contract extension on Sunday. Over $100 million dollars with an AAV of close to $9 mil per.

    What is this knuckle head gets concussed again and is forced to retire …. will the Pens get a special amnesty b/c Mario (aka Pinocchio) is their owner?

  22. If it’s done under the current CBA I don’t think it costs them anything against the cap if he retires. Whether it’s insurable for the Pens is a different matter.

  23. bull dog line on

    if you look at the list from purely a hockey perspective, I think it would be between the Rangers and Senators. EDM is still a long way from winning. Vancouver’s window is closing. Toronto is awful. that leaves the Rangers and OTT.

  24. I was just reading ESPN (first mistake) but I just read that Sather is “unlikely” to sign Pruster? Seriously? I really hope that rumor is not true, Pruster was an important part of this team. If we paid Chris Dreary 6 mill/yr to be a 4th line center, a 3rd line wing to get 1.5/yr is fine. Prust is an important part of this team, especially the identity that Tortorella created for this team. Play hard or sit. You never ever questioned Prust’s effort. Plus I think Prust is a talented player… he scores shorties, has good speed, hits, creates turnovers, can pass, works great along the boards. Shouldn’t be let go.

  25. bull dog line on

    should not be over payed either. he is a solid role player, and should be paid as such.

  26. I took Sather’s comments to mean that he didn’t think they were going to get Prust signed before he hit FA. And Prust is also asking for the upper end of salary for a player of his type. If he wants to go out and get the biggest pay day he can then that’s on him as much as it is the GM not overpaying a guy that the Rangers gave the best chance to succeed as a full time player, more than any other team he’s been on.

  27. Except Avery got $4MM per year and Sather/Prust are (reportedly) arguing over $400K on a $70.2MM cap.

  28. Which isn’t to say that Prust isn’t getting paid on the high end of his skillset, he absolutely is / will be, but that’s the benefit of taking the risk to wait for UFA.

  29. bull dog line on

    I do not blame Prust at all for trying to get the most money he can. this may be his only shot at big money. I just don’t think the Rangers should give him the big money. let somebody else do it.

  30. the one problem with the Prust Situation
    is that
    yes, he offers intangibles such as willingness to fight, pk, plays through pain…
    he wants to nearly triple his salary after coming off
    a not so good year.
    if his contract was up after the previous season when he scored a lot more goals
    and all those shorties than he’d have a lot to stand on

  31. sorry but that’s pretty byfugliened up
    is it going to be a matter of
    teams are allowed to open the bank vault now
    and then come september or whenever a new cba is reached
    they suddenly have to shed multiple contracts?

    at the very least, the amount agreed upon right now
    is what it should be for THIS season
    and then if it changes
    use that number for the next season

    can’t believe owners and players wouldn’t agree to that already

  32. czechthemout!!!! on

    So it looks like we are the only US team he wants to play for. I think we could be pleased with his decision.

  33. Whoever said he could be Matt gilroy nailed it. This kid has nothing that screams standout. Average defenseman overhyped by lackluster FA pool

  34. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Morning ILB. manny, and all!!

    Just resign Prust for 2 mil per and get it over with!!

    Any “beer-on” news??

    I agree with our captain, this Schultz thing is a bit over the top IMHO!!

  35. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Trade staal to the canes for ruutu, a first round pick and ….

    trade for iggy

    get this damn season started!!

  36. Biron should be signed before Sunday otherwise I see flyers taking him away within minutes of 12pm. Marty could easily play 30 games over there with how erratic bryzgalov is.

  37. “Whoever said he could be Matt gilroy nailed it. This kid has nothing that screams standout. Average defenseman overhyped by lackluster FA pool”

    Thanks, Dan….

  38. Sean Avery got a big contract because he had 53 points in the 86 games he played as a Ranger. Brandon Prust is coming off an 82-game season in which he put up 17 points. Say what you want about that heart and soul b.s., but you don’t give big money to a guy who put up 17-points.

  39. I think people got so used to Girardi and McD being absolute beasts this year that the kind of forgot about how good Staal really is. The guy took a long time to get in to top form, but in the playoffs I thought he was an absolute stud. I don’t think we should even consider trading him away. I move DZ before I more Staal and I don’t even want to move DZ.

  40. why are you surprised he turned downed Detroit? Who the heck would want to live in Detroit over NYC??? You guys say some silly things. I love you anyhows.

  41. I agree with Lloyd ‘No Bounty’ Brawn for the very first time. That is all!™

  42. suburbs of detroit > suburbs of nyc. just saying. And Detroit has had just a bit more success than NYR….prust sayin.

  43. Brandon Prust was offered $1.8MM for 17 points. P.A. Parenteau had 67 points. Therefore, because points are the sole driver of salary, P.A. Parenteau should be offered $7.1MM per year.

  44. Nasty:

    I think McDonagh is already a better player than Staal. You’re right, though. Staal showed his mettle in the playoffs and the guy has always been his best in big spots. That’s definitely worth something. He does have some pretty glaring defensive liabilities nontheless. We’ll see whether he’s able to build confidence the longer he plays after the concussion issues and overcomes some of his handicaps; a lot of the problems I saw from his this season were the same things I’d seen before he was out with PCS, though.

  45. Mister D,

    I realize you’re not terribly bright, but you do realize high salaries are performance-driven, right

    Forwards who put up 17-points don’t get big salaries no matter how much you want that to happen

  46. Lloyd, I realize you’re incredibly bright, but you realize that performance goes beyond points, right?

  47. ok. when Sather gives Brandon Prust $2.5 million per year to put up 17 points, I’ll give you all the credit

  48. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Heart and Soul = B.S. to lloyd???

    I have seen some dumb stuff typed here over time, but that is one of the dumbest of all time.

    Glad not everyone in society thinks heart and soul is BS!!!

  49. If Prust gets $2.2MM to fight and kill penalties and put up 17 to 29 points for NY, I’ll be happy.
    If Prust gets $2.2MM to fight and kill penalties and put up 17 to 29 points for someone else, I’ll be unhappy.
    If Prust gets $4MM to fight and kill penalties and put up 17 to 29 points, I hope its not in NY.

  50. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Swedish forward Jesper Fast, who hurt his nose in Tuesday’s scrimmage, did not take part in Thursday’s scrimmage, though he did participate in practice.


  51. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    MR D
    post at 1:38 is spot on and is exactly what most lucid NYR fans are saying

  52. Not that anyone wasn’t, but at this point i’d hold out on buying that new Dubinsky jersey for sure…….

  53. It would be a huge mistake to let Prust go over peanuts. I think he’ll test the market, and once he realizes what’s out there, he’ll sign in NY. My guess is 3 years, just short of $6M. But if someone is willing to pay close to 3 per year, or more, he should sign with them.

  54. i dont think he took discount…he got the same amount just more years.

    His previous contract was 5 years 43.5 million which when you divide it you get 8.7 million…just like the new contract.

    I love some of the headlines on tsn “Penguin for Life” LMAO! He’s a penguin alright!

  55. I hope Malkin does NOT sign an extension. Would love to see the day he hits the market as a UFA.

  56. He could always retire and the number comes off for the Penguins….not a bad deal….

  57. True, NYR_FAN, except he isn’t getting his money unless his contract is insured.

  58. “But if someone is willing to pay close to 3 per year, or more, he should sign with them.”

    And I really do think some team will offer even more than the reported $2.2MM annual he’s asking for. Max Talbot, coming off 21 points, got around what the Rangers are offering but for 5 years rather than 3. Dorsett just tripled his deal pre-UFA. Which is why this is annoying me; its setting up for a double mistake. The Rangers will make a mistake not handling this before free agency starts and some other team will make a mistake by paying Prust too much and/or for too long. And I really don’t think 3 years and $6.6MM is too much or too long. Its not a bargain, but its nothing deadly.

  59. I’m sure he’s made enough money already to buy Mario a nice house so he can stay in the guest room.

  60. Good thing we didn’t draft Crosby. I bet that contract extension would really make a lot of people on this blog pretty mad!

  61. I dislike Germany enough that I took the Netherlands over them in my Euro pool. Had I gone the unbiased way, I’d be sitting in 2nd place rather than like 11th out of 16. Stupid Netherlands.

  62. “Good thing we didn’t draft Crosby. I bet that contract extension would really make a lot of people on this blog pretty mad!”

    I wouldn’t give him anything over $8.3MM per season. He’s selfish. Just let him walk.

  63. Also, its funny that Rick Nash makes less than $1MM more than Sidney Crosby and yet pretend GMs are still willing to give up 3-5 assets for him.

  64. I think Germany is the best and the most consistent football nation in the World. They play well organized attacking football and i admire that. But i cannot make myself root for them for obvious reasons.

  65. I have a feeling Germany will equalise though. Buffon hasn’t looked too sharp in the goal early on.

  66. I’ve said this before but I don’t think the rangers are going to get Parise or Schultz.

  67. Italians will go from not wanting him on the squad to adoring him. Wonderful story for the young man!

  68. The media and football announcers tend to blow everything he does way out of proportion. I’m sure some level of immaturity is to be expected from a twenty-one year old.

  69. “Balotelli is pretty immature if you ask me.”

    21 years old. He’s the MDZ of Italy!

  70. JBytes June 28th, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Italians will go from not wanting him on the squad to adoring him. Wonderful story for the young man!

    really???? More like an immature selfish punk. He’d be the guy that throws a tantrum post game if he was in Ronaldo’s situation last night

  71. Guys, keep your fingers crossed:

    Mark Spector Sports?@SportsnetSpec

    #Rangers in their pitching at Schultz, feeling like they have a shot. Blackhawks tried and were dismissed.

  72. But of course Radulov stays out for an extra hour during the playoffs and suddenly he’s the most hated man on the planet.

  73. Having said that his goals were very pretty. In fact all of his goals in this tournament have been gorgeous.

  74. “He’s the MDZ of Italy!”

    I think Balotelli is just tad more intimidating….

  75. If Schultz is nothing more than a 3rd pairing guy, he’d still be a nice pickup. Hope he likes jam and balls.

  76. Why don’t we just sign Schultz and trade him back to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan? o_O

  77. Seriously responding to a joke, I really like MDZ but if we get Schultz and want to send MDZ in a Ryan package, I’ll get over him.

  78. NYP_Brooksie Rangers have made presentation to Justin Schultz…


    wonder what was in that presentation? An early release of ESPN’s “The Body Issue” with BRich spread like eagle?

  79. “wonder what was in that presentation?”

    My inside sources, who are even more inside than Rod’s, say the presentation was just a text from Del Zotto.

    @JustinSchultz do u want 2 b my teammate [ ] yes [ ] no #therightway #signhere #haircuts

  80. LA keeps giving away money and cap space as if the cap is endless… they must be at the very top of the cap, no?

  81. Interesting ending but not enough for Germany to equalize…


  82. Prediction – No Schultz but MDZ has a great season and passes Staal on the depth chart. Sauer has a full recovery and pairs with MDZ. Staal is playing with McIrath by December and once again the Rangers “D” carries the team.

  83. Wow! Upset for the ages! Nadal goes out of Wimbo in the 2nd round!!!!

    Go Italia for Tony!!!!!

  84. Nadal stinks on grass! I mean, obviously he doesn’t, but his knees just can’t take it. AND he wants to follow up this tournament with the Spanish Olympic team!? He’s done!

  85. Oh, wow! Big upset. Nadal is out? Didn’t get a chance to watch. Who is Balotelli? Can he shoot from the R point? Sign him.

    Speaking of Tony. He’s made pretty good progress over the last few weeks. He’s getting there….

  86. Some guy named Rosol beat him. Unbelievable. You didnt get a chance to watch…. what are u, some kind of allopath?

    Yep, Tony had a nice fathers day, is doing pretty well. Slowly but surely.

  87. if you’re going to get Nadal at Wimbledon the first week is definitely the time to do it while there’s still more grass and the courts play a bit faster

    but damn…Rosol has ice water is his veins. dude comes out serving for the match at 5-4 against the number 2 player in the world and hits three aces and a monster forehand winner off a second serve return.

    and because of all the point Nadal conceded by losing this match, Federer will be 2 in the world.

  88. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good early evening all. Cripes, I hate this hockey time of year. I say pass on Schultz. We have THE KREIDER already.

    Nadal is out? WTB?

    Speaking of WTB….are the Pens insane? I don’t get that deal at all. Grotesque, in fact…..

  89. of all the reasons to pass on Schultz, having a good young forward is among the worst of them

  90. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Going to a friends house for weekend, but she is so cool she understands why i have to be home/online Sunday :)

    Carp, p.s., her name starts with S and I can’t wait to meet her new boy!!!

  91. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    well, I always try to come up with the worst possible reason for anything whenever I can….it’s a skill. Besides, I just wanted to say THE KREIDER….

  92. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Speaking of Tony, he has a new e-mail address. If anyone would like it….he likes getting hellos, pictures, jokes etc….let me know.

  93. iib2001–i read somewhere some time ago that if crosby has to retire,he has a clause or insurance policy that gives him a $20 million payout(not sure if it’s tax free,but i seem remember it was)…i don’t wish anything bad on anyone,but if he never plays again,he’s well taken care of

  94. “McIlrath did not take part in the scrimmage. He is listed as day-to-day by the Rangers following his collision with Jean on Wednesday.” Mcirath hurt his knee at prospect camp….Oh well, so much for my predictionabout him being called up by December!!!

  95. Thanks, emikeyj….I think what it means is that he couldn’t insure his contract against concussion and the team gave him that clause. Just speculating here, admittedly. In general, the way insurance works in NHL is that the company pays 80% of the total contract, and the team chips in with remaining 20%. And 20% is exactly $20M.

  96. Apparently Keenan was interviewed in Washington before they hired Oates…Is he done as an NHL coach?

  97. so what happens if Crosby suffers another concussion and his career ends? are Pittsburgh still obligated to pay him for the duration of the contract?

  98. I’m surprised that Keenan even got an interview. I would think he’s done as a coach.

    Are Nash, Ryan, Iginla, Suter, Weber, Whitney, Schultz, Konopka and Parise a Ranger yet?

  99. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Here’s what I surmise…..crybaby is locked in as a Pen…..thank you for serving…and no matter what happens, you will be very very rich, even though you are a zygote, but we have hopes for one more season, or the team has been lying and you are fine, in which case, enjoy the change for however long you last…but maybe not….wtb nonetheless.

    that was an odd stream of wtb consciousness….

  100. if they’re unable to void his contract, this was the dumbest contract offered in the history of sports. I don’t care how big of a cash cow he is for the league. The guy is one average hit away from being finished – everyone knows there’s no way in hell he’s around to see a 12-year deal through to completion. so there has to be some provision in place that allows Pittsburgh to void the deal if Crosby can no longer play…I mean there just has to be.

  101. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    question….how does this affect their cap hit….front loaded, back….compared to Kolverchucker….how is this able? Seriously, Prust asking….seems absurd.

  102. suppose to be the same cap hit as before

    and the front-loaded part spreads out over 9 years anyway

    league needs to do something about the structure of these contracts

  103. do you have any documentation on that? all the articles I’ve read mention his injury problems but fail to mention what Pittsburgh can do about it

  104. Lloyd, read the CBA. If player is injured and is forced to retire, his contract is off the books. Every contract has to be insured against injuries, that way the player is protected. The split is 80/20 between the company and the team.In some cases ( Eric Lindros), the insurance can refuse to insure against certain injuries- concussions, if the player is prone. In that case, the player plays at his own risk. Or the team agrees to pay their part-20%. Either way, it’s a part of insurance, and doesn’t count against the cap.

  105. Anytime. If anyone wonders, Marc Savard never officially retired. not sure whether his contract was insured, or what exactly happened. But he is still on the books in Boston.

  106. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Thanks for the update on Tony ilb been thinking of him the last few days . Tony keep working hard it will be worth it !

  107. Hey, where have you been, Ria?

    Does anyone think that Crosby’s contract kinda affects what Parise may be asking for?

  108. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    furuncul is my new favorite word for what I don’t like :)
    Crosby = furuncul

  109. Can everyone please pray for a little kitty, Princess Kiara, as she battles cancer.

  110. My brothers girlfriends cat. Shes fanatical about her cat as I am about my dogs. I dont like the girlfriend, but i love all animals, and its just really sad. We had been talking about our animals at dinner 6 months ago, and she said shed die if anything happened to her kitty. The girl has cancer that expands the stomach lining to the point where the kitty cant eat or drink. Shes been going for chemo for a month, got a little better and eating food again, then stopped, so theyre trying a different chemo next Friday.

  111. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    My life is full of furuncule….how’s that?

    tiki, it sounds like Kiara should go to that catnip field in the sky…..hardest thing to do, but fair.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

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  113. Hey, anyone know what the music is in the “Thank You, Blueshirt Faithful” video from the Rangers?

  114. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Thank you Manny even though we haven’t met you know me lmao!!! ilb see Manny knows i’m always here I &heart; this place I miss our blogfather SOB (crying)

  115. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    Ilb if your still here how’s your wife feeling ? Getting close to B day for her.

  116. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Doodie, only thing I can offer is editing/writing for the blog (believe me, everyone needs an editor)….beyond that…I wish….I think blogspot is good at helping set you up though…keep me (us) informed……


    Evro, tried to find, but no luck…..may have been written for it…..

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks for the offer mama. If I need it I will ask, but I think I’m going to really try and focus on the content to make sure it goes well.

  118. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Content needs editing too…..I’ll do it for free…’s only my life’s work

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    Exactly, why add more work?!

    Seriously, though. If I post a couple of times and find that either I have typo’s/grammar mistakes or I just am not making any sense, I will definitely take you up on it.

  120. Dear Glen,

    Please sign JP Parise’s kid to a 15-year $99 million contract. He is worth it. You’re not going to get a chance like this again until _maybe_ Corey Perry becomes a UFA next year.

    Devils Suck. Let’s put them out of business.

    Rangers Report Bonehead – NYR_FAN

  121. Hey all, the cap is going up to 70 mill…..Slats must be drooling with the extra 6 mill he gets to spend. Its gonna be wild next week.

    Forza Azzuri!

  122. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    Just read a comment on and I thought it was hysterical. Something along the lines of “Someone should sign this Schultz kid and then trade him back to Anaheim and teach him a lesson.” That would be some hilarious karma.

  123. so I did a bit of digging and apparently the CBA does not make insuring all player contracts mandatory and there is some concern about being able to insure Crosby’s deal to its length and his injury history

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