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I thought maybe we could skip one day without a blank canvas. But, what the heck. You guys might be going nutso by now with the free-agency rumors and speculation.

So here. …

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  1. so how about those prospects? bet none of them make the team this year.

    Jess agrees.

  2. Whitney may have just turned70 but he put up 70 last year too. Ill take him in a heartbeat. And he’s not coming here for less than he earned last year. 1 or 2 year deal and im down. Doan will probably look for a 2-3 year deal and id take him too, easily.

  3. Paul in sunrise on

    My point about Zucc is that I think pa parentaeu is a comparable. Zucc just needs time on ice. But we will likely never know. He was probable the best passer on the team and his vision was better than everyone else. There is a spot for him with gabby out and no other ufa or trade apparent.

  4. Rangers should strongly consider moving Del Zotto. He has proven that he cannot play a smart and solid game at the highest payoff level. He was a major liability at times in the playoffs especially against NJ. He is no Leetch whose D skills at he’d his O skills. Move Del Zotto while others think he has value and get a scorer. The Rangers are loaded with D and also forwards who can run the Power Play from the Blueline.

  5. bull dog line on

    do not agree with you at all on MDZ. 21 year old Dman who has two 40 pt seasons under his belt. last season was his best season. played physical, with a bit of an edge to his game. were there mistakes? sure. he is not a finished product yet. but there is way to much there to give up on.

  6. Until I see minute-by-minute updates of MDZ being in the gym 27 hours a day, I think he should be traded.

  7. I would trade a 7th rd pick to Phoenix NOW for the rights to Doan. Howson will fling himself out the window. The NYR should still go hard for Schultz. This isn’t a great UFA class. 3 guys: Schultz, PArise, and Suter. The NYR need a two year bridge to the future. Sign Doan. Even if it is 3 years, it can’t be for more than $4 mil per. Doan is exactly what we need up front AND in the locker room. Give up nothing but $$$. Do it Glen. Do it now.

    Next year will be so much better.

  8. MDZ will always be an unfinished product. He does not fit our system come playoff time and that may never change. He was highly touted as a draft pick with big O skills. He can play O but not D and he makes a lot of careless decisions. He has value and we can survive without him.

  9. MDZ is obviously trade bait, but he is just a kid. He scored some big goals this year. He had some 2nd year brainfarts too.

    MDZ is a good problem to have.

  10. For all those who want to consider trading MDZ, think back to when you were 21 and how young you really were. Or, if you know a 20 year old now. He is SO young and any inconsistencies can burn off with age. It is rare to find a kid this age with this much talent. A GM has to keep a hold of him.

  11. Why are we trading Del Zaster? Has anyone noticed how good and YOUNG he is? Didn’t he lead our D-Men in scoring? Wasn’t he pretty high up in that category in the entire NHL?

  12. Doan may have some age, but he is another leader type that plays a hard, straight ahead game. He’s got size and strength. I don’t think Phoenix would let him go, king of like Calgary letting Iginla go, but I would nip at a quality player type like that for sure.

  13. bull dog line on

    where are the Dmen coming from to replace MDZ after you trade him? the Rangers played 4 and1/2 Dmen during the playoffs. there is no depth to speak of on the NHL level. you going to tell me Erixon? they did not even call him up during playoffs. obviously did not think he was ready, otherwise he would have been in there.

  14. Agreed, Manny. I don’t get it on MDZ. We are so lucky to have the youth we have. Unfortunately, Schultz would be a great addition, but I am not positive on that one.

    I worry about depth. The reports are not extremely flattering about the kids in the organization right now. We continue to draft smaller kids.

    Did anyone notice how big LA is? Did anyone see how big Philly is? The Devils? Does anyone notice the size the smart GM’s are drafting? The average 185 lb’er doesn’t work anymore and I still think Slather doesn’t’ get that.


    Don’t bring home anyone less than 210.

  15. Amen Mattyboy. Doan would be a terrific addition to this team.

    Also, what bull dog said. There is no one out there, available, that would be able to replace Del Zaster.

  16. Well, Bull Dog, Erixon is a rookie, for gosh sake. He wasn’t ready. I don’t think that’s an issue for his first year.

    What IS an issue is WILL HE EVER BE READY? We have a great history, here in NYC of pumping up anything we draft. And with this GM, we have gotten more Hugh Jessiman’s than players. Is Erixon a serious NHL’ER?? Time will judge. I’m not convinced.

    If you want to trade some youth, that’s youth to trade. McIlrath, too, if he doesn’t start waking up. Not a player that has already proven he can play in the NHL like MDZ and is still just 21

  17. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Tim Erixon 21 years old 180 lbs.
    JT Miller 19 190 lbs.

    This even from the Icelander scouting report:

    The predominant motions of each session were devoted to fundamentals and set plays, to see how each player performs. One can see that there are some that are more developed and further in their development than some of the others, but the one thing that some of the media that were present and I noticed more about this year, than past prospect camps: THE SIZE! When you take a serious look at the camp list, and look at the height weight numbers on the defense, it is mind boggling. Patrick MacGregor – 6’4?, 218 lbs. Scott Mayfield – 6’4?, 205 lbs. Andrey Pedan – 6’5?, 213 lbs. Adam Pelech – 6’3?, 224 lbs. Griffin Reinhart – 6’4?, 222 lbs. Doyle Somerby – 6’5?, 223 lbs. Oleg Yevenko – 6’7?, 241 lbs. You can easily see that Garth is looking to make the defense on this team, as well as the lower division clubs, one of a stalwart crew of big strong guys, to go with the smooth finess ones that are already here.”

    How can you be a GM in the league and NOT see the trends??????????????????

  18. Del Zotto is going nowhere unless it’s in a monster deal like for Nash. I seriously doubt that he’s “trade bait” and I also doubt that at 21 years old he will “never change.” He has the potential to be a star in this league. You don’t give up on 21-year olds with that much potential. You just don’t.

  19. MDZ is not going to be a star in this league. Same way Stepan is not going to be in this league. Unless of course your definition of star includes 2nd line and 2nd pair players. A broad definition. Both can be very good players but by no means should they break down a trade that can make the team better. And by the way, i doubt youll find a single person on this blog “giving up” on MDZ and let alone Stepan. All we’re saying is that if a trade can be made to make the team better (ex. Nash) then we need to let go of the emotional attachment to every single Ranger that’s put on the blueshirt and loosen up on the idea that every youngster on the team has a chacne of being a star in the league in 3 or so years.

  20. speaking of del zaster… uh oh:

    MichaelDelZotto In a predicament, need a hair cut. But only go to one spot in NYC. Any recommendations in the GTA? #flowproblems


  21. Good morning, boneheads!

    Giving up on MDZ, at 21, while he is yet to show his full potential, is exactly what killed this team years ago and started their dark years. Unless that trade makes sense.

    Matty- size matters, but you can’t just have everyone big, you need mobility. Combination of both is the best way to go. Otherwise you will have St. Louis, Kessel, Gerber and Co. run circles around your guys. Literally. Also, not sure the Islanders should be used as an example on how to build your defense. Or any other position for that matter.

  22. I’m thinking there’s a good chance the Isles rush their prospects as has been their track record under Snow. Tavares has been the exception, mostly because he was going to be a solid player no matter what path he took (although I didn’t think he’d this good this soon).

  23. Tavares stinks. He’s just lucky enough to be playing with the top-rate PA Parenteu and the ever infallible Matty Moulson. #sarcasm

  24. speed is more important then size by far. jt miller is now about 210.

    mdz is 21, give the guy a break. only make moves if they are real upgrades not cosmetic bs…

  25. Lev, yes, I would call what some people are saying is giving up on Del Zotto. And, I did not say that he would be a star. I said that he has the potential to be a star. Big difference.

    With what he showed this year, you don’t include him in every trade discussion because you think he’s already hit his ceiling at 21 years old.

  26. I think some of ytou are way off on MDZ…he had the highest +/- in the league until he was paired with a recovering Marc Staal…to me, he seems to have a bright future as an NHL star.

  27. DZ most likely won’t be Leetch or Zubov but thats true for about 95% of the D in the league in almost any generation. He probably won’t develop into a shut down D but he was never profiled as one but he will be important to adding a dimension to the blueline given that the Rangers don’t really have anyone else that’s more of an attack minded player. There’s also nothing wrong with other players passing him on the depth chart over the next season or two because he’s still relatively cost controlled for the next 3 seasons and if the worst case is you have a 4th or 5th capable of 35+ points a year that’s a good problem to have.

    And honestly just about every Ranger not named Lundqvist or McDonagh had a poor showing in the Devils series so to trade one of the youngest players on the team just for that reason is ridiculous.

  28. No one is saying MDZ will be a Marek Malik or an Tom Poti but he most likely wont be another Lidstrom or Chara. Like it was said he has the *potential* to be an above average defenseman but so do other d-men on every other team. We are lucky to have Staal, Girardi, McD ready to go right now making MDZ tradeable for offense.

  29. bull dog line on

    again, who are they replacing MDZ with if they trade him for offense? there is no NHL Dman depth on the Rangers roster.

  30. Hagelin’s speed is special but he’s not exactly an offensive machine either. If he’s playing on the first line on opening night, we have a problem.

  31. Perhaps Yandle. Perhaps Erixon. Maybe McIlrath. Some other free-agent signing. Having Girardi, McDonagh, and Staal on D is already better than most teams can say for their D.

  32. Who are we replacing him with or who would we like to replace him with? They could try Bickel out again and then see McD/Girardi/Staal all get 35 mins a night.

  33. “thenyrangers Jesper Fast not on ice at #NYR Development Camp today….”


  34. bull dog line on

    if you tell me Sauer is going to be fine for the start of the season, and he is going to play 75 games plus the playoffs. then maybe you have a replacement for him.

  35. Defense is not the problem with this team. I am willing to subtract from D (subtract MDZ, that is) in order to add on D.

  36. I’d be happy if Sauer has a season like Staal and returns 40 or so games into the season. I think Torts remarked at break up day that they are not counting on him for next season, which doesn’t mean he’ll never be back but he can’t be considered anything more than a “bonus” for next year.

    I expect Erixon to be there, which would fill out 5 of the 6 spots. I’m not opposed to Stralman getting the first crack at the 6th spot but he’d be the bare minimum for that role. No Bickel and no Eminger.

  37. bull dog line on

    I agree with all you said, but I still think they need to add a right shooting top 4 or 5 D man. to me this is almost as big a need as a scorer.

  38. Dammit, does free agency start on Sunday? Why did I think it was Monday and my workday would be completely booked? CURSE WORD!

  39. No Bickel PLEASE. Would you guys mind starting the season with McDonagh, Girardi, Staal, Schultz/Erixon, Eminger, and Stralman while having traded MDZ in a package for Nash or Ryan. Plus you have the possibility of Sauer returning midseason.

  40. Yeah a righty D would be helpful. If it can be addressed via FA even better. I’m not going to entertain the thought that they can trade for Weber. Even if they do, it’s going to create massive holes somewhere else.

  41. Can someone explain to me, perhaps slowly, why we “need” a defenseman? Doing absolutely nothing, we have Girardi, McDonagh, Staal, MDZ, Erixon. Sauer might be back. McIlrath is, at most, a year away. That’s 7 guys right there. Bickel makes 8. Skjei is obviously a ways away, but he’s another 1st rounder at the position. Schultz I get looking into, he’s basically a free NHL ready 1st rounder, but making a major trade or investing huge money into Suter I just don’t understand. Depth wise and futures wise, how many teams are in better shape than us?

  42. bull dog line on

    Aaron Rome, Matt Carle, and Curtis Foster are all D men who the Rangers should look into as FA’s. I don’t think any of them shoot right, but they interest me anyway.

  43. The NHL should move Free Agency Bonanza Day to Monday for you and me, The Doctor. The extend to which I hate my job and seek to avoid doing it at all costs is exceptionally high in these summer months.

  44. The main issue is it’s not just going to be MDZ going the other way. And I have my doubts that MDZ is the D that either Columbus or Anaheim is going to want seeing as both those teams have been dreadful defensively, so I’d guess that McD is the real D that those teams are going to want. And if it was McD for Ryan straight up or maybe a draft pick involved then I’d strongly consider it but I thought the demands from both teams are multiple NHL players and prospects. Ryan is going to be at least if not more expensive than Nash given that he’s younger, a better cap hit and he doesn’t have a NTC which opens up the trade market to a lot more suitors.

  45. bull dog line on

    Mister D,
    the Rangers played the playoffs with 4 and 1/2 Dmen. if you go into the season with Erixon as your number 5, and someone gets hurt (Staal is a hit away), where are you? remember starting the season with Woywitka on D? Bickel, love him for trying, is not a top 6 Dman. want another season of that?

  46. Does Free agency start at noon or midnight on sunday? I just looked around a bit and saw both.

  47. bull dog line on

    don’t see how you could trade McD. I just think last season we saw the beginning of how good he is going to be.

  48. Rome and Foster are righty. Neither are particularly good though. Rome is a 6th D, Foster is pretty terrible in his own end.

    Carle will probably be re-signed by the Flyers.

  49. Bull Dog: I do get that, but thats what guys like Eminger and Bickel are for. You’re never going to get a legit top 4 defenseman to come in and sit around as your 7th so a major injury will always kill any team. I’m just saying from a standpoint of “legit established top 4 guys plus prospects who forecast as top 4”, we’re in really great shape. Sure, we could absolutely use a PP QB type, but it doesn’t strike me as a need worth investing in.

  50. Rome would come to the Rangers as a “repeat offender” so with the additional NY Rangers suspension time that would be tacked on to any questionable hit, he might be out the entire season.

  51. I didn’t say trade McD, I just said you’d have to consider it and only if it’s a 1 for 1 deal. Mostly because I think he’s the D that other teams would really want.

  52. bull dog line on

    I know you did not say to trade him, I understood what you were saying. I am saying I would not consider doing that.

  53. bull dog line on

    I like that Rome is a nasty player. that is why he interests me. Carle, if were available, I would want.

  54. The whole notion that one player can transform a PP is a bit overblown (see Richards, Brad).

    The Kings have Doughty, who’s just about as dynamic a D as there is in the league and look at their PP during the season and most of the playoffs.

  55. Why is everyone in love with Doan?

    How does signing an offensively-mediocre 35 year-old help us in the scoring department?

  56. bull dog line on

    I would also look into Matt Carkner. 6th or 7th Damn, and as a 4th line forward. I know you are going to get on me for that one.

  57. Miami: What if we just slot him into our underperforming Euro roster slot? Kotalik, Zherdev, Frolov, Wolski (ignoring that Wolski only sounds european) … I’d rather give an extra million to Doan.

  58. My ideal signing would be Jason Garrison but I wouldn’t want the team to pay him more than $2M for any more than 3 years.

  59. Rome would be a 6th/7th D type (he’s never played close to a full season and gets about 15 mins when does play). Yes he’s better than Bickel but that’s not saying much. Maybe a platoon with Stralman? Play him vs teams like the B’s or Flyers and Stralman against the less physical teams?

  60. Pimp – you are failing, as always, to realize that Doan has good hair, is Old enough to be Del Zaster’s father AND he comes from an organization that greatly overachieved this year and thus has overvalued players, namely their captain.

  61. I know the offensive production isnt that great, still pretty good though, but I dont know if there’s a better fit for this team than a Shane Doan. Whitney would be great too. He put up 70 points at the age of 40. Clearly there’s something left in the tank.

  62. Garrison’s production last season was pretty front loaded, much like the Panthers season as a whole.

  63. I can’t see any way Erixon isn’t slotted in as our #5 heading into the season.

    Doan might not have 35 goal upside, but I can’t imagine downside much below 18 or so. Something to be said for low bust potential given the stage we’re at right now.

  64. bull dog line on

    1 year deal, sign me up for Doan. anything more than that, not interested. Whitney I have no interest in at all.

  65. I also have no interest in Ray Whitney. I am marginally interested in Keith Yandle. The one year deal guy I want is Jarome Iginla. Please?

  66. MDZ’s is young and yes he has upside or “value”. His +/- last year was largely a function of his being on the ice, purposely, when the other teams third and fourth units were against them. If the Rangers can build a speedier upfront team with additions beyond Hagelin and Kreider, then MDZ can fit in as he is good stretcher of the ice with his passing and speed. However, that is not Torts current team nor his system. The Rangers are a grinding team that require shutdown D andthe ability to keep up with faster teams (most teams) when they face them. In the playoffs, Ottawa and the Devils were faster than us and MDZ was lost. He wasn’t just 21, his weaknesses were exposed. Listen, have been watching MDZ since Juniors and his time on the Canadien World Team. His a real talent and I think in the right system he will thrive. I just don’t see that as our system.
    Trade for Suter and keep bringing up the young forwards (St. Croix, Thomas)

  67. Doan’s scoring has dropped off in the last 3 years. He only scored 30 goals a couple times in his career. But he would be a cheaper alternative to Nash (players & term) or Parise ($$$ and term). I think this UFA season should be about value. Not about hitting a home run. Gabby & Richards$ are already killing the payroll. A guy like Doan could go a long way in resurrecting a fledgling young player (NAME: ANISIMOV). There is more to adding a Doan than just the #’s.

  68. That’s a tough question the Doctor because Iginla is much better than Doan. So depending on the package I think Iginla is a HUGE acquisition. Doan not so much.

  69. Well I just have a bad feeling about Ray Whitney. But he had a great season last year, became more defensively responsible in his older age, puts up 70+ and is cheaper than I thought at $3M.

  70. Please, I’ve seen enough of sather’s signings of over the hill 30 something hockey players, ranger fans should know better by now.

  71. Doan and Whitney both want multi-year deals which, unless the CBA is going to be altered in that context is financial suicide – we got very lucky with Markus Naslund otherwise we’d have been on the hook for his full salary after his concussion if he chose not to retire.

    I expect Slats will make his usual pitch to the cream of the UFA crop, but in the end we need Bobby Ryan like Oprah needs a fulltime nutritionist

  72. I think this year was “let me get my defensive game down pat” for MDZ. He has been successful at that. His offensive game is ready for improvement next year or so. You don’t just give up on the only defemseman with pure offensive upside on your team, and in your system.

  73. Here… for all of you hockey brains.

    Which NHL player has played in the most regular season wins during his career?

  74. Naslund was 34 when he signed his contract, UK. Whitney and Doan would both qualify for 35+ contracts when signed this year.

  75. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    So I was on the Harbor Cruise last night, which is why I was asking about it yesterday. I got two free tickets from my season ticket rep the day before and was debating whether I even wanted to go.

    Well, I’ll say this. It’s weird. There are like 35 kids on the boat and what can you possibly say to any of them besides good luck? As for the Rangers alumni, there was Rod Gilbert, Adam Graves, Jeff Beukeboom, and Stephane Matteau.

    Poor Beuk. You could see he was a fish out of water, plus I felt bad that not that many people recognized him.

    Graves and Gilbert were pure class. Just two of the most welcoming and humble individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. They even both gave Mrs. Machetto’s belly a rub. Gilbert thinks Fetus Machetto will be a boy. Graves told Mrs. Machetto to put me to work. I’m a little busy, but I’ll talk more about my interactions with them later.

    Stephane Matteau… is a dick. He’s just snobby. I congratulated him on his son and made a little joke about whether he would be a little conflicted before his son gets to the pros and he kind of just snapped at me about how crazy I am to think there would be a conflict. Even Mrs. Machetto agreed what a dick he was.

    Sather was also on board prior to departure, but I didn’t go talk to him. What could I possibly say to him other than “I’m glad that you needed a decade to figure out how to stop ruining this franchise. Now don’t do anything stupid this summer.”

  76. Getting ryan or nash isn’t going to help the rangers. Why? because in order to get those players, the rangers would have to give up some of there young core talent. By doing so, you now have weakened the rangers in other areas. I would just stay the course this year and wait until next years free agency which will be much better available talent.

  77. czechthemout!!!! on

    Mdz should not be traded unless as part of a package that can make us better.

  78. Wow, czech. That’s a groundbreaking revelation there. Don’t trade a good D-Man unless trading that D-Man, and thus the package in return, makes the overall team better than if the deal had not been made. So don’t give him away.

  79. *Which NHL player has played in the most regular season wins during his career?*

    Scott Stevens has been on the winning end of more regular season games than anyone else in league history. Larry Robinson has the best winning percentage, 59% rate. The only forward in the top five in the league team-wins category is Mark Messier.

    Scott Stevens GP 1579 Team Wins 859

    Mark Messier GP 1680 Team Wins 840

    Ray Bourgue GP 1612 Team Wins 832

    Larry Robinson GP 1384 Team Wins 815

    I find this a lot more interesting than over-chewed Nash / Dawn / Iginla / Whitney / Ryan / Parise / Trade everyone crap.

    *SUE ME!*

  80. Our wishlist to date, in no particular order (I might have missed some):

    Zach Parise
    Ryan Suter
    Shea Weber
    Jarome Iginla
    Shane Doan
    Ray Whitney
    Jason Garrison
    Big players
    Fast players
    George Parros
    Steve Ott
    Carlos Fosterome
    Justin Schultz
    Alexander Radulov
    Guillaume Latendresse
    Peter Mueller
    Jaromir Jagr
    Jamie Benn, Loui Eriksson and the whole of the Stars roster
    PP QB
    Defensive depth
    Offensive depth
    *Elite* scorer
    Players who don’t tweet
    Players who tweet that they are in the gym
    Garnet Exelby

  81. Rupper17 Anyone else counting down the days until Big Brother @CBSBigBrother ?

    Big Brother? Really? M’KAY!

  82. Maybe they mean that Nash won’t “help” the Rangers as in, call Hoser and tell him to make a deal immediately and demand that he be given to the Rangers, essentially. That kind of “help”

  83. Have we traded that clown #30 yet?

    I have theory. #30 is an alien, but its creators programmed it to win in the regular season and not the playoffs. How else can its perfect face, perfect voice, and perfect hair be explained?

  84. he said Nash won’t help because the Rangers have to give up too much “core talent.” I personally don’t subscribe to the belief that most of that core talent is worth keeping.

  85. If we could trade #30 along with some prospects to the Kings for Quick, Richards, Brown, and Kopitar and a good defenseman and still be under the salary cap with enough space for future years, Id do it in a heartbeat.

  86. you forgot paul guastad name listed above. hes a must just ask manny. also i see tweet boy delzaster needs a haircut well i need a million dollars. just get a haircut and shut your trap. guy tweets about the most worthless crap ive seen on twitter. he is just one del zaster of a person

  87. czechthemout!!!! on


    I am glad my post caused such a profound reaction from you. But the truth of the matter is I had to take a call at work and hit the send button by mistake on my dopey phone.

    I am not a big fan of Mdz. I don’t believe he is ever going to he a great or even good player. His ceiling to me is at best as a decent number 4-5 dman. That said, his value is pretty good right now because he crossed the 40 pt threshold which is for some reason important. He is at this point an asset that should be used to make the team better and not just discarded. That was my point.

  88. What Papa Bear said is the best point. ANYONE can be moved and should be moved if their being traded away helps the team.

  89. Of course Lloyd. I was throwing out a completely unrealistic possibility. Although the inclusion of ilb might push that deal through ;)

  90. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on

    Ugh, will Shultz put out his list already? I’m sick of waiting.

  91. I had the worst dream ever last night. The Heat lost to the Thunder in the NBA Finals, so the NBA allowed the Celtics to then play the Thunder for a chance at being champions. All throughout the dream, I kept telling myself, this cant be possible. The Thunder already won, so they cant take away the title from them. It was just awful.

  92. More Shultz quotes – “Where are all the white women at?” – also quoting Blazing Saddles

  93. here is schultz list

    in no order

    vancouver edmonton toronto rangers red wings blackhawks

  94. ok, pretend you’re the GM of the Los Angeles Kings. You get a phone call from a drunken Glen Sather offering you Lundqvist for Quick. would you do it?

  95. No, Lloyd because you shouldn’t take advantage of drunk people. That’s a rule in dating and in hockey.

  96. Doodie Machetto, Get well Tony and Miami Pimp on


    His short list of teams he would consider.

  97. Fred: Dude, what are you smoking? MDZ never played for any Canadian World Junior hockey team entries.

    So just who were you watching? Or are you making all of this up?

  98. New Jersey Devils ?@NHLDevils

    “I’ve said all along how much I like playing in New Jersey. [We] want to try to get things worked out with New Jersey.” – Captain #Parise

  99. Thanks Manny. But, having said that, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. We often focus on the flaws of our players and the upside of players we covet from other teams.

    I’ve had fun bashing and teasing MDZ for his tweeting – it makes for fun and helps the dog days of the off season pass. But the truth is, the kid recovered well from a disatrous sophmore year, had a very good regular season, but faded as the playoffs progressed (I don’t care what anyone says, to my eye he was exhausted and that affected his play). I would think his trade value is the highest it has been since he became a professional. But, if you can’t make a deal which improves the team, you hold onto him and expect him to continue to improve. I admit I found myself cursing him more and more with each passing play-off gaffe. But from a distance, I believe this kid has a great heart and will continue to improve under Tortorella. He may never compete for the Norris, but he can be a serviceable defenseman on a Stanly Cup contender.

    What do you think??

  100. Need to have two separate teams,
    one full of small, speedy europansies who own the shoot out and the dive. And can play to the “new” rules.
    And one full of 6’5″ north Americans who can check and pound your head into the glass with their glove, during the tourney when the “new” rules don’t apply anymore.

    –this time last year, I was one of many that thought MDZ wouldnt crack the lineup at all. What a great growing year he had, and should only get better, to part with him would be unwise.

  101. I wish Uncle Larry would just make something up today so I can have something to ponder until Sunday 12pm.

  102. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    morning iLB, manny, and all!!

    this was in TSN (sorry it is a bit long)

    There is a reason, though, that when asked to assess their draft moments after completing it, most executives will respond the way that Marc Bergevin, the Montreal Canadiens’ rookie GM did, saying, “Ask me in five years.”

    This is true even for high picks, especially those like Dylan McIlrath, the Rangers’ first-rounder in 2010, who need time to develop physically to be ready for the NHL. Broad shouldered and 6-5, McIlrath has slowly and steadily packed on muscle since he was drafted, and only now is he starting to look like the imposing, crease-clearing force that New York has lacked on the blue line.

    “I think I’m finally growing into my body,” said McIlrath, the No. 10 overall selection two years ago who has been biding his time with the Moose Jaw Warriors of the Western Hockey League, got five games of pro experience this spring with the AHL’s Connecticut Whale and then practiced with the Rangers during the Eastern Conference finals. “I’m able to gain muscle, and I feel a lot more powerful.”

    With a strong defense corps anchored by Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh and Marc Staal, the Rangers do not need to rush McIlrath, and they are not. Players are drafted for what they can do over the course of their careers, not what they can do before they can legally drink. In 2003, the Atlanta Thrashers made Braydon Coburn, another 6-5 defenseman, the No. 8 overall pick. Like McIlrath, Coburn played the next two seasons in the WHL, with Portland, before debuting with nine NHL games at the start of the 2005-06 season. Coburn spent the rest of that season in the AHL with the Chicago Wolves, and since a trade to the Flyers in February of his second pro season, has not played a game below the NHL level. At the age of 27, Coburn is a 22-minute-a-game defenseman for the Flyers.

    For McIlrath, that is a much better comparison than the defenseman drafted after him. Cam Fowler jumped right into the NHL with the Anaheim Ducks, but the 6-1, 195-pound puck mover was NHL-ready because he plays a very different game. McIlrath is on a different path, but there is little reason to believe that it does not have the same endpoint, in the NHL.

    “I thought going back to juniors was the right thing,” McIlrath said. “You see guys that get drafted below me and jumped right in, but the whole plan early on was to develop and jump into the pro ranks when I’m ready and I can contribute. I took going back to junior with a positive attitude, trying to get better. I feel like I’ve prepared pretty good for the fall and this coming camp.”

  103. NYR, you missed something. Trade ilb. He’s at his highest value right now. You know the old saying, “sell high, buy low”

  104. PAVEL BURE MADE IT! WOOHOO!! lol How the hell did Sundin get in the HHOF over Shanny?

  105. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    this people lining up for sgt schultz thing reminds me of the brich line last year.

  106. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    any word on biron re-signing?

    I would trade assets for iggy before signing doan for just cash!

  107. Iginla would be great. With his age we could nickname him “Iggy Pop”…get it?

  108. Nor would Messier have tweeted about golf while his rival who just kicked his ass is playing for the Cup. Not would anyone with an ounce of good judgment.

  109. fair points. for how much grit and “jam” they supposedly have, a lot of these Rangers really come off as fruit cakes.

  110. There are very few trade scenarios in which Nash does not make the Rangers a better team.

  111. if biron hits the market come sunday there is a real chance he signs in phil to back up universe and could easliy see 25-30 games. the rangers better be careful with this one if they want him back. if there sure they want him back they better lock it up before noon on sunday

  112. @Evrockriser I agree Shanny should be in first shot, but Sundin outscored Shanny in 13 of 18 seasons (believe that’s right) they played in the league together.

  113. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Anyone else think if prust does not re sign with us that the red wings make a big push for him?

    They would seem like the perfect fit for him

  114. back-up goaltending is a bit overvalued, especially when you’ve got a starter who’ll win two-thirds of his starts, but I’d rather have Biron than Chad Johnson any day of the week.

  115. @freewheeler Outscored or outpointed? Plus it’s not all about point stats. Shanny’s the only player to have 600 goals and 2000 penalty mins. The next closest player with over 2000 penalty minutes is 65th in points. I’ve been arguing this over on the THN (dumb writers, dumb readers) site. I still like getting it in the mail but even I can’t figure out why I still read it. lol

  116. Am I allowed to point out the irony of people posting *from work* about how annoyed they are about Rangers using social media?

  117. czechthemout!!!! on

    Upper limit of salary cap set at 70.2 million according to Elliot Friedman of CBC.

  118. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    mr D
    allowed x2

    and FWIW, I can not do italics, the red text, the line through the words, or the bold caps

  119. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    the large gushing sound you heard was slats opening dolan’s checkbook, gaustad better get ready for a holik like contract

  120. The Doctor, for _italics_ you merely place an underscore (_) on either side of the word you want italicized.

  121. tell the Pens that backup goaltending doesnt matter. If they have somebody other than Johnson backing up fleury last year perhaps they dont lose to the Flyers in round 1.

  122. Bob McKenzie Twitted Schultz will sign with Vancouver his hometown. This offseason will be as big a let down as losing to the Devils in the ECF. I am tired of hearing how Stepan is untouchable. Trade him immediately to Anahiem for Bobby Ryan. We aren’t good enough to go to the Stanley Cup unless we get TOP level talent and not these 3rd and 4th line scrubs

  123. So 3 of the 21 guys on the negotiating committee are Rangers but its conceivable a week from now 0 of the 21 will be. That’s a bit weird.

  124. @Evrockriser out pointed – I heard from D. Dreger, I haven’t checked myself – but I don’t disagree with you. Just trying to offer an explanation as to how it could happen, without suggesting anything political might be an influence, because the league has too much integrity for that.

  125. 5 years, $26 million for Dennis Wideman? Really? So glad the salary cap was implemented in order to benefit the poor small market teams like Calgary.

    I’m guessing McDonagh will be worth about $10 million a year when his current contract is up, if Wideman’s deal is any barometer.

  126. “Bob McKenzie Twitted Schultz will sign with Vancouver his hometown. This offseason will be as big a let down as losing to the Devils in the ECF. I am tired of hearing how Stepan is untouchable. ”

    Anybody else having trouble finding the common denominator here?

  127. Yes, NYR_FAN. The common denominator is called BC. Starting with said McKenzie tweet never appearing in the widget—–>

  128. The Rangers now officially have $21M to spend. Fasten your seat belts, ‘heads!

  129. I mean, how much does Ryan Suter ask for/expect now? What would teams have to give up for Shea WWEber?

    Hell, you can even argue that Nash is a relative bargain at $7.8 million a year compared to Wideman.

    Wideman’s been pretty much a run-of-the-mill defenseman his whole career. Maybe slightly above average. Maybe.

    ilb, Boumeester’s cap hit is close to $7 million. I know, I cracked up laughing when I saw that too. AND it runs for another 2 years. There can’t possibly be another team stupid enough to take on that contract, can there? Even if they need to reach the cap floor?

  130. bull dog line on

    I think they will go hard after Hudler, and consider making an offer to Evander Kane.

  131. LB is pointing out that Wideman played *third* pair in the playoffs and asking “what’s next, Stu Bickel is getting a 4-year, $12M contract?”. Lol

  132. bull dog line on

    how would you feel about David Jones. scored 27, and 20 in last 2 seasons. 27 year old winger.

  133. I’d be less surprised by the Flames signing Bouwmeester to a 10-year, $500m extension than if they traded him at this point.

  134. bull dog line on

    does not sound like Calgary is going to rebuild. there goes the Iginla dream some have.

  135. bull dog line on

    I am grasping at straws here ok. how about Hudler, Detroit has not resigned him yet have they?

  136. Fact: Hudler has not re-signed in Detroit

    Opinion: OK as a complementary skill player, but wouldn’t expect him to score 25 goals on 127 shots every year.

  137. bull dog line on

    just looked him up, looks like an every other year player. had an awful year in 2011, solid season last year.

  138. Garrison? PASS!

    Whitney? PASS!

    Done (Doan)? PASS!

    Zuccarello! KNOWS HOW TO PASS!


  139. “The Calgary Flames announced Wednesday that the team has signed forward Blake Comeau to a one-year, $1.25 million contract.”

    “Crazy – insane? Or Insane-Crazy? When I say Slim…You say Shady.”

  140. Bwahahaha….gotta love the TSN comments:

    flame man12
    1 hour ago

    If comeau was paying the Flames 1.25 million a year to let him play, it would still be a bad signing

  141. We may have some serious problems if Sather (as he was quoted) is “going to be aggressive in the FA market this year”….I just looked at the comprehensive list of FA hitting the market on the ESPN site. This has to be the worst collective crop of FA ever. I MEAN IN THE HISTORY OF FREE AGENCY!!!! HOLD ONTO YOUR MONEY GLEN…..PLEASE….. SOMEONE TAKE THE BULLITS FROM HIS GUN.

  142. I dont see the harm in at least offering contracts to Parise, Doan, Whitney, Suter, and others that are high on the list. It’s good to have $$ available… There’s no need to start panic for absolutely no reason.

  143. You can clearly tell the difference between what Sather said and what Feaster said….Feaster is desperate after Flames havent made the playoffs for a few years now. Sather isnt.

  144. Was anyone watching the Euro 12? What a crappy display of futbol! Two GIANTS of the game and showed no passion! And don’t even get me started on the PK fiasco! One of the most embarrassing displays I’ve ever seen!

  145. Have the Capitals even made an offer to Semin? They maybe think it’s not worth it.

  146. Obviously Parise and Suter would be great but it is doubtful the Rangers get either one. Depending whether they get Shultz and feel they can trade MDZ or they stay put with there d, they should try to sign one or two of these guys to round out their D: Sarich, Carle, Allen, Campoli, Hannan. All of these guys have their issues, but we’re not getting an allstar from the UFA market.

    So what do the Rangers do for forward? Penner has seen his numbers dive bomb the past few seasons, but he did well once Sutter took over and was good in the playoffs. Worth the risk or the money? Don’t laugh but Jokinen had 61 points and has good size for a third line center. If he would take a pay cut and one year contract (highly unlikely) he would be a good gamble. I would love to see the Rangers take Gaustad but is he worth the money? As with Jokinen don’t they need to focus more on top six players? Brad Boyes is interesting and shows flashes of why he received a big contract. If he was refreshed from a change of cities and coaches, that would be great. I just have a hard time believing he will be worth the time and money on a consistent basis. A. Kostitsyn? Would he help bring offense to our bottom six? Do we have any need for him? Lastly Arnott. I didn’t see any games with him last year. Does he have one more season in him? Would he be good for the third or fourth line and willing to take a paycut on a one year contract? Doubt it, but could be a good deal for the Rangers if a lot of if’s go their way.

    Sorry for the dissertation but this time of year is really exciting followed by two long boring months.

  147. Has anyone thought about the ’92-’93 season? We missed the playoffs after winning the previous year’s President’s Trophy and then came right back and made history the following year. I’d rather we didn’t suffer the same setback as that team but I’d rather not settle for just what’s available. I don’t mind Sather staying pat on defense if the right fit just isn’t available. I’d rather see us build from within than take a chance on almost any of the free agent defensemen on the market aside from Schultz and Suter. If we pick up neither of those I’d be fine building from within. There’s no need to pick up a “pretty good” defenseman when we already have a bunch of youngsters ready to step up. There’s no need to block their paths. I don’t expect us to miss the playoffs next year but, from the moves our nearest rivals have already made, it’s going to be extremely difficult to repeat what we did this season. As long as we wind up with a team built to take a shot at the Cup every year for a while, I’m sure we’ll all be ok with that.

  148. >>Euro 12…And don’t even get me started on the PK fiasco!

    Why was it a fiasco?

  149. Because Portugal coach put themselves in a position in which their best player didnt get to take a PK. They allowed a jerk off to take the 4th penalty kick and their best player never got the opportunity. If the fans of Portugal wanted to off the coach, Id see no problem with that. :)

  150. The number of chances Ronaldo missed during the game, he didnt deserve a chance to win the game.

  151. Oh please. He’s the 2nd best player in the world. He’s probably the best PK taker in the world. Of course you want the best player in the world to take a PK. Leo Messi occasionally has a match where he misses chances… If a PK situation arises, of course you want Messi taking a PK.

  152. Dont get me wrong i wouldve loved for him to take the shot with the game on the line and then have him shoot high like he did about 4 other times during the game but im glad Spain won either way. Now hopefully the Schweinsteigers will win tomorrow and then take it all.

  153. I dont care nor did I care who wins the Euros. As long as Boston doesnt win, it dont matter to me. Just saying, as a coach, you dont allow your best player to not get the opportunity to take a PK (especially when thats his specialty). He ought to be beheaded upon his return to Portugal. LOL

  154. >>Because Portugal coach put themselves in a position in which their best player didnt get to take
    >>a PK.

    Yikes! I had to leave the match during the first extra time; I haven’t seen the penalties yet.

  155. Wicky© RUPP SMASH!!! on

    Like it or not the only way you avoid “over paying” free agents (isn’t that why you become a free agent, to test the waters and see how much someone will over pay you for your services?) is by trading precious “core” assets for players under contract to avoid getting gouged on the free agent market?

    you draft good players to A) find make your team better in the long run with good young players
    B) stockpile assets that may be desirable to other teams to trade with

    You do not use a scorched earth policy with your assets in trades, but every single asset in your organization (even core good ones) should not be retained because they will not all play and develop the way you want.

    Some should be dealt, if the opportunity arises, to better your team with current proven NHL talent even at the expense of that drafted young talent.

    That vicious circle avoids over paying on the Free agent market, because if you don’t over pay, someone else will.


  156. True Blue Mike (At least most of you can remember 1994) on

    I am Portuguese. Crushing defeat today. Probably worse than when the Rangers were knocked out. Everyone who is saying the coach made a bad decision with Ronaldo last… Ronaldo most likely asked to shoot last or you would have seen a much angrier Ronaldo. I am proud of my team and we lost to an amazing Spain team. Just hope we can win a major tournament with Ronaldo in a Portugal jersey.

  157. I really wonder what teams are on Schultz’s list. Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton…..Detroit, Rangers?

  158. i actually juts dvr the portugal game because i wanted something to watch tonight.

    ronaldo not taking a pk shot is equivalent to crosby not taking shootout or in ranger case gabby not shooting vs phil in game 82 a few years back.

    the coach should have said your shooting number 3 or 4 thats it

  159. Spain-Portugal was the kind of pansy football people used to accuse Italy of except from two teams and about 50 times worse. The biggest shame of all is that Spain in somehow in the final.

  160. as an argentinian so glad that portugal lost…now even better to be to see the spainiards who have caused so much great harm to my peoples of latin america (mundo latino)…tambien, spanish women are so ooglee. (fea) …ok bye for ahora.

  161. CCCP, i hear from somewhere you working on your vocabulario this summer! me too! felicidades!!

  162. mckenzie tweeted wings out on schultz vancouver and edmonton waiting there chance for a face to face in toronto this week. snyrangers had info

  163. Paul in sunrise on

    Latendresse is who sather will sign. Three years $8-9M. Guy is fast and can finish. But has hip injury two years ago and last season a concussion. But I think of heathy worth a flyer.

  164. Czechthemout!!! on

    So it looks like the wings are out on Schultz. I think we have a real good chance to sign him. The Oilers suck and will continue to suck until they get a goalie and some defensemen not including Schultz. Toronto is hopeless. And Vancouver’s window for winning the Cup is almost closed if it isn’t already shut. The Rangers are his best choice and his agents know it. He can be a real contributor to something special here.

    What an insane move by the Flames today! What iscRyan Suter worth than? And what about Parise? When this free agency thing is over, Nash’s contract will look like a bargain.

  165. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Good evening all! mama love to all the diehards….I’ve work five days worth in past three…tired….. I miss the father and can’t wait for him to return….but bravo to you all!

  166. Blogmama Go Tony! on

    Czech….from your post to Lord Stanley’s ears…”Vancouver’s window for winning the Cup is almost closed if it isn’t already shut.”

  167. Paul in sunrise on

    Lloyd – 33 goals last 80 games played. Granted three seasons. But he would increase size and speed of team and can play up and down line up. I can like him a think he can contribute and you are free to disagree. Just trying to get a hockey convo started about a player not yet discussed. Beats that dance show my wife watches.

  168. ellacorreo

    Im working on my vocabulary? Wtf is that even mean? Your act is running outta steam, buddy.

    Re: Euro 12

    Ronaldo wanted to be a hero and now he’s a loser. Clown. Neither team deserved to win today but I was rooting for Portugal. Teams give Spain WAY too much respect…thy don’t test them at all.

  169. Why can’t I find any of the old espn nhl commercials like the one where Graves tells the cabbie to pick up some Bruins players and bring them to the wrong place? How’s that for a conversation? lol

  170. Gotta say, this merry-go-round being orchestrated by Justin Schultz is tad disconcerting.

    First he takes advantage of a CBS loophole that I cannot believe couldn’t have been manipulated by anyone before him, this despite apparently accepting overtures from Duck management that included being wined/dined/wooed/etc.

    Second, nothing is done to qwell the mounting publicity of his pending UFAgency and I’d say, his silence help feed it all and in fact, stuff is floated without denial about he not signing with any team that won’t guarantee him a starting position next fall.

    Third, he and his agent hole up in a hotel to field offers from salivating GMs across the league, apparently knocking off possible suitors like bowling pins.

    It certainly makes me wonder about the character of this kid. What happens if he doesn’t prove NHL worthy in camp and gets farmed out? Is he gonna make a scene?

  171. Czechthemout!!! on


    I think they should avoid Latendresse as well. No need, they have there own kids to look at. Yogan should get a good look as well as JT Miller who looks like he may be ready to play. The dark horse to make this roster, but someone who I think should not be discounted is Oscar Lindburg. This kid is lighting up the development camp. He plays a tough game and is great on face offs.

  172. Paul:

    Has Minnesota said they have no intention of trying to re-sign Latendresse?

  173. A question about Schultz:

    Did he suddenly leap into Karlsson territory in the last year? Because from what I recall, while scouts liked him, no one considered him to be on that level.

  174. “Because from what I recall, while scouts liked him, no one considered him to be on that level.”

    Even if he’s a clear 2nd pairing defenseman, getting him for 2 years at $1MM is an amazing deal. I don’t want to say unprecedented bargain, because that seems overstated, but that’s pretty much what he is.

  175. I never seen Shultz play, so I’m not sure if any opinion I have is worth more than a dried turd. With that said the articles i’ve read make him seem a bit more like Tom Poti. Some offense, maybe more than Poti, but not grit and no defensive or physical play. Doesn’t sound like a great fit for this team. But if he creates offense and a partner like Staal or Mac-D can cover his Aasen, maybe he’d be a good score for the team.

  176. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    If latendresse was could stay healthy, he would have a lot more goals and points, but that is one hell of a big IF.

    For a lower cap hit, I would take a chance on him. But it would indeed be a chance because he doesn’t seem like he can stay healthy.

  177. kinda hope there’s a bit more to him than Tom Poti no matter where he ends up

    does sorta feel like people are putting the cart far ahead of the horse with Schultz, though

  178. “They use this for normal people with conditions (such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s) and autism. I saw a young girl from Minnesota that wasn’t able to walk by herself. By the end of the week, she was walking. It was amazing.”

    —LW Guillaume Latendresse on the GyroStim, a spinning contraption he used in Georgia to recover from a concussion.

  179. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ranger west

    I have seen Schultz play about six-eight games. Most of those were during his first season when he played with Stepan and McD. This year I saw him play twice. Let me just say that Tom Poti couldn’t touch Schultz. And he is more like Dan Boyle in his prime than Erik Karlsson. Let’s just say that signing him may go a long way towards improving our pp.

  180. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I really think if we lose prust we sign konopka or tootoo first or second day

    We should trade for asham because we are the only Atlantic team he hasn’t played for….kidding folks!!

  181. Czechthemout!!!

    Sounds good to me. Dan Boyle did pretty well with Torts.

    I know the Gaustad signing is irrational and not necessary for this team but if the Rangers sign him and can construct a team with four decent lines, i think it will help them stay healthy and score more goals. The way this team plays, rolling 2-3 lines really wears players down.

    As for Tootoo I want to say, no but he might be good for our fourth line if he can not take stupid penalties. Wish there was a claude lemieux out there for the rangers to take. Having a lemieux, avery or tootoo type player in playoffs can either really help a team out if they stay out of the box or lose the whole series for you if they are stupid and the coach is to slow to quarantine them.

  182. Schultz is a totally different player than Gilroy. I know. He was drafted and he is still young…

    The jury is still out on him… I predict he’ll be a lot like Cam Fowler has been the last 2 years. Huge offensive upside and a defensive game that needs a lot of work….

  183. I’ll say this:

    I would entertain a Bobby Ryan deal only if Dubinsky was part of it.

    If the Quacks were adamant about Stepan being included, I would demand Palmieri or Etem in return as well.

    That trade would work for all parties…just musing…

  184. This is a brutal league, the NHL is, and, consequently, this blog must be a brutal one. The various actual players of the ice hockey game need to take the second seat to the personalities of the bloggers themselves. The bloggers call themselves “the boneheads” only to hide behind this phony self-deprecation their chronic impulse to swear and curse as “coded” and so permitted. Bwahahahah ! And then they miss Carp’s little quips, serves you right to see what it it is like to be on your own, boneheads, huh?
    The tragedy of the “web” is that anyone can fail at web joking, and anyone can web offend anyone unwittingly, and now we have new style of the human relationships online. Come on, people, the “online” cliques just don’t work well, do they?

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